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File: 1559695778557.jpg (105 KB, 740x890)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
now THAT is innovative
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Not him but I have it, really good grater. I'm pretty sure I've never used 2 of the 4 sides on it though.
well, my mac pro from 2006 is still going; it looks like they finally embraced the nuclear bunker concept
>5 stages of grief
File: download (1).jpg (586 KB, 1500x1449)
586 KB
586 KB JPG
the important thing is that people will look back on that computer and it will be dated in a particular way

people will say its delightfully 2019, before everything collapsed and we had to fight over fresh water

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Pure capitalism baby
please go back

By then he'll be promoted to management.
spend 3-10 years doing it for free.
use stock footage
add copy

make 120k a year

Previous thread: >>682188
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I'm too scared to learn Blender. I only want to animate anyways
Learn Maya, then. It's the queen of animation.

This >>687202 isn't me.
Like I said, I'm not scared of blender and I don't want to animate only,
I just want to start with that and get into modelling eventually, but since it's
for a game I'd rather start with just the animation part while I can use other
tools for the character creation part, for example, what I'm currently doing is simplifying the materials of the models.
And I'd rather not pirate maya (don't want to pay 1k per year for it either) so I thought blender would be the best thing for that.
Sculpt Branch:
New data structure from scratch will be the way to go for the Sculpt
Trim and insert mesh will be the next things in the sculpt branch. Node brushes after the new data structure.
Native retopo is needed, he want to work on that after the sculpt branch.
Texture paint need a total rework.
He want to work also in the cloth simulator and do a mini Marvelous Designer
Video in Spanish:
Hey, thanks man.
I kinda felt like missing out on something big when I saw that he did a whole fucking hour stream about it while only mentioning it shortly in the english stream.
Wish there were subtitles.

File: 1553540741008.jpg (63 KB, 506x338)
63 KB
What is your job role and what software do you use?
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All that effort to make mediocre schlock no one care about
Fugg I make $500 in a morning moving text around in premiere.
Amazon warehouse slave

Where is my pro art monitor scum.
pls say catia is russian sftr kek

File: 1554327879199.jpg (239 KB, 1080x1143)
239 KB
239 KB JPG
Any 3d generalist here? I work as a environmental and architectural artist and I cant help to keep procrastinating in those parts I dont like.

Right now Im stuck at the rigging and UV mapping. Its been a week already and I never find the proper time for start doing that, so I always end up starting another project or wasting time doing other things. Everytime I open my file I dont feel Im capable of finishing it.
Any ideas for this? Which are your least favourites stages of a 3d project?
>procrastinating in those parts I dont like
That´s called complete an utterly lack of motivation. Remember school? Remember procrastinating there? No? Because not only your teacher, but your parents would kick the fuck out of you. If you don´t have a boss or a wife to whip you into shape, you won´t do shit. You piece of shit.

Common as muck. I hate uv's and texel density for all the fucking little bits. I hate retopology. I hate baking maps. I hate trying to fucking sync colors between all the apps because they all have different formats, inverted gloss ot metalness etc. Most of all I hate blender users tho.
File: 1541238226999.jpg (251 KB, 1920x1080)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
>Most of all I hate blender users tho.
I found 3D Coat makes Retopology and UV-mapping interactive and fun

So I was just told that daz3d CEO Jim is in hot shit with the owner and other investors.

I guess they are looking to off load as soon as possible and cash out. They want a big fish to bite but want out of the situation fast.

This is where things get interesting. Talking with some people at hivewire it turns out that hivewire has traveled out to Israel and has had a lot of calls back and forth.

What does this mean? Hivewire might get daz or they are trying to present themselves to purchase daz.

Is this a good thing? Will this hurt or help the community?
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but they updated Studio recently (wether this strand based hair system is really useful is another question). So is Rob Whisenant (or so) the last programmer at DAZ?
They did less work than you'd think since the hair system is just them buying out the Garibaldi plugin.
I believe Rob Whisenant will be the next to go or will be in the next round of layoffs. From what I've heard he has barked at Jim, Matt, and other management when they try shutting on him and the others.
Anything but adobe.
any news?

Need CC, working on this for quite some time.

Quite happy with the effects, just need to see what to improve to make this better.
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If you made a variation in the almonds argon it would improve it. But that's probably something only artists would notice
Not him, but slight blemishes and texture?
What do you mean?
>>Yeah, Im not happy with that either but I cant really come up with any good idea, how do you show Avocado's?

try thinner slices arranged differently, maybe? pic-related is just an idea about slice thinnes, not for arrangement, since it would clash with the scattered look on all the other pieces.

the bigger problem for me was the amount of space the avocados slices occupy in the image. i actually had to throw the image into photoshop to make sure the product itself wasn't smaller on the avocado image compared with the rest.

also, are you the guy who posted some stuff to /gd/ ages ago? iirc it was also cosmetics stuff done in blender that was ultimately turned down by the client. if so, have the clients actually seen any version of what's you've posted yet? advertising is a shitty industry and you'll probably have to give them 20 different versions with pointless changes before they're happy (it's mostly just them trying to feel like they actually contributed to the design).
Thank you, no im not the same guy havet seen that topic.

