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File: Satoshiisback.jpg (156 KB, 1080x603)
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156 KB JPG
Um g-guys? What is this?
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You fkn idiot
post txid link, bsv scum
File: 911.jpg (165 KB, 1080x654)
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165 KB JPG
Red alert, red alert, red alert.
red alert from a month agok

File: chinlink.png (28 KB, 1305x436)
28 KB
>Pic related
so are the triangles on the outside of the hexagon external adapters then?

File: asdfghb.jpg (36 KB, 720x511)
36 KB
star edition

List of popular brokers:
List of basic stock market terminology for newfags:
Risk management:
Real-time market news:
Live Bloomberg stream:
Educational sites:

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Ride this wave into December or sell now?
That I have to explain this every time.
Options without theta.
They also have no delta, no gamma. No greeks at all. They only have a strike price aka knock out price.
Let's say you buy knockouts with leverage 5 then whatever the stock does you do 5 times.
When the stock goes up 10% you go up 50%.
When the stock goes down 10% you go down 50%. When the stock goes down 25% then you go down 12... no wait you go down 100%... and stay there. If the knockout price is reached the game is over. They are better for stoploss oriented trading.
Ok looked up knock out and knock in options....I don't think they have that on the,you can't even stop loss an option on there
Sorry typo, they dont have that on Robinhood.
Also how do I attain positive theta without owning a stock,call and put spreads only right?

This shit is going to kill me
imagine being down on your investment, I'd necc
Just hold bro. January 15th 2020 not that far off.

Who else got chinked by these BBQ gooks?

Read the comments lol

File: rsr.png (5 KB, 600x600)
5 KB
I never thought I'd end up getting scammed like this...it all looked so legit...they even managed to scam some of the financial elite at Davos...
Sorry Anon, hopefully you didn'y lose everything but you were warned so much.

You literally had a dude here around the clock exposing Satsgang shilling this for a massive PnD. You had signs of the shit going nowhere and being rejected as a stablecoin that no government would allow. You had them in the whitepaper state "this might not work lul." You had them talk about about Venezuela and covered up a dive bomb of a stealth launch.

So many signs were there. You guys need to stop buying into all the fads here. 90% of the threads are just collective shills for PnD and LINK bagholders trying to pass on the cult ritual of failure to the next group.

All the signs were there. Sorry you got fucked tho Anon for real. Learn from it though; there's a lot to take from this shit.

>that will be $700k
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They don’t call it the roaring 20’s for nothing desu
>I bought
With cash or are you on a 50 year mortgage?
The $700k is largely for the land in whatever shit market you are in. Its why home insurance is so low in California, 90% is the cost of the land.

As a civil engineer, I have to say a word of support for OSB (wood you see in picture). Its actually a very good engineered product that is:
(a) cheap to produce
(b) highly dimensionally accurate that does not deflect due to temp differentials
(c) insect repellant (better than solid wood veneer plywoods)

Its main weakness is water absorbtion.

If the house builder here used a quality moisture barrier (i.e., Tyvek, Wraptor) and taped all the seams per code, and used a quality siding (Hardie Board - cement fiber or equivalent) this is a 150+ year old durable house.

I know all the Eurotards brag that their houses are made out of concrete, but thats because Europeans have no seismic concerns to think of and are not opposed to paying ridiculous housing and property taxes. I can compare sticker prices for a house in Munich to say a house in Chicago, and laugh at how much "cheaper" the house in Munich is. BUT as anybody who has bought a house in Europe will tell you its a royal PAIN in the ass to buy a house. The process is Byzantinely complex.
You don't actually own the land when you buy a house dumbass
You dont need illegal immigration for computers, food, or paint. I know the guy you responded to used the term slave labour though.

File: 1565295596305.jpg (36 KB, 500x436)
36 KB
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Only the greatest transfer of wealth in history!
It’s unironically over. My life has been a lie. Someone hold me
what are you guys talking about?
you did buy link right?
>bull market.
You're not gonna make it.
bear market* my b u nigger

File: 1571639797093.png (280 KB, 680x680)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
What went wrong?

Bakkt volume only climbing. Institutions are starting to open longs. The bottom isn’t far away.

/our boy/ zuckerberg testifying live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1a5h5KncNM
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Traditional assets will shit the bed so I don't see your point.
>hur dur lets make a crypto just to back it with what it was intended to replace.
>Facebook has bypassed the need to make its own browser, by making native apps
Bro, we know about mobile apps.
An app is not a browser though.
File: 1558737183597.gif (912 KB, 240x176)
912 KB
912 KB GIF

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Ask them what?
Whether an app is a browser? lmao

File: 1571822520147.jpg (122 KB, 1200x800)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
What could I do to impress Trump?
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Anally fuck his daughter and post it on xvideos.
Nothing. Being loyal to a political faction is what only a fool would do.
Say "yes sir" all the time. Trump surrounds himself with 'yes men.' He doesn't like disloyal people. Which is why he tends to be detached from reality, by the way.
Use your 3rd wish to free him from his kike masters
that’s dumb, trump absolutely retains people who disagree with him, but if they can’t rationally defend their position or insist on overstepping to take unauthorized actions contravening Trump’s decisions, why should he waste a slot in his administration on them

File: 1531088420152.png (707 KB, 602x800)
707 KB
707 KB PNG
It's happening tonight, strap in boys!

File: file.png (205 KB, 346x346)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
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tell me when was he ever hacked? It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hack it
File: 1543248712217.jpg (460 KB, 2048x1365)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
Does anybody have the names of sites that offer some silver at spot price? Already got 10 oz bar at silvergoldbull. Looking for more.
File: 153454373452866502.jpg (136 KB, 1200x1679)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>More weight in bitcoin because it's the gold of the future.
anon our electrical grids are outdated and maintained by garbage unions

File: 1555960537962.jpg (147 KB, 1536x1008)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
>fucked a 18 year old in the ass

What did you do today?
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File: 1538449491515.jpg (40 KB, 600x600)
40 KB
>Putting it in the wrong hole.
Does that actually happen? Or is it just a meme? Never saw it happen in porn though, even amateur.
i'm not sure if i believe a woman can cum from anal without playing with her clit. at least i never seen it happen.
whats the point fucking someone in the ass? I thought poo goes out of the shithole. You know what I mean? Like the ass is unironically made for shitting out poo. You know that right? Its not a meme.
You are not supposed to shove your penis inside it.
The only thing supposed to happen is poo and farts coming out of poohole. nothing is actually supposed to enter the ass. Except some medicines and drugs. Sometimes you can put a thermometer inside the ass to get a proper temperature reading. Other than that its not supposed to be fucked. Btw is not the ass kind of small? I would think the ass is smaller than a pussy btw. Can you still fit your dick in it? Honestly, I find it repulsive.
she made those noises to make you feel better

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