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What exactly constitutes as avatar/signature use besides just constantly using a particular character every post? Does the way someone specifically makes filenames count?
doubt that would count. The rule is not necessarily to stop one from identifying themselves, they can do that with the name field anyway. Its to prevent annoying spam. Posting a similar character as if its you with all your replies is annoying, its why /mlp/ was kicked off the rest of the site. They cant control themselves.
Also adding some faggotry name and qoute at the bottom of your posts like an early 2000s forum is retarded. What you described would slip past 99% of posters, so I cant imagine it would be in violation of the heart of that rule.
I'm just always seeing this guy every time he posts an image, things like
[ange 1837501.jpg] [havel 000e230SD145lk.png]
[dreamer 225612_p0.png] [ouroborous CFYFs0QUEAIW_o7.jpg]
and I could just always tell it's him. But if that's something that just slips past almost everyone then I guess I can't do anything about that
Could be using 4chanx to rename file uploads via some odd rule. Really dont think thats against the rules
Thanks for the clarification then.

File: Longcat.jpg (70 KB, 331x598)
70 KB
Longcat is dead.
Long live Longcat.
File: 1134874905226.jpg (56 KB, 559x594)
56 KB
Did Longcat finally fucking die?

That's the longest I ever heard a cat living. But maybe it isn't weird for a Japanese cat. Superior genetics.
The fuck is a longcat? New Twitter meme?
This cat was born in 2002, right? That's the same year I was born in. It's crazy to think that we could be the same age.
It's sad that the thread on /a/ is mostly just lefty/pol/ bitching.
/v/ thread was alright before mods deleted it like a bunch of fags

File: 1600017101022.jpg (36 KB, 266x280)
36 KB
Do any of these queerdos even watch sports?

File: 1600534753485[1].webm (1.82 MB, 1280x720)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB WEBM
Is doing this soi?
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Something about an event held at a library in support of housing reform(?) and mental illness. It was in Canada.
Right in the nuts..
It's undoubtedly based
>The man doesnt give chase.
What a fucking coward

File: retroshit.jpg (128 KB, 1253x541)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
What the fuck happened to /vr/?
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just make /v2k/ already so I don't have to listen to these autists complain about PlayStation 2
When are we getting XBOX 360 in November it is 15 years old.
>It's unrecognizable. Like /v/2.0 now.
He's right about Sunshine. The game sucks ass.
I'm referring to the quality of the posts, not the number of them.

File: 1600538970186.png (355 KB, 492x571)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
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I kneel
le italian blue-collar worker

File: 1557054995019.jpg (152 KB, 820x820)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
This is the last official Q drop
Theyve found me and Ill be dead soon.

The riddle for middle is biddle his tiddle
All of her crimes will be solved with the rhyme
Is he god? Is he just flawless? Can we be mod? Or should be maw this?
Find the truth, find the key and all the mystery will lead back to me!

- Q

Timestamp as proof (9/20/2020)
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File: 1600355314101.png (210 KB, 600x800)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
>This is the last official Q drop
>Theyve found me and Ill be dead soon.
>The riddle for middle is biddle his tiddle
>All of her crimes will be solved with the rhyme
>Is he god? Is he just flawless? Can we be mod? Or should be maw this?
>Find the truth, find the key and all the mystery will lead back to me!
>- Q
>Timestamp as proof (9/20/2020)
Is this real though? This could be history. Biden might be in jail tomorrow?
It’s timestamped, how could it be fake?
Oh my fucking God.
You are probably the most advanced autist that I have ever encountered on the internet. After my 4chan abstinence which was lasted for almost a year, you are still posting those quotes. Don't even know what's the real meaning of that but anyway you have actually earned respect muh fellow autist.

File: physical_blog-1.jpg (22 KB, 1200x638)
22 KB
Why is /mlp/ like this? Almost none of the threads are alive naturally.

