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This is a strong satire on consumer culture, capitalism and the struggles of lower middle class.
stonetoss is just redpanels under a different name
So Stonetoss is a crypto-socialist?

File: 1558076166041.png (1.15 MB, 1024x898)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Friendly reminder to all trans """"people"""" that your self image and identity is a product of escapism and mental illness and your physical features are more akin to the likes of a goblin than whatever anime character you've deluded yourself into believing you look like. You will never be a real women, nor resemble one. Join the 40% today and kill yourselves. :)
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Aren't you the same faggot that keeps spamming /k/ because you're upset they allow anime there?
How did you know????
Blessed thread. May Allah strike down these degenerates
thread is encouraging suicide and has been up for over 24 hours.

threads like this are exactly why we will have more internet regulation in the future. some site owners and their moderators are simply not responsible enough.
gonna get my bf one of these collars

File: 1534002169351.jpg (27 KB, 270x400)
27 KB
When will 4chan be fully compatible with IPv6? Also
What even is this board? The last seven pages of threads are all the same.

File: 1549678505220.png (1018 KB, 883x797)
1018 KB
1018 KB PNG
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File: 1550494858867.jpg (72 KB, 425x640)
72 KB
Three Hail Marys and a glass of wine my child, all will be right in His Eyes.
The only reason I'm posting the Skull comic here is because I already tried and failed on /co/ since no one cared.

Not sure if that's really a sin, but better safe than sorry.
File: 1550133262668.jpg (47 KB, 564x428)
47 KB
/co/ sucks; if it isn't capeshit or bait, there's a 90% chance it'll get deleted by janny of fall off of the board.
Honestly this is why almost no one has given you a hard time here about your comic dumps.
They're not my thing, but I wish you the best.
File: nanoda hearts this.jpg (36 KB, 636x572)
36 KB
Thank you, father.
File: 1551501253098.jpg (65 KB, 960x641)
65 KB
Just kidding, leave your garage door open a few inches and all will be well with The Lord.

File: 1560751830689.jpg (146 KB, 979x891)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
Who is a Lauraposter?
An automated spambot.
Never been banned or warned for reporting that bullshit, """she's""" getting ban evasion bans on /g/ and /int/ now.
A sage-bomber of the absolute lowest quality; the main intention is to give the twokinds general on /trash/ a hard time.
I don't even like twokinds, the comic is stupid IMO, but the point is the resident shitposter was banned from /trash/ in June of 2019 and decided to spam primarily /int/ and /b/ with this bullshit.
Literally every mod has seen a report for this and won't give you a ban for reporting it.
Worst part is """she""" uses proxies and/or is multiple anons.
Your link misses the spamming on /b/!
I'm a furfag myself, but this is ridiculous.

Also, lmao, stop shitposting on /tv/ you're giving Maine a bad rap. (this comment is to whoever caught a short ban for being stupid)

File: nyan-pepe.png (80 KB, 595x447)
80 KB
hit or miss, i bet they never miss, ha?

File: 4703.jpg (19 KB, 256x300)
19 KB
I'm gonna do it, guys. I'm gonna make my own 4chan clone and bring back the good old days again. I can't take the current state of things anymore. I want to go back to 10 years ago when browsing was fun, posting was fun, and not every thread was filled with idiots 24/7. If the mods aren't gonna fix the mess they made, then I'll do it myself. Mark my words, I'll find a way!
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Fuck off, weeab.
The very fact you made this thread tells us you're a post 2016 migrant.
Email me with your ideas.
I have (free) customisable image board source code that's easy to use (has a GUI) I can link you to if you're serious.
The hosting charges may kill your idea though.
no u
File: 1564885691783.jpg (113 KB, 773x930)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Every spinoff sucks, will suck, or has sucked, and /qa/ sucks too.
File: 1549026142700.png (284 KB, 851x477)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Everything sucks.

File: 9UKKu.png (208 KB, 638x548)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
ban wojak and frogs
If we can ban anime role play too, that would work for me.

File: 1568777093142.jpg (57 KB, 388x499)
57 KB
Previous: >>2953479
>what is the point of this thread?
The point of /i4cg/ is to direct ideas of this site here. Please consider adding a image to showcase your idea if needed.
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Reinstate /l/
What board was that?
I see. Good thing it's gone. That shit is wack.
What the hell, there was a Loki board?

File: Pepe Joker.jpg (41 KB, 474x474)
41 KB
ITT: Times you acted like the Joker

File: 1568804394583.jpg (47 KB, 445x488)
47 KB
The internet was a mistake. It does nothing but make you stupid
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File: 1555819374472.jpg (64 KB, 920x539)
64 KB
Being stupid gives me knowledge.
just proving the point
hm, it does? i feel smarter though

the internet is what yhou make it
baby, life's what you make it
can't escape it

File: 1567920018605.png (185 KB, 500x705)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
Why is this board hidden?
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This thread will probably reach the seven-day autosage.
I tried..
File: Got to see this.jpg (83 KB, 714x558)
83 KB
>Mods can delete it now
Oh no, that's not happening. This thread is going to last till it no longer can be bumped.

You shall be remembered. Well, you'll be forgotten in a week, but till then....
Why would I care on an anonymous website anyway? lol
Whatever you say, Charles.

File: 1568161843923.jpg (105 KB, 640x480)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
I just want to say thank you to the mods putting effort in deleting this resent serge of coomer wojak posting, i notice they've been getting deleted.
Why are they calling it coom now?
the more stupid it sounds the more annoying it is.

same thing with "23 year old boomer"

File: Nichiyo.jpg (91 KB, 500x414)
91 KB
>large boards have had their imagelimit bumped from 250 to 300 in the last months
Should the smaller imagedump boards see an increase from 150 to 200 as well?
Or did hirohito avoid doing that on purpose so that they wouldn't become even slower?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Because then old content isnt drowned out faster.
But it is still the same amount of posts per minute.
If a general normally dies after reaching image limit, then increasing that limit means creating new generals waits about 50 more image posts.
This makes the whole board slower.
but there's still the same number of posts, just fewer threads re-created
>just fewer threads re-created
Therefore slower board, all other variables ignored of-course.

The last thread is on page 11, this should push it into the archive, so that's close enough. LET"S GO!

The plan is to post one chapter tonight, one tomorrow night, and one more sometime Sunday if there's room.

Last thread: >>2958853 (Chapters 7-9)
43 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
And that's it for this chapter.
I'll be back tomorrow night to post more.

It's a little late to bring this up, but does anyone have some questions about this? I can answer a few things like how long this ride is going to be and some other things, or is it better for that all to just be a mystery?

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