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Your name is Shu, and as the smell of a fresh breakfast wafts by you while the Fleshscape’s ever-present dawn shines outside the bay windows of the Dragon’s Roost, you’re sure of one thing;

It’s going to be a good day.

Everyone except Rath and November are gathered at the bar or the dining table, a freshly-carved Amalgam whittled down to the bones by Dorian’s crystalline scythes and now spread among several plates that rest before The Barbers and Francine, seated at the table. Sia and the good doctor are engaged in what appears to be a civil (if heated) discussion, while Rosa and Sugar are eagerly awaiting the plates served up by your artists and Betty behind the bar. Amara’s the first of your family to run up to you since emerging from your room, the past several hours spent engaging in some much-overdue quality time with Gina.

“Hey, what’d I miss?” You ask with a smile as the little girl throws her arms around your waist, nearly bowling you over before staring up at you with her big two-tone eyes and an enthusiastic grin.

“I was training super hard all night, just like you!”

“That’ grea…"

You freeze, a hard lump forming in your throat as the girl’s car-ears twitch.


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>Sam, with resolute body and fragile mind, wanders East to find the ruins of what once was. The trudge of artificial legs takes her across the Envious City, through a forest of bones, over a dead puppeteer’s lonely playground, and finally to a place of cruel memory.

A trip down past adventures. I'd also like to see Isabelle's interaction with the roomies, though we have had her POV a couple of times before already.

Second/Third choice would be Tau, followed by Alpha, Sugar, and Ivey in that order.

I see that Ash and Bridget have been removed from the choices.
>My sincerest apologies for not answering these sooner
Dont worry about it i could guess you were probably pretty busy. That season is not as busy over here but it is busier than normal so ii can not even imagine what this season is like over in the US

>She crossed it well before Shu’s awakening, since she’d been traveling for some time before her team died out, one by one

Okay neat. That gives mme a rough idea on when Mina could enconuter her and her friends

As for Supplemental Questionss:

What were Zahira friends roughly concernign their abilities? just their general major corruption and powerset to include them in a fight.

I guess my inspiration for some of the enemys i used are kind obvious now. Did you figure out what they were for the ?

Is the Idea of a daughter playing Iron Hearts (like the self declared Queen of Frankfurt) kinda out there or is that a scenario you could have envisioned like this?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

(Yeah, the other Anon brought up a good point in that they're still a little too close to the current conflict for comfort. Perhaps at a later date, since they're fun characters that I'd still like to take a look at.)
Hmm, some good options, I'd love to see them all. But okay, let's see which ones I definitely want to see.

>>Charon and Ringo travel with an ever-expanding pack, spreading the good word and gathering allies for what is to come…all the while pondering an uncertain future and reflecting upon regrets of the past.
I'm always interested in these two. One's an alien demigod trying to atone for their past failures. The other's a hyperdimensional being that loves belly rubs. Together, they fight crime!

>>West Tau is making last-minute preparations in advance of Prime's ascension when she has two unexpected guests; one that inspires fear, and one that inspires something far more unsettling for the cold Doctor.
What scares the boogeyman? And what's even worse for them than fear?

>>The Midnight Crew’s latest job from a quirky employer leads them to Carroll’s Forest, and they quickly find themselves faced with echoes of a past best left forgotten.
How are those girls doing? Let's check in on them.
>B'ni's new roommates are proving to be terribly overbearing, aggressively conversational, unapologetically brash, and unfailingly blunt...which may be exactly what she needs.

>Sam, with resolute body and fragile mind, wanders East to find the ruins of what once was. The trudge of artificial legs takes her across the Envious City, through a forest of bones, over a dead puppeteer’s lonely playground, and finally to a place of cruel memory.

>West Tau is making last-minute preparations in advance of Prime's ascension when she has two unexpected guests; one that inspires fear, and one that inspires something far more unsettling for the cold Doctor.

Previous Path:

So what is this story about? What's happening?

You play as a Duke, rescued from imprisonment by a powerful evil demon lady. You were doomed to rot and die in a cell far from home, but this demon woman found you and set you free for some reason.
You're now traveling back to the capital with her in the hopes to recover your wealth.

