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File: pepe_wrinkled_crying.png (110 KB, 221x223)
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110 KB PNG
>2020 in just over 100 days

Have you accomplished your goals for this year /biz/?
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>2019 was 5 years ago
Once livecoin open deposit price will go to 15 satoshi.
Expect a mega dump
Got a massive raise at my fulfilling technical job. I’d say I’ve done well this year.
yes NEET I up (but not in a pathetic way, I actually go out and have friends, sex, excersize ect)
and I'm financially independent but not set for life, LINK however will change that... just dying DYING to own my own house rather than share with mentally deranged roommates where every minor decision is a 10 minute discussion
>Stupid question thread
>OP 2 posts by this ID
>Idiots replying
Never change new fags

File: yes no.png (2.37 MB, 2386x1052)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
Anyone heard of Bitcloud Pro before? I’ve seen threads around, but I don’t want to invest in some gook scam.
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BPRO is one of the few crypto projects actually making good profits. That’s why I hodl a good chunk of BPRO
These chinks know their stuff, they have a Philippines banks as backers keke
Holding a big bag . I believe it will be the best . Their app is wonderful
Bitmax and OKEx listing is coming. Definitely add a bag if you want to ride the wave
Bitcloud pro team is behind the success of seele . They made it big and then left the team.

File: 1566885041621.jpg (50 KB, 678x710)
50 KB
how do you cure depression?
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look around you, did anyone manage to make it stop? most of your co-workers probably drink too

life is suffering, get along with it
>Easier said than done
Oh, for sure. The thing is, part of what depresses people is the feeling that they're trapped in their lives. So even if it's easy to backslide and fall back into bad habits, just knowing that a way forward exists and that the steps aren't even especially painful is worthwhile.

I mean, I'm in a pretty bad place in my life right now, and I've definitely not been taking care of myself properly. That's why as soon as I finish this post, I'm going to put the phone down, make myself some coffee, and go read a book outside in my hammock for an hour or so.

You don't have to fix everything all at once. But if you know the kind of things that are actually capable of making you happy, rather than fruitlessly chasing stuff that can't, you can at least take the first steps.
This. Also I took up painting and developed a strict routine of cleaning my stuff on the weekends. I don't always paint, mind you. I just do it in moments of despair when I feel like drinking or something else destructive.

Also this is not your blog, faggot. Take this shit elsewhere.
File: 1548734016651.jpg (203 KB, 1000x963)
203 KB
203 KB JPG
Chelated magnesium thank me later
No clue OP
Be lucky you can still function properly. I can't even work any more. All i do is sleep. And when i do force myself to eat i just puke it out
Fucking shivering rn

File: 1566710435824.jpg (23 KB, 500x350)
23 KB
If I buy the Chinese version of a phone off eBay is it gonna have spyware on it?


Any truth or pure dropout cope?
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Arbitrarily defined data bins don't help.

A C student engineer can do a lot better than a phd in education, but in general its a rip off unless you go in knowing what you want d do and pursue a professional degree.
File: 1567331168527.jpg (117 KB, 749x920)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
Fuck yourself dad, companies aren't paying for undergraduates since the 80s. Stop using this as your excuse for being a shit parent when you're 50 and beg grandpa to help you.

Maybe stop spending money on your new aarp qualifying wife + not your kids and save some of that undeserved 6 figs to stop living paycheck to paycheck like a nigger
The data here is backwards. You're looking at a chart of the education level of millionaires. Obviously, those from economically advantages backgrounds are more likely to go to higher education.

What you should be looking at is the percentage of each education level that become millionaires. Or even better (because $1mil is a pretty arbitrary number), the income distribution of people at various levels of education.
I'm 30 and my employer paid for my degree after I worked for him 5 years.
I mean assuming 10-15k a year at a state school you're probably seeing a increase in earnings potential of 20k if you enter a good field. (EE, Finance, CS, etc) so you're paying 40-60k or 2-3 years what your earnings increase is so i'd argue that it's a decent investment. however if you get a useless degree of course it's worthless

