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File: ecosia.png (217 KB, 1118x706)
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217 KB PNG
Is /an/ really about nature like stated, and if so why aren't you using the official search engine?
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ITT: treefag cope
Are you a paid shill or do you fap to ecosia? What a shit thread.
No, it's just for the holiday season. I just wanted to share since it doesn't take much to do and any /an/on could do it. Isn't that why we're all here? To share and talk about what we happen to care about? Like this one >>3194840
The weak should fear the strong.
oh yeah, let me just go travel around the continent planting trees real quick.

Instead of giving Google money, I might as well give it to an organization that spends part of their income on planting trees in areas that need it and in proper fashion. If you like nature, then there's literally no reason to not use Ecosia unless you really do love selling your privacy to Google especially.

File: no cope allowed.jpg (592 KB, 1300x867)
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592 KB JPG
Daily reminder that grassland is the most endangered, the most altered and yet the least protected biome on the planet.

--- no tree-huggers allowed ---
tfw there is no steppe in my country
tfw it's all been turned into pasture.
The whole word is fucked get over it pussy
it would be slightly better if your genepool were to end.
Alien trees will turn your grassland into forest and there is nothing you can do. Nothing.

File: 1916571459.jpg (357 KB, 1851x1200)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
is there any specific distinction that seperates the Gobius and Neogobius genuses?
well at least based on the names, one is newer
>specific distinction

yeah, all taxa are required to have some distinct diagnostic traits. If you want to know what exactly they are you're going to have to start reading ichthyology and not stop until you find them or die, whichever comes first. I'm not placing any bets on the outcome, some of this stuff is from the 1700-1800's and is going to be pretty hard to find.

File: y3ezdy.jpg (187 KB, 600x429)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
When you hear about animals destroying NA ecosystem always its something from Eurasia or SA. Domestic cat, various rodent, insects fish and plants all seems to prosper better in NA even compared to creature that have evolved there. What makes NA animals unfit for survival in every case? They are simply inferior? If they cannot defend own territories then does it matter even if they are replaced? I admit I do not know. Let us have discussion about why American animals seems defenseless please.
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>Question still remain if Australia and NA animal evolve to use climate and other plants and animal of home territory then how are they easy to replace?
Hey smoothbrain, stop ignoring all the posts above you to push what is obviously your pre-formed opinion.

Invasive species happens everywhere in the world. To reiterate some points you keep glossing over to keep your narrative going and adding some others:
1) More coverage: what do you think makes the news more? Something that happened in America or something that happened in some small eastern european block country?
2) Native species are well suited to their native environments, but that doesn't mean they're impervious to outsiders. That's grade-a retard. Let's take YOU for example. You are (probably) well suited to your environment; among other things, your immune system protects you for stuff around you pretty well. However, if I were to bring some 3rd worlders to your basement with their own strains of diseases they're used to, there's a high likelyhood that you could get sick much easier. See: what happened to Native Americans during European colonization.
3) Lots of stuff gets through everywhere, but you don't hear about what DOESN'T survive to be invasive, you legit are hyperfocusing on a handful.
4) America simply has more resources to monitor these things and stricter laws preventing them than a lot of other places
American animals are destroying ecosystems here in Italy. Our rivers are invaded by north American crayfish, channel catfish, coypu and Myriophyllum aquaticum.
I see I am ignorant and know less than I think. I will learn more and come back maybe.
I think America just has more money and useless degrees. You don't hear about it in asia cause no one cares and no one's being paid for it.
american animal helpless russian animal strong

any question?????

What kinda of bird is he?
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who named dis nigga
File: tv2nw5fey9y21.jpg (96 KB, 960x720)
96 KB
>What kinda of bird is he?
A dead bird.
File: bird.jpg (687 KB, 2000x2250)
687 KB
687 KB JPG
what kind of bird is he

>mosquito stings you to get your blood
>you die because of it
>your body stops producing blood
>mosquito starves
why are mosquitoes such dumbasses?
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There is a lot of things to feed on. Herbivores don't just eat all plants then die off either.
They live in the moment, just like my porn addiction
Mosquitoes mainly feed on plants and insect honeydew. It's only the females that eat blood, and only when they need the nutrients for egg production.

