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File: Gran Torino.jpg (30 KB, 520x770)
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Movies Women wouldn't understand.
File: 1531974977100.jpg (151 KB, 674x1000)
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File: maxresdefault.jpg (239 KB, 1280x720)
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It was really well told as a film. Lots of small scenes and callbacks that pushed the story forward. I like it was kind of a roguish thief's tale that had some horror/psychological elements.

Two things though.. The young boy and the
"ghost" he saw never really paid off. The kid just passed out. I guess the guy coming out at the party was more cinematic than the kid figuring it out but didn't make a ton of sense to have the kid slowly figuring things out.

Also, what was the message? Or is it just lost in translation because asians are memes? What did the rich father do wrong? He was bad and deserved all that shit because he rich? He loved his family.

The poor father was a disgusting human being who should have been gassed. i guess it's a commentary on "muh wealth equality" but its kind of hard to comment on it when the family you're focusing on are a bunch of psychopaths
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>What did the rich father do wrong?
He didn't even tried to save Kim daughter, only cared about his son
So... he's not a fucking EMS worker. I'd pick my fucking son over some roastie I don't even know any day.

You're a faggot.
First two thirds of the film were good, it works very well as a comedy that still gets the message across.
Falls apart in the weak final third though. The cellar added nothing to the film.
also don't forget the daughter lied to the mother and played on her fear of her childs development to get more money.
Why putting black bars over their eyes? Asian eyes are so fucking squint that you can't see them so it's pointless try to cover them when you have nothing to look at over there.

File: 4.jpg (113 KB, 1474x788)
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113 KB JPG
Well, are you satisfied now /tv/?
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File: download (1).jpg (2 KB, 145x143)
2 KB
>american media
Provide one compelling argument against the nuking of America
China becomes the world leader
In the other hand, we don't have to nuke all of America

Just southern California, and maybe a part of east coast
Yellowstone would probably go off if you hit it's caldera.

name the series
The Witcher
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. First season was at least passable (better than most of the shit shows that are made), but that 2nd season was pure garbage.
the punisher

File: 1448456903070.jpg (1.04 MB, 4360x4232)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB JPG
And why is it DUNE?
Croods 2, bad boys for life, rise of gru and the new spongebob movie
Coming 2 America

Because not everybody has the same interests than you in the same time, you autistic NPC piece of shit.

And also:
-The Many Saints of Newark
-Ghostbusters: Afterlife
-The Animaniacs reboot
-Escape from Pretoria

File: wick.jpg (208 KB, 1280x720)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
wich one is the better movie?
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No he didnt. The gun got entagled in his shirt. Watch frame by frame
>deus ex machina excuses
Was this movie written and directed by D&D?
maybe some can explain it to me but why does it look like some michael mann movies (vice also comes to mind) the scenes have a weird fluidity to them, like they're shot in 60 fps
he started shooting in digital starting with collateral, that's why
The bigger question is why are they white. The film is set in LA.

File: WAKE.jpg (228 KB, 1075x1071)
228 KB
228 KB JPG
Are the Oscars rigged?
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>consumes American media
>shits on Americans
europeans either like hardcore porn in their movies or long silent scenes of people depressingly looking at windows
If you pseud faggots didn't live under a rock you'd know that it was nominated for cinematography
hi, twitter
enjoy your consolation nomination fag

File: maxresdefault.jpg (73 KB, 1280x720)
73 KB
>Acting is the expression of a neurotic impulse. It's a bum's life. Quitting acting, that's the sign of maturity.
>If there's anything unsettling to the stomach, it's watching actors on television talk about their personal lives.
>The only reason I'm in Hollywood is that I don't have the moral courage to refuse the money.
>I don't mind that I'm fat. You still get the same money.
>An actor's a guy who, if you ain't talking about him, ain't listening.

So Brando hated his peers. Also, does this kind of face even exist in modern /tv/? Also, why do people say that he was a good actor? I don't see it.
File: 1571029859216.jpg (55 KB, 700x707)
55 KB
>The shooting of Apocalypse Now proved to be troubled and riddled with strange occurrences. When Francis Ford Coppola decided to include the ritualistic slaughter of a real buffalo with machetes by local jungle tribesmen in the movie, actor Marlon Brando initially protested and threatened to leave the set, leaving Coppola unable to finish the film, for he considered the act cruel and barbaric. But after further negotiations, Brando agreed, on the condition that the movie studio fly in by costly private jet an expensive American barbecue grill to the jungle, so he could make cheese burgers of the whole buffalo and eat it all in a single sitting, "to honor the noble beast's sacrifice". Following this incident, Brando requested 7 more buffalos to be slaughtered in the same violent manner, because he was "still hungry". This cost the studio a lot of money and drove Coppola to madness.
>If there's anything unsettling to the stomach, it's watching actors on television talk about their personal lives.

Based. Actors are bunch of faggots who never got love from their parents. They resorted to drugs and degenerate lifestyle.
Not gonna lie: I made breakfast for myself yesterday and there was no one in the house, sauf for the cat. I was cracking the eggs and I said out loud: 'you have to eat all the eggs Newman. I'm better than you!'

