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When did King of the Hill become unwatchable?

Was it Season 9?

I refuse to watch Season12.
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Cotton's death was an improvement.

The later seasons aren't inherently bad, just different. There's some good in them.

Lucky is a shit character but he's the first legit white trash character to stick around, which makes things a little interesting. Luann doesn't count only because she's a moron and not a gutter snipe like Lucky.
In previous seasons, Cotton liked Hank and wanted his respect. He just couldn't show it.

From the plot outline I've read from his last episode. It seemed the writers didn't understand his character at all.
Season 12 has
>Four Wave Intersection
>Death Picks Cotton
>Raise the Steaks
>The Minh Who Knew too Much
>Three Men and a Bastard
>Lady and Gentrification

There's some stinkers but there's plenty of great episodes too.
Even when Cotton was dying he was trying, in his own way, to tell Hank that he liked him. He just wasn't capable of hearing the "L" word.
Yeah, about 8 is the latest Ill usually go, I can dabble in the later ones but season 12 is a no gozone

Noticing I dont remember any of the later shit at all, the characters just arent as good.
Like Peggys Real Estate job and all those characters no one remembers? What shit.

File: page_38.jpg (585 KB, 950x1418)
585 KB
585 KB JPG
Welcome back to /ssss/ storytime, the thread where every character is a waifu and the posts don't matter. For newcomers and people with sudden onset amnesia, this thread is dedicated to looking back at the past week's worth of updates for the webcomic 'Stand Still, Stay Silent'.
In this edition, Sigrun and Mikkel continue making kissy faces at each other, Emil begins his new career as an amateur mountaineer, and Reynir asserts his dominance in front of some local bachelorettes by whipping a small boy into submission with his braid.
Let's dive right in.
File: page_39.jpg (556 KB, 950x1393)
556 KB
556 KB JPG
File: page_40.jpg (544 KB, 950x1364)
544 KB
544 KB JPG
File: page_41.jpg (479 KB, 950x1385)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
And that's all she wrote.
Now I must return to my sarcophagus wherein I shall slumber until the week ends once more. Farewell.
Reynir actively boasting is so weird.

LGB characters that you like
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I always really liked his design. Which DC would bring him back already.
I can too, but I just don't feel like I want to fuck both. It's not about beauty, I would say. There is some sexual desire there that's necessary.
Lobdell is rescuing him in Red Hood and the Outlaws, actually. We don't know for how long yet.

File: 1547591923205.png (570 KB, 1280x720)
570 KB
570 KB PNG

Anything wholesome or at least not explicit. Post requests or post edits. Don't spam requests and try to post the highest quality images that you can. Higher rez stuff is easier to edit. Try and keep things /co/ and try to be specific as to what you want for your request.

Lewd requests and deliveries welcome here

The booru:
If you aren't editing then you can still help by posting stuff to the booru. Anyone can do it and it is nice to have an archive.

Use Waifu2x to increase the size of images with minimal artifacting or loss of detail before posting. waifu2x.booru.pics Very useful.
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I didn't say I wasn't going to do it, I just wanted to bring that edit up. I'm glad there's a good quality image now.
he hasnt been around for awhile

which is a shame since the mods approve of deep end edits
He was in the last thread.
File: Morbootia Edit.png (504 KB, 944x1174)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
File: 1535664457859.jpg (157 KB, 547x829)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
It's beautiful, thank you.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (218 KB, 1280x720)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Anyone play episode 3 yet? Thoughts?
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File: end of eva.jpg (31 KB, 900x506)
31 KB
>turned her down every time
>chose the "I LOVE YOU BRO" option instead of fighting him
>game tells me I kept my promise to the dad
>decide to make sure the town is safe before going after David since his son was willingly sticking with him
>Don't get to talk to David again because he's already dead
>I actually didn't keep my promise to Javi's dad
>tfw giving Gabe a gun and walking away so he can die as he lived: by his own choices
>Javi and Kate's faces before agreeing to keep distance between each other
This train has no regrets.
File: survivor1.gif (1.99 MB, 295x216)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
Is there a Season 4 version of Clem as a little kid?
It's hard to get used to an all grown-up Clem.
This is so tricky for me. I really, *really*, like that you can get Louis's tongue cut out because its really brutal and a permanent change to his character that will matter so much in the future assuming he will live. Its also one of the only times we have seen a character develop forcefully by actions done by other people, the loss of Louis's speaking is a huge blow to his character which cannot be taken back. Problem is I like the guy, I'd prefer him to be with Clementine in the end that way they can both be a little happier in life and mold AJ together... but if I do that he does not get his Tongue cut out! So its less interesting in the end.

