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File: images (17).jpg (16 KB, 750x299)
16 KB
What coin did you bought on the last bull run and that turned into scams?
File: Screenshot_1.png (4 KB, 175x79)
4 KB
SAFEX and cryptopia shares, CEFT
Cannot remember the ticker
Both criminal scam
Intense coin INTS, mooned X10 then
crashed then disappeared altogether, got refunded a bunch of obscure shit coins, that just exist now.
The rest of my small cap shitcoins did a -99%, but they are all in active development and delivering.
all of them

Easy money ultra low market cap, massive volume going into it right now, spikes up in price 50% nearly every other day. Don’t hate money anon buy JAR

File: 1453303583505.jpg (41 KB, 429x377)
41 KB
My 4chan meme pass is about to expire, and I want to renew it. But gookmoot is useless and can't even secure a credit card provider, so I have to pay with cryptos (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin).

I really can't be fucked dealing with these things long term. Is there any "burner" type service where I can pay the $20, make a single transaction, and never have to deal with it again, and also doesn't involve installing a bunch of shit and jumping through a bunch of hoops?
Or otherwise, what is the least effort way to pay for this?
You just gave me a wonderful idea, thanks.

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Here is the 200+ list of companies who paid for exhibition stands

Kek Quant fags btfo
Why don't more crypto projects do this? Legit asking
You pay to be an exhibitor, but there's still a selection procedure which is why Quant is appearing at the Oracle booth, and not its own.

File: 2819891.jpg (130 KB, 1500x817)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Ultra looks like it is finishing its distribution.
Sure its not that much of volume but times will change.
News coming up within the next days :)
>Wait for it or take action!

File: ethbtc.jpg (125 KB, 1820x827)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
A 2 year bear trend just got broken. If the ratio pumps from here and someone asks for a reason, just showing this chart will be enough.
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>my arbitrary lines are better than your arbitrary lines. only mine are real ta bro
File: ethbtc.png (95 KB, 1471x855)
95 KB
nice hopium line bro
abandon ship
eth is bullish with or without ur memecharts

but thx bae
thanks OP, disregard the retards

File: 16553_043.jpg (2.43 MB, 2433x3217)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB JPG
Can they be trusted?
only DAI
Don't trust
File: 1565560982445.jpg (112 KB, 640x800)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Go all in with RSR, backed by PayPal founder Peter Thiel and ex-VISA director David Sica.
Trusted to fail maybe.
Not centralized ones, only ones like Dai etc.
They're scams. rsr investors are going to dump HARD at mainnet and biz will get fucked again

File: 1558169580449.jpg (407 KB, 1125x554)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
How do we solve the Indian problem?
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>Some eventually become SENTient
Yeah we saw that.
how do can i short biz?
>How do we solve the Indian problem?
Flags. Instantly disregard any comment from pajeets and other nigger-tier countries.
Submit your feature suggestions here. Takes less than a minute.
File: 1564670054040.jpg (94 KB, 964x734)
94 KB

File: 1543536173953.png (22 KB, 1199x379)
22 KB
Ethereum gas limit slowly going up.
Ethermine targets 10M/block (a 25% increase).
Ethereum is gay and commie
nice 10m/block (+25% throughput) will see us nicely through to eth 2
what does this mean for the price of eth?

File: 1664_0.jpg (80 KB, 464x850)
80 KB
How big is your Link stack? Thread. Mine is 7k
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I am so fucking upset that the incessant LINK shilling irreversibly shat up this board

It's just another fucking ICO scam, literally just a JSON parser, LINK is incapable of solving shit, Sergey is a typical Russian scammer

Wake the fuck up you desperate fucks all of this is worthless. Make money if you can but don't get caught up in retarded shilling. That's how you lose and turn into a deranged cuck. Every altcoin out there has retarded fanatics that don't quit no matter how much the creators of the coin abuse them. Don't be one of those guys.
33k + 0.16 LP. Don't know if I should be adding to my LINK stack or my LP stack here.
File: dr;ns.jpg (163 KB, 890x782)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
No need to guess. Everything is on the blockchain and readily visible.


File: 1562880986396.png (52 KB, 1136x528)
52 KB
>"I am selling, this project is going nowhere"
It is a new project, give it some time and stop crying about your losses. If you wait you'll be rewarded.

>"the co-founder just left"
Don't worry, Harmony's Alok Kothari is just like Apple's Ronald Wayne.

>"Should I buy?"
Nothing is risk free. The idea is solid, the team has experience and they are delivering.