"Alright Mira, do you have any way to disguise yourself if we go into town? I'm going to see if I can buy some things on credit using my name.. Perhaps you could err.. Dig through the trash to see if we can find some things to sell? Maybe you can find something useful?" You realize now you've just asked some absurd things of her. But she doesn't seem all that upset. She reaches at you, pulling the blanket off you. And fastening it around herself like a cloak. She also takes her black haired, mostly human form.

Now that you're seeing it again. This form seems a little unnatural for her, even if she does blend in better with the humans. With the old blanket over her, she looks like a peddler, or homeless woman. But hopefully that will mean people will leave her alone.
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``Yes they do, you look very pretty Mira.
I hope you are comfortable wearing them. Come, we have some time before supper and I want to show you the bees in our courtyard garden.
>``Yes they do, you look very pretty Mira.
>You could make any dress look good.

File: 3098128390120.jpg (293 KB, 1488x1500)
293 KB
293 KB JPG
Your parents died when you were too young to remember, to an undead attack. Ever since you've been living with your old uncle Chuck in the woods. He doesn't talk much and is very strict. He doesn't have one of his legs, he once told you he was bit by a zombie and there was no priest anywhere nearby to heal him so he had to cut his leg off to not become a zombie himself.
He barely leaves his cabin. A woman called Zephira brings you and him food regularly, it was never clear to you the exact nature of their relationship but as far as you remember she never stayed the night. As you grew, you learned by yourself how to hunt. Your uncle would teach you what things you gathered were good to eat and what were poisonous, but he never went out to gather things or to hunt with you.
One afternoon you were coming back from your hunt hauling a deer when you found your uncle Chuck in the ground breathing unevenly. You drop the deer and run towards him
"My dear nephew, I'm dying... this old heart of mine is failing me! I must tell you the truth about why I hide in this cabin! Yeah, hide! I'm one of the guardians of the Lich King's tomb! See it here?", he says, pulling a big medallion from his chest. You saw it before, but whenever you asked him what was that he would just grunt a non-answer or tell you to mind your own business.

"This is one of the keys needed to unseal the Lich King from his tomb. It was thrice blessed by the high priests and archdruids of a whole bunch of religions. This thing gonna keep the Lich King in place forever... unless someone snag it from me dead body and unlock the old creep from his grave."

"The ownership of these keys can only be transferred through death kiddo. When I zerch out here, this thing will belong to you. Now, this place here has been enchanted by fairies to hide my ass. That's why I never leave the cabin. But once you become the new owner, it will ping in the magical radar of every evil necromancer in a 4000 miles radius that the key to the tomb of their master is once again on the loose. You gotta flee from here kiddo, and fast. Check the cabin, the old chest I told you never to open, here's the key. In there you'll find my old adventuring gear, I hope it will fit you. You'll also find a map, in it I've marked the places where the others retired to. I know, it's a huge breach in security, you find one you find all, the wizard would have my head if he knew I did something this foolish, but what is done is done kiddo. Find my old companions, tell them your key is exposed. They'll figure out a way to protect you, at least until some more permanent arrangement can be made to find you a good hideout. The tomb can't be opened without all the seven keys. Ugh... I feel it...the life is leaving me... I'm dying... kiddo remember to... always carry... some holy water and .... some healing potions... with you....those fucking zombies... argh my heart..."
23 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The belt currently holds the potions
Even the holy water?
Well can we shoot the crossbow into the guys horses the the bad guy if we can't see him to hamper his escape?

