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File: WLD_20_CE0001_01_P.jpg (132 KB, 510x354)
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132 KB JPG
So pure.
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coon momma
File: BK520A.jpg (496 KB, 2048x1363)
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496 KB JPG
File: 1568547832360.png (11 KB, 447x378)
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I thought the that babies tail was a dapper mustache
baby face is qtqtqtqtqtqt
File: mothership.jpg (314 KB, 1500x999)
314 KB
314 KB JPG

File: _20200119_033104.jpg (86 KB, 861x601)
86 KB
Do animals have souls?
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I hope so.
I want to meet my dog again in the afterlife
Why don't you kill yourself right here, right now then?
File: Dunning Kruger Chart.jpg (27 KB, 639x470)
27 KB
lmao this nigga larping as a latin scholar
just because you're too weak to deal with reality doesn't mean everyone is
if you don't read latin how are you going to know which of several word meanings was most common?

It's a problem in any language, and even a retard like you should understand it.

File: IMG_20200126_055739.png (721 KB, 720x1015)
721 KB
721 KB PNG
My cat was yawning again so I did a classical cat prank and put my finger as far as I could into her mouth. This time I kind of touched the back of her tongue and she threw up! But not just anywhere, she threw up all over my girlfriends Gucci handbag! I tried washing the handbag and giving it back to my girlfriend but she kept saying "eww, gross, eww, gross!" over and over. I gave up trying to give it back to her and we just agreed that I'd buy her another one. She took the bag home to throw it away and I'm now thinking what should I do to let the cat know not to throw up on peoples things? Thanks in advance.
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fuck yeah, anymore?
File: IMG_20200127_004424.png (1.29 MB, 720x1007)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB PNG
File: IMG_20200127_004656.png (1.06 MB, 720x1171)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
File: IMG_20200127_005216.png (1.01 MB, 720x947)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
File: IMG_20200127_005159.png (1008 KB, 720x1049)
1008 KB
1008 KB PNG

File: IMG-20200125-WA0000.jpg (2.55 MB, 2250x4000)
2.55 MB
2.55 MB JPG
This is the dog general. Talk and do and ask about doggos

Outside edition
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My dogger has gone autistic and thinks every crumb of dirt and bit of fluff around him is fleas or parasites what do
File: DSC_7728.jpg (1.06 MB, 1200x1200)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG
Holiest of keks, dude. Your stretched, repetitive greentext fuckery attempting to make me look like a terrible pet owner for not finding it difficult to care for my cat is absurd and full of ineffective speculation.

Have fun bleaching your cat's asshole. Godspeed, anon.
I think you misread or I didn't explain clearly. We're both getting a dog, he just thinks I should get a puppy as he thinks I'll enjoy raising it and bond with it better.

We're also not planning on having any kids probably for another five years or so, then we'll probably adopt. The dogs are not replacements for children, were just trying to build that basic american dream of a house, dogs, ok jobs, and maybe some kids one day.
God I hate these autistic indoor cat faggots. This is a dog thread. I have a 16 year old outdoor cat. She spends most of the day next to me but she can go out whenever she wants and she's fine. Lived a long happy life and she's still healthy.
Thoughts on Vizslas?

I have a bizarre situation on my hands that I’m becoming desperate to solve. I am running out of time.

I have inherited a house and to my surprise these two fish were inside. They have been living unattended in a house with a decaying human body for over a month. I need them gone so that the house can be biohazard cleaned, but everyone I call won’t come and pick them up. They are about two feet long each, and I believe a type of pacu.

How can I get someone to save these fish? I am absolutely desperate.
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>I’m extremely proud to say that the pacus have been rescued and are on to a good new home.
good because pacus are based, thank you for saving them
The pacus in their new home!!!

out of the frying pan...
I gotta say they are very VERY ugly fish but I'm happy for them.

File: 1578030265860-1.jpg (65 KB, 720x720)
65 KB
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I-is he alright?
me in the back
My new freg

File: mosquito-bite.jpg (60 KB, 1100x734)
60 KB
>ayo come here homoboi
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File: p regius.jpg (2.64 MB, 4104x3348)
2.64 MB
2.64 MB JPG
A pretty P. regius male.
File: SS2542160.jpg (164 KB, 1200x995)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Nice. Have those here except we have the subtype with blue chelicerae. I'm looking forward to the weather warning so I can go spider hunting.
Very seriously considering breeding regals, especially if I can breed blue fangs
>I don't recall ever being afraid of spiders

People like that used to be filtered out by lethal spiders.
Do you sleep outside with no mosquito net?
I love the smaller ones, but the big ones just scared me for some reason

Thread dedicated to the discussion and all things related to ancient biology, geology and geography

>Paleontology Online

>Paleontology World

>ThePaleobiology Database

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When namefags started attention whoring here and you retards willing shove their shit down your throats.
that was going on before generals existed
File: HorridRexDarkerSepia.jpg (143 KB, 506x640)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Not really unless you're
>A) one of those meganormies that thinks reptiles are "icky"
>B) take stuff like Duane Nash's theories to have any substatial merit

was there ever a time when it was any good?

