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>buying a ledgered new
I seriously hope you guys didn't fall for this scam. It's just an USB.
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Well I've been using this board for two years but still can't work the lock in function!
You can literally download software to unlock and access them within minutes without any prior knowledge of passcode or mnemonic
I got my BTC price locked but not sure how to unlock
the ledger's price lock feature is working well for me
I recommend the ledger nano s with a trezor for cold storage
It’s a small price to pay

File: 1579103156124.png (39 KB, 219x210)
39 KB
So, how is your uptrend doing now?

File: 1579249952720.jpg (38 KB, 604x541)
38 KB
Now that the pump is over, when should we close our shorts? No meme answers pls.

How do I get rich off this portfolio?

I dont have much more expendable currency, so this is all I have to work with

If i just hold this will I accumulate enough over time for at least a small house?
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>is it worth buying the only coin that matters in crypto
all in chainlink right now what the fuck are you doing
Point taken

any portfolio without BTC makes no sense, still have room for 100x
You swap some of them to CENNZ, seriously if you want any chance of making it at all

File: Chainlink-.jpg (122 KB, 1200x630)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
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This. Doesnt seem like anything to me
Bullrun inc
shh let them meme
It's literally dumping right now

File: index.jpg (11 KB, 280x180)
11 KB
I only have 1600 LINK. Give it to me straight, how fucked am I?
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>ten years to 1k
I dont think so, tim
Gaming will help a lot more than any of those copes ever will.
T. Undisciplined flesh-slave
this is true
I bought in at 40 cents I aint selling no matter what.
Just like I never sold my FUN, or OMG. haha.. I got iron hands.

File: bobo_business_suit.png (186 KB, 472x472)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
Nice little pump bullfags. Now prepare your buttholes for the mega red dildo.

File: 1512239434810.png (211 KB, 1200x675)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
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Kek unironically trx

Buy BTC Options on Deribit

File: 1576438561316.jpg (41 KB, 1127x1070)
41 KB
It was traded down to support on the ETH pair, because that's what charts do.

The next run will take place in Feb and March and go to $50+

If you're one of the pajeets who fell for the FUD, you have a week or two to buy back in.
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Look at how desperate they're getting. They badly need new biztards to buy in so it doesn't go down any further. Volume is dead like the project.
How many rupees did Donnie pay you for this post?
It cant pump because the CEO is dumping millions of tokens all the time. When he stops gods knows when it will pump yeah
50$ lol... be lucky if it hits 10 this year. Its over quantards. No one uses that shit
> people use crypto

File: IMG_20200117_182353.jpg (257 KB, 1242x1232)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
If you can't see that it's written buy a pajeet hired by creg then you're not gonna make it. Now got out of here with this trash of yours and kys
another one has seen the light.
he means he's a 7GBP/hour pajeet

File: Neogas.png (63 KB, 720x480)
63 KB
Are you seriously not buying the fuel for the NEO platform for only 1 dollar and with a 10mil mcap? What is wrong with you anon?
Yeah, getting some serious Antshares vibe from this coin desu
Shit's dead, Zed.
NEO > gas

gas is overvalued by 50-100x

Dude don't fucking tell this board any good ideas. They're so far up their own ass with 2 dollar link they haven't paid attention that NEO has been (For the last 2 years) been a top 10 volume coin and haven't been accumulating.

I've been checking every week for a NEO thread and when it's mentioned its LOL'd back down to a scam coin or "chink"coin

Oh Wow! It went from 7 Dollars 3 months ago to 11.50 Today? Wow...Shame
The fact you didnt get any reply confirms what you just said
When biz doesnt shill a coin you know its good

File: yoda.png (78 KB, 397x325)
78 KB
Get 700 YoDollars + 400 YoDollars for every friend:

Click on button "Get 700 YoDollars" and follow the instruction. I takes around 5 minutes.
Pajeets are back! We are truly in a bull run!
Thanks! It took me 2 minutes, kek.
Seems like a scam

Hey biz got a msg from blockchain what would you do something happend.
click the link
seems trustworthy
You're blockchain is locked for the safety sirs.
Sender = support@definitelynotphishing.org

File: capture.jpg (61 KB, 1280x720)
61 KB
Its hard for me to be happy about the current Bitcoin price when I see that BSV, a complete scam, is now the 4th biggest cryptocurrency in the world.

Can someone explain why this is happening? I don't like it at all!
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yea the fact that there is still a lot of seething core cucks means we still have a ton of room to grow, very bullish.
Cant believe there are still retards who hold the fake btc at 8k+.. theyre in for a rekoning
File: 1560989748255.jpg (387 KB, 1080x889)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
They haven't watched "The China Hustle". With BSV it's a bit harder to call it a scam since it has a pretty good "conspiracy" going on for it, but something like XRP? Idk how you can baghold for 2 years while it keeps dumping and nothing ever happens and think it's ok. You really have to be critical or even skeptical of your investment. I'm all in Chainlink since I've read all about it, watched multiple Sergey videos, researched smart contracts, followed the project and seen how they overall communicate(are they shilling a lot, do the founders post from their own accounts constantly, do they argue with people, talk shit about other projects etc etc). The problem with "investing" in crypto(different from trading it) is that the ideas always sound good as long as you don't actually dig deep in and really dissect everything. Then the other problem is the team. It might be a good idea, but if the team is shit then it's not going to take off(fundamentally).
nice meme thx

File: 1552722039977.png (635 KB, 780x784)
635 KB
635 KB PNG
They will mock you, they will fud your coin, they will propose scam coins as alternatives... I look you in the eyes...you know you're already making its not a matter of if, but when. You've already bought the cube that rules the smart contract world. Back during Assblaster days there was a common goal, the idea of establishing a Defi style trading platform. The ability to do decentralized finance.

If you're holding over 2k link by the year 2025 you have atleast 200k+ conservatively... the more you obtain of the cube and over projects that have a future in supporting its network, knc, rsr, eth and many others that have real use case. You will make it... just act accordingly.

I can't tell you who I am but I bought the first day it hit EtherDelta. If you remember that scam site then you know.

You will make it, this one fact should Motivate you to accumulate as much as you can.

Being excited is one thing but accepting your destiny is another.

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