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File: 4,w=468,c=0.bild.jpg (27 KB, 468x556)
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What's next for Emma's career?
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Divorce in 5 years max.
name one actor/actress that's been marred for more than 10 years
The Architect, silly.
Freddie Prinze Jr./Sarah Michelle Gellar

File: JUST.png (721 KB, 1024x576)
721 KB
721 KB PNG
Which one will make more money? Does Jumanji 3 stand a chance? It seems like Disney/Lucasfilm is afraid considering how much damage TLJ did to its respective franchise. Which movie will have better word-of-mouth? Which will have a bigger drop off? Which will stand the test of time? Which will make more money at the Box Office? Domestically? Worldwide?
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>The reason I'm seeing it is that a friend of mine loves Star Wars and he has been depressed for a long time already.
Get him to love something else. Disney Wars isn't worth loving.
I just got done watching the irishman and i thought it was deniro on first glance lmao
I'm taking my family to see littykino on christmas not shit nu wars
he’d be less depressed if he had friends that would introduce him to something worthwhile
litty and based

File: ff.png (435 KB, 348x738)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
Does she work for Lucasfilm? What is her name?
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I work with a girl that looks basically exactly like her. big tits but she's an airhead and her personality is so incredibly bland that interacting with her is a chore
They're just given jobs to anyone these days...
I agree
Just ignore her and focus on her tits, retard

>thinking women have personalities

you new to women?

File: 1541477696015.png (69 KB, 1054x526)
69 KB
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File: approval.jpg (162 KB, 840x641)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
About what I expected, using more tape than necessary. Not too bad.
I do the same thing
File: wonderful car.jpg (83 KB, 1146x732)
83 KB
File: winlc[1].jpg (311 KB, 1500x1000)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Best Christmas song coming through
That song is rapey af

Is there a reason that the plot hasn't moved in this show for last two episodes?

Also, did Mando forget that literally every bounty hunter was tracking baby yoda with a tracker, (Including himself at a point!!!) why the fuck did he think he could leave him with those people.
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Apparently the trackers only work if you are close. As long as nobody knew baby yeed was there, nobody would come looking.
What's wrong with Iron Man 2, apart from the script?
Haven't seen The Lion King, or the original for that matter.
I'd rather watch a good looking show with an unfortunately poor script than a youtuber's LARP series with a script made for Hasbro cartoons to sell toys.
>That's my line
I can already hear it in the toy aisle Walmart
I honestly thought the idea of Empire remnants hunting Yeedman to dissect him for midochlorians or whatever was a cool idea and wanted to see where they were going with it.
And then the entire plot thread fucking dissipated, and I realized if it comes back it'll be something legendarily stupid, like they were harvesting him to make.. Evil Red-Eye Yoda Season One Finale Boss Monster.
Fuck this show, it's so predictably dumb it's not even funny. It's genuinely the type of shit The Big Bang Theory would make fun of.
ya I find it entertaining but Mando is a retard
>Leave a baby alone in a ship
>Think that everyone will just forget about the green goblin because I saved him lmao
>doesn't fug because he won't take his mask off
t. mouse

File: sad.jpg (72 KB, 680x680)
72 KB
I'm officially retiring as a Star Wars fan after this. Fucking bullshit. At least Kelly Marie Tran didn't say this. I would have ended it all. ARE YOU HAPPY /TV/?!!
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TLJ and Solo did really, really badly in China.
You forgot about force ghost Yoda summoning lightning and Lea floating through space
>Rey's character
What character?
There is no "story". It's just a series of set-pieces to set up the next near-space battle.
>2014 everyones hyping up this new trilogy
>2019 its fucking gone to shit and everythings divided
Fucking kek.

