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Need CC, working on this for quite some time.

Quite happy with the effects, just need to see what to improve to make this better.
there's a /wip/ thread, m8.

tone down blurry glow thing. it looks awful. cheap early 00s photoshop nastiness. add noise to it as well.

composition on the bottom right is particularly weak.

if you put the top two side by side and i saw it from a distance i wouldn't be able to tell they were two different products.
I didnt think of postin there thank you, sorry for creating new thread then.

Also thanks for some of the feedback. The glow is just shadow catcher, as the file has transparent bg, but I understand what you mean.

Yeah, Im not happy with that either but I cant really come up with any good idea, how do you show Avocado's?

Best Regards
If you made a variation in the almonds argon it would improve it. But that's probably something only artists would notice

File: proxy.duckduckgo.com.jpg (110 KB, 762x464)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Stop using SFM. It is abandonware and will be unusable in about 2 years time. Put your efforts into something worthwhile like Blender.
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Blender is trash, use good software
How would one replicate TF2 shaders in blender or max? what would you use to do the lightwarp texture and other stuff like half-lambert and rimlight
Like what, Maya? Pfft, bitch, please.
Hey, i see you like scat porn.
Why. Why replicate shit.

Anyway, I recall Valve did a breakdown of the style that may be useful. Assuming you already know that, I remember some guy did recreate it in Blender's old internal renderer. It's probably somewhere on blenderartists.org, if they archived all the old shit from before the move to a new format.

File: R9rnmXv.jpg (54 KB, 576x382)
54 KB
What's the graphical limit of godot + blender + GIMP + Krita?
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This, but unironically.
File: 1473903761611.gif (1.24 MB, 290x189)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB GIF
>50k polys in edit mode
are you kidding me? I have a pretty modest machine and I can run well over that with little to no slow down.

Anyone know the best archviz sites for subscriptions for 3d models, textures, etc?

I work for a firm and am starting to do a lot of renders, I figure it's probably a bad idea to use downloaded models and textures from cgpeers.

It will also be expensive and too time consuming to download individual models from places like 3dsky and turbosquid, it would be better to have a monthly subscription so I don't have to get authorization every time.

Anyone know the chances of actually getting caught using downloaded textures or models? Seems almost impossible but I'd still rather not risk it.
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We don't have an archviz department and I'm starting it, so I felt like I should prove I can do nice looking renderings in a timely manner before getting them to pay for a bunch of stuff. Now that I've proven that I'm asking for good sites if anyone knows of any.
Evermotion is the go to, mostly because they are the best.
If you want to fill your projects with assets, that's who you give money to.

Def don't pirate.
If you get caught, it will be bad for you in the worst way.
Thanks. I'll check it out and get an account.

Just curious how would you get caught? Someone recognizes a model in a render and then has to verify somehow that it wasn't paid for?
Evermotion's site seems a bit unorganized, what do you think of design connected?
>Someone recognizes a model in a render and then has to verify somehow that it wasn't paid for?
Yup. And the company cannot prove payment, gets sued for copyright infringement, and then sues you.

Hey this is my first sculpture and I'm shit. Please tell me how I can be less shit
Wrong place to post this dumbass. It's shit anyways
I like it! Looks like it may have been based on the masks from the frescos of Pompeii
>3-Dimensional computer graphics

That is not 3dcg faggot
get a computer
Wrong board, but either way, one thing that would help you be less shit is to not pick something shitty to sculpt.

File: 06.png (3.47 MB, 3840x2160)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB PNG
Hello everyone. Some time ago i just finished the first boss from my upcoming cyberpunk solo game. It would be really great if /ic/ gave me their honest C&C.


You'll find more of my work @artstation profile, but honestly after finishing her i felt that from now on my work would become really better you know.

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Wow a girl with a scythe. How original and creative. I would've never thought of that.

Looks cool enough but one would hope that you are saving the good ones for later.
Is this an ad?
She doesn't look like much of a boss
What's she the boss of?
She fights a lot I suppose, but she's lacking armor in the right places
What if she's fast to the point of easily dodging kinetic weapons? She might also equip some generator of a repulsion field against energy weapons. Or she might be the CEO of the company with a monopoly on quantum decoherence guns. She would be the boss of truly not giving a fuck, because she knows of no enemy frightening enough.
Then why does a she need a clumsy oversized anime scythe?
Is she overcompensating or just a fuckn weeb?

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Pandering to small minds on Youtube. Gotta play those algorithms anon.
>gaming the algorithm
>only 8000 views
> 75k subscribers
> Not playing the algorithm
75k is not bad

File: f0ebcc6.png (275 KB, 720x1280)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
Hi /3/ Im 21, still living with my parents, unemployed. Have no experience in 3D design and 2D. Just started, however i always loved this kind of art and want to become decent skilled and maybe gain a bit of money from it on the future.

So here is my dilema. I know you can't achieve to be any good if you don't spent hundreads of hours practicing and studyng but i am also pretty old and cannot be unemployed.

So should i study and practice arts full time or should i get a job and forget about this?

>Inb4 just do both.

No. I can't, all the jobs i can apply are full time with just one free day. Would be imposible to learn and achieve something.

Also im thinking on going to arts school if i find one, but on the meantime im still a neet.

