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was he supposed to be charming/sexy? hahaha like take you meds grandpa. Who let gramps get the viagra pills again hahaha
Unironically scenes that men would never understand
My ex said she couldn't understand why the casting director gave Bill basic hoes, and Alice an actual good looking guy.

She had Daddy issues up the ass, so idk if that had anything to do.

Also, I read the Picture of Dorian Grey and Troumnovelle.

File: downloads_IMDB_081219.jpg (71 KB, 800x456)
71 KB
This was nothing like the book!

File: clean.jpg (186 KB, 1540x672)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Who would you pick to play him when Disney inevitably brings him back?
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and this moron?
Can't renig the capchas anymore so it doesn't feel right to post without typing nigger
>he's 47 years old
Fuck, I guess he'll perfect for Dredd if that ever gets starting again then.
I honestly didn't realize he was that old
good argument for why he should be cast desu. He looks young

in a religion of wokeness, what would he be?

File: chinatown.png (1.22 MB, 1821x923)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
Post movie scenes that made you walk out the theater.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
couldn't take it seriously after this
File: hqdefault (5).jpg (6 KB, 480x360)
6 KB
File: t2 thumb.jpg (135 KB, 1600x979)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Fuck this fucking piece of shit sequel cash grab.

File: orochimaru.jpg (96 KB, 1150x866)
96 KB
in the live action adaptation of naruto by netflix or lionsgate studios
(no jokes)
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>But the more important question is who will play Might Guy
The guy who played Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
Who would play Kakashi?
John boyega
File: 20190820_232032.jpg (42 KB, 374x264)
42 KB
2 weeks in photoshop. 82 layers.
Marylin Manson

File: m-night-shyamalan.jpg (13 KB, 480x241)
13 KB
M. Night Shyamalan is one of the most underrated directors of this generation, he made three minor films, four classics of cinema in a row, three flops also in a row and successfully made a comeback with his own franchise avoiding anything related to Disney.
What are his best movies?
Sixth Sense, The Village and Signs
Glass,Wide Awake, Praying With Anger, Wayward Pines Pilot.
Bruce Willis was dead all along

Anyone see The Farewell? What were your thoughts?
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I loved it. Thought it'd be more of a western film, but felt very eastern in its storytelling. Cried, or at least teared up, a couple times but mostly cause of personal biased (not chinese but related to a couple things here and there). All in all, rather surprised after leaving the theater. Definitely recommending it to friends if they got the time to go see it.
is that "Aquafina", or do asians just look the same to me?
I heard brad pitt beat all of them up
that is her lmao
i looked it up, and it is Awkwafina. damn she's ugly. she majored in women's studies and admires Margret Cho. I believe she's a spy for the Chinese government sent to undermine western values

File: 8.-Marsellus1.jpg (123 KB, 620x420)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
If Marsellus knew Butch killed Vincent earlier before, do you think he still would've let him go?
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Shut up, nigger.
classic tarantino suspension
File: Band Aid.jpg (52 KB, 660x529)
52 KB
What does it mean?
It's to hide his bar code.
Wouldn't you?

Personally I'd have waited even longer

File: 71P53vTkaDL._RI_.jpg (254 KB, 1200x1600)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Cast the big budget remake
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What's the status of the begging-fans-to-donate-funded-FBI-pursues-John show?
File: schenkmanshit.jpg (108 KB, 475x562)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
The Man from Earth is the ultimate pleb detector.
It's for people who feel "smart" after watching it without realising how fucking atrocious it is.
It's like a bad cheesy B movie from the 90s. The only redeeming factor is the intriguing backstory, literally every other film element is utter dogshit (yes, even the script)

From the mexican telenovela like acting, generic stock soundtrack, no character development, no actual dialogue just a long exposition Q&A throughout, constant boring back to back camerawork, no use of the one room, non existent lighting, a side love story pulled out of the ass, most cliche character traits, literally everything. I had to look up twice that it actually was from 2007, not early 90s.
This shit shouldn't even be a movie, it should be a book or a play. Or given to some other director because Richard Schenkman doesn't even know what a director is.
Just look at any other movie in his profile, everything is a meme (pic related)

And don't tell me they had no budget, 200 000$ is not small budget for this kind of movie. There are far superior movies with half the budget of that.
This movie has no artistic value whatsoever. It is just an excuse to make money from the story.
You will never see a renowned director admire this movie because there is nothing to admire except the concept.

Just try to compare this movie to let's say 12 Angry Men, both set in one room. The difference is almost laughable.
>It's like a bad cheesy B movie from the 90s.
That's why I liked it. I'm also partial to these one-location-only films. I dunno why.

is it not obvious?
something about that 90s and early 2000s made-for-tv feel is so comfy. i watch a lot of them on youtube. i also like the twtilight zone and outer limits that were made around that time

File: OH N-.jpg (7 KB, 219x138)
7 KB
OH N--
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This movie makes me want to smoke cigarettes like no other.

They shot him again in the face off screen.
Went to a class/support group thing before I quit smoking and the instructor talked about people they knew who got messed up from it. If the side effects don't bother you it's supposed to work great though.
Fucking pleb opinion if I ever saw one.

My January Jones is underrated. She is gonna have two new shows on netflix

So skilled
So beautiful
So squee
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File: 1534328078973.jpg (402 KB, 1500x2250)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
and one autistic hottie

She is so cool
good lord
File: nice.gif (936 KB, 255x163)
936 KB
936 KB GIF
File: JJTRuY2.png (939 KB, 587x601)
939 KB
939 KB PNG
shes my waifu
fuck off

Yeah cause you're filming. If that thing was off, I'd be whooping your ass up and down the street.
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File: Tyler durden.jpg (32 KB, 598x449)
32 KB
Wanna fight?
uno farto
nah i'm not gonna do it

File: Douglas - Falling Down.jpg (153 KB, 470x640)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
I think 50 cents is a reasonable price for a can of soda.
Don't you?

Can they just revive him with the dragon balls or something?
It's over bro...
>that actually hand made suite
>back in the days when they cared about production
Spiderman will take the reins
File: lebwahaha.png (164 KB, 500x647)
164 KB
164 KB PNG

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