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Why won't you do it the right way?
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Unspayed famales are much less likely to develop breast cancer (practically nil)and removing the uterus and ovaries also makes them immune to those cancers.
wew lad
Meant to say spayed females, don't know what autocorrect's logic is in changing spayed to unspayed...
How direct of a reference to beastiality does a post have to be to violate blue board rules?
Or are only images not allowed?

Legit question.

File: 1571058282213-1344752331.jpg (2.02 MB, 4128x2322)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB JPG
What is this T bug

I find isolated populations really interesting, even if a little sad sometimes, share some that other anons might not know about and generally discuss I guess.

Here in Nova Scotia we have a population of feral/wild horses living on an island 100 miles out in the north Atlantic. Pic related is them chilling with some seals on the beach. A recent study also showed that these guys end up eating a ton of sand and that wears down their teeth and fucks their stomachs up so they live shorter lives that regular horses.


The lower 48 states are about to lose their last herd of caribou that had a holdout in Washington.

Japan still has grizzly bears and in true Japanese fashion worships, fears and kills them

And here's the classic that most people know about, the last heard of wooly mammoths that lived until ~2500 BC


File: _105597048_snakes8.jpg (31 KB, 660x371)
31 KB
What are some of the most soulless sentient creatures on the planet?
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>if I quote someone else's retarded opinions they become legitimate!
Many snakes aggressively defend their young and will behave in extremely self harmful ways to ensure their eggs survive and their babies make it for the first few days
Many don't of course
Snakes is a massively broad category, some are much smarter than others and some are to some extent social
>he doesn't know that several rattlesnakes and various other viper species look after their young for weeks and sometimes months after birth
what're you trying to achieve with this bait?

In the early morning light, dust from hooves creates a fog at Silvies Valley Ranch in remote eastern Oregon. Cowboys whistle and talk low to their eager herding dogs. They're moving the cattle from one vast, sage-studded range to another.

Five young purebred bulls mysteriously showed up dead on the ranch this past summer, drained of blood and with body parts precisely removed.

The ranch's vice president, Colby Marshall, drives his truck down a U.S. Forest Service road.

"Then we'll get out and take a little walk to where one of the bulls was found. And the carcass is still there," Marshall says.

Coming upon one of the dead bulls is an eerie scene. The forest is hot and still, apart from a raven's repeating caw. The bull looks like a giant, deflated plush toy. It smells. Weirdly, there are no signs of buzzards, coyotes or other scavengers. His red coat is as shiny as if he were going to the fair, but he's bloodless and his tongue and genitals have been surgically cut out.

Marshall says these young livestock were just reaching their top value as breeding bulls. The animals are worth around $6,000 each. And since these were breeding bulls, hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of future calves were lost too.

Finding these young Herefords in this remote country can sometimes take the ranch's experienced cowboys days. Ranch staff members are now required to ride in pairs and are encouraged to carry arms.

"It's rugged," Marshall says. "I mean this is the frontier. If some person, or persons, has the ability to take down a 2,000-pound range bull, you know, it's not inconceivable that they wouldn't have a lot of problems dealing with a 180-pound cowboy."

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Chinese leave footprints
They are very good at covering their tracks.
I'm not saying aliums but it was aliums
How would you tell that a corpse with indeterminate postmortem interval was drained of blood? Blood coagulates very quickly after the heart stops beating. It’s part of the natural decomposition process.
That's EXACTLY what the government wants you to think!

File: 20190906_122109.jpg (1011 KB, 1600x1200)
1011 KB
1011 KB JPG
Hi guys, I come to you in times of great need

I just found out my cat Champi (the black one) died some days ago after thinking he was missing

He was a bitch who stole food from others and hated to be petted and I loved him

He helped me go through some thought things, some nice comments would be very appreciated

Rest In Peace Champi, you were better than any human I know
Good night champ
File: 1568011020574.jpg (4 KB, 220x229)
4 KB
Sorry to hear that anon, Champi looks like he was a good lad and I'm sure he brought much joy into the world.
I felt the same way about my cats. I'm sure he was a great boy and was glad to have you in his life too. He may be gone but the memories will stay forever.
is there some alpha template of the sad cat face im unaware of? where do these edits keep coming from?
good riddance

File: shroom1.jpg (49 KB, 716x960)
49 KB
hey /an/ not looking to eat these or anything but can anyone identify?
>dude weed lmao
psilocybe subaeruginosa
>psilocybe subaeruginosa
psilocybe my ass

File: Snapchat-2027317174.jpg (1.47 MB, 1284x2560)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
Found these cocoons made of what looks like to be clay. I believe it's some sort of wasp or solitary bee that builds these things but I don't know the species.
Dirt/mud dauber
They keep paralyzed spiders in them for the larva to eat.
They are really chill compared to wasp though so unless you grab them or something they are extremely to do anything to you
File: 134555072.jpg (884 KB, 3464x2848)
884 KB
884 KB JPG
Oh yeah and have this, tidings from /v/
Literally the best /v/ thread of all time.
Thank you for the information. I let them where they were outside and am glad I didn't damage the chambers upon organising my garden. I actually saw a dirt dancer last year in my garden tagging a spider - never seen that before.
Definitely mud dauber/Potter wasp.