>mosquito starves
No, it doesn't. It can just go back to feeding off plants. Besides, the human population only continues to grow, as does the mosquito population in areas inhabited by humans.
Also, mosquitoes have no control over the diseases they transmit to humans, so you can't call them dumbasses for transmitting disease.
The diseases the mosquitos give when stinging comes from where?
It is "born" with them?
Mosquitoes don't sting. A sting is when an insect like a bee or a wasp or an ant injects venom into you with a stinger.
Mosquitoes pierce your skin to suck blood out. That's not a sting.

>The diseases the mosquitos give when stinging comes from where?
The viruses and parasites come from the blood of the animals they feed off.
It's like how people get diseases from sharing syringes. The syringe starts clean and the mosquito starts clean. Then they start collecting diseases from blood.




A (to my knowledge unconfirmed) speech pathologist has taught her dog to use a soundboard, the sort of thing normally used by non-verbal humans who can't write or use sign language. Said dog is now putting together rough sentences.

Now, as always with such videos the possibility of it being a Clever Hans situation needs to be kept in mind, but there are ways in which that sort of thing can be ruled out. As it is, the dog certainly seems to act like she understands what she's "saying".

If it is real it should able to be replicated in similar dogs. I’m not aware of past dogXsoundboard experiments even if it would shock me to find out there arn’t any on record.

Regardless what are /an/‘s thoughts on the matter?
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it's bullshit
>mfw some retards think this is real
reminds me of when some guy hooked cables to a plant and a speaker and claimed the plant could sing. fucking imbeciles
The video is obviously real, as in it's not a fabricated video
But the thing in question is whether the dog actually understands whats going on or is just doing a set of actions that gets it what it wants

Like does the dog know that the button that says "play" means play, or does it know "the x colored button in y position gets me attention" .

I doubt that the dog has the mental capabilities to make sentences like in the videos, but it wouldnt be too farfetched to teach a dog that "play" from a speaker means play.
I think most dogs could grasp using single buttons for actions/objects they know. Walk, ball, potty, food etc. Even words like goodbye and locations like “beach” some dogs might be able to understand. But I can’t see how you could teach a dog the concept of help, want, angry or later, and you sure as fuck couldn’t teach a dog to use them in sentences.
You think dogs can't learn to understand human language? just because they can't speak it doesn't mean they aren't smart enough to know what some words mean, which kind of equates to, "play" results in "attention" or "food" gets me a "treat" but the process is still the same. But if you'r eright, do you think they did the same with dolphins?
I mean they can clearly understand commands
But knowing what play means when someone says it to you, and knowing how to use it on your own is different, if that makes sense

Emotions and "want" is hella suspicious
But "help" is a gray area since dogs have been shown to know that humans can get things they cant
But I doubt theyd use the word "help" but instead would just use the word for the thing they want

I dont understand why more people don't have a care credit or other line of credit open and unused in the event their pet needs emergency care. A savings account would be better, but a lot less practical I understand. With how many people on here or irl I hear saying they didn't take their pet to the vet during an emergency, why dont more people do this? Do most pet owners really have that shitty of credit?
>chew toy
>jew's goy
Animals are property
My emergency plan for my dog is my gun, the cheapest possible option.
What are you on about? What does credit have to do with anything? If they want to spend money to fix their animal they will. It comes down to most vets being pretty shitty and charging you out the ass for "important" tests because they know in that moment of crisis you are vulnerable, not thinking clearly, and $6000 to save Fluffy vs. living with guilt of having not paid it is too much for people to deal with.

It's the same shit at emergency rooms. When I went to the ER they offered me an aspirin. Having not been in this situation before, I THOUGHT it would be free because aspirins are cheap as fuck for a bottle of them and the 2 cents for a pill was negligible. A month later I get the bill and that one pill was $50. Funny thing was I wasn't even in any real pain and just took it because they offered. Ultimately the joke's on them because I made the state pay for it, fuck 'em.
I have a seasonal job and I carry a big balance at the bank. I'm only going to pay $1500 on my guinea pigs worst case anyway. Insurance is only for risks I can't afford. I don't hesitate to make a vet appointment, but there's only so much they can do for a rodent.

