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File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (56 KB, 1280x720)
56 KB
How can I can do this king of fire effects? I tried with particular and is really hard to control. Any idea?
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I found this one
https://youtu.be/4y8RbJDM5tU but is hard to apply this into dynamic shape objects.
>but is hard to apply this into dynamic shape objects.
Cant watch the whole vid, but maybe you could apply it to dynamic object with tracking and animating/keyframing the shit out of all these masks andd stuff
I think with some tweaks you can use this procedural fire.
You'll need real 3d animation package for this. Maya fluids or Houdini.. Preferably Houdini or even Fume Fx on Max.
Blender can also do fluid and smoke sims. Just sayin'.

File: 192.png (167 KB, 512x512)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
YLYL 3DCG edition
Only allowed to post gifs, webms, and pics from this board or shit animation that is funny.
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We have one year, until this thread dies, to find some funny /3/ OC. I'd say the odds are pretty decent
>they always catch him when scene changes
>one year until this thread dies
Funniest thing this thread will ever have
File: NO NOT THE BOOLEAN.jpg (36 KB, 970x504)
36 KB
I'm funny

File: maxresdefault.jpg (219 KB, 1920x1080)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
With no graphics card and simply integrated graphics. Can I make something like this or simpler?
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File: Hi, Anon!.webm (298 KB, 1280x720)
298 KB
what's goodie my man?

File: NUT.png (647 KB, 1138x980)
647 KB
647 KB PNG
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besides one scat artist with blender it's the only place to get a decent looking equine pussy (probably the best one since it ports so well)
File: 1541515153986.jpg (45 KB, 540x960)
45 KB
Didnt read, but what is the best for making porn animations
More photorealistic besides IRL cause I want to start a channel and some ideas would be nearly impossible to do IRL
They aren't realistic in the sense of convincing you that you are looking at a real person's skin. They are just poorly manipulated photos projected, poorly, onto a body that does not match. It looks like a person wearing a skin suit of another person. It's creepy and disgusting. Anyone that makes work using those textures has no taste or artistic sensibility end of story.
You need work
Don't judge me unless you're going to pull my hair and spit in my mouth at the same time.

File: bad render.png (945 KB, 1497x673)
945 KB
945 KB PNG
>spend fucking days on a few seconds of animation
>every single aspect is given so much thought and work
>fuck up this bad
Did they just use the video game model and not the special one they made just for this animation? I know that eyes are really really hard to get looking "right" but this is just bad. You can almost count the polygons on the eyes, the eyebrows don't have any depth to them, the eyeliner is just a solid black color, and theres a weird error on the bottom of the eyes.

I'm just kind of ranting here, but thats a huge problem that most people here, if they could model well enough to make anything similar, wouldn't just settle for "this is good enough". Especially after the sheer amount of work it seems went into him taking a piece out of the pie
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It's called working smart not working hard. There is no point to spend even more time on an eyebrow if a 'strip of clay' would suffice. Tiles weren't even the focus of the shot here>>648625

Dont put in more effort into CG than what is required. They clearly don't skimp on the detail in other areas that are the focus. eg the door and Mccree's clothes.

Spending time on the extraneous details yall are pointing out is needless to executing a project in a more efficient manner. Sure they could have, but really I don't think it would've been worth the time.
Can tell you didn't even watch the short for yourself.
>Tiles weren't even the focus of the shot here
Fine, I guess that's valid. But that shot lingered as long as the door shot.
>the door
Which was just barely seconds.
>Mccree's clothes.
That extra detail was pretty much only visible in that one shot the anon pointed out.
>There is no point to spend even more time on an eyebrow if a 'strip of clay' would suffice.
The eyebrows though? They were prominently featured throughout. It's clearly a stylistic choice they went for.
And really, what takes more time: grunging up a door for the few seconds it appears for/texturing a hat that only gets the spotlight for a glimpse/simulating realistic apple pie fork cutting, or grooming just a few hairs for eyelashes for the many shots in which they're visible?
It's more consistency in level of detail than anything.
They want the graphics to be not too far off from the game I guess, unlike most other games where the cinematic does not reflect the game at all whatsoever in the slightest.
I think only perhaps TF2 and Warframe use basically purely in-engine stuff for their trailers, I guess Battlefield stuff too, though they probably touch up the effects a bit more.
honestly no one cares, you should let it go
>Its like they spent the whole budget on the gunfight scene and the opening shot of him slicing a pie.
the pie is the real focus element here, in fact entire short is just a wrap for that gorgeous pie

File: 3dcoat.jpg (34 KB, 900x900)
34 KB
what are you picking up from black friday / cyber monday?
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Newer versions of Octane and Xparticles cant be cracked. And Octane 3 on cgpeers works only in r19 and Xparticles 2 only in r16. Thats shit
Thinking of getting a year-long subscription to cgcookie since it's discounted now.

