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File: 1552451611170.jpg (61 KB, 842x699)
61 KB
Can somebody please help me. lm so fucking confused.
lm trying to confirm my bank account in paypal and it says that it has added two small deposits to my checking account but l can't find it anywhere.
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you are fucked. usually this means the fbi or another law enforcement agency has a flag on your finances and is filtering shit. i would lay low and maybe change addresses op
That's not good enough. I've had this happen before, the only thing you can do is leave the country ASAP
Invest in a good butthole stretcher before the party van arrives
>having a bank account in the year of our lord 2019
Cash and a payroll card is the way to go dude. Banks literally make money by reaming their customers with jewish fees.
Also not good enough. You have to fake your death, it's the only way.
Look for a homeless with your stature, then kill him and bring him to your place. Remember to kill him by shooting him in the face, otherwise they will compare his teeth with your dental records, so make sure to completely destroy his jaw.
Now place the body in your house and set it on fire, then leave for some country in southeast Asia.

File: m3d_3.png (19 KB, 279x86)
19 KB
crypto... bank the unbanked or just play and have
some fun at games like Moon3D
This is legit
Join now
File: sample_nyancat.png (6 KB, 521x224)
6 KB

We are pumping bitcoin to $5090 today

You’re welcome
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File: grugpunch.jpg (2 KB, 125x114)
2 KB
how many babies do i have to kill to get LINK to 1000$ per token?
Is Baal Hadad real?
any good sex magik porn?
You bull fags have been larping about a pump to 5k this Wednesday since last week.

News flash retards, it’s not coming

> there's people on here that don't realize BAT will be #1 on CMC by 2020
such an obvious play. Earn a free month of HBO or Netflix or Hulu or whatever shit you like while reading the news as you take a shit on the toilet.

And it's not like its a bs banner ad that pops up either. Most will be interactive and really cool. Like a car you can open the doors on to get BAT or a fun mini-game sponsored by a company.

> fucking jacked senpai
File: 0014.jpg (353 KB, 1150x1150)
353 KB
353 KB JPG

And the ads also pop-up in a completely different window and isn't intrusive at all.

File: 0020.jpg (136 KB, 1200x1200)
136 KB
136 KB JPG

goddammit it was supposed to start at 31:45 when an ad pops un on Brendans screen.

File: lunchapd.png (33 KB, 514x288)
33 KB
wEn nExT luNchPaD, sIR?
Launchpads over. Btt was the default pump. Basically now its chinks dumping x5- x8 to themselves and fools who hope to catch a justin sun on the post dump.

Stay away like the plague

File: capitulation.jpg (250 KB, 1414x838)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
>every fucking normie on youtube predicting a crash
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mike hearn was in bitcoin since 2009 and built the first bitcoin java client. he is not a normie. even selling near the bottom in 2014 he probably made more money than people who bought in 2012 and sold peak of 2017.
>calling fucking MIKE HEARN a normie
You people are at peak delusion. Fuck off
Mike Hearn was a CIA agent.


I want to move somewhere that mainly speaks English and I can bring my USD and exchange it for a lot of the places currency

File: got.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x1080)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB JPG
I called for a massive bull and bear cycle to complete between seasons of GoT.

My target is the $5k range.
Last season was shit
This season will be worse
not gonna /make it/

File: dxTOuCNz.jpg (20 KB, 600x314)
20 KB
It took long enough, but the VIDT team announced on twitter today that they will be listed on another exchange making them eligible to be listed on Coinmarket Cap, which is the first step towards greater exposure.

Their twitter post didn't mention it, but their reddit post specifically mentioned they will get listed on CMC, and alluded to it being step one towards getting listed on larger exchanges.

So the good news is it looks like their recent success has gotten the team's attention and they're intending to capitalize on that success, which was one of my worries (that they weren't paying attention)

As mentioned earlier, even if you aren't the HODL type, there will almost certainly be something to gain by riding the wave through the listing and exposure, even if you don't believe in it long term you can still benefit.

Looks like people have put a buy wall up so until then it looks like it'll be trading sideways / holding around this price.
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The nice thing is, it's started from rock bottom so any exposure is going to help -- being on CMC is step one, who cares if you got in at 0.00030 or 0.00040 when an order of magnitude more people will be looking at it? If even a small percentage decide to check out IDEX and throw a few Eth at it, that could easily double the amount of people that have been following it so far.

People are too emotional. You don't have to be a fanboi to benefit from a rise in value that will often follow additional listings and exposure, take your short term gains and go if you don't like the long term prospects
VIDT will hit .50 cents in the near future.

You're Welcome.
It can actually hit $1 dollar.

Many partnerships yet to be announced that will be and token burn + buy back program is going to shoot us to the moon.
377 ETH just got injected over the past 6 hours or so ($50k!), so looking like they think they're going to get a return on that investment.

Reminds me of the Coinbase team before a listing announcement lmao

Price still in the mid 40s for those wanting to jump in
lol you can't even speak english properly

File: wut.jpg (10 KB, 239x211)
10 KB
Ok be honest, are any of you guys consistently catching these Binance shitcoin pumps and moving around with ease, and just making shitloads of BTC gains in the process? If so, how are you catching them without getting nervous or stressed that you'll be bagholding a useless shitcoin. that's the problem, I can't detach myself because I know every single alt on there is a piece of shit and has no application in the real world, so i'm literally holding a hot potato.

