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File: 1515248753217.jpg (103 KB, 691x556)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Orthagraphics, model sheet, character sheets, turn-arounds, references

What ever you call them, post them in this thread
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File: xsi.jpg (53 KB, 620x309)
53 KB
>be me in 2008 have shit computer
>use maya
>computer shits itself with a mere 100k polys
>use xsi
>no problem bro, I've got your back
>handles 5m polys easily
>There will never be another 3d software as intuitive, fast and responsive as XSI
>future versions of windows wont support it
>linux versions are nowhere to be found on the net
Why bros? Its almost as if it was erased from existence.
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Top fucking lel
and i thought modo is bad at high poly
This is a fucking joke.
Even I use blender and I know for a fact it starts to crap out around 1m verts. Even with decent specs. 5m would take ages just to get ready to render.
File: 1486771071100.gif (436 KB, 200x150)
436 KB
436 KB GIF
every single fucking time
I come here for my daily cringe dose. Thank you, Anon.

File: 4w3tergd.gif (168 KB, 267x200)
168 KB
168 KB GIF
How the fuck i can animate 3d PORN (SFM/Blender/Maya/etc) without fucking horny godfucking dammit.
Everytime i animate porn, i always get fucking horny, faps, cums, and lost motivation and will to animate. Repeat that at every fucking single day.

Someone help.
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this is the (only) advantage of being a faggot, because we understand the male sexuality very well, but we don't get aroused at all.

well, at least until dicks get involved
1. Promote homosexuality
2. Homosexuality is naturally fit for making straight porn, and so its quantity increases
3. Porn is consumed broadly among the heterosexual population, reducing the biological imperative to reproduce
4. ?????
5. The Jews win again!
May I ask which model of a cute anime girl you used?
this, but I would extend
authorities should treat porn artists as another form of drug dealers
Make your case.

File: isthisameme.png (84 KB, 272x402)
84 KB
is this a Meme?

Thinking about buying this, Blender is giving me cancer since I cant even select and parent Objects in the Outliner or delete them without having to move my cursor in to the viewport like I have autism.

My Idea is that I can get around buying Cinema 4d Studio by using this plugin in Cinema 4d prime
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It's an integration made for Cinema 4D.
File: 1542656735150.jpg (12 KB, 244x244)
12 KB
>like I have autism
>I cant even select and parent Objects in the Outliner or delete them without having to move my cursor in to the viewport like I have autism.

Literally the state of blender 2.8
That's even worse.
No wonder Maxon bought Redshift.

File: WTFFF-295-banner.jpg (95 KB, 1024x438)
95 KB
What are my options if this is the only software I know?
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eh just switch to fusion or moi 3d or something

nurbs modelling isn't completely obsolete, if anything it's picking up steam.
OP is probably hoping to work under John Lasseter, if you know what I’m saying.
Stick with Rhino if you're a maker. Proven industry standard, ideal for applications that end in 3D printing, CNC milling or other fabrication processes.
Naval Architecht here, we use that shit for hull design.

When God created the universe and the Earth, if he used a 3D Modelling program what would it be?
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Exactly, its not about atheism. Its about getting back at Mommy and Daddy.
You can't desecrate something that isn't sacred. Cumming on the Bible isn't all that different from cumming on an issue of Penthouse, just a bit more niche.
Nah bro, Mom and Dad are victims too, they actually believed all that shit and thought what they did was right.
I'm not angry at them for just doing what they believed was good, this is simply between me and all the lost hours I'll never regain because I had to study this piece of shit writing.

Fapping part is just pure spite, I don't tell that part to my parents lol. Atheism part is just a side effect of becomming scientifically litterate
and developing an understanding of the actual history of this place and what it tells us about what we are and how we fit in with the evidence of that story.

If you're an honest person unafraid to look at what evidence tells us and seek truth no matter what that may be, chances are you'd wind up being atheist too.
>You can't desecrate something that isn't sacred.

If we have two balls of cereal and I empty my balls into one of the balls and then ask you "do you want the regular cereal or the desecrated cereal"
you would not be able to make this choice? (ofc there is a gun to your head and you are forced to pick one and so on and so forth)
That would be a metaphorical use of the world, and also pretty gay. Believers use the word literally.

