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I realise it might be a meme question (At least it's not a programs war thread) but do you people have any ideas, advices, explanations on how to replicate the style they used for this JoJo fighting game: https://youtu.be/R7DDnpw2T68?t=557
(Especially starting from the timestamp I put since the models are slimmer and that's what I'm aiming for)

I'm getting into 3DCG specifically for video games and when I see the critics of some assets you people posts, I definitely know that I'm not reaching for the level of details you guys aim for.
I love that game's artstyle so if I could specialise on that particular artstyle, I'd be more than happy even tough it's not that detailed (compared to models for movies or shortfilms I mean or even other games).

So tell me everything you can tell me by looking at this video, I mean everything, I need as much infos as possible so I can practice to reach that level. Let it be in terms of texturing, modeling, shading, I need every information about that artstyle.
I'm a little bit more interested in the faces than the rest but like I said, I want every piece of knwoledge you can extirpate from this video.
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Okay I'll take your word for that
Nowadays, sculpting is key to character/creature modeling. Many times the sculpting is done from a clean base mesh if the concept is clear; but if this is not the case, sculpting is where exploration/concepting takes place, leading to a finished model that is then retopologized into a mesh with proper topology, which will carry the details from the sculpt using textures and shading techniques like normal or displacement maps.

Since you know how to draw and know anatomy, I'd suggest you give a try to specialized sculpting tools (ZBrush, 3DCoat, or Mudbox). Chances are you'll find it natural, after learning the UI well enough to not stand in your way.
Is Maya a good tool for that? You didn't mention it so I'm wondering.
I'm asking because I actually picked a course on learned modeling from Maya so I'd rather know right now before I get too far into it.
not him
maya seems to have basic sculpting, doesnt look that good tough
Maya will do everything except sculpt very well and is dependable, but you need a real sculpting program like zbrush.
As for this style, the others are right, it took about one second and half a minute of video to realise they model and rig for extreme deformation, arms broken out of their socket as the norm, legs having enough hip space to go past the splits.
The animation is easy though, for the models you should try modeling greek statutes.


Do you think they also played with boob size parameters back then?
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>mfw this thread will still be open for another 2 years
<iframe width="1905" height="801" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/0fy2bmXfOFs" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
While not story-driven, this series of instructional vids is full a mix of old CGI and VFX
File: ray640.jpg (44 KB, 640x480)
44 KB
Some of these shovelware CDs have a few of my old artworks. The price you pay for uploading your work to every graphics BBS in NA and Europe.

File: houdini175.jpg (74 KB, 1066x346)
74 KB
New version of houdini officially on the way for March 7th, what's on your wishlist lads?
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Would you say Houdini is managable for simple rigging and animations like for game assets? Or is it basically broken at this stage?
Simple as in a basic bone + skin weights rig that you could do equally well in Maya, Max, Blender, or anything else? Sure, it's perfectly usable for that.
guize, what the fuck is a vellum?

pls no bully
The first minute or so gives you the gist: https://vimeo.com/294379827
It's their name for an implementation of a modern "XPBD" dynamics solver. It uses techniques that were developed for game engines. It's very fast and simple to use and it automatically unifies cloth, hair, particles, soft bodies etc. in a single solver. They also added some nice features like a Marvelous Designer style cloth workflow.

The drawback is the simulation quality is worse than the dedicated solvers. It's hard to use Vellum without everything looking like soft rubber. But soft rubber is good enough for a lot of simple sims.

Where can I find a quality update of a Night Elf model with the WoD update?

There's a huge assortment of links through Google that are all of questionable quality (old model, custom edits). I just want the canon WoD model for the Night Elf.
rip it yourself retard, it's not hard
based futa porn 3d artist
Best way to most reliably know you have the actual model and not edits, is by getting the WoW model viewer. You need the game installed for it to work, but then you can just pull up any of the models and export them as fbx or obj if I remember correctly.

File: Dynamic-Tower.jpg (77 KB, 963x400)
77 KB
I used to do tons of work with 3DS Max back in 2000-2009. It has been a decade since I touched 3D programs. What is the best way to dive back in? Which program (Max or Maya) is better (I do architectural renderings mostly)?

Thanks for any help, truly, getting back to the skill level I was at seems like a daunting task, any other tips?

pic not my work, just something similar.
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thanks, I have enough spare time this semester to just learn both Max and Maya.

When it comes to landscapes, is VUE still the best btw, or has someone else taken the mantle?
Not OP but can anyone tell me if there are many benefits to going with 3ds Max over Rhino for archviz? I just started getting into archviz but have been modeling in Rhino for a while. I tried learning 3ds but the workflow was a nightmare to me, everything took so long. Is it okay to render with v Ray in Rhino and then move the models over to c4d and unreal at the end? I think I'm way too brainlet for max
And there's good news it's exactly like you remembered it!
File: archviz_in_modern_max.jpg (143 KB, 750x1000)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Forget VUE unless you are masochistic.
Houdini got pretty good, and its fairly easy too if you are just using it for landscape.
There is World Machine also pretty good for large scale terrain.
Terragen is also still there.

