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File: 2673.png (10 KB, 200x200)
10 KB
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>thick skinned
>crying like this
I guess you could say he really oww'd his balls
bearish. deflecting and emotional. CHX confirmed for useless.
File: owmyballs.jpg (67 KB, 459x250)
67 KB
That might as well be Talal.

File: oie_U2IdNk3T4uGe.jpg (39 KB, 940x540)
39 KB
I had the opportunity to hear about Chainlink early and I bought the token in 2017 at around 50 cents. I waited until about a year (the Web3 forum) to sell when the token was .62 cents.

But now the momentum and adoption just seems to grow and grow. I took the money I made from link (I had a stack of 120K LINK) and sold some of that money and made a down payment on a house and bought a used car.

I genuinely thought I timed the market perfectly, but there seems to be more and more traction for this project.

I fear this project may do something special and I have the intense agony of selling before the fireworks begun.

The pain and reget I'm feeling is beginning to put me into depression. Some of you bastards are so callous with your suicide jokes, but don't take into account people's circumstances, or why they may sell. Show some fucking mercy and stop with the fucking harsh jokes!!!!

Please stop this bullshit and show some maturity. Stop acting like you are better than others, and stop being so happy just for having earned more than some 200% on paper.
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Yeah No linker rapture. Suspended in time to the very moment they check their portfolios. Ironically they still shake despite being frozen, it’s how I’m going to power my yacht.
The most based & redpilled pasta there is.
>has gone up from 120 to 60 ranking in a bear market with no marketing
Kek, update this shit
op is troll stop replying to this useless thread, unless you enjoy helping him jerk off
File: judgedoom.jpg (11 KB, 236x236)
11 KB


File: detroitmichigan.png (2.53 MB, 1660x870)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB PNG
What should you invest in if you think there will be another global depression in the near horizon?
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Is that Los Angeles?

if you invested in those during the last recession of 08, you would have 10x to 30x in 10 years.

It's Bogota (Columbia)
>Signs in a foreign language, not even the worst shitholes in the US look like that.

Get bent faggot.

File: ethersnatch.png (13 KB, 679x345)
13 KB
Join the story telling pyramid scheme "EtherSnatch"

This is a "choose your own adventure" game. To play costs nothing, but if you wish to add to the story it will cost 0.005 eth.
You can play here https://sixophrenia.github.io/ether-snatch

This version is made in a way that writers pay writers.
It costs 0.005 ETH to add to the story, and if someone adds to all of your branching choices, you make your money back & can make more as more writers continue the story. You can withdraw your earnings from the homescreen


File: Clint_disgust.gif (845 KB, 240x228)
845 KB
845 KB GIF
$1000 for TFSA, what do I buy, niggatello?

File: AAAA.jpg (138 KB, 2000x1200)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
>tfw your online business finally takes off
Cringe corporate stock image
Grats Anon, what do you do?
Share details
Been testing ideas for 2 years and just last month broke $3.5k. Comfy.
i'm about to quit my job and try this out for a year or two. fucking boss just had me working until 9pm on some bullshit...fortunately i work from home. I'M TIRED OF IT

File: margot.jpg (340 KB, 957x1200)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
what are all the "next gen coins" people on here keep talking about?
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this. and i know all the new coins and biz doesnt :)
polkadot or cosmos... the winner, and if it works.. will moon harder than eth... it could be polkadot..

other shit to keep an eye on is dfinity and securty token platforms/exchanges
Block collider
Unironically EOS

File: 1540274298588.png (87 KB, 235x297)
87 KB
Did I miss all the dips again
File: 1547804890195.png (171 KB, 500x435)
171 KB
171 KB PNG

> tfw just found out my trust fund is only like $300,000

What the fuck... That’s barely enough to last 5 years...
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no you need at least 100mm
Parents have a government pension and only modest retirement savings. When they die the only inheritance I'll have are half (brother) of their house and physical possessions.

My only hope is that they're not stuck in a nursing home for 10 years such that they die penniless.
Weird flex but ok
Lol you guys are suoercucks. My parents are gigachads and the original colonial settlers. My inheritance is 20 million in liquid cash, 7 mansions and each containing a garage full of cars. Must suck to be poor, boomers. Us pilgrimers are living good at your expense !
I feel you bro, my grandparents only left ~30 million for our side of the family, and I have to split it with my sibling. Only a few mansions too, again all split between my sibling and I. I hate being this poor.

File: Adobe_20190122_170125.jpg (43 KB, 416x416)
43 KB
Facebook employee here,

This morning Zuck sent an email to myself and 34 other high level employees. Throughout he detailed plans for Facebook's adoption of Zilliqa. If their mainnet launch and token migration are successful, Facebook will begin to only accept Zilliqa for any and all transactions.

