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File: OhShit.png (1.05 MB, 1548x1006)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
Well at least i trid to modelize a coherent face but a.... Well

Where should I start ?
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File: 1477282371494.jpg (37 KB, 605x895)
37 KB
is it this?
Haha no it was something else.
It's bad because he didn't ask "how to make this shape", mongoloid. He probably doesn't even understand shapes in the first place.
>people like you easily confuse the "muh drawing skills" with what it actually practices,
I think you're missing the point, which is that drawing is just better to learn form than 3d, because it's just quicker to experiment with and because it forces you to visualize form. Not to mention the tools tend to get out of your way. Even if you go the loomis route, imagine practicing with basic forms like cubes and cilinders and so on, and how much more convoluted that is in 3d compared to drawing a few lines in a piece of paper.

>with what it actually practices, which is observation skills
Observation skills is far from the only thing drawing practices. You can add visualization, feeling form, suggesting form, values, general shape and form awareness (for studying), dexterity, error management and acceptance, and probably some other things, and most of these are notoriously dificult to practice in 3d alone. It's a "the right tool for the job" mindset, nothing more; drawing is better to learn art.

Make no mistake, anyone who's good at 3d is not a stranger to drawing, so stop literally SEETHING and grab your pen and paper, it's not that hard.
File: 1466474807488.png (165 KB, 639x462)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
My point was that you can practice those things in three dimensions as well, and for that matter the act of drawing isn't necessary. I will agree with you that it may be simper and removes some tools/software barrier that someone not familiar with 3D will have, but if you're familiar with ie. Zbrush though, then there's no real reason to practice volumes/form/shape/etc with a discipline that is not your end goal.

Overall I think we agree but to me it all depends on how familiar or not you are with the tools and what you want to focus on first. Personally I would learn the soft and then anatomy, but someone who would want to learn anatomy/form first then yes, drawing would do the trick.

Finally, no need to use buzzwords and caps, mate - I'm not some trolling blendlet. And just so you know, as a happily employed senior 3D generalist I can admit I'm shit at drawing but learned the necessary complementary skills via other things like photography and traditional sculpting. So yes, drawing is useful, but let's not pretend it's 100% mandatory or even the most productive thing to do for someone who wants to focus entirely on 3D.

File: ScreenBlender.jpg (153 KB, 1183x1015)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Hi anons, I'm working on blender and its the first time its happen to me in 5+ years.

I've made a quick animation to test boobies physics.

I've quit my workstation and came later, seems I have deleted the keyframes ( but I'm not sure ). I checked dopesheet, graph and timeline, even the proprieties of bone there is NOTHING but animation still work perfectly...


Could you help me please ? Thanks
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File: 1554282107712.jpg (61 KB, 619x619)
61 KB
>blender thread
>shills emerge from the woodwork
>they do it every time
>we start to recognise the people trying to shitpost
>they still think they're undercover
Absolute top zozzle
post more tits
wheres she from?
File: (You).png (2.07 MB, 1920x1080)
2.07 MB
2.07 MB PNG
I knew I'd need this at some point.
>that noise
Yup, it's Cycles.

File: 1492364805920.jpg (18 KB, 500x500)
18 KB
Why is it that 95% of the OC on here was made in Blender while the others just watch and spout complaint memes about said software?
The industry standard got really affordable, so there's literally no excuse to be this lazy.
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I have used Maya and Max for years, and I now prefer blender 2.8. There's no way in hell I'll ever touch Maya or Max again unless I'm forced to. Thankfully, the studio I work at lets me use Blender, as long as I send the assets to Max to build the scene.
What made you choose Blender over the other two?
I mean, beyond that of course.

i am like 50% done , i did the hard part , i just need a couple establishing shots
Also how the F do you guys get any work done , i animate for a couple of hours a day at best before my body is like , naaaaaa thats enough mate
oke then i will just go and fuck myself
having a deadline is the only way to get anything done promise someone else youll do it, enter a competition with a submittal due date
>FACT 99% of all the work gets done in the last 2 weeks
>Last 4 days

What videogames does /3/ play?
I'm currently playing Warframe on my free time.
What about you fellas?
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The truth is, I've been unable to enjoy video games for a long time. I thought I just didn't enjoy video games anymore, but then I realized there are very few games that are worth experiencing to begin with. Hell, I realized the same applies to just about any form of media. At some point you need to focus on what you love the most and get inspired by them, instead of continuing an endless pursuit to find something else.

