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You can use xgen to make alphas. Problem is it always looks the same.
Something like Youtube for riggers
Ah! Makes sense.. I didn't know, I use Ornatrix.

top fucking kek
Yes, in fact there's places other than /3/ that exist.
Daz looks like

File: Dragon install.gif (712 KB, 540x686)
712 KB
712 KB GIF
How is the fire tips on pic related animated on the model so seamlessly? 'm still technically a "beginner" with modeling so I'd have no idea.
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Where are his pants?
At your girlfriend's house.
I have a girlfriend?
I thought w-we...
You stole Sol's pants?

File: B7MBQeRIMAIpytY.jpg (54 KB, 506x382)
54 KB
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kek, probably
From my experience in post secondary they all cheat blatantly. I've seen them whispering to each other throughout entire tests/exams as well as texting each other on phones, and messaging each other on some kind of chat application while the professor isn't looking.
Out of all the classes I've taken each group of them behaves in the same matter.

As previous pointed out in this thread. Pajeets produce pretty low quality stuff because they seem to genetically lack talent.
The russians on the other hand are taking my jobs. I even found one of the bigger russian outsourcing studios have a copy of one of my works on artstation. I still got a few hundered more likes than them. But the days of freelancing as a western european are going to be past soon.
What will become of us?
File: 1484507221501.png (27 KB, 477x387)
27 KB
stolen work or blatant plagiarism should be reported and openly shamed tho

File: 3d viz.jpg (423 KB, 1500x879)
423 KB
423 KB JPG
Anyone doing this in the U.S.?

What's a render worth these days?

What's the negotiation and payment process?

Visualization general

File: confuse.jpg (77 KB, 900x900)
77 KB
What kind of certification(s) do I need to get into CAD? Can I take courses for it and/or get certified online? I already have experience with Inventor and AutoCAD from pursuing an engineering degree before running out of money and not wanting to go into debt.

My local community college offers a "Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Technology Certificate." Is something like that worth it?
Wrong board fucko
>wrong board
This is the closest board to the topic of CAD, besides maybe /3DPG/ on /diy/.
Honestly? Unless required by law, certificates are a lot less useful than a half decent portfolio of your own models.

File: unnamed.jpg (88 KB, 900x900)
88 KB
For me? Its Chipp Walters.
Nice wig, bro

File: 1629624_7e2c_4.jpg (100 KB, 750x422)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Yeah im looking for free tutorials for custom rigging in for max
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This leads to a question. If the fingers and fists aren't animated in the animation, how do I do them separately?
whats all that shit up the top
maya has an extremely customizable shelf
they look like fucking netflix ads
what are they
Custom Icons to their scripts/plugins.

File: ahhh.jpg (215 KB, 721x421)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Hi /3/, I am finishing my major in Animation and Visual Effects in December, the thing is that I need a company to work in for 4 months, this is part of my professional practices.
But I want to know of any animation studio out there with the possibility to hire me as a student.
You know, those studios that are small enough to hire people but big enough to learn and gain really good experience by working with them.

Pls, share studios from your countries that could help me out, my university is pushing me to have one company by the end of september, even tho I finish in december, but fuck them.

(I am from mexico and want to get out this shitty country, so, share some non latino studios)
>I am from mexico
Brazil here.
I´m sorry, but you are really, REALLY fucked.
If you haven´t been born in USA or JAPAN, or at least somewhere in Europe you best bet is to do porn for Patreon. I´m NOT kidding.
Todos los latinos estamos tratando de salir de latinoamérica, nunca hay buenas opciones que resulten con buenas ganancias.
Lo mejor es buscar estudios en el país que sirvan para hacer un portafolio decente, a fin de cuentas el portafolio es lo único que importa cuando se trabaja en 3D o arte digital, luego de eso ahí si uno se puede buscar un trabajo bueno
(Aquí un Colombiano que está en condiciones similares)
I hear there's a lot of studios in your capital los angeles. Just walk over there and do violent crime for a few years. Until you find a nice studio.
Bad news: You're unlikely to find work as a student in a studio to fulfill that ridiculous requirement. Meaning they ripped you off for graduation and whatever degree/certificate they promised.

Good news: The degree/certificate is completely meaningless in the animation and VFX industry. You get work based on your reel showing what you're capable of, and you keep work by showing you can do it.
If they taught you the skills, you can make a demo reel to show it, then you send it to everybody until you get hired.
Once you know people and companies, it's easier to get hired after that through networking.

File: Capture2.jpg (88 KB, 1845x1173)
88 KB
cycles and denoised animation - how do i achieve it / who has achieved it. I hear you need to open cycles at the command line. I want those sweet sweet gpu renders instead of using arnold on cpu
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it is photoreal
I use it to clean up the very final bits of noise from 2k+ sample renders. The before is already pretty clean, the denoiser sends it over that final bit.
Then layer the before image on top at 50% opacity to get back some of the sharpness. It's overall faster than rendering out several iterations of the same image with different seeds and layering, and produces similarly noiseless results.

Thinking anything is going to perform a miracle at something like 4 samples is retarded.

