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File: cloudshout.png (49 KB, 400x400)
49 KB
A fantasy RPG
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>Don't be a dick and break the stone anyway or something.
The stone is illegal, that is part of her crimes. Crashing the economy with inflation and destabilizing the whole regions IS a serious crime. And that is what she wants to do with that stone, or a better one.

Salaman aided a member of a criminal organization that kindsnaps citizens from a nearby city by using mercenaries, utilices illegal arcane arts and experiments on humans. And pretty sure that the Archduke wanted to use adventurers to soleve the evil wizards problem. And it can even be considered an extension to the previous quest, that was state sanctioned.
>I feel kind of bad the way the story turned recently.
Don't, it's still a great quest.

>I'll avoid betrayal plot points in Seeker Quest for the forseeable future. And use them more thoughtfully in future quests.
This is a fine take away though.

Salaman's decision seemed abrupt, like I felt we should have had more of an opportunity to sway him by coming up with something. But otherwise, I had zero issue with it.
>Crashing the economy with inflation and destabilizing the whole regions IS a serious crime.
...with molybdenum. Whatever you say Officer. I'm just saying that she came through with info, so breaking the stone would make us a dick. A Leagal Beagle Dick, but a dick. And being a law enforcement dick might be what you think Christof is all about, but I disagree.

>Salaman aided a member of a criminal organization that
Gonna stop you there, Officer.
He helped his sister. He didn't help the organization. Also, "aided" is a pretty liberal term.
Settle down Judge Dredd, you're in the wrong quest.
>with molybdenum
well I mean she was *trying* to make gold

Christof deciding between upholding the law or keeping his implied promise to not destroy the stone if she cooperates seems like two possible in-character choices.

Oh and thanks for your advice too.
I can forgive ulric, we shouldn't have even escalated that fight. But salaman just turned around and started casting at us like it was nothing.

My biggest concern is what would happen to us if we failed to win this fight? Taken prisoner and experimented on? This isn't just some rough housing.

Deep within a dungeon, where patches of moss grow thick and the roots of trees pierce the old rocks, is an old chamber. As long as you can remember no one has entered here, any traces of human activity obscured by the dust of time, leaving you all alone in this figurative limbo.

You are the most valuable, and only, treasure here. Who are you? And what is your form?

> A spirit of a great hero, your feats told as legends, and now, stories.
> A spirit of a malevolent demon that once terrorized the land, forgotten over the ages.
> An artificial spirit, made by a god who's unknown to you.
> Other


> A sword
> A spear
> A bow
> An amulet

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I will change my vote:

> Ask her to take you

"If you would, take me with you," you said, surprising the girl. "I think it's time for me to be in the hands of someone else."

"But I can't take you like that! It would be, how do I say it, weird? Weird for a girl to have such a weapon."

"Think of it as granting me a favor," you reasoned. "I helped you from those bandits, and in return, take me as your possession."

It took a while to break through the humbleness of the girl, but she relented, grabbing onto your form and carrying you between her arms.

"I haven't said my name did I?" she mentioned.

"No, I don't think so."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Tell her to stop and find something that could help her

> Tell her to stop and find something that could help her

Other: "Keep ourself vigilante never knows if the three brigards or someone/something else might appear."
> Just watch

Give her some time

File: emeraldGem2000.jpg (207 KB, 550x466)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
CRYSTAL GEM edition.

Cast factbook here (includes individual proficencies, Quirks, and basic personality assessments): https://pastebin.com/XJQtqAc0
Roll-under system, doubles are critical successes and failures.
Write-ins are encouraged, but QM has final say.
> You are Joshua Sheen, first-year student at Skyrock Academy with a body made of crystal. Your team is currently playing Villains in a training exercise. While your leader, David, is off trying to break into a safe to acquire the third of three key-cards needed to open the target vault, you and Rebecca were left behind to bear the brunt of the Heroes; namely, Totenkopf and Lighthouse.

