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File: cauvery.jpg (70 KB, 1000x600)
70 KB
For Indian users only.
I am asking people for contribution towards Cauvery Calling campaign which is aiming to shift at least 30% of farmers in Cauvery river basin towards agro-forestry which will help farmers, soil health, and ground water level.

Entire project will be managed by eminent citizens such as retired Supreme Court Judge, ISRO chairman and such.

It takes just 42 Indian Rupees to plant one tree (which includes taking care of sapling and planting it in farmer's field). This campaign has backing of many countries and UNITED NATIONS.

Though you can donate directly, but I would like some of you to donate through the link below. It will help this one particular volunteer reach the pledged goal of 1000 trees. Volunteers or fund raisers DO NOT get anything from it, money goes directly to Campaign's account handled by above mentioned committee and audit report will be published.


Donating through above link will help a volunteer reach their personal goal of getting people to contribute 1000 trees.

Thanks in advance
Thank you based gupta

File: JPEG_20190819_183156.png (978 KB, 1024x1024)
978 KB
978 KB PNG
(preferably cat selfies)
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File: image0-13.jpg (43 KB, 569x569)
43 KB
thank you and good night :)
File: 1563731325220.jpg (36 KB, 1023x959)
36 KB
File: IMG_20190820_192232.jpg (364 KB, 936x936)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
Hope I'm not late

File: GOAT.jpg (23 KB, 355x265)
23 KB
What if I only socialize my male puppy with female dogs, so it grows up to be super smooth around the ladies but aggressive with dudes? Is this a viable strategy for making a chad dog?
>pic unrelated, chows are too dignified to chase puss
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You're pornosick and thrusting your fetishes upon my potential dog. Speaking of which, what kind of dog should I get?
I've owned dogs and I know that bitches will mog on a male dog just for the hell of it.

get a toy poodle.
I'm thinking labradoodle, close enough.
Bitches are the dominant sex in dogs
They are the chads
pibble, no breed is more aggressive

Did humans think of weaving fibers together after discovering spider webs?
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people discovered paper by watching wasps. first the didnt know how to make nests so ancient humans farmed wasps so they could use their paper
no, humans thought of weaving fibers together when they realized a single string won't cover their ass.
Then Linus tech tips invented linux

spiders with webs evolved around 2 million years ago

Anybody know what kind spider this.is???

Glowing brown recluse
neoscona crucifera
A spooky one

File: IMG20190819201748.jpg (1.93 MB, 3264x2448)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
WTF is that? Any insect experts here? Landed out of nowhere on my leg in my room. Responds to touch by trying to attack with tail. Moves slowly
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dude your leg looks fucking weird
>there are flying earwigs
Most of them have wings, it's really cool how they fold up under their little wing covers
did they name them ear wigs just to traumatize children?
I'm form Hungary too, they are super common and well known. OP is a retard.

Fun fact, we call them 'fülbemászó' which literally means 'crawls into your ear'.

Are they the most based big cats?
Jaguars are my favorite animal, so yes.
How can something so cute crush my skull?
Name any other big cat with a pyramid dedicated to it, oh wait you can't. Jaguar #1

I'm going to post a platypus in this thread every day until all of /an/ wants to snuggle a puggle.

Previous thread>>>2885601 archived

This is your daily reminder to want a platypus
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My niece loves her soft platypus Platy-Anon. This thread unironically made me love platys and now my niece will grow up with fond memories of cuddly duck puppies.
File: 1454389797987.jpg (136 KB, 640x378)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
That makes it worth it for me.

This is your daily reminder to want a platypus
File: xpUCCdE.gif (953 KB, 333x195)
953 KB
953 KB GIF
This is your daily reminder to want a platypus.
Reminder that platypus venom has no cure and can make you sick for literally months.
Reminder that no one has ever been harmed by simply wanting a platypus

File: nature's orc.jpg (7 KB, 277x182)
7 KB
>is our closest living relative
>one of the most repulsive mammals

What did evolutionary psychology mean by this?
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Good bait
Genocide all chimps and baboons if you ask me
yea, fucking a dragon is hard core
No, but what's is it about?
They are short, ugly, hairy, dumb men who can rip your face off. How could you not hate such a thing?

