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File: A2.jpg (158 KB, 1600x960)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
There's a character from SFM that I really want to use in DAZ. If I was to offer cash for an artist to rig it for me how much would they expect to be paid? Pic unrelated.
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File: average_finn.jpg (138 KB, 500x400)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
You can't fool us, Yusuf
So they are defectively stealing the work of others...
File: #FFFFFF.jpg (128 KB, 554x800)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
You're mistaking Sweden for Finland.

Finns, having had retarded neighbors on either side, are extremely xenophobic.

<---- Will murder you with a puukko for saying Ja instead of Joo.
I''ve been looking for an IK rigger for blender to make animation ready rigs

Been tough.
>an IK rigger for blender
>for blender
There's your problem.

File: gaynun.jpg (91 KB, 774x774)
91 KB
i bought monster clay and tools to get into sculpting what should i make to practice
pic unrelated
literally anything, then do more things, then go back to previous things and try to improve them from scratch.
it's funny how they pull stuff like this exclusively with christians but don't dare to do the same with other beliefs
Who is "they"
Make a duck
the guys who dress up like in the OP
it depends on what do you want to sculpt
I assume it's humans, everyone want to sculpt humans
start from large forms
sculpt small undetailed heads roughly size of your hand
try picking major proportions, no need to detail and polish, just keep making heads until they sort of look like crude humans
don't bother with elaborate wire, two large nails in wooden block is enough
one of the best references you can get for classic head is Apoxyomenos mostly because it's lightweight(literally just head lol) but most importantly has neutral features, has reasonably complex, but easy to pick up features
this should keep you occupied for quite some time
two-fold reason:
christianity is or was major religion in countries these guys originated from
and unlike other two, there are no consequences, you won't have your head chopped and you won't be burned alive for mocking it, nobody will even ostracise you verbally

File: bug.png (536 KB, 1016x772)
536 KB
536 KB PNG
How do you adjust the weights like this in maya instead of painting them with the brush? I can't seem to find the answer anywhere
You still won't get the answer as long as you aren't posting in the /questions/ thread fag
interactive skin bind tool
as you already got the answer from another anon, I would just add that this shit is basically legacy, don't bother learning it and just ditch
it's much faster to just simply select face\loop->toVertices->flood rince repeat then smooth for quality first pass
File: e1b.png (1.55 MB, 1420x1510)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
aint that the fake pokemon leak

File: 062.jpg (384 KB, 1280x720)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
Hey guys, long time no see...

I need one of you modelers to build me a transformer head. I've built and rigged a transformer through kit bashing and modeling of my own. i could never build a good robot head tho...

the next few posts ill show you what i have so far and the kind of head id like you to build. the best head ill pay a minimum of 50 and a a max of 100

I'm a real industry guy i just suck at heads for whatever reason so this is a legit offer...
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I'm gonna upvote this this because you guys are bros but again im gonna put a pin in this...IMG 2 OBJ industry edition would have been much faster if you could just get handles on it. No need to go full Gnomon on this one
its just one guy samefagging, OP left a long time ago...if he even existed at all
File: ishiggydiggydoo.jpg (110 KB, 960x843)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>it was 3dguy all along
>what is 4chan autism

File: Coffee.jpg (8 KB, 226x166)
8 KB
Computer problem. Need input.

Computer was acting up last week and crashed on me with graphics failures. Thought it was graphics card. Updated and continued on my way and today it crashed and corrupted my boot drive. That's a new one for me.

Reinstalled Windows 10 and re-installed my editing software. Decided to test things out. Now that things have cooled down and were up to date, I started up a game that caused the crash and hard drive errors. Crashed again. But this time I restarted before computer could go full retard.

Turned comp off, pulled the GFX card, and started up no problem but with the obvious "you don't have a graphics card" aesthetic.

Ok, it must be the card... But wait... There's more.