Team 1:
-Henrietta Bonney, AKA "Oakley"
-Walter Clarkson, AKA "Dreammaker"
-Ryan Ferris, AKA "Totenkopf"
-William Kane, AKA "Strigoi"
-Apollo Jones, AKA "Lighthouse"
Team 2:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>Attack Lighthouse while he's distracted
>Attack Lighthouse while he's distracted
If he manages to get to Rebecca, she'll be hard pressed to retaliate since Lighthouse's flashes will blind her.
>Attack Lighthouse while he's distracted
We have an advantage against Lighthouse, and we can use his quirk against him.
"My code-name is MISTER LUSTROUS, thank you!" You bull-rush Lighthouse, your front gleaming and flawless.

>Roll 1d100. 60 or under passes, need two out of three.
Rolled 27 (1d100)

Lighthouse? More like, Lights Out!

You are 999, a blobby mass of joy and happiness for all! And currently you are traversing an expanse of light in the company of your friends.

List of (most of) your current Traits/Skills/Trinkets/Friends&Enemies/Unknowns: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DTotahWWAV6ZsE9tjkoC82psDp-gm2R64OzuK1Euq9I/edit?usp=sharing
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Roll a 2d100 for your attack against the archangel.
Rolled 63, 58 = 121 (2d100)

121. If other votes come in by morning/afternoon that are higher than this, then I'll go with them. But if this is it, then I'll just go ahead and write.
Rolled 92, 72 = 164 (2d100)

Rolled 78, 43 = 121 (2d100)


File: character-1000000789.jpg (102 KB, 1080x1351)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Everything happened so fast. Before all of this, you were Freya Godsblood, princess of Ordamark, and you were the most beautiful women in the land. But everything changed for you, as you've caught the eye of the Dark Lord Lazarus Drack who, seeing you, decided to claim you as his wife.

Now, you're his Empress, the Dark Queen Freya Drack, and your reign has just begun.
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and with those three roll. we have :
69+12 = 81
writing plus : >>3099486
Love it.

You're right, It's just that either I didn't think about it first, for obvious reason, or I couldn't use my phone. So for now except similar difficulties for the week end. I hope they won't burn my shit, maybe I should go back to my parents up north.
I love it that you love it QM keep up the good work
Next update tomorrow 10am paris time.
maybe put in something like call me mistress when she gets spanked to establish dominance above her and call her a bad and or good girl when she listen and learns her place

You are John Hoelscher and you've just returned after helping a Burn Team finish purging a Blight Incursion that you witnessed begin. It got brutal near the end, as between the Blight's attempts to turn the infested Ruins into a death trap and getting caught up in an active Sigil that predated most civilizations you were riding by the skin of your teeth most of the time, but you managed to pull through.

And now you're back in Shirahoro, with the soul of an Ancient named Lily in your back pocket.

It's been one of those weeks.


Character Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lvqwQrtQ_YFvsVdcKJbSEAgpyZi9QrfJfnh_UDzvPKw/edit?usp=sharing
Previous Threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Artificer%20Quest
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Storyteller_QM
Discord: https://discord.gg/WA5wRv3
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>Warn Lily about Archmage's background then let her do what she wants for the night. You'll need to clean up and change now if you still want to drop in on Sierra.
Ok, she's a big robot girl, she can make her own decisions.
Warn her about Archmage’s affiliation, but also tell her we’ve worked with him before and he seemed an alright guy, also a few words about the mafia so she knows what to expect.
I'll switch to:
> Warn Lily about Archmage's background then let her do what she wants for the night. You'll need to clean up and change now if you still want to drop in on Sierra.
> Talk shop with Lily, get her up to speed on Shirahoro and her unique nature, and maybe make plans to do a diagnostic and see how much she'll need to learn in terms of self maintenance.
>Warn her about archmage's background.

Then i suggest we ask her not to get in trouble and we can tell her about the world when we get bac., Also give her a basic name and description of whoever is a friend and likely to stop by the shop. she may decide to stay in.

File: ImperialWarlords.jpg (398 KB, 1200x787)
398 KB
398 KB JPG
The fall of the Empire is nigh, its armies and navies scattered as the leadership is torn apart by factors internal and external. Will you rise out of the ashes of the Empire? Or will you fall alongside it?

