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File: Der.jpg (115 KB, 1280x563)
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Steaking starts before this, strap in!
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Its all so tiresome...
Were mooning tomorrow.
That's just to the cloud...Nothing blockchain related.

Although now it means any node with GCP api access can get that data from bigquery. Step forward and much easier data access...but not a "tonight" just yet.
kys fud fag, $1k eod tomorrow!! lamboland here we come!!!
Google cloud integration is only for a select set of data at the moment. Not all data available on google cloud. Should read that blogpost from googlecloud

File: Link 37.jpg (182 KB, 989x595)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Help me out biz/raelis. I study social sciences (sociology and political science to be accurate) and I now have to write my bachelors thesis. I want to write it about smart contracts and what are their impacts to society but cant figure out in what way. Do you have any ideas?
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since trips, write about banking the unbanked in africa and other 3rd worlds, once they get blockchain and smart phone they can "hyperspeed
" up to the rest of the world in banking, contrcts,knowledge etc
File: 1573422681039.jpg (1.29 MB, 1152x6352)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
Sounds interesting. I need to take a closer look of this. Any books or articles you would recommend?

T. Op with phone
Great picture, helps to understand how big thing smart contracts are.
Smart contracts can reduce the need for lawyers. Find a more specific niche to write about.

File: BAT.png (2 KB, 298x169)
2 KB
>9m+ users
>315,000 content creators
>Not buying early google or facebook
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Would love to do that anonymously with my furry porn VR game.
I'm going to have to, unfortunately I'm an engineer so I keep getting heavily abused by accountants acting as managers and stopped from finding the route causes of issues by bitches in HR. The more effort I put into a job the more bullshit I get from corporate, at this point I'm debating giving up being an engineer and getting an easy union job.
>relying on BAT mooning in any way
Brendan "one man reich" Eich
lol at chrome boys still using chrome. Chrome is now behind brave when it comes to web standards. Heres a tweet about chrome stealing from "no name browser" brave


File: 1572120665563.png (84 KB, 252x240)
84 KB
Now seems like a good time to open a long, don't ya think?
it ironically is
Sure, keep adding funds for the short, my goy
File: cvUBVNC.jpg (37 KB, 821x758)
37 KB
withdrew my last funds
see you never again nog

File: 1565051810602.jpg (32 KB, 545x362)
32 KB
Gonna be hitting 26 in a few months. I've been having existential breakdowns with my soul crushing job I got with my high school diploma, and just let the time pass partying and fucking sluts like an idiot. Now that I consider alternatives, I'm an older no matter what I do
>massive oldfag in military now. Branches like AF wouldn't even consider me (I'd be 30 by the time i have a BA)
>oldfag in school. All the valuable degrees take a lot of time to complete, BAs by themselves are pretty shit and you need a masters or PHD to get anywhere
>trades would be more soulcrushing labor for a kike company I'd make rich, probably wouldn't make more than I do now
>I was considering my original childhood dream of being a physician, but I'd be FUCKING 36 YEARS OLD BY THE TIME IM DONE SCHOOL

What the fuck bros. I always thought your 20s was "young". In reality you have about up to 23 to sort your shit out and not be considered oldfag on your dreams.

I literally just count down the days until the great collapse. That place I was before I was born... yeah... that seems pretty comfy right now.
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I'm 26 right now this is my favorite age so far but I'm in the top 1% for my age in terms of networth.
oh ya. and I made it in 2017 and now run my own business. Reminder that 25-29 year olds that made it in 2017 are the kings of this place.
Ok boomer
Just depressing that you still act like this at 40
Old for what? I consider being 30 is a peak of male attractiveness (mentally and physically), and you can go only downhill from there. But some areas require you to be much younger. Say, if you want to earn an Olympic gold medal in some sport, you are too late for that, but most other feats can be done by 30 years-old and beyound.



