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File: 1542169734030.jpg (28 KB, 455x743)
28 KB
How does /3 feel about people who use basemeshes as a starting point for their work?

Would you call it cheating? Is it frown upon like tracing artworks?
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Anon I made a basemash for a hand but considering I'm going to sculpt, retopo and animate it what is the best position for its fingers?
File: Relaxed-Spin.jpg (710 KB, 3347x881)
710 KB
710 KB JPG
slightly curved in the direction they will bend as shown
You can let it curl even more than that. Sculpt it in a totally relaxed position so nobody has to do any work to pose it that way.
totally relaxed would make it a bitch to retopo and skin, fingers should be splayed a bit.
>It (((won't))) get you a job
I literally just a got a job last week by detailing up a base mesh lol
I dont like them unless im in a hurry or need only part, i tend to be a bit too gravitated to the underlying shapes, so generally i try to start from scratch, i often bring in a base later to project detail back on so i get nice topo
But in production? You do what ever works

File: redpaintedmetal.png (1.11 MB, 1024x1024)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
I have no idea if this is useful to anyone but here,100 premium 4k materials for blender for free


Also free resources thread (not only Blender)
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I just want to say I love you all and would give you blowjobs and cuddles.
File: DpPaR_YXgAA3AhB.jpg (183 KB, 1080x1080)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
this a comfy thread

Thanks for the assets! Some of these guys have even more free stuff on their gumroad store pages too.


Maybe it would be worth the effort to search for free stuff on eg. Artstation, then explore the gumroad pages that get linked to to find more hidden goodies.
sharing some of my bookmarks

Some more free kitbash


File: MEC.jpg (53 KB, 309x895)
53 KB
When is too much realism too much?
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File: marierose.jpg (56 KB, 375x1000)
56 KB
Blame Dead or alive, it's their model and concepts.
I just added braces, and it really shows the intent of Team Ninja in full force.
(Marie-Rose, dead or alive 5)
>Marie Rose is the shortest female fighter in the Dead or Alive series, standing at only 147 cm (4' 10"), with a small frame. She appears very childlike, and looks younger than her actual age.

Japan being Japan
just because you're uneducated doesn't mean you have to be mad. You sound like someone from a Trump group on Facebook or something. Fuck off normie.
Women who wear collars are to be treated as dogs
>posts a little girl model to gain attention of the majority lolicon demographic, which is 95% of /3/
>"Does this look like porn to you?"
Where do you think you are?

File: 1528568100126.jpg (93 KB, 1024x768)
93 KB
What are some good Processors and Graphic Cards for 3D rendering without breaking the budget?

Preferably Speed > Accuracy
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Such a mixed bag atm. Paying for RTX when not very much supports it yet seems kinda wasteful, but paying full price for 2 year old tech for rendering seems dumb.

For the money, it feels like holding out a bit for software to catch up would be better, but for those in the US looming Tariffs really put sense of urgency on the purchase.
Most renderers have an optix denoiser, which runs better on RTX than GTX. RTX is just flat out better at compute tasks, even without RTX specific optimizations. If you do compute you are better off going RTX. That includes OpenCL. I really don't see the point of buying a GTX 10 series card for 3d artists at this point in time. They aren't much cheaper and they perform worse.

Interesting I'll take a look at octane again. Looks like you still have to pay for DCC plugins ugh.
Take it with a grain of salt, i never tested both really deeply. But if you search for a good GPU renderer you might want to take a look at Vray again. Seems like Chaos Group tries to make the GPU version as feature complete as the CPU version and it is already very fast.
4x1070 ti is still the top performance/price option on the market. That may change when engines implement optix but it hasn't happened yet.

Octane just looks better out of the box because it adds bloom, tonemapping and depth of field in a default IPR render. Just turn those things on. Octane basically doesn't support displacement maps, volumetrics, or anything where you need advanced control. It's fine for rendering subdivision donuts if that's all you need. The plugin pricing scheme is an absolute joke.
You can buy a used Windows 7 HP laptop from someone's office and as long as it has an intel chipset family you can probably do everything you need to do on that fine. It will be fast although the only slowdown will be if you're doing making your maps in gimp or photoshop at the same time, those will run slow if they're at the same time as Blender or Maya or 3DS Max or whatever you use. Otherwise find a gtx 160ti and an i5 and sped $150 on the rest and you're probably be fine in regards to speed.

File: 1543858199412.jpg (11 KB, 232x293)
11 KB
/3/ help a brother out.
Does anyone have a link for the linux version of substance batch tools?
cgpeers has nothing and the default substance installation is missing the baker and the substance compiler for generating maps.

Hey guys. I'm a lewd artist who

a) got buttfucked by tumblr
b) got buttfucked by patreon
c) got buttfucked by paypal

I'm extremely nervous and freaking the fuck out. I was working on adult games mainly, and in the process learned to code and do simple 3d assets.

I have amassed a small portfolio of low poly 3d pieces, with very beautiful high quality handpainted textures.

My question is, if I put that stuff on a nice website (and fartstation) and send out some emails, is it possible to get hired relatively quickly? Does that actually ever happen?

