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my pacman cant be more than 5 months old, hes a little guy, and i was under the impression theyd eat most anything but he is the pickiest fucking eater... he will ONLY eat crickets and meal worms and he isnt too excited for the crickets. are yours picky too or is something wrong w him???
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they come out to hunt at night... im awake at night so i see him pretty often. they very rarely move tho you have to actually dig them up and move em or they just sit in their filth
My fat faggot is the same way. I guess some of them are just pickier than others. I've found that feeding less often helps promote a stronger feeding response. As an adult, my dude only gets fed like 2-3 times a month, which seems to work for both of us.

Funny thing is, he wasn't very picky as a baby, but as he got older, his food preferences and appetite changed. He now refuses to eat crickets, earthworms, and mealworms, and will only eat superworms and dubias, and an occasional f/t mouse about every 6-8 weeks. Although if I only fed him mice, he'd probably eat one every day... he loves his mice.

Going on ~4 years old now
jesus christ if mine is picky now i wonder how bad he'll be when hes an adult... he wont even touch the expensive ones ive gotten him. what douchebags pacmans are.. ive been feeding him every other day but since hes getting bigger i might space it out a bit more.
try feeder fish like frozen smelt or live guppies/mollies. try baby mice. try earthworms and locusts, possibly freshly molted ones.
ive tried earth worms and he HATES them... the rest i think hes too little for. hes v small still and i dont want to over feed.


File: 1261261261.jpg (68 KB, 655x572)
68 KB
Ancient reptile vs leaf, who wins?
The answer might surprise you.
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Nearly all life on Earth vs a largish rock, who wins?
The answer might surprise you.
big retard
File: vovo.jpg (16 KB, 236x295)
16 KB
*Blocks your biodiversity*

Or to death in this case
File: d2b.png (18 KB, 824x928)
18 KB

File: PicsArt_04-15-08.32.18.jpg (155 KB, 1080x1053)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
I miss him so much guys.
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File: 20190417_182205.jpg (368 KB, 1080x1076)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
He was just a little creacher. But he was the best creacher.
He has nose cancer
This one hits us hard, my dog was hit by a bus a week ago. He lived, but lost a leg. A year ago he had both his hind legs operated on because of severe hip problems. Poor thing isn't even two yet. I wish the universe would stop conspiring to kill my dog.
damn dude

File: uezifmevg0601.jpg (123 KB, 700x620)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
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If I was a honey buzzard I’d be worried about them stinging my eyes or my vent.
As a human I’m worried about a honeycomb covered in angry bees falling out of the sky on my head.
>If I was a honey buzzard I’d be worried about them stinging my eyes
Can birds into IFR?
>or my vent.
Exhaust USB-C port, or input?
>Oh boy! Here I go killing again!
is it eating honey or bee larva?

File: images (5).jpg (9 KB, 251x201)
9 KB
what are /an/ tier jobs? what are your jobs?
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At least they aren't there for long.
NEET is the most popular /an/ job
Caretaker of a dog kennel, picking up shit for 50 dogs and cleaning their pens. At least I get to play with them too
Probably some sort of farm. Like an ostrich farm. Or beekeeping
Zoo cage janitor, since you wouldn't ask this question if you had appropriate degree

File: download.jpg (11 KB, 275x183)
11 KB
this is a beekeeping thread, where we talk about beekeeping n shit
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I just found a bee that was on the ground wiggling its legs, not moving it’s wings. It was still alive but not making ground. What’s wrong with it?
Where do you live? Might be infected with Apocephalus borealis.
This was in Maryland
I wonder if bird can dip this thing into water of sort to remove bees?

File: 15555181452840.webm (2.94 MB, 640x640)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
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>Dabs in T rex
This guy's video of him reacting to the episode IX trailer was pure unadultered cringe.
They are extremely popular among deviantautists and furfags because 'omg they look like dragons!!!'
File: 20190418_203217.jpg (721 KB, 2896x2896)
721 KB
721 KB JPG
obvious fake, the middle unicorn isn't even turning to the left

File: DxyojW6_d.jpg (59 KB, 640x856)
59 KB
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File: ocean.jpg (30 KB, 600x450)
30 KB
Came here to post this
Yeah except no
Peef peef
No. We only ever sold games. Why don’t you try one?

