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is ferrari testarossa a good investment?
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80s and 90s cars are already overpriced. People are selling NA MX-5s for $10k now.

Probably your last chance is a ZZW30 MR2 before people realise how based they are and start charging $30k for them.
They are not exactly rare.
Price was rising for a long time and is stalling right now.
Most cars, sure. But that ceases to be true when dealing with limited run cars like Ferrari and Lambo. Or classics like the 69 Charger or the Shelby Mustang.
No. I used to own one. The cost of running the pile of shit is insane, it's drives like a boat and is uncomfortable as hell with a twisted driving position. 3k for oil change every 1000 miles or every six months and you can't do it yourself as you need the stamps in the book to keep the value. And finally you will never sell it for what you want they are so hard to sell and any buyer wants everything perfect so big bills ahead... Nice to look at from a distance.
>you will never sell it for what you want they are so hard to sell and any buyer wants everything perfect so big bills ahead
Then you should be the buyer instead of the seller. Buy it used and make a big deal out of small issues, clearly the seller will have trouble selling so you can get a large discount. This is /biz/ after all you should be looking at every situation and see how to be the one getting the advantage.

File: BitcoinSV.jpg (40 KB, 400x761)
40 KB
Decentralized GitHub on the blockchain

Eliminating the gatekeepers, the middlemen

One of millions

Early adopters of BSV will be the new elite
nice bsv growing. people will still live in denial though. fun to watch

File: 1553727346396.jpg (32 KB, 398x398)
32 KB
Half the coins on there are doing sub 10 BTC volume. Is Binance unironically dying? Will they end up like Bittrex?
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It will have shitting volume and it will die
Like every other exchange that will be regulated in burgerland. I agree with you, but Binance isnt going to skip out on the largest slice of the pie that easily
Oh people will use it. They will be fine. Even without burgers they would be "fine"
Thats a just a cover for the tether justing thats about to happen
Burgers make up 80% of all trading volume. So, yeah, I'm sure everything will be fine...

File: pepestone.png (608 KB, 700x775)
608 KB
608 KB PNG
10,000% - really????

cool ponzi
no thanks
Wow, so legit. For sure putting my money here! Thanks OP for this investment opportunity

File: aion.jpg (14 KB, 400x400)
14 KB
Why is this coin in green while everything else is in red?

what are you talking about? this coin is JUST'd.
Can we just agree to disagree, sir.
ah yes now its -99.25% instead of -99.3%
you don't like money?

File: bitme.png (41 KB, 679x374)
41 KB
what do they mean by this?
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Thx for the ego boost then.
Coinfarm is spoofed to hell and back
File: hs.jpg (176 KB, 2497x845)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
if you trade similar like me or same mindset.
contact me motherfucker leave your email
What if we crab along at $10,500 forever and nobody wins?
With the tether court hearing coming up I highly doubt this

Tessa was $8.5 today but just dropped to $3.5. I have now hear from 5 different people that she wins, should I bet the House on it so I can buy more LINK?
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200 on Tessa, will it get cancelled lads?
Anyone who put money on a teachers aid from Ballarat might wanna take a quick count of their chromosomes

Press F to pay respects


When Tessa wins tommorow I am gonna be so stoked
Business and finance
>literal gambling now
Jesus fuck what have we become

London meet up. Nick White will be there too.

Anyone going?
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It will get worse before it gets better, don't drop your bags.
Is the worse now?
Who the fuck is selling here?
I hope so

File: Untitled2.png (507 KB, 1070x601)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
Friendly reminder that prior to the coinbase pump we were sitting at 1.70 and then skyrocketed to 4.50. Now, we've fallen down to 2.40. We've nearly retraced the whole fucking coinbase pump. Trufflecon is supposed to happen on Aug 3, how big of a pump can we see from this?
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Not sure about this but I fucking hope so, otherwise we're going to be stuck waiting until mid-aug for a decent pump or we'll have to rely on BTC pumping and maybe bringing us up as well. BTC dumping really fucked us.
waited a year and some change, what's another two months.
Trufflecon is a nothing for Microsoft. If it's not their Inspire or Ignite conferences, it's irrelevant
last time i said this, it was 2 months till the google announcement. good vibes anon
So fucking glad I sold at $3.85. This shit is going back to sub $1 just wait and see.

