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File: Yep.jpg (89 KB, 978x831)
89 KB
>Gets a role in HBO's biggest show of the decade.
>Shows tits on-screen in first episode. Most likely sat on the D&D casting couch if they chose her over Tamzin Merchant.
>Gets hyped up over the years as one of the most iconic characters.
>Still a shit actress compared to other co-stars. Resorts to more tits on-screen to keep attention.
>Too dumb to realize she could've gotten a body/tit-double like Lena Headey.
>Final seasons coming up. Realizes where the series is heading.
>Tries to find an out with Solo. Movie ends up bombing worse than Nagasaki.
>Last seasons of Thrones get mediocre reviews.
>The end is nigh. Possibly tries to persuade D&D one last time with the couch.
>They still take her character all the way down to the gutters. She has a mental breakdown due to it. (https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2019/04/blind-item-11_9.html)
>Emmys role around. She gets shit. Gets desperate enough to make out with some producer. Probably wants to introduce him to the couch. (https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2019/09/blind-item-4-emmy-awards.html)
>Christmas movie of this year was released in November. Last chance for her at commercial popularity.
>Fourth at box office on opening weekend.
>Pic when you realize even the couch is starting to have doubts about you.
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What happened bros
Being promised that everything will be fine with your character arc and being too naive to consider the fact that D&D don't know how to do proper character development on their own.
was the full frontal nude scene necessay?
could you see pusy?

How exactly did she ever even make it? She’s fat, ugly and can’t act.
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She was literally flabbergasted that Odell Beckham didn’t want to fuck her on the spot. Think about that. It’s so fucking easy for women of any level of attractiveness to get laid that this complete pig was shocked when a professional athlete turned her down.
>tfw my post is spared the Reddit soiboi reply
>How exactly did she ever even make it? She’s fat, ugly and can’t act.
Her brother is Jonah Hill.

Think about their family lineage for a moment, and the answer will come to you.
Boy is she in for a rude awakening when Odell comes out as gay in like 7 years when he's done playing.
How is that even possible...

File: 1573409154842.png (837 KB, 800x909)
837 KB
837 KB PNG
Has he ever been refuted?
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fucking hell mods

why is this shit stickied?
No anon just because they took off your penis to form a hole doesn’t make you female. You don’t have the body shape of one and that hole is just a pus and blood infested wound your body is actively trying to heal by closing it up. Real wamyn don’t have to get clumps of hair removed from their genitals often.
Actually, having a daughter is the ultimate act of mogging. You literally create a being which sole purpose is to cuck men. Think about it. You raise a girl specifically in order for her to get a man, right? Yet she is the one who is desirable, not the man. She therefore ends up sleeping with better men and thus cucking them. By NOT having a daughter, you're essentially being cucked into admitting you're such a bad father that you cannot raise a daughter properly to be chased by men. I can't think of anything lower than thinking having a daughter is the ultimate form of cuckolding.
I cannot think or comprehend of anything more fulfilling than having a daughter. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years so that the world might experience a radiant bundle of happiness and love. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it amplifies the joy everyone she meets shall experience when she greets them and takes precious time from her day to make theirs a little better.

Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? Everyone. Strangers on the street get a friendly bystander that will wish them well, the homeless will get a wealthy and intelligent girl that runs shelters to feed them and find them honest work to get off the streets. The lucky man or woman who marries her will get the perfect partner, and you'll benefit from gaining a second child in her spouse, one who will be a dear friend that thanks their lucky stars you raised such an astounding woman.

As a man who has a daughter, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to grant your wondrous, miraculous daughter and all the people around her a better life. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL reward. Think about it logically.
Million dollar extreme's Utopia skit does.

