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File: 2.png (935 KB, 1102x617)
935 KB
935 KB PNG
A guy I know has been making a game in Unity and we've been arguing about whether or not its graphics qualify as isometric. To me, the answer is incredibly obvious, but I'm interested to see what y'all have to say about it
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It has perspective, so... well, it has perspective. You can have a similar style and a "game in a box" feel if the camera is locked and you're viewing the scene from a 3/4 view, however.
Isometric is about the angle of viewing as well. If you are looking at a cube and all three visible sides are identically sized diamonds, its isometric. Everything else is orthographic.

OP's pic looks to be perspective camera with a very large focal lens/small FOV.

>Isometric is about the angle of viewing as well.

The key part of that sentence is 'as well'.

If the camera isn't ortho, it's not isometric.
Then just change the camera to orthographic you fucking retard.

File: kat worker cute.jpg (79 KB, 709x1024)
79 KB
Someone finally ripped models from the game
Is anyway gonna do anything with them, if it is even possible?
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He never claimed they were.
You're not wrong
But by looking at his twitter, he seems to know a bit about modding and models
I mean, couldn't he tried and make functioning models, even if it was just Kat and Raven?
Sadly these are fanmade and may be Patreon exclusive
I heard this guy knows how to rig models
Maybe he can help
I linked to the wrong tweet this entire time

File: questions.png (35 KB, 782x543)
35 KB
i'll make some interesting op images soon enough edition

previous: >>669725

This thread is for any help you need with your work, regarding technique and/or software. All simple and/or stupid questions should go in here too.

Also, please do head over to the previous thread and help to answer any unanswered questions!
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File: Cinema4Da.jpg (24 KB, 400x277)
24 KB
What are the best free and or paid c4d tutorials for a beginner?
thanks, is it on cgpeers?

Slight delay, sorry for that.
I'm currently working on a Dell Inspiron 7786, which is good enough to play games and render, though it's not the best at either. The high amount of RAM and i7 is what sold me.
Why is the yotsuba in the sticky so creepy

File: vivian james.gif (1.26 MB, 432x512)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
We can make 2D art look 3D, but is there a way to make 3D art look 2D while still keeping 3D aspects. So something like this, but with 3D model.
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did they just slap random shaders all over it? holy fuck
No problem, follow these steps
Model in 3D
Use a single light source to render a shadow.
Turn off all but the shadow.
What? Her hair is supposed to by a type of rock/crystals. And underneath their "skin" its also a bunch of crystals

If youre not talking about that, what are you even talking about?
Is there a English software that does stuff like this? can you do this in spine or blender somehow?

Hi, /3/
Somebody know how add mesh in each face?
This image will help you to figure.
oh no
you can do that with paricles if there's lots or you can do that duplicating the object and with the snap tool, I don't know what do you want to do really
The image that shows is acube with spheres in each face. I want to do adding a mesh to each face of a model.
File: Capture.png (273 KB, 665x592)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
parent sphere to cube, then use instancing on cube faces

File: 08_20_52_532_preview.jpg (376 KB, 1920x1161)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
anyone into archviz?
I use 3ds Max and VRay

share resources, tips, tricks, whatever

also do u think UE4 will be important going forward
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what an ugly face DAZ mod...
>it´s real
oh shiet
Is that a trap? Because if it is, then... oh, fuck it. Who am I kidding? I don't really care. I just wanna DIP.
no you faggot. stop this forced meme of calling girls traps to pretend any traps actually pass.
((She))'s a trap tho.
nope. kys

So years ago I downloaded some metasequoia models from this Jap 3d artist off of his site. I'm trying to find them again, but I don't remember the name of the site I got them from. All I could find were a couple of stolen one's off of turbosquid for $9. Anyone got the source?

Pic related one of the only images I could find of it, the turbosquid one.

File: blender.png (412 KB, 928x657)
412 KB
412 KB PNG

Newest movie from the blender foundation.

Let's start the shitposting war.
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that's the point though - its not amazing, its amazing for free software
>A first scene before an old Spring goes to sleep (before getting reborn).

It's fine guys, she's actually 1000 years old.
No, you got it backwards. She's always a few months old at most.
I mean if Illumination can pull the stunt, why not the Blender Foundation?

Come to think of it, I'm kind of surprised Illumination isn't connected to BF.

File: help.png (64 KB, 493x140)
64 KB
Need help with the textures from cc0textures.
Where does the disp, col, mask, rgh, nrm each respectively goes?

Using 3DS Max 2012 and V-Ray 2.0 (both cracked)
i know where those go.
i also know that this post goes in the /questions/ thread.
Each of those names should be pretty self-explanatory:

Col = color (diffusion, albedo, etc)
Rgh = roughness (usually with regards to specularity)
Disp = displacement
Nrm = normal
Msk = probably something to do with transparency or alpha. Technically, a mask layer can be used with anything, so I'm sure it's case specific here.

