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File: Shells 3.png (672 KB, 1024x1024)
672 KB
672 KB PNG
What is the best way to make fur shells in Blender? I can't seem the find any tutorials or information on this. Everything I turn up involves baking everything from the fur mesh to a single texture and mesh, nothing really covering shells.

Pic related is my attempt at baking a hair particle system converted to a mesh then baked to 5 textured shells only baking the direct diffuse light. So far after messing with the bakers in blender such as AO and Normal, this seems to yield the best results, but I am sure better can be done.
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Okay first off, why? second, what's the intent of this?
...and the FPS is effectively halved on a mid-range gamer card. No, thanks
Fucking this.

What about games on phones with fuzzy characters or objects? Then what genius?
>What about games on phones with fuzzy characters or objects? Then what genius?

Then you stop being a faggot and go google breakdowns from fucking 2004. I believe there is one from Shadow of the Colossus.
The shell method is way older. So much older that I wrote an article for a magazine in the 90s about it.

File: 3d-Blender-1.jpg (84 KB, 850x1020)
84 KB
Hey /3/
Any advice on how to get started as a noobie in Blender? I tried watching tutorials but my eyes started bleeding. Tips and references would be nice. Thanks!
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File/Recover Autosave
eh, too late anyways
Not necesseraly. It keeps the files for a while.
at any rate im getting a much more interesting result now
File: 1522029307296.png (1.06 MB, 1920x1160)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
still not sure how im gonna attach the shell pieces to the body via limbs tho

/ic/ here, I'm slowly mastering the trad art, at what point should I advance into blender and 3dsmax (know some basics, but still grinding hands and faces and perspective daily and it keeps me busy)? And what should I consider if I want to do /3/ stuff for living? I'm 25, no time for failures or changes of mind, anymore.

Are video games and TV (quite common in here) the only jobs that make use of 3d stuff?

Is 3D printing (modeling in CADs) an employable skill outside of niche marketing companies?
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>I make extra money selling my renders on posters, shirts, and all sorts of stuff.
Not OP, but I'm interested in this. What sites would you recommend? I heard of Redbubble, but this is a space I really know nothing about.
3d printing is a rough business. You can practice on FDM machines that run like, 300 bucks in your garage and get some experience with the software side of things in NURBS modelers, but its all hot garbage. The people who are really good at this are making art/culture/sculpted adnois won't touch FDM. Those designs are extremely hi-poly meshes and fragile with too much detail to print. Requiring SLA (or even stacked powder printing) just to exist. And guess what- that's where the money is. That's the whole point of 3d printing, no one wants shitty home depot DIY plastic cases. So on top of this crazy high poly modelling that's super fragile, you gotta learn about injection molding (because your print is just a master copy that will be mass produced without a 3d printer). There is kind of a similarity between 3d printing and those anime resin figurine kits from the 90s. Artist makes the master model, breaks it into castable pieces, and uses vacuum tank with silicon to make the mold, then shoots hot epoxy into it a million times. But in your case, you will probably be running a bank of form 2 printers or if your lucky an HP inkjet that comes out perfectly after you model it and all you gotta do is mail it to the people casting it.
If you actually like blocky CAD nurbs 3d modeling, you should get into solidworks and CNC fabrication. They use tiny drills to actually make a steel mold of your blocky thing with gcode and pathing and kerf and all that horseshit I hate dealing with.
>zbrush is the best and only way to make hi poly SLA/powder 3d printed models. Blender is what you bring your model in for rendering it can't create this kinda stuff.
I use Redbubble and Threadless.
If I gotta be honest, Threadless is a little better in terms of margins, but Redbubble is decent just because of the variety of shit to put it on, and it's just a "set it and forget it" kind of thing.
I've tried to get into Patreon for a bit more consistent income, but I can't really figure out what to really give out on there.
I also want to try my hand at printing out some of my work and selling it locally at art fairs and the like, but I haven't gotten around to it, and haven't really found a place that prints cheap enough.
Wow, really cool that I got these answers I expected /3/ to be much slower.

>If you've got a good enough grasp on form, lighting and volume I'd say jump in. I would keep doing traditional art as well though, as it's a different mindset to 3d and might help you later on.
>the job part
Sooo, is it sort of like... the freelancer thing for /ic/? I'm OK with it as I'm only mildly sociable and I fear corporations, but isn't it difficult to find commissions? At least, right now I'd have no clue where to look. I'm EU, btw.