Also Violet does not get this same treatment. She just gets angry at Clementine. Feelings can be changed, you can't change getting your tongue ripped out.
Those dramatic implications are the only reason I'm not going back and saving him in Episode 2. I'm interested in seeing how all that plays out in the last episode, assuming he survives. If he does, I hope we get an epilogue after he recovers from the trauma showing him cracking jokes in pantomime.

File: blythewhatthewhat.jpg (87 KB, 814x707)
87 KB
Bet you can't name a better girl with a better catch phrase.

File: DIAMOND.png (40 KB, 604x452)
40 KB
So, comic are dead or not?
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It's funny. There was someone who said that manga is dead in America. Yet people still read manga more. Something's not right here.
Because they aren't the biggest sellers. Anon is speaking out of her ass.
What fucking comic book has sold billions?
I don't know if it's true or not, but I laughed.
See >>105392461 >>105392766

While manga sales are on the rise, they're still not close to their 2007 peak of $210 million.

File: DIO.png (332 KB, 460x564)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
which /co/ superhero can kill dio or defating him at least
File: 1539468576381.png (362 KB, 478x463)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
Anything faster than he is, so Superman and Flash. Anything that by its nature can survive nine seconds of his punishment and kill him quickly afterwards will also work, like Lobo. Any mental attack could switch him off before he can use his stand.

That's before you get into cosmic level nonsense.
Is this a fucking Mummies Alive reboot?

Any and all thoughts on the Scott Pilgrim series
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File: retarded douchebags.png (293 KB, 408x463)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
I agree. I doubt O'Malley is going to have the balls to include any actually funny jokes in 'Worst World', let alone the words, "Retarded Douchebags"
File: 1526507054313.jpg (57 KB, 953x960)
57 KB
I really like the art style and I think the girls are cute
Great series, the point of which seems to be misunderstood by many but only enhances the comic
We also need more femdom porn
It’s good, the comics, film and video game are all patrician tier
Reddit tier series only hipsters like. No wonder it's so popular on /co/mblur

File: tialucie.png (300 KB, 996x1083)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
haven't seen one of these in awhile and yall have some wild ones i like to see.
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I like Static with a lot of people but him with Frieda will always be my OTP for him.
I like Wonderbeetle.
File: Super shota.jpg (1.06 MB, 1793x1163)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG

shhh don't tell Damian
File: 1532815658275.gif (492 KB, 500x281)
492 KB
492 KB GIF
It was said in an earlier thread that Bubblegum and Marceline originally represented opposing aspects of Finn's character. One appealed to the idyllic aspiring hero with strong sense of justice (PB), the other a radical free spirit with no concept of rules or limitations (Marce.) That said, if there were a proper way to "subvert" audience expectations, I feel it could have been done better through Marceline.

Of course, we know the series was hardly about Finn or Jake in the end. When all is said and done we're left a broken, disjointed narrative sullied by countless hands leaving behind a boundless well of wasted potential.

File: file.png (250 KB, 540x226)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
>Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is stepping out in a new role — a gavel-wielding minifigure in "The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part."

>Lego Ginsburg, in her Supreme Court robe naturally, will be shown in the new trailer spot released Sunday for the "Lego Movie" sequel coming to screens Feb. 8.

>"These movies are so full of surprises. And we were thinking, 'Who’s the last person you would think to see in a Lego film as a minifig?' Ruth Bader Ginsburg!" says director Mike Mitchell. "And we’re all huge fans. It made us laugh to think of having her enter this world."

>Ginsburg does fit into the story, which features siblings playing with a Lego universe. The pioneering Supreme Court Justice's brief role is part of the creative younger sister's universe, says Mitchell.

>Producers/screenwriters Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who directed the 2014 "Lego Movie," agreed Ginsburg fits perfectly into the world. The duo said in a statement: “We just were trying to think of people who should be immortalized in Lego and who seem fun at weddings."

>The filmmakers reached out to Ginsburg's office to seek approval for the appearance.

>"She said, 'Of course, I'd love to be a Lego figure. That would be cool,' " says Mitchell.

