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Why didn’t he like Joker lads?
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Is Jordan Peterson still relevant
The kind of right wing I assume you want get exposed as immoral sociopaths when they are being honest. Richard Spencer has tried to keep the facade of a non-violent and clean cut white nationalist, but it only took a bit of whiskey to reveal himself:

They made him,he used to be so much of a centrist. But the libshits can't be reasoned with.

If you say "it's ok to be white" you're a racist nazi.

They've made being white the church of no redemption,the only way you can be white and on their side is if you agree to literally die while doing everything you can to advance their lunatic cause.
I can disagree with his thoughts on a film and still like him. He's right about IQ, foreign policy, California shit hole, gender differences, single motherhood, and calls out degenerate shit that most conservatives choose to ignore because they have no fucking balls like that faggot Charlie Kirk
You can tell Stefan is jealous of JBP by the passive aggressive way he tweets about him.
>Oh, it's so sad how Dr. Peterson is in rehab for Klonipan addiction. Y'know, when I was undergoing cancer treatment, none of my family members turned to drugs!

How the FUK did this meme manage to last so long? What qualities did it have that allowed it to stand the passage of time?
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holy shit what genius made this
I'm a brainlet so it took me a while to figure out how to watch it
File: 1483722812534.jpg (105 KB, 1920x1080)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
it would have been more realistic if he was a suicide bomber
It's the power of the master plan
This is exactly what a hothead/redditor would say
File: 1496633063673.jpg (339 KB, 646x960)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
im still looking for the pasta that ends with cia surviving and his plane taking evasive action

File: soulless.webm (2.94 MB, 754x424)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
Grown men and women unironically watch and enjoy this. Legal adults pay money to see this. They vote. They influence politics and culture.

And there is nothing you can do about this.
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this. I can like this shit and also like movies with actual substance. Not everything is so black and white. OP is a child.
File: sm.gif (794 KB, 500x271)
794 KB
794 KB GIF
>white power
more like Magical Girl Transformation Power.
Honestly this
Whats the backstory with the dancing ? It was dope but it came out of nowhere. Did his mom bang gothams Frank Sinatra and have him teach lessons? Hes bretty good on the dance floor.

File: bread.webm (1.39 MB, 1000x804)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB WEBM
Why the ghost was so obsessed with Verena though
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Discussing things about her based on interviews that aren't necessarily negative isn't an issue
File: dab2.png (759 KB, 1410x669)
759 KB
759 KB PNG
Jack recovered pretty quickly, though. They were best buds by the end of the stream.
File: 1570851910456.jpg (16 KB, 466x422)
16 KB
Not even close
You're making up shit without a shred of evidence, you should try using Twitter for your fanfic because those well adjusted infividuals will enjoy it
Yeah really, different anon btw.

Do you watch My 600lbs life?
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Gross. I "fucked" an obese chick once. She gave incredible head but I couldn't keep it up once her clothes came off. Pretended to cum early and asked her to leave because "I like to sleep alone". Never again will I bang a fat chick.
Necrosis. The skin is literally dead
>the fucking chocolate
sure, but it's still fun to watch these fat fuck freaks
Wrestling is a good comparison. The drama is staged but what they put their bodies through is real.

How do we revive the Adventure Comedy genre?
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File: agu.jpg (23 KB, 600x338)
23 KB
its already being revived
doom patrol is fucking awesome mainly because of brendan
Retard here doesn't realize that what makes adventure work are meaningful stakes and a real sense of place. It doesn't work when you have a superman running around a green screen set.
We dont because if we did itd be full of cgi, would have to have a badass snarky female, a loud and funny minority and a subtly gay scientist character in it.
Zendaya is chani kek.

File: 1551.jpg (220 KB, 647x841)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
We had this thread yesterday, we don't need one everyday.
>You talk shit now Ornella, wait till I get my dad Tom Cruise to sort you out

Hey Murr, go tell that roastie that we live in a society.
You're awful Murray
File: Untitled.png (219 KB, 1151x694)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
>Sal go choke Epstein in his cell and if you alert the guard you're tonight's big loser

Cant believe he did it
>ey murr in that box over there is a bag full of semen now go over to that little boy over there and ask him he he wants his face painted

File: 0cbcokri26y21.jpg (68 KB, 656x492)
68 KB
Are Shinji and Asuka in/represent a abusive relationship?
Are Sneed and Chuck in an abusive relationship?
No, it's a dumb cartoon for horny teen boys. There's no depth to analyze in these characters.
chingchong cartoons belong on /a/

File: tropa de elite.jpg (132 KB, 525x700)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Why did he have to die, bros?
He was too pure to this filthy system anaozinho
is this movie famous outside of brazil?

File: IMG_20191014_160825.jpg (905 KB, 3403x2283)
905 KB
905 KB JPG
Here's your new Catwoman bro
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She is. Not sure what I'm shilling for, but the DCEU was a steaming pile of shit. I just like Batman and hope for the best when it comes to the next iteration.
Don't recall this being a problem when Halle berry was catwoman. Even though that movie was dogshit, no one gave a fuck.

This culture war is just bringing out the worst in people on both sides.
Halle Berry is attractive you dipshit
I thought Pattinson was an odd choice but could work maybe. Lost all interest now. Casting aside, based on the characters they cast, this is gonna be an awful generic movie.
Yeah this shit lost me when they cast robert pattinson as batman. Thank fuck I don't really care that much for batman

File: images (27).jpg (34 KB, 638x425)
34 KB
Watch the 1st episode of season. Hank insists walt if he wants to go with him on of duty where they under arrest emillio which made walt what we know today. Also in the last episode of season 5 there was scene where Walt remembers hank insisting.
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Most teachers are overqualified. They tend to do it because they genuinely enjoy it, regardless of how shitty it pays.
Walt hated his job though. He taught a bunch of ungrateful kids. Seriously, there was nothing about his situation that he shouldn't have been trying to work his way up from. The dude literally turned 50. He had plenty of time to send out resumes, or do something. He had the mind and talented to easily get a cushy six figure job.
I should say "he had plenty of time beforehand to send out resumes."
Walt’s meth was literaly “god-tier” meth.
It was stated multiple times in the series, that Walt’s meth was basically the purest in the marketplace, and that meth from other producers couldn’t compete.
Walt just wasn’t suited for the business side of the drug business.
Likewise, in Walt's past life as a legitimate chemist, his business partner bought him out, because he wasn’t suited for the business side of the legitimate chemistry industry.
If either business had treated Walt decently, Walt wouldn’t have gone rogue and fucked everything for so many people.
File: aluminum walter.jpg (76 KB, 630x682)
76 KB

File: 680168_019.jpg (48 KB, 320x240)
48 KB
What was all of it for? It wasn't for money.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
He wanted to have success. He wanted to be somebody.
He wanted a socially accepted way for him to prey on people in a way that was financially lucrative while being his own boss. The money is part of it but not all of it, otherwise he would've been more successful at the start of the movie.
lad those are some digits I tell you what
all blessed digits here
thanks for the notice

File: 5193581795875715.jpg (22 KB, 739x415)
22 KB
>I actually have that exact same fantasy, except it's me having sex with you

would this work? It's silly and disarming. It diffuses the situation entirely, while still seeming alpha. I think he made it this time, guys.
>instead of getting angry he shrugs off the rude joke with a compliment
>he shows superiority by not letting the jab affect him
>anything mean she says after this would make her look like an asshole
C-could it really be this simple?

>basically complementing the girl
yes, it's called irony.

he's being the bigger man, while still making people laugh.

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