I need to start setting up an alternative non-nsfw source of income if I want to stay self employed (and fucking pronto). The alternative is working at the fish factory, but I'd rather become a hobo desu.

Please halp

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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If it makes you feel better, I'm an equal opportunity degenerate

I've made a note of your email address.
Have you tried selling your models on the Unity/Unreal marketplace? I've seen a bunch of low poly asset bundles for games in both.
Not him but I've been thinking about that for a while. I'm not sure what to make though.

Are you trolling or something? Those are triangulated quads, they won't be causing any shading or deformation issues. You can also animate/deform them without any issues. All models are getting triangulated in game engines. Triangles are also fine on flat surfaces that won't get smoothed.

This triangles are always bad meme is really getting on my nerves.
did you made those textures?
everyone can make LP but handpainting is well paid

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File: 1497336348510.jpg (15 KB, 200x187)
15 KB
>it's shit because they skip the primitive interim stage
Yeah not like all of those issues won't be fixed in year or two, this is definitely not something even worth discussing
lmao he doesn't know
Shh, don't tell 'em.
How can you guys draw conclusions from this when they don't even tell what it can do and how it works?
To me it looks like a program that does a bad auto-texturing job.

For anyone is a Mac user, without loading Windows, what do you reccomend for 3D work that works best? How is Blender 2.8 on a Mac? What do you reccomend to load up on my Mac and what process is best for doing good work?
I don't own a Mac, but I feel like the hardware that come with them are not suited for heavy workloads or short render times.

If we're talking about a laptop, I'd say you should get a proper size monitor.

Lastly, if you're just starting out, I'd say anything can handle the simple stuff tutorials make you do. Even my phone can run sculpt+. The tool should be your last concern when learning the basics.
Well I do have a egpu (Razer Core V2) with a 1070 8GB. I understand I won't get full performance out of an egpu, but it should be enough. What render engine is purely used on a gpu that someone can reccomend?

I have experience, and understand things, but it's very old.

File: douchebag1_n.jpg (287 KB, 900x900)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
I'm in a manic-ish mood and I want to learn how to rig a character for either Unity or Unreal Engine 4 using Blender. Which one should I go far /3/?

Pic unrelated, pretty sure this was something I used for a VRChat shitpost-tier model.
Autorig Pro

>still no new Maya release.

what's autodesk thinking lads?
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Typical insecure blendlet who always need to shit on actual good software to feel better about themselves. Maya is better than blender. The tools are more refined, the workflow is faster (pie menus are better than muh shortcuts, blender's pie menus are ass), faster selection tools, it works fine with every engine (enjoy ripping your hair trying to send animations from blender to unreal), and it's used for every major productions.

You blendlets are the laughing stock of the 3d world. Nobody takes your shitty donut software seriously. Cry all you want.
it's actually surprisingly fast at that, the only thing fastest right now is maya
at least its not ((modified)) version anymore
hopefully qtquick is fully usable this time
hmmm. maya doesn’t have grease pencil ;)

guys, please... o really need to know how to do low poly models like this. it's the only thing holding me back from my gamedev dreams. i've tried countless tutorials online, they're all terrible and seem to skip countless steps because i can never even remotely keep up.

which is strange because i've actually modelled and implemented assets into unity. so you would think i'd be able to model a low poly character like pic related. but i'm not, not even close.

please help, i'm honestly no retard. but trying and failing at /3/ makes me feel like one.
38 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.

anon can you give this model a pair of nice tits, slightly thiccer legs and a sexy ponytail instead of the hat? I promise you I'll make the sexiest handpainted texture for it you've ever seen on a low poly model if you do. I'll even unwrap the uv's myself (or die trying).

i'm this anon (and also the op) >>652686
I don't know man, I kind of want to just texture more pixelated butts.
File: 1535329403600.jpg (122 KB, 640x1136)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Legit are people fucking retarded? You don't just sculpt something like this without knowing exactly what you're doing.
Those hips and thighs are absolutely umph.
File: output_jvZ92T.gif (889 KB, 320x240)
889 KB
889 KB GIF
Texturing took me the longest on this, though even now I'm still not happy with my topo, getting shoulders and hips to deform well is a nightmare. I gave up on the shoulders entirely and made the arms separate objects, otherwise lifting the arms turned them into a tangled mess

How do I set up my UV's properly for this lovely pixely textures to work ? Is there a way to snap the vertices into the grid perfectly in blender?
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Is there a way to snap the vertices into the grid perfectly in blender?
Bottom bar of the UV interface, UVs > Snap to Pixels.
Alternatively, you can be a pedant and open your N panel. Give each vertex precise X/Y coordinates.
Such a question doesn't deserve its own thread, post in the /blender/ thread next time.
Still too many tris
he literally has tutorials on his youtube
what the fuck I can't find her face on the UVs
Does it actually matter where I put seams and how many uv islands I set up if I were to go for this pixel style?