File: WoT logo.jpg (41 KB, 1120x700)
41 KB
Wheel of Time thread, because someone happened to delete the previous one for no reason.
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She has POV chapters. It's pretty easy to follow her actual motivations, which aren't "I'm going to be the boss". She started out wanting to go on an adventure, then become Aes Sedai, then learn as much about the One Power and Tel'aran'rhiod as possible. She goes along with the Aiel just as a means of learning more. While she's there, she absorbs some of their ji'e'toh, which rids her of most of her spoiled girl personality. She gets summoned to Salidar and essentially forced to become Amyrlin, and is scared shitless until she grows into the role. She plays politics in order to stop being a puppet, and directs the rebels to move on the White Tower and Elaida so that they're reunited for Tarmon Gaidon, not so she becomes the all-powerful leader.

Literally everything I just explained is painstakingly, explicitly spelled out in her POV chapters.
POV chapters mean nothing. WoT is filled to the brim with unreliable narrators. It's what the characters actually DO that defines their character, and everything Egwene does is about herself and gaining her more power.
she spanked Rand and thought he was a child because he loved her as sister as she loved him as a brother.
She couldn't comprehend Rand did not love her and thought he was playing. fuck this ego cunt.
>Aes Sedai will be written like the all knowing counts wanting to control Rand

They probably see it as female empowerment too.
>absorbs ji e toh
>doesnt stop lying about being an aes sedai
>forces nyn to drink shit tea for lying in the dream world then literally the next page when she wakes up she tells the wise ones she's an aes sedai

File: timothy-treadwell.jpg (86 KB, 800x450)
86 KB
Any other documentaries about retards getting what they deserve?
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The best part is it probably the truth.
t. Greta Thunderberg
There’s literally a mini documentary with interviews from Alaskans who cleaned up the site where Treadwell died.


The helicopter pilot puts it best. “Treadwell meant well...but he was acting like they were people in bear suits, he didn’t treat them like wild animals fully equipped to kill you and eat you, and he got what he asked for.”
why tho

File: rey.jpg (180 KB, 1030x1090)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
How will the public react to Rey taking the Skywalker name in the end?
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Yes queeeen take what belongs TO YOU. Don't let people say you can't be a skywalker. Mmmmmmhmmmmm giiirrrrrlllllllllllll
*smacks lips*
Hopefully with pure hatred and distain and tell anyone who will listen not to give any money to these fucks.

Fuck disney.
>what you forgot to add on is that she's Palpatine's granddaughter
OMG! JJ learned from Rian and completely SUBVERTED our expectations!!!!!! Genius pure fucking genius yas!!!!! Instantly rating it 2 extra stars because of this wow way to go JJ!
>woman taking up man's name
Patriarchy strikes yet again.
What's the full dagger leak? Something with time travel every time they fight? And Palpatine daughter?

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No, I was thinking the same. It looks like a live action Lego movie set in a GTA like world, but shown from the perspective of a NPC, who usually is maimed by the players. It isn't a bad idea.
srs question: can boomers understand this premise?
yes it reminds me of sword art online and they live
>catches the other guy's arm in a steering wheel
>knees the arm
>it breaks
>the owner reels in pain
>oh god i'm so sorry

File: file.png (529 KB, 831x554)
529 KB
529 KB PNG
who was in the wrong here?
74 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Does she gets the pass my fellow black kings?
I wonder whether people like you have ever contributed anything of value or they're just bitter, because the only thing they have achieved in their lives was just sitting on their asses looking at the screen for 10 years. Well, congratulations, You've wasted a couple more years of your precious time on earth than the other guy. You're the real deal.
is this the oldfag thread?
>niggers tongue my anus
File: 1538177907259.jpg (24 KB, 540x459)
24 KB
lol Reddit is Reddit, newfags

>ITT: boring dogshit for pseuds

Can't believe I watched four whole seasons of this drivel, only to watch everything unfold completely normally with zero interesting plot or character development. Hell, even visually everything turned stilted and claustrophobic after the "I don't like you like this" scene in Season 1. Absolute trash covered with a thin blanket of "good" acting.
based retard
>zero interesting plot or character development
Just kys
File: (You).png (1.5 MB, 935x658)
1.5 MB
1.5 MB PNG
I turned this shit off after like two episodes.

