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File: maxresdefault.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
79 KB
>he sold the bottom

I was doing research last night and today and Yes we all know it’s had it’s downs in the past with a few hurdles too jump etc but it seems to be in the clear and looking positive so here I share “RELEX”
What has Relex been up to?

Crowdfunding platform project complete

Real estate developers on platform complete, and growing in Canada Myanmar Vietnam , other countries.

Cooperation with governments in Russia and Vietnam complete

OK greenlight from Belarus government complete.

Support from UN.

Preparing to enter India

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File: file.png (9 KB, 813x36)
9 KB
the shit has a greater chance of going to true zero than ever being worth even $0.10

and the only reason its even pumping is because you posted this thread.
which means 2 or 3 fucking retards actually bought some on IDEX
We’ll see won’t we, narrow minded people like you never make the right descions goodluck with your investments :)
Guarantee you I could find ten posts just like this in the archived bitconnect subreddit. This shitcoin has literally never mooned, its founders have been involved in blatant manipulation and insider training, and the entire structure of the token utility and value proposition is patently absurd. Stay poor.
They're idiots but they're honest idiots and willing to keep trying random shit to see what sticks, which means they might actually succeed.

The smart people who get As in school end up working for the 10% of C students who were luckily enough to succeed despite being too dumb to see that 90% of businesses fail.

It's too soon to see if it's a success or failure yet but I will throw a pittance at it to buy half a percent of the supply when it's this cheap.
fuck off ranjeesh kill yourself

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only if this was a porn movie where all holes get fucked eventually
I swore off cryptos during the whole meltdown of January 2018, this stuff was everywhere, too much publicity in a bad way and it took all this time to finally die down now with bitcoin sideways.

Seems like a good time, judging off my personal feelings (I was an overwhelmingly toxic crypto trader which negatively affected my mental state), I believe now is a good time to get back in, there will be renewed interest soon.

I will be spending a measly sum of $1000, my only disposable money in the coming months. It may not be much, but it is a start to function as a kind of savings.
People shit on it and call it grandpa coin, but it will be the only crypto that people actually use as money in about 30 years. Security tokens will probably be a thing, but they're a lot less revolutionary. They basically clean-up and automate the exisiting system. Don't buy the hype of anything else, some of them may survive short term (like BAT), but they're only worth valuable for riding pumps to help you stack BTC.
Going all in this year, every penny I save into btc, and will spread 5-10% of my btc into several alts to serve as btc margin. This will literally make me set for life
File: altcoins.png (1.11 MB, 1523x7977)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
>implying having money into several shitcoins (on exchanges because you will not donwload every wallet, and if you do you are most likely dl'ing malware) is a good idea vs all in on btc

File: download (2).jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
>do you hate money, anon?
>getting antshares/xrb vibes
>the next x100
>nervous system of the smart cities of tomorrow
>the korean ethereum, but better!
>imagine not being in the most comfy coin of 2019
>IDEX gem
>binance incoming
>6 gorillion PhDs working on it
>banks and governments to be announced
>partnerships to be revealed
There, I just went through all your pre-planned replies on your spreadsheet, don't need to waste them on me anymore
File: 1546317511591.png (90 KB, 477x268)
90 KB
You think you're hot shit?
10mm reporting in

File: 1505678468330.jpg (205 KB, 884x858)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
What is the best online bank?

File: bitmart.jpg (112 KB, 800x500)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Bitmart is rising up the ranks, top 3 for volume today and it's native token BMX has a mcap under 3mill
This is ez money, thank me later
No trade mining bullshit, pure chink to chink trading volume
File: 1530434283681.jpg (154 KB, 533x800)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
bump, why does biz always ignore the winning pony

So im in the Air Force and I work on planes for a living and am planning to get a degree, but I'm not sure which degree I should get ,that, when combined with my mechanical experience , would make me a lot of money. The only thing I can think of is aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering.Or should I just get into software engineering? thoughts?

also , how do I get into the weapons/military technology industry? I have suspicions that that is where the real money is at.
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>how can I pivot my military experience into making a lot of money?

You go on usajob.gov and literally apply for any 50k or up job and mention your a military veteran. Enjoy the full benefits, retirement bonuses, and vacations
Last time I created a thread asking for this the fucking jannies banned me

That being said im not distracted by the OP, that’s a fucking beluga right there and unlike mcafee I’m not into whale fucking
Drone repair for pmc
If you actually want to get rich get an MBA and start some bullshit company that sponges off of preferrential treatment of vet owned businesses. You could dropship paper towels to the VA or some shit and make a mint.
>t. low test

You fags need to be culled

File: 1553639651263s.jpg (6 KB, 250x211)
6 KB
Just DYOR and don't miss this. Don't be stupid anon. If you missed BitMax, do yourself a favor and look at XBASE.
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idiot market cap is circulating supply not total supply

holyfuck you are so fucking dumb
well you're right then lmao, still better to calculate based on total supply so you don't get burned, either way, 0,5 M or 1M is fucking nothing. When is the rest getting dumped on the market?
Wow, another premine illiquid fake volume wash traded scam. This is why crypto is not taken seriously.
dudes...this thing is legit! a real company from lichtenstein is behind this... i talked with a CT dude about this he bought already a bag.,.so dont whine when this shit moons hard... u had a chance.... dyor!