Also make very darn sure about the map, its better to burn it than to let it fall into enemy hands.
It holds both and we don’t have a crossbow, just a regular bow.
>> Throw the heavy chest through a window to save it from the fire

File: Elegy thread 3.png (641 KB, 1200x1200)
641 KB
641 KB PNG
You are Arthur Bernhard, 20 year old university student, target of an organization of alchemists and wielder of the Power of Destruction.
Yesterday morning, you were attacked by a hulking monster of a man and were forced to flee your home. You then met with your long time friend, Shirley Renard, who revealed herself to be a Vampire Hunter. She also revealed that you are being targeted by a group of Alchemists for reasons she herself is unaware of.
Later you met the mysterious Theresia Gotthelf, a mute girl who has attempted to stay by your side from the moment you met her.
You decided that the three of you would stay in a hotel, which came under attack by a group you presume to have been sent by the alchemists.
During an attempt to shut off a magical circle, you were knocked unconscious and met a man made of shadows within your dream, who offered you a portion of "your power".
You accepted. You then went on to help Shirley defeat the demon attacking the hotel before deciding to stay in a hideout Shirley knew about, the receptionist, a girl called Holly asked to come along, which you allowed. The hideout in question turned out to be a huge underground bunker. Currently, you are attacking the alchemists at their base, a large mansion, alongside both Shirley and Theresia.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=WhatIsAQM

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/zZKZAjgU

Last Thread: >>3885926
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Landing next to you, Shirley's voice is all too casual. "You asked me to activate it, right? Well this is usually the fastest way to do that. Speaking from experience."

"Don't you care that you just put yourself in harms way to solve something that could've been done in a safer manner?" Though saying this somewhat reminds you of your own recklessness in trying to open that sealed door earlier today, at least you were driven by curiosity. Shirley meanwhile put herself in clear danger just as a shortcut.

"Oh come on, It wasn't that dangerous. I had plenty of time to dodge it." Seems that she kind of missed your point. You can't really understand why she wouldn't care about senselessly putting her life at risk, and you doubt you'll get a decent enough explanation from her right now.

You look her in the eye, noting her nearly blank expression as you do "We'll talk more about this later, Shirley, for now let's just go through the next door." The three of you step over the now defunct trap, thankfully, there are no more traps in the corridor, and you quickly reach the ornate marble entrance to the next room, a far cry from the rest of the hall. Shirley pushes the solid looking doors open, with you close behind.

"Ah, so you've finally reached me." The familiar voice of the man who spoke to you remotely greets you. The source of the voice is a young brown haired man, perhaps a year or two younger than you are sitting at a desk and looking at you, his piercing green eyes are focused on you with a mixture of interest and anticipation. Behind him are mutiple monitor screens showing footage from the rooms you just passed through set in some sort of brass and wood display. The rest of the room is far more like the first room, except there's no abundance of dolls.

You almost overlook her but there's also a frail looking black haired girl sitting in the corner of the room, she seems to be entirely uninterested in your intrusion, and doesn't even raise her head to look at you.

"So, why have you come to attack me anyway? I don't remember doing anything to you, and and while you breaking into my wing of the mansion and smashing my things is irritating, I'd rather we just spoke about this without resorting to violence." The man's question is surprising, either he's lying, or these alchemists aren't nearly as coordinated as you first assumed. From his perspective, if he's being truthful, you three would seem like tresspassers, after all.

>He's lying, attack when he doesn't expect it!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Answer the man and ask him questions of your own (I seem to be being targeted by someone from your... organization, using golems. Would you know anything about that?)
Supporting >>3930054
this >>3930054
File: 1541626669957.png (354 KB, 585x875)
354 KB
354 KB PNG
Man I'm gonna lose my shit if it turns out these alchemists were being set up by the real baddies.

File: Asia Argento Pic.png (854 KB, 633x848)
854 KB
854 KB PNG
Asia Argento, Exorcist of the Catholic Church. Once excommunicated, she now wields the powerful blade known as Excalibur. Recently she has slain another dragon, making it the second soul she has consumed. With another ally in the form of Shirone, Asia must prepare to face the leader of most dragons, Ouroboros.

Journal Entry VIII

It has been a while since writing in this book, and a few things has happened. The afternoon after my previous entry I met a Devil by the name of Shirone. She is a small girl, about the same size as myself. While she is a Devil the girl has found a possible faith in God and forsaken her master. So she has joined me, though I wish there was a chance we could rid her of such a curse.

After about a week later, yesterday, we faced down a Dragon. He was prideful, and told us a great many things we would not have known beforehand. We triumph against him though, and I consumed his Soul for myself.

