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File: 1554247041226.jpg (65 KB, 479x558)
65 KB
How do you not cry when you go to get your pet put to sleep?
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When you know it's for the best
nothing wrong with crying at a moment like this. Remember it's for the best and all the happy times you had.
why work at something that's an evolutionary disadvantage?

not only does research indicate that testosterone inhibits crying, but that women prefer uncaring men with high testosterone when they're ovulating, and emotionally available men with lower testosterone during the rest of their cycle.

meaning women prefer to have children with uncaring Chads and then trick kindly cucks into raising them.

in reality women constantly bitch about how men are assholes while unconsciously being the reason we are.
don't do the car thing, just get a script for your drug of choice from the doc since life doesn't matter anymore and go out like a junkie
I did. The vet found a big, cancerous growth on my cat's liver and she had to be put down. I had her for over ten years. I cried all the way home.

What does a ferret need to have an ideal life as a pet?

I've been thinking about ferrets for over 5 years now and still am unsure if I could provide a good home for one or two.
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Meat and their own poop
>I neutered my hob during his first rut (his first summer) and my jill's first season (her first summer too)
What do you think of hormonal implants? They're becoming pretty popular here.

>30 mins is ok, do they have an emergency vet service/do you have an emergency vet service closer by?
Yeah, the one reachable with car is a animal hospital, they take in emergencies around the clock.
My jill has the implant (I should have clarified instead of saying she's neutered). Less invasive and safer for the ferret but more costly.
This. The actual smell comes from the fact most people feed them trash food and then don't clean their cage nearly often enough.
Plus ferrets get obese from eating crap food

Are there animals besides humans that break necks of their prey on purpose? Felines bite the neck, but it would seem more efficient to just break them. Perhaps apes can actually do this?
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so you think that makes it not instinctive?
Dromaeosaur claws weren't used for shredding but for puncturing.
what a bizarre thing to say.

so they couldn't be used for both?'
a puncture couldn't turn into a shred?
why are they shaped like claws on hundreds of extant species that are used for both puncturing and shredding?
if it CAN shred, then why would you assume it didn't?
Are you perhaps just repeating the latest popsci shit you read on the topic because it makes you feel knowledgeable even if it's dubious at best?
do you even know the confidence intervals in deriving behavior from morphology in paleospecies?

your post just raises so many questions.
Dogs shaking small prey to break their neck is a very different thing to what I think OP was talking about.
I think he was talking about a predator bending or twisting the neck of an animal of similar size to break its neck.
That's hard to do using only your own jaws and neck because you can't bend or twist your own neck to the required angle or with the required torque to break the neck of most simlarly sized animals.
When a dog shakes a rat or rabbit it can only do that because the dog is so much bigger than the rat or rabbit, and it's the weight of the of the rat's or rabbit's body swinging sideways that breaks its neck. Lions can't do that with buffalo or warthogs. The size difference isn't there. No doubt they can do that to smaller prey - including the cubs of other lions.
Yeah, you're gonna have to come back when you're 18+

This thread is for the discussion of Speculative Evolution and Biology.

Old thread : >>3041511

>Definition of spec evo: Speculative evolution, also called speculative biology and speculative zoology, is a genre of speculative fiction and an artistic movement, focused on hypothetical scenarios in the evolution of life.

Resources :

Reccomended Projects:
>A world colonized by Canaries, Sunflowers and others

>A Chinese cave with very strange inhabitants

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A "white marble" Earth 125 million years from now similar to the Cryogenian period 720-635 million years ago where the whole planet was essentially 100% covered with ice; unlike any of the "ice age" periods were glacial ice was rarely further south than Florida.

This period would be a direct result of human activity and would start as soon as a couple thousand years from now. Sea levels would drop by about 300 meters to accommodate all of the ice.

Despite the harsh environment, multicellular life is still very diverse, with oxygen-producing plants evolving to root themselves directly into ice rather than soil. Humanity as we know it has fled the planet to colonize space, probably sometime around the 51st century, but even 125 million years from now there are vaguely human-like apes present which are very distant descendants of the handful of individuals who chose to stay behind.
what environmental circumstances would cause a bird to do this?

whenever quadrupedal locomotion becomes necessary
If only they have capacity to teach and pass their knowledges to their offsprings then they should be able to rival or even doing better than us
Which would be?

