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File: cintiq.jpg (101 KB, 960x640)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Help me out guys.
>work professionally as an artist with an old Wacom Intuos3.
>One of my monitors just died
>only have ever had average 1080P monitors
>realize I should probably spend a bit more for a 4K monitor with fairly accurate color and PPI
>Remember the Cintiq exists
I guess my fear is that I'd spend more on a decent 4K monitor now, only for it to be somewhat useless when I end up getting a Cintiq in a year or two. Anyone here have both? I'm trying to decide if I should downgrade the monitor to a 1440P instead or go all in.
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You'll only have the problem with the pen movements if you mirror your screen. If you use it as a second screen, it'll be treated as independent and work 1:1. Just not every program supports dual screens or multiple windows of the same project. You'll have to see what works.
I've got one too, it's not so bad now that I'm getting used to it. 27" 4k monitor on the left, big drawboi front & center on proper stand

Do you have the ergostand or the arm. I was looking at the 24 and wondering how vital the stand or arm is. I guess you would be hunched over it without them.
what kind of stands are you two using
Left monitor is on an arm, Wacom 32 is on the official ergo stand. The 32 on an arm wiggles when you use it, would drive me crazy. The stand is the Rock of Gilbraltar, no regrets

File: Fumudifier_V01_02.jpg (441 KB, 1277x1280)
441 KB
441 KB JPG
Is getting into redshift worth it? will it ever make a good portion of the industry?

I'm sick of sitting through slow render times while testing.
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I'm not familiar with it except for some situations in Substance Designer, sorry

Interesting, thanks for sharing
wait, is Karma some sort of alternative to Katana?
It's the upcoming replacement for Mantra. Expected to have feature parity and, as seen in the presentation, be much faster.
>and we're nowhere near one rendering the other (pun intended) obsolete.
They're getting closer to each other. Realtime tries to up its realism by adopting CGI industry workflows and techniques (linear workflow, proper tonemapping, realistically modeled cameras and lights), and offline rendering adopts the optimization tricks used by realtime in order to get faster.
Oh yeah I definitely agree with that! But with demos of real path-tracing coming out just recently for real-time and considering the tech power it demands just for basic stuff (PBR hard-surface), I just don't buy that everything will be RT anything soon (as some people claim).

This being said, I'm glad both are borrowing the advantages and good practices of the other. The elements you cited are certainly welcome in both worlds.

File: karol-miklas-2.jpg (257 KB, 1920x938)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
Previous thread: >>688942
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Literally what you posted was the first thing I tried. It's the number 1 url you'll find on google.
It doesn't work.
fresh bread: >>693423
I'd like to know this too, could someone post a node setup with similar results?
How do you disable the bright lines around the edges of a mesh in sculpt mode in 2.8? It looked so bad I had to go back to 2.79
File: reimu_q.jpg (242 KB, 920x697)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
How to rename bones in pose in poselibrary (not armature) via python?

File: file.png (162 KB, 1920x1080)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
Hello /3/,
I want to get into animation by creating something simple from scratch, like a low poly model (something like pic related) running through some scenery or some shit
I had planned to use just one software if possible but from lurking I gathered I should use max for the modeling and then maya for rigging and animation, is that alright? I don't really care about sculpting for now
That would be okay if you had one person doing modeling and another animation, but since it's only you and your focus is animation, you can probably keep it all within Maya.

In other words, given the scope of your project it's difficult to justify using different packages for modeling and animating.
That's what I'd like to do, to keep it simple for myself, but I keep hearing about Maya having shit modeling tools

What benefit do the Blender devs have to make everything 10x more difficult and different for no fucking reason. Why can't I just SET a fucking keyframe
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I mean something like object A autokeys location, object B autokeys rotation, etc.
This I cannot even fathom what your trying to do. But try locking The Rot and Scale on one object, and Loc and Scale on the other?
I could be wrong, there could be a setting for this, but last I tried, locking specific transforms on an object unfortunately does not prevent keying those properties.
Just select Rotation and be done, you do it once for every animation track not once for every keyframe.
I could be wrong, but there might a setting in the same properties that says "Insert Available only" int the animation tab.

File: 123213124.png (1 KB, 143x48)
1 KB
So I was lurking on /3/ for curiosity and saw this:


That got me interested.
So my question is how and where to learn Blender and how long it would take me to make such high quality models?
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I like blender a lot, but if you really think it's going to have any kind of meaningful market soonish you're deluding yourself. The only way blender actually gets commercially viable is if it becomes proprietary and if they sort some kind of customer support out. I think they should honestly have a 2000k option for a support licence, which pretty much would give you the privilege of having tech support directly from blender staff or whatever. I don't see this happening any time soon.
meanwhile, at epic games
thats what i'm talking about. thats 1 work around for what should be a feature built into the modifier. multiply that out by use case per modifer and you are talking about remembering dozens or even hundreds of different work arounds, all of which take more time and clutter up your outliner with additional empties and such, and it seems needlesly complicated.
i wealthy freelancer thanks to blender wife does not have to sell curry masala anymore. i dream big life in bollywood studio fx more rupees more wife.
I'm glad to see that lives around the globe are being made better by Western kekhnology!

