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File: IMG_20181126_160539_096.jpg (363 KB, 1920x1080)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
What do /3/ think of my hatchet? 0w0
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Just add some particles in the scene or some atmospheric effects. The render looks good otherwise.
Everyone's talking shit about the camera dust but hasn't noticed that extreme texture stretching on the stump.
Yep the dirt is awful. It ruins your scene.
Cameras lenses are perfect.
-Looks like the UV unwrap seam for your handle texture is right in front, displaying an obvious seam in the specularity.
-The handle wood grain makes no sense on some segments for a piece that is meant to convey being scultped out of a single piece of wood.
-The yellow and orange "rubber" bands don't really fit.
-The stump is awful. Disjointed texture, no thickness on the bark.
-Of course, the dirty filter sucks.
File: IMG_20181206_153342.jpg (634 KB, 1584x2816)
634 KB
634 KB JPG

File: eh.jpg (162 KB, 620x543)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
image editing edition

previous: >>642999

This thread is for any simple and/or stupid questions about techniques/software. If you think you have a question that deserves its own thread, such as thoughts on [new technology], etc., by all means go ahead and create your own! Otherwise, please post in this thread.

Also, please do head over to the previous thread and help to answer any unanswered questions!
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if you put it up on sketchfab people will just rip it directly from the site.
Anyone know of any good tutorials on animation for rigged characters? Something above the basic this is how you apply a rig and more towards getting better at it.

All my animations look like my characters have to poop with various intensities.
You're going to want books instead of tutorials for animation. Tutorials past the basics are very rare.
The Animator's Survival Kit is the most commonly recommended book.
That looks pretty interesting, thanks for the suggestion.
Just something to keep in mind: Being good at rigging doesn't make you good at animating. A good animator should be able to manipulate every rig to their advantage.

File: 1531535939661.png (138 KB, 392x464)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Hey /3/, what do you think of this trailer for Quake Champions? Does this look like professional level animation to you?
looks terrible
holy shit so bad
What are the flaws in it? Höw would you improve it?
Looks like upper-end of amateur, lower-end of professional. Kind of reminds me of 3D animated kids shows.

I guess they've got their new intern hard at work.
Are they trying to be "funny"?

you guys probably know this more than /biz/ does because I'm sure some of you have probably worked in the industry, but how much did Autodesk acquire Maya from Alies Wavefront in 2005 for?
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so how does one go about undo'ing twice? Is it even possible? total photoshoop noob here
ctrl alt z
They fixed the ctrl+z thing in CC 2019

You brainlets need to spend more time customizing your keyboard shortcuts
I could have just gone into Gimp and changed the hue and filtering of my image in 3 seconds and then moved into over to Illustrator to throw some text onto it and thrown in a render of my model from blender and had it ready to go in 3 minutes.

I'm somewhat new to making models for VRChat, I've tried using tutorials etc, but the person making the video always skips steps, or misses out things and I always end up fucking up. I just want a god damn Venom Snake model, but I can't find any anywhere but always see people with them. If anyone knows a world that has one or even someone that's willing to make one for me, or teach me (payed obviously) would be great. Thanks in advance!
theres a mgs world with every model you could just search for it

File: received_184116209147325.png (1.78 MB, 1920x1080)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
Hey /3.
First time posting here, sorry if I fuck up some rule.
So i just finished my degree in videogame design, yes i know, it's a stupid worthless degree, some of my friends even got an answer from emploiers saying "you should sue your university for selling such degree".
I specialized in 3D modelling and have some models and projects under my belt.
My question is, how hard is it to find a job in the CG market ? (Not specifically video game relates but all CG in general). I want to find a job but I am afraid that I do not have enough experience and the fact that my degree is useless does not help at all.
I live in Portugal and I dont mind at all to move out, but I still prefer to remain in Europe, what's your advice for a fresh licensed person to get a job in the industry ? So far most people tell me to make a big ass portofolio but that would take alot, provably 6 months to 1 year before finding something.
Pic is just one of my models I did for fun.
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Yeah, i know i have lots to learn for the next decades or so haha.
I post characters but i am also into assets and environment, i know environments are more likely to land me a job than characters, at the moment characters are really for those at the top of the line
Your 3d models seem good enough. When it comes to your portfolio try to specialize in one thing if you're looking to apply in a big company
Jesus christ this is the results of a degree?
Waste of money confirmed.
>I can do anything from 2D, 3D

If that's you're work that you're posting, no you can't.