I'm going to buy a pitbull puppy. Pray for me and my familiy.
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That picture is from a UK dog show you retard.
uk is not europe, retard
“Leave” voter detected.
Ok, but for the love of Dog leave the ears and tail alone. That shit is completely tasteless.
pits tend to be extremely friendly, more than the average dog, towards strangers. dogs they dont know on the otherhand...

File: hen.jpg (360 KB, 2048x1152)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
Post and discuss chickens, other poultry welcome too.

I'm unsure if my chickens are underweight or not. I'm trying to get them back on all flock crumble supplemented with oyster shell after having been spoiled with too many table scraps and scratch. I was told to only give them crumble to eat, and that they would eat when they're hungry. They eat some here and there, but don't go crazy for it and don't eat as high a volume of it like they do with scratch/treats. At the end of the day, their crop is barely a small lump. I can definitely feel the crumble and grit inside, but I'm just concerned they aren't eating enough. It's probably worth adding that I last wormed them with fenbendazole in early Februrary, and that while they're a good amount of muscle on either side their breast bones are somewhat prominent. They're lively and happy though, and their combs are a good color. How do I coax them into eating crumble again? I don't want to give any treats until they do as that would defeat the purpose, but I get really worried when they eat little.

Where should I go from here? It's been hard to find a clear cut answer as to what point a chicken becomes underweight. I've heard everything from the breast bone being a little prominent is fine as long as there's muscle on either side, to you shouldn't even be able to feel it easily. Any input from someone with more experience than me would be greatly appreciated. I am determined to not fuck this up like before.
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File: killme.jpg (38 KB, 808x805)
38 KB
>it's going to rain all day today
>chickens won't go outside for some reason even though the run is completely covered
Just let them enjoy their indoors on a rainy day melancholy aesthetic.
Do chickens sometimes empty their crops multiple times in one day? I gave one of my hens some egg and berries from my hand and I've seen her scratching around in the dirt with the others so I know she ate, but as of a couple minutes ago her crop feels completely flat. Weird.
Cornish Cross make gains so fast their bones break and they have heart attacks. No good!

I miss my dog and I just wanna see pictures of the pets that you guys love
File: IMAG0682.jpg (1.97 MB, 2368x4224)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB JPG
Sorry for the filesize,am posting from my phone
Rest In Peace, little Nickle.

File: 1482981127291.jpg (154 KB, 884x1006)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
I'm going to post a platypus in this thread every day until all of /an/ wants to snuggle a puggle.

Previous thread>>>2771627

This is your daily reminder to want a platypus
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the only thing i know about him is that he is a huge faggot
File: platypus (7).jpg (77 KB, 750x750)
77 KB
You're a huge cunt. Prove me wrong.

This is your daily reminder to want a platypus
Look at all the poltards itt
Cool racism bro
Next talk about animals
I missed you

File: the-ruff-bird.png (370 KB, 660x926)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
, >Fujoshis
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Ayyo imma need some sauce for this
File: file.png (102 KB, 255x405)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Those female representations are cute!
that's not what i meant at all you seething pol-tard

Are they psychedelic?
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Don't trust anyone that gives you an id from one picture. Post on a forum with verified mycologists or buy a mushroom book for $4.99 you dingus. That is obviously a psilocybe though so enjoy your trip dude. Rad find!
As my pappy used to say "Eat it and find out faggot."
Do they bruise blue?
You guys are so fuckin retarded. Picking liberty caps is easy and a mistake ain't gonna Killa ya.
File: 04062019141.jpg (1.15 MB, 2592x1944)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
I found these growing on a dead truck about three days back,any rough ideas if I can actually boil em?

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