After ordering a new card and fucking with some settings, i started to see hesitations. Well, duh, I have no GPU to share the load. But it started to show the same signs as card failure. So I started the same game but reset all the graphics to default. Immediately shit started flickering. Not the light show and sparkles that you get with the GPU, but like 1/4 of the screen going all diagonal and flickering black.

Question: I know the mobo isn't capable of handling extreme graphics, and even on the lowest settings, it can still get rough. But would it flicker or just skip frames as though laggy? I don't have another comp to toss the card in to try it out, so how do I know it isn't mobo, memory, or CPU problems, and the GFX is just fine?

I can't start the computer with the GFX card in. It says the boot drive can't be read when I do. So to me, that's a card issue, but my old experience with mobo gaming is just laggy as hell crap graphics. Not flickering and corrupted visuals.
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The hdd itself may be the issue. I had a similar seemingly undiagnosable problem that i thought for sure was the mobo. Turns out that the hdd was failing to read random things like drivers and certain parts of the os (one time i booted and all the sound controls were gone, another time certain files were unreadable) reformating appeared to work but quickly windows ceased functioning. Try booting off another hdd or usb. Sry for phonepost
did you install all the updates for your OS especially the micro-code updates for your CPU?
try replacing the PSU, is it an old pc? A failing PSU can cause hardware failure or damage to components, i've had this happen.
In order:
- Try the questions thread on /g/ next time
- Boot into a live Linux USB and test the same things
- Monitor your thermals to make sure nothing is overheating
- Check your HDD with some SMART monitoring tool to make sure it isn't dead/failing/corrupted
- Reset your BIOS settings just in case
- Run memtest86 to make sure it isn't your RAM
- Make sure your power supply is large enough to handle your hardware, and isn't failing
- Check obvious things like your motherboard having blown capacitors, signs of shorting, water damage, dead rat stuck in the fanblades, etc.
- Get a cheap motherboard with the same socket and swap it out to check whether the problem still exists (with your old graphics card, CPU, PSU and RAM), then sell or return it
Possibly this.
I won't act as if I know your hardware exactly. But if you plug in your GPU and the motherboard doesn't accept it, then you use the IGPU and it's glitching up like crazy, doesn't this all point at the motherboard?

File: 1553402899454 (1).jpg (35 KB, 480x720)
35 KB
Suppose there was a person who was willing to spend any amount of money to 3D print a model's face and bust as realistically as possible. How realistic could you do it and how much would it cost? Asking for a friend.
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Seems legit.
Well that's pretty expensive lmao.
Depends of the model. With photogrammetry you can scan a bust with pretty much accuracy for nearly nothing: see skanect. Add a few days of cleaning/retopo and it can be done realistically within weeks. Given 15$ per hour of work for a decent CG artist you could have it done for 1000$. For printing, the cheaper the less accurate. Don't buy a 3d printer, you can send the model and receive a polished plastic figurine for 50$ on internet.
>hood shit
7 liters of form 2 resin and tanks. Zbrush, model clippers, wet sandpaper, rustoleum, airbrush, superglue hairs, 2 thin coats paintbrush $1,000
>steve urkel
monster clay, epoxy mold, steel skeleton with joints, silicone casting, plastic eyeballs, servos for subtle breathing movements/blinks, heated skin
1-2 million
>just buy a real doll for 3k
>chinese will sell you knockoff dolls for 1.5k and make it look like any woman you want without likeness permission forms
>amazon right now sells realistic breathing fake cats for old people
>its a lot easier to fake breathing if you hide the face or better yet keep the doll lying in a fetal position in your bed
>its a lot easier to fake breathing if you hide the face or better yet keep the doll lying in a fetal position in your bed
That's an awfully esoteric piece of knowledge, anon. Care to grace us with an explanation as to how you acquired it?

