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File: moot linkdin.png (737 KB, 819x3510)
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How do I get a job?
depends where you live
but as general rule connections and a way to smooth talk hr are the best

I worked for a Japanese bank once on a temporary contract. They had a pretty good staff canteen that had a mix of Japanese and western food. Stuff I had never seen before like ‘ice noodles’ which was basically the usual noodle bowl thing they do but with ice cubes added. Quite interesting.

Anyway, my second or so day there, I decide to try the Japanese section and get a bunch of stuff on a tray I can’t remember but that included a bowl of rice. I go back to the table, sitting with some of the other guys including a couple of Japanese in the team. Really looking forward to it all. On the table there’s all kinds of condiments like onions, vinegar and what have you. So, I set myself up, looking forward to using my chopsticks properly and secretly hoping this will impress them. And I grab the onions and start adding it to the rice...

And the whole table goes dead quiet. The stern looking Japanese guy at the next table gives me the dirtiest, most withering look. So, I’m like oh shit mid pouring, holding the bottle looking around. And one of the other western guys at the table says to me “it’s very rude in Japan to pour anything on to the rice, you just leave it as is or it’s basically an insult”. So, of course, being British, I fall all over myself apologising and headed back for another bowl taking the tainted, poisoned one back to the counter with endless grovelling nods of my head as the woman behind it gives me another. Return to the table with my Contrition Bowl and all the Japanese then side-eye me one more time before returning to their lunches. Now, if I ever want to put onions or chilli on my rice, I make sure there are no Japanese in the vicinity.

So yeah, they take their rice pretty seriously, that’s for sure.
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A high carb diet is why so many nips have fucked up teeth.
how do you eat it then? are you supposed to put the rice in the whatever?
>not being a Chad and locking eye contact with each and every one while adding every condiment to your nip food
File: 1254439684321.jpg (105 KB, 900x652)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
I would have just kept eating it, and if the little jap fucker wanted to settle things outside than I would have been more than happy to oblige, if I want to add any kind of condiment to my rice than I'm going to do it, don't care if tojo and yuki give me dirty looks, what are they gonna do? take the rice away from me? yeah right, ill break their fucking hands before they even had the chance to touch a single grain of rice, you don't mess with a man's food, period! I'm 6'5 and 320 lbs, I could destroy tokyo in 24 hours if I wanted too, and yes, I'm petty enough to destroy an entire city over a few dirty looks.
The "rules" kinda make sense if you think about it. Dipping the rice in the onions just makes a mess, and if you put a lot of onions on the fish then you can't really taste the fish because the onions dominates the flavor so much. They're big on "tasting the natural flavor of the ingredient" so this also logically follows.

I personally haven't heard the "treat it respectfully" story (that was another poster) but it makes sense. I suppose it's a little like the "you better clean your plate so you don't waste food" that a lot of westerns are taught as kids. My main point was that rice in Asia is usually a lot tastier than it is in the west because thats a major part of their cuisine. You expect different countries to do different things well. I expect great rice and lousy cheese in Asia, and I expect the opposite in Europe. The US used to have a very serious rice industry many years ago. The Carolina Gold I mentioned earlier was highly prized even in Asia, and was a huge cash crop for the US south. But, it was labor-intensive to grow, so with the end of slavery it became more economical to grow other varieties which required less work but didn't taste anywhere near as good. Sadly. that same story has affected an awful lot of US produce: flavor has been traded away for production efficency.

Can someone explain this more simply? I understand the concept but I don’t understand what makes the cat alive and dead at the same time until viewed and confirmed either, basically what’s the significance of this?
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I'm like... doesn't the cat count as an observer? From the dead cat's perspective, I am always either opening the box it is dying in or am not...?
This one time I heard it’s purpose was to show how ridiculous quantum physics are. Somebody probably said it here already, but TL;DR.
The whole "observer" thing always confused me as well.
Surely you and I are observers, maybe the cat too, but not an oak leaf, right?!
What about a spider or an earthworm...
i dont think 'observer' means 'conscious mind'.
its more like...the particles examined are so infinitesimal than even the photon of light needed to 'view' the subject exerts a disruptive influence on it.
>I can’t understand it, therefore it’s stupid

File: sw3mjny68yj21.jpg (186 KB, 498x3156)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
To be quiet honest, I would love for Rage comics to make a comeback on 4chan after the endless wojaks & pepe garbage that comes out nowadays. Keep up the good work, rage comic-fag.
File: anMAKNE_700b.jpg (163 KB, 654x1441)
163 KB
163 KB JPG

