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File: 12412412414.jpg (37 KB, 513x392)
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u in yet?
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File: 1563746559247.jpg (530 KB, 1023x1083)
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530 KB JPG
VIDT already partnered with Binance DEX and quanties are over here coping with shillberts MS paint scam images, TOPKEK.
Look at market cap and youll see qnt will give you better returns. If vidt gets to top 100 its still under or at 2usd lol

All of these coins are built to fall. Timed to make a quick little profit and disappear. There is only one future ahead.
You sound very smart
>still not listed on Binance
>Muh partnership

File: image1-880x399.jpg (77 KB, 880x399)
77 KB
I am financially ruined.

Since you're on /biz/, I would think that was a given.

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are they going to burn the equivalent amount of tokens from their own stash or they are scamming holders?
How stupid are you? How would they be scamming people?
i dont know if i should do this...
can i change my tokens back to erc20? im 600 telegram massages behind and dont want to search there for answers
pls help frens
by increasing the supply printing tokens out of thin air
So I can get 12k vidt for free?

File: 1561669255735.png (163 KB, 461x540)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
Hey Bizbros did you know you could earn free crypto on coin base by watching a few videos and answering some questions. Below are links and answers to all the questions. Good luck and remember to trade your free crypto for someme linkies.

Have 0/4 XLM and 0/4 EOS



EOS Answers:

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Mandatory comment on a +1 Asuka prophecy pic post bread.
what does that mean
Convert to BTC at once


Based anons, I have 1 XLM spots left:

File: 1563621465641.webm (1.77 MB, 1100x850)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB WEBM
How much Chainlink do I need to achieve this?
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Generally agree but beckham isn't ugly in the top pic, just awkwardly styled.
Jesus. I bet this guy absolutely slays the puss
Left or Right OP?
chainlink is a scam ATH of 5

File: linkies.jpg (81 KB, 645x729)
81 KB
After studying the crypto market you find out some things are more of a "scam" than other things. Usually the biggest scams are the ones that are mainly promises with no actual technology. These "projects" usually talk a big talk, but have almost no major tech or patents to speak of. This means you're basically selling nothing but promises

The less proof you have of something, the harder it is to "deny" it. This is why real crypto-currencies live or die by their tokenomics and such. With chainlink, its a token with a big MAYBE of a bright future, based purely on it doing a job that 10 other companies and 10 other crypto projects will be competing to do. This "token" has ZERO fucking use case.

If you're still here thinking some fat philosophy major with his tiny team will make any real difference in an industry that is highly cutthroat.... We'll you're either some non-tech brained idiot following the flock, or you're so deep into this bullshit that you have to keep shilling and nobody will be able to help you see the truth.

Honestly, I see the game being played, and when low IQ "fudders" come out and talk shit, I can see how easily you guys can be the "bigger man". But sadly, as someone who is a fundamental investor and who actually understands and lives and breaths technology, I cant help but laugh at you guys every time I see chainlink threads.

Pic related is the perfect representation of a Chainlink holder. drooling over a future that is nothing more than a fantasy in his head, constantly reinforced by the most obvious pajeet shills I have ever seen on this board.

God Help all you sad little Linkies.

t. sex haver.
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Trying to imagine you breathing technology.

Anyone got an infographic so i can understand?

sad little linkie detected! sad!
File: 1561744562318.jpg (58 KB, 800x600)
58 KB
That's half of chainlink holders
You'll find that a lot of stuff ultimately is a scam. Opportunities don't last, but the illusion of the opportunity lasts long after it has gone. During that time it's no longer the opportunity that is making the bulk of the money for most people, it's the scam being played by the people around it making other people think the opportunity is still there.

The moment you solve the oracle problem, which I'm sure chainlink will do, you are essentially moving the goal post and moving the single point of failure further back.

How do you get api into the chainlink network? Sensors that provide api cannot be decentralized to the extent chain link nodes are decentralized. Sure you can have competing companies provide their own sensors and multiple different sensors can send the real world data to the contract, BUT that's not decentralized enough and much more susceptible to a 51% attack.

>Inb4 read the white paper and learn about link tokenomics
I already did.
This encourages people staking their link in their nodes to find a good data provider so that your nodes retain good reputation.
Let say that company x provides consistent correct data. You, as a node runner, are incentivized to get data from company X (see passive income).

Suppose you stake 1000k worth of link in the node as collateral for a high end contract by company X. There is always a possibility of bad actors colluding and perhaps interfere with the development of sensors (let say add a backdoor). And during this critical moment, multiple different sensors provided the incorrect data onto the contract. You just lost the 1000k worth of link you staked as collateral.

Even if the company is financially invested in sending the correct data to the contract, it only takes a few bad actors for this to happen.

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How much money would change your life /biz/?
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I have Challenged myself to have this in excess savings by 2021 and until then no vidya. So it would quite literally change my life
buy DUSK you dumb faggots
$5M, minimum.

Ironically it would just cause me to shut myself off from the world completely and just roam around for the rest of my life, never interacting with anyone just because I'd be able to get away with it. Which would eventually turn me into even more of a depressed, mentally ill mess than I currently am.

But goddamn, I want it so bad. I don't want to speak to another person ever again in my life. Fuck. Fuck Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

File: constellation-labs.jpg (11 KB, 380x250)
11 KB
Blockchains are searching for use cases. Constellation is seeking out BIG data companies and will assist them to scale, disseminate, and process data at 100k+ TPS.

So HyperLedger- consortium of the best minds for building the decentralized future. Wyatt’s mind is highly sought after in HyperLedger, as his DAG will accomplish scaling with smart API, much like ETH and LINK are trying to accomplish but are struggling with.

General Motors and all their 70+ OEM’s are looking to the DAG architecture to supply CLEAN data.