File: 1553701033665.jpg (788 KB, 1535x2204)
788 KB
788 KB JPG
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>It was actually. sorry your a retard and can't read markets.
Actually, I did read the market and made a lot of money while you retards got liq'ed. That means you two were the ones that couldn't read the market.
I didn't get liquidated. it's amazing that your TA predicted the 100M buyer though. teach me your secret sauce jedi
File: Untitled.png (99 KB, 1918x1080)
99 KB
This was the "TA" I used to try to show you dummies. You didn't listen though. BTW, if you feel like markets are rigged, then you gotta do the best you can to factor manipulation into your "analysis"

based. I tethered at 4k and bought back at the pump to 5k, it hurt but still a nice risk/reward ratio trade. I took the chances, the trade failed. I accept the loss.
>sub 3k was more likely than 5k so that means he was right even though it didnt go to sub 3k
At the end of the day he was a massive faggot who's prediction was completely wrong

90% is uncirculating. Devs from belarus, the only inhouse dev has 2 previous exit scams ahahahahahahaha what kind of absolute retards buy this shitcoin?

That or V-IDT

Both are sucker coins
why is there so much LIT FUD on biz?
>buy signal
Loving this fud... ahem* fuck lit theyre shit theyve got nothing good doing on at all do not look into it i dont know how it is valued at 500million

File: dhiasodsao.png (76 KB, 583x405)
76 KB
>privacy of Monero
>smart contracts
>partnerships with Binance/Bitfinex
>building go-to STO exchange with Bitfinex
>leading financial institution looking to launch 5+ tokenised assets on DUSK by EOY
>25M market cap

my fizzing anus tells me this will hit 2-3B market cap within 6 months
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
these dusk scammers pay pajeets to spam twitter with tweets about dusk.. also bitfinix invested.. total scamcoin
File: ndisojialsjad.png (52 KB, 738x359)
52 KB

nice try stinky linkie
>bitfinex invested
>binance invested

you think they're gonna settle for a 10x?
File: dusk.png (3 KB, 410x98)
3 KB
So the people with access to the DEX get the 3x and the binance burgers get the dump?

File: bsv.png (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
More progress has been made on BSV in the past 3 months than the past 10 years in crypto. It's honestly pretty fascinating.

Why is biz sleeping on this again?


Look at this shit. Its way more impressive than anything being done on ETH or EOS. Nobody is building anything on btc or lightning network.
If you want to make apps on BSV, all you need is basic knowledge of javascript and html. You dont need to run a node, you dont need to know how to program smart contracts.

You can make an entire app with BSV for literally 10 cents, in an afternoon, and earn revenue forever. You can pass down your keys to your kids, who will give them to their kids, and you'll compound your families wealth with each generation this way.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
127 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm afraid you don't understand the definitions of the terms you're referring to.

All blockchains are storage platforms. You can do much more on BSV than on ETH.

Just read sorce code of BTC:
// FAT32 filesize max 4GB, fseek and ftell max 2GB, so we must stay under 2GB
>if we launch an off-chain cloud service, we can beat ETH
I guess so can DOGE

File: 1563474846756.jpg (44 KB, 472x683)
44 KB
How many links for a dad like this?
thx, sold
Imagine the smell

War with Iran seems very likely, pump contractors while you can bois. Make some bank.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Imagine a speculation market whereby you bet on the likelihood of a soldier dying then receive a percentage of their life insurance if you're right.
maybe this way we can finally achieve the full game-ification of all seriousness in modern life

there could essentially be a decentralised life insurance market - a soldier (or anyone else) could put out his details and how much he wants paid out, open up the contract, and anyone willing to fill part of it could enter their link into the smart contract which transfers to his next of kin upon his death. for as long as the contract remains open, they get a return on their stake from his link wallet.
Yeah imagine betting on war celebrities
File: il-flag.jpg (17 KB, 728x425)
17 KB
hahaha imagine creating a means wherethrough you can reliably and easily make a large profit from wars in which you are not a direct participant!
Time to run with the bulls, faggot.

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