>Brief History:
You are Zhorin Ukarme, you were born on the industrial world Corellia, most of your life you tried to escape your home planet to pursue a better life for yourself, you joined the Imperial Navy and worked up the ranks to Captain, which entitled you to your very own Star Destroyer.

You are now Captain of the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer "Vanquisher" and under the command of Admiral Halron of the "Impaler", another Imperial II-class Star Destroyer. Yours, his and many other Star Destroyers are apart of the Death Squadron, Darth Vader's personal fleet.

>4 ABY: The Battle of Endor (Space)

You are currently on the bridge of your ship, all is quiet and calm, your Lieutenant, Zara, is at a navigation terminal plotting out a short patrol route that doesn't interfere with the other Star Destroyers.

An ensign calls out that they are receiving a massive hyperspace signature that isn't imperial based.

Admiral Halron contacts you via your personal Commlink.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 8 (1d100)

>Check with your Lieutenants Cadder and Zara to provide a report of the local battle space and the local disposition of Imperial and Rebel assets
Sensors can give a better idea of the battlespace than simply looking out the window at targets that are hundreds of kilometers away.

And did the other Star Destroyers at least launch their starfighter complements to put up a fighter screen, or are we vulnerable to Rebel fighters and bombers?
Thinking like a true imperial and to find out if they have sent out TIEs, we’ll have to check in with the other ship captains
Rolled 39 (1d100)

>>Check with your Lieutenants Cadder and Zara to provide a report of the local battle space and the local disposition of Imperial and Rebel assets
>Check in with the other ship captains in your vicinity.
Rolled 70 (1d100)

>Check with your Lieutenants Cadder and Zara to provide a report of the local battle space and the local disposition of Imperial and Rebel assets
>send a quick message to Tironous and Darien if they know what has just happened to Halron, and their situation on the battlefield.
>assign some officers to immediately start creating a safe escape plan for the remaining of the imperial fleet/army in the system, to the nearest solar system under imperial control.
>when this plan is finish send it to all ships/troops transport and to the death star too. It s important that the plan will be first controlled by us, before being sent it to the rest of the Imperial forces.
Rolled 30 (1d100)

>Check with your Lieutenants Cadder and Zara to provide a report of the local battle space and the local disposition of Imperial and Rebel assets
>send a quick message to Tironous and Darien if they know what has just happened to Halron, and their situation on the battlefield.
>assign some officers to immediately start creating a safe escape plan for the remaining of the imperial fleet/army in the system, to the nearest solar system under imperial control.
>when this plan is finish send it to all ships/troops transport and to the death star too. It s important that the plan will be first controlled by us, before being sent it to the rest of the Imperial forces.

You are Jeremiah Sol , a newly transferred student to Erebus academy in the elven city state of Nileth. You are doing your best to settle in balancing between your studies, your social life and managing your ever-growing fiances.

You watched your elven friend, Vlan , refusing to duel his arrogant and drunk cousin as it was planned earlier. The White stag had revealed her true identity as a somewhat kind heart gang leader to you after an attempt on both of your lives by an unknown assailant.

Seven years later, the industrial park of Nileth is now open after a radiation disaster which claimed many lives. Finally, in an unexpected turn of event, you went with Miss Gallel -your art teacher- to the aquarium.
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"Me? Nothing. I got nothing to do with her, promise. It is her own fault she couldn't keep up with the rest of us. Still didn't make it to front page but that's fine, The road to the page one is never easy. Now go..."


"Now." You could have just easily walked away or said no but you decided to go along; You kind of owe Yvaal for her supposed help.

You came back to her with less pons and a newspaper in your backpack. She gave you a thumbs up for your valiant efforts to support the news.


"Dude, the industrial park is finally opened."

