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Give me one good reason as to why you're still using this over Blender.
havnt touched SFM in 5+ years but in many ways SFM is alot easier/more intuitive than blender regarding animation.

also if youre a talentless faggot you can get all sorts of pre-made models to make porn with
The Ik rigs.

Setting up a Ik rig is jarring, and using auto IK rigging requires to scrap what you already have. So meaning you need to learn good weighting. And the only Ik rigs for bledner is overwatch stuff.

Everyone also sets their IK rigs differently. So you have to learn the gimmicks of someone else Ik rigs.

SFM, for most is just a simple plug and play, a simple animators tool for hobbies who just want to animation things in a non time consuming way.
Models and maps ready out of the box
Auto IK rig script
Easy to switch from IK to FK
No need to mess with weight mapping
Maps that don't need converting
User friendly interface
Camt you use deformation cages in blender though? No weight mapping needed.

File: _D.jpg (152 KB, 1198x800)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Hi guys, recently I've been doing some casual 3D modelling, for various things, work, home, fun, whatever.

At the moment I'm trying to convert some models from games into 3D files, I just wanted to run my method by people and see if I'm doing things correctly.
So all of these files are in odd formats, usually I'm able to get an .obj or .stl out at the end, but these are generally low poly models which are missing lots of detail (which are textured in). At the moment I am opening these files in Inventor, and drawing up corresponding sketches, essentially just tracing these objects, forming the proper solids and then modelling my own changes. I do this because many of the models are always incomplete and I can easily make changes, and also because I can then produce much higher quality models which can split and actually made into functional parts that can be assembled. My concern is there might be a quicker way to do it, since I always have some simple 3d file as a starting point (presumably turning a mesh into a set of sketches is absurd) or that there is a better way, since a lot of the time I feel like I'm eyeballing things so they line up with the mesh I have. Software recommendations would also be appreciated for this sort of stuff.

File: nyyaaaa.png (32 KB, 388x128)
32 KB
Do you usually prefer studio lighting for your stuff, indoor ones or atmospheric nature shit?
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but how do you add a ground plane into the render or should everything be floating?
What exactly do you want to achieve?
i want the object to look like its rooted and sitting on the ground instead of floating in space...
At a job some years ago I used this tool that converted HDRIs into full light rigs at the press of a button, can't remember the name, also never used it again.

File: 1554424935676.png (2.02 MB, 1468x844)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
With all your _instant_ jumping on literally every Blender topic that pops up, making you spew all those snarky jokes and bitterness, you seem like some dog that feels threatened and gets all bitey.
There's absolutely no reason to get so defensive about all this. The industry standards won't change over night and Blender can't give studios support which is absolutely imperative for said professional studios.
It's great for what it is but it still lacks in certain workflows that are common in the professional areas and as I said, no support and you can't google shit all the time when something doesn't work.
It's great for people who want to test the waters of 3D modelling just have another option to do this without the hassle of licenses and all that. Occasional freelancers also have this option but both are no danger for the whole industry. I don't see how this whole situation justifies this impotent rage you see in literally every thread.
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it's the same people who would only buy pro-tools thinking it magically makes their audio of better quality.
Memes aside I genuinely believe Autodesk is going to reduce its market share with its aggressive pricing bullshit.
I've read more and more posts about Studios trying out Blender experimentally
i've tried doing mushrooms experimentally but i wouldn't recommend those for work either
File: 1543463927209.jpg (251 KB, 1920x1080)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
Something about Suzanne shitposts make me lose my shit every time

I'm new to /3dcg/ and have only done the tutorial and a couple hours of playing around in blender, should I get a tablet or use a different software before I get too invested?
Unless you're planning to sculpt or paint, probably not. As for different software, it depends on what you want to do (architectural modeling, motion graphics, simulation, character animation, texturing, etc.) Blender CAN technically do everything and the skills you'd acquire will mostly carry over, it's just a question of how much time you'd be wasting.

If you want something different to try out that has an easy learning curve, I'd go with Cinema 4D, SketchUp and maybe Daz Studio.
First learn some 3d fundamentals: things like maps, normal, light, Uvs, etc.
Later you a decide what kinda 3d work you want to do.