File: abdominal.png (504 KB, 1920x1080)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
To elaborate a bit, say you look at an anatomy chart and you base your sculpt on that. It might be totally plausible and anatomically correct, yet not the kinda correct you need.
Because there are wide range of shapes and variations of that anatomy depending on the specific physique of the kinda person you wanna depict.
So there isn't a silver bullet way of how to shape something that works every time because the underlying anatomy has proportions as varied as what you see on top from person to person.

Ever refining your understanding what you looking at and integrate and style all the interconnections of the body parts to your vision and ideals for the character you wanna make is where the art is at.
You can't play a piano just from being able to name every key, you need to have a feel for how they intermingle.
What's the purpose in modelling shit like ribs and abs when any real 3d modelling job is just going to have you loosely follow basic proportions that are covered in clothes and what not?
Zac Petroc - The Form of Anatomy

Best tutorial I have ever seen on this subject.
Basically depicting the naked human form convincingly is so difficult that if you can pull it off well you will own a very keen eye for detail and understand how to depict the most delicate of forms.
It's impossible to master anatomy without at the same time become equiped to depict anything thrown at you well since your sense for complex curvature and aspect ratios will be dialed in.

It's also a subject that many people find pleasing to pour endless hours onto. We're humans, the human form is inherently interesting to most of us.
If you strive to become really ace at this the number of hours you gonna spend on it numbers in the several tens of thousands so you better make sure you enjoy the process.

If you wanna into charcter art on a high level you will need to have solid anatomy even if the level of refinement needed will vary depending on the artstyle you're going for.
One thing I never understood is wtf is wrong with you cgboys starting from the hardest the first time you run the application... do you really think you can skip fundamentals somehow?!
How naive!
Block them out from primitive shapes first until your brain can comprehend what the fuck you are doing, then come back!

what are the major benefits of opensubdiv and ptex for an independant artist? i heard ptex has zero multithreading efficiency due to renderman, but i'm curious about a workflow revolving around a zbrush model that's just ptex'd and thrown into mari, since i hear mari doesn't give a fuck about how many polys are on a mesh. that being said i do wanna keep doing map passes and rework the mess to make it riggable, but i can't decide whether i wanna rework from the initial sculpt or have a base mesh made using some other modelling package.

i may end up just simply making my zbrush model, baking a normal map, and zremeshing to make the base mesh but i heard that's also really shitty. should i just build on top of the sculpt mesh? then it'd just go into either mari or substance painter for the texturing, which i may just keep really simply for a character's skin/hair, although something more organic like a reptile or some other hairy beast would probably be more reliant on some composite passes. speaking of hair, how does one texture hair if at all? do you just use a solid diffuse and work with an anisotropic shader? should the hair curves be defined in the main rendering package or can you export from zbrush?
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
forget about ptex lad.
ptex was a meme from start to finish.
>t. poorfag & brainlet

Don't listen to the mongs on /3/, ptex is just leagues above the average untalented underpaid asset monkeys browsing this board
Ptex is just texturing per polygon, how is that more complex than the whole unwrapping shit?
1. The slightest topology modification immediately invalidates all your textures.Think of how easy it is to work with zbrush polypaint, you can rip your model apart and keep the texture. Now imagine the opposite of that, where the slightest pin prick will destroy everything.
2. Ptex only works with quads OR tris. Exclusive or. You cannot put a single triangle on a quad mesh, or a single quad on a triangulated mesh.
3. Your texture maps are opaque binary heaps, not recognizable images. You can't open a .ptex file in Photoshop. Even if you could it would just be random triangles. Generally, the tooling for ptex sucks ass. Don't want to use Mari, Maya, and Renderman? Sorry, that's what you're stuck with.

I'm curious what artists at WDAS think about ptex. It's probably not a big hassle if you have a pipeline where everything is already set up for you.

File: imgpsh_fullsize.png (52 KB, 373x372)
52 KB
Help /3/, how can I make anime faces in zbrush that don't look like abominations?
I tried looking everywhere but I can't really find much on the internet, do you guys have any guides?
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
anatomy knowledge is useful, but not to drawing anime faces.
calm down ok?

There's nothing wrong with this, your first sculpts will always look like aliens. You have to practice and learn the basic anatomy of the human head (the basic shape of the skull and the most important muscles).

Sculpting and drawing are closely tied together. If you're good at drawing you won't have much problems sculpting a character. Study both at the same time, improving your sculpting skills also improve your drawing skills and vice versa.

After 3 or 4 sculpts you'll already see some improvements, just don't give up. And don't be a typical lazy artist, study anatomy. Don't watch some stupid zbrush game character sculpting tutorials, just learn anatomy. This alone will improve your skills super fast, more than actual sculpting/drawing lessons.

Do you want to spend your life only drawing anime faces? You also need to learn to draw bodies. You don't have to learn every single bones and muscles there are in the human body. Only the most important ones. Doesn't take long and it improves your skills tremendously in a short period of time.
use references OP it will make a huge difference
I have previewed atrocious 3d assets that suddenly look good once textures are applied with a good shader. You'd have to be a god at texture painting though which is a lot harder than sculpting decent anatomy imo.

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