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File: 1565887766985.jpg (69 KB, 770x714)
69 KB
god tier - cat, dolphin, cow
okay tier - pig, bird, turtle
trash tier - dogs
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Yeah nigga "lemme uhhh go walk my dolphin" headass
>catfag logic
>catfag putting random animals on the list literally nobody keeps in attempt to disguise his generic "cat good dog bad" post
I’m allergic to cats, plus they give you a parasite that makes you want more cats

File: R2Tdq58.gif (2 MB, 419x292)
2 MB
If so, what are they like?
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Less smart animals don't really think. They are more like of an computer, or elevator controller (except they won't stop working in case of error), mostly consist of pre-programmed algorithms with some room for adaptation and self-learning.
Smarter animals tend to come not as pre-programmed, but have a lot more adaptation and self-learning abilities. Some birds, for example. Their program is so basic, they get confused if humans raise them and they will try to fuck humans. While other, less smart animals, like cats, would want to fuck cat in all cases, because they are hard-wired to do so.
Like your comment. Nice to find like minded people..
why dont animals feel embarrasment or shame when they shit in the open?
Seagulls definitely feel the opposite.
Since seagulls have no penises, they probably compete in amount of shitted objects.

Looks like your auntie after she's finished smoking my greasy old pork bong.

post nature overtaking or coexisting with human constructs
Nigger, there are rules and FAQ pages linked below the input field. You should have read or at least skimmed those over before you posted at all.
I wonder what the tile fetish guy would think of OPs pic
Last of us type beat

File: Águila_calva.jpg (1015 KB, 1911x1356)
1015 KB
1015 KB JPG
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Based vulture chad stealing from beta eagle
File: 1562182848502.png (91 KB, 262x240)
91 KB
Based eagles just know where the good stuff is
File: 1559836407819.jpg (119 KB, 1062x750)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>that one vid where a vulture kicks a golden eagles ass then pins it down while t posing at the other vultures.
Mongolia must be a ratchet place for birds of prey.

This is Jonathan, a 187 year old tortoise. The photo on the left was taken in 1886.
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>he was 0 years old in 1886
So is the secret to a long life to never get stressed about anything? This guy seems pretty chill.
Slow and steady wins the race bro :-)
isn’t he gay
i think that was another tortoise they thought was gay but then he started pumping out babies like my grandpa in the retirement home

File: trinidad-chevron.jpg (231 KB, 675x705)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
i recognize that spider....and the poo in the loo owner
Exotics Lair is based

edit:thanks for the gold kind stranger!

>kill mosquitoes
>kill flies
>kill fleas
>kill other bugs
>kill other spiders maintaining a low population
>will keep to themselves unless you go out of your way to be a dick(even australian ones)

Why are they so hated?
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>will keep to themselves unless
Wrong nigger. Fucking summer heat mustve pissed them the fuck off because I am waking up with fucking bites at least every other week. I've finally had enough and am growing a natural repellant for these niggers.

>climbs out of fucking nowhere when taking a shit/piss/shower
Because I live in a region with both brown recluses and black widows and therefore have reason to be incredibly wary of any dark web-filled places
cute pictures anon

File: fox.webm (1.81 MB, 640x800)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB WEBM
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Rabies vaccine hasn't been proven effective on them mostly because they're not popular pets so there's no urgency in testing it. A pet that can't be vaccinated for rabies is illegal in a lot of places. There's also the problem of faggots like this one-
poaching foxes from the wild to keep and fuck illegally.
It's the name of the species. Wild red foxes are red, but we've bred them to have all sorts of colors, mostly for fur farms. It's like wild rabbits are always uniform brown, but tame rabbits come in several coat patterns and colors.
foxes will piss all over everything and everywhere. even in your morning coffee.
They've a wider diet so it could be a coin toss whether or not they'd be easy or expensive. I'd argue that the only guaranteed heavy financial hit would be the pre and post hibernation bulk.
>Rabies vaccine hasn't been proven effective on them
They got rid of rabies in middle europe by vaccinating wild foxes, but I guess to use that one privately is too expensive or there isn't the required amount of studies to back it up.

I know that America has been somewhat decent about their conversation of animals like manatees, Yellowstone grizzly, crocodiles, and so on. India is doing the same, amazingly. What could be done to make South America and Africa keep up the pace? What can be done beyond total war to make them stop exterminating species for fun?
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Third worlders aren't human.
Its not our federal government that is doing the hard work in animal conservation it's the state governments. This will effect nothing
>Third worlders aren't human
They are endangered species
>hundreds of millions
Yep, just like seagulls, there are too much of them, yet some countries treat them as endangered fucking species.
>This will effect nothing
you have no clue how things work. On federal lands states do manage wildlife, but according to federal laws. The state can't make a more restrictive law for federal lands.

so when the Feds loosen protections the states can't do anything about it. It will absolutely have an effect, lots of effects really.