With that, I plan to look more into whoever this Ouroboros is, as he is the leader of these Dragons. It worries me that he would be so willing to work with the Devil’s drags.

Asia has acquired a Dragon Soul, chose a Shout for her to learn. I suggest Dragon Aspect.

Choose two of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

Asia has gained 400 xp from the previous events. What should she invest points into?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I don't think there's anything Asia needs to know from them
Hell we didn't even need many of them so i think the jobs done?
Taking a moment I slowly created and formed the circle around the knocked out bodies of the Devils. Shirone looked towards it with a monotone expression, her eyes darting between them.

I finally finished the making of the circle, and kneeled down in prayer. As I did so the circle began to glow with a powerful force, light soon flooding the room just as it had before. Within the next moment, the three Devils had disappeared without much of a fus.

The light died down as I finished the prayer.

“So… thats it?” Shirone said while coming over to help me up.

I gave a nod, “Yeah, I believe so.”

“Hmm, it feels like something is missing.” Shirone said with a slight tilt to the head.

I shrugged, “It is not really our place to do otherwise, we should start heading home.”

With that we made our way outside, and I quickly turned Excalibur into a Motorcycle. I got myself on, then help Shirone do the same. Once I felt her arm around me I revved the engine and we rode out.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I got a crazy week coming up, so I'll be taking a break. Hope you all have a nice day and hope to see you next week!
Thanks for running QM. Have a nice day too! See you in a week!

File: dark wizard.jpg (75 KB, 855x1156)
75 KB
The forgotten lands were once dominated by a powerful race of serpentfolk, the Nagarians who were known for their vast knowledge and powerful sorcery, ruling a massive swath of land for almost a millenia. One day they mysteriously disappeared, leaving their buildings and material possessions behind. It is known now as the great vanishing

Its taken months for word of great vanishing to spread outside the former Nagarian lands, by merchants, finding empty trading posts and fisherman fishing off their coasts unopposed….

Settlers, refugees, looters and all manner of folk have now been drawn to rich productive lands, now uninhabited, as well as treasure, artifacts and knowledge left behind….

Who are your people and where did they come from?

Human refugees- The lands of Bedwyr, forever in turmoil, led to the gathering of an expedition of volunteers to settle the new lands across the silver sea, along the way the gathered colonists decided to sign the Briezh compact, agreeing to stand together in the forgotten lands...

Pop growth- medium(4%/year)
Bonuses- Seamanship, Combat
82 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Can we do two actions as long as once action dosnt take all our resouces?
Right now due to the size of our group and our level of organization we only have one action a turn.
Ok makes sense.

>build on the old nagaeian shrine turning it into a proper HQ.
Good place for bureaucracy is nessesary.
>A. Dig a ring trench lined with sharpened stakes around the hill, and build several watchtowers in strategic locations
Need a tie breaker here

File: Black.png (7 KB, 305x165)
7 KB
You are the black void.
You know nothing.

155 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
Except that Syt is disappearing because she used too much of her energy on her main concept

Everyone is growing so quickly, I'm sure they'll learn to support each other soon if they haven't already.

Mfx, Xiz, and Zev seem almost independent, though I wonder about them sometimes... Syt will need our help or another's for now. Zyb too though perhaps enough time has passed that I'm not sure.
I'm debating whether or not we should introduce the concept of food to them. Especially with the ramifications of making life specifically fated to be nothing but mindless cattle.
I just hope Zev doesn't pull some shit just to experiment.

File: OP.png (162 KB, 800x800)
162 KB
162 KB PNG
Greetings adventurer, it has been sometime hasn’t it? Over two years if I remember correctly. Much has changed in the world of Abulon is your absence, but the same cannot be said about you Varufion, The Great Warlock of the East (if you are to be believed).

You remain in the same spot you found yourself in last, having just shaved a squirrel bare with your warlock abilities. The squirrel is long gone however, you are all by yourself in the Pelbourne Forest.

What would you like to do?

>I’ll give you some choices, just because it’s been so long. Feel free to ignore them.

