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File: agi.jpg (30 KB, 1600x609)
30 KB
SingularityNET- why isnt it doing anything

Does this look like the pump is over, or just getting started?
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zoom out.

Thats the weekly
Look at the monthly like I did retard
File: eoslink.png (51 KB, 1210x824)
51 KB
look at what happened to EOS. this is basically the same thing as chainlink, mooned during 2018 January and then announced mainnet. it had a run-up until the launch and since then there is no speculation because it's out. nothing to speculate about. chainlink better deliver or it's the same thing all over agian

File: Bittrex-500x300.jpg (21 KB, 500x300)
21 KB
Why do you or don't you use bittrex?
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Say I wanted to cash out 2 BTC to amerilard bank. Would it be a better choice to use LBC via zelle to the bank account, or straight up use a mutt exchange?
heh, yeah. lets see if one of them becomes relevant again
>come to /biz/
>bittrex is /ourexchange/
>ICO craze, moonshots everywhere
>Bittrex lists literally 0 new coins
>Binance comes out, lists all new coins
>Sell all assets on Bittrex
>Move all non ERC assets to Binance
>All ERC assets on MEW

And thats why I only use binance now
Unironically the safest exchange out there. Never been hacked before. Funds are indeed SAFU.
I didn't do kyc so they took all my money on (thankfully single digit USD). But yeah, they were shady from the beginning. They were the first mover version of yobit. Only got famous because they listed shitcoin of the week for pumping purposes. Also many people even with 2fa on periodically kept reporting their accounts being flushed (by some or all admins) even when it was #1 exchange. Now poloniex, that was class. But they sold out to Goldman Sachs. Lesson of the day: never trust Americans and Chinese. Some Chinese may be worth trusting but never trust an American

How did you know it was time to quit your job and work for yourself?

I’m sort of in that position now, but don’t think it’s wise to up and quit just yet.
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Likely true and one of the saddest things I've ever read. Thanks.
at leat give your mom a hug every now and then and buy her a new good kitchen.
when I started getting really behind at my job because I was making more money being self-employed. One morning I just decided, fuck it, not going in
Selling 500 bucks worth of stuff isn't business no matter how you look at it. If anything it's a very bad lesson in how to use ebay. Regardless it's still miles away from 99.9% of self employment options and routes out there.
And I say this as someone who literally nets now upwards of a couple grand from ebay alone every month

>self employment is always better always profitable and always the right way
I didn't say that. I interjected when you said the inverse because it was ludicrous nonsense pulled out of your anus.

You're a delusional idiot who has no idea what he's talking about and it's frankly weird
I've been wanting to quit my job since day one but I'm too stupid, have no physical ability, and no skills I can turn into a job. My brain has been rotted by countless hours of waging, I don't think anymore or have hopes and dreams. I just sleep, go to work, work, come home, wait to go to sleep, sleep, work... I'm cattle at this point. Useless stupid cattle and I hate it.

halfway through the cup and handle

I’m going to throw $200 into this piece of shit what do you think
Nigga what
After a 64% jump? I’d advise against this in any scenario.
Ur investing in the wrong slav
I know this shit probably a piece of shit but looking at thorecoin makes me wonder even though supply is a lot higher but never know who’s pumping it
i think youre a retard

File: IMG_20190522_220353.png (130 KB, 736x620)
130 KB
130 KB PNG

fucking poloniex
its not bitcoin cash sv
its only bsv
>it's Ma'am
File: triggered.gif (239 KB, 300x300)
239 KB
239 KB GIF
Did you just assume I have a gender?!?!?

PS: bsv = © Bitcoin

File: 1544232900936.jpg (41 KB, 511x671)
41 KB
First thing I do after I buy 4chan? Firing all the jannies
And banning all the niggers
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Sir, that is a highly problematic and frankly toxic stance to have on racial and hotpocket sensitivity.

Mods please ban the OP from this sub.
Very based

Holy shit! This is fucking based! ABSOLUTELY! FUCKING! BASED!

Fire every fucking mod, and fire every fucking janny! Make all the good boards red boards to get rid of wagie posters and underage zoomers. Then when we hire a new round of jannies, not only will they do it for free, but a new board will be created around livestreams, and each janny has to wear an extremely small hat, and sit in front of a webcam livestreaming himself while doing it for free. If the hat is removed, or is not shown on camera, the janny is publically banned on his home board.
I want to be based like you when I grow up.
File: IMG_3959.gif (355 KB, 801x173)
355 KB
355 KB GIF

Looks like an exit scam, would any agency really write "you are not anonymous"?

Dr. Pavel, I'm FIOD

File: reserve.png (11 KB, 300x300)
11 KB
Holy fuck. Just found the next MATIC.

This shit is one of the most legit projects I've ever seen in this space.

Backed by:
-Coinbase Ventures
-Peter Thiel
-Sam Altman, Y Combinator

Based in Oakland, CA. All white team. This ain't your fucking pajeet MATIC team. Get in now or stay poor.
File: return.png (4 KB, 269x59)
4 KB
Ok stay poor faggots. Still so much room to go, hope you join me in making $$$

File: 1406_LOgDADHh.jpg (43 KB, 622x629)
43 KB
sold my link and went into bnb to hedge during the incoming dump when it's revealed link is just an overvalued json parser.
wise choice
only thing it parses are /biz threads

File: img_main.png (38 KB, 736x383)
38 KB

For the people who actually want to join in on the only 200-500x left in crypto instead of making lunch money, this is your last chance.

This will be the last time you ever have a chance. Every single coin whether it be BTC or LINK or anything else (except ETH) will crash since they don’t offer shit. Only BSV will scale and the plan is to have the entire fucking internet run on it.

Research the Metanet and you’ll realize there’s no stopping. This literally won’t stop until it hits #1
File: 1554694174568.gif (999 KB, 500x267)
999 KB
999 KB GIF
The NSA already has a monopoly on that, tard
Stay poor
Can anyone suggest how much is a safe BSV stack?

Who else here ready for XCM Pump 2 Electric Boogaloo?
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It's risky as fuck because if people don't use the exchange then xcm is worthless and there's already so many exchanges out there. Hopefully TAM and ETFs set it apart from the rest.
get some free XCM by using referal link to register:
kill yourself
How can I even buy this? There isnt enough volume for me to enter without pumping the price
Then put in a limit buy order below market price you fucking retard

File: IMG_20190521_163223.jpg (79 KB, 813x500)
79 KB
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Wow. I got in pre sibos i had a shit job at the time and only have 4k. This is embarrassing.
File: pl.png (110 KB, 258x245)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
File: 14753720938.png (38 KB, 626x300)
38 KB
craig was never the real satoshi

1k EOY
youre a stupid nigger
why does this meme have gay start-quotes like ,,

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