"Do you think it will be back? after all these years?"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>is finally open
>your elven is still
>Oh wow, thanks. That's real kind of you.
>You went to Vlan's family bookstore for this?
Rolled 2 (1d2)

well it is super late now so we will end it here for now.
thank you for playing even after months of hiatus

Eleven years ago, the warrior race known as the Saiyans were annexed into Emperor Freeza’s army. Since that fateful day, the Saiyans have earned the title of warrior race as Freeza’s soldiers, leading the charge onto hundreds of worlds and facing down all who oppose Lord Freeza’s rule. As mighty conquerors crushing all resistance, the Saiyans have earned their reputation as Freeza’s most powerful subjects. The larger than life tales of the Saiyans, and especially the Super Saiyans, have spread to most every corner of the universe now. With the Covenant’s failed 30,000-warship siege of New Salda televised live across much the civilized universe, as well as your family’s feats in Dreadzone, most everyone now knows the names of your family and what all you can do.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, currently Age 742. You the players control Karn, a Saiyan with a base powerlevel of 1,854,000, a general in Lord Freeza’s army, mate to Meloka, father of five, chosen champion of New Salda, wielder of the Stand Dragon Force, an idol to the other Saiyans and the rest of the PTO, and a household name across the civilized universe.

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/iPAJeGJn
[DRAGON FORCE]: https://pastebin.com/A3nV1kqD
Powerlevels: https://pastebin.com/vPb0wswN
Archive link: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Saiyan+Conqueror+Quest

Quest rules:
>20 minute vote, 3 votes minimum
>Only first 3 correctly rolled die count, best of the 3 wins
>Crits are 100, unless otherwise stated
>A 99 may net you an extra bonus on a roll
>Crit fails will count ONLY if a 1 is rolled and no roll passes DC, OR two 1s are rolled

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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True. And as far as planets go, it depends on the planet itself
Aw man, fuckers wanted Broly to be leader. I missed the vote or I'd vote Chili. Literally our firstborn son but we act like Broly is instead. Fuck. We really need to do so much more stuff with Chili, he needs to be the secret OP child compared to Chaya and Broly getting all the attention
Chilli honestly seems the most level-headed out of all our children.
He might be the first one we teach the energy blade technique depending on how things go.
Something as lethal as that demands a level of discipline that I don't see in Chaya yet and doesn't exist in Broly if he goes Berserk.
Karn ignoring Chili for long amounts of time is going to be a recurring thing
It's not like we do it on purpose.
I really hope he doesn't develop a confidence issue because of this though.
It'd probably be a good idea reaffirm that Karn cares about him even if he's not present all the time.
All he needs to do is ask if he wants to hang out. Hell, he can strike up a conversation with us anywhere in the Galaxy thanks to the telepathy.

File: 1525128208230.png (169 KB, 1155x1479)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
ASOIAF Reincarnation Quest: A Male Powder Fantasy, Thread #21

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/RsQUNkkx
Future Updates and Shitposts (mainly the latter): https://discord.gg/H4z8wcy
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=powder+fantasy
Feudal Assets: https://pastebin.com/AGjdBv9w

1st month of 290 AC

Armament – Pair of Flintlock pistols, an Imperial Sabre, Mastercrafted Flintlock Rifle
Protection – Commissar's Uniform with a Proofed Breastplate
Treasury - 7238 Gold Dragons
Debts - (10 000 GD debt owed to House Stark), (6000 GD owed to you by Stannis Baratheon)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
312 replies and 11 images omitted. Click here to view.
>1. No, he isn't giving any timeframe until he pulls out because he isn't Obama. He is there until he finds his job done.
So he's going to stay until the problem is resolved? How likely is he to be successful and is there any chance of him getting dragged away by the king / his duties elsewhere?

>2. 12 Military power accounts for the cost of a finished product. Of course while it is in production you can design some... extra features to add to it, thus increasing it's cost.
Good to know, if we were to build more in our own lands at a later date and lacked the buildings / specialists specified, would we have a higher cost? Or would we still pay 12 military power.

>3. There is not a lack of one in White Harbor, many masters of their craft do actually live in there and White Harbor is one of the better ports for ship building.

>While you could substitute for this role to an extent, this also means leaving your lands for the duration of the construction.
To be fair, it's not like we are really needed in our lands and any reduction in ship cost / improvement in quality is good when dealing with something this expensive, slow to do and important. Plus it would help with adding any special features like you mentioned.

