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File: 1561815299180.png (1.19 MB, 870x696)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
Ummm... Did I get scammed?

This shit is bleeding out to ICO price, has no working product, and is designed to be worth the same as a cup of coffee.

Did I fuck up, sirs?
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Cringey forced meme. You’re all new. 2 years isn’t old.
Hows Summer?
How’s learning to use memes correctly?
The project is 2 years old, if you're just getting into it now you're new.
>You’re all new.
Spoken like a true nulinker

File: lition-review.jpg (34 KB, 1000x500)
34 KB
Why hasn't Lition been listed on binance dex yet? It's been like a month...
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It’s from where the prices were the same for weeks in a row and these had fairly equal amount of shilling. I bought a large stack of VIDT and a small stack of LIT when they were both 7.5 cents on literally the exact same day, they were close to the same vits value too
Vidt binance 24th July confirmed
Yeah, it's retarded. LIT will surpass VIDT at some point and vice versa. They're in two different "rythms" if you will. I think both are good investments, I just think that LIT has bigger potential in the long run, because it has more use cases, and is backed by the largest software company in Europe etc.
And non dumbasses would invest in both.
Not really. It's down to what you believe in. I'm all in on LIT. I don't care what you think about me. Yes, VIDT has great potential, but I personally believe that LIT has much greater potential, so why wouldn't I go all in on LIT? I don't like diversity. Multicoinalism sucks.

File: 1560721220777.webm (1.43 MB, 720x720)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB WEBM
Why are the trading and investing threads that pop up on /g/ always and I mean literally always bettrr than the best of /biz/? To wit, >>>/g/71987782 is happening right now.
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>that webm
Harvey Weinstein as a cat.
File: 8vhWSt4.jpg (460 KB, 2190x2939)
460 KB
460 KB JPG
weird webm
thats thread talks about a trading platform tech. Why the fuck would we discussed that here, it has nothing to do with investment and trading. Fucking retarded brainlet
You wut? The right tools can make or break you. Trading is at least 50% workflow since you gotta have a comfy system with the right feeds to make good decisions. This is why /biz/lets remain poor and /g/chads reign supreme. Personally I built my own tools and turned $2500 into 500k over the course of the crypto bear market (pic related). Without the right software, api's etc. this would not have happened.

Fuck this crab market bullshit
Give it a week or two. We’re going up.
Give it a week or two. We’re going down.
Give it a week or two. Alts going up.

What exchange can I buy retards from?
10% up already

There are way too many thriving shitcoins and vaporwave scams, way too many bulls celebrating this past month, too little awareness that we are still in the biggest bubble in human history. I don’t want anyone on /biz/ to suffer, but I think it’s time to give these smoothbrains a wake up call they’ll never forget.

7k by the end of the month, 3k by end of August.
File: 285.jpg (22 KB, 334x506)
22 KB
keep seething, poorbo

File: 0370_-_RJLEKJx.png (56 KB, 606x539)
56 KB
>He doesn't trade Ichimoku Clouds
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idk how
the investopedia page is confuse
Price action is more efficient and easier to understand but people are always looking for new retarded techniques
fuck off with your weeb shit
Them bukakke clouds predict the future desu!

File: pileofshit.jpg (11 KB, 249x249)
11 KB
So in the last few weeks there was an abundant number of shill/fud threads on the topic of stakenet(xsn). Since the infos from either side were cancelling each other out sometimes, I wanted to know what that project actually is. Spoiler: neither the fud nor the shill is true.

The ever returning shilllist was:
* Lightning Dex
* One click instant Lightning Swaps (NOT Atomic Swaps)
* Masternode escrow services
* Masternode based oracles/arbitration
* CCPoS - Staking rewards in any other coins
* Tor, PrivateSend, random hop secrets
* Masternode's collateral backed stable coin
* Lightning dApps
* TPoS - Hosting of Trustless Cold staking contracts
* Voting Delegates
* Automated payment of node operators
* Masternode Managers

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The Site offers to stake some coins and host masternodes for their own chain, no changes for about 3 quarters. The only feature that makes xsn recognizeably different from other coins is TPOS, which is a pretty cool feature indeed (~offline staking – in most cases from a third party - with full control of your keys), the only other change to the coin infrastructure that already took place was to add unlock-for-staking-only in the core wallet. Everything else is future tense. So sry shillers but unless something gets released there won’t be too much credibility towards a project that started out as posw, has made much too ambitious plans, and has a pr/marketing that has an item on 100% for two months (mclw) but only releases some beta, that for sure does not look like 100%.