File: 8404970720_baab25f18e_b.jpg (364 KB, 1024x820)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
>it's just my art style!!!
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It's a rail.
File: muh artstyle.jpg (85 KB, 748x782)
85 KB
Kek, figuring out perspective was a bitch while I was learning.
dont do this to my boy the southern screamer
>i'm not like the other birds

File: slide-serpiente.jpg (108 KB, 760x570)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
itt. animals that were supposed to be extinct but then were discovered alive. pic related:

Hypsiglena unaocularus, commonly known as the Islas Revillagigedo night snake or Clarión night snake, is a species of small colubrid snake endemic to Clarion Island, initially described from a single specimen collected by William Beebe in 1936. During the next several decades, scientists were unable to detect any trace of the snake in their field studies. After an intensive search in 2013, a team of scientist identified 11 snakes that matched the original description of the species. They conducted a series of DNA tests to confirm that the Islas Revillagigedo nightsnake, formerly viewed as the subspecies Hypsiglena torquata unaocularis, is genetically distinct from related mainland snakes and should be recognized as a full species.[1][2][3] While never formally declared extinct, this species remained absent from scientific literature due to two main factors: its home on Clarion is extremely remote and only accessible by military escort, significantly restricting the number of biologists who can access this area, and the snake's secretive, nocturnal behavior and dark coloration make it difficult to detect in the field. Because of the lack of follow-up sightings, scientists long presumed that Beebe had provided an incorrect locality for his specimen

File: pitz.jpg (37 KB, 600x315)
37 KB
hey /an/ons, why do humans stink so bad compared to other mammals? Dogs for example don't smell good but they smell far better than the average person if that person went a week without showering, deoderizing, or brushing their teeth.
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Humanity's need to be better and more special than everything else is so stupid, just accept you're a talking monkey and live with it.
File: 1573796901730.png (58 KB, 385x456)
58 KB
Excessive bathing, and excessive sexual activity and excessive calories all contributes to unsatisfactory olfactory notes. The latter two are self explanatory but the first is owing to the destruction of the skin's microbiome when practiced to an excess and allow rapid colonization of more off-putting flora.
Oh myyyyy <3
human behavior only makes sense when you realize we're all still screeching, shit-flinging monkeys but with whats basically a squishy super computer plugged into us

Now we screech at and fling shit at eachother across the internet.
File: 1575711864120.jpg (35 KB, 680x566)
35 KB

File: snow.png (543 KB, 739x744)
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543 KB PNG
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File: flat,1000x1000,075,f.u1.jpg (123 KB, 1000x867)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
You know that feeling when you crush on someone and in return she crushes your heart?
I'm looking for the imagine of the sad grey kitten, close up. I don't know how else to describe it and I can't find it anywhere.
File: 1510682971853.jpg (95 KB, 675x547)
95 KB
This one?
File: 1512260556939.jpg (7 KB, 480x270)
7 KB
Or this one?
File: 161.jpg (56 KB, 1000x750)
56 KB

File: Bella Baff 2.jpg (232 KB, 715x358)
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232 KB JPG
Ill Start
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we don't want raptorfags there. They're worse than furries.
Why. Because we will replace you
Discord trannies get the rope.

File: large.jpg (39 KB, 413x475)
39 KB
I dont know what to do.
My rose hair, named Legs, has fallen into disarray recently. I've been working two jobs and overtime is killing me. I can't afford the time to take care of her anymore and it makes me sad. What can I do? I've already called every vet/pet store within an hour and a half of me and none of them will take a tarantula. I dont want to get rid of her but that's better than finding her dead one day. What do I do guys? Legs is my baby and I dont want to get rid of her but I'm too tired and preoccupied to care for her correctly. What do I do? Help me pls. She's about 6 years old, rose hair, and cares for perfectly up until recently. I dont want to see her dead one morning. Please, give me suggestions on how to pass her on to a better suited family.
I'm in lakeland Florida if any of you want her.
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File: FB_IMG_1576182740578.jpg (32 KB, 720x720)
32 KB
Oh Hai.
Tarantulas are just about the lowest maintenance pet you can get, I refuse to believe that anyone is so busy that they can’t dedicate 10 minutes every couple days to perform basic care
OP is just the typical retard who approaches everything in a needlessly complicated manner and never bothers to try and fix anything. That's why he's stuck wageslaving in two jobs with overtime and will be for the rest of his life.
In before op says he didn't have time to check his thread.
you're a weirdo for having a spider in the first place

Official power levels:

Cats: 250 million

Dogs: 530 million

Humans: 16 billion
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I wanna stroke his ears until he grabs my hand with his teeth to make me stop
my dog had similar ears and this actually just made her sleepy and started having a nap after couple minutes
African gray: 800 million
African: 0
What is this

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