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File: big.brain.alien.jpg (184 KB, 560x426)
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184 KB JPG
What are some smart films that brainlets will never understand?
Any film where people aren't yelling loudly at each other, acting irrationally angry over anything, and fighting in close quarters with close up shots that fill the screen with someone's shoulder and what may be a fist moving across the frame or a ham sandwich

File: 1575594771157.jpg (42 KB, 500x357)
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take the menpill
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I’ve been thinking about gladiator all month. The whole “The Frost, it makes the blade stick” scene makes no fucking sense. Why would Maximus be the only person to know that? I get that he’s a Mary Sue and is “the best ever ever” but surely the ones tasked with his assassination souls have been skilled and experienced enough to know something as simple as that
They're on edge because they're killing one of their own top-ranking officers in circumstances they know are dodgy. Apart from anything else, they will be very worried that if the political situation changes, they may be punished for killing him, regardless of the face that they were just obeying orders. For example if the person ordering the killing found himself in a sticky situation he might disclaim them entirely.

In those circumstances it's quite possible they might get careless.
File: Band-of-Brothers.jpg (100 KB, 696x391)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
>no one posted this yet
my ex fucking loved gladiator
She was imagining Russell Crowe pounding her pussy, not watching the movie

Does Amy Johnston have what it takes to make it in the big leagues

File: will smith is a pedo.jpg (140 KB, 720x1080)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
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he probably isnt though
>have you seen what rappers look like in the last 3 years?

no im a boomer
Ocean Wisdom is JUST'd now.
its called a vegan diet+easy smorgasbord of recreational drugs(meth,adderall, xanax,oxy alone will give you that face) and coming of age learning that being rich and famous surrounded by rotten people does nothing to make you a great person you expected from birth brainwashed into you because youre parents were. boomers can be brutal. repeat till thorough justing
They are scientologists. He may be expected or forced to be a source of revenue despite it not being who he is or would prefer to be. Maybe he'd prefer running a hamburger stand? You don't know.



The statements in the video are attempts to communicate. Some are obvious, others are vague.

The trouble is... other children mimic this behavior because they believe this is the new "Billie Eilish" cool. They are both coded viruses.

Must suck...

File: 1575521323903.png (213 KB, 1300x975)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
I feel like there's a huge disconnect in the women Hollywood thinks men want to see vs what they actually want to see. Do you believe this will change any time soon?

File: Yep.jpg (89 KB, 978x831)
89 KB
>Gets a role in HBO's biggest show of the decade.
>Shows tits on-screen in first episode. Most likely sat on the D&D casting couch if they chose her over Tamzin Merchant.
>Gets hyped up over the years as one of the most iconic characters.
>Still a shit actress compared to other co-stars. Resorts to more tits on-screen to keep attention.
>Too dumb to realize she could've gotten a body/tit-double like Lena Headey.
>Final seasons coming up. Realizes where the series is heading.
>Tries to find an out with Solo. Movie ends up bombing worse than Nagasaki.
>Last seasons of Thrones get mediocre reviews.
>The end is nigh. Possibly tries to persuade D&D one last time with the couch.
>They still take her character all the way down to the gutters. She has a mental breakdown due to it. (https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2019/04/blind-item-11_9.html)
>Emmys role around. She gets shit. Gets desperate enough to make out with some producer. Probably wants to introduce him to the couch. (https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2019/09/blind-item-4-emmy-awards.html)
>Christmas movie of this year was released in November. Last chance for her at commercial popularity.
>Fourth at box office on opening weekend.
>Pic when you realize even the couch is starting to have doubts about you.
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How does she get people so mad? Seek help seriously
Tamzin Merchant looks like a disgusting alien
>positive thread about Emilia Clarke
>deleted instantly and OP banned

>OP creates thread shitting on her
>thread stays up, defenders get banned

Really makes you think...
True and checked
Not edited :^)

File: city-slickers.jpg (2.6 MB, 1600x2400)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG
what does /tv/ think of City Slickers (1992)?
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Fpbp. Loved watching this and classic snl with my mother
Holy kek
Dude I am stealing this. Priceless.
Billy Crystal is a pretty based jew.

File: hqdefault.jpg (14 KB, 480x360)
14 KB
So how many women did Cap fuck? pretty fucking sure he fucked sharon


How does a 23 yr old actor not know Al Pacino’s name?
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Well Peter Parker is a total cuck and a loser without his powers, just like Tom, so it makes sense.
File: 1521584878827.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
>Jack is a bottom

File: sheev.jpg (45 KB, 670x397)
45 KB
Smiles you need to protect
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File: 1542327407352.gif (310 KB, 800x800)
310 KB
310 KB GIF
>Yep the same Cuck. bang on time to
he cute
File: 1547827131553.png (731 KB, 526x1000)
731 KB
731 KB PNG
So who's the most based character

>Sheev seems to die in Skywalker.
>really no one ever dies
>we get a slice of life movie with the force ghosts including sheev

I unironically want to see Sheev and Luke playing off each other in just some daily interesting. I love both of their performances.
I always thought the background was a green lawn and his chair was a white picket fence

Do you think I could hire her to be my new mom? or at least my bully?
Anon go outside
but its cold
I hope she can bypass the compressor cause she a cute

How far would it go if you kick it hard?
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File: Spoiler Image (411 KB, 480x848)
411 KB
Baby greed
Far, far away.
Heh. Alright jerkoff. You got me this time.
Fetus doesn't actually go that far, since it has flexible bones and thus is pretty difficult to kick hard. Midgets are all stiff and areodynamic on the other hand.

File: 1575646757537[1].png (284 KB, 798x436)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Was it ever even explained what this even is?
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Didn't some setanon mention in a thread once it was a prop meant to cheaply dress background actors so you can save up on stuff for your featured players
is gun, are you dumb?
Glock 40mm problem solver


Unless his hands are giant, then that gun is so tiny. And if so then why point a camera on it close?

File: madd.jpg (24 KB, 640x360)
24 KB
>Twin Peaks written and directed like Degrassi
incorrect description

best film of the year, nothing else comes close
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Agreed. Even the Irishman and Ad Astra are not this good.
No. If they had done some slice of life portions with the killers too there would at least have been some drama. As is the movie had no stakes.
sure, that too.

>movie had no stakes
uhhhh the whole movie is leading up to a series of brutal murders. you don't consider those stakes/tension?
No, because the murders aren't foreshadowed. The movie wasn't about the murders or even really related to it. Also the actual scenes around the murders were the worst in the movie by a mile. So bad
the entire movie leads up to the murder of sharon tate. at this point i think you have to be a troll. or you have a sub 80 iq.

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