At this moment Im working for this company, so they eat wherver I give them, they are really nice to begin with, but I just want to make really nice images for my folio.

Your slices look really appealing I was thinking about similar composition, but making that In 3D would be pain, at least for me.

The Images are done in 3ds max with Corona Renderer, I use Blender from time to time tho.

File: thO1V35YN8.jpg (18 KB, 181x219)
18 KB
I want to make a videogame, but I have zero knowledge in 3d modeling, can somebody create and animate some models for me? Dm links to files if your interested, @gamer16234893
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Do you have pussy? Because I can work for pussy.
back to r*ddit

Just use place holder models for now. Make your game and if at the end you've got a solid program you think will be a good seller then hire an artist to make the models for you.
No money, but felt he's entitled enough for free work even after killing an innocent thread who hadn't even had its first kiss yet.
Scum like you disgust me, OP.

File: IMG_20190522_225403_899.jpg (407 KB, 1920x1080)
407 KB
407 KB JPG
Tried being productive today, rendered with aiToon + OSL
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Sure you do Anon, sure you do.
Drop your reel then Mr. Professional
hahaha still no
>t. boomer dad
Lol figured, you larping fag.

File: redpaintedmetal.png (1.11 MB, 1024x1024)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
I have no idea if this is useful to anyone but here,100 premium 4k materials for blender for free


Also free resources thread (not only Blender)
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Bump. Thanks OP.
Safety bump
what is the license on this?
can I use those for commercial use?
like say put them on a model in a game that I would sell?
If it's not explicitly allowed by the copyright holder (you have to go and check), better to stay safe and not do it.
File: file.png (111 KB, 1920x977)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
If you just check the file theres a big download called "licenses".

I got you this time but next time don't be stupid.

I think i have potential
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blender guru donut making angry wankers write paragraphs
blendets btfo
We all have potential. It's whether or not you pursue it that counts. Also, please use the blender or WIP thread instead of killing a thread. Your donuts do not warrant their own thread, no matter how much potential you think you have.
File: based pilled.gif (595 KB, 366x218)
595 KB
595 KB GIF
>Judging the software by the work of a beginner
Looks like my first lab project in 1999. We had a 30 minutes to do it.

File: guilhem-resseguier-03.jpg (743 KB, 1920x2131)
743 KB
743 KB JPG
How in gods name??? I'm a 2d artist, and know a bit of 3d (enough to make very crude simple one-material assets in blender and import them into unity). Browsing artstation recently, I noticed the amount of 'substance materials' is starting to be quite noticeable. A ton of these materials just look absolutely stunning. I never gave them much notice, amazing 3d art being everywhere on that site and me being demoralised enough by the insanely high skill level of most artists on there.

But now I am really starting to get curious. How in gods green earth do you do this? They say 'substance only' ... what?? This is not a photo that was used? How the **** can I make amazing stuff like this?

And how does it even work in the gamedev pipeline? Is a 'smart substance material' something you load into unity/unreal, then drag onto your model, and the engine renders it along the mesh perfectly with all the information embedded into the substance made material?

Please teach me this wizardry
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To OP, Download Designer. There's a free trial. GO to youtube and look for a user called Sharpstance.

To everyone else complaining about how materials from substance don't look as good in other programs. You probably need to go in and make sure your metalness/roughness maps aren't in the sRGB colorspace.
>tfw no mirror shoes
omg i was always wondering why people complain about that, i never had this problem.
You tell me these retard are just to stupid to learn how to do it properly but shoot of their mouth and complain? What a bunch of fucking useless eaters.
Fuck them!
Cause some of us are tired of dumb people.

File: Untitled3.png (235 KB, 1013x381)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
>want to make something for little bro
>he likes marvel movies as every kid does
>loki and starlord are his favs
>gonna make one of their helmets

So I need an accurate asset of his head. I watched a punished props video and the guy claimed to have easily make his head asset so accurately his first take was a perfect fit; using software called makehuman. Anyone used makehuman before? Really don't want to spend the next two days navigating new software just for one thing. I spend about 15 minutes checking it out and it doesn't seem to be as easy as youtube guy claimed. ("Just plug in your head measurements and you're done!")
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File: 1545792931331.webm (1.75 MB, 1440x508)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB WEBM

I forget the name of the program but it's the one bethesda used on oblivion to make heads. Use that.

summer already huh
Sounds pretty gay.
Find him some real interests

File: coolio polio.png (887 KB, 1590x871)
887 KB
887 KB PNG

File: Blender.jpg (7 KB, 235x188)
7 KB
Anyone know any good blender tutorial series?
File: 1531550329046.jpg (123 KB, 1280x720)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
how can he be so heartless...killing a thread like its nothing!
The donut one
> good blender tutorial series
All of them will be outdated in July with the 2.81 release

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