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File: SoftgoodImage29704a.jpg (98 KB, 800x800)
98 KB
I love old fashion 3D style, but is this possible to found old Victoria 3.0 somewhere ?
Possibly, in the trash.
>Victoria 3.0
Internet folks, welcome to 2000
looks like paperman but in pbr
isn't that shit still available in the DAZ downloader application?
I like you.

Previous thread: >>695901
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where to get it?
File: file.png (521 KB, 580x874)
521 KB
521 KB PNG
available to anyone who pledges 10 dollars or more
im considering putting it up on gumroad or somewhere as well for just 5 bucks

sorry about repost, forgot i changed the url
cool, you should do a wendy o koopa someday
hey if you wanna commission me for it I'll do it immediately
For some reason generated texture coordinates won't work on one of my meshes but it works on the others in the same file. How do I fix it?

File: gold.jpg (211 KB, 940x588)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
This is Quest for Gold!

You play as a scheming wizard who is advisor to the king and the master of coin. The objective is to topple kingdoms by bringing them into useless wars through lies and shenanigans, to further advance the goals of the Wizards and amass gold.

During wartime through all the commotion, the Wizards can advise and lend gold to both sides of the conflict, incite riots, create famines and spark revolutions.

How many kingdoms will you topple?
How many kings will you betray?
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File: 1564749178521.png (118 KB, 1383x449)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
How does it feel to be of mediocre intelligence, when intelligence is the main factor in what defines us as human?
Good thing I'm of Asian descent, half-Chinese to be precise. Whites and Asians are truly the shapers, planers and makers of this world.
Hey guys what's going on in this thread?
>Using Wikipedia to support your argument
Wikipedia is unbiased, just like snopes and CNN

Plan is that I’ll use it for a shoulder of a robot, however I’m unsure of how I would rig it. I’ll probably have to use two joints but is there a way to restrict the movement of a joint to rotate on a single axis (in blender 2.8)?

Or is there a better way?
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Why? I'm the only one who offered you any help, and it's the same solution I used when I was rigging almost the exact same kind of joint in a robot character I was working on.
prob just some anon who is strictly into shitposting. I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, most people on the internet won't like you no matter what.
I can't even tell what the shit that is
Says more about you than it does about Op anon. esp since his posts explains it's a joint.

But it goes like this: black is a pivot joint, blue is connected to black and red is a hinge joint connected to blue.
Where is blue connected to black? Is it just floating in the image to show the black joint?

File: Clipboard.png (394 KB, 1712x820)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
please help me with blender
i add images into video editor and color space is like that
how to fix it help
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full article? love this shit- texture it to a cube to make relevant- full articles please. i did the in blender from mp3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r8wzl4fwc0 ooh i used 3d app!
not this though: https://www.bitchute.com/video/CYSY9jrYa1F6/
Use a real video editor, the one in blender is fir toddlers desu
You fucking braindead idiot bumped this shit even when it was already solved half a month ago
If you really feel obliged to reply to an old kuso thread at least don't bump it.
Kys autistic faggots bump

how can one get to toho level cg?
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>>muh 3d low poly game quality
what the hell are you on about?
He must be a bot or some shit because that comment paired with an obungo meme makes no sense.
dont forget talent
western trash ruins everything
well either you have a comprehension problem or something is up, i mean hes talking about the never ending blender threads and then posts an image of obunga 3d made in blender, is i that hard to comprehend, or do you not know the blender ui?

File: Plant-M1-C.png (1.8 MB, 1920x1080)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
>Post something you did today.

I started to try Blender back in 2015 but then I dropped. Since the last version 2.80 came and a job possibility for me I need to become good at 3D.

Since one week I am in beast mode so far, I just wanted to share and to see your stuff too.

Let's discuss nicely about our meshes and textures...

>Doing some plants for my Archiviz, notice the ground inside of the pot, is not flat, I've done in with a displacement Map + geometry matching. We don't go cheap here...

