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Has anyone here watched this?Is it worth?
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Yes, get a sweater
great movie
File: rjd.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
Absolute Rumjuderei
its a tough wtch yo,but yes very good

its not gonna make you feel happier but maybe fulfilled.
it's one of my favorite movies
it's on YouTube in full for anyone too lazy to find a better quality version

File: 1466107967636.png (43 KB, 440x512)
43 KB
>at kinoplex
>black character appears on the screen
>scream "ooga booga"
>everyone starts laughing
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You’re on an image board too bud, you’re not fooling anyone
t. nigger
There's probably multiple people yelling that right this moment
Literally no one likes black people. Sure individually they’re okay but no one likes the collective. No one.
That's a mean thing to say about niggers

File: images (28).jpg (21 KB, 620x413)
21 KB
What happened to her ?
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>I bet anons want to fap to my feet, teehee

And she is right.
The Stallone movie was better.
File: 52012380_x.jpg (411 KB, 2621x3932)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
seethe harder
File: No.png (112 KB, 680x460)
112 KB
112 KB PNG

File: images (4).jpg (33 KB, 640x479)
33 KB
Is Margot robbie faking her age? She's supposedly only 29 yet looks mid lat 30s, she was supposed to be 22 in the wolf of Wallstreet yeah sure lmao
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if you have a brain malfunction, maybe
She was on neighbours (A shitty Australian soap) before she went to Hollywood and yeah she is that young. She was a shitty actress too, she only made it cause she is hot.
Sure thing
Two time academy award nominee
>you once again responded to my bait post
Yes, you mad

File: 58f40a361a8b2.jpg (31 KB, 854x480)
31 KB
>he is happier than I'll ever be and has a gf
it's not fucking fair
he literally has the mind of an 8 yr old and looks like a fucking cave goblin, you have no right to be envious of this fat ugly retard
just go outside man ffs

File: z3MOqtV.jpg (54 KB, 1517x790)
54 KB
>I'll help you up bro grab my hand
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ZINN: Right. And here we receive our first glimpse of the supposedly dreadful Mordor, which actually looks like a fairly functioning place.

CHOMSKY: This type of city is most likely the best the Orcs can do if all they have are cliffs to grow on. It’s very impressive, in that sense.

ZINN: Gandalf mentions the evil stirring in Mordor. That’s all he has to say. “It’s evil.” He doesn’t elaborate on what’s going on in Mordor, what the people are going through. They’re evil because they’re there.

CHOMSKY: I think the fact that we never actually see the enemy is quite damning. Then again, Gandalf is the greatest storyteller of all. He weaves the tales that strand Middle Earth in this state of perpetual conflict.

ZINN: And notice how Strider characterizes the Black Riders. “Neither living nor dead.” Why, that’s a really useful enemy to have.

CHOMSKY: We should not overlook the fact that Middle Earth is in a cold war at this moment, locked in perpetual conflict. Strider’s rhetoric serves to keep fear alive.

INN: You’ve spoken to me before about Mordor’s lack of access to the mineral wealth that the Dwarves control.

CHOMSKY: If we’re going to get into the socio-economic reasons why certain structures develop in certain cultures… it’s mainly geographical. We have Orcs in Mordor — trapped, with no mineral resources — hemmed in by the Ash Mountains, where the “free peoples” of Middle Earth can put a city, like Osgiliath, and effectively keep the border closed.

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you mised a "z" in the middle there friend, and in the first one the capitalisation of the names is inconsistent
>oops accidentally incinerated you haha
File: 1567944816729.jpg (9 KB, 250x212)
9 KB
blame the source
why didn't he just put the ring on his cock? wouldn't have gotten chopped off

File: EOlzDEJW4AAXCbt.jpg (558 KB, 2917x1966)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
Have you ever met a famous actor or actress?
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File: EOl2e0JXUAA7Zsc.jpg (455 KB, 2742x2393)
455 KB
455 KB JPG
a right royal rumpus

the gap is the fold in the newspaper
I swear to god The Daily/Sunday sport used that picture of the pervert in a previous article
sunday sport is the pinnacle of comedy
File: 1577240672449.jpg (84 KB, 680x651)
84 KB
Thom Yorke has boned Megan? WTF I love Radiohead now!

You need a license to watch television in the UK? WTF is this crap? How is this acceptable?