Ever since I got into 3D art, I've started using my lack of interest as a motivation tool. Even if I do consume entertainment media, it serves my purpose. I take notes, I take sxreenshots, video clips, audio clips, etc.

Don't let your dreams be dreams. Don't force yourself to enjoy sub-par entertainment just because your mind is conditioned to do so. Set your own standards, believe in your tastes and serve your niche. I wish you all good fortune.
>probably sweats at apex legends
>probably pirates everything else

am i wrong op? what poor country are you from?
I mostly play /vr/ I've mostly lost interest on anything past Generation 6 (Gamecube PS2 era)
File: good end.jpg (13 KB, 300x184)
13 KB
godspeed anon
File: 1514469799138.jpg (594 KB, 647x1196)
594 KB
594 KB JPG
this anon knows what's up

File: da18-Djn_400x400.jpg (11 KB, 240x240)
11 KB
can /3/ make a website to self teach 3D to go from 0 to have the same knowlege and skills to produce top tier 3D?

Maybe like a self taugh guide or a blog or a github page with a curriculum to self teach yourself drawing, anatomy, modelling, rigging, texturing, animation, particles, visual effects, motion tracking, video editing, after effects and using cgpeer tutorials or free courses on youtube?

Or at least a proper pastebin?
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blender is awful
Explain why
Anon just give up now

You're not gonna make it
I can't

File: khara_01.jpg (87 KB, 1024x606)
87 KB

There's never been a better time to use Blender. 2.8 keeps opening new doors.
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aniamtion and rigging is what I do most so, that's not cool to hear
>its full of gimmicks and i don't really need those for my work which is video editing and 2d effects
Do you use any special addons? I cannot get transitions and such to work, like fade-ins. The fades always start on the wrong frames or attach to the wrong clips. I've used Power Sequencer for some things but it doesn't always seem to work.
"Nothing is intuitive, only familiar"

You only find things "intuitive" because it's what you're used to. Also you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded
This. When you purchase an electric drill for instance, there is absolutely no difference between that tool being activated with a single button located where your index finger would be when holding it, or it having voice controls that listen to the sound of three chords that have to be played in sequence on a nearby five string violin, which isn't noted anywhere in the manual.
A-Are you trying to describe z-brush with that second comparison?

Does anyone know this forum?
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What tutorial do you need exactly. They can't beam information into your brain. Unless it's how to use an app I find all these watch me work things useless.
File: 1555516792700.png (180 KB, 1048x1141)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
>>It's not a pirate site so there's no torrents and no trading, no warez posts, no cracks. They organize group buys, which is legal and they don't distribute material to the internet at large and all the money goes to schools and creators.
The people over at Rigging Dojo seem to have a very different opinion of AVFX Fight Club.
Did you get in? Is it good? I'm thinking of trying as well.
They never responded.
Well, that sucks. It seems that an invite is required then.

>I was invited by some dude on cgpeers.
Out of curiosity, did you personally know the guy who invited you? I'm trying to gauge how strict/paranoid they are at AVFX. Because the more paranoid they are, the more valuable the content inside must be, right?

File: 14686239853154.jpg (19 KB, 214x197)
19 KB
Enough with shitty memes, let's collect some actual issues ITT
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>I just don't get why he wastes time and energy on vertex paint.
He is merging the sculpt and vertext paint mode, the goal is to remove vertext paint and do that in the sculpt mode because it is easier to implement instead of keep 2 modes and it is faster, I really want to know what are his plans for the texture paint, I suppose the goal should be something like Substance Painter
All i need is
>layers with different blend modes per material without having to use FUCKING NODES
>standard brushes without having to use FUCKING NODES
>curvature masking without having to use FUCKING NODES
Thank you.
Sure, nobody likes nodes for basic things, lots of the tools are there but the workflow is horrible.
Acceptable performance in edit mode. 2.8 shat the bed with this.
File: 1559946548244.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
Let's hope the pablomon will find a way

File: Metroid N64 Samus 01.png (265 KB, 1920x1080)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
Always wondered what it would have been like to have a Metroid game released for Nintendo 64. I've been working on some models and scenes with that reto-poly look in mind.
90 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
this is a bit of a unlikely request
but i like to see an Omega Metroid from you.

maybe based of his classic art or SR design (maybe bofh?)
File: GunshipWire001.png (104 KB, 1191x825)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
Gunship 3/4 view
File: Gunship001.png (212 KB, 1191x825)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
Textured Gunship
Great idea. I was wondering what direction to go next. I'll probably get around to this at some point.
thank you so much
you can do either or both, but i love his SR design the most.