File: Screenshot_426.png (14 KB, 403x220)
14 KB
I am either stupid or Maya is extremely cumbersome unless heavily customized or you learn to use the pie menu like some mythical god.
I have worked in 3ds max and blender for a few years and i tried to get into Maya, someone please give me some motivation or im just going to give up and stick to those two because going into menus for every operation will drive me nuts.

Good for retopo tho, that thing they have down from what i have experienced so far. Edge relaxing is cool tool

oh and,
Can you customize mouse navigation?
Can you get rid of the stupidly high thickness of the edges when you crease them?
Is the nurbs modeler worth it or should i go straight for rhino?

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...which is what made me surprised in the first place. I don't deny it does. I fail to see where it connects with maya modelling tools.
as for tools themselves, they are surely adequate, but work with them long enough on complex geo and you will notice they are utterly FUCKED, in worst sense of the word.
before I swallowed the sculpt pill, I used maya extensively. I still value maya as major part of my operations, but modelling something there from scratch, if it's complex enough? no-no.
I can't even count how many times I had to do the obj reexport to save meshes maya breaks.
at some point, even with usual flushing history and cutting connections history flushing might still leave(another maya quirk, one might expect it would just cut them for good, nope sometimes it doesn't), any operation with faces will just flat out break the mesh no matter what.
when simple loop cut shoots half of the grid into space, when simple quad append just deletes half of your mesh it becomes highly unpleasant to work with.
which is frustrating because I like fluidity pie menus give me.
i think the implication was that since maya is the primary DCC it remains the primary means of poly modelling in that space. i'm not going to speak to this as i have no experience in the field.

t b h i guess i've just been lucky and maya hasn't blown up my work in an irretrievable manner just yet (i've always run a rolling 50 file back up). i'm sure it'll happen to me at some point and i'll be too stubborn to move over to something else.

i do wish though that since, under the hood, much of maya is node-based, that they surfaced that stuff to users as the primary means (i'm well aware that it's just one sub-menu away, i just wish it was the default) of interaction with that system instead of the infuriating tab-style attribute editor.
I don't work in the VFX industry but i know that a lot of studios us Maya for modelling. Yes you heard that right. They don't use or even have Max its either modelling in Maya or sculpting in Zbrush.
I have used Maya extensively in the last decade and i had maybe 5 cases of Maya fucking up a mesh like that. Always with files i had from somebody else, never with my own stuff. So, i am not too paranoid using Maya for modelling especially for the more complex stuff, for easier stuff i actually use Blender.
that post number holy shit
I model exclusively in C4D

File: 1541543526199.jpg (671 KB, 1280x1451)
671 KB
671 KB JPG
so /3/, how's the job search coming along?
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Did you do something different between back then and now? Or should we just think it's a change of external factors? I can well see this being the case, as there appears to be more demand for visual content involving 3DCG.
I think its just the rapid industry growth
Despite what retards on /v/ might screech the gaming mobile industry especially is exploding, they pay well and steal people from bigger studios so they have to fill ranks back in
Used to not even get replies, now they seem to be fighting over good animators and programmers, but good 3d guys too
>can't apply to jobs because most of my work is weeb shit
I have made a terrible mistake
keyword good, these would find job whenever
>keep looking in my area
>always the same results for unpaid 40-hour internships from a no-name company
why was I born in this void

File: 280.jpg (64 KB, 564x501)
64 KB
2.8 or 2.7?

All the tutorials and materials (including huge amount of books I got for free as a local college was throwing them away) are for 2.7, but learning 2.8 seems more future proof as it's an almost complete overhaul of UI and it is the future and will be a standard for a while.

In classes and in my imagination, making low-poly furry games, the 3D business seems fun, but browsing youtube and /3/ makes overly worried over redlines of vertex. I regret dropping PhD in romantic comedies so much.
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wow rekt ahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhah
Pie menus and the wireframe as far as I'm aware, also background images.
File: Capture.png (95 KB, 1018x135)
95 KB
>as far as I'm aware
you're not

>Pie menus
um, don't use them? they're supplemental

pic related

>background images
again, don't use them? image planes still work

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Eh wireframe is still a little fucked compared to 2.79 but everything else is mostly fine I guess. Thanks I'm now a little more based towards 2.8
File: Capture.png (347 KB, 674x516)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
well it does help distinguish wire depth, but it does look a lot better in edit mode

File: 1552244778950.jpg (1.56 MB, 2301x988)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG


what do we all think of the CG in this? and feel free to post high res stills if you have any so we can make fun of the shitty hair rendering
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Guy literally face-fucking earth several times in the video.
You can't do more jewish than that.
the song itself is fucking horrible
Well yeah no it's literally just a bunch of autotuned celebrities with a political message about global warming and shit. Its no different than disney world war 2 era animations on the propoganda scale
Well, that video gave me cancer. Thanks, faggot.
I want to fuck that sexy zebra.

opinions about rhino6???'
Skp can do everything easier and look better
File: ZHmHih5.png (58 KB, 441x302)
58 KB
get a load of this guy
>opinions about 6
It’s one better than 5. Next question?