If you are a dirt hobbist you can learn a bit of everything and be a shit modeler, shit sculptor, shit animator, shit texture painter, shit vfx artist, shit game devoleper, shit technical artist, all this at the same time.
>If you are a dirt hobbist you can learn a bit of everything and be a shit modeler, shit sculptor, shit animator, shit texture painter, shit vfx artist, shit game devoleper, shit technical artist, all this at the same time.
So... a 3D generalist?
nah that's not the same
skilled generalists are the most valuable resource there is, though the range of skills is a bit more limited than what you guys listed (skip things like animation and whatever game developer means in this context)
sorry 2 hear

File: fwafg.jpg (14 KB, 290x218)
14 KB
>be me in high school
>write shitty python script, feel like leet hax0r

>be me now
>friend asks if i know python
>"yeah sure i do"
>"cool can you write me a 3D model importer for an obscure JP-only racing game for Blender"

i wanna help him but i dunno where to start. how do i learn to do this?

Though chances are modeling the whole thing from scratch will take less time.
File: DKUR9Tk.png (144 KB, 365x277)
144 KB
144 KB PNG

Tell him "no".

There, problem solved!

File: FxtecPro1004.jpg (72 KB, 1219x1000)
72 KB
What cgpeers rigging series will let me learn how to make helper and control bones to properly deform hops, shouldare, and buttocks? I can't find anything on this shit. It's always basic ass bipeds that deform horribly and can't even twist the hips without freaking the fuck out.
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it's impossible to weight paint in a way that fixes volume collapse on all three axes of rotation though.
>shilling some shitty autorig in 2019
>t. dunning kruger

Doesn't matter if the skeleton is placed randomly in each model. It's infuriating how shit rigging is still in the current year.
why are you placing joints randomly? what?

File: 20190718_133308.jpg (107 KB, 498x486)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Anyone knows how that 3d art style is called ? Or what define it ? How to achieve it ?

You can see this 3d style in some old crappy 90s movies, or in some pc games in the mid 90s as pre-rendered animation.

Even in killer instinct or Donkey Kong Country

The perfect example would be the dialogs in fallout 1&2

But also in popular games as Final Fantasy 7 and Resident Evil 1,2,3 (not the characters/objects but the backgrounds)

Most recently you can find this style in five nights at Freddy's.

Any ideas ?
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You have to keep this in an archive. I also recommend making one giant folder and uploading it to web archive.
File: folder2.png (5 KB, 213x273)
5 KB
also managed to get all that old stock explosion/fire footage they used in 90s/early 00s shows and games from some anon on /vr/
Looks like you've got a retro goldmine.
why? all this stuff is still on cgpersia forums, vetusware, archive.org and rutracker

File: featured.jpg (18 KB, 760x510)
18 KB
now im better with substance i kinda wanna get photoshop entirly off my computer to fuck off

but, theres always small things its great to have it for and i cant stand gimp
do any of you use Affinity in your workflows? it seems it can do everything i would want to do in photoshop/gimp
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>Normally I just use PS to do post on renders and sometimes significant masking for various things, make some graphics for friends sometimes..
You shouldn't have any issues using Affinity for that. Give the trial a shot. Or pirate it lol, but the company is cool, so if you find it useful buy it afterwards.
Not that guy, but how well does it support opening PSD files? GIMP is absolute shit at it (mainly because it doesn't support adjustment layers).
Affinity seems to support them though. Nearly all of my projects have a corresponding PSD file with it, so not being able to open those or use them would definitely put a damper on things as far as switching goes.
File: 1549732333896.png (992 KB, 1680x1200)
992 KB
992 KB PNG
>so not being able to open those or use them would definitely put a damper on things
I wouldn't expect full compatibility. For example I there's no support for PS paths, they have to be converted to shapes in PS. But mostly (for raster) it works fine. Pic attached is of a random PSD I got from the net as an example.
I find paths in PS to be pretty annoying, so if I really need anything in vector format I tend to use Illustrator (since their tools are a little better), so no worries there.
I'll definitely give the free trial a try and see how everything works.

Unfortunately I'm stuck in a year long contract with Adobe, so I can't cancel any time soon without paying $60 (because of course people who don't actually have the money to keep paying monthly would also have the money to fucking cancel). Still, I can't wait to get those fucks off my back and out of my life. I hate Adobe so much.
Goddamn I love Affinity. I think I only had problems making gifs but that may just be my lack of research. Fuck PS

Am I torturing myself by trying to learn the Blueprints in UE4 if I have a large idea for a game, should I really take the time to learn C++? Or should I just find someone online and pay them to do coding for me? I've got pretty much everything else down like the artwork, assets, characters, writing, and all that jazz, but the coding is what's really dragging this whole thing out.

I apologize if this is the wrong board, but it was the most appropriate one I could find for the topic since /v/ is fucking useless.
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>It takes years to learn C++

It takes years to learn C++ to a standard where you'd be employable.