>Return to the town of Shamlow, the place you began your adventure
>Continue deeper into the forest
>Head to Craigeburne castle, home of Lord Feldwick
>Something else (write-in)
17 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Look downstairs. If hes not there, head upstairs
If the lord is dead i say we declare ourselves as the new lord
File: 7.png (167 KB, 720x739)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
>Downstairs, then upstairs

You step down the stone stairs, using your warlock abilities to light a path. You’ve entered into the dungeon, and it’s just as derelict as the rest of this place. A few of the iron bars have begun to rust, with at least one gate already fallen off it’s hinges. You peer to and fro adventurer, trying to make out anything of interest in the darkness.

Squinting into a cell, you see a collection of bones in a vaguely humanoid formation in the corner. Looking closer, they are far too small to be an adult human, more like a child. It’s surrounded by worn and tattered rags, all covered in either dust or spider webs. That’s enough of that, you decide, leaving the dungeon. Perhaps you’ll find something nicer upstairs.

The first hint you get to the fate of Lord Feldwick is an awful stench emanating from behind a fine wooden door. You find what’s left of him at a desk, his corpse rotting in his seat. From what you can tell he must have starved to death as he’s mostly bone. Pinching your nose, you look over the desk. Maps of the area are strewn about, his kingdom. Across them are manic marks in ink, with words such as ‘LOST’ or ‘GOBLIN’ thrown about almost at random.

This is quite the development, what next?

>Tell the peasants the fate of Lord Feldwick and await their reaction
>Guess you’re the lord now
>Hightail it, this has nothing to do with you
>Something else (write-in)
>Tell the peasants the fate of the lord, while proclaiming ourselves as the new lord
Some renovation, helping with the goblin problem, recruiting some capeable men, and we should have a nice little realm in no time
File: 8.png (177 KB, 800x800)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
>Tell the peasants the fate of the lord, while proclaiming ourselves as the new lord

The peasant’s reaction to the fate of Lord Feldwick is a numbing affair. No one appears particularly surprised, but the futility of their position has finally set in. The atmosphere around the tents is grim. The final candle of hope has been snuffed out.

You do your best to inspire confidence within the people by announcing yourself as the new lord of Craigeburne castle. Your proclamation shocks some, but for many does little to avail the confirmation that Feldwick is dead. The mood is bringing you down, so you choose not to display another act of warlockish awesomeness.

You retire to the castle, none of the peasants stake a claim to it. You enter one of the bedrooms that litter the first floor, it would feel wrong to sleep in the master bedroom while the old master decomposes a few doors down. While you clean the room out, you have time to think about your future plans.

What is your priority for tomorrow adventurer?
>Clean up the castle
>Powwow with the peasants
>Gather intel on the goblins
>Something else (write-in)
>Raise a little militia and clear out goblins
Gathering support should be our priority. When the crowd loves us we can use more of our warlockery to make this castle amazing

File: BRRRR at best.jpg (136 KB, 1191x670)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
In the aftermath of a tragic combine harvester accident that the Monsanto corporation is struggling to bury despite webcam footage, nine faggots were given supernatural powers by the God of Chaos and sent into Isekai-land to provide entertainment since he burned through his anime backlog. Once they arrived, they froze their asses off, slew nearly twenty zombies, and (accidentally) destroyed a temple to the Goddess of Healing through the power of Saint Michael.

During the middle of the fight, a tenth Isekai victim crawled out of the ruins, disoriented but quickly brought up to speed. Shortly after, two others nearly died and a warrior's wounds underwent a recovery that was nothing short of miraculous. Not having anywhere else to go, the surviving cultists decided to accompany our intrepid heroes, edgy antiheroes, blatant vigilantes, apathetic hangers-on, and potential villains held back only by the rest of the party on their journey to the city of Taedmorden.

It is after approximately one and a half weeks of almost starving in the snow and wishing more of them were experienced campers that we resume our quest. They may think that nothing is amiss, but unbeknownst to them, a surprise weighing multiple hundreds of tons awaits in their path. It is a questionable decision, not helped by the combine harvester's insistence on going in a loop. Holy shit.

