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I hung a bird feeder a week ago and filled it with seed but no birds have visited yet

What’s wrong

>get 4-6 of them off of a friend who can't keep pets in his new apartment
about 1 year later
>have 30+ hamsters now

I don't mind keeping a lot of hamsters since they are a cute bunch but the most I can take is about 50, is there an easy way to do birth control that doesn't involve killing babies and/or giving them away?
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parent-child incest is much less detrimental than sibling-sibling incest
If you keep repeating brother-sister pairings the detriments get ironed out and you get pure blooded super strains.
you shouldnt have pets.
thank you for "breeding" brothers and sisters.
every new litter will be less healthy.
there is no chance you have proper enclousers for this ammount of hamsters.
hamsters have no benefit from living together, dwars CAN not kill/attack each other, especially if they know each other since birth, but it is by no means necessary, it just rises the chance some retard like you let something like this happen.
>every new litter will be less healthy.
That's where you are wrong. With proper purging they can be healthier than unrelated.
but do you want 30 unhealty generations before it gets better?

File: 0001.jpg (533 KB, 1100x733)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
A c*t was trying to kill a rabbit outside my house and I rescued it. Its leg is broken but otherwise seems fine. I'm going to keep it at least as long as it takes to heal. Do any anons have advice on how to care for a feral rabbit? Are there any diseases I can catch from it?
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How long do they remain contagious? Can I quarantine the rabbit for a while to prevent spread of disease? I've washed my hands very well after handling it obviously.
the animal being clean and not eating anything it excretes are all you really need to not get sick from a rabbit
that is to say, YOU not eating anything it excretes
good call, wasn't planning on it
OP here, I'm thinking about getting another rabbit about the same age to be its friend. Is this a good idea?

File: seal.jpg (108 KB, 1092x610)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
I can see this board is more about posting cute pics of animals, but I wanted to ask a heavier question: what percentage of male animals in the wild reproduce? Especially mammals.
With the different strategies I've seen in documentaries, and all the alphas, harems, fighting for territory, etc, I'd imagine most are losers and never make it. However its hard to get any numbers, because Google mostly shows me articles about homosexuality in animals whenever I search male reproduction.

Thoughts and links?
Seconding this with a bump, seems interesting.

File: hooks_hawthorn_habit.jpg (224 KB, 900x675)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Been interested in getting into Bushcraft but I have 0 knowledge about plants. I want to know what plants I can eat and which ones will kill me, as well as being able to identify trees and their uses. Is there already a good catalog of this information I should start at? How do I go about learning these things? I live in the Midwest.

File: 1570665503367s.jpg (7 KB, 250x234)
7 KB
Can you guys help me naming a half german half gold retriever
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if dubs, Pussyhunter
Hans or Karlheinz
Hans Dieter

File: DqDZleIUcAEGlLW.jpg (163 KB, 1600x1067)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
water doggo
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File: majestic.gif (2.88 MB, 438x360)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB GIF
Seals are more related to weasels than to bears.

>caniformia divides into canids and the rest (arctoidea)
>arctoidea divides into bears and the rest
>the rest divides into pinnipeds and musteloids
>Seals are more related to weasels than to bears.
conclusion doesn't follow.

seals aren't necessarily more related to a sister taxon than to an ancestor.
File: seal_0.jpg (188 KB, 1280x841)
188 KB
188 KB JPG

Thoughts on these boys?
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Unfortunately stories like this are all too common, dogs that are trained behave. Sad what the worlds come to.
File: 1570688345959-1.png (315 KB, 433x426)
315 KB
315 KB PNG
They live in a society
Rotties are cute and good boys.
yea but the numbers are like 70% of attacks being pibbles and 12% being rotties. rotties are also a popular breed, anon... so not sure what you're on about.
It ruined the gene pool of my city, a lot of street dogs here used to be a mix of shepherds and toy dogs so they where very chill and friendly but a few years ago a fashion trend started that the only way to be a true macho is to have a bad dog with you so a lot of wanna be got a one just for the status and of course when they got bored of them, they let them loose in the city, now you can't get out without having a anti dog whistle

File: mo3r08pgdbq31.jpg (70 KB, 680x838)
70 KB
Post /an/ approved video games
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File: screen01[1].jpg (375 KB, 1920x1080)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
Slime rancher
File: header.jpg (61 KB, 460x215)
61 KB
Come back when you were born in the Summer of '69
Any good games with moder graphics similar to Zoo Tycoon?