Here she is, animate her, make it bounce

want to inport Xnalara models in Blender 3D?
here it is
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And what do you think SQUARE ENIX is doing?
I don't think anyone knows what the fuck they are doing nowadays, not even themselves.
>nerfed tits
Top kek
The body moveth, eyes do not.

File: unknown.png (439 KB, 587x611)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
Guys I did a funny with blender and posted it to Twitter
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Do you actually think she even remotely touched that water?
No, but again, smart people don't get face herpes

Just kys m8. If you cant cut it here, you wont cut it when you're spending months on a single project.
Kek is this shit true? I heard this thot didn't even bath in this water, how did people get herpies from it?
Also who the fuck would buy this?

File: 13458237582.jpg (91 KB, 700x525)
91 KB
inb4 dick
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I love the horrible topo on the head, and the intricate anatomy on the body. Granted you could have just slapped your own head on someone else's model, but I'll maintain you spent so much effort on the body you didn't give a shit about the head.
hairy balls with 3DsMax at my first lesson. Teacher was impresed that i was the only one doing shit in the program while other were just looking at him and pretend they listen to him
what's with the weird stai- oh god damnit
File: welldone.gif (72 KB, 320x208)
72 KB
well done
Fuck if I remember, its been 10 years. But I remember some of the first things I've made were crystals and beer bottles. The crystals were for a dark cave and glowed to provide light.

You made everything in this image? And it was the first thing you made? I smell bullshit laddo. But impressive if true.

Where are you now Anon?

File: Poleaxe.png (575 KB, 1222x772)
575 KB
575 KB PNG
Im aiming to get into 3d printed minis, to be precise i want to sell historical reconstructions
of weapons, armor, clothes etc that are printable by majority of SLA printers (i have no idea if they can do 32 mm scale on DLP with any reasonable quality).

Should i sell them individualy or in packs?

What would be considered viable product?

Should i bother with texturing objects if its intended use is not a game asset?

Should i burn my pc and kill myself?

Any input/advice welcome, pic related
I have a 3D printer and personally with my career don't want to spend time on modeling minis, but I like the idea of them individually but the problem I find with that is the price is a lot higher. Packs seem like a better deal for buyer but not everything would be something I would be interested in. I guess it wasnt a lot of help but just what I've seen.

You cant texture a model that will be printed. I suppose it would be good for presentation though.
>You cant texture a model that will be printed.
What do you mean by that? Because if you mean to say that you can't print textures that is incorrect, there are printers that do that

Ya I see they have come on a bit. It's still mostly flat colors tho right.

Obviously I'm on a 3d board so the answers a little biased. This is to the people that do both, which one is more rewarding for you? Maybe you went from 2d to 3d vice versa. Just looking for some advice.
Any 3D work you do will benefit from having some kind of traditional art background.
You do both at the same time and stop overthinking it. You absolutely do not do 3d only, though, that's just gimping yourself.

File: blenderman.jpg (74 KB, 732x1381)
74 KB
been following this tutorial and its been pretty good, episode 4 now and i havent been held up anywhere until now


im super stumped and i think the issue is just an unchecked box somewhere but im new to rigging so i dont even know where to start

so as you can see in this episode hes covering animating, now the first thing he does at 1min is moves the leg IK controller, which mine does fine, then he rotates it, mine rotates fine, but then he moves the hip and the foot touches the ground, but mine doesnt

see pic relacted, when i move the hip down, the good doesnt go down with it, it stays locked in the position that i moved the leg IK controller to
i cant figure out what causes this, like its not parented properly but like i said im new to rigging so i dont know if i should be looking at the feet bones, the leg ik, the what i dunno pls help
consider being friendly as a thread died for this
so its def to do with the leg IK controller but still cant figure out what, if i delete it, then the hips can control the feet position no problem
i hope no one helps you (me)

>Blender for animation.
Are the fundementals not all the same?

File: Quantum-Aliens-X08.jpg (561 KB, 1181x885)
561 KB
561 KB JPG
I create blue Alien Characters and Science Fiction Stories.
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Poser was a mistake.
So embarrasing this guy lives in germany like me. But could still be a pajeet or turkroach, though.
Heul doch, Du sperglord.
File: tr.jpg (14 KB, 267x189)
14 KB
Das ewige Blendlet

File: yuri.png (1.27 MB, 1920x1080)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
did i do good
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File: 1537488549120.jpg (175 KB, 2160x1080)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
File: PAT FROM OUTER SPACE.jpg (86 KB, 1442x855)
86 KB
lemme join.
Please, use your tripcode.
File: o_0001-0860.webm (1.95 MB, 320x420)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB WEBM
> Sad (T___T)

File: vs-00505.png (1.46 MB, 1920x1088)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
What to Animate?

I'm looking for a subject matter/ genre to sit down and just animate, considering gymnastics atm, basically something i can use to gain experience- demo reel / sell the animations for a few bucks.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What animation packs come to mind for you guys?
this but don't forget the gravy
Porn, and you know it.
thread over.

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