>The Archive:
1500 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
Then I guess you better steer clear of most of us. We became criminals after encountering the first sign of civilization.
Why does the guild sanction rogues? It's a class with criminal prerequisites and bonuses to commiting crimes.
To act as scouts and check for traps and the like I presume.
There are official subclasses with theif in the name.

Honestly, I'm more surprised it didn't happen sooner.

You are SCP 999, a blobby mass of joy and happiness for all! And it's a brand new day!

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=999+Quest
Stats: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hpqnngsKkabt5aRreo8vj4LiQNGDwSBO7vmM4Q808G8/
69 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I'm thinking about jumping into its soulspace and btw abiloty to jump in and clean up souls has huge significance in WoD
Indeed it does. Which is going to lead to some interesting times later on.

Anyway, roll me a 3d100.
Rolled 70, 30, 36 = 136 (3d100)

Rolled 75, 45, 15 = 135 (3d100)

Rolled 90, 70, 37 = 197 (3d100)

>jump into a vampire
>kill the beast in soulspace
>Salburi clan 2.0

-Vivian and David Darkbloom met with family arch-patriarch Clay Darkbloom, who's suing them. David had some choice words for his elderly father.
-Things at the Nail House kicked off lewd: Alabaster had some fun with Cerise, Whitney, Alex, and Smatters; Amber had some fun with Noelle and Rose2; then Renee played mistress with a hapless Alabaster.
-At DBA, Alabaster encountered Chloe and taught her the joys of putting American meat in her mouth. Uh, hamburgers, that is.
-After a diversion into ribbing Whitney about her childhood photos, Alabaster and the others interrogated David about the lighthouse. He speculates that it is not a physical structure but a powerful network, separate from the worldwide web; a platform to rival Sand Reckoner. He suggested that it might be best to let the mystery remain at that.
-In a one-on-one conversation, David defended his past actions, and admitted to Alabaster that he was behind the death of Congressman Isstein. It seems David's old tendency towards megalomania is ascendant.
-Charlotte invited Alabaster to a production of King Lear at the local theater, an offer Alabaster reluctantly accepted -- bringing along Rose and Mom, and dragging along Cerise and Gal.
-Cerise was accosted in the lobby by an ostensible political supporter who turned out to be a /csg/ degenerate. Alabaster's reaction to him was... disproportionate.
-During the play, Alabaster bullied Mom and Rose -- with the enthusiastic assistance of Cerise, Gal, and Charlotte.
-Left to her own devices, Amber hit on the idea of visiting Chloe's condo. They traded barbed words. When Chloe's uncle and the rest of the board at Broad Dynamics arrived, it seemed that Amber was about to get spirited away and become a medical test subject for the Chinese...
-...Until Chloe threw a wrench into things by slitting her uncle's throat and forcing the rest of the board to kowtow to her.
-Chloe warned Amber of an attack on some of the other haremites: a caravan of Russians planning to run Whitney's limo off the freeway.
-Amber rounded up the posse -- Will and David -- and plunged headlong into danger.
-In a frenzied chase/shootout, team harem prevailed (with an assist from StuCo also-ran Auburn). During the chaos, one of the Russians let slip their true aim: to take Rose2, who they believe can lead them to the location of the lighthouse.
-None of the Russians survived the violence, leaving behind more questions than answers.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
662 replies and 151 images omitted. Click here to view.
>it seems like a good place to leave his story arc.
On the plus side, even if it all goes to shit for us from here, Snackleford got off the train at the right point. He doesn't have any connection to DBA anymore.

Maybe that's why he has no hard feelings about the firing, his life expectancy has just shot through the roof.
Thank you for these posts, Anonymous-tachi. They were exactly the kick in my ass I needed to push me out of the doldrums I've been in. If fucking Stackleford can make it, so can all of us.
>We must suffer the pain of “Snackleford-sensei” to enjoy the divine pleasure of a phrase like “bunny cunny”.
No on all counts
File: Boyd-sensei.jpg (32 KB, 474x355)
32 KB
You are Boyd Stackleford, 22 years old, real anime nigga and beloved teacher who just can't seem to get a break...