So for good measure, I cracked an extra egg, because I didn't want to feel like a wimp.
>Brando fucked 10/10 thots and enjoyed a Hollywood glamour lifestyle
>Became a NEET who shitposts on Internet forums.

The greatest tragedy is that Marlon never lived to shitpost here on /tv/.

>Daily Coppola hate threads
>Daily Marlon Brando hate threads
>Leaking all the female celeb naked pictures.
>implying he'd come to /tv/ of all places
he'd be on /b/, /pol/ and /ck/

File: 15263745683568579643.gif (1.83 MB, 373x319)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF
Did you notice something missing in this movie? Think about all of Tarantino's films, I promise you'll realize what I mean
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To show that he was based
No harvey keitel cameo?
>I didn't know what to think while watching it so I didn't like it but now I know what to think after watching it so I like it
theres that video on imdb that gets down his formula jn 2 minutes, not all of it but maybe op means, a photo of a characters feet, a dancing scene, or quentin shows up in one of the scenes
what level of illiteracy is this, you lonesome dickrider?

Redpill me on the Dark Side
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File: notapepsiad.gif (1 MB, 387x248)
1 MB
Congrats, you have graduated from the 4chan academy. You may now return to normal life.
why would a bunch of people who are basically anarchist wan't a fascist empire
Darksiders are Nietzschean Ubermenshe

Jedi are like Stoics

Pick one.
Most Sith are ugly.
I'm not sure if I can agree with that.

File: 1579385226340[1].jpg (267 KB, 1494x1000)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Previous Thread - >>127872659

Brannoxbros and Lennylads both welcome.
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>dubitative and insecure
These are some of his character traits that add to the overall complexity. He's an opposite of Lenny who, instead of showing only concrete strength and demanding admiration, earns everyone's love by not being afraid of being vulnerable. You see a lot of very charismatic leader figures like Lenny but there's not a lot of protagonists like Brannox.
Who's more /fa/ anons?
Is she the same dwarfette from the Great Beauty?
>You remind me of my favorite actor: John Malkovich. I loved how he much he despised that Johny 23 beaner in ConAir. I am kind of a pro wall building mexican hater myself
Had no idea Raimi wrote this season.
there is a mistake in the subs.
it's "only I am capable of understanding myself"

You know, I don't think I've ever watched a horse movie, what's your guys' favorite horse films?
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She's just a cute autist/horsegirl making autistic YouTube videos about dorky subjects and she is to be loved unconditionally.
And she hates blacks and gays.
The Mustang was breddy good, would recommend

File: kino.png (3.86 MB, 2011x2000)
3.86 MB
3.86 MB PNG
If you think otherwise you are reddit.
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>War film that glorifies soldiers

fuck off with that american meme. There are no heroes, war is hell.

You want a good war movie watch Come and See.
1917 is like a videogame but boring
never heard of that shit film, and you havent seen 1917 if you think it glorifies it
Dunkirk >>>>> 1917
>Hollywood blockbuster shows the dark site of war

I have seen it and it's just boomer capeshit

File: 1572591872849.png (69 KB, 583x643)
69 KB
retards don't understand how soap operas based on cliffhangers, twists and what is next storytelling work.

GoT never had any value beyond finding out what happens in the next episode.
60 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Maybe in Weimerica but I can't remember the last time I heard someone reference it here
Dragon Ball Z, Harry Potter, or tv/movie characters still cosplayed during holloween
We have threads about it daily multiple times a day
Marketing stopped. That's literally it. No intentions left to praise it and it's not a hype train anymore that you can gain something out of. So people moved on to some other shit like the Witcher.
When would you say it goes downhill

File: Qui-Gonn.jpg (155 KB, 1536x769)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
I realize now he's a somewhat bland character now but I truly admired Qui-Gon as a kid.

Was I just latently gay for Liam Neeson or did I just have the same reaction that most kids had in 1977 when they first saw Obi-Wan?
92 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>He's willing to mind trick and cheat Watto

He attempted to mind trick Watto into accepting legal (Republic) tender as payment for services, not into just giving him the shit he wanted. His influence on the red-blue dice was just to set up the stakes of the wager, it's not like he rigged the race itself. And frankly, Watto deserved it for being a cunt and trying to change the stakes of the bet at the last second anyway
daddy issues
I would go as far as to say he was the only Jedi worth a damn in the entire saga's history
Pretty sure Yoda would have done even worse because he's even more dogmatic.
>One of the central conflicts in the prequels is the fact that Anakin has a father figure who is really not that much older than him.
Yup. Like others have mentioned, Obi-Wan wasn't ready for a padawan of his own, much less Anakin. It's best expressed through how they refer to each other--Anakin says Obi-Wan is like a father to him, but Obi-Wan says Anakin is like his brother. The differences in how they interpret their relationship, as well as the difficult power dynamic (not social bullshit, literally Anakin just being a more powerful Jedi when he doesn't go pants on head retarded), culminated in Obi-Wan failing to properly keep Anakin from corruption.

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