File: the all knowing pepe.jpg (76 KB, 679x960)
76 KB
While you have all been trying to gain things in life, I have spent the last 25 years destroying myself.

I have successfully destroyed my health, body, reputation and burned every bridge I have. I haven't succeeded in this because of addictions or a plight for instant gratification, but instead to set myself free.

Now I have reached the bottom and gained true insight, it is time to gain everything.

What have you done?
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>tfw 24 year old boomer
>absolutely no achievements, accomplishments, things of note, anything substantial whatsoever

My life is just one big show of mediocrity. I did mediocre in high school, went to a mediocre shit state school, got mediocre grades, with a mediocre degree. Now I am working a mediocre job, living with my parents, making mediocre wages and I have no friends. Sometimes I want to die, but other times I know I am still privileged, so I continue my banal existence
well better start doing something about it, cause it doesnt get any better buddy
>t. 28 year old boomer in similar circumstances
i am getting you gold even though i have to support my wife’s children
People says myers briggs is bullshit but then people come along and say things that fit me too well. Im not entirely sure if its just a really valid test or Im being tricked into something one tier above astrology
Why not both?

File: Simple-Token-logo.png (4 KB, 649x349)
4 KB
I posted here hours ago saying "keep an eye on OST". Hope you listened. It's up 20%+ now.
how much more left? seems to have died
literally pumped 20% and that was it, was it meant to do more or what lol

File: skycoin.png (80 KB, 1263x800)
80 KB
Is this a good buy right now?
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File: 1546824164292.jpg (30 KB, 640x640)
30 KB
>guaranteed replies
these arent my images and wtf are you talking about spacing? theyre all separate messages with timestamps retard
Hey bwolf.
Who is bwolf?
The writing for both "Synth" and the anonymous developer use the same style.

It's also not even close to how Synth types if you've ever read more than five messages sent by him.

>Visa 149 billion
>Apple Pay 10 billion
>Bitcoin 175 million
>Crypto is the future of money

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOL. How can it be the future when literally nobody uses it as a payment method.
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Visa didn't invent money, they built a payment system around real money. Crypto is literally fake internet money.
File: 1552871160553.jpg (56 KB, 500x638)
56 KB

Thanks OP just bought another 100k
This. My conviction has only grown stronger thanks to the OP
File: btc vs gold.jpg (309 KB, 1024x1024)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
>How can it be the future when literally nobody uses it as a payment method.

>Gold as a store of value: $7.7 Trillion USD
>Offshore banking: $15 Trillion USD
>Credit cards/payments: $770 Billion in Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal alone
>Certificates for Deposit (CDs): $571 Billion in the USA alone, on just those under $100,000

reconsider your IQ
It isn't you fucking retard, it's a ponzi to get chinese money.

File: images.jpg (12 KB, 284x177)
12 KB
ethereum pump starts in one hour. Might be some news to follow.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
fake news? lets find out
Cope harder ethtard. Your shitcoin is going to zero. Will you slit your wrist after it slips out of #2 or when it gets to #10 and you realize you bet on the wrong horse?
File: November.png (36 KB, 679x411)
36 KB
Why would ANYONE buy into crypto now when the sequel to pic related is due at any moment?
biz is such a larp fest
Must be fucking retarded not going all in

File: 1552451611170.jpg (61 KB, 842x699)
61 KB
Can somebody please help me. lm so fucking confused.
lm trying to confirm my bank account in paypal and it says that it has added two small deposits to my checking account but l can't find it anywhere.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
you are fucked. usually this means the fbi or another law enforcement agency has a flag on your finances and is filtering shit. i would lay low and maybe change addresses op
That's not good enough. I've had this happen before, the only thing you can do is leave the country ASAP
Invest in a good butthole stretcher before the party van arrives
>having a bank account in the year of our lord 2019
Cash and a payroll card is the way to go dude. Banks literally make money by reaming their customers with jewish fees.
Also not good enough. You have to fake your death, it's the only way.
Look for a homeless with your stature, then kill him and bring him to your place. Remember to kill him by shooting him in the face, otherwise they will compare his teeth with your dental records, so make sure to completely destroy his jaw.
Now place the body in your house and set it on fire, then leave for some country in southeast Asia.

File: m3d_3.png (19 KB, 279x86)
19 KB
crypto... bank the unbanked or just play and have
some fun at games like Moon3D
This is legit
Join now
File: sample_nyancat.png (6 KB, 521x224)
6 KB

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