>Blender Cycles 50 Frames + Blender Denoiser
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Thanks for the concern, though he's not wrong about the faggy part ( I happen to have a dildo in my ass at this very moment. Can't show wireframes until I get back to a computer I'm afraid.
That's an awfully hot coffee pot.
Fuck off to periscope or reddit you stupid cunt
italian here, it looks a little too vertically-stretched, also the top "handle" thing could be a little taller, and the section in the middle should be a cylinder because it contains threaded sections for screwing both parts together.

i dont have a pic with me rn but google "bialetti moka" or something; that brand is the most recognizable italian coffee machine. At least, here in italy.
>bialetti moka

Thanks for the answer latin bro.

File: doit.jpg (446 KB, 1877x792)
446 KB
446 KB JPG
I think it's well overdue for a "speed" modelling challenge! 15 minutes to model a phone, any type of phone.

Be honest with yourself, nobody cares and you're anonymous. This is an exercise.
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Damn, beat me to it. I was fixing to get in on this by making a Razr. Ended up doing other shit, always wondered if texturing factored into the imaginary 15min limit or what.
Op says
>15 minutes to model a phone
So I've only set the timer for modeling, and then texture afterwards, though I do try to texture it as quickly as possible.
File: phone.png (772 KB, 1000x1000)
772 KB
772 KB PNG
15min incl. material setup.

Only hit render when 15min were up.
Shit, I'd probably spend about 15 mins modelling and 4 hours texturing. Texturing is where the heavy lifting is. You can make anything look like a shit ton of work was done if you texture it well enough.
Maybe I'll do that Chocolate phone from back in the day with the spinny dial. Fuck I miss tactile keys. I still can't type with a touchscreen.
I got this exact phone on my desk right now, pretty good job anon

File: TNail.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x1080)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
Link to video
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He absolutely doesn't.
Still won't stop me calling him a faggot though.
Oh, I read gender fluid simulation at first.
>you have to be 18 to post on this website
Fuck off zoomer

File: 56654456.jpg (73 KB, 1204x862)
73 KB
>makes a video tutorial
>has a facecam in it
when did video tutorials become so cringey?
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Tutorials with a facecam are rarely well produced, since it usually covers part of the relevant content. Facecams are not done for your benefit, but with the purpose of attracting viewers and ultimately more revenue from third parties, not students. Well produced courses, which usually are expensive, don't have facecams or only use them sparely and non obtrusively.
I just got into graphical design and this tutorial helped me a lot. Fuck you nigger.
>everything is cringe
build something
Baseless arguments and supposition. Maybe post a thread with an objectively shit video and several comparative examples if you're going to make them.
when he started getting popular and it stopped beinga bout money and its more about him now
Hillo, dees iz raj speekink. Wellcum in blendor tutoorial

Hi 3d-fags,

I am modeling a sphère with various holes. Sometimes bcuse of my topology I need to move a vertice out of the mesh to create new edges and thus keep a perfect quad geometry.

But in some areas of my mesh it can make things way faster to just do triangles.

Can I mix tris and quands on a model?

Pros and cons please.
6 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.

The only reason people say triangles are bad is because they can shade wrong or go funny when you add subdivision. If it looks ok then it's fine.
>Even if you work as a pro you won't have problems if you mix tris and quads?
A pro knows when you use tris and when to use quads. Often you'll have to use both, a pro will know when it's acceptable to use them and where.
Delete entire top then 'apend to poly' tool straight across from one side too the opposite until it's all filled back in.
Here op
Inset maybe 30% of the radius
Delete middle triangular faces
Grid fill
Chang iterations until you have nice looking top
>The only reason people say triangles are bad is because they can shade wrong or go funny when you add subdivision

Sounds Good thanks a lot.
Thanks to all of you guys.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (78 KB, 1280x720)
78 KB
was a good time, that party on friday was super extravagant. what the hell happened with the questions on the final day though? that round table went off the rails.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That would be a very long post so i'll just give you some highlights.

Most of the talks where essentially "this is what my company made in the last 12 months, cool right?" but there where some very cool talks including a guy named andrew who revealed this: https://www.prometheanai.com currently just for unreal but said it was coming to max.

One hilariously bad presentation by Jakub Cech who made a mini documentary about himself that gave the impression this 20 something year old guy believes he invented arcvis, truly awful and hilariously pretentious.