WIKIPEDIA: "Since April 2019, the annual cost is £154.50 ($195) for a colour licence and £52 ($65) for a black and white licence. Income from the licence is primarily used to fund the television, radio and online services of the BBC."

I believe they have shaming posters at the city train stations and vans that drive around looking to detect homes receiving television signals that haven't paid a license. Can someone explain this madness to me?
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i don't need a license since i don't have anything in the house that can receive television broadcast, and i never use the bbc iPlayer to watch live broadcasts

i still receive a letter once a month which cycles through a standard format informing me that they know i don't have a license and that i need to contact licensing to update my details, that they will be opening an inquiry on my address since they haven't heard from me, that they have opened an inquiry on my address, that an Enforcement Agent will be visiting my address, and finally a letter to say the specific date i will be paid such a visit

this cycle has repeated every 6 months for the last number of years, but i have yet to see anyone come to the door

bear in mind, this is the same organisation which says they have a huge database of everyone in the UK, yet they always address me as 'the legal occupier' since apparently their big government sanctioned database doesn't extend to knowing my name

this same organisation has been lying to the public since the 50s claiming their detection vans could pinpoint not only which house is watching television, but which room the television is in, and even which channel the tv was showing - and when asked to provide patents to demonstrate they had developed such technology, refused on the basis that 'it would undermine the public trust'

on top of this, they maintain an influence on the public consciousness through world war II levels of propaganda messaging, plastering billboards in all major cities with slogans such as "There's Nowhere To Hide" or the much more threatening "We Know Where You Live"
Oy you got a license for that threat mate?
To pay for the Royal families expenses
>Planet Earth

the show is a dumbed down analogue of Blue Planet
You deserve to get fucked for willingly giving up your basic rights. You told them to sue you, they don't just send court summons. I'm 36, have a long term fixed address, and never had trouble because I'm not a monumental retard such as yourself.

File: 1579413296012.png (84 KB, 330x440)
84 KB
>World War Z
>Ninja Assassin
>Underworld: Awakening
>Godzilla vs. Kong
Was Babylon 5 just an accident? How does a guy make that and then do nothing but garbage for twenty years?

Prequels > Sequels
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this, but unironically
Both shit.

looks like a bad render from a ps3 game made in 1997
You must have a really smooth brain if you enjoy Star Wars.

File: Obi-Wan-Crying-Mad.jpg (30 KB, 618x412)
30 KB
>lost everything he ever cared about
>didn't turn to the dark side
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the original trilogy was so bad it took another six movies just to make it watchable lmao bravo lucas
File: this.gif (1007 KB, 300x186)
1007 KB
1007 KB GIF
He was just that based
from a certain point of view
just letting you lads know that I've never watched a star wars cartoon, never will, don't know who or what ashoaka is, and don't even consider them as good as the prequels (which were pretty shit but still legit. The only other legit SW thing aside from the original trilogy)
is cutting all of a man's limbs off then leaving him to burn to death in a pit of lava really the jedi way?

File: 1578835533282.jpg (37 KB, 600x600)
37 KB
>tell mum to bring me home food from maccas
>she gets the order wrong
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No, we call it Hungry Jacca's
I know that feel if I have to be completely honest with you, which I am
I like to mess with McDonalds staff by adding Mc to everything
>Can I get a McLarge chips with some McChicken McNuggets and a McMedium McChocolate McShake
Kek. Very nice.

File: download.jpg (12 KB, 275x183)
12 KB
should i watch season 4 and 5 of arrested development?
season 5 was extremely unfunny
Fuck no. As abrupt and quickly everything was wrapped up in season 3 you do not want to watch 4 & 5.
I wouldn't even recommend going past season 2
eh, season 3 made laugh.

File: iTVVMrd+.webm (2.91 MB, 540x960)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
Did that gamer film she was in come out yet?
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File: 1565048144744.webm (2.34 MB, 1220x518)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB WEBM
Look at the lower right
Very cute butt.
>25 year old women on tiktok
yikes trailer looks awful, poor jodelle
She has a sci-fi series comming out too

File: danone.jpg (8 KB, 480x360)
8 KB
Is Limmy depressed?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>it's another limmy stream where he complains about tories episode
Is this the end of his career? Will he ever get to snatch another TV show like before?
He’s an attention seeking wanker. Always chatting about how suicidal he is on stream. There are real suicidal people out there.
it's comedy you fucktard
he's rich enough to retire

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