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My wife is telling me that she wants to go to a conference where people sell stuff.
Anyways i dont know the details but im pretty sure its some sort of get rich quick bs.
How do i crush her spirit and convince her to go back to wagecucking?

File: 1554442348285.jpg (844 KB, 1152x1242)
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844 KB JPG
You FUDDERS are dumb!!! Sergey is going to release some BIG NEWS next week to show you who's really boss!!!

Sergey hates all of you FUDDERS and we Linkies will get redemption!!!! Sergey is going to BTFO you guys just you see!!
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File: 1514668967276(1).gif (1.57 MB, 320x240)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB GIF

Im sooo scared

File: 1567889167358.jpg (33 KB, 576x560)
33 KB
are these types of threads fun for /biz/? it's all just shit flinging nonsense. you regurgitate the same arguments, memes, talking points, catch phrases, and general dumbfuckery back and forth in 8 separate threads.
This board is filled with emotional linkie bagholders. They’ll say all sorts of shit to make themselves feel better then see what the response is. Haven’t you heard the latest copephrase?
>”Don’t worry we’ll all be rich in 5-10 years, Rome wasn’t built in a day.”
exactly. LINK team has accomplished nothing in 3 years and after $50mil blown but somehow if we just wait another year or 2 it will blow up? kek what a bunch of retards.

They are nowhere near implementing actual decentralized oracles and their mainnet is a complete failure, 0 dev adoption.
It's over for Chainlinkers.

this norman is now #vanlife

>These are the guys you are trusting your money in.

It‘s unreal what a fucking cringe show BTC is.
>Global adoption is right around the corner
Leftism has already infected all of crypto. It's crazy how it sneaks in everywhere unless you literally fight to keep it at bay like it was WW3.
BSV is the white man's coin.

File: Sergxpat2.jpg (308 KB, 1021x1021)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Anybody living the dream in Asia?

pic semi related

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Co-founder Harmony left project fuck in his maderchod ass fuck him piece shit.
We have Gizem feet, guys important now we pray hard for her make know we love her big time.
Maybe $ONE day $ONE of us who worship her may tongue kiss her slowly love style with saliva and she will push price to $2
File: 1486289836875.jpg (80 KB, 500x375)
80 KB
The team previously lied and said Nicolas was on paternity leave, but really he quit Harmony as we see now.
he is still with harmony, brainlet. he is an advisor for defi projects.
p a i d

s h i l l

File: eth.gif (114 KB, 200x296)
114 KB
114 KB GIF
yes I think we are back
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File: eos-logo.png (4 KB, 300x243)
4 KB
no, EOS is pumping

EOS +11,5 %

ETH only +4,6 %
death cross on USD
yeah the paid fudders went silent after it started pumping
Please delete this sir, I need to get rid of my bags.
Except bitcoin, and EOS has fallen a lot in recent time 50% down is not equal with 50% up

Work = trading precious time of our lives for money. Can't we have both more free time & wealth? Learn the simple secrets of passive income from none other but John Crestani who made $2.9 million in 1 year t.co/p8nOpCZrED?amp=1
I've learned things about life through video games. You have to be creative, Even exploitative to find holes and make money from the system. It reminds me of when i used to play lots of OSRS. Sure you could make money farming green drags(waging) as I did for a while, Until I started dueling in the arena and risking lots of money is where I made my fortune(crypto). If everyone that has drive and motivation could make 2.9 million easily they would, But they don't.
good advice
Funny you say this. The first time I made an arbitrage trade I didn't actually know what I was doing - but i was 12 years old and I just knew if I bought all the wool and coal on my wow server for a few weeks eventually I'd make my money back. Looking back I'd I didn't spend so much time gaming I would have never gotten into trading. Haven't played vidya in years but I learned a lot without even knowing it.
As an engineer, I get frustrated at how much inside the box my mind is. The other day i read about a guy making more money than me by hosting a garry's mod server

I've only ever made money by having a job and working, this shit is driving me insane
Um thats not arbitrage buddy maybe you sure didnt learn as much as youd like to believe and got lucky irl

File: 1566242531080.jpg (125 KB, 570x636)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
Was /biz more popular last year? Or was it always a slow board?
There have been periods where posts haven't gone into the archive for like 36 hours. Way slower than now. There was a massive resurgence in posting during the LINK pump and I still think there is a higher post count now than before that.

File: 2019-05-28-image-19.jpg (100 KB, 1120x630)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
behind every successful man there's a stronger woman
You mean roastie whore

File: 1568474286054.jpg (52 KB, 221x616)
52 KB
The only way is to gamble away your net worth and security on shitcoins and when you lose it all vote for maximum gibs.
The pic and text in the OP are eerily similar to my life
Me too

File: 1510829862589.jpg (31 KB, 456x320)
31 KB
we arent going to have a recession, are we /biz/?
>Federal reserve printing literally billions directly into S&P500 to maintain levels.
>UK bitching around stop using US dollar and warning about its dangers.
>Oil transactions using less and less US dollar.
>Smart money out of markets since mid 2019

What could go wrong.
>forgetting the best part

File: Wdj1yKO.jpg (671 KB, 2880x1596)
671 KB
671 KB JPG
any ideas for a new erc20 token?
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> Decentralized COOM
> A blockchain that GOES BACK
> Smart contract platform for HAVING SEX
> An incel Oracle
>Coin 1 would be a governance token and staking it would pay out Coin 2 which would be a stablecoin

>My first thought is the dollar

what will ensure the value of coin 2 remaining 1:1 with the dollar? you're constantly printing more coin 2
That’s basic idea. I guess some real world examples would be MKR + DAI (MKR doesn’t pay out DAI but is responsible for it) and NEO + GAS.

I’m too much of a brainlet to figure out how to keep the peg of Coin 2.

I think the idea behind civic that you verify your identity through civic and afterwards you can verify your identity anywhere that accepts civic. It’s centralized now but they want to decentralize it. So maybe the idea behind coin 1 is that you somehow verify your identity to get coin 1, stake it and then get coin 2

I have basically nothing figured out but these are just ideas that I’ve had.
Maybe coin 2 doesn’t have to be a stablecoin and its value can just be whatever. Maybe the value can be low because it’ll have a greater impact the poorer you are.
any other ideas?

File: 1568086774346.png (299 KB, 510x510)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
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Yes yes we can all make it this way . Learn from the cryptoids
Not everything works like crypto retard. But do this and let this board know so I can act accordingly
if any of that bs was true there wouldnt be an ongoing world wide deficit in physical supply
Should I buy platinum, palladium or rhodium?
if you have to ask, you probably shouldn't buy any of them

File: download-4.jpg (7 KB, 277x182)
7 KB
Dagfags sell now and buy back at half a cent. News on monday will be a nothingburger. You're welcome
not a fan of these low cap shits anyway, bump
>not a fan of these low cap shits anyway
yeah, why buy something dirt cheap with a low cap, when you can buy something extremely expensive with a monster cap?
Only DAG fudders are so retarded that they continue their subversion after 10x, as if nothing had happened. So tell me, fudder, you have some "news" but you can't substantiate anything and solely based on that, all DAG holders must dump their position? What meds do you take to be that deluded?

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