File: 1568387297646.jpg (236 KB, 1100x1300)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Friend of sergay here
I ask him why he called it mixicles
He said "to make fun of all the incels who bought link" lmao
he takes all the memes you guys did personal
If he ever exitscams you guys, it will be your fault
dont mess with the guy who holds your lifes
>A thread died for this low quality post
OP you are a faggot and should kys. You are not as funny as your fellow discord trannies tell you, they just like you sendung them dick pics. Go back and send more dick pics around
> imagine being mad about being called an incel on the internet
>Imagine coming to an anonymous imageboard because your secrete little gay club is so damn boring and just taking a shit
leave faggot, never return
Seems like Sergey lost quite a bit of weight here, good for him
have sex incel

Is there any proof that they can achieve high transactions output with high speed? Any data from testnet?
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2$ EOY
1$ EOY fren.
MM will be deployed atfer mainnet.
Stablecoin client first and public mainnet after it.
6 more clients in que to build on FTM.
And Labs is sucking Sheiks dick to get the full dips on DUBAI. Cap this
sanjeev here
my scooter exploded
Evan is a cuck
Do good,help the less privileged, and run to God through Jesus.

File: biz101.jpg (78 KB, 537x597)
78 KB
this kills the scammer and shill
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^^^^ shilltards on suicide wash
Half of filters are useless. *link* covers all link variations.
Based 60 IQ post OP.
If only the rest of the 50- IQ nolinkers could learn how to use filters, they always seem to get lost in our threads.
you dont need to put **

File: 1566432430729.png (1.2 MB, 1202x1340)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG

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Exactly. 50% of token own by the team. Enjoy being dumped on.
Well Sergey has over 70% and has been dumping for a while..
>Chainlink has no relationship with Swift

Two years later, and still unable to cope.
>Well Sergey has over 70%

Is there a quantbro that could make the virginLINK vs the Alpha QNT.
With charts or what ever your creative mind can come up to.
>fuck chainlink
>and yes I'm a mobile fag but 0 fucks given in the quantboat
Come on dont let this thread slip through the stinky fingers
File: growingupwithtails.jpg (373 KB, 920x1211)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
I could post a certain comic in order to keep this thread alive.
I've been shilling quant to get idiots to buy it and stay off the link train when it leaves in 5 days, buy quant sirs
>yet another episode of *insert shitcoin here* sucking up to LINK (rent free)
>has to start AND bump his own thread begging to get a forced meme made
Fucking pathetic

File: pepe devil.jpg (40 KB, 396x482)
40 KB
>$100k in savings
>earning $150k/yr
>too afraid to take any risk so just keep everything in my bank account
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Most small business owners with 2-3 employees that have been around 5+ years are bringing in ~150K. It's not hard.

150K is 3K a week. $600/day is peanuts in the business world. I had to call a mechanic on Thursday and he charged me $620 for 2 hours of work. That was the cheapest quote after calling 7 different places.
File: 1568206338094.jpg (71 KB, 706x501)
71 KB
Is /biz/ the LARPiest board of all?
Either here or /fit/ although I guess on /fit/ they just tell you to post body.
>car parts are free
Send me 10k and I will pay you 11.5k in 12 months. Note: not crypto related. Mail me at: tailormatches@gmail.com

File: nigger.png (254 KB, 604x514)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
What is to be done about the """entrepreneur""" problem?
>advertising a twitterina
Thanks for pointing out a new faggot to put on the ignore list
Nothing, the market will handle it.

Entrepreneurs are mostly working in companies right now. The pay is too good and it's really hard to start a business

Asuka Anon should have been here as he promised

Aug 31 2000 zulu time
Sep 02 0300 zulu time
Sep 15 1200 zulu time

Sep 17 2000 zulu time
Sep 21 0200 zulu time
Sep 24 2000 zulu time

why bother? Just buy ultron
Literally fucking who Pajeet?
same could be said about your absolute shitcoin, what is even this crap?

after losing it all in crypto & seeing only wage slavery & no way to actually MADE IT in life again i joined a cult "ISLAM" to try & climb the larders of power

OMFG this shit is driving me fucking insane i thought i had no soul or integrity so i can do anything & feel normal but OMFG faking believing in this dogshit praying 5 times & fucking day & never speaking what you truly believe is fucking painful is MAKING IT really fucking worth this

> fuck this shit im almost ready to go full /out & fuck away will all this bullshit about making it my soul cant take it
cancer sage kys

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