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So, first of all I know I'm dumb and should have been better prepared. I have ended up with 5 cats,my two older neutered males, two younger females about 10 months old) and one younger male (not sure of his age, but maybe a few months younger than the twins), latter 3 are not fixed. I believe one of the twins is pregnant (weight gain, elongated nipples). I had been quarantining the male/keeping him under supervision during the twins heat cycles until I could take the male to get neutered out of town(neutering + shots = $80 vs around $180), then the females down the line, but I wasn't as diligent as I thought.

Do vets perform abortions, or am I better off taking care of the kittens until I can rehome them?
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Please post pregnant kitty pics
They're extra cute when they're pregnant
File: Peak_physique.png (279 KB, 406x720)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
>all these libtard murderers ITT ignoring their cat's choice to have babies

File: preggo bby.jpg (219 KB, 1137x680)
219 KB
219 KB JPG

She's always been a bit chunky (her sister is super lithe and light weight) but she's definitely rounder.
File: 1545855020999.jpg (91 KB, 500x500)
91 KB
>that smug look
She got the D.

Some rando left a small dog in a carrier at the end of the driveway. I guess this is now my problem? What breed is this and what do I do with it?
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And now this dogs healing begins. Nevermind the questions. You see questions bore me. I only ask one question but I don’t ask the question until I know for certain that you’re ready.
You are a creepy fuck who is probably skinning them alive or something.
If you're absolutely certain about that, please point out the source where the images originate from so that whoever's taking the photos can be reported and investigated by law enforcement. Some of chihuahua anon's threads are confirmed youtube screenshot threads where he's just coming up with bullshit fake backstories for someone else's videos, and he's making selectively chosen screenshots look worse than they actually are. But the majority of his threads show the same house, which can be identified from the furniture that reappears in his threads. For example, this picture shows the infamous brickwall with a fireplace and a rug >>3249053

Nearly every thread that has photos from this house starts with a dog that looks normal; sometimes a bit nervous, but otherwise like a pretty good dog. By the end, the animal will have a crazed look, it'll usually be lying down on the floor lethargically, it's shitting without any control, its eyes have turned red and bulging, and it's gasping for breath (as a result of either poisoning, strangulation, and/or drowning?).

Look at these threads in particular, which can both be identified as chihuahua anon due to the same kitchen sink:
Tell me these are just misleadingly cropped pictures, and that these dogs were not tortured or killed.

Also, several threads show that there are very young children's toys in the same room where dogs are frequently shitting. This could be a child endangerment issue along with an animal abuse issue.
Not so. I am the true subject of /an/, and I pray for you and all the realm. I do none harm. I say none harm. I think none harm. And if this be not enough to keep a man stalwart, then in good faith, I long not to be here. Nevertheless, it is not for the Supremacy that you have sought my attention, but because I would not bend to the sheer truth of the world!!
You are unwell

File: 20200124_205845.jpg (2.94 MB, 4032x3024)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB JPG
How good would your pet be at slam dunking?
Idk but I'm pretty good at slam dunking my pet

File: croc dundee.png (229 KB, 424x334)
229 KB
229 KB PNG


File: Chilean_purse_seine.jpg (1.23 MB, 1767x1191)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
how should we prevent whaling / overfishing ?

theres so many beautiful species of fish and whales ill never get to sea
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No all he is saying is that humans are careless, taking everything they can with no regard of the consequences until one day they slap them in the face but by then it tends to be too late for any short term recovery in the best case scenario.
If uncontrolled you may catch gigatons of fish one day and the next one you wake up to see that the fish stocks are collapsed to a point of almost no return and there goes your food/income source like what happened with the canucks and the cods.
It's obviously a chinese shill
Viruses arent evil, anon. They just do their thing. Which is what WE are doing. Fucking shit up, not because we're trying to. Just living our lives, killing whales, dropping oil and trash into the oceans, fucking the ozone layer etc etc etc. Most people dont think about landfills and what'll happen once we actually kill off all the animals that we dont consider food or pets. Most people work 9 to 5 and wont start scrambling until they see the panic in the newscasters eyes. Now imagine that. We fuck earth by being human. That problem pushes us to space where we now have access to multiple planets that we can use and discard because there are billions of them as long as we can get to them. Do you honestly think we'll go 'nah we fucked up enough, lets settle on this one new planet and live quietly'? We're a virus anon
>ill never get to sea
how do you know fish even exist then?
Lmao they should just change /an/ from animals and nature to crossboarders getting btfo

File: 1577091901179.webm (2.94 MB, 720x720)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
Post animal-animal or animal-human friendship we ms.
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Jesus christ no dont ever do this, chimps arent safe to handle has untrained adults, imagine how retarded you'd have to be to hand your child over to one?

Why the fuck would you ever think picking up a dog like that from the scruff and showing it to the cameras like the severed head of a conquered enemy would ever make you look good? Thank fucking God for Poutine.
They are large for a rodent and quite powerful for their size. I recently considered getting one as a pet and was surprised at how dangerous they were. Still cute tho.
Maybe next time he won't bring a fucking dog to a political event like this. This was a pure Chad power move from the cockroach and it gave him the momentum and upper hand in whatever they were talking about.