File: preview4.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
what are the chances that my job employers would know where this is from?
43 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
can i has a sauce to his channel?
There is a golden rule:
When you are not sure if you should put
an image into your portfolio, then don't put it there!
it is based on a well animated pixel art gif of a loli character getting skinned alive by lasers
I really wish I could say I don't know either. But I've watched the gif so many times it's burned in my memory.
And there was another one, where the girl was playing sitting on it after the job was done. Remember that one?
It's as if you've never read the thread at all.

File: c.png (27 KB, 415x809)
27 KB
What's the best way to do character models for an rpg game?
I'm currently trying to do my first one, starting from a cube. Am I doing it right?
31 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Depends. How much glute are you animating? Topology is used for easier texturing and animating. My suggestion is to not worry about it and do it. You can always remake your model, and when you do, you will either be frustrated with what you did or not really care that you did it that way.
File: addendum.png (691 KB, 1724x1358)
691 KB
691 KB PNG
made some slight improvements
Looks like an abstract fidget spinner.
nice vibrator
glass fabricators would hate you
I love this channel.
>moved on to literaly building bodies

File: nodes.png (202 KB, 847x597)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Why the fuck are these godawful things used in every single 3D editing program nowadays? Are regular human beings expected to be able to read this tangled spaghetti of wires or do you need to be a reptoid from the 8th dimension to do anything in this industry?
Fuck, it hurts my eyes just looking at them.
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
The general trend is to move away from - say - layer or stack based approaches.

Node graphs are nothing new. PRISMS(Houdini's predecessor) had nodes from the start(1987), compositing tools like Media Illusion had nodes since 1990.

Untangling - say - a project in a non-nodal software passed on from another artist took me way longer. You have no idea how much time I wasted in the last 20 years getting into 3ds/maya/lightwave scenes that other artists and companies tossed to me without any comment.
>Maybe you're the brainlet for not realizing how writing a few lines of code could potentially save you from having to play connect-the-dots for hours.
afraid of some pictures you fucking fag lord?
This. It shouldn't be an issue unless the node graph is for something really complicated, which would mean it's probably really niche, or you are a brainlet.
>Maybe you're the brainlet for not realizing how writing a few lines of code could potentially save you from having to play connect-the-dots for hours.

i'm >>677956
and i sort of agree. i don't rig very often, so i can't speak to that, but in houdini, when given a choice between writing vex in a wrangle and doing a node graph in a VOP, i'll usually pick the wrangle because doing logic operations in a node graph is quite honestly, more complicated. that's not to suggest that VOP node networks have no worth - they can be fun if you just want to fuck around an explore new things without having to dive into the docs.

as far as shading is concerned though, i'll take a nodegraph over anything else since it just feels easier to explore options and organise things.

that said i'd take node graphs over what this >>677982
anon describes in almost any scenario.

I mean, I used to feel that way, too. It definitely is daunting at first. But after a certain amount of time using it, you eventually see the beauty of a system organized like this. It's like people who swear by Maya's Hotbox system: at first, it's annoying as fuck, but after spending enough time in it, it becomes natural.

File: squirrel.png (450 KB, 1091x637)
450 KB
450 KB PNG
>browsing random animal models in turbosquid
>everything is above 30 dollars, most of the time costing 100 and up to one fucking thousand dollar tiger
Why are 3d models so expensive? Lots of them even look like garbage but they still cost 60 dollars
37 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 2019.04.20_23.22.24.jpg (105 KB, 1122x633)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
File: gnu-vs-linux_orig.jpg (41 KB, 758x435)
41 KB
does Ton come to your house and touch you at night if you don't pay?
Sometimes he also eats the leftovers I had in the fridge
No, but when the time comes, I won't be in the list, and I will face the same fate than Autodesk representatives if I haven't (((contributed))) to The Institute.
how's >>>/pol/ and >>>/x/ these days?

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