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After the crisis, Steven Q Caboose obtained several interdimensional doughnut hole guns
Now he can visit all his friends, like Steven Prime, Stella Starlight, Steven Belcher, Steven Smith, spartan Steven, Steven Archer, Steven Hill, Nora Universe, and Survivor Steven
He can even make new friends, like Steve Bond, Steven Anarchy, Nora Wu, Steven Loud, Nora Wayne, etc
Isn’t that great
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Oh yeah, shit dude, I loved your Vet Greg stuff
I've been thinking about his weapons and powers in this universe.
>This Steven either is capable of directing his gem power to his web-shooters or using special ones to create webs with rose-like spikes.
>When Steven makes a net of webbing it resembles a giant rose or it's filled with smaller roses out of webbing.
>His spider-sense and shield/ protective bubble would probably work in tandem, thus activating one after another immediately.
>When floating in air, Steven Parker could shoot a web to a building and he would continue to float until he finally reaches and sticks to the wall.
I've also thought of a small funny scenario for the wedding crashed by Blue and Yellow.
File: luigidimaio.png (36 KB, 464x178)
36 KB
AU where Steven DiMayo is the son of Luigi DiMayo!
That sounds awesome
>The wedding between Ruby and Sapphire or MJ and Peter is crashed during the after-party.
>The diamonds come.
>Peter catapults themselves towards them.
>" As if a insignificant being like you could- " Before Yellow can continue, Peter punches her with her enough strenght to send her backwards for a moment.
>The fight with the diamonds is similar to Blond Peter's fight with Green Goblin except Peter is beating the crap out of them with such ease he scares them.
>If Steven didn't go to the astral plane to stop them, Peter would have knocked them out.
>The diamonds see why Pink would chose Peter as her mate, as they're now cautious when in Peter's presence.
I don't have time for anything else now, so that's all for this time.

What's your dream comic? Plot/characters/writer/artist/sneaked-in fetish?
My dream comic is Night in the Woods.
My fetish is tender, loving, caring, and whole some (furry) porn.
File: 1569743036662.png (232 KB, 500x394)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
The rogues have a day off and go on a field trip! Chaos ensues
Honestly. I'd love just more Slice of Life shit in capes in general

What are the odds that we will ever gonna get another Treasure Planet animated movie?
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>All the webms have the cat on it
Made me proud /co/
Studios don't give a shit unless it's in garbage cgi.
If it doesn’t happen in 2022, it won’t happen ever.
Google and TinEye turn up nothing, and Sad Panda only has the incest stuff. DesuArchive points to this exact thread as being the only known posting of OP's image.

Ladies and/or gentlemen, we might be looking at truly original content in 2019.

>that little minx is giving me that look again
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I didn't bother watching it, I only ever saw a few episodes of the original series anyway, and of that the only thing I can remember is that there was a scottish guy.
What's the reason for that exactly? And for that matter, why aren't any of the older SW being pulled out of the vault now that Lucas is out of the picture? Pulling out ewoks, droids, and the ewok movies will at the very least be worth it for the novelty of saying you have it.
>It's almost like it's a terrible fucking way to write a story or something.
It's a terrible way to continue a story that didn't need to continue, at least. Star Wars should have ended in 1983.
Finally someone else who makes sense in these threads.
The force is in balance when each and every dark side user is snuffed out. The dark side is cancer that corrupts and twists the force and its user at the same time.
There is no light side, there is only the force at balanec with itself and the universe.

Serious question:how and why did the "Rick and Morty/high IQ" get started?
You wouldn't understand because you're a christian
Because retards think shows about smart people or sci-fi equate to intellegent humor, ex: BBT was just laugh tracks on lame humor and pop culture refferances paraded as jokes. No I dont care if your actors are brain surgeons what matters is can they time and devolve jokes in a clever way
There was a Reddit post that got turned into a copypasta on 4chan and then everywhere else.

It "started" because Rick and Morty is a show that attracted a lot of stupid people who thought its high school-tier existentialism or surface level pop culture references made them smart.
It started because to normies, "le funny science and awkward shy guy" meme is what they associate with someone smart.

After the McDonald's sauce guy freaking out, it spiralled into a meme.

Which Batman villain should get the “joker” treatment for a film next?

How would you manage it?
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A full-blown horror movie with the Scarecrow.
Psychological horror involving Crane and his fascination with fear and him analyzing how different people react to it.
Not even getting a high off seeing people scared or tortured, just legit curiosity of what makes them tick when scared.
Like Saw, but less stupid and gory.
File: 158.jpg (16 KB, 373x373)
16 KB
Scarface movie but ventriloquist was just using the puppet as a red herring so people think he's harmless but he's a cold blooded hood rat kinda guy
>a movie focused on Gordon from his perspective of Batman and all the crazies
Would unironically love it. Or a Gotham Central adaption.
This shit wasn't good but Harley's movie should be worse. Why can't they pick a cohesion theme for DC?