Remember when people claimed GRRM was done with the book but HBO asked him to hold off because they knew the reaction to the last couple seasons and D&D’s mess they made would be perceived even worse if they saw what GRRM was going to do in the books? Well now that there are a string of coincidences (look it up) making it really clear we are about to get an announcement for the Winds of Winter, doesn’t that make that theory even more credible? Especially when before all of this started the other day the official HBO GoT Twitter tweeted “Winter is Coming” which may have been about the book and not an observation about the real world.
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It took me years to realize that A Song of Ice and Fire is such a badly constructed mess. It's ridiculously complex and is filled with characters that appear once and only once, or are barely relevant beyond a few chapters, serving only to waste space in your head. The pacing is an absurd mish-mash and there can be sprawling portions of the books where almost nothing of real interest is happening or we're being subjected to GRRM's food porn scenery. That isn't to say the characters are uninteresting or the history and setting are badly made - on the contrary - but fuck me, it's such a long-winded tale and shouldn't be as long as this. Can't believe an unfinished mess like ASOIAF got green lit whereas we could have had something like The First Law or The Elric Saga given the tv treatment.
Elric saga is getting a show mate. If anything, the fact that GoT ended up being a complete disaster has only helped other fantasy shows because people want something like that but that's blow up in their face at the finish line.
Anyone remember that summer years ago when GRRM said he was almost done then spent the next few months blogging about the Hugo Awards?
He will never finish. He painted himself into a corner and is stuck, so he looks for distractions. He's rich and unmotivated.
And when he dies, his cunt feminist wife will ignore his wishes of having his notes burned and finish the series for the cash. But the childless twat thinks she's a writer as well and will write it herself so it will be worse than the show.
Idk why people pretend someone from his estate won’t mine this IP for decades always making vague allusions to “Martin’s handwritten notes”
Remember how Harper Lee was never going to publish another book?
Guys my uncleworks at hbo, the "series" finale was just a fake out, Drogon is taking her body to resurrect her

It’s that time. What is your favourite Christmas movie or your favourite movie to watch at Christmas?
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Harry Potter series. Especially first two
This, everyone from my grandparents to my drinking buddies all enjoy it completely, truly it's universally-good.
I like religious Christmas movies and feel-good family-oriented movies set at around Christmas time. I don't like Santa movies, I think they detract from the real point of Christmas.
Brother and I watch Fellowship on Christmas eve for maximum comfy, Two Towers Christmas day, then Return on boxing day.

File: The Doc.png (573 KB, 754x856)
573 KB
573 KB PNG
Will it be kino, /tv/? Or is this yet another sign of the downfall of the medium of television?
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Janny WeirdChamp
That's all and ONLY the viewers fault.
If everybody ignored the thots squatting for subs that would have never happened, but since Twitch is filled with 14yo coomers, that will just open the gates for other bland shit to come in.
Twitch is the most boring platform I have no idea how people watch streamers just read donations all fucking day
it won't be kino :^(
The TV showing replacing C&C with starcraft, after they made fun of blizzard games hardcore in the original show, was a mistake. I think doug was also playing like CoD instead of CS, but I can't recall.

File: aserious.jpg (24 KB, 631x352)
24 KB
Will this film help me unlearn nihilism?
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as in, if your decisions don't make any difference, what does it matter whether you're the one making them or not
I didn't want to discuss that 101 stuff, I wanted to know how anyone takes compatibilism seriously, but you're so cute that I don't want to run you off but seriously fuck off
>for something good or meaningful

or "god" just fardedd and shidded and cooomed and we just came to be
people hear the word "nihilism" and immediately think it's time for a dick measuring contest about what's hardest to believe or understand, when it should be the exact opposite
nobody takes compatibilism seriously, it's practically an oxymoron
Sy Ableman!?