Sounds like a huge upfront investment, doesn't it? Is it mostly for industrial customers or do people who want these models/molds are also smaller businesses?
>Sooo, is it sort of like... the freelancer thing for /ic/? I'm OK with it as I'm only mildly sociable and I fear corporations, but isn't it difficult to find commissions? At least, right now I'd have no clue where to look. I'm EU, btw.
Dunno about the /ic/ freelancer thing.
But all I can say is do your best to build a following. Commissions will come with that, though it helps to remind people from time to time that you're available. A good way to get a quick boost of followers is like I said, follow trends. Do artwork tied to popular franchises like Nintendo games or popular anime. You'll build a following rather quickly as they're generally high profile and have a wide audience. Then as you feel comfortable with your work using popular stuff, gradually shift focus to what you really enjoy doing. Obviously you'd have some bits of that in your work beforehand so the transition is smoother. So for example if you like doing environments, maybe recreate areas from games or something, then later do original environments.

In any case, it's good to be aware of what you can and can't do. Don't take a commission if you don't think you can do it justice. It's also important to always stay professional, conduct yourself like a business, not a high-schooler.

File: 46554.png (523 KB, 1092x942)
523 KB
523 KB PNG
The cost/effectiveness ratio in the field of 3D is worse than in any other design branch.

The amount of time need to be put in to even learn even the slightest of basics is not comparable with any form of visual design.
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the standard is very high because the demand is low.
if you work as a truck driver, the barrier for entry will be lowered because the demand is very high
based dream chasers
cringe job hunter
File: tesla.png (541 KB, 1030x578)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
I give em 5 years left.
This is why I moved away from CG and video production after 25+ years. I'm now a nude (fine art) photographer.
People were saying that shit five years ago. Now self driving cars only seem further away.

File: BLAKPANT.png (2.25 MB, 1000x1486)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB PNG
Easily deserved! I admired the final battle! Next up... Best Picture!

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>How do these people even get hired.

they know people with huge amount of money, they deliver asked shit in time and they dont talk about how they did it.
That woman in Dishonored wasn't reduced at all to being black nor was it a noticeable personality trait. Bad example.
the shareholders should step in at this point.
I don't think that is true https://twitter.com/Ekanaut?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
idk maybe the one on the bottom right corner you dumb retard?

File: scenecity.jpg (271 KB, 1920x948)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
Does anyone have a (torrent) link for a SceneCity download?

Ive been trying to model a city for 4 days now and it just looks absolute shit. The addon is way too expensive right now.
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Why does a free software have paid plugins? That's not what comrade Roosendaal wanted.
The GPL license allows it, smartass.
Only the building assets are non-GPL. You can redistribute the plugin code itself.
I suppose you can use this in Blender too and add you own things, are just .obj

So soulless.

File: Arashio for mmd.png (161 KB, 730x410)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
This, please
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Can you share yours?
One detail, I delete (or not download... I'm not sure, because I'm not attracted for) Asagumo and Yamagumo, but Minegumo not are modeled(or I not found)
>>667388 This contains the original files in japanese, I forget to mention that.

I'm doing the cover for an album, need to do the 3d design for a creature and then some graphic design (probably illustration) on top.
How much should I charge my client considering this is the first commissionI take?
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their daughter's virginity
>You may end up broke,but you'll be knee deep in promised organs.

have you tried making the tongue longer and thicker? i feel like it'd look cool

here's a fun Twitter follow https://twitter.com/forexposure_txt
File: mad.png (341 KB, 620x407)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
thanks, I needed my daily dose of righteous rage
Depends on few things.
What country are they from, what country are you from, and how much time will it take vs how much it should take you.
If you are both from some shithole like India charge your local average pay +50-100%
If they are from a rich country charge their own rates.
If you are from Canada and they from Nigeria they probably cant afford you

But assuming your live in first world you should charge 150-300$ a day
As for how much it takes, i could make a polished model with no real rig or retopo, just auto shit or zbrush composite in 2 days and maybe another 2 for variations, if you take more than 5 work days you are taking too long and you need more experience

Why would anyone think it was a good idea? The whole advantage of non-live-action is that your characters are built from the ground up, they can look exactly like their creator envisioned. They aren't just another actor playing a different role, but the character at its purest.
But, yeah fuck that, let's constrain ourselves by reusing the same character models.
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Well I actually like it. Now, characters in capcom games don't look like shonen characters anymore.
File: Untitled.png (394 KB, 532x700)
394 KB
394 KB PNG
>Because you're forgetting the appeal of actors.
So, how come 3D hentais made by the same studios do not do it? Even in 2D ero-animes, it's very rare (the only example I know, being the pic related).
Daz: Origins.
All anime characters look the same. Your point is moot.
They did it on a level/scale and with technical proficiency that was unheard of at the time. Pushing the envelope.