Data products are already a trillion dollar economy. Success stories like Cloudera and Databricks show the massive demand for big data related products and services. IBM’s acquisition spree in the cloud, stream and data providing market as well as the notable RedHat acquisition, paint a picture of an even more data centric future.

Data products like address data, location data, investor tax filings, weather sensors, price feeds, movement data, customer preference data, AI training data, analytics etc. are in high demand. Demand will increase with the growth of IoT devices and sensors that generate and contribute to thedata products of tomorrow. In that sense Constellation not only allows for the secure connection, traceability and interoperability of devices but also enables their data monetization.

Constellation’s unique feature is that it allows for direct on-chain data processing. No other blockchain infrastructure is able to do that. Ethereum as a world computer falls short in that regard, as it cannot process any sizeable amount of metadata.

Constellation enables large scale:

– Schema validation for sensor and data pipelines

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

>been a NEET for 2 years
>be perfectly healthy and get absolutely no cold, flu, or other health related illnesses (used to fall ill all the time when I used to go to college)
>meanwhile wagecuck parents get flus atleast 3 times a year, get diarrhoea from eating out, and suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure

Who would have thought that wagecucking is unironically bad for your health?
yeah because they actually come into contact with other human beings genius
Your immune system is shit and if you ever go outside you will die like the mayans died when the europeans invaded
It's a good thing you never leave the house, your parents obviously passed on some inferior genes.

Being a NEET is kinda like self induced eugenics.

File: 1517928905989s.jpg (6 KB, 249x250)
6 KB
I literally have no pictures of me, my family or my friends.
How the fuck am I gonna explain that to my children when they ask for my childhood pics?
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you logic makes no sense
the only way you can feel that name calling is something is if you mentally a teenager
it does not matter, the only thing that matter is what environment you have to raise a family
you can be a ghost if you want

take advantage of this situation, you can disappear without a trace
your kids aren't gonna care about your dumbass childhood pics so they're never gonna ask
they'll be too busy with whatever the equivalent of fortnite and smartphones is gonna be

plus by the time you have kids you'll be able to get a neural network to just make up some childhood pics for you so it won't be a problem either way
i have no pictures, either. cameras on phones make everyone look like a retard, and i'm not vain enough to get professional photos. online dating is a wasteland full of basic normie women, so i don't need them for that. and we all fade away pretty fast after we die, anyway.

i take pics of my dog. she always looks good in the camera.
children are independant living beings, they're too caught up in their own lives to give a shit about you or what you did or looked like in your childhood.

File: IMG-20190512-WA0000.jpg (162 KB, 900x1600)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Which one is better, triton coin or Reserve?

Keep in mind the vast difference in market caps.
Anon, there’s plenty of low cap shitcoins out there. But do they have Peter Theil investing in them? Do they have a former SEC chairman advising them?
Peter Thiel likes to invest in young boys.

First it was Vitalik, now Freeman

Justin Sun will be next.

Mark my words

But yeah, i like Reserve more.

It is a produkt that tries to serve the people and solve real world problems, while also makeing the founders and investors insanely rich, so they can do good for the world aswell.

>Peter Thiel likes to invest in young boys.
I get what you're hinting at but what is he supposed to invest in, 40 year olds who failed at life? women in tech?
File: 1563329934423.jpg (18 KB, 330x412)
18 KB

File: SjqY5vrl_400x400.jpg (34 KB, 400x400)
34 KB
0,60€ in 2 weeks.
File: 2f7.jpg (31 KB, 601x508)
31 KB
No I need more time to accumulate

File: 4433.jpg (8 KB, 183x275)
8 KB
with only a week remaining and the monthly candle looking like a bearish doji top...one must wonder, are the bears holding price in this range to load up on shorts to then drop it in august/september......

File: oa87ewryaivev.jpg (188 KB, 1356x668)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
I did the math and I would literally only save like $250 a month cooking all my meals from scratch vs eating out at fast casuals which is what I currently do. But I would waste so much fucking time and energy meal planning, cooking, and cleaning up. And this is assuming I put in the time to actually get good at cooking and not make shitty tasting food. Plus there's a good chance I won't even eat all the food I buy before it goes bad. I know people who throw away at least 50% of what they buy from the store.

I currently spend about $450-500 a month on takeout and get plenty of calories, nutrition, and taste. What's the point of putting all that effort in to cook for yourself just to save 2-3 grand a year on food? This doesn't apply if you actually enjoy cooking I but definitely fucking don't.
229 replies and 40 images omitted. Click here to view.
What are you, 12?
>average american fridge
bacon and eggs isn't a diet
do you just wash them in water then freeze the grapes?
My dishwasher is a meme, I practically have to do my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.
i prefer half n half, i make superiot food compared to these wagecucks

File: chainlink.jpg (329 KB, 2228x1372)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Chainlink Token Burning

Plenty of oldfags here and other Link-whales. We all know Chainlink is going to hit $1000 or even bigger numbers. It is just a matter of time. We have all literally made it.

I've been thinking about this, and I think we should make a similar site to Linkpool, but instead of staking etc. we make a smart contract or something similar where we lock like huge amount of Link and burn it. Basically they are locked either through some guarantee that nobody can access those tokens ever again without quantum computing or similar. The key is divided between participants and everyone just burns it

Think about it, this way the fucking Plebbitors will never get to buy or linkies, we force the price go higher artificially. We guarantee Link's success (remember the 17 decimals).

Everytime the team/sergey would like, sell 700k links, we could also burn 700k tokens. SEriously why the fuck aren't we doing this?
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The more cope threads I see popping up, the more I am reassured that this shit will drop below $1.
Thanks, burned 100k
goddamn OP is literally retarted
OP you go first, I'll give you a burner address

I do not WANT the price higher. For now.

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