Are they the next Scorsese/DeNiro level Director/Actor duo?
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File: GettyImages_926892188.0.jpg (177 KB, 1200x800)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
why do they do this
The basis of all creative relationships is that the sex is good
I remember seeing version this pic that was shopped so that Saoirse had collar and Gerwig held the leash attached to it. Somebody should post it.
who's the chick on the left. She looks like Boxxy

File: maitland ward.jpg (247 KB, 1080x1440)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
Is there even another actress that's fallen more than Maitland Ward? Can it get any worse?
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louis theroux documentary is good
Goddamn I hate that company name so much. Nothing kills my boner faster than thinking of the smell of a dog's fart. And they plaster that logo for like 20% of the entire screen.
the guy comes from a random guy that had a nickname "mr dogfart" on a usernet group about interracial porn in the 90s. I don't know why they still use it in 2019...
the worst thing about her are the moles
*the name i mean.

I can't believe they killed off Melinda May like this

Shake > Carl = Frylock >Meatwad
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>it's gettin sticky in here, might take off mah underwear
fuckin love this episode, weak ending, but any time frylocks facade breaks and you see the crazy underneath, it ends up being hilarious
Didn’t the explain it in the movie?
They got rid of it because they had the Spacecataz footage from the failed pilot and started using that as the cold open instead. And then they never brought back the original Dr Weird openings for some reason. They only really related to the episodes like three times I think anyway. Now the guy is dead too sadly, he was also Moltar and Zorak from Space Ghost
They got tired of having to come up with new, quick gags for him for each episode. Like the other anon said, they switched over to using Spacecataz footage since they had it. When that was done, they just didn't go back to doing the old bit

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
I wouldn't last 5 minutes playing her game
RIP Pete Burns.
Is that the kid from that 10s' show Millie Bob Brown or sth?

File: download (4).jpg (8 KB, 233x216)
8 KB
Its Friday, so what we'all excited bout watching this weekend? What kinos on the menu boys?
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Picked up a shift so I dont have to hear my parents tell me how much of a bum they think I am
File: 4dca439e.jpg (10 KB, 431x369)
10 KB
literally none. i haven't watched 'kino' for ages, every kino tv series i've watched multiple times already. same goes for movies, the last kino movies i watched was 'creep' and that was six months ago. gotta wait good joker rip.
File: 7dd55d11.jpg (28 KB, 500x562)
28 KB
wow this cartoon looks like shit. i am sorry, this is not provoking, do you have to be on the spectrum to enjoy anime series? every anime series i've watched have been just too cheesy and cringe to be enjoyed. i tried death note, berserk, cowboy bepop and few others. i just couldn't finish them. i feel like us normies with +120 iq can't enjoy anime. there are a few anime film kinos but most of them are very overrated and just plain dumb like grave of the fireflies.
locked out of apartment so i can't leave right now. was lucky to get in at 6 am earlier. too light out to stop the door, too many people going to work. i have no key. i want a cigarette really really bad. i just masturbated to mmf blowbang porn for 2 hours. i find i've been involved in a lot of pseudo group sex the past year, or at least 3 occasions (mmf) but nothing has ever really happened and I never fuck the girl. I don't like that I do things like that. Product of drinking and coke I suppose. Man I need a smoke. At this rate I will be up for about 38 hours by the end of my night 16 hours from now. I feel it's too late for me to sleep and manage to actually wake up on time for work at 3:30. It's nearly 10am now, I could get 4 hours of sleep or so if I even vaguely trusted myself to actually get up. Sometime on important days I ask my mother to call me and she just fuckin forgets like the dumb cunt ex gambler she is. What a procrastinator. Also literally not smart. Wants mandatory conservative baptist prayer to be said in public school in USA every morning with no option to skip it. lost 10k my dad owed the irs to keno or whatever. I only play big buck hunter myself.

File: tlj.jpg (135 KB, 691x1024)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
How could they get it so wrong?
Oh wow look, this thread again.
They didn't get anything wrong, they set out to kill Star Wars and they succeeded
It was unironically much better than 7

>it's a DJ Jazzy Jeff episode
>it's a banks wants to empty the banks, fill our streets with banks, and run a bank making operation out of his banks episode
Would House Party been better if it was DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince or was it best with Kid'n'Play, /tv/?
>it's a uncle phil is gonna sit down episode

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