File: TCEA-sketchup-pro.png (195 KB, 620x400)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
Will I get shit on if I use sketchup?

It's so easy to use compared to 3DS Max but I get the feeling it's got a bad reputation.
Who cares?
depends on what you want to do of course. If sketchup does what you want, go ahead. But if you do more of this stuff, you'll really want to switch to a tool targeted at professional users at some point.
Depends what you want to do Anon.
I started on skp 7 years ago and feel it's simply the best for architectural designing. Along with layout it does everything you need. There plenty of rendering options these days with the standout at the moment being Enscape which let's you export as an executable for clients.

Yes, 3ds is superior if all you interested in doing is pretty archvis demos or perhaps single buildings but it's got nothing on skp when it actually comes to large projects, like hotels, urban areas, resorts, etc which is what my company focuses on.
These projects require way more information than you can fit into a single max file.

For actual architecture, SketchUp or Revit are the way to go. Revit is great but it's basically the same as SketchUp so if you already know one and your whole company knows it too, the benefit to switching everyone to the other program is essentially worthless.

I don't do small engineering CAD stuff but I believe it's very good for that also, simply do to the ease of accuracy.
Unlike other 3d softearso in skp your never just scaling things so they fit. Everything is precise.

What I miss the most whenever I'm in Maya or blender is the ability to easily just snap when modeling hardsurfaces.

File: 1335783514559.jpg (79 KB, 462x462)
79 KB
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Or you could just install the trial from the official website, compare the cracked executable to the original one with a hex editor, see that it changes ~2 bytes of data and have enough computer literacy to realize this means that it probably won't fucking delete your system32 folder and replace it with a bitcoin miner.

Or have a work machine or VM or sandbox maintained for this exact purpose because the software itself could be a shady ass botnet to begin with, if you're actually that paranoid.
Very good point and absolutely right but you know that maybe 1% who download shit actually go through these verification measures.
And the same way, maybe 1% of torrents from verified uploaders with seeds and positive comments actually contain malware.
Outside of protecting your own machine, there's also the reason why private trackers exist. Being part of an "exclusive" community where there are a billion rules to follow comes with the benefit that no one can really get away with uploading anything malicious. I'm not saying that they're 100% safe, but they're definitely safer than public trackers.
Or just download torrents from verified/VIP/known uploaders that don't have hundreds of "THIS IS A VIRUS DO NOT DOWNLOAD" comments below them. And I wouldn't say they can't get away with it, they can get away with it precisely once.

File: maxonredshift.jpg (80 KB, 1200x960)
80 KB
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File: 1484140005985.jpg (215 KB, 594x570)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
>has joined the x family

Marketing babble became so fucking repetitive and tiresome, holy fuck.
It'll get bundled eventually, redshift will be treated the same way Autodesk treats solidangle
From Maxon:
>Will Redshift be integrated into Cinema 4D?
>Redshift is a SEPARATE product which already offers outstanding support for Cinema 4D.
So no i don't think so.

You can't leave out the next sentence:

>Maxon and Redshift will be working closely together to make that integration even better than it is today.

That's Maxon's way of saying "Not yet, for now we want to pump people for both pieces of software, but at some point in the future we'll bundle it in."

Chances are we'll see a stripped-down or GPU-limited (say, only using one or two GPUs max) version in R22 to replace ProRender, and then down the road Redshift will be fully included in C4D by around R25.
I'm still horny thou

File: untitled2.png (136 KB, 858x850)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
look at this smol boi, isnt he adorable
33 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
could it be that i have a fan?
since you seem really dedicated heres my twitter <3 https://twitter.com/Chiusan2
Piss of blendlet and post your beginner shit in the right threads

you dense motherfucker
You seem very angry anon, wouldn’t it be a shame if I were to totally ignore you and keep on posting in the wrong thread? Because I think I will do exactly that


Do you think they also played with boob size parameters back then?
251 replies and 63 images omitted. Click here to view.

I'm not sure if you know this, but trolls typically butt in where they're not wanted in an attempt to get people riled up.
File: image.jpg (47 KB, 480x360)
47 KB
>I have the life experience of a wet rag
>everyone not doing 3D weebshit or gaming garbage is a troll
>artists are worthless. They produce nothing of real tangible value.

Faces remind me of Virtua Fighter.
That means YOU, asshole

File: ibiomco47a921.jpg (2.85 MB, 4608x3456)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB JPG
Where do people share paid STL files?
File: Warhammer.png (2.9 MB, 1920x1080)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB PNG
look at all these Taus, I scanned a few miniatures from videos and pictures months ago with this, https://alicevision.github.io/#meshroom , not to print them because the output is shit and need lots of clean and I don't have a 3d printer neither :^) , and with the 2018, 2019 isn't working to me.
Check FB for a group called anonymous stl. It's public. Don't join. Wait for a discord invite

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