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What are some cold kinos?
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are you retarded
confirmed coldkino
going to be watching these while I deal with my first winter in the mountains of Idaho
I like vertical limit, the opening scene is kino
File: the-revenant.jpg (85 KB, 1338x798)
85 KB

>flashback to the same scene 40 times

Yeah, fuck this shit

File: attached001.jpg (70 KB, 694x530)
70 KB
Breakfast edition
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File: hail.jpg (163 KB, 946x960)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Athazagoraphobia—the fear or being forgotten or ignored. Many sufferers report feeling “inconsequential or unsubstantial” due to the feelings they undergo when left alone. They often experience deep inner turmoil thinking repeatedly of “simply fading into oblivion.”
Tom Hardy played Shinzon in Nemesis
fake news
literally me
File: buy gun.jpg (54 KB, 753x960)
54 KB
What's life after /trek/ like?

File: 917155_2509141.jpg (76 KB, 900x900)
76 KB
Will it top the Mandalorian?
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>no young and handsome Jedi main character
Having sex with your hand is better than having sex with the kind of people you would have sex with.
Have sex
Yes, have sex, but with someone worthwhile, not the disease ridden roasties whose souls are twisted beyond recognition. The problem with most of the people on here is not that they're not having sex, but where their standards are. It's how they've grinded their morality down to that point where even something rotten would be an improvement.
It's not white males, in reality plenty of women and minorities even come on here.


File: 1574387027.png (314 KB, 599x438)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
So what did he got that made So White think he so hot?
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File: flat,1000x1000,075,f.jpg (84 KB, 904x864)
84 KB
>in english, doc
Literally a line from the cartoon.
>tfw no black gf
It's a government secret
Not sure why this is considered racist. That mama is a qt.

File: download (1).jpg (88 KB, 700x700)
88 KB
>expected kino alternate history about Nazi America
>got bizarre portal shit and "important messages"
I keep seeing the trailer. So what did the Nazis time travel and make it so they won?

File: John_T_color_01.jpg (793 KB, 1944x2592)
793 KB
793 KB JPG
John Travolta is gay is the most discussed in the media in the few years ago. Even it has happened in 1978, but some of the public still curious about what is exactly happening and to be the reason there is a rumor comes out about his gay. At that time he became the massive social networking rumor.

The public, especially his fans are shocked. He just came out with his bad rumor which is spread massively. This time is not about his acting career, but his bad rumor. The rumor is out of standardize of hoax, according the last reported this actor revealed himself as homosexual. Do you still believe or not, this rumor is really much talked by people even in a person of his fans.
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>No Look Whos Talking Too
Seriously, I felt like my IQ lowered to third world standards trying to read that.
He took his wig off and now it's time for the beard.
Kindly do the needful and kill yourself

File: netflix.png (141 KB, 907x612)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
when did netflix become kino?
It all started in 2015 with Beasts of No Nation.

File: school-of-rock-film.jpg (50 KB, 800x450)
50 KB
Any good comedies besides pic related?
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this movie about a rock band starring jack black and a group of kids is the single only time in human history in which humor was successfully created.
>boomer movie back before the meme even existed
This is proto-boomer kino
unironically hilarious
I hope Hollywood leaves this one alone.
You guys..... A hoot n a holler, lemme tell ya!

File: images (30).jpg (29 KB, 640x480)
29 KB
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That pic is like 6 months old and not everyone follows whatever your discord spams.
Probably didn't actually rape or molest anyone and is very open about it?

People can't 'expose' him if he literally just forces scenes of him sucking the toes of A list actors into his movies.

You have to admire his tenacity.
Imagine what’s going through that fag’s head just then, and later the profanity laced call to his agent warning him NEVER book him with mutant retards again or he’s fired.

File: file.png (1.44 MB, 716x909)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
Well, /tv/?
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She has the face of a 50 year old Amish woman
File: the wall.jpg (21 KB, 309x224)
21 KB

Can he be stopped?
They know exactly what they're doing.
If I weren't NEET I'd be bidding up to $500
why a 3 shoes pic?

File: 1.jpg (641 KB, 1080x810)
641 KB
641 KB JPG
The eternal debate.
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post your jaw
how long would tv last trying to survive in an apartment with potatoes and jam?
>another Holocaust thread
do you zoomers ever get tired of this shit?
I used to think this until I actually saw evidence that it actually happened.
>From hiding in a wall to the camp all the way down to the gas chamber > hiding in a wall
1. The Pianist showed that Jews actually resisted
2. Why would you make the same scenes when the other movie has already done it

Why do people say nothing happens in Better Call Saul? There’s literally more simultaneous plotpoints than in Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad followed mostly Walt Jessie, Skylar and occasionally Hank. BCS follows/followed Saul, Chuck, Kim, Nacho, Mike and Hector. Arguably Better Call Saul is just as much a show about Mike if not even more so.
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There was a 4 minute sequence of Hank going to the bathroom in Breaking Bad.
File: 872340.jpg (8 KB, 300x168)
8 KB
>The Fly
I mean The Fly might even be my favourite episode. My point is to disabuse people of the notion that the shows are not about equally paced.
My issue isn't the pacing as much as it's the pacing after the first season. The first season was fucking perfect, even if it was slow, there were 'villains of the week' and things reached a satisfying conclusion in 1 or 3 episodes.

Versus the molasses pace of everything afterwards, where Jimmy can't catch a break, so, everything feels pointless and agonizing until he gets his 1 or 2 wins a season.
>Villains of the week

Who? I just remember that family that went innawoods

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>Does it sparku joi?

Handcrafted objets d’art are more likely to spark joy than mountains of plastic crap.
>that glitch in the matrix at 5s
Old enough for kisses.
Imagine the smell
thats because kondo is 63 years old

File: bird.jpg (43 KB, 720x420)
43 KB
This was a 10 in the '70s.
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based and cunpilled
she was a literal gutter prostitute
most overrated bitch since Eve
File: candyloving.jpg (173 KB, 1166x1600)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Bruh you ever seen a Mexican kid?

File: maxresdefault.jpg (99 KB, 1280x720)
99 KB
This is a child murdering vampire. Say something nice.
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I coomed
She's in Dune right?
this tbvqh senpai
You think doctor sleep was a good movie unironically.
Yeah as the main heroine I think

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