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File: KXJXLO6x_400x400.jpg (13 KB, 400x400)
13 KB
Stop trying to improve bitcoin, it’s perfect exactly the way it was designed. But Satoshi designed bitcoin, not miner economics. Now if bitcoin were a currency it would be just fine and id be done writing, but it’s not. The fact that it has turned into an asset and a commodity has really thrown a big curveball in the future of the network security. For all you people who don’t yet understand the magnitude of 0xbtc here is the spark notes version. I know this is far in the future but it’s going to be an issue.
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File: 0p4NN.png (332 KB, 500x400)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
One day each 0xBTC will be worth $1,000 a token
Fuck man I'm no longer high.
Coming down
Feeling kind of off
Kind of low
Had a bit of liquor there to make myself feel better.
But Honestly anon, good man getting the word out on this coin. Good man
File: arigrin.jpg (71 KB, 429x286)
71 KB

What did you smoke? I'm a weed man myself
This is like buying a copied brand and flaunting that you own the original. Now you feel better. Way to go

File: 1535043741182s.jpg (4 KB, 250x186)
4 KB
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If you own 10k + link than yes
Fellow linkers will make it. Close your eyes and visualize success and all that hippie bullshit
paid shills out in full force. 50/50 ETH/BAT and you'll be set.
No sorry fren.
Bat is a fucking shitcoin, there is no need for it to ever be valuable one day

ITT pajeets are banned. No Shillers and FUDsters. Just discussion on tech and use cases
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Who cares

Let’s just focus on Ambrosus. Don’t be a pajeet
File: 220px-Spam_can.png (67 KB, 220x209)
67 KB
You are shit
Excuse me that is rude. This is a safe discussion thread
>Alright my dudes we need to come up with the SICKEST name possible because we're SO COOL
>How about dinosaurFBI?
>No, needs about 10% more attitude
>I know! Shark CIA!
>Perfect! Now whos up for some fortnight?
Well... the comment doesn’t make sense but at least it’s not pajeet level

Here comes the wagie muzzle!
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It doesn't have to make sense its art
File: 1542838019954.jpg (57 KB, 500x667)
57 KB
Amazing work kek
Agree with this though >>12525102
Can we get the crying wojack with just the muzzle and the blinders? I want to see the tears
*mutes you*
I respect your opinion and I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to express it, but it's policy. When the 10 minutes wears off, let's see a little more "team attitude" alright champ?
thanks for the kek anon, i needed it.
The blinders have built in noise cancelling headphones though.

has anyone here started a successful business while working full time and then transitioned into their business? I think it's mostly a meme you can work full time and start a business unless your money is doing the heavy lifting for you - the time just isn't there. also being self employed is not the same as having a business so contractorfags need not reply.

File: '.png (1.64 MB, 1031x581)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
hit or miss, I guess these boomers never miss huh?
File: UUUUHHH.png (469 KB, 2530x1207)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
I'm more worried about the welfare leeches burning through their EBT and causing riots by week 2
Go back to pol you racist.
Oh wow it's fucking nothing

Name one rich astronomer pro tip you can't
>going on /pol/ in 2019
oh sweet summer child...

Charging 10x Prices on a Reskinned Raspberry Pi
>You realize that's sucker shit right Anons?
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>Brave browser

>If it was a simple raspberry pi or off the shelf computer they would have already shipped by now. Duh. U guys think they ran an indiegogo and are manufacturing these things overseas just to put a box on a pi? Lmao
Maybe not off the shelf, but there are other single-board ARM based SoC micros out there similar to the PI they could have easily grabbed. Even if it is custom, designing a PCB and setting up a small-run for a PNP machine overseas isn't cost-prohibitive anymore. The layout options for SoC ARM stuff is also kind of limited, and is dependent on the IC selected. ARM SoC designs only allow a small specific topology. In other words, they're all pretty much the same, functionally. Adding additional functionality would add many additional components onto the board to support it, increasing the footprint quite a bit. So based on the size, it is hard to image this is any more sophisticated than similar designs, and it looks like it essentially is just providing the basics like any other ARM SoC design.
>t. PCB designer fag
>t. pcb designer fag
Off topic but do you design board layouts manually or automatically generate them with software?
>Off topic but do you design board layouts manually or automatically generate them with software?
Both. These days, it is literally impossible to manually design multi-layer boards at the current smd component size, due to issues with via depth, and RFI and EMI interference at that level. It is insane how things can interact IRL vs a Spice simulation. Multiple board revisions are usually required, even for seemingly perfect PCB designs.
Basically, the smaller SMD stuff in crucial/sensitive areas gets mostly auto-generated, and break-out customization gets manually done. So you're really just more or less creating the routes between things, while letting the software design the best layouts for the tight stuff based on your schematics and the specific ICs being used.
I still do some 100% manual designs for 2-sided boards in very small runs for hobby level projects.
That's not how hardware scams work. They will do exactly what skycoin did, ship some off the shelf garbage then claim being cheap is a feature and let everyone build whatever they want.