I've come to 4chan for anonymity, I don't care if you believe me.
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Btw the reactjs license has been updated and you need to pay 1000 zil to use it in your apps.
File: 1548125554016.jpg (92 KB, 600x423)
92 KB
should i take out 300k mortgage
Here's a dot, ZIL has been getting shilled on biz hard recently so there is no fucking way Im buying.
Nah the justed anons larp about being rich, and the rich anons larp about being justed. I myself made 460 million dollars from holochain coin.
nice, just bought 100k

File: goldenbull.jpg (9 KB, 252x200)
9 KB

The Great Golden Bull Run will start from these levels!
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the great mythological bull run already happened
File: 1545700921987.jpg (150 KB, 646x700)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
Yeah. I'm thinking. We're back.
You think I am a singularity dot net sentiment bot miner? No, just slightly autistic, if that is a thing.

Putin buying bitcoin btc 90k moon mooning green candles we made it bull run lambo bakkt live etf approved India legalized bitcoin.
an AI acting like a hooman.
HRESULT OpenMyQueue(
CHAR szQueueNumber[]

HRESULT hr = MQ_OK; // Return code

// Define the maximum number of properties, a property counter, and
// an MQQMPROPS structure.
const int NUMBEROFPROPERTIES = 1; // Number of computer properties
DWORD cPropId=0; // Property counter

MQQMPROPS qmprops;

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: IMG_2011.jpg (122 KB, 400x500)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
At a bar. He understood. Legacy systems getting in and off the Blockchain in a decentraliZed manner and he got it.

We now officially have a black person that will come to our yacht party that we can sacrifice in a fire to appease KEK our lord and savior
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And wtf is that mint. Shit man go cope straight or wintergreen.
File: pewgoesthedynamite.jpg (311 KB, 1386x853)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Just convinced a 4channeler to buy chainlink dumbcontracts here AMA
File: 1531616874986.png (1.07 MB, 1600x1231)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
LINK is now NGR

ya let one of them in, they all want in. each want more of a discount than the last.

ya dun fucked up nigger lover.
>Brainlet eating to gain their capsaicin
You can buy pure capsaicin online and either drink it straight. It literally cannot harm you since all the pain is all in the mind. For example, birds can eat it because they don't have the receptors to be affected by it.
>When singularity hits. We really need to not have a typical party... and literally suck the cocks of the dedicated group of autists who figure all this shit out.

> No bitches . No sluts. Just the the handful of dedicated autists with their cocks out in a warehouse in ropsten .... and then we all just suck their cocks.

This is gay and you're gay for thinking it isn't gay.

Way to Bonobo out.

File: jockowillink.jpg (31 KB, 400x400)
31 KB
Friendly reminder that if you don't wake up at 4AM everyday you're never going to make it
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Survivorship and correspondence bias. If you wake up at 4 AM you'll most likely just be some asshole waking up at 4 AM because you're not a self-help guru Navy Seal. There is no fixed formula for success.
True and if you wake up at 4AM everyday, you're also never going to make it.
Have a kid, then you'll wake up at 4 am every day without fail. Trust me.
The 4am thing is a meme for people that just get home from work and watch TV until they go to sleep. It depends on how you use your time. If you get home from the 9-5 and smash your shit out til 2am every night then it doesn't really make a difference.
Although I suppose it could still be beneficial if you want to spend your "alert time" on things you care about, then be tired while wage slaving away instead rather than get home and be too tired to work on what's important to you.

File: SergeySmile.gif (3.82 MB, 196x388)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB GIF
I DCA'ed a losing position in Feb to sitting in the green about 2 months ago. I've done well imo, holding through FUD, researching countless hours( sometimes 6-8 hours in a day) of said FUD and any other breadcrumbs. In hindsight, I could have clearly had a lowered price basis with better understanding and regret not swinging about 20% of my stack during each past pump. I'm up about 50% with 15K LINK stack. I could lose all the money invested and not worry, while it should be enough to get there if I continue to be patient. Godspeed everyone. I literally bought more immediately after watching that video gif related.
0% rounding up.

File: 1530807376866.png (57 KB, 656x755)
57 KB
Guy's I'm a massive pussy (physically shake during confrontation/vocal autism) How do I fix this? Any jobs or school courses I can take that'll cure me?
41 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
Only reason I haven't ghosted him is because we're also co-workers and he lives like a couple blocks down from where I do.
Try being yourself
Tried to help him out but he's 10x more autistic than me, except with tons of fake confidence to make up for it. Dude is literally the walking stereotype of how a Jew is supposed to act like e.g. he took pictures of himself on my motorcycle and used them to try and pick up girls (he had an r9k-tier gf at the time too).
File: 1545068383760.jpg (27 KB, 448x450)
27 KB
Very inspiring, thanks anon.

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