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File: bat.png (45 KB, 856x764)
45 KB
>"Wow, fancy that. Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome. For safety, apparently"

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nigga brave is based on chrome. also thats a search engine. also youre a fucking idiot
>also youre a fucking idiot

excuse fucking you!
no difference between browser and search engine u cunt asshole
File: sampson.png (45 KB, 611x135)
45 KB

see >>12523918 , also pic related. Not as much of a problem as you'd think, Brave is entirely in control of their browser.

You may not be old enough to reminder but the pronunciation of Google was very odd early on, everyone thought it was rediculous.

They needed funds from an ICO. It makes no sense to abandon BAT and screw early investors by using ETH. Also the BAT user growth pool is vital in kick starting the BAT economy.

It's better to have a polished product, if the rewards program is rushed and tacky they'd be shooting themselves in the foot.
jesus christ, what a fucking boomer post. I bet you think Google is the internet too

File: image.jpg (48 KB, 640x649)
48 KB

File: IMG_2011.jpg (122 KB, 400x500)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
At a bar. He understood. Legacy systems getting in and off the Blockchain in a decentraliZed manner and he got it.

We now officially have a black person that will come to our yacht party that we can sacrifice in a fire to appease KEK our lord and savior
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And wtf is that mint. Shit man go cope straight or wintergreen.
File: pewgoesthedynamite.jpg (311 KB, 1386x853)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Just convinced a 4channeler to buy chainlink dumbcontracts here AMA
File: 1531616874986.png (1.07 MB, 1600x1231)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
LINK is now NGR

ya let one of them in, they all want in. each want more of a discount than the last.

ya dun fucked up nigger lover.
>Brainlet eating to gain their capsaicin
You can buy pure capsaicin online and either drink it straight. It literally cannot harm you since all the pain is all in the mind. For example, birds can eat it because they don't have the receptors to be affected by it.
>When singularity hits. We really need to not have a typical party... and literally suck the cocks of the dedicated group of autists who figure all this shit out.

> No bitches . No sluts. Just the the handful of dedicated autists with their cocks out in a warehouse in ropsten .... and then we all just suck their cocks.

This is gay and you're gay for thinking it isn't gay.

Way to Bonobo out.

File: jockowillink.jpg (31 KB, 400x400)
31 KB
Friendly reminder that if you don't wake up at 4AM everyday you're never going to make it
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Survivorship and correspondence bias. If you wake up at 4 AM you'll most likely just be some asshole waking up at 4 AM because you're not a self-help guru Navy Seal. There is no fixed formula for success.
True and if you wake up at 4AM everyday, you're also never going to make it.
Have a kid, then you'll wake up at 4 am every day without fail. Trust me.
The 4am thing is a meme for people that just get home from work and watch TV until they go to sleep. It depends on how you use your time. If you get home from the 9-5 and smash your shit out til 2am every night then it doesn't really make a difference.
Although I suppose it could still be beneficial if you want to spend your "alert time" on things you care about, then be tired while wage slaving away instead rather than get home and be too tired to work on what's important to you.

File: SergeySmile.gif (3.82 MB, 196x388)
3.82 MB
3.82 MB GIF
I DCA'ed a losing position in Feb to sitting in the green about 2 months ago. I've done well imo, holding through FUD, researching countless hours( sometimes 6-8 hours in a day) of said FUD and any other breadcrumbs. In hindsight, I could have clearly had a lowered price basis with better understanding and regret not swinging about 20% of my stack during each past pump. I'm up about 50% with 15K LINK stack. I could lose all the money invested and not worry, while it should be enough to get there if I continue to be patient. Godspeed everyone. I literally bought more immediately after watching that video gif related.
0% rounding up.

who here getting absolutely and utterly motherfucking JUST'd right now?
File: cash out.png (764 KB, 1410x1145)
764 KB
764 KB PNG

I'm financially ruined.

File: 1530807376866.png (57 KB, 656x755)
57 KB
Guy's I'm a massive pussy (physically shake during confrontation/vocal autism) How do I fix this? Any jobs or school courses I can take that'll cure me?
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Only reason I haven't ghosted him is because we're also co-workers and he lives like a couple blocks down from where I do.
Try being yourself
Tried to help him out but he's 10x more autistic than me, except with tons of fake confidence to make up for it. Dude is literally the walking stereotype of how a Jew is supposed to act like e.g. he took pictures of himself on my motorcycle and used them to try and pick up girls (he had an r9k-tier gf at the time too).
File: 1545068383760.jpg (27 KB, 448x450)
27 KB
Very inspiring, thanks anon.

Been awhile since I've traded crypto. Looking to get back into it. Currently I use Kraken, wanting to get on BitMex though.

I've seen tons of people say to just register with a VPN, which I have no problem with. Just wondering if anyone's gotten their account locked cause they then proceed to only use a US IP address.
Do not use a usa/Canada IP when using your VPN.
after registering is it ok to use a US IP?
not anymore
so you have to use the VPN every time? Would latency be an issue on a decent VPN?