This is true. 25 cents by the end of the week
Went all in at 890 sats I’m fucking ready. Up 60% in a week so far
Oh and one more thing


File: VbQir7_ccsnpWQwo.webm (2.6 MB, 720x1280)
2.6 MB
I'm a mid-level developer with experience in React for front end, Python for back end, and some previous C++ development. I also have experience with crypto and blockchain stuff and a tiny bit with Solidity.

Where can I get some short term high paying contract work? Every time I look around the bounties are complete shit. I can get full time jobs if I relocate, but what I really want is a short term remote gig.
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>drinking beer held in some roasties ass cheeks
ngmi ever
based but faggot-pilled
newfag doesn't have jar squatter saved
You mean 1man1jar?
File: 1512000414257.jpg (41 KB, 720x538)
41 KB
I share this laptop with my grandma :(

File: 100eoy.jpg (396 KB, 1312x1312)
396 KB
396 KB JPG
big news tomorrow
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File: Screenshot_7.png (331 KB, 864x638)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
I don't feel so good, anons
File: 1516849360391.png (189 KB, 464x506)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
it's all so tiresome
Another 700k dump?
Also this

File: 1531507778842.png (420 KB, 400x414)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
guys get ready for the day after tomorrow
i can't say much but the day after tomorrow all of our lives will change

So this used to be /biz’s favourite coin. Is it worth getting any at this price? Will it ever take off?

Need clean, straight answers. Shitskins and tranny fags can fuck off.

File: 4fe.png (585 KB, 680x453)
585 KB
585 KB PNG
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Not even unrealistic. Lets look at some coins with a similar supply that hit around $10 last time


All are shit. Nkn can do $10 easy
What are y'all predictions on when this will happen

I want to run a bullrun on that anime girl
You're basing your assumptions that these past events will happen again. It's not guaranteed by any means

hard mode, they need to be able to pay their rent and support their family, while going to uni. So how can this be done then without making people homeless while studying full time
Are you legit retarded?

Serious question

File: 20190922_002108.png (353 KB, 627x500)
353 KB
353 KB PNG
Three weeks now and the blockchain is STILL down.
>M-muh need to rest during weekend
It's Monday morning you lazy fucks, time to work!
>M-muh photobombing sessions!
There was nothing last week, Richard, no excuses, open that fucking laptop and work.
>M-muh centralized database is good enough
That's the fucking problem you fucking retard, work on it
>M-muh SAP
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Grüß Gott, Lohnwasser hier.

Wir konnten heute leider nicht die Blockkette reparieren, da wir derzeit versuchen einen neuen skalierbareren Einigungsalgorithmus zu integrieren. Derzeit besteht eine Einigungsalgorithmusintegrationshürde die teilweise durch den Blockkettenführerwechselverfahrensdeterminismus verursacht wird.

I hope for your understanding of ze problem.
Kek, wieviele LITs hast du Kackspast ?
We will see next week
File: Capture.png (5 KB, 433x98)
5 KB
File: 1572475796732.png (359 KB, 633x469)
359 KB
359 KB PNG
lition telegram groups are a joke, it's all memes, people larping as pajeets and the occasional actual pajeet

for me? it’s Melatonin
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I hope you get better bro
>Take Thorne
I am from Europe. I buy from Piping roc
It's cheap
I just wanna try the active principle if it does somenthing on me.
I have bought aswagandah and 5htp from them
I have to say that the combination of Aswaganda + 5htp + GABA integrator the fuc* they work pretty well
I take 460mg of Aswagandah + 200mg 5htp and 500mg of GABA all in the morning
and the obsessive compulsive disorder doesn't appear that much tru the the day
I have also quit caffeine
But I have red that 5htp is dangerous cause it can lead to EMS and I am afraid to eat that pill
> 20 mg
>helps you sleep
WIth moafinil (200mg) I am usually for 24 hours no sleep
yohimbine hcl
>Tfw can't find adderall anymore
Fucking sucks. That shit is a miracle drug

That shit will make you feel like you're having a heart attack. People have had heart attacks from it. I wouldn't fuck with it.

File: 1572086716667.jpg (1.46 MB, 2880x1800)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
Tomorrow night

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