It wasn't on sale but I picked up a Vive Wireless Adapter and am considering getting a Nintendo Switch. Switch has only four exclusives worth picking up a system for so I'm still on the fence about it.
>am considering getting a Nintendo Switch. Switch has only four exclusives worth picking up a system for so I'm still on the fence about it.
Why not? Nothing is uncrackable, unless they went to some kind of subscription, cloud based system, and even then I'm not so sure

Conversationally Responsive Model AI will change the whole scene

"Bend your left arm up like before, but pose your hand like your other hand. A little different though. Tilt your left hip up a bit, and look a bit more pissed off. And move that fucking hair strand off your eye."

Josie 10 : "Okay."

10 whole seconds
Yeah this will be interesting, then you can say .... Bitch make me a movie I like.
No. What you described literally takes 10 seconds already.

Does anyone here actually have a /3/ related job or make a living off of /3/ contracting/freelancing?
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11 months out of uni
still training and improving my skills while going to grad school.
Have gotten a few interviews/art tests but have not landed a job yet.
Living in a third world shithole probably does not help
Keep going anon, you can do it!
i had a colleague that was living in the 3rd world applying to companies for 5 years before decided to just move here and apply again, get the job immediately
move where? canada?
>automotive design
>literally the most oversaturated market for designers
>can’t find enough applicants

lol no. The world has enough ERRMUHGURD CURRS tards who can’t get a job modeling door handles, we don’t need any more.

If you want a surface modeling job toys or consumer products are the easy in.

File: reee.jpg (37 KB, 561x453)
37 KB
Why /3/ is still blueboard
We need to ...study explicit "references" too like our brothers from /ic/
>inb4 you pushed useful thread into oblivion
no I didnt it was no reply just like mine will anyway so it's zero sum in the end
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File: 1542660343594.gif (68 KB, 540x481)
68 KB
stfu is comfy to the eyes, Yotsuba B is too neet and and awful. makes me imagine we are men of culture.
File: 4chan.1.png (1.32 MB, 1200x902)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB PNG
We have been monitoring this frequency for 122 days, 3 hours, 12 minutes and 52 seconds.

We are also guilty of not contributing our "perspective", as it were, to the continuity of the forum. We promise to do better, starting today.
haha I can see my post from there
haha me too
You are being monitored, and happy about it? Fucking millennials.

File: 1542125907653.jpg (65 KB, 677x831)
65 KB
I'm making a character for an Unreal game, and I absolutely suck dick at rigging.
In order for Unreal to generate bone collision bodies at the right size, the rig needs to be scaled 0.01x in Blender.

The problem is that when I apply the scale to the rigify skeleton, all the bones and controls get completely fucked up. Pretty sure it has to do with IK but I have no clue on how to fix it, any ideas?
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Just pirate it you mong
This. Maya, 3ds, Blender, Houdini..., pretty much all of them you can pirate easily.
Do you use it to make money?
>pirating blender
>pirating Houdini
I hope you burn in hell you sinner
>>pirating blender
Well, do you really think all those donut makers are paying for their software?

File: woke.jpg (697 KB, 728x4014)
697 KB
697 KB JPG
All artwork made in blender, what do you think? Would something like this work?

Animation in my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1DdCQfeDx4
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Please dont samefag and shill everyone can tell
I'm on meds that make it impossible to wake up, I'm not him. I legit think it's a good idea.
I don't think looking at your phone first thing after you wake up, and especially playing some mini games is a healthy habit, but knowing today's society, it would probably become successful.
I like the idea. My phone has a built in thing where I have to solve a puzzle to turn off the alarm. It helps get the brain out of sleep and into awake I just wish for more of a challenge than "pick the highest number"
I am thinking the same

File: workflow.jpg (207 KB, 2048x1482)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
It took me about sixteen hours altogether to finish making a highres phone booth for a video game. How long do assets like this usually take people, and what are some general tips to speed up workflow?
there is no way any of us can be helpful if you don't show us the end result.

