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File: download-1.jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
Read this if you want to make a shit ton of money.

For reasons I can’t disclose, scorpions are going to become a very hot commodity next year. Anybody who starts a scorpion farm ANYWHERE WILL be a millionaire by end of 2020.

That is all.
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its their tails not their claws retard
having reading comprehension problems fren?
File: 1563295496632s.jpg (12 KB, 250x250)
12 KB
Viagra linked to cancer
Scorpions 100x stronger
Venomous not poisonous

File: 1571777710612.png (692 KB, 865x679)
692 KB
692 KB PNG
>this is excellent money spending according to CNBC
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Starting salary is 70-120k for finance, not 200 you retard.
It's to the local Jewry
Also it probably comes with tax liens
Why doesn’t it show how much goes to income taxes? I mean fuck if you’re going to show donations might as well get real here.
Tell me where you can hire a maid for less than $4/hr

File: chinlink.png (28 KB, 1305x436)
28 KB
>Pic related
so are the triangles on the outside of the hexagon external adapters then?

This shit is going to kill me
imagine being down on your investment, I'd necc
Just hold bro. January 15th 2020 not that far off.

>that will be $700k
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They don’t call it the roaring 20’s for nothing desu
>I bought
With cash or are you on a 50 year mortgage?
The $700k is largely for the land in whatever shit market you are in. Its why home insurance is so low in California, 90% is the cost of the land.

As a civil engineer, I have to say a word of support for OSB (wood you see in picture). Its actually a very good engineered product that is:
(a) cheap to produce
(b) highly dimensionally accurate that does not deflect due to temp differentials
(c) insect repellant (better than solid wood veneer plywoods)

Its main weakness is water absorbtion.

If the house builder here used a quality moisture barrier (i.e., Tyvek, Wraptor) and taped all the seams per code, and used a quality siding (Hardie Board - cement fiber or equivalent) this is a 150+ year old durable house.

I know all the Eurotards brag that their houses are made out of concrete, but thats because Europeans have no seismic concerns to think of and are not opposed to paying ridiculous housing and property taxes. I can compare sticker prices for a house in Munich to say a house in Chicago, and laugh at how much "cheaper" the house in Munich is. BUT as anybody who has bought a house in Europe will tell you its a royal PAIN in the ass to buy a house. The process is Byzantinely complex.
You don't actually own the land when you buy a house dumbass
You dont need illegal immigration for computers, food, or paint. I know the guy you responded to used the term slave labour though.

File: 1565295596305.jpg (36 KB, 500x436)
36 KB
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Only the greatest transfer of wealth in history!
It’s unironically over. My life has been a lie. Someone hold me
what are you guys talking about?
you did buy link right?
>bull market.
You're not gonna make it.
bear market* my b u nigger

File: 1571639797093.png (280 KB, 680x680)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
What went wrong?

File: file.png (205 KB, 346x346)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
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tell me when was he ever hacked? It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hack it
File: 1543248712217.jpg (460 KB, 2048x1365)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
Does anybody have the names of sites that offer some silver at spot price? Already got 10 oz bar at silvergoldbull. Looking for more.
File: 153454373452866502.jpg (136 KB, 1200x1679)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>More weight in bitcoin because it's the gold of the future.
anon our electrical grids are outdated and maintained by garbage unions

File: 1531508030006.png (114 KB, 876x693)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
or buy at $11,000

it's your choice, anon
Nah not yet.. waiting for large wick down to 6k.. then it's buy buy buy..
BTC will not go to 6k before hit reaches a new ath
File: d53[1].png (20 KB, 305x275)
20 KB
anon...im already a bagholder

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Make fuck from prostitute
No thanks, you could catch herpes just by looking at that image.
Only Low IQ boomers spurn negresses and PAWGs for mongofoids
imagine the smell
this picture made me cringe and feel sick a soon as i enlarged it. christ what the fuck. who would ever want to put their face in that let alone fuck it yuck
>I want to try it, but I'm too pussy.
do it, they don't care about you

File: 1523312475932.jpg (98 KB, 640x640)
98 KB
it failed
you failed
IQ test, yes...failed

how about another 3 days OP?

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fuck off with this tranny shit, kike
I know your tricks and what you're up to
it exists alright.
In your delusional mind. Cope harder cultist.

Serious question.if you has enough money for a humble retirement, would you?

I 100% would. I pray to God everyday assuring him that I wouldn't be an asshole who squanders it like a retard. I would continue living frugally and humbly and just try to live off of the interest as much as possible. For me, this number is $2.0 million. I pray and pray and pray.
2 mil is my number as well. I would retire with my wife and unironically spend my life as a full time deacon at my church helping everyone that I can. I just hate spending my days slaving away for just enough to survive so that I can have the distinct privilege of waking up tomorrow and doing it all over again.
File: 2349239711.jpg (182 KB, 500x750)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
My number is about $350k for my off-grid dream.

$70k for a luxury micro-home
$30k for a couple acres with water access
$30k for digging a well, installing solar panels and internet hookups
$10k for a quality used car
$10k for low-level farming equipment, chicken coops, etc.
$200k remaining for anything else I need, online startups, teaching yoga classes to burnt out zoomers, astronomy, etc.

Moon mission when?
october 2021
>0.1555 grams of gold
yea the premiums are terrible. but dosnt it look comfy
it's worth more than a dollar
hard to say the fed keeps printing money, kicking can down the road. eventually dollar will collapse but this is the US so it might be a long time

File: basedreddit.jpg (6 KB, 249x222)
6 KB
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fuck you
fuck u
fuck u

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