File: 1578053551799.jpg (42 KB, 640x551)
42 KB
The weak should fear the strong.
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Reptiles are so ugly and disgusting
>The weak should fear the strong.
This is why I kill bees
wasps and hornets, you mean. honeybees are total bros, even though they're all female
They're all females.
Except for the males.
>wasps and hornets, you mean.
nah I mean bees, Wasps and hornets look too cool to kill. Fuck bees

File: shutterstock-457307803.jpg (54 KB, 1000x584)
54 KB
About time we reached image cap.
Post cute Raptors and have tame discussions.
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Heckin' rad. You do abatement?
Starlings are the niggers of the bird world. They nest in grain silos, eat their free handouts, reproduce out of control, and then shit all over the place until it is ruined. This should sound familiar.
See >>3250386
Birds almost universally smell really nice. The few bop I've interacted with closely enough to have picked up their scent are no exception.
Martial eagle?

File: 1575868292383.jpg (99 KB, 528x960)
99 KB
would you?
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Feed a dog table scraps and they suddenly become the most annoying animal to exist.

Can't stand eating at other peoples house with their fucking dog staring at me the entire time.
Stare them back till they take the hint.
The owners I mean.
I don't even feed my own dog table food, so nah.
Would absolutely pet the doggo though. Would rather pet doggo than watch baseball
Not if you paid hundreds to be there.
I wouldn't pay shit to be there
Id rather watch the game naked in front of my 75" with big ass plate of nachos that would cost less than a water at the stadium.

Hey guys I need help. I can’t decide if I want to become a zoologist or a Wildlife vet and I just need help what would you guys consider better. I need an answer soon as I’m almost done with my biology degree and will need to choose a path after. Thanks
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You replied to the wrong person I think but yep that’s exactly why I switched to zoology from vet work after getting a taste of what it was actually like. It’s extremely demanding and the humans you deal with are mentally disabled. Not surprised that the vet suicide rate is what it is and so many vets discourage people from the field. Zoology/wildlife biology has its own problems and it’s not a cakewalk but I couldn’t be happier, it’s so rewarding.
It’s even harder than med school and a 4.0 is obviously fantastic but won’t guarantee it alone, need to have a fuckton of extracurricular stuff that shows your dedication to being a vet. Can’t decide to just be a vet on a whim one day and get in, it’s grueling
Computer science.
Is there much career growth/ job outlook for animal science degrees?

File: 20200126_202136.jpg (363 KB, 604x1019)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Why is this cat so angry?
No salami to eat.
That cat isn't angry, it's clearly just kind of tired and can't be bothered to move much. Look at the way it blinks at the start, that's a tired blink.
He winked at you
that's a reluctant kitty kiss. that's like a kitty kiss with no tongue. your cat views you as a john congradulations.

File: UJGjY.jpg (120 KB, 900x1200)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
uh oh
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Yes. Or maybe a dog mommy but this smells more feline than anything
Doesn't look that bad. Just get some glue to put that vase back together then smash it over that stupid fucks face.
File: 1579314186672.png (680 KB, 771x723)
680 KB
680 KB PNG
We really don't know if cats feel "shame" or not, it's safe to say they don't understand complex human cultural values but literally everything any other animal thinks or feels would just be human observation, essentially a guess, rendering this entire reply chain autism.
Felines have the ultimate Looks Halo.
Absolutely unbeatable.
A cat will ALWAYS be forgiven.

File: cutie.jpg (985 KB, 2611x1765)
985 KB
985 KB JPG
the horns look red and raw
like someone took a dremel to normal horns and cut them down to that pattern
Not sure what animal that is, but some horned animals grow a layer of felt over their horns which they periodically rub off.
>thinly veiled antisemitic thread on the eve of the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust?
What's antisemitic about a goat?

Round animals
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File: o8tnkc0l5do11.jpg (79 KB, 900x1200)
79 KB
File: 1522151995208.jpg (131 KB, 1024x768)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
That's a rectangle.
File: 1553603407909.jpg (192 KB, 1080x1153)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
File: 1580084591204.jpg (46 KB, 638x960)
46 KB

File: images (6).jpg (5 KB, 275x184)
5 KB
Bird thread, post birds, discuss birds. Any, wild or pet.
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>I like parrotwizard and birdtricks, some communists dont like them because they dont like that these people make money off of sharing information.
Copying is not a communism.
Compiling high quality information into a condensed form and selling that information is fine. its like me when i condense information into articles and papers where i can earn money from. if someone would rather learn everything from random youtube videos and random forums where anyone can say anything where their false information will have no repercussions on their income, then that is their choice.

Communists dont like that people compile information and sell information. Communists dont like people earning money.
>Compiling high quality information into a condensed form and selling that information is fine
Buying that information and re-distributing it for free is fine, especially when information has a potential to improve lives of parrots all around the world.
>Communists dont like that people compile information and sell information. Communists dont like people earning money.
Communists are worse than your typical IP holder. They copy and after this they claim they had made it from scratch.
Your re-distributor is not like this, they never claim they had made something.
I believe it is fine to copy IP as long as it is not used to make money.

Only real way to prevent people from copying stuff is to make price more appealing, and make it easier to buy than obtaining stolen copy.
So almost every single book about animals being sold is bad because the information in those books are researched from somewhere else.

>Communists are worse than your typical IP holder. They copy and after this they claim they had made it from scratch.
What the fuck are you even talking about. Is english not your first language?
>Is english not your first language?
Yes, my is ESL
>What the fuck are you even talking about.
About communism and shit, and their way of doing things, and why it is worse than piracy.
>So almost every single book about animals being sold is bad because the information in those books are researched from somewhere else.
No, obviously.

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