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> never received a single notification from binance when the price crash
> wick above 9k for less than a minutes
> instantly get notification
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So it's just bait ?
What? I got one at 8300 too
have you ever had one when it crashed ?
I never did
Everything in crypto is bait for retards who don't know how to invest (this largely applies to the stock market too).
Basically, yes.

File: 1576759530032.png (284 KB, 1067x792)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
cucks buy ETH
>they pump ETC
cucks buy BTC
>they pump BSV
cucks buy XMR
>they pump ZEC
cucks sell LINK for ETC,BSV,ZEC
>they pump LINK
based bullrun
kino timeline desu

File: 1579217579801.jpg (44 KB, 600x475)
44 KB
Should i sell now and buy back at 2.5/2.6 ?
Eveyrthing running green. Btc to 9k+

I’d sell when btc is atound 9.3
File: high five linkies.png (2.14 MB, 1254x1324)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG

I can't imagine people talking like this about Ethereum when it was at sub $5 prices. Before you know it, it's 2017 and redditors are quoted as saying when ETH dipped to $14 from $20, "Just buying more of this cheap ETH!"

If a trillion market cap is coming to ETH what does that mean for LINK's potential?
golden era
is that coath adam
swingers get the rope. Unless you sold at $4 and rebought at $2, then all power to you

File: oops.png (123 KB, 647x562)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
Did you forget to read the LoyaltyOne report? The Blockfyre report? Missed the Airmiles tweet? What's your excuse? Post it ITT.
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The whole air miles breadcrumb for XDB is Al the CEO mentioned 10m+ user projects onboarding soon in the recent AMA

Then the team delete an air miles tweet. Upon a little digging you see it fits perfectly to what Al was saying. 10m users + also based in Toronto like XDB. And the kicker? Loyalty One owns Air Miles...
File: yes.png (171 KB, 500x626)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
The chad XDB Leaf verus the virgin satsgang rsr limp wrists
Fuck, just also looked at who owns LoyaltyOne. $7.77bn revenue

File: 1569991942661.jpg (31 KB, 503x396)
31 KB
do i buy bitcoin now or do you think its coming back down?
ive been planning on going all in between $4k-$5k but now im scared the price might not come back down

please advise
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There's a higher chance it wont go to that level vs a continued rise into the next halving. Your call. If you have the cash, I'd go for one full BTC
Bitcoin literally costs $320 right now. I dunno what you're rambling about.
Right now we are going green for 3 months. January February and March.

Then it will dump. Rule 3 6 9
3 months bullish 6 months bearish
bears are calling for 3k bitcoins for over a year, i haven't made any gains thanks to them. bears are wrong about everything, they are gay niggers
they pumped it in order to make you fomo

90% of this board is in

you know what to do

File: IMG_20200116_182242_316.jpg (215 KB, 1267x1024)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Not yet but the time will come.
it's never NKN season
This. NKN is cursed as hell.
look up Substratum, then you know where this is going.

File: wow the link spreads.png (690 KB, 1424x1152)
690 KB
690 KB PNG
This man is everywhere.
did you just advertise your own post?


Lol coinbase wallet scammed me out of $40 XLM, sent it to my coinbase account for and a day later still nothing, support isn’t replying aswell
any amount of XLM is worthless so nothing was lost
File: 1486155934300.png (58 KB, 372x381)
58 KB
>holding XLM
>on cuckbase
you're beyond salvation. go back laggard, ngmi

this kills the glownigger and shill
File: 1561555375534.png (463 KB, 615x368)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
Try reddit.

File: iu-55.jpg (359 KB, 1549x1102)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
There is a project that attracts autistic fudders (analyse the responses to this post carefully).
Let's call it Black Project.
Black Project has ties with Paypal.
Paypal has been quiet about focusing on crypto, but important Paypal dudes are openly balls deep into Black Project.
Paypal is the direct fiat gateway for Black Project. This can proven, but has not been announced officially.
Black Project is a Coinbase Venture investment, as Matic.
Matic is recently being listed on Coinbase.
Black Project was announced as investment togethet with Matic in the same day.
Black Project has a high risk and high reward potential.
Do never put all your eggs in the same nest.
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>10 new accounts suddenly appear from nowhere after the group accumulates at historical bottom and start buying up orders to create fabricated hype that they can shill in social media
>start spamming rocket gifs and spreading misinformation on TG
>start spamming twitter with misinformation without understanding the fundamentals of the project
>overtake both TG groups with their spam, begging everybody to market buy and autistically get triggered when anybody mentions selling
>when they’re selling off their bags, they change the rocket spam to “some of you have weak hands, don’t get caught trading, this is a long term project” or any other sperging out when anybody mentions selling

Their tactics work because failing projects need artificial community engagement and since satsgang exclusively consists of only street shitting pajeets, their labour is cheap and perfect for low effort TG/biz/reddit/Twitter shilling.

