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price targets for 2019?

I hate this gay fucking market I’ve done my due diligence and avoided this shitcoin becuase it is a centralized database, it’s pumping. Meanwhile my investment in nano is doing noThing, this Ponzi is not fair smart investors like me get nothing meanwhile people buying scams like eos are getting rich!!!

Buy now, sell tomorrow. You're welcome anons.

File: community.png (1.26 MB, 1512x614)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
Okay boys... I may come to regret this very quickly...

However, I am starting a $1,000 portfolio. I'll increase it if this goes well...

1.) I will post here daily and Biz decides the coins and relative weighting breakdown. Top 3 most voted coins will be selected (weighting based on number of votes per coin.) Biz can also vote to sell coins.
2.) Cant be listed on only a totally shit tier exchange
3.) Must have at minimum 2 coins at all times.

Idk im sure more rules will come.

lets see how this social experiment ends.
if you vote with the same trip tag more than once, your vote will count x2
thanks goys
You’re all useless

See pic related for a fraction of what Ambrosus is currently hiding
What's with the EXTREME low IQ amb shilling today? Is it finally exit scam time? Is a tranche of tokens vesting this week?
Tomorrow is National Ambrosus Day

File: trust yourself.png (634 KB, 752x672)
634 KB
634 KB PNG
1. Is that BTC AI named Tulip really a thing?

2. Will BNB correct hard since other exchanges are doing IEOs like Bittrex?

3. Are IEOs going to be any better fundamentally than ICOs were since most of it was basically people creating white papers to pump and dump on naive investors?

*takes 1/2 your pay and gives it to some refugee transgender with social anxiety and a eating disorder*

pfffft nothing personal kid
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>has 6 days off work the whole year
>one week of "paid time off" accrued the entire fucking year
File: rn8i6GI7Mt2J.gif (1.27 MB, 520x293)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB GIF
File: rQAJ864.jpg (79 KB, 569x750)
79 KB
I dislike fighting between Canadians and Americans. It's just Hebrew tricks pitting brother against brother.

Can't we just agree that Mexico should be purged of life?
>be an american
>go to the hospital
>pay 5 billions
> muh insurance
File: awoo concerned54.png (203 KB, 900x1000)
203 KB
203 KB PNG
>implying israel isn't based

See pic. Only the AMBitious of you will do so and be rich tomorrow
Quit this jackshit.
Why do you want to be poor?
Well I definitely donot want to miss the donuts!!

File: Bobothink.jpg (111 KB, 832x750)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Does selling alts for btc make the price of bitcoin go up?

File: bolt.png (8 KB, 244x138)
8 KB
Bolt in position

>bitmax had a sale of it at 0.031 usd/bolt
>it's now at 0.02911 usd

this thing will pump along
i hope bolt does well. but its just another shitty streaming service so I'm doubtful.
I was waiting for someone to bring this one up! It's a fucking gem
> under ICO price less than 24 hours after ICO
> Buy this coin it's great it's going to moon

Biz, your concrete actions are completely unworthy of the ideas you pretend to hold.
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You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.
>has over 50k to throw around a volatile market
sooo how have you not made it yet? seems like throwing around 50k is nothing for ya...
>all in
that means 50k isn't nothing to him, it's everything...
you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded
Ride RLCs long hard alt cock faggot, then dive back into that gaping chink pussy and become a man again

File: 1549465311765.png (138 KB, 709x709)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Bizzare times we living in
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Long term*
Because we're at the bottom you mouth-breathing retard
what are you talking about? who says I'm not playing the short game? I play any game that results in more btc.
>tfw retarded bears think inflating the price to 6k then tanking it to 1k > inflating it from 4k to 50k, then tanking it.

You bobos are retarded
You fucking autistic idiot, scroll the fuck up. you spent the entire thread arguing against my short term prediction. I’m not a long term bear

File: 1549870258857.jpg (79 KB, 640x640)
79 KB
>The average American worker takes less vacation time than a medieval peasant


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lmao are you seriously implying that living in an era without good hospitals, abundant food, and electricity is somehow less dangerous than using a fucking cell phone? Get off 4channel and go live in the woods if its so comfy
>40 years of wageslaving
I'll be dead before that. I need a quicker path.
Why the fuck HAS the economy been allowed to fester at this awful fucking "40 hour week?" When did our buying power become so low and our time so cheap?
File: america third world.png (752 KB, 723x575)
752 KB
752 KB PNG
>I'm sorry your little third world nigger Infested shit hole isn't booming
>implying that America isn't a third world nigger infested shithole
absolutely based

I've been having my mind melted all day by reading retarded leftie twitter talking heads. Thank you for this.

File: 1552296643718.jpg (1.47 MB, 1242x1878)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
how can i get an email from a name and an address? i'm trying to market to people who bought certain property and this is all the info i have.
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>not stealth mode entering
>20 thrusts and finito
>gone she never saw my face




Is that how you were born?
Fuck off back to plebbit nugget, this is a brrraaapp approved forum. Also check em

File: hugging.jpg (194 KB, 1184x789)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
So the biggest motivational factor to help you get through any hardship when starting a business or advancing your career is this. Get a woman who will love you for who you are. It's that simple. Having a woman cheer you on and celebrate even the smallest of victories is the biggest motivational booster you can have in life. Even when I was about to give up she would tell me it's okay and that she believes in me. Also having an active sex life helps keep your mood up. I'm not sure how anyone would be able to get through this without having love in their life.
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>jus humiliate yourself bro
>jus dance for women bro
If your goal is just any woman. Unless you're deformed, if you're average all you have to do is aim low enough. The reason for lookism is to try to obtain a girl higher than what you would normally be able to get with minimum effort. Granted I don't mean higher in quality, I just mean higher in terms of looks.
Unsurprisingly, better looking women are almost always shittier people, and lookism cultists never find women who would make a good girlfriend /wife and end up hating women even more.
Take the feeder pill lads
more like you lost prob the only decent female on earth. what sane person would stay with a person destined to be homeless

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