>4. As you are building it from ground up, the Project should take around one and a half years to two years to complete. Now, you might question why this is faster than the Long Night, the answer is simply because you learned from the mistakes on Long Night's design (thanks to moderately high roll) and because White Harbor does have experience in building carracks in the past, so they actually do have of the parts needed to build ready in storage.
That honestly just sounds like a reason to NOT build it currently. If it's going to take 18 to 24 months to build then suddenly delaying our construction by even as much as 6 months isn't actually all that much of a change in terms of when it arrives yet it would cut the cost in half, potentially even more than that assuming we got our family to send us some "Power", got lucky on the House rolls table or such.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Oh right I forgot GRRM was a hack.
I wasn't implying all winters either, just the Long Night considering it supposedly lasted for a generation and was, well, night.
It just seems like taking a step backwards.
Like naming our first ship Inferno and the second ship Ember or something.
File: Maelstrom_-_color.png (363 KB, 627x480)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
>you can design some... extra features to add to it

You mean like bone exterior & a pit with a Constrictus in it to feed our enemies to?

Why would we bother with something like that when we could install a printing press to mass produce copies of books or even install a large flame projector turret towards the front of the ship, so we can breathe fire onto our enemies.

Not to mention we could have a proper cargo crane rather than a little construable one. Maybe even a section of removable flooring on each level so we don't have a giant tube of dead space for it too.
Steam powered combat speed!
Explosive shells!
Breech Loading Cannons!
Rifled Barrels!
Hydraulic recoil systems!
Muzzle brakes!
Grenade firing puckle guns!
Steam powered pumps!
Optic sights!
Turret mounts!

Last one: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3071180/

You follow the friend of the doctor’s to a sort of soda machine that instead of soda, dispensed water with a trace amount of alcohol. You lazily walked around talking with the man who thought you were Frank. The conversation turned to Winston and his antics,
“It’s not that they’re rigged. It’s just that they run on his rules.”
“Why does he get special treatment?”
“He sponsors the whole shebang. It used to be this big underground deal, now it’s system owned. Not so subtly either. Winston is one of the big faces in the Strategic Office and everyone knows-“
An announcement intercom suddenly broke off the conversation and silenced everyone. The narrator had the deep and exited tone of a sports commentor.
“It’s that time of night you’ve all been waiting for. The mutants have come out to play. In the main cage we have, Metalhead versus Ajax. Cage #2 we have the twin Impenetrables. Cage #3 we have the Demon versus Hector. Cage #4 we have the Automaton versus Sal Detro. Last of all we have Dracula versus the Bloodletter in cage #5.”
The announcement cut out and everyone began hurrying off towards the desired cages. The doctor’s friend was ecstatic,
“This is so rare. I don’t know about you but I need to see Metalhead.”
He promptly broke off and dissolved into the crowd. Which fight will you attend?
>Cage 1
>Cage 2
>Cage 3

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Cage 5
Though maybe briefly flutter past cage 4 to confirm another us is about, but it isn't the most important thing as we already know more of us exist, but its a kinda itch i think we should scratch.

hey man its not a bad quest. Thank yourself for committing to it and keeping my attention, just as much as anything else.
You make a quick stop at cage #4. Sure enough, another you was there. He was aged but still recognizable as the man in the mirror. He had a muscular build covered in scars from a long fighting career. His opponent was a tall man with metal joints and all sorts of lights shining through his skin. His eyes were metal balls that flashed bright blue. As you examined the Automaton you realized your clone was staring at you. Your eyes met for a moment before he began to wrap thick cloth around his knuckles.
You continued to cage #5 and looked inside.
Dracula was a short man, about 5 foot. He stood confidently while showing off to the crowd. Suddenly he opened his mouth and revealed two dark red tusks that grew out of where his molars would have been. The tusks seemed to pulsate and move like they were muscles, he held his mouth open awkwardly in order to make room for them protruding out.
The Bloodletter seemed almost scared, wringing her hands while looking at the floor, occasionally moving a strand of stray hair away from her sight. She had her share of battle scars.
“Last call for bets! Last call!” A guard yells out.
Funds: 150
>50 on bloodletter
Never umderestimate the short, they are closer to satan so their anger is that of a deamons.