Instead of finishing anything Stakenet seems to just move on after a while. Releasing the 100% wallet? No. So lets make a mobilewallet. Testbuild to be released about a month after regularbuild 100% ready. Anyone remember the plans on adding coins on stakenets page? More masternode hosting? The debit card(yep indeed and lol)? The tpos marketplace? Another problem in that department is that some things on their roadmap are just not in their hands – Trezor and Ledger Cold staking 100% - yeah from the teams perspective, but neither ledger(hodl – do not merge label) nor trezor(p4 low – anything outside the next three releases) really seem to care to merge

and if you have a look on the roadmap earlier, since it changes all the time, but from the teams perspective the following items are “completed”: the mclw (stakenet wallet now), One-click Lightning Network swaps, and the same with privacy, Stakenet Wallet: TOR integration, Wallet auto updates and Xeeda hardware wallet XSN support as well as the for real and in reality useable ledger and trezor integration.
So a big pile of completed items that are somehow not releaseable and don’t look too finished in the released testbuild.
With all do respect.Most of the features are completed and in Beta test.The Beta test link was published on Discord channel for the community but it is not on Github yet.You will see that all the wallet features,including lighting swaps betwen LTC,BTC and XSN are there as well as TOR privacy button.I have personally tested and reported 2 bugs so far but other that that ,around 180 people are testing it

If you want to test it please download the Linux version at this link

Both Trezor and Ledger code Cold staking was pushed and it is just a matter of those guys approving it.You can check the code on Ledger and Trezor pull requests

The android Beta test version apk is going to be released also very soon.I will publish the link as well if you guys are interested.

Lighting DEX is not finished yet but once the Swap Wallet is out of beta version ,DEX will be a formality

Thanks for taking the time to read this

>the amount Sergey is dumping every second on Binance

File: Lord_Denethor_4.png (261 KB, 638x264)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
My Chainlink has dropped to the rate I bought at...

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gandalf: fucking nulinker
USDC will moon in sats
File: IMG_20190722_131521.jpg (42 KB, 439x350)
42 KB
Ah yes a chance for USDC, the biggest memecoin to prove their quality.

I think not.
i would've said tether but ya know.. then its USD
Still got a long way to go before it hits my DCA
Get fucked nulinker

File: ripple.png (101 KB, 816x642)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
so what's the rundown on the BofA news?
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imagine being this upset
"In the patent document, BofA recognizes that distributed ledger technology (DLT) has the potential to truly disrupt banking and accounting. Advantages of their new patent include the option to eliminate physical accounts, real-time payment advisory, alternative implementations for the bank’s general ledger, and a change from end of day (EOD) settlement to real-time settlement among others."
Imagine being dumb
Imagine owning XRP
Later tard
I also hate xrp faggots, fuck you

Please sirs, buy harmony so I can dump my bags at 1000 sats for a new wheelchair and a toilet for my family.
based sir let vishnu bless with many good profits on u and ur famili... i know very good coins let's go now kind dears...
There are more asians than pajeets in the development team.
They’re based in silicone valley.

File: wetez.jpg (295 KB, 1530x1687)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
New Node
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Cool, now we have like 4 or 5 staking pools if I remember correctly (LP, SDL, probably "Coinbase RichNigga", this one and the node that went live before). Please someone ask sergey at an event how far staking is
hmmmmmmmmmmm checked.
> Harmony ONE
I can stake this shit? Woyld be nice, cos Im all in currently
this thread is truly blessed by kek
hate this pic so fucking much it's so demeaning. There was another one for link as well which made it even worse
t. big boy in both IQ and link stack

File: u.png (18 KB, 504x504)
18 KB
easy chink money
buybuck pump incoming
>chink money
HARD pass

File: descarga.png (4 KB, 284x177)
4 KB
Are you mining crypto on your phone? Check out the Pi Network and Electroneum (ETN). Both coins offer free mining on your phone. Go to their respective websites, read them and download the apps.

You'll need an invite code to begin mining Pi.
>Use "Ronn1" if you don't have one already.

Electroneum is open for everyone but you can get a boost by using a referral code.
>Use "2EC327" if you don't have one already

When you're up and running just lean back and let the coins trickle in.

Good luck.
biggest shitcoin in existence
Fuck off scammer
File: 1562954879001.gif (885 KB, 256x512)
885 KB
885 KB GIF

Use your (((free))) resources and start earning Pi Coins on your mobile phone. Get involved in a cool project from Stanford university and get rewarded for being a part of it.

What to do next?

Download Pi Network from Play Store or App Store to try it.

>Hardware or internet doesn't get used.
>Doesn't drain battery
>Doesn't cost you a penny
>App acts as a tracker for the amount of coins

Ambassador code for frens to get 25% mining rate bonus! Use code:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

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