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Simba or Kimba? Who would win in a fight to the death?
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File: lionesses-with-manes.jpg (477 KB, 1200x720)
477 KB
477 KB JPG
She cute.
Fucking trannies ruining nature
Does this pairing breed super alpha males?
Maned lionesses exist retard.

File: hqdefault.jpg (39 KB, 480x360)
39 KB
>Meanwhile at the Mother Fucking, Cock Sucking, Semen Flinging, Cum Snorting, Ass Fingering, Monkey Humping, Soul Corrupting Legion of Doom.
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"Sold by the Future Miss /co/" it will sell like hotcakes because of it.
You.....have a pretty mouth
That sounds like a shitty power to me

Do you have anything else, Trevor? Because this si just sad.

File: IIII.png (395 KB, 600x338)
395 KB
395 KB PNG
Renewed for season 4
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I really want someone to rape Halo. God I fucking hate her.
Hey you faggots from reddit, don't think you queers are any different from tumblr. You are corporate bootlickers and will get the rope when the time comes.
I'm not sure if M'gann would like to know half of the team jerks off thinking in her, especially her brother...
No. Fuck these fools, I have money and would pay for this shit but can't since I don't live in fat retard land.
she would

File: nani.jpg (22 KB, 387x560)
22 KB
ITT: The first /co/ character you felt sexual attraction to as a kid
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I think Nani is the reason I like thick thighs so much now
I had an April O'Neil action figure that I would rub on my dick when I took a bath. I was 3.
For me it's Arcee.
It didn't help that Rapunzel was so cute. I had a hard time wondering if I wanted to be him, or be with him.
File: 464556769.jpg (105 KB, 689x1020)
105 KB
105 KB JPG

Why is there 4 (or more) robins. What is the difference between these bland ass white boys. Not even one of them is interesting let alone 4. Why do they try and make us remember and care for fucking four of these wankers. Same for batgirl. Fucking stupid.
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Isn't it a little mean to call rape victims sluts?
Have you seen the way that Dick dresses?
He was asking for it.
Dick is the flirty dumb one with daddy issues
Jason is the rebellious edgelord with daddy issues
Tim is the boring smart one with daddy issues
Damian is the bratty teenager with daddy issues
>DAMAGED, sardonic
>Nerdy, quippy

I think I would cut Tim out of the group, but only because it's rediculous to assume Bruce developed father/son relationships with all of them, there literally isn't enough time

Unless you had him with Damian as he's getting older and needs to retire, setting up Damian to be Batman Beyond. That would be cool

File: Teyonah Parris.jpg (157 KB, 675x900)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
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It’s literally not bait or sarcasm. Adult Monica Rambeau existing in the MCU is 99% guaranteed she’ll be the next Captain Marvel, like in the comics.
Carol's been Captain Marvel ever since 2012. Monica is Spectrum and disavowed the name after talking to her.
Try reading comics.
Haven't found a celebrity this attractive in a long time.
Liberal extremists and black guys on twitter are already mad that Obama's daughter is dating a white guy. So they will call any white guy who likes it racist, and anyone who hates it is racist. White men can't race mix and not like race mixing.
She has great hair, she should've been the live action Ariel.

File: ShegoFlame.jpg (64 KB, 761x960)
64 KB
Post green characters
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at least GL green
probably like half of their design is at least green, only green hair or necklace or whatever probably doesn't fly
I don't mean shade, I meant percentages.
File: Spoiler Image (1.12 MB, 500x281)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB GIF
I thought she was white...

File: Fem Tmnt.jpg (443 KB, 1280x1093)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
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If you say so, senpai.
I've read the book as it's come out and about half the spinoffs. I remember the AU April that gets mutated into a crime fighting wasp woman more readily than I do anything Jennika's done. She's just kind of a background character to me, and now she's being shoved in the spotlight really, really hard.
>But she's the chuunin!
A role that doesn't matter so much as the character in it. Karai as the foot's second in command is interesting because she's Shredder's blood kin and we all know she takes over from time to time. Leo as the foot's second in command is interesting because that's him changing sides. Jennika as the foot's second in command is just...well, yeah, she's a lifer for the foot clan and there's no one else with seniority that wants it? That's boring.
But if you guys wanna waifu her, go ahead.
Someone's got to die for this city at war arc to have teeth and I'm a little worried it's going to be Splinter now. They've been throwing up some serious death flags for him. And if I had to choose between the two, Jennika and Splinter, I know who I'd rather keep around.