File: lp6rsuk.jpg (642 KB, 1920x1080)
642 KB
642 KB JPG
how hard is it to become a level modeler?
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Reproduce your own image in 3dsmax using .dds textures you made yourself, including vehicles and foliage.
Is that hard.
i kinda like the brush based workflow desu, even as someone who's been doing majority of their env art in maya for over like... 8 years now

i'm not sure if's just nostalgia for the look and workflow, or if it's actually quicker in some regard for certain things. i still think Hammer is a godly sketching tool, you could make stuff so quickly in it (even if it looked shitty)

if someone could give me a BSP / brush based 3d tool like Hammer, but allow me to very quickly add details to it w/ Maya or something, that would be amazing
>if someone could give me a BSP / brush based 3d tool like Hammer, but allow me to very quickly add details to it w/ Maya or something, that would be amazing
UE4 does this. You prototype the level with CSGs/BSPs or whatever, then you model over it in Maya. Unity can also do this, choose your flavor (ProBuilder, SabreCSG).

It's not like brushes just disappeared. Source 2 still rolls with the idea even. Just made it closer to mesh modelling. At least as far as DOTA 2 mapping or Steam VR Home mapping goes.
Level artist isnt that hard because you are mostly using already finished props made by other artists to populate a level. Eniroment artist is a bit harder because you have to be able to create whatever the level needs from scatch, including shaders and lighting. Enviroment artist is typicaly a role for the more experienced artists.
> ue4
unreal's BSP tools are laughable, but i've heard of probuilder and sabreCSG.

i just wanted a tool that's game engine independent, because i actually want to use it outside of game art. thanks for the info though

File: 1541549802296.jpg (864 KB, 3996x2250)
864 KB
864 KB JPG
how does 3 stay motivated? everything in cg takes a long time to do - especially animation.
I try to limit scenes to a minute, keep a proper routine when working and stream stuff while animating.
But the grind is still crushing. Sometimes I'm lip syncing for 5 days straight. Especially in blocking with no proper results for instant gratification I'm often left feeling lost.
How do you guys do it?
It's difficult, nobody will tell you different. The first step to fixing your motivation is to realise motivation does not exist. Using motivation as an excuse is simply a cop-out. Fortunately there are lots of guides out there to overcome burnout, unfortunately it mostly comes down to having a hard routine and being strict with your time. A nice easy start is going to bed at the same time everyday, including the weekend.
Reward yourself after finishing your duties, i don't play games if i haven't done any 3D
Just go to the doc and ask for as many vaccinations as possible. One of 'em will inevitably give you the autisms. After that you'll be able to concentrate on menial tasks indefinitely... And more importantly you'll enjoy every second of it.
Quality shitposting.

File: file.png (55 KB, 474x332)
55 KB
How do I get a job?
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best joke on 4chan in weeks.
tell everyone you're muslim or jewish
Also be Gay, #metoo, #equality
nah, being gay doesnt mean anything anymore. they're not oppressed enough in most people's opinion

being trans however... lots of oppression points

File: 3d-Blender-1.jpg (84 KB, 850x1020)
84 KB
Hey /3/
Any advice on how to get started as a noobie in Blender? I tried watching tutorials but my eyes started bleeding. Tips and references would be nice. Thanks!
50 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
Read about basic tools.
Start with 2D (boxy shapes)
Read about more tools
Extrude to 3D (squary solids)
Read about more and more tools.
Smooth and curvy (sexy organics)
Read more.
I disagree. He's very easy to follow along with. Both him and the fairy from CG Geek are what I've been using the past two weeks since iv started learning 2.8.

They both are really good at saying again exactly but quickly what they are doing and more importantly, why.
That Sebastian guy looks good though so I'm gonna check him out. Thanks.
>the past two weeks since iv started learning 2.8.
Do you even have enough experience to half-judge what they are doing?
top down, vs bottom up learning.

top down will allow you to keep enthusiasm for whatever you're working on, but your knowledge will be less in depth and you'll probably ask dumb questions

bottom up will give you the best understanding, but you'll probably give up early on because it isn't gratifying learning the nitty gritty of UVing vs actually making something (even if it is technically bad)

bottom up is reading the manual, top down is making the donut

this is first thing I ever made in 3d, I call it an Autard
25 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I think somebody is trolling you, mate.
how do i look at notification???