However never underestimate the shy to secretly be utter psychopaths if pushed into a corner, nor to have tricks up their sleeves. Plus fangs are wicked but she is a mutant too and her own name suggests a potentially deadly power.

also yandere chicks be crazy.
You placed your bets and settle in. The signal is given to begin and they have a stare off, none wanting to throw the first punch.
“I know your tricks, Bloodletter. I won’t let you bleed. Just a clean blow to the head, no fireworks.”
She made no reaction or any indication that she even heard him.
He grunted and charged forward, leading with his fist. She dodged and dodged again. He chased her around the cage, eventually using both fists and letting his guard down enough for her to land a kick to his stomach, pushing him back. His rage showed through his red face and pulsing fangs that grew thicker and began pressing deep into his jaw. He took a deep breath and regained his composure,
“I won’t let myself get angry, I won’t make you bleed.”
He retracted his tusks enough to close his mouth.
“I’m just gonna sit here lookin’ pretty until you do something.”
She looked disappointed.
“You didn’t think this through. You knew I don’t like to cut myself, but what made you think I wouldn’t?”
A spark of realization lit his eyes as she put a finger to her mouth.
“Wait! No!-“
She bit down and immediately a string of blood floated up from the wound, winding into spiral shapes until straightening into a sword. He backed away, shaping his tusks over his face to form a sort of protective mask. She swung it at him, when it landed, it was evident that it was not sharp but blunt. She hit him again and again, cracking the bones of whatever was struck. He called for mercy as she raised it for one final blow, and it dissolved over him. The sword fell apart in a rain of blood over him and she fainted to the floor. A guard quickly stepped inside, declaring her the winner and delicately scooping her up and rushing her out of sight. Dracula lays on the concrete, trying simultaneously to cover his wounds, stand up, and cover his eyes from the light. He notices you,
“Water. Please.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Lean down and offer him water, but get him to clme closer. Once you can be be sure you can whisper to him as privately as possible, offer water only on exchange for a sample of his and bloodletters blood.

Clink a small few credits into the water as motivation if he hesitates.

File: fea.png (294 KB, 700x525)
294 KB
294 KB PNG



>Burger Fuq was a family style diner founded by the brothers Ned and Daniel GoodFuq in 1954
>Their tenants?
>Great food
>Fast service
>Prices lower than an old dog's nuts
>In their over half a century of service they served millions of hungry humans, 2 mewmans and 8 billion aliens

KK: "I would like tree Chicken Tendah meals."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
220 replies and 64 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah lets ask them for some sky steel
>A: "Aw, hell yeah. He'll see my outfit."
Is Anon a huge tsundere?
Janna confirmed that he's tsundere for literally the entire universe.
File: Spoiler Image (406 KB, 463x540)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
>Mini-Portal Bike
Hell. Yeah. Marco and his Dragoncycle ain't got nothing on us.

>+1 to party
Fuck. Yeah.
The Good Sir sends his regards.

File: images (8).jpg (3 KB, 306x164)
3 KB
At a young age your parents were dead from the throes of poverty. Your dad caught a plague that only expensive medicine can only cure such sickness while your mother died from heavy exhaustion that accumulated from her body. You are 6 years old at that time and joined the other unfortunate children whose share the similar fate. Either their parents are dead or escaping from an abusive parents.

Life is hard and you have to learn whatever to make your stomach filled. Even the orphanage picks child with only a shred of talent to be used for employment to support the orphanage or offered to the nobles for a sum of money. Cold Winters are endured with little clothing and cold hard bread we're eaten little by little to make do for a day. The countless tears in your face pains your chest everyday why must you experience these things.

Yet there are things that you wish to be. An adventurer. You might don't know what is behind the wall but one day when you are old enough you will strive to be one of them.

