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Hey Australia, why you have so many deadly amimals? Nothing is safe, spiders, snakes, sharks yeah sure. But even your octopus are deadly, I heard you cant even pick up a cone on the beach because it will shoot a deadly barb at you. You even have a venomous mammal.
How the fuck do you even survive out there when everything is venemous or aggressive?
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We weren't talking about Africa and India were we. We're talking about America, and the majority of Americans aren't going to see a bear or mountain lion unless they're going to one of the places they disparage as a flyover state. It's still a definite threat, just like the funnelweb, of which I've had three in my house, two in my garage and I've lost count of how many in my swimming pool, so maybe those fuckers stand out to me more.

Again, stop fighting bullshit with bullshit. Seriously, bringing up Africa? Are you fucking serious?
onga onga is in nz, but i guess thats far less harmful, still falling onto a handful of them can kill
The stereotypical swearing Australians are equivalent to fortune cookies invented by the Chinese.

Aside from some ferals escaped from shitty 'farms', the rusa variation are assholes.
>inb4 rusa originated from india
>The vast majority of Australians will never see a funnelweb or even be within 500km of one unless they're visiting Sydney or the NSW coast.
Victoria has a version of funnelweb too and they're quite common lol. Also the majority of australians live in melbourne/sydney you dumb cunt.
File: 1314106950080.jpg (42 KB, 443x359)
42 KB
>We weren't talking about Africa and India were we. We're talking about America
We were comparing America with Australia. We can also compare India and Africa to Australia.
>stop fighting bullshit with bullshit
You said "funnelwebs ... can be found at some point in the average Australian household". That is the most bullshit claim in this thread. Atrax robustus is mostly restricted to within 100km of Sydney. Even if you try to lump in other (non-deadly) funnelweb species and genera, it's still bullshit. Just like lumping red-bellied blacks in with deadly snakes.
>California is a flyover state
>Victoria has a version of funnelweb
It's not a deadly spider, which is what we were talking about
>the majority of australians live in melbourne/sydney you dumb cunt
Population of Australia: 25 million
Population of Melbourne: 5 million
Population of Sydney: 5 million
Also, there are no Sydney funnelwebs in Melbourne, you dumb cunt

File: caw.jpg (5 KB, 246x204)
5 KB
based and corvidpilled

How the fuck are sloths a thing in the wild?
Are you telling me these slow cunts never at a point in history went extinct from the hundreds of deadly things like chimps, venomous spiders and snakes that all crawl around in the same trees as a creature so dumb they sometimes grab their own arm (thinking it's a branch) and fall to their own death
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This sounds like a bullshit myth. I've never heard of any other bird doing anything like this.
There are no chimps in south/central america
maybe they taste like shit, the bird wasn't very hungry and when it started flayling around he didn't want to risk even a small injury.
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was real. Birds are fucking magic, yo.
Colombia's still a country, anon

File: Bracco Italiano Puppy.jpg (214 KB, 1400x926)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
General all about Italian Dogs.
I have a Bergamasco pup.
I used to have a Spinone. She died in 2003. Miss you Yole:(
Spinones are based.
>visit Rome
>hiking mountain with group
>we take a break near top
>there's a little house
>this adorable little beagle-esque dog comes out and hangs out with us
>literally the chillest dog I've ever met
>he eventually goes back inside and we resume hiking
My only experience with cani Italiani

They should have gone extinct.
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File: geesetheapexpredator.webm (2.87 MB, 720x406)
2.87 MB
2.87 MB WEBM

Idk how anyone can watch this and think "I hate geese"
is it a good tactic in the wild to just charge the fuck out of everything you come across? It seems like most animals want to avoid real confrontation when it comes down to it, even if they are way bigger and stronger.
Geese get aggressive like that only when protecting their young or eggs

how can the american baldy even compete?
By not going extinct.
File: 1544691040365.webm (2.88 MB, 640x640)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB WEBM

File: 1550837189758.png (519 KB, 756x940)
519 KB
519 KB PNG
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Construction workers are well known for their knowledge about fauna...
File: 1550853520052.jpg (133 KB, 671x738)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>File: 1550853520052.jpg (133 KB, 671x738)

>Well this ain't so bad...
>that reply
Your first day here?
Fuck off.

I’m a bit of a brainlet when it comes to dog health. I have a 5 year old Norwegian Elkhound and she hasn’t been spayed. What would be the pros and cons. I’m leaning towards not spaying her, we live in an area where there’s no male dogs and her heat cycle is manageable. Feels like the Vet just wants a grand from me to have my dog come out, not the same loveable pooch she is.

Is their a consensus on /an/ about spaying?
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Any serious opinions?
most dogs exhibit https://www.petmd.com/dog/conditions/reproductive/c_dg_false_pregnancy
to at least some degree after every heat. most of the time owners don't notice it. if your dog has symptoms to the point it becomes a nuisance, get her spayed. otherwise it's a hit and miss gamble since the data on the issue is controversial...
Do you WANT to breed her? Can you guarantee good homes to ALL the puppies? If you answered no to either, spay the bitch.
I've had to deal with pyometra with and trust me, it would be a lot more expensive. Her uterus was ready to explode and even with emergency surgery I almost lost her due to the infection.