That's the proper takeaway. Go for it and become the kind of guy that deserves a fit girl like Whitney. We're all gonna make it, brah.

File: field_of_swords.png (499 KB, 800x600)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
Magic has returned to the world. Miracles are commonplace, beasts and dungeons have spawned everywhere and mystery has died. Empires have risen through the turmoil and adventurers are the norm. There’s no chance for peace in the new world.

You are Wilhem the Blacksmith, a newly minted adventurer who entered the Yorktown dungeon. Last time, you made a mysterious set of armor named Nanook, took the first steps into creating a blacksmith shop and started dungeon crawling to kill some monsters and make some goodies to sell. You and your partner Elisheba were attacked by a group of Goblins who seem to be backed by a mage.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=GlassStarQM
Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/u/GlassStarQM
165 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
1. Kill the remaining Goblin Shaman
roll a 1d100

DC 30
Rolled 41 (1d100)

I'll get the low roll out of the way
Rolled 55 (1d100)

Rolled 41 (1d100)

Big gobbos is probably being buffed up by the shamans.

File: freelancers 11 hellcat op.jpg (323 KB, 1091x1091)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
Freelancers is a tactical combat game where each player controls their own character in battle against xeno scum. Clad yourself in powered armor, take up your gun and blade, and join the fight to reclaim your homeworld.

New and returning players are welcome.

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>West*3, Northwest*1, North*2, West*1
>Change Magnum Rune to (Smart Rune)
>Overwatch South East

Name : Sam McArthur
Class : Drifter
Level 1

Heath : 5/7
Mobility : 7
Armor : 0 / 1

Start :

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Name: Roland Barrett
Class: Drifter
Level: 1
HP: 7 || MB: 7 || AR: 1
[Powers] || Deadeye: Attacks have +1 accuracy and +1 critchance. || Steady Hand: The next attack after {Stay Down} gains +2 acc.
[Weapons] || Scout Rifle: Range, 25. 2 dmg, (1+1+1) acc, (0+1) crit. || Sword: Melee. 3 dmg, (1+1) acc, (1+1) crit.
[Gear] || Smart Rune: +1 acc to Scout Rifle. || Shadow Cloak: Ignored by {Overwatch}. +2 def.

> Movement || Move [W]x3. [NW]x2, [N]x1.
> Fire Scout Rifle on target @ [SW]x1, [E]x17. [Acc: (3)+2], [Dmg: (2)], [Crit: (1)]

>Jump 4
>Move 1 E
>Rocketcharge from air in line SE of me to Scarab 9
Name : Valdus Mihr
Class : Knight
Level 3

Heath : 8/9
Mobility : 5
Armor : 1 / 2H

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>Move (M) NE2, N5
>Security Protocol (S) -> Scarab 10
>The Hard Way (A) -> Scarab 10
>Aegis (R) -> Sergi

=== Solaaris | Priest (Knight) | Lvl 7 ===
HP: 7/7 [Biotic Vest]
MOB: 8 [Phase Boots]
BAR: 0
IMMUNE: Infest

- Medic Protocol: +1 Kit Slot. Kits have 5x Range and Remote. [Baseline Power]
- Orbital Judgement (A, C0): Range Any, Area 2, 4 Pure Damage.

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Rolled 2 (1d10)


File: Lost-city-Iraq.jpg (148 KB, 1249x700)
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148 KB JPG
We have been nurtured by two great rivers, Via's Twins, for generations. The Gods have revealed themselves to us through knowledge, and today we are finally able to plant the foundations of our first settlement. Our first tents, made of hide and fastened by reeds, have been settled close to Via's Son, the westmost river, but we are not so far from Via's Daughter, over to the east.

