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File: IMG_20190418_132940.jpg (2.05 MB, 3968x2976)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB JPG
Hey /an/ so me and my gf found this little guy on the street, someone left him in the flowerpot. He has not opened his eyes yet, so is very small. What should we feed him? We gave him warm milk, mixed with some butter and egg yolk, and he was eating it. How much food should he eat and is there better alternative to what we gave him?
why does your girlfriend have the hands of a 80 year old man?
Yes, kitten formula and google. Check out kitten lady for info.
Thats not my girlfriend holding it in the picture
Trim your nails. Your going to scratch that poor animule.

I came here to recommend The Kitten Lady on YouTube as well. Nice!

File: 20180220_195720.jpg (3.05 MB, 4128x2322)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB JPG
>a few years
>you were so scared at first
>that small cage wasn't good
>slowly you liked became more trusting
>soon you loved me and I loved you
>you were there to sing on a sad day
>you were there to chirp on a sunny day
>you were there to rip the bag of seed open when you wanted treats
>you were there to say your name whenever
>you were there to fly around and land on my shoulder while I was so busy
>a few years ago you came into my life
>a few years ago you improved it
>a few years ago you said your name for the first time, on the 24th march 2014
>a few years ago you came into my home
And now you rest behing it forever. I will always love you, my dearest Cookie. My dearest little green friend.

File: Arum_flower.jpg (479 KB, 600x932)
479 KB
479 KB JPG
The Plant General - Beware the Araceae Edition

Welcome to /plant/, the happy green place on this blue board, where growers, gardeners and horticulturists share their love for things that grow.
Newbies and amateurs are very welcome, and we’ll always try to answer your questions.

If you are into Araceae, looking no further for this edition of plants featuring the Arum family. Just don't brag to us that you know how to find your spadix.

>/plant/ Discord
>International Aroid Society
>Growing Anthuriums
>Growing Zantedeschia

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New thread pls
New thread
File: disgusted hatred.jpg (270 KB, 1985x1163)
270 KB
270 KB JPG
what's wrong, sweetie?

File: 1550718544334.jpg (66 KB, 1000x1000)
66 KB
What does /an/ think of the gusic cat?
File: 1542064134310.jpg (251 KB, 1125x1358)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
Not big on jazz
Too narrow

File: cat-3950348__340.jpg (35 KB, 510x340)
35 KB
is it normal that my femalr cat likes to be fingered?
she doesn't likes when the neighboors cat comes and rapes her but one day i tried putting my finger inside her vagoo and she started to squirm and raise her butt.
been doing it for 2 days.
i use latex gloves because her pussy stank
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>Insert the Q-tip into the cat's vagina. It will be exposed and puffy. Do not insert the Q-tip into the other orifice. Either way the cat will begin to scream, but there is a subtle and audible difference in the scream of satisfaction and the scream of rectal pain. Experiment a little until you can distinguish the two
>Do not insert the Q-tip into the other orifice. Either way the cat will begin to scream, but there is a subtle and audible difference in the scream of satisfaction and the scream of rectal pain. Experiment a little until you can distinguish the two
>there is a subtle and audible difference in the scream of satisfaction and the scream of rectal pain. Experiment a little until you can distinguish the two
>Experiment a little until you can distinguish the two

dude really? are you saying to shove a q tip in the cats butt-hole just in case someone can't figure out which orifice is the butt-hole? anyone who can't tell a vagina from a butt-hole shouldn't be q tipping cats
File: 1552046767875.jpg (11 KB, 249x249)
11 KB
File: 1452641265812.png (308 KB, 971x625)
308 KB
308 KB PNG
What the fuck is going on this thread.
File: 1547423699977.jpg (42 KB, 492x647)
42 KB
File: 1552386370127.jpg (248 KB, 924x1067)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
>You will know when the cat is finished because it will either begin immediately to have a cat orgasm, or it will run away with the Q-tip sticking out of its ass.

File: received_384504252393682.jpg (276 KB, 1170x1560)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
Anyone know what kind of spider is this? Should I be worried? What should I do about it?
File: 24489.jpg (2.38 MB, 3872x2592)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB JPG
Argiope argentata
>Should I be worried?
>What should I do about it?
Bad shot. Orb weaver or something. Leave alone, spiders are out friends.
Garden spider

Just let it chill
golden orb weaver, not to be confused with the gold silk orb weaver or "banana spider".

File: apes and man.png (422 KB, 891x520)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
If the NIH gave top scientists 5 gorillion dollars, do you think they could produce an F1 human / common chimpanzee hybrid?
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File: selfd.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
Why bother? Just produce smarter humans who can build/maintain exo-skeleton suits to augment their weak bodies.

Looking like you're physically strong is nice, but in an actual self-defense scenario....
blacks already exist
i don't understand this picture. it says that it is drawn to scale but it seems like it is not. seems more like the bodies of all the other apes are distorted to be closer to human height.
The leap from other hominids to human beings was very likely due to bushmeat production. You just don't get enough depth of contact from human male penetration. The far more likely route of initial transmission was some hunter getting a deep gouge from a rib or other bone while dressing a corpse and keeping the wound steeped in blood and viscera.