File: cadnav-16092P11557.jpg (83 KB, 640x480)
83 KB
Is it true that video game companies forbid 3D models of children to have anything beneath the clothing? It's apparently to prevent nudity in mods.
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imagine the free market turning down paying customers because "ma morals"
doesn't work like that kid
Forfeit the custody of your daughter.
state of blendlets
to minimize fill rate and poly count games rarely if ever model bodies under clothing. Even in games where you can remove clothes, body parts are only swapped in when clothes are removed.

Having a mesh of a rigged body that is naked/skintight is very standard.
When you're making clothes you tailor them to fit a certain body so it helps immensely to have have the geometric representation of the body on hand.
You also need something like that to transfer weights from so you can just wrap the skin and grab the weights instead of having to manually rig every item of clothing you create.

Now you will delete that geometry and have several meshes like head + hands. head + hands + legs etc to go with different outfits.
Bit it's not so much about not wasting the polygons (few thousand polys are nothing these days) as it is avoid having any interpenetration of skins, like ass-cheek coming thru fabric of shorts when you squat type deal.

File: sss.png (734 KB, 950x585)
734 KB
734 KB PNG
guys i want to make sweet shinny monster skin and guts but i cant find any good resources on painting subdermal epidermal and scattering maps.

p.s. im not rendering in blender guys sorry
>bake a curvature and thickness map
>or better yet paint it yourself
now fuck off
File: surprised.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
So that's how you do it, hmm hmmmm
The maps are just the fine-tuning you need to dial in the settings in the shader and the scene light so that your material renders like a fleshy rubber without any maps at all.
then it will be self evident what values do and what colors you will need in them maps to get the look you're going for.

In general it's not so much subsurface scattering that makes flesh looks like flesh as it is getting the diffuse falloff and reflections right (aka the BRDF)
so that is priority #1 to nail if you want something organic to look highly believable.
For something very translucent like a sludge or larvae sure SSS is very big part of the effect but on creatures like humans it's a very subdued and overestimated effect.

In daylight conditions you could render skin with or without any subsurface scattering and you should hardly notice the difference because the backscatter is such a small part of the returned light.
Artists routinely use several hundred percent higher than realistic values when they first start doing this stuff because they think it's the magic bullet that will make skin look real.

File: img-2019-02-14-034428.png (2.33 MB, 1699x927)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB PNG
Working on recreating my room in blender as a bit of practice (all I've done before is the donut)

any suggestions? I'm trying to make all the materials procedurally using nodes, should I just suck it up and stop fucking around with that and download some premade materials?
File: img-2019-02-14-035115.png (60 KB, 333x519)
60 KB
Also, every time I try to apply a material to one face in 2.8 the whole fucking program crashes, so I'm being forced to make each face I want to material differently into seperate objects. pls help :(
there's a WIP thread for this.

there's a /blender/ general for this

sorry for being a dick.

File: 234.png (195 KB, 732x732)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
hello i just made 3d
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that's a very strange looking donut
your 3d is cute
Pretty good.
Looks nice.

Need help,
Couple of years back there was a very easy to use software for creating avatars, I cant recall what the hell it was called. It suited me because absolutely every aspect was controlled by sliders, almost like the way you'd create an avatar in SecondLife but far more detailed.
Does anyone know the name of this software?

pic nor related , but life size Baby Groot so why not?
creature creator pro
Daz 3D, Poser, FUSE, Reallusion, Makehuman
Makehuman, thats the one, thanks for that anon

File: 1531253930071.gif (2.04 MB, 560x500)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB GIF
How do I make poly that looks pixelated/no aliasing?
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Upscale with nearest neighbour
>Upscale with nearest neighbour
That's my fetish!
Please don't do this.
Why not?
It's bad, and cheap looking.
Though if you only do it slightly, and not extremes like sizing down to 32x32 and then up to 1080p I guess it's fine.
Still better to do as much as you can without resizing.

File: d96.jpg (23 KB, 500x500)
23 KB
>when you put the animation to render overnight and you go to bed and the pc acts like a room heater
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>Im using keyshot
Oh there you go

Sorry, can't help you with that. Keyshot is alright to render an asset and showcase it quickly and easily, but it's really not the best tool around to render a scene or anything that demands specific qualities or necessitate optim.

Thanks for the feedback. Think i may have to try corona. My graphics card is 9 years old (radeon 6950) and cpu is i7 4790.

If you want to get the most out of your aged machine (while doing 130 mil poly scenes) then you have to optimize the work conditions.

For scenes with hundred millions of poly's you want to use proxy's, but even then it gets slow when using Max/Maya (they also eat plenty of RAM) so a better option is to use Clarisse for scene building, shading, lighting and rendering.
Clarisse laughs about millions of poly's.
I've rendered billions and even trillions on my old I7 with only 16GB of RAM in an reasonable amount of time (under a hour).