Why are they so cool?
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>The whole reason behind "birds are dinosaurs" but "pterosaurs are not dinosaurs, but flying reptile."
Dinosaurs are dinosaurs, pterosaurs are pterosaurs. The words "flying reptile" are in no way taxonomically valid and mean simply a reptile that is able to fly, and both birds and pterosaurs fit the criteria. If you said, for example, "flying tetrapod", bats would fit in too.
>Dinosaurs are split between avian dinosaur, including raptors and modern birds and non avian dinosaurs
"Non-avian dinosaur" is a paraphyletic term, it is only used to describe dinosaurs that are not in the Avialae clade. Sauropods and theropods are closer to avialans than to ornithischian dinos. It's not like the common ancestor of the whole Dinosauria clade split between Avialae and non-avian dinos right away.
>They don't include flying reptiles and marine reptiles like mosasaurs
Well, Dinosauria does include Avialae. But yeah it doesn't include Pterosauria or Mosasauridae (which are lizards).
>The words "flying reptile" are in no way taxonomically valid and mean simply a reptile that is able to fly, and both birds and pterosaurs fit the criteria.
Would you then call a generic pingeon flying reptile? They are clearly not, the classic definition of vertebrate classes separate reptilia from aves.
The Linnean classification does, but cladistics doesn't, since you can't take a species out of an ancestor's taxon (except genus and species). So yeah, birds are reptiles (they're in Dinosauria, therefore being in Archosauria and Reptilia), and all vertebrates are fish.
Thanks for the clarification, I really appreciate it. We only learned about the traditional Linnean classification in high school and my biology is not up to date.
It's really a problem that we have at least three different commonly used definitions of 'dinosaurs' and people tend to teach one without explaining the others so everyone gets confused all the time:
- The scientific one that's dinosauria,
- the pseudo-scientific one that's used for dinosauria but without birds and
- the popcultural one that's all extinct 'reptiles' that don't look too much like those that are still living so in that group there are pterosaurs, dinosaurs without birds, extinct marine reptiles that aren't turtles, some archosaurs and even 'pelicosaurs' that are more closely related to mammals.

File: bluewhale.jpg (52 KB, 860x591)
52 KB
Why do other animals bother competing when blue whales already achieved the maximum potential for Earth biology?
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At least you tried tree.

"Here's a map showing just how big the Humongous Fungus, highlighted in red, is compared to other, less humongous Armillaria (in yellow).

It's an organism that covers 2,385 acres (almost 4 square miles) of the Malheur National Forest in Oregon."

That's a Boeing 707 from the 1960s. 153' long
>Heyyy Vsauce
tick tock mammals tick tock https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfDrmTzbLSM&t=
File: 1566000215732.jpg (484 KB, 750x943)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
>lives in the ocean
>can't enjoy the beach
fuck y'all whales

File: 20190820_094101.jpg (465 KB, 1080x697)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
I'm currently on holiday in Croatia and there have been several people advertising a dolphin watch expedition from 1830 until 2030. Considering that this is when the animals go to hunt and the amount of boats this company seems to have I'm concerned about the conservation standards. I have asked if there are regulations on how many boats can approach the animals at once but so far, no one has been able to tell me. Do any of you know about such laws in Croatia/can provide links?

File: 1k0zx7s3myt11 (1).jpg (49 KB, 326x420)
49 KB
what was the cat's name again?
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"Get me pictures of Nigger-Man!"
Lovecraft and Sonia Greene never got divorced, in fact Lovecraft renounced his anti-Semetism because of her.
reminder lovecraft had aspergers and was infected with toxoplasmosis
He was #blessed

He couldn't write masterpieces without The Toxo Blessing
yes he could, although rats in the wall would probably have been less kat kino

File: 1505443302540.png (57 KB, 242x266)
57 KB
What are the best pets to have while drunk? What are the best pets to have while high?
I'm stoned af cuddling with my cat and it's pretty ebin desu
LOL XD Ebin epic meme my gamer!!!

Do you still want to punch me, /an/?
File: IMG_2073.gif (1023 KB, 540x304)
1023 KB
1023 KB GIF
Birds are for sniffing, not punching
Budgies love getting punched and it is good for their health. Remember to punch your budgie at least once a week to keep them calibrated.
if you call parakeets budgies you are less than human
Parakeets are wide group of birds.
Budgies are budgies, they belong to parakeet group.

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