>Pic related. I did that.
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Also you better install arnold, the standard maya render engines cant do shit.
File: 0000.jpg (1.4 MB, 1920x1080)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
I've been a Blender user for about a year now. I'm entirely self-taught, and I also work full time. It's not impossible to learn while working, man! I made this over a few weekends. Everything made from scratch in Blender. Also, some materials made in substance.

Before anyone criticizes, yeah, I know it's sub-par work. I have no dreams of being a pro. It's just a handy skill. Like pic related was a preview for friends who wanted to get a liquor cabinet.
Oh that aint all bad! Just learn bevel those hard corners and itll look ALOT more professional
Fell for the maya meme baka.
Use whatever you're most comfortable with. I have people at my workplace still using softimage. As far as modeling goes, software really doesn't matter.

File: 4w3tergd.gif (168 KB, 267x200)
168 KB
168 KB GIF
How the fuck i can animate 3d PORN (SFM/Blender/Maya/etc) without fucking horny godfucking dammit.
Everytime i animate porn, i always get fucking horny, faps, cums, and lost motivation and will to animate. Repeat that at every fucking single day.

Someone help.
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File: 1552291777665.jpg (7 KB, 229x220)
7 KB
>( fuck you furry haters you ain't shit and are useless )
>Animates 2D and 3D furry porn for a living.
you can use texture mode with very little performance impact but you have to slot the right textures or it'll show normal maps or some other shit

probably you were thinking of material mode? that one will lag a lot on complex models or models with SS modifier on
I think he means so that you dont get hard from "too detailed models view"
I know texture mode doesn't lag the viewport, it will show the skin textures if those are the last one clicked in the node editor.
What I'm saying is better to use solid mode because with textures on you can still get horny eventually. With material mode I would only just do a quick OpenGL render to test it out occasionally.
An elitist furry pornographer, what a marvelous age we live in.

File: eye2.png (164 KB, 610x329)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
Hello! For the past days I've been searching for some program that allows a scanning of a certain model that I found in the internet. The model in the video is a turntable one (just like in this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6d6PlHqMLk) that I'd like to "port" into a mesh for my PERSONAL USE.

At first, I downloaded the video and took screenshots of every frame, after that, I tried some programs like Regard3D, VirtualSFM or Metashape but I noticed that I was too dumb to understand them. Even with that, am I in the right direction in using these programs?

I really need some tips.
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That .webm of yours looks great! Was it a model that you imported?
File: 01.jpg (339 KB, 800x800)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
Yes, that was scanned with https://alicevision.github.io/ , it works with some youtube videos, I had good results with these guys https://www.youtube.com/user/denofimagination?app=desktop and with others the output is really bad. I use pictures from warhammer's viewer too, that was made with 800x800 pictures from here
I think I scaled the pictures x4. you usually have good results from 50 pictures don't use more than 150, and i haven't tested the latest version.
Great. The program says that the screenshots are missing some details such as sensor width, focal lenght and camera model. Since my pictures are obviously screenshots, what should I write in it?
Camera model isn't needed, you can rerender the images in blender to get that values, use the default settings
marmoset toolbag has this built in

File: Bez tytułu.png (100 KB, 860x699)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
I need Ar 15 lwer receiver STL because mine broke and I live in 3rd world.

lets see your physic setups!
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Yeah, I want to know if this workflow works in-engine.
gee, you're still around?
just found that gif of yours and apparently saved it in 2012, how time flies
bruh its dark souls
Thanks, anon.

how hard would it be to model this with appendages sticking out? and which software would you use. request if possible someone can make it and upload to thingiverse as stl. i would print giant scale
a thread fucking died for your useless shit


File: 12371.png (605 KB, 1400x400)
605 KB
605 KB PNG
Okay so... it seems like all the places I would ask this have been shutdown because of some douchebag.

I hoping that someone here could help me figure out how to extract models from a mod for skyrim called Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants.

I only wish to make some edits to some of the meshes but, I can't for the life of me figure out how to got about it. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
you are so lucky and got a constructive answer on 4chan dude instead of KYS or go to /v
1 question, 1 answer. Did this really need it's own thread?
You are the fucking most stupid useless person I have ever seen. I hope you see this message so you can know how worthless you are. I doubt you can because of how stupid you are though.
There are so many better fucking places to ask this.
>/tesg/ on /vg/
>the questions thread
I mean fuck how stupid are you? Just fucking Google how to extract models from bsa or whatever and you'll find a source thousands of people have done it before for fucks sake.

I don't even know what you think you can do with the models I mean you can't even use basic critical thinking how can you actually think you'll be competent enough to achieve any goal that requires any basic skills or reasoning?

Fuck. You.
God I fucking HATE nif. Worst experience possible

File: 1555281435921.jpg (16 KB, 428x424)
16 KB
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I'd rather she keep it to herself.
File: 1505420784398.png (73 KB, 482x594)
73 KB
I was going to make a hyperbole joke, but anon, I'll answer truthfully. I would like to at least put out a very very small game. Even if it's just browser. So I see that small goal coming to fruition within 10 years at least. I just enjoy my /3/ hobby like /k/ or /o/ enjoys theirs.
>I'll be 35 in ten years
Honestly, I want kids more than anything, not sure if my 3DCG can play a part in that though.
Great idea anon! Bet I can do it first xDD
You can make it in 48 hours if you focus. Only thing holding you back is trying to do everything with your first game. The idea is to actually finish one, then finish another one.
File: Boom.jpg (51 KB, 633x640)
51 KB

This was me 10 years ago. I never made it lol.

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