I have a triple boot setup, one is a bare-bone CentOS I only use for heavy stuff in Maya, Houdini, Nuke or Clarisse.
Linux renders 5-10% faster with the same hardware while using 1-2 GB less RAM.
>16 gb ram

4 gb of ram here, and I run programs that require 8 gb of ram at minimum (SP, Marmoset, Marvelous Designer), so 16gb is not even an old pc dude.
what are you on about? I bought that PC 5+ years ago. RAM was dirt cheap too.
>4 gb
my condolence
but if you want to do 3D you better get some more

File: 1200x630bb.png (292 KB, 630x630)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
Fusion has been integrated into DaVinci Resolve. I do not know what to choose. How well Fusion is integrated into DaVinci Resolve? It turns out now you can get by just DaVinci Resolve and Fusion not needed separately? Or does fusion have more features?

I am interested in compositing static images using complex masks. But I would also like to try editing video in DaVinci Resolve.
i edit in davinci for youtuve vids, fusion is useful for memes. integration is very good. i use blender and then export to fusion
fusion in davinci is sometimes slower, sometimes faster, depending on their updates, very fickle.

File: file.png (1.34 MB, 1280x720)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB PNG
anyone on this board know anything about 3d fractals? especially in houdini and mandlebulb 3d.
Im looking for a reliable way to use them in realtime in ue4. I always used mandlebulb's voxel slicing to get a mesh, but thats quite messy.

Just started to learn houdini and its amazing how much easier stuff is. the downside here is that I have to program most stuff myself in order to make the fractals as modifiable as in m3d.

Any helpfull tips on how to approach this?

12 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 14cUhIq.gif (828 KB, 200x189)
828 KB
828 KB GIF
>imagine bugs crawling out of all those holes
Could you show how you made the material? Is it procedural?
I always use texture samples but I need to learn more efficient methods.
File: file.png (178 KB, 1059x704)
178 KB
178 KB PNG
mostly just for fun experimentation, and I also would like to make cool environments. But yea it kinda looks like shit now :)
it looks pretty ok-ish with baked normals tho, and im sure it can still be improved a lot
yea its procedural. I just reused some stuff from a low poly water shader I made. pretty easy to do. I highly recommend to take a look at the ue4 material editor, very easy to use and incredibly fun :)
Oh, I meant entirely procedural, without a texture sample. I thought maybe you generated the displacement sample instead of using an image.

yeah, UE4 is a lot of fun. Ive been using it for the past few years for a game and am trying to use better design and upgrade the art style. Here is a more recent blueprint I've been working on, in a test map.

File: 15426999592501.jpg (98 KB, 1024x788)
98 KB
Best software for freelance work?

8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Paint 3d

Alternatively microsoft excel.
File: logo-1200x630.png (19 KB, 1200x630)
19 KB
What type of freelancing do you want to get into? I did a video game trailer and small ad animation in Blender and it turned out okay, but I recommend something more professional. Blender can do a lot but using what "the industry" uses is helpful. Better yet, get familiar with multiple softwares and figure out what works best for different projects.

Also, I semi recommend Upwork. You can get jobs fast with little skill, but the pay is kinda shitty. On the other hand, I've gotten only one invite on Fiverr and haven't tried any other sites.
Stay tf away from Upwork, not only the paying is extremely shitty( on most occasions 1/10 of normal pay) but Upwork jews you out of 20% of what the client pays you, shadow bans you if you don't get enough clients and can downright ban you just for making bids. I stay away from that site like the plague
Not familiar with Upwork, but plenty of other websites, i.e. 3d marketplaces, etc. take a substantial cut just for being the middleman. As for payment, can't you dictate your own prices or are you somehow pushed to work for peanuts? Also, what similar sites would you recommend using instead for finding work?
i actually did some research on this for myself although i yet have to make a choice
I think being a blendlet is viable but requires quite some experience and possibly paid plug-ins but talking about actually professional softwares

maya lt is valid for modelling and shading for games, also has human IK, shame you don't get arnold, 30 bucks a month

mudbox and substance painter are great choices for painting, choose substance if you prefer a more PBR oriented and more procedural workflow, or choose mudbox if you like a more... artisan approach? wouldn't know how to put it but you just have to put more effort in the textures yourself, also unlike mudbox it supports UDIM, so it's better for higher quality production
You can also use it to sculpt, but unless you're a godly high functioning autist like ian spriggs it's barely used for that AFAIK, where i learned to use it they only had it for painting
mudbox is 10/month, substance painter 20/month although i wonder if it's gonna be changed in the future now that adobe's decided to stick its dick in the 3d industry

so yeah it's 50 bucks a month at worst for getting into professional softwares that let you model and texture an asset, however you gotta count for possible texture sites and additional plug-ins if you want to specialize further

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