>23 years old
>move out of parents home
>find a fucking spider once every 4 days at my appartment
>google methods to get rid of spiders
>"Are you extremely afraid of spiders, bro? FUCK YOU look at this galery of HD spiders before reading any further"
>buy a big ass plant meant to scare insects away
>it does nothing and dies anyway
>buy insecticide and spray on every window and entrance
>it only kill roaches
Yesterday I arrived at my door and after I came inside, I noticed at least 2 fucking black spiders crawling out of the corner of the fucking door.behind me. So after hugging myself like a bitch and not being able to move for at least 10 minutes, I emptied a whole fucking can of insecticide and went to sleep over at my parent's.
Did I fuck over my clothes and furniture inside?
I'm not a fucking nu-male or a so y boy. I legit have an irrational and overwhelming fear of spiders.
How the fuck do I keep spiders away?
I'm so fucking sick of this shit.
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File: 1532425926835.jpg (190 KB, 449x401)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Quit being a little bitch basedboy lmao, spiders can't even hurt you
Have you tried home defense?
Well, maybe you can starve them with all that insecticides. Or just give up and see it as therapy.
You seem like a total cunt who has no idea how lucky he is.

That's not how venom works. Or spiders.

>get a cat who will scare them away from your place.
This thread gets dumber by the post.
>spiders in my house
>bigass spiders too
>do nothing about them
>one day come home to ants getting a chip that was under my cabinets
>as I'm spraying them I notice a cobweb almost completely filled with ant corpses

File: PicsArt_10-03-06.59.49.jpg (340 KB, 1437x1080)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
Guys do baby elephants use their trunks to get the milk from their moms like they do with water????
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File: maxresdefault (3).jpg (226 KB, 1280x720)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
Anime and porn have rotted your brain.

Haha imagine slapping the elephant's titties with that omg Haha
You are dumb as dogshit, dude.
Not really. You're the one who can't read.
a lean woman with a 36 inch band would be like 7 feet tall

File: Hagibis_5pm_1011.jpg (151 KB, 815x458)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
H-how many kot and doggos will die in Japan after this typhoon hit the land...? I feel sad every time I think about it.
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japan has way too many kots
Depends, will it pass through the island of cats?
Cats are super natural beings. They wont be wiped out.
Not that many, japs aren't animal people. Last time I was in Japan I saw 5 dogs in total and 4 of them belonged to the same person.

File: IMG_3927.jpg (167 KB, 750x883)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
ITT: We share and collect the best pictures of golden bois that we have.

Bonus points for expression and clothing.
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File: IMG-20191005-WA0006.jpg (205 KB, 1200x1600)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
That pic is a month ago, she's twice bigger now!
I don't know why dogs wearing hats is so charming
File: 1414939081667.jpg (456 KB, 1920x1080)
456 KB
456 KB JPG

File: 20191012_213825.jpg (358 KB, 700x641)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
Heyo anon!

Is this guy a Tegenaria Domestica
(Barn Funnel Weaver)?

Found him in my car, he'd made a pretty big funnel web in it.

I'm in rural Syracuse NY.

Thanks in advance.
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Rarely kill people, if you get bit you just see a doctor.
File: Tegenaria_domestica-f.jpg (171 KB, 1024x1133)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
Looks like one to me
Yeah, I don't think it's a recluse. He has too many markings.
cesonia bilineata
Hm. I don't think so. The abdomen markings are very different of that guy.

Any tips on making my dog less of an ass hole? He doesn't bite but he barks like fuck at strangers and he annoys the fuck out of the other dogs because he always wants to play. I might just end up separating him and only letting him out a couple times a day
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Same. My dog is a fucking bitch.
Sounds like too much pent up energy and not enough training. How old is he and how old are your other dogs?
As far as barking, gotta have some consistent training, look up some methods online. Shock collars could help but that's fucked up desu, i'd use that as a last resort.

For the energy, you probably gotta walk him more or play with him more so he tires out. That's the shitty thing about having high energy dogs.

Good luck, op.
>Good luck, op.
Don't coddle OP in his shitty dog ownership.
He hasn't even told us the age or breed of the dog, or how much training it has had or how much exercise it gets.
OP is coming here asking for asspats. He wants you to tell him that he has a shitty dog so he doesn't have to be a good owner.
The only animal in this thread that deserves a shock collar is OP.
>dog owners complaining about their asshole dogs
Why do these people even have dogs in the first place? Of all pets to choose from, they had to pick the worst possible one, a fucking dog. Not only are dogs shitty to their owners, they annoy everybody in sight, in earshot distance, and even the blind&deaf with their horrible, unwashable smell. Not to mention the inherently dangerous breeds such as pitbulls, bulldogs, rottweilers, and herding breeds - seriously, what kind of an idiot gets a herding dog to a house or an appartment? You can't make that shit up. Also, fuck all ESAs and their special fragile snowflake owner scum.

Cat fags btfo
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
How long before dogs are banned in Sweden?
I guess only if you go for walks 3 times a day, not if you put them in cages for your 8 hour workday before the 10min stumble around the block and making a thread on why your dog is such an hyperactive asshole.
>catfags seething this hard they can't put together a coherent sentence

>people who do expensive things have easier, longer lives
yeah no shit
Such a nice, complete sentence. As expected of a dog nut.