-Sent from my Iphone
It should just appear on your screen. Are you using an adblocker, by any chance?
Honestly, it's better than anything I did when I started.
>he doesn't have a 4Chan Pass

New major ZBrush version
buckle in
42 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>"ah yes, let's have users hold down this and this in order to zoom"

It is fucking retarded to the point that I used to run some script to attach zoom to the scroll wheel (as it should have been from the beginning).
Finally I found out from some tutorial video that you don't actually have to hold down alt/click and hold/ let go of alt to zoom.
Instead, just tap alt then quickly (you have a split second) click and hold the mouse key while the cursor is in empty space, then drag to zoom in/out. You avoid the key juggling bullshit. Saved me a lot of trouble.
I haven't seen any mention of that "functionality" in official documentation and a lot of beginner tutorials just go off the "press/click/hold/let go" shit that it barely gets mentioned by anyone.
Why would you want to use the scroll wheel in ZBrush?
When using ZModeler I prefer using a mouse as opposed to my tablet. Scroll wheel zoom feels more natural to me when doing push/pull shit.
With the alt tap method it's not something I bother with anymore.
I'll take the Russian hacker version, thanks.

Russian hacker
Best hacker
>Zbrush pricing
It's time to download a car.

File: arrgh0105.png (363 KB, 1080x720)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
what do you fellas think of "4k" update of ness' ssbb model?

>used ai gigapixel to upscale textures and to generally fill in gaps as well as attempt to increase quality
>cleanly subdivided the model (still some lighting errors sadly, im not perfect)
>recolored textures because its my preference (may have resulted in loss of quality)
>rendered with some neat lighting just because

im still fairly amateur but i thought it turned out pretty good, if anyone wants the .blend (im aware of how bad that sounds all things considered but its free) i'll post a link or somethin
19 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Honestly how can you think this is better? Why did you change the color scheme? Ye jeans and cap go total rorted.
File: 5.png (119 KB, 342x342)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
>im still fairly amateur but i thought it turned out pretty good
Well you got half of that right.
Did you even realize you took off his fingernails?
why is he t-posing

File: ender-x1.png (3.69 MB, 1920x1080)
3.69 MB
3.69 MB PNG
This was my secondary scene. Inspired by one of GITS concepts.
Reminds me of Fear Effect looks great keep it up.
I want to create nice landscapes like yours.
can you give me some tips?
This is proper cool man sick job
Yep, go for blender. Look for blenderguru youtube guides. I've found them very useful.

File: IMG_3897.jpg (812 KB, 2236x1396)
812 KB
812 KB JPG
I've been getting this weird thing where the slicer file looks fine then the print just translates and mirrors a bunch of layers off to the side. Awful rafting all around. This does not happen with all models but rather only some even in the same print. Even changing the orientation of the model and doing the supports again sometimes fixes it.

Main screw is cleaned and greased. Platform is zeroed and leveled properly. Film is clean. Bottom layers, layer size, exposure time, and so on works with other models of a similar size and complexity. Tried slicing the same models in ChituBox and got the same result, just with ten times longer wait to slice.

Seems like it might be a firmware issue? Is this a known issue with a known solution? Google mostly just turned up contacting Anycubic for warranty crap or some facebook groups which I can't view. But it's getting fucking annoying. I bought the Photon new in December 2018 so it should be the latest I think.
Ah I had this but I fixed it.

Turns out there was some kids hacking into my printer to fuck with me. Really annoying. Most of them were from the apartment on the floor above so after I talked to their parents they stopped and problem was solved.

Must be a trend or something at the moment.

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