File: 1572858679044.png (597 KB, 759x960)
597 KB
597 KB PNG
Pigs are awesome!
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If only they weren't so tasty
Dogs don't normally get up to 300 pounds on the small side and aren't nearly as stubborn as pigs tend to be
At a farmers market, there was a section for showing farm animals. Best looking animal for the breed got the blue ribbon.

I saw pigs there that were damn near 600lbs. Massive beasts. Then you see the piglets and it is almost unreal how those tiny things get soooooo huge.
You want prions, cause that's how you get prions.
Mhm enjoy your malnutrition dumbass. More meat for those who know what's good for them!

Why do predators enjoy eating monkey meat?
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Humans getting mauled by their dogs is unrealistic because humans would win against any type of pet because humans can use weapons and shit.
Leopards and humans have roughly the same size/prey proportion as that pic and even lower yet you still get shit like pajeets getting malued to death by them
File: reaction.webm (71 KB, 410x310)
71 KB
>His head cup becomes a literal teacup.
File: 1575844536521.jpg (26 KB, 311x459)
26 KB
>The only thing that made humans survive was their extreme libido.

that's not how it works. that's not how any of this works. humans (at least, whatever counts for a "wild" homo sapiens) survived because we were smarter, used tools, banded together in large groups, and killed LITERALLY anything that fucked with us. seriously. I can''t underestimate the tool use and murderboners here. its why most animal species on the planet avoid us instinctively.

in fact, as far as the reproduction argument goes, humans have one of the most involved child rearing processes in the animal kingdom, as well as the human birth being a fairly violent ordeal with the mother being at genuine risk of dying from it if something goes wrong. as opposed to, say, a cat, who could pop out 4-6 kittens and be ready to hunt 15 minutes later.
Imagine being this misanthropic

File: kmsaywfwt0m11.jpg (111 KB, 953x960)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
i fucking hate monkeys they're stupid ugly cunts, orangutans, gorillas, bonobos, chimps (pshh or as i call them wimps) baboons, sloths, all of them. i fucking hate monkeys!!!!
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Underage third world shitskin/middle class suburban retard
Stop projecting onto fucking animals.
File: d0c.png (561 KB, 540x514)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
pajeet is upset that a money shat in his designated shitting street corner
Are you part of Youtube's secret monkey torture network?
fuck you, monkeys are awesome!

File: 20190916_192719.jpg (319 KB, 1080x614)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
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File: EPIizD5U0AICV_a.jfif.jpg (236 KB, 1366x2048)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
why does he cry
he expected sausage but only saw sausage fingers
File: 1580051056221.gif (247 KB, 588x569)
247 KB
247 KB GIF
that actually looks a lot like my face when i'm about to COOOOM

File: bluewildwet.png (1011 KB, 607x905)
1011 KB
1011 KB PNG
I love my pup, /an/. He's been with me through some harsh times. Really loyal companion and got me out of some sticky situations more than a few times. I want to make sure I'm feeding him as well as I can be within my budget as he deserves it.

I feed him pic related along with the dry salmon kibble from the same brand. I mix it up into a big bowl at about a 50/50 rate and he demolishes it and loves it. But is it the healthiest stuff for him? The tastiest, most nutritious stuff I can get him? He's a big dog at 90lbs and a German Shepherd. He's really fit as we're quite active and play and hike a lot.
Wellness grain-free cans is my go to
As long as you are lucky enough to not get a bad charge it's good but switch brand at once if he seems to be unwell, just in case.
I hear a lot of controversies about the Blue Buffalo brand, it's mostly about their kibbles though.
Fed my dog blue buffalo kibble and she developed crystals in her urine. Vet suggested royal canin and I switched, her crystals disappeared.

YMMV though. Just keep watch on his health, I don't trust their kibble at least.

My dog was a large dog too. 85lb, Labrador/Bernese Mountain dog mix.

Look at this cute little doggo, what a based woofster pupperino
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Thinking of all the different types of birds there are I wonder if bats will become so diverse. I know there is different species of bats but they all generally look similar.
do you think kraits are native to Colorado?
Obviously not. We don't even have any snakes of the same family as kraits in Colorado.
We have bats though
>bats are probably a bigger problem than kraits honestly.
>A native animal is more of a problem than a non-native animal
>A native animal is more of a problem than a non-native animal
it's like you're a retarded person
Unless you're implying we have to worry about bats because we have them and not not snakes, which we also have no shortage of.....
Or so you think a krait is a different animal from a snake?

File: deercapitation.png (1.15 MB, 1342x646)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
why are komodo dragons so sadistic in the way they kill? i thought predators wanted to just bite your neck and kill you as fast as possible? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmwC9HzcWbQ
28 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>i thought predators wanted to just bite your neck and kill you as fast as possible

No, humans are the only animals in existence that even gives a single fuck about other animals suffering or "killing quickly and humanely" lmao. Even other animals closer to intelligence to humans will toy with their prey to increase suffering for fun.
bump for komo-broes, anyone got more webms?
You have never seen them hunt

Uts not sadistic, its literally their killing method. They have ridiculously toxic jaws that they keep at that level of toxicity by eating bats. They then only bite off their preys to injure, letting the wound develop super-sepsis within hours. The Komodo then tracks the prey slowly for top 48 hours until it gives out of exhaustion and sickness. That way Komodo dragons can kill animals way fucking bigger than them.

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