File: pass.png (9 KB, 390x383)
9 KB
How the fuck do I pay with bitcoin?
print the bitcoin out and mail it to Hiro
you're supposed to click the terms of service retard

File: er.png (15 KB, 481x286)
15 KB
Did you know 30% of 4chan is female?
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Trannies aren't female
I identify as 30% female.
why does my filterlist filter these two comments?
I don't get it
>Did you know 30% of 4chan is female (male)
They're mostly on /cgl/ and /soc/ and the gay boards I guess

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Not defending the tranny (trannies dont exist)
Just stating the obvious fact that if your child is dumb enough to eat tide pods, Tide is not at fault
>Not defending the tranny (trannies dont exist)
kys troon
whats a troon
Rent free
kiwi farms slang for tranny

File: EiS4g5DUYAAd90n.jpg (468 KB, 1800x1250)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
New Ben Garrison.
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you need the difference between production and consumption. Green energy doesnt become reduced to zero (except for solar). Even if one wind farm is slow others will be working. Wave and tidal will always produce, offshore wind mostly too. Hydro too (doubt new hyrdo is being produced its at capacity in most of the world). Eventually once enough has been built there will be an OVER capacity, and there will be no point during the day when they are needed but will still be used for spot generation.
Why does Death have those spikes sticking out the front of his shoes? Does he go around disemboweling people like some kind of goth cassowary?
ignoring the other points made, there are many types of batteries. One is pumping water up a hill during the day when there is a surplus of power, and then at night having it drive turbines. Its called pumped-storage hydroelectricity.
File: file.png (449 KB, 940x529)
449 KB
449 KB PNG
You need difference between worst case scenario production vs worst case scenario consumption
It is not doable and what you describe is still what, like 30% of output in terms of batteries?
yea you'd need to covered every single hill in europe for that to be feasible
hello from diy my brother

File: 1588354610562.gif (263 KB, 800x800)
263 KB
263 KB GIF
Over the past three or five days, a troll >>22622367 has consistently hijacked and injected drama into /smg/ stock market general posts on /biz/. They are clearly new to the board. The first post I remember seeing them post was about how they masturbated to 'real snuff pornography', I was sickened by this person and didn't expect them to begin mass trolling and hijacking threads. This is based on conjecture based on their posting style -- there has been one moron posting with >_> and @_@ etc idiocy for the past few weeks and that post matches this posting style

Over the course of several days they have brigaded /smg/ and ruined it. They frequently inject the opening post and replace genuinely informational and helpful pastebins intended to assist new traders with risk management with links to dragon dildos and other nonsense. They now have a group of friends that report all new /smg/ threads, except for the one made by this one partisan troll. Every other thread that gets forked except for the ones made by this idiot >>22622367 get deleted and the janny bans the other posters.

Something needs to be done about these people derailing /smg/ and injecting leftist politics onto the general. There is one other person that the mods/admins need to address. There is a literal schizo who evades bans that constantly avatar spams Kpop figures. They are known on this website as 'tinnie' and are apparently notorious on other boards. They ban evade more than five times a day and frequently derail conversation in a similar way to the other trolls I've already mentioned
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You're trying to fool people who can see that we are unique users, what's the point? He's back and bragging about evading as of 10 mins ago. What's crazy if he would just evade AND THEN TALK ABOUT STOCKS INSTEAD OF HIS SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE IDENTITY no one would notice or care.
Fuck the kpop faggot. I primarily meant the OP links.
Ok, thanks for clarifying.
We also have to be prepared for fetish spammers too.
Bumperino to keep this holy bread up

>be me yesterday
>meetup with friends
>we share our opinions
>I get called misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, homophobic and transphobic
>chuckle and add “and proud”
>cause them to have a mental breakdown
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lurk moar, you've been sniffed out as a newfag.
What’s your excuse?
find new friends that are like you my dude, they'd rather follow the status quo virtue signaling ideals and then call you asshole for not adhering to their "good" cause like >>3482858.
File: EiEvSwZX0AAva_R.jpg (114 KB, 1125x1080)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
They sound like shitty friends

> piloswine poster now has the moderation team's attention
I knew he was doomed to the same fate as alcremiefag.
Post based
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Same here, and it was a ban that would've lasted like over 100 days. Luckily that was solved in a few minutes
When I use mobile data I always get unrelated "you are banned" messages. One time it was from /cm/, one from /biz/ and one from /v/. The biz one was a guy talking about tranny prostitute feet or whatever
it happens to me when i'm mobile posting from the subwat, each station a different ban lmao
subway I mean
once my mobile data ip got perma banned for posting cp. i fixed it tho and i can use it now

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