>"muh gizem feet, muh BBQ..."
Get a life, loser.
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I need a 3x in $ to break even. I've never held so hard. It's very upsetting. Please help.
>Neo max supply: 100,000,000
>Harmony CURRENT supply: 2,576,838,498
In what world would this shitcoin ever mimic Neo's chart? Kill yourself Pajeet.
NEO went from $0,10 cents to $160. We don't need 160, not even 16 dollars. $1 is enough to make it.
It will never hit $1. If you're LUCKY they might pump it back to it's previous ath of $0.03 over the course of a few months just to generate momentum and then dump on more pajeets.
Sure, this will have a speculative pump once it stop bleeding, but it's still 200% above IEO. See also : Perlin going below IEO.

Long way to drop IMO. Gonna knife catch all the way down like Algorand? kek.

File: 1533503111232.jpg (86 KB, 680x748)
86 KB
I've been here since late 2017. Seen many waves of Link FUD.
Before even the strongest, was amusing, had some technical or decent backbone, and had decent memes made along side it. adter 2 years you start to pick up on what is (fun larp) FUD and just straight up FUD, and the third category of Link holders FUDing to argue the fundamentals and test them in debate.

The FUD the past 2 months since the ATH has been way different. the past week it has got more intense. both the same kind of FUD, very distinct, and very different to what I've read daily for years.
It's LOW effort, REPETITIVE, extremely spammy, and boring.
It looks like its different each time but in reality it's just the same shit reworded to look like it isn't copy pasted. its just annoying.
In other words, it's quite clear to me that this shit is a genuine coordinated effort this time. There are certainly Pajeets being paid to do this by someone.
This isn't just people doing it for fun. those guys fucked off and got bored of it(myself included). those guys devolved into "WTF WAS THAT" spamming at most.
It's not people fudding fundamentals anymore, as all the fundamentals are too strong.
It's no coincidence this started after the big pump imo.
Hold tight faggots.
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>he fell for a PnD scam
i saw your buttcoin post
wasn't out of left field, plenty of people have known link to be a scam for months/years. All the breadcrumbs and partnerships are fake and the team is dumping millions on bag holders.
>The is a reason why rescent pump shows singns of PnD.
What are you even saying ranjeet
>Its not based around the tech but more so around just scaring people into selling.
Word. The "pump coin news" is the icing on the cake. Completely worthless articles By useless people spammed here and Twitter non stop. Peak delusion

File: 1551492276175.jpg.png (74 KB, 260x231)
74 KB
Its over, isnt it? Someone please give me some non-schizo hopium, its all so tiresome
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I'd sell Before it gets delisted for being PnD scam.
You want some hopium? Think of the last 5 months without thinking about price at all.
>Team wastes $50mil and 3 years making barely any progress towards decentralized oracles and adoption
>Linkers: This is how normal businesses operate! This is bullish!
File: 1546983682515.jpg (102 KB, 600x338)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
I feel that link has grown beyond being a purely financial product so they dont really belong at sibos.
A few years ago link was a simple poc for a bond transaction but now they're middleware for the smart contract industry which might fall outside the scope of sibos which is just finance in a very traditional sense. Link is much bigger now.
File: 1564148634847.jpg (383 KB, 1024x1280)
383 KB
383 KB JPG
I can't give you hopium, but I can give you a place by my side. For too long have you link-holders seen yourself as 'better' than us other humble bagholders. For too long have you spammed every other project with 'pajeet pnd' or 'chink scam' or 'dyor 4th industrial revolution', we were once all in this together, trying to make it with various investments. But you let your hearts grow dark and turn against your fellow /biz/raeli, you stopped doing research into new projects and stopped participating in healthy discussions because you believed '1K eoy', like a cancer all discussion died and you became lazy and your optimism was your hubris. But now, now that we have all been burned by our bags, now is the time when we can all stand by each other as brothers. Admit that none of these projects were any better than the others and that maybe we can find something new.

File: thelight.jpg (88 KB, 700x875)
88 KB
Only One Coin You Need To Make It In Alt Season
9 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
I have 175k on the original binance still and I live in New York. What do?
inside sauce: it'll be out before Dec
Inside source: no, it won't
inside inside source, current eta is early november but it could be out earlier, it depends on how the dev retreat this week goes and if we finally hit the 5000 node targets during the retreat.
if we anounce progress but don't confirm the 5000 node target, sell and buy back in mid to late october.

File: bunker.jpg (187 KB, 1429x1022)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
pic related is my dream home, only thing its missing is a shower. how much would it cost to achieve something like this?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Only around $20k.

1. Buy a used/broken tourbus.
2. Drive into hole
3. Cover hole
If it’s underground, where are the drainpipes for water and sewage going to go?
Your best bet would be a decommissioned missile silo bunker.
Google that shit.
Vice did some series on dooms day preppers that were commissioning luxury fallout shelters underground. Some are pretty amazing.
This is an unrealistic fantasy OP, I guarantee this was drawn by a teenager. Live out of your parent's home for a year and you'll understand this is ridiculously impractical

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