If I poured my heart and soul into making a phone booth I doubt I could take more than 6 hours to make it though.

File: 1542442023247.png (593 KB, 595x842)
593 KB
593 KB PNG
i used to be into 3d art with mostly cinema 4d and some 3ds max/maya fucking around. i did this from ages 12-14. i'm now 25 and want to get back into 3d.

i want to learn to make characters and rig them, and i downloaded 3ds max, is this a bad choice? should i use maya and zbrush?
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>3d art
>"Cinema 4d"
Another proof if needed that anti-blender people are silly and shouldn't be taken very seriously. One can only infer that they also like to draw using "Synthesizer 3d" or to produce music with "Paint 2d".
That's why it has an autosave feature
This is average bait.
which does not work half of the time, believe me with maya you need to increment save often if you dont want to lose your shit
#1 reason of maya crashes lies within maya's history nodes(if you use maya and want to see a proof, just load some object you worked on into node editor, you will see a web of insanity which is bound to fuck up and it will fuck up especially on some heavy ops like booleans)
that's why first thing they teach folks that learn maya is golden rule of delet history
it's a fucking shitshow
Every piece of CG software crashes regularly. Maya, Max, Blender. Even 30 year old fucking humdrum 2d software Photoshop crashes regularly. You learn to save quickly and often, keep your filesizes small by referencing and enable lots of safeguards. I go months at a time without losing more than 10 minutes of work.

Houdini is my favorite piece of CG software but suggesting Houdini to a character modeler is poor quality trolling. It takes 3-4x as long for typical character modeling tasks which are better done destructively, not procedurally.

If you care about rigging and animating, there is only one choice, and that is Maya. Everything else is second best. I've given rigging in Blender and Houdini serious study and neither comes close to the raw speed and power of Maya. I can't speak to MAX except for second hand knowledge that its rigging toolkit is clumsier than Maya's, hence the reason it is not nearly as popular for animation. You can stick with Max or give Blender a shot if you care more about modeling and decent rigs are enough for your goals.

File: 1400176631501.jpg (32 KB, 550x370)
32 KB
ok, sculpting is really hard...
how do I get better at it? Is it not good to use the mouse only?
I used Blender, I have not tried Zbrush yet, but I think they are almost the same, since I can not make any good thing with the Blender sculpt. Any advice?
30 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: METAREYES.jpg (211 KB, 640x480)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
>tfw pathetic Zoomers will never know the joys and pains of modeling organic shapes entirely with meta balls
Last time I checked the board sticky there wasn't really any good sculpting resources.

Can anyone recommend some decent books and courses that actually teach sculpting?
Yes zac petroc has a really good course. You can find it in his website.

File: matize.jpg (60 KB, 400x600)
60 KB
Hey, /3/, I was thinking maybe we could actually make this board great again. Materialize is a free program that takes 2d images and deduces all the heights, normals, amb occs and what have yous. I'm here to offer a solution to anyone with trouble making materials for their 3. The materials will be stored in a google docs for all to access. All you gotta do is post photos of surfaces and I'll start making them into materials. I'm very new to the program, but I think with some determination, we really can pull something good out of it.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
File: home_pic_03.png (243 KB, 420x380)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
here're some videos from the site:



I downloaded this. Fucking tired of making materials in photoshop/gimp. This could be a great alt to crazybump and we’ll see next time I have so do some custom.
It's better than crazy bump. You have more control over stuff, plus it has more features. You can tile textures in, make smoothness maps, and have more control over the lighting. As of the release of Materialize, crazy bump is for plebs.
Free software thread.
What does /3/ think of https://store.steampowered.com/app/768970/ModLab/
Tried it, makes some nice results if you finetune it.
But im currently having a problem using them in Unity.

Unity wants the smoothness map as an alpha channel within the diffuse or the metalic map, but Materialize exports it as a b&w map on its own.
Dose somebody know how i could put the smoothness map as an alpha channel in the diffuse or metalic map?

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