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File: 5111.png (718 KB, 1482x724)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
ITT: we talk about how amazing my gibs look

Anon goes first. Well anon?


File: rapunzel8i.png (241 KB, 421x359)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
Where the hell are Kingdom Hearts 3 models bros? Rapunzel, Elsa etc? What the hell are you doing?
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Where the fuck do you think you are faggot?
Hey man its been 2 months, wheres the model ?
Just wait until it comes to pc.

File: 1553475994654.jpg (40 KB, 657x527)
40 KB
Will 2.8 have big improvements to sculpting?

Will 2.8 be able to have an alternative to Substance designer and painter?

It's there any FOSS alternative on linux to substance painter and designer?
There will be a dynamesh style update to sculpting. Plus a lot of cool features. Check https://twitter.com/pablodp606

Substance designer style. Yeah, Ton said that if the Blender monthly supported fund gets more money, it will be done, but take Tons promises with a ton of salt. The man has a long history of hyping up cool things but delivering nothing.

File: Ph-Masayoshi-Sukita-2.jpg (63 KB, 468x538)
63 KB
what does maya have that blender doesn't, except jobs and cooler animating tools

not a bait, really, i'm a begineer, just interested what can maya users back themselves up with, except "muh blender-cultists"
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kek the amount of retarded comments on /3/ surely surpasses the troll ones though
but yeah, trolling is a art
my faith in humanity dictates that it's safe to assume that on dead board at least 90% of retarded comments are just attempts to fish (you)s
>faith in humanity
im afraid that's incompatible with 4chan (and most other social places on the internet..)
Why would people fish for (You)s? It's kinda retarded.

Wait a second... are you fishing right now?
A decent method of setting up constraints and animation systems

File: 1554437601903.png (963 KB, 819x714)
963 KB
963 KB PNG
Do you guys think the business model of the vfx industry will change in the near future? Are we constantly going to be ignored and treated like shit by the big 6?
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Be good enough that people hire you or be good enough that people buy your work. If you can't make money in VFX, do something else. It's simple as that.
I can't tell if you're intentionally saying "doggy dog" or not
How the turntables
guys like us are a diamond dozen
More powerful tools and automation leads to less jobs, I'd guess. Less expensive and more widely available tools and people knowing more about various workflows leads to increased global competition.

What’s 3DCG’s thoughts/opinions on Gnomon?
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early to mid 2000s. the instructor was using XP, so fairly old
Let's hear some Alex Alvarez stories.
I remember hearing Alvarez smoke during a tutorial. They have some talented people but they are overrated.

Once you seen how organized and to the point Peter Stammbach is, it's hard to respect other people in the tutorial business. Though Ryan Kingslien is very good.
Good if you go for the tutorials by the Titans like Alex, Feng or the few Michael's

Still better than just about all the tutorial providers out there. A shame you guys will never get to see a lot of the good old tutorials long removed from even cgp.
>mid 00s tutorial

I still remeber those days, like the one where the instructor accidentally had an x force keygen genrator open on his desktop, conceptart.org was still one of the biggest things back then too, great times.

File: 1417969401300.jpg (14 KB, 260x232)
14 KB

Sooo.. this ultra-realistic Pokemon design mixed with live-action and Reynolds' voice is shit, right? Why do they do this instead of actually creating a visually original movie that fits the series style and won't cause long-lasting nightmare? The old Pokemon/Hollywood bashing thread is RIP, so I'm reviving it I guess..

>inb4 a thread died for this, it was obviously a maya vs blender debate and nobody cared
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I actually like the look of Pikachu, some are ugly though.
I imagine it will be like Alita where her eyes look fucked but you completely forget about it after the first 15 minutes.
I'm not that much of a brain dead sheep
I'm too old for this shit
im not sure age has something to do with it tho.. shit design is shit design
but yea, kids won't care of course

File: 0.png (84 KB, 428x433)
84 KB
wow wish I could get that much mileage from a single prop in my projects

File: LightTest.png (389 KB, 628x709)
389 KB
389 KB PNG
Which lighting do you prefer?
Any ideas how to make it better?
It's a static perspective. Real time rendering in Unity.
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no, >>674624 is right
OP's thing looks like some PS1 shit with bad texturing and fake flat lighting

yea yea ik andrew price bad but just watch it.

If you couldn't immediately tell that the one on the right is clearly superior to the one the left then I think you need it
You are retarded.
just point out the flaws instead of a blog post lmao


1. Transition between the hair and head is too sudden

2. Shading of hair is too basic

3. It's very obvious that the waistband of the pants are just swapped materials, look at real life reference when you model my dude.

4. the model itself isn't that bad but the material could be made more convincing, maybe make it more moist or something idk.