The team has approved new marketing strategy in this site. We will be taking over chainlink in order to be transparent.
How many bundle??
You are shit. Spam.

File: nice sp meme.png (478 KB, 946x532)
478 KB
478 KB PNG

People are still talking about bitcoin? The fuck?
he claims BTC needs to hit $1k to be able reach $100k+ how greedy is this?

good perspective sounds like when people thought it was going to 100k from 20k at the top so maybe this is bottom is what you're saying?
File: CalmSmug.jpg (158 KB, 1280x720)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
I'm waiting for trillion dollar BTC. If crypo truely displaces fiat then the dollar will become practically worthless. Only nerdy collectors will have dollars. Some history museums will have multi-billion dollar piles of money lying around with minimal security and no one will even try to steal it.
i hate her soo much. she is so fucking annoying.

File: 80679909.jpg (20 KB, 400x326)
20 KB
Are we bull now?
Yep. X-cash will start the run.
Do crackers love incest?


>Passenger forced flight attendants to strip him in a toilet and wipe his backside
>Crew on board Los Angeles to Taiwan's Taoyuan forced to clean large passenger
>The 31-stone man 'moaned with pleasure' and asked staff to go 'deeper, deeper'
>'Angrily slapped hand away' of flight attendant when she tried to cover him up
>Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union wants EVA Air to start hiring male air stewards

25 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Mana must be flowing after all that depravity

So this is the power of America
File: topkek.jpg (65 KB, 705x602)
65 KB
Why did I just read this in Fat Bastard's voice
>"Kuo said the attendant repeated the action three times before leaving, at which point the passenger said: 'You can pull my pants back up now."
>forced to rub some fat American's asshole and prostate 3 times
>no compensation other than a 430lb man's wheezing moans

>"EVA Air, which only employees female cabin crew"
>"EVA Air, which only employees female cabin crew"

This was planned. Amerisharting has gone global.
This is peak USA

File: IMG_2019_01_22_185523.jpg (119 KB, 864x1536)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
I just bought a new ledger and transferred all my crypto there, like $20k worth. Feels fucking good. How do you safely store your crypto?
21 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
FDIC insures only the USD currency stored on the site. That protection does no transfer to the crypto in your wallet.
Seed words in a password protected Excel file within a truecrypt container with serpent/512 encryption and then dumped in Dropbox and g-drive
a-anon i've got some bad news for you..
Paper wallets that I keep in my receipt drawer
They have additional insurance policies for the crypto. Only the money is FDIC insured because money is the only thing that can be FDIC insured.

who here getting absolutely and utterly motherfucking JUST'd right now?
File: cash out.png (764 KB, 1410x1145)
764 KB
764 KB PNG

I'm financially ruined.
Im doomed to be JUSTed forever

File: 1547515893861.jpg (6 KB, 214x250)
6 KB
MFW. The wall Trump is trying to build is going to allow the United States to recover and prosper after a nuclear warhead is detonated by Russia in 2022. The first nuke goes off in Russia and there is one in China at a later date. The world will be at war, a rebel alt-left group will start it with false flag attacks at first, then the group funded by Soros will kick start world war 3 by detonating the nuke in Russia with evidence linking it to the U.S. MFW. Trump is a time traveler. MFW. Bitcoin becomes the global standard after 2024. At this point the world has become over populated, torn apart, and food is no longer as abundant as it was in the early 2000s. The year 2025 a man named Mert pioneers time travel by creating the means to detect, create, and control micro singularities, year 2026 the United States military adopts the technology, and the military creates the the time force. Fast forward to year 2032 where time travel technology is incorporated on the U.S.S.F. Washington and the first spacecraft to travel through time and space is created. John Titors schematic comes to life in the form of a cylindrical machine silver, plug and play hand held time machine.
But have you ever done DMT?

File: 1544407381991.png (859 KB, 1920x1080)
859 KB
859 KB PNG

>Google proposes changes to Chromium which would disable uBlock Origin

When are you going to start using Brave?
Where were you when Brave began to replace Google and usher in Web 3.0?
fuck the jews
Imagine being such a sociopath that you design software to track and exploit people as a way of life.

Must be nice to see every other human as a livestock to be exploited. You could live completely without regrets.
Sitting on my fat BAT stacks comfy AF.
same brother 120k hoping for 250k here by Dec 2019 so I can sell at $4 with a cool million in the bank

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