A grand is pretty expensive for a spay though, cheaper than I paid for an emergency spays so just have it done somewhere else.
I didn’t think of this. We’re gonna try another place for sure

File: kitbull.png (550 KB, 1093x460)
550 KB
550 KB PNG
Look! Pitbulls are great and totally not pet eaters, even when trained to fight!.
I can't believe Pixar wants kids to trust these demons.
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File: doge.png (56 KB, 142x254)
56 KB

Add this shit to anti-vaxxers and we may talk again about natural selection
God, that's so fucking sad. But I think the sadder thing is to even keep that person alive afterwards. I probably sound awful saying it, but I'm glad that she passed on instead of being kept on life support for the rest of her days. There's nothing worse than being a vegetable.
File: 1550531966364.jpg (27 KB, 268x327)
27 KB
>mfw cats can understand pixar short films now

File: 1451262881012.png (217 KB, 372x334)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
>trailer trash

>In January 2019, a clan of scientists and conservationists tramped through the torrid Indonesian forest in search of the Wallace's giant bee — a species that hadn't been spotted alive since 1981.

>"Nobody had seen it since then," said Robin Moore, a biologist and communications director for the organization Global Wildlife Conservation, which funded the expedition. "It was feared extinct."

>It wasn't. They found a female.

>The female bee — the larger sex of the species Megachile pluto — is four times the size of the typical European honeybee with a wingspan of 2.5 inches. It's the largest known bee on the planet. "This is the holy grail of bees," said Moore.

link to article:

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fuck, we need a a eusocial version of this, maybe it will survive better if eusocial
>palm-sized hornets exist
>scared about thumb-sized bees
File: oy.png (74 KB, 193x147)
74 KB
If they are bigger they are more easily to notice means you won't get in sting-danger as often as with the little ones.
It can die for all I care then. I'll keep my good old honeybees.

File: sn-chimpbrains.jpg (99 KB, 1280x720)
99 KB
What does /an/ think of the other great apes - chimps, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans?
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yes I believe this is right- we had tools so we evolved to throw them and use them.
(possibly why we enjoy sports with throwing, and we appreciate people good at throwing- they would be good hunters)
What would be the best to have as a pet assuming you had the facilities for it?
gorilla for sure
Doubt it, I don't think a gorilla would really bond with you and end up trying to dominate you
They are genetically engineered in labs tho, naturally that would never happen, they are not compatible genetically, and the offspring from the lab ones are all infertile.

File: he doesnt want broccoli.png (675 KB, 1280x720)
675 KB
675 KB PNG
Is this some kind of joke?
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It's a good thread with quality posts why ruin it
File: abstract koi pill.png (2.65 MB, 1280x720)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB PNG
good job
I hope the koi this meme is based on is still living and receiving his daily spoonful.

File: 1-2.jpg (764 KB, 1920x1440)
764 KB
764 KB JPG
>this guy shoots your pet
what do?
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Burn down his house. My brother and I used to light shit on fire so I know how to get them going.
Fucking based
File: 1390078287059.jpg (28 KB, 320x240)
28 KB
What? Just look closely at the picture anon, they're so tiny! Or maybe the lion is very big, in any case it's very sad.
So beautiful, you should post more pics of her over on /bun/.
File: b o n.jpg (1.2 MB, 2304x1728)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
I don't have that many pictures of her because she's pretty moody and lives in a large open space which makes catching her difficult.

Hi guys, not too long ago I took in a family of sugar gliders from owners who just couldn’t be bothered to raise them anymore, and apparently they were not very well educated on the matter to begin with, as one of the little things got hypocalcemic, because of the diet they were fed. Unfortunately the hupocalcemic one lost a great deal of mobility in its hind legs, but despite that is lively and climbs around with just her arms, even assisting with her hind legs after several months of good diet and calcium supplements.
However, apparently she is still stressed, possibly by the environment, possibly by her weakened mobility and I found out she chewed through what was left of her tail, as when i took her in she already had a segment of it missing. From what I read about sugar gliders it’s not extraordinary, but there is a risk of infection.
My question is is it a good idea to use an iodine swab to clean and disinfect the little nub? Can iodine possibly be harmful? Unfortunately a vet is not an option, as Where I live sugar gliders are practically unheard of. When I first took in the little things I visited a bunch of vets, but none of them had any specific knowledge on gliders and just looked stuff up online for a diet. They couldn’t even do an xray to determine whether one of the gliders lost mobility in her hind because of a spinal injury or simply muscle weakness.
I’m sorry for the immense wall of text, or disregard of any board etiquette I may have committed, I’m not usually an /an/ lurker.
Good luck and God bless. Have a bump
File: 1532090074874.webm (2.8 MB, 640x360)
2.8 MB

Clean it with some saline. Don't want to hurt her more or make it irritated.
Well, I ended up cleaning it with some non-alcohol iodine solution, after doing some research.
Gonna apply some more today as soon as the gf comes home, cuz despite barely being able to move her hind legs my little Lola is as energetic and feisty as ever and someone needs to hold her still while I dab her little nub.

HELP with what breed to get for a PSD, I'd like to get a nice AKC pup so i can train to be my PSD, I am on disabiliyy for MDD and Bi Polar. I need a dog that can handle public environments from libraries, grocery store and College / dorming. It will learn DPT, to grab my medication when in need, to prevent self agitation from anxiety attacks, help stablize my balance when my vision gets cloud or loss of reality and to alert people when I faint.
File: 1542214887191.jpg (45 KB, 521x521)
45 KB
Don't subject a dog to your mental illness you attention-whoring leech.
File: IMG_3810.png (783 KB, 1280x578)
783 KB
783 KB PNG
this, fpbp, and /thread
now fuck off attention whore op
a labrador or golden retriever is the only honest answer. they are like plain vanilla with very few quirks, easy to mold, and a high drive to please their owners. if the answer bores you, then you are looking for form over function. you are best to have a very even-tempered, well-bred, and well-trained dog. you will probably be better off having a proper trainer than doing it yourself. I'd also encourage you to get an adult and not a puppy as it won't be doing those things listed for at the very least a year and a half or two.

the dog is a service dog doing a job, and it doesn't need to be flashy.

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