File: Screenshot_1.png (733 KB, 1001x1018)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
how do you retopo properly?
is this good retopo?
i tried /3/
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You could be using less mesh and still get the same detail. It would animate fine, but it's not very efficient and might quadruple your render time.
I'd say it's a good retopo, all quads, edgeloops wrapping nicely, I'm hoping you didn't apply the turbo smooth/subd/ hypernurbs/whateverthefuck modifier though, did you?
>The amount if tri's and just bad topology
I would laugh in your face if I saw this in an interview.

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File: 1260813352561.png (29 KB, 252x252)
29 KB
>the graphics are just crude and oily
People make cartoony games (in general) nowadays because they understand that realism is a moving target, and what was realistic today looks like shit tomorrow.
Only cartoonish games have any longevity beyond their initial development period.

Devs like Crytek and Infinity Ward make realistic games because they're trying to sell an engine, or because they know that the only way they make money is to continuously milk their products over and over again.

By cartoony I mean that even ''realistic'' UE4 graphics look off and weird. Days gone is the perfect exemple of what I'm trying to explain.

I'm pretty sure that has to do with the LUT they're using, I think we've all come to associate UE4 games with the orange and blue palette.
I wonder if its feasible to write a different pbr implementation shader.

Let's just say while it's technically all very good, it's nothing that I find personally very inspiring or interesting. /opinion

How do you get bedrooms and small areas to look big in renders?

What field of view should I be using?
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you dont need to remove or hide the wall just place your camera, enable "Clipping planes" and adjust the "Near" parameter. Everything between it and the camera will be clipped out, so just be careful with your fov to not cut into the side walls
That's ghetto, and will only work in a minority of cases.
??? it would literally hide any paintings, clocks, small cabinets or any other decor you might close to the wall
its dozen times better than manually going throught layers and hiding objects
Sure, now angle the camera slightly. Or have props of different depth on that wall. It's much simpler to have groups for each wall and toggle their visibility as needed.
the clipping move with the camera you buffoon
the length is visible in the viewport and you can always adjust it.
you can also see the effefct if you're in camera view

File: 02_Material_Masks.jpg (168 KB, 1440x810)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
Mari 4.5 has now a Materials System. Is this the beginning of the end for Substance?

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>You can work with a maximum of five objects at once.

What a joke.
Ptex is for 3D chads with 150+ IQ, not for 3D asset monkeys like you
this thread is filled with adobe snake oil salesmen
mari is GREAT. deal with it.
In the non-commercial version, yes. And no more than 6 UDIM tiles. Those limits are lifted in the commercial license.

The Adobe alternative is limited to one object and doesn't have proper UDIM support.
That's UV space blur my man. It looks like shit and got seams all over.

File: weaboo.png (45 KB, 256x256)
45 KB
Right, so i'm a filthy pleb and knows fuck all of anything and I might as well ask here, in a certain game I play I had interest in just editing a model for shits and giggles and then seeing what happens, the issue is I can't even look into said model if I don't even know what the fuck to open it with, textures are picture related.
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i recommend that sir looks into Zmodeler3d. sir it is a very powerful program that will satisfy every 3dimensional photography need you have
~~~ assimp ~~~
Looks like a proprietary file format only Touhou Diablo uses. Yeah, good luck getting that open or converting it.

Also, your mom's gay.
Try searching / asking there

>the great debate

I'm a product deisgner and I usually work with Rhinoceros+TSplines and grasshopper but I want to step my game up (even if this setup is ideal for product design)

anyway, I want to create more complex objects, and since I'm learning Cinema4D I'd like to animate something to

what's the best of the big three, in term of versatility, resources and features?

also, keep in mind Autodesk 360 Fusion is pretty dope
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does your local company have no website where they show off their work? what is this ? some walk in workshop leonardo davinci style where you walk in an see a bunch ob blendetes crafting their anvils and one time hard copies of the FBX files are on a shelf?
Sometimes you can also hear faint carnival music playing in the background.
yikes 2012 called. They want their jokes back. Stop living in the past lol


>hard copies of the FBX files are on a shelf
top zozzle my friend
Honestly you should just try them all, each one for like a week to a month.

If you decide to use Maya and you want to get the most out of it, you're going to have to learn all the shortcuts, customize every UI element, change every single default setting, get a lot of add-ons (both paid and free), have hand written scripts (both from the internet and written by yourself), and you'll ultimately discard almost every single default tool, material, shader, brush, texture, lighting setup, or initial renderer setting.
If you decide to use Max, Blender, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Mari, or Excel Spreadsheets and you want to get the most out of it, you're going to have to do all of that shit as well.

That's why you should just try them all. I mean there are videos of people (russians) using SoftImage to model and animate Dota 2 shit and making money from it.

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