Yet even with the harshness of your daily life you seek reprieve on place you usually visit.
>Behind the church
>They dark alleyway
>Corner of the noble house
42 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
greenwich I guess. going north seems counterintuitive. anywho don’t push yourself eh.
>Greenwich to the east
well, that escalated quickly
stay warm and hydrated, sip on some broth or tea
*at night*
>Amber are you still wake up?

>.....yeah i am.

>What should we do now?

>To be honest kid, i don't know. But if this girl says the truth then might as well go along the road. I meant to go away from that city to look around the world.

>Me too, but im still young.

>Kid trust me, there is no age limit in sightseeing around the world. Although i might agree with you. You don't know how to protect yourself except running away.

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"Let's go to Greenwich. I mean at least lets go look for a town and ask for directions."

Both of them nods and go to the eastern road. The path is peaceful and devoid of monsters. Anywhere in the city and near the walls are safe to live in because of guards constantly patrolling in. Although that is because you only heard Diana prattling about her lessons when she was out in the city walls. You drink in the sight of trees, more trees and more bushes that it really bores you after an hour of walking.

"Everyone look!! It's.....ON FIRE!!"


You and Amber rushed in to see the town is on fire. Every townsperson is helping fighting the fire. Kids running through the well and passing the bucket for a man to fill it and passing it to another man to run on the nearest fire to put out.

"Let's help them uhh...."

"I'm Amber and this is Kid."

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>Can you spare any food? we're really hungry...
>Is there any shop that was saved from the fire? we might have to sell our wares

File: OP pic 1.png (214 KB, 541x700)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
You are Ushi Walker, the half-japanese/half-american wielder of the mighty quirk “Everything is Bigger in Texas", U.A High first year student, the yet to be awarded winner of the sports festival tournament and very, very tired.

After all the fighting, the beatings you took and the treatments for those beatings, you kind of feel like if you were to lean on something, you'd be snoring in an instant.

Not like you could lean against a wall anyway, as Pony carefully controls the hovering horn you are holding on, floating you around the hallway as she shows what she can do, just as she finishes telling you how her homeroom teacher said she could do so much more with further training.

And you can't help but agree.

"<He's goddamn right! You can be like… like… Got it! Snipe and Gunhead! At the same time!>" You tell her, letting go of the horn and hitting the floor in a three point landing before hopping back up and placing your hands by your own horns, mimicking her shooting stance. " <Pew! Pew! You just gotta get a better grip on those controls of yours!>"

>"<...But that's, like, what Hawks does, isn't it?>" Pony replies, grabbing the ends of her open jacket and fully opening her arms. "<Coo~>"

It takes you a moment to assimilate her impression of what a hawk sounds like, but you don't let it slow you too much, lowering your finger guns to chest level.

"<Yeah, but you gotta admit that Gunhead and Snipe's names are way better.>" You tell her after the moment of silence, not sure if she's messing with you, or she actually has no idea of how hawks sound. "<Not sure if you've noticed, but Ah ain't a big fan of animal names.>"

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Rolled 5 (1d10)

Rolled 6 (1d10)

Aaah fuck, missed my chance anyways.

In this quest you play as Wade Wakeman, a 15 year old boy with a heart of gold and the wielder of the Omnitrix. This story is being told in an alternate universe, in which there are no longer any remaining Tennysons. Characters from earlier seasons will appear, but not always in a way that you’d expect.


Last time: Wade and his family rescued Kevin Levin from a military base, in hopes to rehabilitate him and get a testimony from him. Grandpa Phil called his old C.O. from his Plumber days, and it's your first time seeing a real space-ship!

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used. Crit successes and crit fails apply(100/1).

Aliens Unlocked:

Skills, Stats and Inventory:

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Would you guys be cool with me running on Monday at 4pm EST instead of Wednesday? I can run on Thursday and Friday at the same time as well.
Yeah! I can't ever say no to a session that'll be around sooner.
I agree
File: tenor (2).gif (602 KB, 374x374)
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602 KB GIF

Alright cool. I'll be running on Monday, Thursday and Friday at 4pm EST. See you then!
yay! Looking forward to it!

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