On the last day some guy asked one of the guys from The Boundary, Henry I believe something along the lines "could you give us your thought on why this one project you did really sucked?" in broken english, completely unrelated to his talk. hilarious.

The end of the conference had a hour long Q&A "round table" that started as just all the presenters discussing the others presented topics, fairly mundane but interesting, then the questions was opened up to the public and some guy in the crowd asked "its really shocking that there are no women on the stage, you guys should try harder to be more gender diverse in the future" you've seen the type before. but out of nowhere the guy passing out the mic, not one of the presenters goes on a huge illegible rant compering things like blind people to women and talking about gay and black people, it was so fucking bad. the presenters tried to kill the conversation but just ended adding more fuel to the fire so this one stupid question took almost the entire hour, most of the crowd is just loosing it at this point and leaving mid talk. But hey venice was nice.

Was it filmed.
there were a lot of cameras, but as for a video not sure. they'd probably not include it. you might find a video of it if you know who went and looked at their personal feed
why were you there?
I went with work. Free trip expenses paid, not going to refuse.

File: 0000Carrr.jpg (4 KB, 259x194)
4 KB
I work professionally in Archviz, do some freelance vehicle concept design and want to design and animate characters for personal projects/ for fun. 3ds max seems best for arch viz but it isn't fun to work with. What would you suggest for my needs- C4D, Modo, Blender, Maya or stay with max?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Then you should try Zbrush or Blender like >>703607 said, sketching characters and getting specific shapes is very easy once you get used to the commands, I use Zbrush because It has a lot of tools for sculpting but try Blender if you want
honestly, just try blender. 3ds Max will always be better for arch viz, but from rapid development of scenes and compositions I use blender. Because its fast, and flexible. And you can enter interactive render seemingly with a click of a button.
In the end, just use whatever you feel comfortable with.
Zbrush for character design, hands down. Nothing else comes close.
yeah, but thats just for the sculpting component. Uvs, retoppo texturing, rigging animating etc need something else
>t. Never Used Zbrush
you get all of that inside zbrush except rigging. I haven't used much animation but is still pretty decent, everything else is quite good as well.
But If you want TOP quality models/renders you still need multiple software. It doesn't matter if you use Zbrush, Blender, Max, Maya, etc, top quality models/renders always require multiple software, you can't expect a sigle program to do everything for you and get a professional result.

File: derpy loli.jpg (157 KB, 1920x1080)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Hello /3/

Can we have a thread dedicated to the discussion of creating assets, worlds, and avatar in Vrchat?

Here are some official resources:

11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
How much?
Furries pay a lot, I'm a drawfag but I got $60 for a default pose fullbody with flat colors and no background.
How long did it take you to finish it? I'd say that for one or even two hours of work that's more of a fair rate than "a lot".
I think seven hours. Thanks, anon. It's just twice as much as I was getting before, so I was in honest shock. I was sure a flat color fullbody isn't worth more than $35, maybe it's like this on deviantArt that people are selling their art cheap. I constantly feel pressured to keep practicing fundamentals (/ic/ got me on a right path, but it planted a ton of insecurity on me), so I'm afraid to ask for higher prices.

For your troubles

File: The Models Resource.png (100 KB, 500x132)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Is it possible to get rigged models from here into DAZ3D?
If not, how do I rig an object and save it?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Okay... so I download a .dae file and import it. The meshes are stretched out all over the place or intact but the skeleton is outside of the mesh and does not affect it. How do I fix this?
By using proper 3D software like Maya or Blender.

No. Daz purposely gimped their FBX and DAE import so it will only import geometry and not rigging so that people won't use non-Daz assets with their software since their entire business model is selling Daz assets. Somebody on Rendo made a script to import FBX and DAE with rigging and Daz lawyered up and got it taken down.
Do you know how I can manually rig an .obj model within daz then?
Yeah, you make a skeleton, make nodes for the bones and then paint the weight maps.

There's tutorials on youtube for rigging in Daz. It's easy but it's also very tedious depending on the complexity of the model.

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