File: EDUWvYaVAAIcrDX.jpg (201 KB, 1080x1080)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Are we meant to understand that we are all alone in the universe?
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>if we have a magic wand we can do magic!

no shit, genius, now back to reality where you need matter to achieve propulsion, and in comes Tsiolkovsky to crush your fantasies
>If you could just build an engine that breaks fundamental laws of physics, then you could get anywhere!

Gee thanks, retard.

This is most likely the case. Perhaps if life is SO common that life is seeded once per every 100 stars or so, we could get civilizations whose broadcasts are close enough to not be too dispersed to read and who got a head start to us (ie developed around an early red dwarf or some other low-energy star) we *might* pick something up.

But the fact that there aren't any neighbors currently broadcasting that shit means either when radio is developed to when a civilization destroys itself is a very short window, or that sapient life isn't that common. Take your pick on which thing depresses you more.

I'd find it hard to believe that no ayylmaos exist somewhere. We'd just be winning the lottery to get evidence of one.
its not magic tho, something like antimatter engine could make it possible, if the engine can run for like 5-10years, it will be enough to reach star systems in our vicinity.
it doesnt brake any laws, constant 9.8m/s doesnt brake anything, you only need enough fuel to keep it going, and 50years is enough to reach anything in universe.

To accept Villeneuve as a quality director is to garb yourself in a coat of hot pockets and video games and then writhe around on the ground in a supermarket while screeching and slapping yourself on the sides of your head.

He is cheeto dust. Nothing more. Nothing more than a hack, a useful tool for studios to trot out to say "Hey, we're making art house!" I cannot wrap my head around the adulation he receives, let alone the wide praise this has got. The film trudges from set piece to set piece, leaves us no real questions or anything to think about really.

The same bullet that kills a capeshit fan will also kill the Villeneuve and Paul Thomas Anderson fan. They come from the same root, from the same doritos stained console. They are frauds, and as a warrior of cinema it's my duty to expose the fakes and the inauthentic when I see them. I will fight with crawls and teeth until the last imposter is fallen to the ground I have about as much respect for denis villeneuve as I do for the dogshit on my shoe. It is reddit. It is video game hot pocket. It is capeshit. It is cheeto dust. I'm literally screaming right now and slamming my arms down on my desk just thinking about it.

Imagine sitting next to an Villeneuve fan. The smell as he rubs the cheeto dust into his body in preparation for viewing his "based" movie. The flutter of his fedora as he tips ecstatically as Deakins pans shots in great numbers like one of his video game cutscenes. The sound of him vibrating at the hot pocket resonance every time "based" meme actor is on screen.

It is the most depraved video game infantilized manchild degeneracy. It is saturday morning cartoon. It is non-neurotypicality. It is memes. It is video game. It is tarantino. It is imdb. It is coca-cola puberty. it is axe body spray. it is a white stain on boxer shorts. it is arri alexa hot dog caffeine on disney channel.
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
did you miss the ending
But Nolan's shlock was fun to watch sometimes. Calling Villeneuve, Nolan 2.0, is really insulting to average shlock movies.
Nolan 0.5 more like.
I agree actually. He's the guy you call up when you want the safest possible choice. Same case but slightly different hardware every time, except it's always from the same manufacturer.
what an absolute pompous cock bag you must be. Didn't think much of BR2049 but I ain't reading all your cry baby shit about it either.
nods slowly

File: IMG_20191116_175729.jpg (135 KB, 1200x800)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
Supernatty Saturday edition
15 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: deanrabbitsfoot.jpg (19 KB, 281x374)
19 KB
got an exam today wish me luck boys
Breaking news: Eileen's stupid lispy deaf girl voice has come around from annoying to sexy for me
Good luck lad
You should watch the show while it's still on, Beckyfag

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