File: metal.jpg (86 KB, 750x243)
86 KB
>a blender donut died for this

You know how metalness basically changes the specular color to be the same as the diffuse in a PBR workflow? I've been trying to look for infos on whether specular works the same way in real life or not.

In real life, is it simply whether a material is metallic or not if the specular is colored or not?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I was gonna reply some long ass thing, but you basically answered yourself. Yes, in real life, with most common objects, dielectric = white specular and conductor = colored specular. The IOR values are also different for each, obviously.
Well that settles it. Thanks anon.
With dielectric materials, light enters the medium a tiny bit, gets diffused and exits again, having picked up the material's color (because the material is absorbing all other colors). That's diffuse reflection and it really is basically a very shallow subsurface scattering. A fraction of the light (about 4 - 8% depending on the material) doesn't enter the material and gets reflected at the surface, not picking up color. That's your specular reflection.
Metals behave differently. They are much denser than most dielectric materials and therefore don't scatter the light much at all since light can't enter very far. Just absorption happens - and without scattering, the absorbed light is mostly reflected in the same direction as the specular reflected light which overlaps the specular reflection and makes it seem like it's colored. Metals also seem to have a crazy high absorption rate which explains why in just a few light interactions (1-2 reflection bounces mostly) e.g. gold absorps so much blue that it gets its color while yellow plastic needs hundreds of bounces until it has absorbed enough blue to make it seem yellow.

In short, as >>694900 already answered, metals and dielectrics do tend to behave like that IRL.
Don't forget that it's either dielectric or metal, things irl don't exist in that halfway point (at least I'm pretty sure). The ability to go between is something artists have control over.
yeah.. way to much people produce metalness maps with a lot of areas of various grey shades but it's mostly wrong.. i mean.. some very special materials might exist in-between irl, but most are either absolutely dielectric or metal

Hello! Can anyone please link me to a good video or site that explains what are the steps on blender 2.79 to assign different and equippable clothing items and armor to an already rigged character? Thanks!!
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Not using superior software


That piece of shit is useless without plugins.
>That piece of shit is useless without plugins.
>That piece of shit is useless with or without plugins

File: yt demo 1.png (1.55 MB, 1600x1200)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
povray pals, are you here? I'm hoping to pick up some a e s t h e t i c skill
uhh I still have Bryce installed LOL but Povray...was never good at programming

File: thing.png (2.01 MB, 1832x977)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB PNG
this is probably less /3/ related than it is web design related, but I didn't know where else to ask:

Anyone have an idea, how this works? Its not just an animation thats been speed up by scrolling, since you can scroll really fast and make it concentrate like crazy.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Post the link next time, faggot.

Bumping, I still wanna know how it was made.
And I don’t know how I could forget the link..
You're probably better off asking the web design thread on /g/ or something, it's just Javascript and vector shit.
Okay, thanks for the advice

File: 1553540741008.jpg (63 KB, 506x338)
63 KB
What is your job role and what software do you use?
198 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
That's reassuring. I gave my notice before getting a concrete offer from another studio and the plan fell through, I was visibly (and vocally) burnt out by the end so returning wasn't an option.

You seem to be in a better place mentally, I'm sure your career moves will pan out better than mine did.
did you study any degrees for this
what is it like am looking to study bachelor of industrial design at uni
Concept Artist

PS, Zbrush, Blender
Product designer
Solidworks, MoI3D, Rhino.
>seem like a normal limited toolset today for any aaa character artist
>gotta do highpoly so zbrush is a must
>zbrush cant into anything outside sculpting so you gonna need 3d coat or mudbox too probabaly
>cant retopo in zbrush so you will need a main 3d package
>marvelous is becoming a core for clothing so better add that too
>now you need something to make textures for pbr, substance only does materials well and can only do up to 2k texture reliably, so you might wanna know mari too
>photoshop/gimp is a must for anybody anyway
>wait, we got material stores now too, so quixel, substance designe and all other procedural crap gonna be useful too
>oh and substance baking is awful, gonna need a normal map baker, but not maya, will probably crash on you, so xnormal somehow still is relevant
>but wait, theres more, what about making textures for texturing? materialize, b2m, crazybump and rest is a 100% must if you are even remotely serious about it
>for wrap3, if you gonna do a lot of reprojection better get that too, and if you work with scans a lot for your base you might wanna learn how they are actually done
>max/maya/modo/blender/cinema, you will need to know at lest one if not two
>so at lest to make the very minimum requirements for a ubisoft tier full aaa modern character pbr workflow you need to know as a example :

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