Not all species eat spiders though, some use caterpillars.

They're also much less aggressive, being solitary wasps, and lacking backup.
Overall a great beneficial Insect, IMHO.

How true is the shitbull meme?
Are pitbulls inherently aggressive or does it depend on how they are raised?
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People that are pro Pitbull will tell you that Pitbulls that attack people are specifically mistreated dogs that are traumatized and lashing out in perceived self defense, they will claim that pitbulls are no more likely to attack than any other breed.

What they don't realize or understand is that aggression is not just a learned behavior it can have genetic causes, modern pitbulls are almost universally either rescues from dog fighting rings or the spawn of other dogs that were, and that the people that run these dog fighting circuits have for decades specifically bred pitbulls for aggressive behavior only breeding the meanest most violent dogs with eachother which results in progeny that are just as or even more aggressive by nature.

tl;dr: Pro Pitbull people think it's all about nurture rather than nature when in reality it's both.
There is no direct comparison because no group of humans was intentionally selectively bred for hundreds of generations to specifically be violent deranged psychopaths.
majority of african wildlife can't be domesticated due to their nature and social lives.
'It's like how majority of african tree's are really, really hard to cut down without advanced logging methods.
>you are just beinga quivering faggot because you saw that "JAWS" movie.
You literally are.
>wojack cancer telling anyone else to go back to rebbit

Im thinking... otters
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zhat's usually what I zhink about when I'm hungry
File: the lovers.jpg (297 KB, 1024x683)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
the lovers
File: put on a happy face.jpg (69 KB, 750x750)
69 KB
wanna know how i got these scarrrrsss?
File: 1541414274002.jpg (110 KB, 1080x1080)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
*big sniff*
File: cccccccc.gif (2.37 MB, 500x364)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB GIF

File: binterong_02.jpg (218 KB, 1000x667)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Tell me your binturong stories, /an/. I'm sure that wherever you are, they are an extremely common animal.

Hey guys, new to this board.
I'm thinking of getting a hairless cat but I've been a dog person my whole life and I don't know much about them. I have bad allergies so a regular one is out of the question.

Me and my girlfriend have regular 9 to 5 jobs so we're not sure if these cats are high maintenance.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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Your hairless cat will live just long enough to give you hairless toxo, then it will freeze to death because it has no hair.
Save yourself a lot of hassle by simply taking all your money outside and setting it on fire.
>tfw i recognize the artist
File: 1380573253531.jpg (244 KB, 779x851)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
You know you want this.
is that tomie?
Mostly unrelated: if you're allergic to toxocarriers, would you be allergic to rabbits as well?

I would imagine so as they do groom themselves a LOT. Google is filled with lots of "maybe" answers.

(I am allergic to neither; and I do have a bun.)

File: pibbies.jpg (56 KB, 714x849)
56 KB
You're on the wrong side of history

Its /pol/ spilling over, they compare them to black people and encourage to kill them so people will become more hateful and murderous for a civil war.
There's only one race, the dog race.

Retweet if you agree
File: b95.png (410 KB, 900x676)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
How the fuck are German guarding dog breeds so aesthetic? Is it possible to even make better looking dogs?
Dog fighting breeds don't deserve to survive in the 20th century.

File: Ceratogyrus_darlingi.jpg (118 KB, 1280x720)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Old thread: >>Old thread: >>3108881

This is the invertebrate general. Topics include, but are not limited to: Insecta, Arachnida, Mollusca, Mollusca, Crustacea, Anthozoa, Onychophora, and much more. Before asking a question, do a search on the internet to see if it has been answered

Feel free to post your invertebrate findings.

Resources/help and information

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I think some isopods actually live that long.
Not big enough for me personally, although I plan to start a colony of springtails and isopods to use as cleaning crews in my setups. I'm a big fan of planted setups whether its an aquarium, zoological terrarium or botanical terrarium. Animals just seem to thrive more in planted setups and I've definitely seen decreases in aggression and stress in various animals when keeping such setups.
I'll definitely recommend that. Even without live plants springtails and isopods can be very beneficial
Even Porcellio magnificus? They get to around 50 mm.
How long did it take between molts? Currently waiting on my 2-3i L. jordanensis and 2i A. australis hector to molt

Is it true that mosquito hawks don't actually eat mosquitos? I live in Lake Tahoe and these fucking things have been a constant part of my life for thirty years. If they don't eat mosquitos... what is even the point?
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Dig a pond NOW
Oh my god, stop. You do not call them crane flies. No one on planet fucking earth does that.
Because "mosquito hawk" doesn't describe a species, retard.
You mean like how there wasnt a small outcry that they used a crane fly in the jurassic world promotional stuff instead of a mosquito
I bet you also get pissy when someone calls a "rolly polly" an isopod
>not calling them skeeter eaters

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