File: download.jpg (36 KB, 900x900)
36 KB

What you think of PETA?
Will they ever be forced to disband? Will they ever run out of dumb people who give them money?
Or do you agree with PETA and think their killcount is neat?
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>Probably because you're an idiot.

any amount of domesticated animals killed contributes to better animal welfare worldwide, less vermin taxing the ecosystem.
anthropomorphising isn't normal, the only reason you have strong feelings towards the domesticated vermin that is the house cat is because your mind is suffering from the long term effects of toxoplasmosis.
Love me some peta bread...
With cyanide?
File: 1571032974462.jpg (139 KB, 900x900)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
File: Sin título.png (4 KB, 431x394)
4 KB

Feathered dinosaurs, beautiful creatures that boomers hate for not being entirely scaly.
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>it streaked across about 1/2 of the planet before impact.
How does round work.

The scariest part is that I've seen paleoartists use lolis as size references

Friendly reminder that feathered dinosaurs are miles beneath what flew above them
Giraffes don't have feathers but filament.

File: download (1).jpg (135 KB, 1280x720)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
how does /an/ feel about moose?
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Angry sons of bitches. They'll charge a human without a second thought for as little as acknowledging their presence.
Hey, look at all those motherfucking MEESE!
File: moose.webm (877 KB, 800x345)
877 KB
Moosetly indifferent
That's an elk.

File: donald-trump.jpg (3.18 MB, 4200x2800)
3.18 MB
3.18 MB JPG
Post bunnies.
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It's gonna shit under the bed, if possible move the bed to the side, and the book case to the back. My rabbit shat under the bed and it was really difficult to clean.
I will block the underside of the bed with boxes. Do you think there is enough runspace for a miniature to medium bunny?
Just look out, it might chew threw them. Its little bit small but I think you can manage with even average sized bunny. Thought you should also take him outside sometimes, for exercise and sunlight.
>Thought you should also take him outside sometimes, for exercise and sunlight
I was thinking of taking him/her to a nearby beach in summer, so s/he can dig and run around in a leash. Winters we would do bunny agility indoors.
Look out the sand might burn him, make sure you take him out when its cooler, and if you do that just make sure you train him a bit to get use to the leash before you take him outside. But I wish you the best of luck!

my cat killed another mouse today

current confirmed kills: 4+
3 mice
1 bird

i love my cat
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>Pits are violent amirite?
Get better material
File: Christopher_Moltisanti.jpg (386 KB, 1722x2592)
386 KB
386 KB JPG
>>shitting all over the place
Outdoor cats unironically worse than any bird (except geese) when it comes to shitting.
>>deprived of native predators on account of urbanization
Which is not true. Hawks and shit. Seagulls. And those never had any predators even before urbanisation
>>either breeding out of control on account of dumpster diving or dying out from permanently fucked over habitat syndrome
Exactly like cats. Except they don't bother you like feral cats, that are practically rats at this point.
>>cats are the problem
>tells others to get better material
>still can't produce any reasons to get a pit
He can use his old assertions and arguments if you're still using yours, brainlet.
>deprived of native predators on account of urbanization
there's no actual evidence of low predation pressure on urban birds, all urban songbird species are declining.

Fighting Obesity Edition
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H-Hello, my fellow raccoons, nice thread weve got going on here!
File: 1559124797975.webm (1.08 MB, 460x258)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB WEBM
I’m going to need to see some ID, sir.

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