Sorry buddy, but your best bet is to go get a generic data entry job because you went to a shit college and they didn't teach you jack.

Nobody is gonna hire you for 3D work if that's the best you have to show for it.

It's literally '1 week of youtube tutorials' level shit.

Honestly a college handing out degrees for this shit ought to be sued for racketeering.

File: 1495527710610.png (151 KB, 254x324)
151 KB
151 KB PNG
>tfw using mari,houdini, and nuke

is there a greater feel?
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not that guy but I tried to write my own engine for the past 3-4 years in C++. There are so few tutorials out there on how to do basic shit like use a debugger like nsight, and when you do use nsight it crashes all the time. And then you end up with huge holes in your engine cause people wont share information and you have to go onto forums like gamedev.net and beg for help and you get shit advice by people already with their own engines and then those people there start arguing.

It really is a clusterfuck. For example me I couldnt understand how to get models to animate with skeletal bones despite posting
and reading numerous threads over there so I just have assimp which is shitty and takes forever to load a model because you cant save to a binary. So my engine is pretty much just cubes and overall its horribly optimized. I feel like shit for wasting the past 3-4 years tbqh. People dont want to share their secret recipes at this point in time for the good stuff that you actually need to write a decent, modern engine
>is there a greater feel?
Yes. Being able to afford them.
>I couldnt understand how to get models to animate with skeletal bones
Aren't those hierarchical transform entities that interpolate using time? You also would have to implement skinning to associate vertices with the bones. And as for importing models, you could implement your own loader, if you have the time. assimp seems to be using magic tokens and file extensions to identify what format it is.
>Aren't those hierarchical transform entities that interpolate using time?
of course

but its not that simple, i just kept getting shit results day after day then posted for help on gamedev and they couldnt help me either. The only (((working, compilable))) example I can find actually uses assimp which again has the limitations. I just kept going around in circle, feeling more and more retarded
I see. That hits home. But again, if you have the time, you could study assimp and make your own loader based off your new knowledge, you wouldn't have to ask anyone about anything at that point.

File: IMG_6158.jpg (1.29 MB, 3258x1577)
1.29 MB
1.29 MB JPG
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File: IMG_6488.jpg (1.56 MB, 3231x2263)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG

Bye bye for now.
File: amazin.jpg (261 KB, 1024x1024)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Very nice anon
What app?
File: IMG_6507.jpg (874 KB, 2684x1865)
874 KB
874 KB JPG

From my indie game

Will post character later
File: 1542790433171.jpg (11 KB, 210x240)
11 KB

Where is the enormous database of free porn mocap animation files compiled by 3d hobbyists over the past twenty years?

Presumably it must exist
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I don't think you have experienced sex.
why do you think i'm trying to make 3DCG porn you fucking retard?
Like other have said its not hard to generate you own huge data base in one sleepless weekend as long as you have the equipment. Also as even as somebody who is a proponent of mocap that is really one of its few benefits, being able to get a huge data set relatively quickly. You still have a ton of post processing and clean up that needs to be done no matter how nice your system is. It really only make sense if you need a lot and individual touches are allowed to suffer for it or you are hiring professionals performers to capture their nuances.

As for sex animations, I would not definitely not bother unless you are going to higher a professional performer or buying a data set performed by professionals. (Professional in this case being porn star, erotic dancer, or traditionally trained but lose theatre dancer. The being able to dance part is absolutely key, if they cant dance really well they are not what you are looking for.) Unless some guy in his bed room with a kinnect really took the time to learn now to shake his hips and put of a show of the bland motions of sex, its not worth it. Porn is a stage version of sex there needs to be a sense of what to exaggerate and embellish from the performer, and if that is not there its just said and boring, too close to reality.

tl;dr If anybody is going to try their hand at sex mocap please learn to dance first, the skills involved are key and absolutely transferable.
>traditionally trained but lose theatre dancer
Thank you, though now I realize I misspelled "loose."

