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File: IMG_8659.jpg (22 KB, 400x400)
22 KB
He's so fucking stupid it's painful.
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>No, I don't agree at all, fuck off
Yikes. I'm sorry you don't have a soul.
post IQ results
I think its probably hard to find a balance for him as far as doing a "legit" podcast but also shifting the overton window as you would say
>he is religious
very low iq. Sorry nobody has magical soul dust in them

10 years later and it's still the only good capeshit movie ever made.
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Get ready for all the campy fags crying that it wasn’t a shot for shot remake of Adam west’s batman
>Story beats are all that matter
This is one of the most retarded critiques I've ever seen
I'd say that it's one of the two superhero movies that show that the genre isn't total garbage; Watchmen is better however
Are you really that assfucked about Spiderman?
Friendly reminder MIchelle Pfeiffer is best Catwoman - Julie Newmar also.

is supergirl kino?
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File: Supergirl.webm (2.86 MB, 1280x720)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB WEBM
File: jeb-bush.jpg (47 KB, 594x433)
47 KB
best neck kino out there
No it's really bad
File: NeckThreadTime.jpg (283 KB, 1024x1455)
283 KB
283 KB JPG
Melissa is super qt and for that only is worth it.
also >neckposters I summon thee.

File: penn_jillette.jpg (31 KB, 300x400)
31 KB
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did he get cancer
If I remove the chemo, would it hurt?
He looks like Barbossa lmao
File: 2tq0ie3ut6wy.png (37 KB, 635x337)
37 KB
*Second best
He just started eating less and working out a bit.

He's still fucking tall

>"Wow what great acting he acted so many characters"!!

Why do plebs like this banal shit so much?
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File: 1546311178270.png (312 KB, 640x632)
312 KB
312 KB PNG
>Pulp Fiction
this movie sucked ass, just saw it
We know
Cute feet
>twisty world building

If anything my main complaint is how transparent the plot was, I predicted the whole movie after like 20 minutes, and I haven't even seen the previous movies

Was it kino?
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>You'll never be this much of a brainlet
Feels good, man.
You have no idea how people behave
The point is, they have no reason but attack him anyway. That's how witchhunts work. That's what the movie is about. You got dragged into it, just like the villagers.

Take a look around you, there are even people that are convinced nothing ever touched the moon or doubt the earth is round. Why would they say that if it wasn't true?
If you are convinced of something and get hyped up for it, it can be really painful to admit to have been wrong all along. That's why a lot of people just don't do it and ignore evidence or even thinking about it.
Don't believe anything people say.
Yeah but that still doesn't explain why the little girl was afraid of him at the end.
She probably kind of understood what she did to him by saying that stuff.

File: rinzler.jpg (292 KB, 1438x638)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Apparently the man who wrote the lavish "Making of" books for the original trilogy was writing one for Force Awakens before it was canned despite being at near completion. Then this guy quit Lucasfilm and started writing a blog about what happened before Disney intervened. He didn't manage to finish the series and the blog posts are deleted from his site.
Fuck Disney.
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Vyvanse is VERY different than Addie; I've done both. Vyv adds a very unpleasant edginess to the whole thing, on top of never even allowing the "pretend" sleep you can get while still on Add (after like 36-48 hours).
Add is great for creativity until you've been up too long. It allows you a hyper intensive, euphoric focus on perfecting minor details; but past the 36 hr mark, you're just in a loop, going back & forth over the same shit, parts of your brain seemingly falling asleep like a shark's would.
Very good but INCREDIBLY fucking addictive & dangerous, & there's no way off it once you're deep into it without laying in bed for weeks at a time with zero energy or desire for anything.
If it's what she was doing during all this, she would've just been trying to "deal" with the addiction until it was over. And she ironically did.
>the madness of men is reddit
I guess you are right.
Based Rian subverting expectations again
>I think he hates JJ’s mystery-box writing

Who doesn't, desu?
He's not actually a retarded feminist and it's 4d chess?
>*takes a gander at his twitter*
so you're a schizophrenic?
>Memento was dumb
Who are you people?

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based thread
>war was worse in real life than in an HBO show
I know there is at least one person on this board who will insist the majority opinion was that it wasn't all that bad.

File: Life-new-poster.jpg (188 KB, 810x1200)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
HOLY SHIT why the fuck do the women talk with that weird robot lisp voice in this movie? I've literally never heard a more annoying sound in my life. Why are they hissing like fucking angry snakes?
How did they get so many A-listers to appear in this derivative garbage?

File: Captureff.png (113 KB, 261x225)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
>the movies protagonist was the bad guy all along
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I used to think that his wife and kids were innocent until I realized how they basically emotionally abused him and held him emotionally hostage. As a mother myself I was appalled when I first found out, but now I see why he did it and I think he had every right to do it.
>tries to stop guy from saving the universe
>holy shit i didnt realize the womb and the skull were right after one another that is fucking kino
And then the skull is swallowed in a black liquid resembling crude oil. He hid the bodies in crude oil tanks. A kino moment in history.
>Guy murders his pregnant wife and their kids
>Hides them in oil tanks
>In that video his neighbor is bringing up a security can recording that captured him moving the bodies to his car
>That shit with the baby, the skull, and the oil just so happens to come on TV
Source on that video?

It's got some flaws for sure. The music was corny, the cinematography was overly dramatic and the movie took itself way too seriously, but this is way better than anything cape movie since it came out. Likable complex characters, actual dramatic tension, strong female characters (that don't feel forced or sjw'ed in), fresh unique setting, it keeps the story feel like a cohesive whole despite the many different threadlines/flashbacks.
Solid 8/10 would watch again
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File: big_1486351389_image.jpg (82 KB, 1280x622)
82 KB
He killed millions

To save billions
If we are going to talk about controversial opinions I get ripped by those fags on /co/ for this but I think Doomsday Clock has some good moments
Misses the point of the comic by a country mile which is only a problem because its slavish devotion to the surface elements makes it seem disparate with itself, but it's still an alright movie.
missed what exactly?
How the hell do you aim an invisible gun

After all these years. I have become the rothshaw

File: David-Spade.jpg (19 KB, 300x300)
19 KB
haha nice I like Chris Jericho too
File: Karl.jpg (19 KB, 480x360)
19 KB

File: she's right.jpg (53 KB, 590x360)
53 KB
She's right and you all know it. They screwed them over so hard
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Backlash about Feige's Ghostbusters didn't start until the trailer dropped and it showed how awful the movie would be. Ghostbusters 3 hasn't even started shooting. It doesn't even have a cast and these dipshits are already getting mad.
but bringing trump into it
Why does her avatar appear to be of a skinny black woman? And why is her Trump impression so laughably terrible?
>They screwed them over
Who was they? Sony or the audiences that didn't watch their movie?
>pay several people a whole bunch of money to be in a movie
>later make another movie in which you pay a different group of people to act in it

Yeah, screwed! those C list actors should have been entitled to indefinite paychecks from sequels

File: 4898989.png (409 KB, 596x513)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
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we pay sky fucking high tax's my friend
I wonder if she actually went through all of that to be talking instead of spouting shit
NPCs treat corporations like people.

Most corporate twitter accounts are like that.
looks like a smirking panda bear.
please post it i still have no idea where it's from

Aunt Yee a cute
just rewatched Last Hero In China after 15 years.
so much kino
Indeed. She's got them big anime eyes.

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