All while Poser/DAZlets 20 years later push absolutely nothing.

Is cartoon porn parodies a lucrative industry? I think I’ve got some pretty good ideas. I’ve been doing a lot of tutorials from this guy called
Blender guru and I’m ready to take the next step in my career
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Nah, it's possible. You show the cash first, take her out to cool places and events, and only then reveal how you make that money. If you are lucky, she'll even find it naughty in a good way, and that's when you know you got it.
Make sure you show her OPs pic, ideally at the restaurant the instant the food's arrived.
sure if you get into patreon
you can even grab a free marge simpson off of that one acee site and start cranking out more mediocre simpsons porn
I wouldn't say in porn parodies, no. I'd say original, weird porn in a unique cartoon kind of style would work out.
I've been trying to do just that for awhile. I have characters, just not so great at the actual animation part.

File: DabIaHgV4AEJO5L.jpg (43 KB, 1098x699)
43 KB
where do i go for quality anime modeling
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File: okcool.jpg (131 KB, 963x745)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
not anon you replied to but the picture you sent still looks good. Same with pic related
I can't imagine having taste this bad
Ask your dad, he'll be able to show you.
Different situation. Western toons actually make sense.
learn to draw first, its more easier.

File: 1522635962611.jpg (44 KB, 564x564)
44 KB
I want to start modelling and UVing in 2.8. /r/ a list of the required addons to make this doable, and if paid, where to find the free versions.
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Export the mesh, import it in the latest version working with Retopoflow, and do the work there.
thats like 86 dollars
It's free on GitHub.
Just like retopo it? What do you need an addon for?
is there a way to have the orientation follow my selection like in previous versions instead of being locked to my cursor?

Sorry for this generacy.

But. im a failed comic artist. Or rather one in training. I wanted to make a hentai with a story. I uploaded pages online, but i just never got any views cause im pretty bad at drawing. ive been tossing and turning in my bed, thinking about future. And i come to conclusion; drawing doesnt feel rewarding at all.

im thinking about what i want from art. And
i want to capture that feeling of being 14 again and watching hentai at 3 am on a school night- the greatest feeling in world.

so. i was thinking. Maybe i should try to do some episodic porn series, with 3d animation. But. i have no idea what i would be getting myself into. And how many months of work i would be looking forward to; creating my 5 min episode 1 of porn series

So /3/. I ask.
Should i do it. Should i try to make my hentai series with 3d modeling and give up drawing? Or not. I will say, it will be weird doing animation, since i am a manga purist (except for fapping)
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have you ever seen anyone on /3/ doing respectable 3D manga characters ? Wrong place dude. Your answer is in another internet place.
All of these responses are good and valid I just wanted to highlight that in the OP you mentioned that it might take months to get good animations. A more realistic timeframe for good animations is about 3 to 5 years. Only commit if you are truly committed to 3D.
You can get good enough to be a full time porn animator in 1-2 years.
Any examples? dated work from beginning to current?
just keep going, work on your fundamentals, grind anatomy and perspective, and maybe later you can jump to 3D.

you suck because you haven't put the effort into learning your fundamentals.

Also, art is a long life plan, you don't simply stick to art for a couple months and get gud and that's it.

Learn to enjoy the journey and maybe five years from now you could become whatever you dream about.

read loomis for motivation.

File: kat worker cute.jpg (79 KB, 709x1024)
79 KB
Someone finally ripped models from the game
Is anyway gonna do anything with them, if it is even possible?
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So my gut feeling is, if he is doing that, he most likely has a hacked PS4 that can dump games in an unencrypted format and run games encrypted or unencrypted. Getting a hacked PS4 sounds like a pain in the ass at the moment. Honestly, all I care about is being able to root through and poke the game data. I could care less about making mods outside of patching stuff locked behind forever downed servers. Poking the data comes first.
They just switch between them for different expressions.
So are there no bones in these? I read that blender can't load them on OBJs.
Nevermind. His other tweets say they don't.
I hope to see these being useful and available in places like SFM lab or Models Resource.

File: redpaintedmetal.png (1.11 MB, 1024x1024)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
I have no idea if this is useful to anyone but here,100 premium 4k materials for blender for free


Also free resources thread (not only Blender)
74 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
>for blender
>retards think materials are specific to the software


Also, these links should be added to the sticky or something if they haven't
>85 hdris @ 10k x 5k

>2 studio hdris + hdri lights + maya llookdev scenes + lookdev props

>shaderball lookdev set up for maya

>maya lookdev kit

>14,174 3d scans

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Pastebin updated with these. Thanks.

>tfw /3/ has no board mods
This is too far down the page again. Bumping for posterity.


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