Besides, OP is clearly asking about leveraging the GPU, so reading comprehension, friendo.
pftt hahaha
it does look pretty good
I mean yeah, but it still looks like a shit photo.

lets see your physic setups!
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I guess you can use morphs and stuff yeah.
I guess this does proper volume conservation? A thing that often gets f-ed up in animation, with breasts and asses literally collapsing on themselves.
Yeah I'm using a high volume conservation setting. "Shape conservation" seems to prevent the mesh from getting too messed up. Stiffness also helps. But yeah so far it seems tricky to get a decent setup, I'm still not happy how stuff seem to collide, I feel you can get better out of that solver.
how does it hold up with vertical movement, bouncing up and down

File: 4bae83b.jpg (323 KB, 1800x1200)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
I'm a newcomer to /3/ so forgive me if this is not the board standard, but I'm looking to commission someone to make a model of this character, intended for 3D printing with a Peopoly Moai.

Ideally the model would be jointed (think a ball-jointed doll, hollow interior and strung with elastic) but I can work around that.

I'm a know-nothing with 3D, my background is in traditional shit as my husband is an Old Guard toy sculptor for McFarlane and NECA from back before zbrush was industry standard.

Anyway, no deadline - 6 months+ is fine. If anyone is interested, name your price, I'm here to play $$hardball$$
well, you might consider trying a more trustworthy forum where they at least have log in with a nick
here it's really hit and miss with the talent (more likely miss, to be honest)
Give me an email so I can send you my portfolio
Brokenlevel at gmail

File: Screenshot (80).png (105 KB, 508x468)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
I made this face months ago. What do you think?
i think the holocaust never happened


File: Capture.jpg (179 KB, 1920x1079)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
substance is incredible
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I haven't updated considering the fact I pirated it. Thanks for the heads up, amigo.
the texture artists for Uncharted 4 used photoshop and modelled normal map details by hand
While I may not be the poster you originally replied to, I can say that, without a doubt, Substance is an efficient and fantastic tool. While it may not have the character, or some may call a homely touch in a negative light, it certainly releases the generalist from the otherwise time-consuming and inefficient pipeline that has ruled for the past fifteen-or-so years. Sure, I would imagine the fellows at the studio that made Uncharted used Photoshop, I think they used it since there is a select group of 18~30 artists who are honed and incredibly skilled and bring a flavor to the game that inefficiency cutting would endanger.

Otherwise, Substance is, hands down, the better tool if you're trying to work on something in a smaller team setting. I also think that it could be a great abstracting tool for artists who cannot texture particularly well, but want to provide some level of visual detail to give to the bespoke and skilled artist.
>Adobe advertising in full force

No they didn't they used zbrush and substance designer.

File: WEW.jpg (343 KB, 1380x1446)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
>He uses a piece of software ran by a born again Evangelical Christian man that use to jack it to porn mags but now will sling his shit on the walls if you so much as sculpt nude models and put into the EULA agreement of the software that he will disable your activation key if he finds out you sculpt non-christian things like demons, """offensive content"""", anything remotely naked, not even pornographic, with the creator throwing his shit against the walls when he discovered an artist doing non-erotic models that were nude and PULLED HIS PAID FOR LICENSE or literallly anything the psycho team finds """objectionable""".
Hope your stuff doesn't get too popular anon, or else you'll end up on their radar and they'll go inquisition on your ass for sculpting 2b's ass too big.

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File: 14856373129412.jpg (90 KB, 838x474)
90 KB
>poisonous views
The terms of the EULA mean jackshit and can't be enforced.
They got away with it so far because nobody went at them with a lawyer.
>Did the guy changed for the better?
He just pathetically caved probably because his numbers went down the toilet
File: 1540962347443.png (3.26 MB, 1198x2000)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB PNG
I don't make porn like a degenerate so I'm not worried about it desu. Nice job starting a thread with a 3 year old tweet btw.
>The terms of the EULA mean jackshit and can't be enforced.
How can you be so sure?

File: image.png (116 KB, 648x595)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
A mouse won't make you a better artist but it can speed up your work flow. I need a new mouse and want suggestions. I've been using a simple two button/scroll wheel mouse from 2001 and have been needing something that has a side button at the very least.
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I disagree, the gains made by not having to take your hand off your mouse is worth the set up time.

I'm an autist though that did a keyboard heat map to see my most used commands though so hue hue hue
Have you tried a 3D mouse? I use a SpaceNavigator (www.3dconnexion.com)
op here that looks really cool, but in practice how easy is it to use that? that many buttons looks like it might be overkill, and my main concern is not being able to tell what key is what with so many so close. what 12 commands do you use for them? not attacking you, just curious.
Not that guy, but honestly that many isn't all that confusing. Muscle memory makes it pretty easy to use. The real problem is remembering what some of them do. Some you'll use all the time, but some are situational.
You'd still be able to tell pretty easy which buttons are which though.

I don't remember which were which, but some of the commands I used were
General operations stuff (Ctrl-Z,C,V)
View changes (Front, left, right...)
View manips so I don't have to hold alt, or alt+shift or whatever else to orbit, dolly, pan
3d shit like loop cuts or extrude
Mode switching (Verts, Faces, Edges)

Stuff like that. Not all of it really has to do with 3d, but all of them were pretty useful to have on command. Just make sure to take breaks often with it because it's easy to tire yourself out or get sore with a mouse like this.
Really it goes for any mouse. You should be taking breaks and using good posture regardless. It doesn't seem to really matter all that much when you're not hurting, but when you are and you've caused damage you'd wish you did all of that.
Kind of like helmets, it's super faggy, but you'd be wishing you wore one when your head is split open on the pavement.
Side buttons are a killer if you are not accustomed to them. I have a new Rival 100 and am constantly hitting the thumb button. Side thumb buttons do not lend themselves well to the claw grip I have.. trying to retrain myself but RRUAAAHHWWWRRRGHGLPLPLP

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