Our people will dedicate the settlement to one of the Gods. What shall we name it?
>Suur. Children of Su, the Sun God. Su was the first to show himself to us, and washed us with warmth since the Beginnings.
>Iaur. Children of Ia, the Goddess of Earth. Ia gave us land to walk upon, with its many forms and shapes.
>Mour. Children of Mo, the God of Night. Mo hangs in the sky and sheds light upon the darkness.
>Hozur. Children of Hoz, the God of Agriculture. Hoz is the son of Su and Ia, and dwells within fertile lands, hoping to meet his lover, Via, and have the fruit they bear fill our hungry stomachs.
>Viaur. Children of Via, the Goddess of Rivers. Via is the second daughter of Mo and she dwells within all the worlds' rivers. She is the lover of Hoz.
>Maerur. Children of Maer, the Goddess of Seas. Maer is the first daughter of Mo and dwells within the worlds' seas.


Welcome to Raw Beginnings. Our "tribe" is a member of the Metur culture, which is spread all the way throughout the plain, fertile river banks of Via's Twins. They believe in the Natural Pantheon, Gods tied to natural phenomena which reveal themselves as they find newer technologies. This is a relatively freeform civ where we advance rapidly (very rapidly) through the ages of metals, confront other tribes over resources and land, and hopefully dominate our local area in one way or another.

Currently, I don't have much planned out. The objective of this civ is to test out the system I prepared for a Mesopotamia-style civ, to see if I've successfully included all the technology, resources, and stats necessary for a proper civ.

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Explore up north
>Research a technology. Clay pottery

Time to make some storage pots and the like. Should come in handy with larger harvests.
>>Build something. (Specify)
A granary
New tradition: our young men and children will be taught SPORTS

Shieldwall is played with rectangular wooden shields. The boys line up in teams and take turns breaking through each others' formation to reach the other team's goalpost.

Dodgespear is played with wooden shafts tipped with some sort of soft padded ball. Teams of 5 stand 15-30 yards apart and have a limited space to move in. They start with a shield and 3 spears each and eliminate each other by scoring hits. There's a no man's land between the zones of play that one player on each team can enter at a time to retrieve spears, and melee eliminations are only allowed between 2 players in no man's land.

There will be competitions for the older teams, and consistently victorious teams and their captains will be rewarded and honored. Players will need helmets and shields to play, making these common items in every household.
Sunday in less than 3 hours, OP not present in two days.
Checks out.

File: Child of a Dead Empire OP.png (251 KB, 2000x2000)
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251 KB PNG
Twenty years ago- years before you were even born, your homeworld repelled an alien invasion which arrived with no warning, no declaration, no communication. The invaders killed tens of thousands of your people before they all suddenly died- killed by their own ships.

Your first meeting with a real Valkan seems to have gone rather well. At the very least she didn't try to kill you. It's a shame that she didn't have the time to teach you the Art for now, but you've got a plan for the next month or so now....


You can read the previous threads here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=COADE
(Thanks to whoever archived the previous thread)

Name: Tiiris Elson
Appearance: Sixteen year-old girl. Blonde hair, and very similar looking to her mother. While her mother was a beautiful woman, though, the features of her daughter are just slightly ‘off’. Her face is a little long, her eyes lidded, the nose slightly crooked, cheeks gaunt.
Personality: Becoming more ambivalent towards the Valkans and unsure of how to reconcile her ingrained dislike of them with her status as one of them. Bit of a curious sort, doesn't run away from her hallucinations.
Life: Works at a bookstore for some extra money. Has a brain condition where if she focuses on something with complex detail for too long, her brain begins to ‘fail’ and can't process all the information, causing her view of the world to fade out and wash away.


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>>In the offices that overlook the show floor. There was probably all sorts of loose room above their ceiling tiles.
>>In the offices that overlook the show floor. There was probably all sorts of loose room above their ceiling tiles
>"It was in the back of his closet, along with a pair of bell-bottom jeans and a sequin-"
>"I stick out a lot." You mumble, pushing your squeaky little janitor cart along. Other than your baggy, ill-fitting overalls, you have on an old oversized t-shirt and a field cap you found laying around the house.
This plan is so much better than I could have imagined.

>In the offices that overlook the show floor. There was probably all sorts of loose room above their ceiling tiles.
>In the basement. Out of the way, plenty of nooks and crannies behind equipment and other crap in storage.
>In the basement. Out of the way, plenty of nooks and crannies behind equipment and other crap in storage.

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