File: 1531628343880.jpg (247 KB, 964x481)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Can you identify these trees?
Not from 50 ft away, no. Not that well versed in Dendro.
Close up of bark is good, leaf is better if possible.
Where was this photo taken?
Brown Recluse
You fucking asked this already and got an answer.

File: IMG_20190418_102849.png (1.24 MB, 1080x788)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
I took my dog on a walk this morning and on ouw way back home I noticed some blood stains.
He probably stepped on some glass and cut himself .
I didn't have any gauze so I used some cotton, an old sock and two plasters.
Obviously he took it off so I went out and bought the gauze.
Should I take him to the vet or just wait and see if the blood stops ?
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Cut the fur so you can see the wound you retard. Your dog is probably going to be fine but keep in mind that it will be way more expensive to go to the vet later than now.
It's hard to keep him still and cut his fur at the same time, I'll see if my friend can help me later on.
Well duh. Hard or not, you'll have to manage.
I just changed it and found it on one of his paw's pad.
It's a 3 mm cut, not very deep.
Just disinfected and changed the bandages.
I'm sure he'll be fine.
>I'm sure he'll be fine
Sounds like it. Just be sure to check on it regularly and observe his behaviour.

Seal/ sea lions are the best animals change my mind
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File: vB7rYCa.gif (1.62 MB, 320x180)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB GIF
CHOMP! Sea lions are pretty awesome though.
File: Rei-Ohara-.jpg (33 KB, 640x427)
33 KB
fuck external ears and fuck walking

based and pinnipedpilled
I can’t. I’m on a diving trip in Sidney, BC right now, and we might see some sea lions on Race Rocks. They’re about the coolest life around, and they’ll come right up and nibble on you. I’ll post pics later if I can.
fish>crabs>...mice>tengmalms owl> uh.. narwals maybe.. i really don't know you guys, someone help me out
The narwhal bacons at midnight ;) now vote for Ron Paul as you download minecraft, you can use your ice soap before work in the morning.

Need help, my dog´s eye lost it's natural color in the span of 2 days, any help is much appreciated.

> inb4 take him to vet, most in my country are thiefs.
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pets are property and people are allowed to treat them how they want
Niggers believe that. Not people.
That anon's right, but any decent person would choose to treat them well.
Civilized countries have laws on how you should threat your pet
File: 1555517547112.webm (2.88 MB, 852x480)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB WEBM

File: dog1.png (352 KB, 700x700)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
Anyone have a dog? Tell me why, because I'm clueless as to why it'd be worth having one.
Enlighten me.
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Goldens and labs are top tier dogs.
It feels nice to have another living being be genuinely excited to see you after coming back from work. Also tending to their needs gives you plenty to do. Definitely not for everyone tho.
Basically this. I didn't even really want my dog, he was just kind of shoved on me, but having him around has helped so much with the depression I'd just kind of accepted was my life over the years and has helped me get my shit together so much. I can't imagine life without that goober sleeping on my feet now.
Humans only pretend to love you because you feed them. Dogs actually do.
Not that anon, but my pup prefers me to love on him and wants my gf to play with him. When I'm sat on the couch playing Vidya, he'll try his best to get the controller out of my hands so I'll give him attention. He's a very needy little guy, but he's my best friend and I love him very much
I don't like animals that constantly hover around me and don't leave me alone.

File: purple.png (750 KB, 801x451)
750 KB
750 KB PNG
How do I look tonight, human-kun?
15 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
you ever look at people like that and wonder how they haven't offed themselves yet? how is life worth it?
>Cinemassacre in a submarine throwing shade at marine life

I'll admit that I'd watch that.
File: 1535628429714.png (319 KB, 453x539)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
Damn, that Elon Musk guy really let himself go.
>Cinemassacre in a submarine throwing shade at marine life.

That'd be pretty cool actually.

It'd be a handjob and "massage" if you know what I mean.

File: slaughter.png (846 KB, 1271x667)
846 KB
846 KB PNG
Can you imagine if there was a dog slaughterhouse in the US? People would lose their shit in uproar. Pigs, chickens and cows are commonly eaten though, so that intense suffering is nullified. These conditions are worse than gulags.
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File: 1552518569081.png (118 KB, 1300x1300)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
>Why does ticks not get same love as chimoanzee, booff want live!
[citations needed]
happy meat is tasty meat. Eat less meat, buy free range with the money saved from eating less meat. Or hunt for wild game, in particular pest species that have to be culled anyway. If hunting bunnies, be sure to use the offal as well. It is healthy.
Gotta reduce costs and increase profit by any means necessary, compromising the welfare of animals to achieve this is no issue.
It came naturally to them, originally being pack animals and all.

File: lasiusflavus.png (1.1 MB, 1024x683)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
for me, it's the yellow meadow ant. they milk aphids underground and don't afraid of anyone
whenever I squish these things they don't smell like lemon
Those are up there on my list. Either that or leafcutter ants.
it would be nice if they did smell like lemon or something zesty. Ants unfortunately don't smell very nice. I wish all ants would have a pleasant scent when squished.
they usually taste pretty nice though

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