She is very cool.
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Sweat, Tears, and Sunflower seeds.
no they don't
Didn't most of the film take place in 1926, therefore predating Stalinism?
So did she just forget she was a princess? Did she lose her memory? I'm unclear.
When will Disney make her a princess?

>Maleficent has her redemption movies.
>Jafar has his redemption musical.
Who’s the next Disney baddie to turned to the side of good?
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Hades is by all means as a lesser of an evil as you can get in that pantheon.
Probably not because she was about animal cruelty and wearing furs.
>Hades isn't a villain either.
He kidnapped his wife. Villain.
101 Pitbulls
>>Jafar has his redemption musical.

Is she the reason wjy "adventure time" turned into "finns love quest"?
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Star VS is the anti Steven Universe so that makes sense.

>40 year old tranny self-inserts as a 12 year old tranny

File: 1570989693261.jpg (87 KB, 454x627)
87 KB
Rebecca sugar is only half the problem. Moynihan also ruined the show with his 2deep4u existential bullshit
mamma mia

Would steven universe have been a better show had it had a goth aesthetic instead?
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Removing Pearl's bird nose is bimbo-fication.
no you utter shitbrain, get that "big titty goth gf" meme out of your fucking brain
goths are the polar opposite of what Steven Universe is about: acceptance, kindness, and mental wellness. Making the characters all dark and edgy ruins the core beliefs and just makes it a shittier knockoff anime lookalike than it already is
It would be a better show if it didn't have a fag aesthetic.
Witch knight Garnet is kind of rad. I can kind of see Amethyst going through a goth or punk rock phase.

For me, it’s Hal Jordan.

File: X-MenTitle.jpg (104 KB, 1056x790)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
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File: Spoiler Image (386 KB, 900x465)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
File: Download.jpg (9 KB, 259x194)
9 KB
The yellow chair is an ancient relict which is only rivaled by the red chair.
I now bind the Phoenix with the power of AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!
Did Magneto still go through World War II concentration camps in the current comics? Asking for a friend.

File: kinac.png (437 KB, 1280x720)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
Season two premieres on November 11th. They put out a trailer.

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Welcome newfriend
>”now make a double peace sign to the camera and smile while saying ‘thank you for giving this X year old kitty more cream than she can handle’”
>”meow meow meow meow meow”
File: 1556557320204.gif (25 KB, 360x360)
25 KB
anon I...
They may as well just delete this thread since it's clear you're not going to stop. You don't like Kitty. You're just trying to get the thread deleted.
I love Kitty

File: Monica.png (38 KB, 180x269)
38 KB
Why do Brazilians like her? She's a sholt, bucktoothed fatso
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If Cascão cries he gets wet
File: _CC_46_(1988).jpg (88 KB, 557x730)
88 KB
>loves mud
>mud is a combination of water with soil
yeah nah, this character cheats a lot its own premise.
Characters in this comic are mostly middle-class, which has historically been predominantly white
File: 1570898960853.jpg (109 KB, 450x450)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
kek that would explain it. Not a single favela is portrayed in these comics.

Chico Bento tho? He's poor as fuck.
Yeah but he lives in the countryside, which also tends to be very white
If anything, the problem is he should be tan from being out in the sun so much

File: Joaquin-Phoenix2.jpg (59 KB, 1280x718)
59 KB
What is this movie? I don't mean in terms plot or theme, those are fairly clear. I mean why is it connected to the Batman universe in the first place? I know it's an elseworlds story but it still doesn't add up for me. He's so much older than Bruce that it doesn't make sense for him to be the same Joker who gets in fights with Batman. Unless we have a prime 30 year old Batman kicking the crap out of a 60 year old aging mental case. Does he inspire another person to become THE Joker? Either way, what's the point of this version?
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Who's Kohn Wick?
Not the poster, but c'mon Nigga we know he meant John. Go somewhere else and waste the thread count.
Kohn John?
>Real creativity to me would have been making a solid emotionally impactful movie that didn't need to be tangentially tied to comic books just so people would notice it.

Practicality/reality. People won't watch shit today unless it's a remake or part of a big existing franchise, and that's the truth. Mostly they just wanted to make money, but let's say you actually do have something to say (probably to some small degree they did, or they would have just made a family friendly film for $$$). If you actually want anyone to hear it or care, you have to slap some franchise hit on it today and nobody will ever see your art.

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