File: 1568386947688.jpg (9 KB, 225x225)
9 KB
Why is this shithole of a site so fucking addictive ?
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>then they get screencapped, picked apart by normalfags, and are no longer funny
This is the contrarion attitude that>>2955860 referred to.
Fuck you, idiots arguing just for the sake of arguing is one of the reasons why 4chan is shit.
>idiots arguing just for the sake of arguing
Moderation seems to love it.
Fuck the moderation too
I agree with you, but not in your words. They are a part of this mess and why it has been going on for so long, whether they admit it or not. They are supposed to pull the plug on the nonsense that causes and invites messes, and they don't and can't for many reasons.

File: 1437890498506.jpg (438 KB, 618x892)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
All my watched threads are grey.
I haven't found a new one in days.
There's nothing to look forwards to.
I feel my time is coming to an end.
File: 1373128079142.jpg (111 KB, 971x1247)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
There's nothing wrong with moving on after realizing the things that used to bring you joy aren't doing that anymore

Been getting this shit every once in a while for three months now. How long do these things last?
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indefinitely apparently.
let me guess, college dorm?
>stop posting things I dislike and it won't happen

They last forever.

Only way to make it go away is to get everyone's attention and speak about it until chinkmoot becomes paranoid and removes it to make everyone less angry at him.

Until you buy the Pass, goy.
>They last forever.
On /trash/ it's usually only a 5-7 day rangeban, liar.

File: hideri6.jpg (188 KB, 906x1280)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Friendly reminder that gender is a social construct!
the only trap I want to fuck
File: 1568625789520.jpg (151 KB, 900x1256)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
get out of /qa/

Will you remove this sick fuck's image for fucks sake?!? Seriously I'm going to have to leave now. Turns my stomach. I didn't want to believe what was said but after research is true. Harms all of open source.
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He didn't say that, though. You are a victim of propaganda.
I bet you rely on GNU software every day and probably never used TempleOS for a second.
I’m using TempleOS to make this post right now, you nigger cattle.
File: 1495127865917.png (142 KB, 600x842)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
>open source
>TempleOS has networking
I thought it lacked networking? Am I just wrong about that or did someone fork the project?

File: 1427922296001.jpg (88 KB, 1000x1000)
88 KB
The queen of 4channel
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Fuck off nigger, Yotsuba is the only queen of 4channel.
the cutest
remember that sachikoposter on /v/ who spammed cp? i do

File: 56796780.jpg (42 KB, 600x600)
42 KB
mods should have serial numbers so we can report them if they're shitting up a board
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And it would be just as effective as asking for a cop's.
Is there anything you can do if your IP is blocked from being able to report because of a mod/janny doing their thing? Does it expire?
I know one of them purposely shits up a lot of threads and I'm not really sure where to bring this up
File: Moderation abuse.png (103 KB, 1358x579)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
The mods will rangban you from reporting if you report actual rule violations often enough, because they're lazy and have poor judgment and a false perception of the rules, especially if you report their precious softcore porn and ERP. I was report range banned a while back for reporting a pedobait off-topic thread on /v/. The ban won't go away because moderation is corrupt as can be. Do not respect these people, because they do not deserve it.
Anon, we've told you countless times that reporting that thread was definitely stupid on your part.

File: Abu_Ghraib_cell_block.jpg (123 KB, 485x360)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
Some bastards were spamming CP again in /pol/. I didn't click it, cleared my cache and reported it to the FBI. Is there anything else I need to do to keep the cops from kicking my door down?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
hunting someone down for seeing some images on /pol/ would be a colossal waste of resources
I’d bet even the spammer wouldn’t be high on their priorities
make a thread on /qa/ stating that you didn't click the CP that was posted on /pol/ and that you reported it to the FBI to show the police that you're innocent in court.
good idea
delete your reddit account
slit ur throat nigger

File: pls.jpg (57 KB, 482x549)
57 KB
t. all of /vg/
I think one of the secondary purposes of /vg/ is to contain all the autists who keep making multiple /gacha/ threads
There is one. It's called /vg/
How many?

File: 8089408a.png (82 KB, 259x250)
82 KB
Why does /int/ have to abide russian censorship? It's pretty weird because this is not a russian website.
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That's obvious. Why is he allowed to do that?
there are no rules for mods, they can do what they want.
Admin doesn't care?
You really think Hiro would give a single solitary fuck about anything regarding this website other than making money?

How to get gf

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