Not to mention, if you don't expect people to care if Jennika dies then why is she so important that she should be the fifth turtle? That's a big shoe to fill.
File: Ilia_probe.jpg (37 KB, 886x770)
37 KB
Pic related, would probe.
>the fifth turtle
She's the sixth mutant turtle. Slash was fifth.
spike ankle bracelet.......
shredded legs in 2 days

File: Mutant_Reg_Ad.jpg (31 KB, 300x195)
31 KB
>So people are afraid of your power being randomly spontaneously activated, maybe there will be less prejudice if you register your power and let us know whether or not your ability is dangerous to other people, you know, similar to a gun registration
>How about you guys copy the Inhuman and move to some moutain, like make a mutant city or something
>Okay i know, you can just reality warp and make mutant the majority population on Earth. Shit is fucked but everyone will surely get along now
>Fine this time we created a whole new dimension and alternate reality where mutants are the only ones that live there, there is absolutely no human bigotry or anything like that. Surely everyone is satisfied with this

Something tell me these faggots actually enjoy being oppressed
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i mean you could always make it a whole thing about how there will always be people who hate you yadda yadda while also eliminating everyone who says >but what about the inhumans/f4/anyone else
File: 1543107720160.png (757 KB, 1688x645)
757 KB
757 KB PNG
You are not a separate species.Homo superior is junk science. Two mutants can make a non-mutant baby and two non-mutants can make a mutants baby.You need to live as with the same laws as not superpower people. When you did it the other superheroes would be much more helpful stoping the genocide machines.
Yeah but the fact there's others makes it clear it's a race based double standard and not actually about superpowers. The only actual issue is humanity's weird Mutie sense rather than them not caring about FF or Inhumans.
>Yeah but the fact there's others makes it clear it's a race based double standard and not actually about superpowers. The only actual issue is humanity's weird Mutie sense rather than them not caring about FF or Inhumans.
Inhumans concentrates camps?
why would you want a positive attention?

File: bjork.jpg (9 KB, 480x360)
9 KB
Do you like sulfur?

File: 1563254563615s.jpg (157 KB, 1200x670)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
It just premiered on SDCC.
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Ugly stick
Twitter man children hate Nu-titans so that’s a good thing
Saw it today. It was more TTG than TT2K3. They start out as a versus, but team up against TTG Trigon who is teaming up with TT2K3 Trigon.

They still hate TT2K3 fans and have a few jokes badgering them about "muh ruining my childhood" meme.

The humor is still very TTG with random musical numbers, sight gags, and such.
Sounds like shit
Tell us the ending

File: Black Widow.jpg (30 KB, 800x800)
30 KB
BLACK WIDOW (May 1, 2020)

>Directed by Cate Shortland ("Lore").

>Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow.

>Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, Natasha’s “sister” who was also trained by the Red Room program.

>O-T Fagbenle as Rick Mason, a freelance mercenary and old flame of Natasha.

>David Harbour as Alexei Shostakov / Red Guardian, the Russian counterpart to Captain America.

>Rachel Weisz as Melina Vostokoff, an elusive assassin connected to the Red Room.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Female Ajak
I don't like it.
What's the budget going to be becuase Marvel animation is kinda shitty
File: Untitled.jpg (130 KB, 1200x800)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
I am extremely surprised that she's not black.
Wait I thought ikaris would be the main character, also why is the cast gender switched

File: backdrop-1920.jpg (90 KB, 850x510)
90 KB
Name a more perfect slice of life show
17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Bring me this...
Pepper Ann you speak of.
Who's that girl?
Don't you mean Sazae-San-likes? Isekai means a normal person falling into a fantasy world in canon like with Alice in Wonderland.
What's her name?
Oh, you're talking about whatshername

Post unhealthy ships.
120 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
BoyStar would wear him down. Angie and Rafael would be even less suspicious of two boys having access to each other's rooms at all hours of the night.
I had it happen to me. It was a mentally disturbed autistic man harassing me, and it made me feel uncomfortable.
Well, there's the problem; it's only fun if it's a passably feminine-looking guy doing it.
the true villain of the series got away scot free

File: corrupted.jpg (98 KB, 1200x675)
98 KB
Did they deserve redemption?
101 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
>The writers likely would have Hitler killed in a heartbeat but save literal space dictators that are infinitely worse than Hitler
Wow it's amazing just how little I remember about this show after the barn episodes. Holy fuck the barn episodes were so fucking bad ugh
Maybe Blue could have been redeemed, but Yellow and White deserve to die
Yes of course. For you see, there's an even bigger and badder threat just around the corner
>steven talks to that threat
oh good glad he's friends with her now because there's and even bigger and badder threat right around the corn-

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