You see these massive pumps and a ton of distribution at the top. I can only imagine how many people get fucked rekt every time. OR, it's just literally Binance bots trading back and forth, even on the distribution at the top of a pump. So like for every 10-15 bot trades there is actually 1 real person.

What's the trick/setup to catching these.

Is it a matter of setting every ticket in tradingview (or eyeing binance), and literally staring at the percentage changes until you're like woah wtf that one just moved 8%, and then you look at the 1m, and you're like oh shit volume picking up, it's moving up, just crossed X moving average, and then buy in and set a stop?

Or you pretty much need to be in a pump group so you have a little bit of assurance that the hot potato you are holding is dumped on a pump chaser, and this way you're not sweating it.

How many of us here are actually making money and how many are silently getting brutally anally fucked everytime but are silent about it in embarrassment?
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Swing trade RLC. That simple. 4xd my portfolio since Jan.
for gains. why else is anyone buying them?
>what are sell orders and stop loss orders?
Its a bet that maybe you'll get a certain price out of it, basically. The whole thing is complicated by the fact that bitcoin really does have intrinsic value, but how much intrinsic value it has is hard to say.

So basically, you have to consider all the money you spend on crypto as going out the door. Its money spent on a chance of getting mad bank back (or maybe so you can use it in place of paypal etc)..
Honestly, the whole system is fucked because BTC was supposed to be a currency, but now its a store of value because people manipulated the debate towards that end presumably in the hopes of getting rich quick when we could've had something much better/interesting in our hands.

So now, you just buy the coin on a upswing and make your bets that it will go at some higher price than you started that covers the ridiculous costs of transactions (at least here in the United States any way).

My prediction is that BTC will continuously lose liquidity after miners slowly stop being able to fake the stocks reasonable.
As it dies, the holders become less and less filled with remotely reasonable people and instead primarily filled with impulsive types that don't do well with money.
BTC will then die because the transaction fees aren't worth it.
I mean the main holders the ones with the most in will be impulsive types. The rest will be bots and rich kids artificially manipulating the price.
That's another thing I forgot to mention; as crypto dies, the bag holders will become less and less until there is, or is practically, a monopoly.
I mean, there kind of already is, but it will be much worse.

File: ubi (2).jpg (18 KB, 300x168)
18 KB
UBI is coming.

> It doesn't matter if you don't want to pay for it.
> It doesn't matter if you think we can't afford it.
> It doesn't matter if you think everyone will just stop working.
> It doesn't matter if you think everyone will become a drug addict.
> It doesn't matter if you think it will lead to a totalitarian dictatorship.

It's coming. Get over it. Everything is fucked anyway, so get on-board and start collecting your neet bucks and buy crypto with it.
File: green.jpg (224 KB, 645x773)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
>The welfare state is coming
No I'm fairly certain it's already here
nah, i won't be paying for it, im rich thanks to crypto, and crypto will keep me rich despite any betas clamoring for free money.

and of course for other rich people not in crypto, plenty of countries will happy welcome them and all of their money.
Most of us are hedged in gold silver and crypto so a UBI would be fucking amazing. Bring it bitches.

File: 1553531612279.jpg (180 KB, 640x705)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Are you getting /fit/ anon for when you make it with Chainlink? How many roasties are you going to let slob on your knob? 5? 10? 25? 1000?
16 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Focus on getting healthy to improve quality of life so when you make it you don't have to worry about getting healthy. You'll be ready to do whatever you want to do, and increase the amount of years you get to live hopefully.
It’s because we don’t have forekins that we have to use lube. It’s fucked it and unnatural

When you don’t use lube you become like me: completely desentized. I barely feel anything when a whore sucks my cock. Hand jobs literally hurt. All I can do basically is run against her to get hard then start rage fucking
I've been off gym for ages.
Gonna start lifting again and hopefully pick up some of the sports from my youth, Can't wait to get a barbell afor home when I've made it.
Eating pussy is one of life’s great pleasures

File: Bateman.jpg (119 KB, 1000x1000)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>he doesn't realize that how you look/dress influences how much someone will pay you for your services
What do you wear to work? How do you look max to make more money?
Who cares faggot working for someone else is slavery. If you aren't working for yourself you might as well spread your asshole during the interview and let the office take turns.
>work is slavery
>tax is theft
>the only thing worthwhile is trading these electronic sudokus with other shut-ins
>working for someone else is slavery
Even if you start your own business you answer to clients. Sure, it's a lot different at that level-as you can tell a problem client to fuck off, and set clear boundaries as you please-but you ARE still working for them, you either are providing them a service OR a product.

I like to dress nice, usually business casual.

File: lol.png (10 KB, 367x220)
10 KB
2 BTC Volume.
Respect for not paying bot wash traders to prop up their scam
That’s the volume of their token and not the exchange, isn’t it? I think they don’t have their volume public yet

Yeah, by the looks of it, it is the token's volume and not the exchange volume

File: thin.png (80 KB, 1167x335)
80 KB
really made me think. I'd be basically top 5 when counted together.

BitTorrent is also "fantastic".
This shit was pumped without merci a week ago. Pumped to 400m cap.

Crazy crazy volume without any noticeable reason.

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