ITT pajeets are banned. No Shillers and FUDsters. Just discussion on tech and use cases
I believe in this project but this shitposting is really pissing me off. This has to be some type of retard filter because I don't think anybody would honestly fall for this confusing back and forth pajeet infighting
You're banned from posting then

Who cares

Let’s just focus on Ambrosus. Don’t be a pajeet

File: zilliqa-logo.png (43 KB, 1072x1072)
43 KB
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It will be delayed
Show me dapps and a real reason to buy this? Muh muh pump and dump is getting old.
No. maybe a 2-3 threads per week, mostly filled with funny fud.
If they get sharding done first its inevitable. That’s a big if though, I’ll give you that
sharding will fail. mainnet will be delayed again. gooked

As mentioned by Thomas Hodges in one of his first videos on his youtube channel, he explains how chainlink is made for enterprises, specific category being B2B (business to business). That means retail investors like you and I dont matter when it comes to chainlink being succesful or not. If you read the whitepaper, you should be able to determine that the use of chainlink network by these gaint enterprises is all thats needed to propel the tokens value. You are actually hurting the network, congesting it with retail use if you shill to the normal joe. The real people you should be shilling is to developers. They are the ones that can create applications using chainlink, not joe shmoe. Are you starting to understand why its important that we let enterprises raise the token value first and than shill later and let pleddit buy our bags at $1000? Ive never been so genuine when I say you are a complete retard if you start shilling link right now, please stop being oblivious and ignorant and really grasp the idea im throwing at you. Also, just in case you are a moron that doesn't know how link works. The whole 1k EOY thing is because once mainnet is out, the network usage itself will drive the price up because link is required to be purchased to use it. So link can have it's mainnet launched, and go to 1k without anyone ever knowing about it or hyping it. No need to shill.
If you do shill, you are actually shooting yourself in the foot. When you are rich off link you will always be thinking of how much more you could have accumulated if you didnt start shilling so early. The smart money thing to do is shut up and accumulate more. 1k is fucking guaranteed by mainnet usage alone, don't need anyone else to buy for it to go up. People trying to shill this are just showing they don't know how link really works. The more you know about link, the less you want to shill it. This is what these fucking faggots dont understand.
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When you feel it in your pants and you do a little dance, diarrhea. Diarrhea!
Im getting a confido feeling coming on.
when you're riding on a horse and you feel a strange force
Sex with animals is forbidden! Hissssss
>Please tell me how a node can act selfishly in a way that harms the overall function of the network.
Your friend asks you if you know any good crypto projects. You say no.

File: 1471388890126.jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB

Log on to Binance and try to withdraw any amount. Are you also getting an instant 404 when you should be seeing the puzzle captcha?

I am down 91% from ATH.

Currently holding NANO, XRP, and BTC.

Do not even know why I am still holding. Why did I not sell when I saw the first death cross last year?
Is this even reality?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>fuck off in college
>go to Afghanistan as a contractor for a full year in 2016
>come back May 2017 with $100k in bank
>put it in crypto
>up over $500k by January
>fuck off in college because I'm rich
>it starts crashing
>lose the last $100k on Bitmex, not even kidding
>now owe $85k to IRS and $21k to the University I fucked off from
>heading back to Afghanistan

do you understand that in a bullish market shitcoins can do x100 in less than a month?
You don't owe tax if you lost everything you brainlet
Is this JUSTing real? I can't even....
You can put your losses on the tax form.

Here comes the wagie muzzle!
99 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
It would be very unproductive
you forgot to put on headphones
System shock?

>Office policy is that all rank-and-file employees are to wear a muzzle at all times.
>Sensors on the muzzle detect noncompliance and result in immediate termination
>In a meeting
>Boss doesn't like my idea
>Mutes me so nobody hears it
>Ask boss for a 2% raise after 5 years with the company
>Mutes me
>Quietly suggest to a coworker we form a union
>Muzzle automutes when you say union
>Can't talk for 10 minutes and must endure the shame of everybody knowing I've been automuted for noncompliance with company policy

File: KXJXLO6x_400x400.jpg (13 KB, 400x400)
13 KB
Stop trying to improve bitcoin, it’s perfect exactly the way it was designed. But Satoshi designed bitcoin, not miner economics. Now if bitcoin were a currency it would be just fine and id be done writing, but it’s not. The fact that it has turned into an asset and a commodity has really thrown a big curveball in the future of the network security. For all you people who don’t yet understand the magnitude of 0xbtc here is the spark notes version. I know this is far in the future but it’s going to be an issue.
23 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Fuck off
You wouldn't say that in public
You bitch
no shit, but this isn't public, this is 4channel friendo
File: 0p4NN.png (332 KB, 500x400)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
One day each 0xBTC will be worth $1,000 a token
Fuck man I'm no longer high.
Coming down
Feeling kind of off
Kind of low
Had a bit of liquor there to make myself feel better.
But Honestly anon, good man getting the word out on this coin. Good man

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