You may recognize these TG handles: Bitcoin Brown, Crypto Junkie, Headroom, Lucky, RNO3xx, Moonshot John, Manifest Johnny, Steven Toast, /tik_tok47, monkeyface
>Black Project is a Coinbase Venture investment, as Matic.
Anything that Coinbase touches is a SCAM.

>There is a project that attracts autistic fudders (analyse the responses to this post carefully).

Thanks for the double bump and making the point fren, keep going.
except that it's all true and is easily confirmable if you do any research at all. Your people are not creative enough to come up with genuine answers that would disprove it. Not to mention that you can't, because it's what is actually happening.
People have told you the same several times in other threads, but here it goes again:
Yes, crypto is manipulated by groups.
No, it is not satsgang, that name is a meme. Not sure if they even have a name.
No, p&d groups do not illegitimate good proyects in the long term.


TITANIUM level support at 0.000001 BTC.

Screencap this. You'd be an idiot not to buy now for guaranteed multi generational wealth.
What's good about ftm? Any facts?
fantom a scam sirs! all bhanchod who are invest in this coin will losing his wealth! entire my village destroyed because fantom team make coin dumping onto us
It's good for losing money while every other alt is rallying
fantom a scam sirs! all bhanchod who are invest in this coin will losing his weaIth! entire my village destroyed because fantom team make coin dumping onto us
Chart is bearish AF

Bow down and solicit my cum

Dups will get a load of gains
Trips will have a 6 digit networth by EOY
nice. telcoin is looking good too
Fuck off

File: 431561234432.jpg (7 KB, 228x221)
7 KB
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Alts are lack liquidity it's very easy to pump and dump them for scammers.

BTC is harder but when btc moves 2% up it signal alts that their price can also move up even more since most lack fiat gateway and are priced in sats.
Did you forget last year or what
but still less fake than everything else, bec ause ti the only think anway can instnatly verify actual ownership and issued BTC

not even close to where they have pumped before

memory issues you have my son
It has to be... Binance exit scamming btc!!!

File: 1576979366592-456x512.png (147 KB, 456x512)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
I'm really pissed off I'm missing out on all these gains like Matic. Everything will drop soon and give us another chance to buy, right?
>Everything will drop soon and give us another chance to buy, right?
Yea, the first leg up (((generally))) has a retrace. I'm just wondering if the chink new year thing is still a thing...find out EoM I guess.

Don't buy shitcoins anon
Markets aren't going anywhere. There will always be chance to short or long.
File: IMG_20200117_044952.jpg (279 KB, 1080x2340)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
No, bearefag, you were hibernating and misses out on the take of the century.

File: Iron-draw.jpg (58 KB, 416x416)
58 KB
Do you have what it takes?
Do you have iron hands, Anon?

Have you proved to yourself that you can stomach the pressure without shaking?
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>Bought 10 links at $4
>Didn't sell at $4.10

Yeah, I think I've got what it takes
File: 5924.jpg (78 KB, 416x416)
78 KB
I've always had iron hands.
I'm autistic enough to emotionally distance myself from my investements, and keep my oath of never losing money. Panic selling is not an option for me, I'd rather sink with the ship. When I'm green I win, when I'm red it's a discount so I win again...
File: hqdefault.jpg (11 KB, 480x360)
11 KB
Autism will guard you like an energy field.
The media and friends kept telling me: Tesla is a scam, it's unprofitable, it's going bankrupt, Elon is a retarded stoner scammer.
They tried to penetrate my armor and deprive me of my gains.

Now, at an all time high I'm still not selling. Fuck em.
File: 2687.jpg (79 KB, 416x416)
79 KB
Cutting my way through the disinfo.

My stomach is my compass.
Sheer intuition guides me.

My hands are solid iron.
Nothing can shake me.

I am the unbeatable, autist investor.

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