>Ginsburg had surgery Dec. 21 to remove two cancerous growths from her left lung. She was released five days later and has been recovering at home.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
203 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
You live in an era where people are fans of autistic screaming men who play video games, anyone can have a fucking fan. Even animals can have fanbases, like Koko the Gorilla.
If the girl has a minifig of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, one would assume somebody bought a set containing it, and she then asked "who's this"
No, The Supreme Court Judges aren't marketable to young girls because they're too complicated for kids to understand. That's like basic high school kind of shit.
It's not that complicated. Liberals are afraid that if Ginsburg croaks, then Trump will replace her with a conservative Judge who will overturn Roe V. Wade.

The DNC is practically a laughing stock, the voters hate Pelosi and Feinstein, Schumer's on his way out. On top of that, the base is fractured and it's their own fault.
>Who’s the last person you would think to see in a Lego film as a minifig?

I dunno, my dad?

File: threadMYOS.png (71 KB, 1500x1152)
71 KB
Make your own Superhero/Supervillain!
Roll for a random power.
If your digits ends with an even number, you're a hero.
If your digits end with an odd number, you're a villain.
Try and be respectful and responsible with overpowered rolls, be mindful of others posting and try not to flood the thread with too many of your own characters to let others join in.

Make friends, save/conquer the world, forge alliances and have fun.

Thread Archives:

/co/ Superheroes Booru:
91 replies and 66 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Boxing bot.png (81 KB, 588x569)
81 KB
"Man, I didn't even get ta' throw a punch."
>the remote controlled suit kicks over a rock
"Yer all talk too, Jessie!"

>I.T. then receives the message from Believer
"Yeah, I just spotted it on the monitor myself."
>He stops to make a few calculations
"The Mark 2's on a charge of about 92%, so I doubt I'd have too much trouble. Gotta keep in mind that without bein' in the tin can myself, I'm down a few guns, though."
>the mint green fighting machine begins making its way to the capsule
"Just don't take too long, boyscout. I ain't really plannin' on losin' another suit."
File: puttsinvestigate.png (6 KB, 716x535)
6 KB
>a curious P.U.T.T.S investigates.
New to the thread. Currently setting up my character. I hope this thread goes well :)
File: Jinko comes out.png (8 KB, 492x399)
8 KB

The pod opens up. A tall, heavily muscled figure emerges from it.

''Analizing. Warning, multiple threats surround-Warning, target in close proximi-Warning, class 5 energy weapons detected''

''Analisys complete''
''My name is Jinko. I look for the one you reffer to as Spineless''
Goodluck, you'll need it

File: George-Perez.jpg (101 KB, 798x407)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>"With respect to future published work in comics and such ... while I know it’s been no secret that I’ve been dealing with a myriad number of health issues (diabetes, heart ailments, vision issues, etc.), they have indeed have forced me to, for all intents and purposes, formally retire from the business of creating new comic stories."

46 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
He did my favorite Natasha book.
Always grateful.
He was such a fan of the Big Two characters and everything about his style reflected that, like trying to give everyone their own specific face and body and asking the writers to let him draw every character no matter how obscure.

His style went in and out of fashion - it came back into fashion in the late '90s when he successfully returned to Avengers, then in the 2000s there was more of a shift to widescreen layouts and fewer panels, which he could never do - but it always was the work of someone who really loved superheroes and didn't care if we knew it.

It's because most artists make all their money doing porn commissions for weirdos; so they prioritize that over interiors.
Maybe my favorite artist of all time.
damn, did Perez do more Vampi? please tell me yes

File: WereLesbians.jpg (10 KB, 259x194)
10 KB
ITT: Jokes that aged horribly.
199 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
South Korea disagrees with you

They were products of their times, just like you and what you watch is a product of your times.

Mark my words, in 20 years people will look back on modern shows and say, "What were they thinking?!"

Things you could never even imagine.

Articles about how pedophiles were so mistreated and excluded from society in the the 2010s, but now we have a much more enlightened outlook.
File: dr katz.gif (450 KB, 500x338)
450 KB
450 KB GIF
people don't answer poll questions literally. a lot of those 30% are fine with pre-maratal sex in-and-of itself. They just think that unwed mothers who go on welfare are a huge burden on the country, are statistically more likely to raise criminals, and are immorally depriving their child of a father which is correlated with all sorts of negative life consequences. They don't like the baby-daddies much either. And they answer "are the social consequences of premarital sex positive?" instead of the question asked, "do you think pre maratal sex is wrong?"
Bitch had it coming for taking two hats

File: DxTcwLeXcAEtgr_.jpg (134 KB, 1200x675)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
It's finally out
104 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
Completely, totally.
Stephen the Lesbian
I hope that woman becomes a recurring character. The red-head.
is this the one that took years to make?
if she get less whinny, sure

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