File: Adolf_Thinkler.gif (2.45 MB, 405x405)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB GIF
Post your /pol/ related work
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Laughed way too hard at that
File: hetzer.png (115 KB, 1379x812)
115 KB
115 KB PNG
barely pol but i made a hetzer tank too lazy to finish it
Now do the unfunny part...surfacing.

File: trackball-reviews.jpg (148 KB, 1200x626)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
Lads, 3rd worlder here, wanting to invest on a trackball this african american friday.
What does /3/ recommend? Something that won't break the bank, if you will.
I mainly work with AutoCAD (2D) and Solidworks (3D)
Can't trust other places not to shill for shekels.
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Lifter here. I used to get inflammation in my tendons a lot, but I started experimenting with diet and now I no longer get tendonitis and shit. Basically you need to eliminate inflammatory foods from your diet like grains, nuts, seeds, starches, etc. They have a lot of toxic compounds to mammals as a defense mechanism from being eaten. I stick to an animal products only diet with some fruits from time to time. You don't have to eliminate carbs completely, but it helps to go keto to reduce inflammation. Just eat meat, dairy, eggs and you'll be fine and not deficient in anything since they're super nutritious. Best of luck to ya.
He's wrong anon. You would have to use it a looot. His dad was just retarded.
Can vouch for this. I did carnivore keto to lose weight. In a few weeks most of my wrist and elbow inflammation were gone. I did pic related for about 2 mins every day and now joints feel great.
Here's a pro-tip before you trackball yourself; Try and wear a tennis wristband for a few days and make a point of having it on whenever you sit by the computer.
Carpal Tunnel isn't so much from using a regular mouse as it is you fucking around with your wrist to get around the friction of your skin coming into contact with the mousepad.
When you have cloth on your wrist your hand will glide more effortlessly across the surface and relieve compression of the nerves when your hand is at rest.
The wristband will also straighten your wrist and gently aid in flexion making you work the mouse more from elbow and shoulder unconsciously.

File: Thumbnail.png (1.05 MB, 1680x943)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
I don't often see threads about animation posted here. So I'll make one. Post animations you've made here, and don't be shy. No matter how shitty or how good it is, share it in this thread!

I'll post mine just to start it out.
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Super awesome anon!
Absolutely BALLER status. Why'd you make him so shiny though?

Super cute and well executed, nice work.
>after discovering the model
this is a free rig somewhere?
The model was available on Xnalara, it seems to be gone now. The rig is my own that I use on most of my humanoid models.
No idea, I just decide to make him glossy so that it was clearly 3d. Didn't know about denoising at the time also.

File: ellen.png (531 KB, 498x803)
531 KB
531 KB PNG
Blender is really a dress up game and a waifu simulator for poorfags. Has anything of value ever been created in Blender or is it just virgins masturbating to polygons?
Dressing up games are very popular.
22 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Oh, I don't know about that then. Always assumed Poser was essentially Daz.
>Has anything of value ever been created in Blender
According to 4chan, nothing of value has ever been created period.
>Has anything of value ever been created in Blender
You'd have to define "value" first, so you don't weasel backwards redefining things outside it. Taken literally, money has changed hands over commercial projects such as Next Gen, and particularly in the value-focused world of advertising.
"Anything worth mention" forget value.

File: p.png (388 KB, 400x400)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
I made a Cheese pizza, critique it.
Simple render, few seconds, double digit samples
No post processing, no editing
Rate it.
great now i'm hungry, good job by the way.
This is clearly an undercover nonce thread, MOOODDSSSS
>this autist took it literally

Exactly how old are the younger Daz characters supposed to be?

What age is Olivette?
What age is Julie?
What age is Josie/Kaylee etc?

Its all fairly ambiguous
7 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I think this stuff is highly concerning...
American are one of these who doesn't care about that right now.
Shitain and it's bitches, however...

Josie 15
Olivette 14
Tamara 13
Julie 12
Brita 11
Cayley 10
Brynn 9

I do that, I use iRay straight outta box and rely on ultimate skin shader type shit.

What do you do? Do you start with a marketplace skin shader and tweak that? Or build shaders from scratch?

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