File: 20190817_232304.jpg (3.31 MB, 3493x2268)
3.31 MB
3.31 MB JPG
I was given this dog(female) three days ago.
She was neutered 4 days ago.
Today she fought me because she is an idiot and she didn't want her antibiotic pill with/or food and she didnt want her wound touched. I think either she somewhat dislodged her dehiscence at that moment or she got infected (she doesnt want to eat the pills). After she was very uncomfortable today all the morning, then she became very quiet.
She was so well yesterday, she walked for 15-20 minutes 2-3 times and she felt/seemed very happy.
Today she didnt even want to walk, eat or drink and she is just laying quietly and moreso breathing openmouthed.
We noticed some small clot on the floor (very small, nothing worrying) today and a few droplets of blood. The external wound looks ok (she opens legs when I caress her), but I think her inner/vaginal wound might not be going well.
I have been caressing her.
Im very worried. I have considered making my part and giving her some water from my hand.
>take her back to the (((vet)))
Sorry. Too expensive. I dont want to consider for now.
(The thing is: I love my new dog. But I think the dog doesnt need another surgery. She just needs antibiotics, water and rest. I have some knowledge, I got abdominal surgery once and she definitely doesnt look like she is broken inside. But I need advice because Im not so sure as she doesnt look like she is improving. (Also she did this to herself, why should I pay an extra?).
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Bring her to the fucking vet right now nigger
>it's too expensive
the oxygen you're wasting living is too expensive, off yourself
My distance x-ray vision says she's okay, just a little pain. If you trust me or a vet that scams you by using 'technology' you have to decide on your own.
>postneutering advice
The one I got was watching my pet closely and when it doesn't behave normally after the effects of sedation vanished, shows signs of pain or leaks fluids take it to the vet if you want to make sure nothing important ripped or to give it more pain medication. Waiting works too, you just might not like the result.
Follow up care is free at my vet btw. at yours it might be too. Calling and asking certainly is.

Also general pet care advice: start saving for an emergency fund asap or get insurance. You don't want to give away your pet or watch it suffer or die just because of a little fixable issue.

The pill will still taste like shit in water, you need to coat it. Even I go full baby and ask the doctors for coated antibiotics since others make me gag. If she hates pills even while hidden in tasty sausage pieces you can ask the vet for longterm Injections.
Pill pockets and cheese still exist. If not above anons advise for sticking the the pill on the back of the tounge works. If you can't handle that find a new home for the dog.
The dog condition has improved.
She now eats (mixed foie for dogs with raw hard dog food).
The wound is not oozing or bleeding.
We have not found clots or anything.
She is slowly improving.

File: FB_IMG_1533123674177.jpg (78 KB, 1137x640)
78 KB
I absolutely hate walking my dog for this reason. No matter what he starts whining and freaking out at other dogs, hes G Shep/ Collie btw. On the rare occasion hes in a confined space with other dogs, my neighbors pits for example, he acts like a traumatized inmate and starts fucking attacking them after crying and whining. He has zero problems with humans, tends to either accept our cats' (they adopted while I was gone, I wouldve put up a fight) abuse or fucking chases them around the house until my mom freaks out. Is he retarded? Is it bc he was neutered early in life? Should we have introduced him to other dogs earlier? Hes 13ish so hell be gone soon but as his favorite human i feel an obligation to try to help him make dog friends
Sounds like you bought a large, intelligent breed puppy without doing any research and now you have a large troubled neurotic unsocialized dog
Congratulations, retard
File: HOWDY.jpg (37 KB, 457x501)
37 KB
The dog has been socially fucked in his early life. I know dogs like these, and my dog was a bit like that too. From your post I have a feeling there's no point in trying to train him now. It's better to think ahead and try to avoid the situations that stress him.
>as his favorite human i feel an obligation to try to help him make dog friends
That's sweet, but know that he has a friend in you and I'm sure you're making up for no doggy friends.

I had a gerbil that was just like this, we named him Frodo and he was a tremendous faggot. He couldn't let go of his mother and we ended up keeping him together with the females for longer than necessary. When we tried to move him to the males, he would whine like a retard ALL THE TIME. They ignored him, and when they walked past him (he was very stationary), he would go into squeaking frenzy like a massive faggot. His dad Pepper brought him a banana. No, he started squeaking like he was about to die. You could tell he was scared of everything. We tried to introduce him to the cage slowly but it didn't work. When I was watching his behavior, it made me mad. Stop squeaking you little cunt, what the fuck are you afraid of?
>Something moved in that corner? SQUEAA SQUEAA SQUEAA SQUEAA SQUEAA
Exactly this. Too many people get smart dog breeds but do nothing to work their brain. Your dog is literally a neet that cannot handle social interactions with those similar to him because you deprived him of seeing other dogs at young age. Op ist eine Dummkopfhacke.

Sounds like it's his parents fault. You can't expect a child too be smart enough to take care of a dog without guidance.

File: Based Clovis.jpg (239 KB, 825x464)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
File: delicious childrens.gif (1010 KB, 400x291)
1010 KB
1010 KB GIF

What's your answer to this?
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See, because I give a fuck about myself, I really don't give a fuck about the rest of the world and if something big happens during my lifetime it isn't going to matter as I will be dead.
Can't handle the fact that some people don't give a fuck so you hide behind insults and try to mask the fact that you are a full on NEET?
No, I want you to understand that the only way I can spot you is by your retardation.

meaning it's a real retardation, not one in my head. That's not an insult, there's nothing wrong with you being retarded. Just stop claiming to be a scientist and we're all good. You'll just be that one retard I spot being retarded here all day every day.
True, but to some others diverse ecosystems and species are important as a source of happyness so not giving a fuck isn't an option for everyone.
Which country wiped out bees within its borders, so much that it needs manual man made pollination?

So the autum cup is coming up and /an/ needs to do some sweeping changes. We still have some players to replace on the team so if you get a second please vote. All info is in the poll
Why not a blurry pic ID request player?
Oh shit hype
Watch out anons, this is a discord thread in disguise!

Most boards have a 4chan cup team, but "ours" is being run by the discord server /an/cord, known for placing discord links in all the generals! This is a public service announcement.
Don't know what you're talking about, there are no discord links in the thread.

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