File: image.jpg (3.22 MB, 4032x3024)
3.22 MB
3.22 MB JPG
New to indoor gardening, recently got a lime tree and its yellowin pretty bad. Would like to know how to help it, also sorry if this is the wrong board yo. Also post indoor setups if you have any. Would like to see
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I am no expert on terrestrial plants, but i know for aquatic plants yellowing leaves usually indicates a lack of iron or other trace elements. Make sure you fertilize.
>there's some /aq/ cross overs,
I can ID most of the personalities in /plant/, not that there's a lot of them.

they very definitely post outside their topic.
I post to generals all the time but i also comment on posts outside of the generals. The only people who get upset about people posting outside of the generals are those who make the threads or discordfags. They feel personally attacked when people dont use 'their' threads.
I'm with >>3167664
Lime trees seem to have a huge appetite for iron, get a lime fertilizer.
you though I posted in paleo for like 2 years doe.

File: IMG_20190929_183225_Bokeh.jpg (1.86 MB, 3456x4608)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
My 5 month old Australian Shepherd keeps attacking and pulling at the leash when she's frustrated (for example, when she doesn't get to go see another dog she sees on the street or when we start walking home.) I tried stopping in my tracks and ignoring her when she does that and rewarding her when she doesn't act that way in a frustrating situation for her,I tried distracting her with other orders (sit,lie down,etc) and while she does calm down for the moment, as soon as we start walking she'll pull on the leash again,sometimes growling or even biting at my pants if I ignore her while walking. When she's in that state she'll even have moments where she'll jump to bite other people's handbag or pull at women's dresses. My girlfriend thinks it's just because of her age and that it'll pass when she reaches adulthood, but I want to make sure we aren't doing wrong. She gets lots of walks without the leash to release any pent up energy, she meets and plays with other dogs frequently, and most important she's never this disobedient any other time.
Thanks in advance for any answer you might have, shock collars/striking the dog are not acceptable for me though.
Get her a muzzle, and s what I would do. And then I would confront her with her frustrations, while rewarding her whenever she doesn't act on them. Also I would position myself between her and the object of her desire, so she learns that you are important in this given moment, not the other dog. I did the same with my lab, squatting down in front of him and looking at him while grabbing his harness, and then rewarding him every time he didn't whine and or bark at other dogs passing by. Nowadays he only looks after them while on leash
I'll see about the muzzle, hadn't thought of it. She usually obeys rather well, when she stops and stares at another dog I'll tell her to come , she will, and she'll pull on the leash afterwards,often well after the other dog is out of sight.
you let her play with other dogs and run around with them out of control off leash for stimulation and now she bites you because you're a huge pussy and the only recourse she gets for using her teeth on a person is being told to lay down (I bet she won't lay down for 30+ seconds when she's acting like that if you train with food)
You're taking her hyperactivity and disobedience as a sign to let her exercise more instead of taking control of the dog, she needs structured exercise and walking at heel on a leash with a muzzle on if she's biting in frustration. Keep your dog on a leash or it's never going to learn it has to listen to you, an aussie is too smart for you.
> My girlfriend thinks it's just because of her age and that it'll pass when she reaches adulthood
It will get worse, having an obedient puppy isn't anything to be optimistic about, dogs get problems when they enter maturity.
>shock collars/striking the dog are not acceptable for me though.
she's using her teeth on people, a shock collar is alot less violent than that
Alright you assumed a lot of things that aren't true and proposed no solution except the one I said wasn't acceptable for me. I'm guessing you decided to reply because your dog has a shock collar and you felt attacked by someone having a different opinion. But maybe you're right and I'm wrong, so tell me what I should do ?

Found this snake in my house. What type of snake is it? Should I be worried? I have cats and dogs.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Thank you, that’s good to know. I know nothing about snakes or reptiles in general. Any idea on what species it might be?
It's a garter snake, dude. It couldn't hurt you if it wanted to. Scoop it up and put it outside in a bush.
It looks like a Racer or Whip snake my nigga
It's always a good idea to say where you're from when posting a pic of an unidentified animal.
That said it looks like the snake is in more danger from your dogs and cats than they are from it.
some kind of whipsnake mebbe
awfully cute

File: Big guy UUUU.jpg (700 KB, 955x1212)
700 KB
700 KB JPG
Don't this I've ever seen a hornet/wasp as big as this guy.
What species is it? East Coast btw.
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
There are native cats in north america.
Isn't the distinction between neobiota and invasive species a thing in all languages?
Not F. Catus, so there are no cats, only felines.
Do they hunt so very different that prey isn't able to deal with F catus instead? Do F. catus populate a lot of areas outside of human settlements and form wild populations that replace native ones?
Irrelevant. Anon targeted honeybees, which have done a lot less damage than cats anyway.

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