It takes about a week to learn C++ to the point where you can start doing things in Unreal Engine.
File: 1512711607823.jpg (29 KB, 208x321)
29 KB
you HAVE to go back
It’s not that fucking hard to learn both.
C++ in Unreal is quite different, unreal comes with a bunch of fancy macros and proprietary classes to keep you from having to deal with memory management, so much so that it makes it almost like a scripting language (with pointers). I'd say give it a shot OP if you have programming experience. One thing that is lacking severely from unreal's documentation is example code, though they don't claim to teach you c++ so oh well.
Also note that you'll use blueprints anyway.
Use C++ for heavy lifting and blueprints for everything else

File: donutmug.png (517 KB, 960x540)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
Blendlet here
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File: aac35f2.png (3.15 MB, 1920x1080)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB PNG
Get fucked
you could have made a sprinkled chocolate anvil and a metallic donut
that anvil is fucking disgusting on so many levels
Get good

File: assface.jpg (99 KB, 1280x720)
99 KB
always wished there was a /him for other programs
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Left legs are culturally educated and sophisticated.
Middle legs are pathetic.
Right legs are stretchy, good for variety.

Hands are awkawrd in all three images, but he was sitting between two guys he doesn't really know that well so I'll give him a pass.

Only insecure baby bois are scared of asserting intellectual dominance by crossing their legs anyway.
File: 1503442890238.jpg (2 KB, 119x125)
2 KB
>Only insecure baby bois are scared of asserting intellectual dominance by crossing their legs anyway.
jesus christ.. take your meds, anon...
nigga u gay
kinda sounds like you take middle legs up your ass regularly
Thank you for helping me take a shit faster with laughter.

>10 years later
>design tools and game engines still can't figure out which direction is up
>Z is up for Blender
>Y is up for Unity
>import shit from Blender into Unity
>has to hack together -90 degree X rotation to compensate for this
>fuck up all calculations regarding rotations thanks to this bullshit
>have to rotate shit in Blender before exporting to fix this, and then undo the rotation in Unity
Why does it need to be like this?
36 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
In that case, W seems to be the generally accepted 4th spatial axis.
This will only stop being a problem once humanity stops orientating itself in 2D.
The enemy gate is down.
Unity and Maya’s forward axis are inverted. So models are always facing backwards when imported. 3D printers and pretty much anything outside of modelling software/game engines has the Z pointing up.

I think Z up has to do with the XY plane being flat down, and the extra axis, Z, extrudes from there.

Unity considers the XY plane to be upright with the Z axis extruding away from you. The characters or whatever else you put in there interact towards that Z axis. Maya has Z + and - flipped because they want their characters facing you when you work on them. And Blender uses the classic, textbook approach.
When you're a small kiddo in school and learn about coordinates for the first time you learn that:

X is length
Y is height

Adding a third dimension Z should then logically be width, yes?
Whoever chose anything but Y as up should be executed.
No. Y is length, X is width, Z is depth.

Then again, each of them is arbitrary.
If you're looking at a tree or something from the side, X could be width, Y could be height. At the same time though, from the top, X could still be width, but Y could be length. Z would both be depth in that instance, but really each of them could be anything.
Hell, you could use melons, apples and oranges for coordinates. They're just variables.

Why there's not a standard between programs for it is dumb though. Probably amounts to competition between different companies and refusal to cooperate due to jewery.

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 197x256)
8 KB
sorry if this is the wrong board for this question but i haven't seen anyone talk about architecture besides /3/. and i suspect there are some arch vis guys on here. anyways I am entering university in a few weeks for architecture wanted to be ahead of the curve. anyone know any good arch design or drawing books?
29 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>world's best buildings

Frank gehry is a faggot
Fuck off faggot. Try living in a first world country. You probably couldn't design a toilet block
I'm from a central European country, I don't know what you call them in English, but I have both degrees in materials engineering(?) and electrical engineering(?). so I don't draw/build ugly houses.
Books are for boomers. Go for lynda or youtube
You are retarded.

How do I fix this bullshit from 2.80? It never happened to me in 2.79.
19 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Lol. It's free software bro. You can't expect it to just work.
THIS. So much this.
You pay literally nothing for it and expect it to be something usable? HAHA. Next thing Blendlets will say is that Santa Claus is real.
>Next thing Blendlets will say is that Santa Claus is real.
w-what...? If Santa is not real, then who was bringing me donuts at Christmas?
You CPU's integrated graphics doesn't support the required version of openGL that eevee work with.

I had this same problem using my integrated graphics, I have a I5-3570, which is 3th gen, only 4th gen and up have support for the openGl version for eevee, you need to either upgrade the cpu or use GPU, the moment I installed a gtx 960 it opened and is working normally.
Also, always check the requirements.
Blender .org says that you need at least a Haswell cpu intel graphics.

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