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File: spiderverse quest.png (611 KB, 800x543)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
>New York, May 7th, 1986

The city at night came alive in ways it never could during the day, with lights and neon signs illuminating the streets. It was a filthy, grimy place, sweltering in the summers, freezing in the winters, prone to flooding and teeming with crime... But it was home, and truthfully, there wasn't anywhere else like it in America. Maybe even the world, if you were going to drone on about how much you loved the city. However, you had a friend to catch up with.

"Geeze, c'mon you slowpoke! I'm still trying to go to the movies tonight after we grab Bruce, y'know!" Harry yelled back, standing in the doorway in front of you. A backdoor into the Oscorp tower, probably the most intimidating, looming building in the city if you were going to be quite honest.

"Look, Banner's probably not even going to be able to come out. You know how uptight he can be about that internship," You answer back, jogging into the doorway after your friend. Osborn was going to be the death of you one of these days... Keeping a brisk pace through the narrow, maze-like halls, you followed Harry further inside, deeper into the building. At this time of night, beyond the security staff and late night scientists, you didn't actually think that there was anyone else in the building.

Harry's premium access keycard was keeping the two of you from getting swamped with guards though as you stalked through the building quickly, up stairs and through elevators, all with the intent on surprising Bruce. The nerd could be a arrogant, stubborn asshole at times, but he was still your friend and deserved a night of fun on the town.

"Are you really sure it's okay to be skulking around like this?" You asked, eyes widening as the two of you came up to the heavy doors that separated the research division from the rest of the building. "Neither of us are exactly employees, right? Isn't your dad going to kill you once he finds you swiped his keycard?"

"Dude, you're worrying too much! I swear-"

>"-Ben, you really have to calm down. I'm using this totally responsibly, I swear."

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File: Roxxon.jpg (98 KB, 541x508)
98 KB
"If you think it would fit..." It's impossible for you not to be at least a little excited at the prospect of substantially increasing your mobility. With a gadget like that, you could swing around and reach heights that normally would have taken you awhile before.

"J.J., I don't have powers. I'll be there to help with Bruce any way I can, but I'm not going to be able to go into the mix with you two if it comes down to a fight." It's a little unusual to hear Harry be so frank with the truth, but still refreshing. He's speaking the truth, though. You're the one with the strength and the agility and the danger sense.

"Guess we're going after him tonight, then?"

"No time like the present. It'll be difficult, but if we don't take care of him now, he could become a serious issue, couldn't he?" Harry's right. It was like a case of bad breath. The longer you waited to handle it, the worse it got.

"Then let's get moving." It was nice that you were at the age where your parents more or less were fine with you staying out late, provided you left a note where you were going, and didn't commit any crimes while you were out. Hopefully, you wouldn't have the break the second rule as the two of you rushed out the door to Harry's car. Roxxon was all the way over in Queens, and you guys had a bit of a drive to get there through the congested New York traffic.

It gives you time to take stock of everything, make sure your Polaroid is locked and ready to take snapshots of whatever notable is happening. The outfit you've chosen for this venture out is basically the same before, considering you don't really have much in the way of clothing that wouldn't interfere or hinder with your wall-climbing. In the same blue tracksuit, sneakers, and red cap, the only new additions you've added is a red scarf to cover the bottom half of your face and the web-shooter. You may have been a journalist, but you were still on the fence about the whole 'open identity' thing.

Though as the two of you approached the facility, it was evident that the tall, intimidating building was definitely going to be a hard target to protect. Then again, if the Hulk followed his usual tactics, chances were you'd hear him coming once the attack started.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>You should warn the staff about an imminent assault. Maybe it would give them time to call...someone? This didn't feel like an issue big enough for the Avengers, though.
>You should warn the staff about an imminent assault. Maybe it would give them time to call...someone? This didn't feel like an issue big enough for the Avengers, though.
>>You should warn the staff about an imminent assault. Maybe it would give them time to call...someone? This didn't feel like an issue big enough for the Avengers, though.
>You should warn the staff about an imminent assault. Maybe it would give them time to call...someone? This didn't feel like an issue big enough for the Avengers, though.
Anonymous tip, though. From a payphone.

File: World 1.png (157 KB, 1512x1053)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Create a nation/civilization and RP in the fantasy-themed world.
Each player starts with 7 tiles and a capital. Choose a location to start and your color. You may post immediately.
New players are welcome and may join at any time.

The goal of this is to create an enjoyable story through gameplay and RP, remember that "losing" isn't a bad thing, and improve the end result.

Be reasonable.

All players may post 2 actions per day, or two actions after everyone has posted after their turn.
Diplomacy does not count as an action.

Claimed hexes signify the land occupied and patrolled/controlled, farms/cabins/scouts/etc (Varies by player)

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1.Seeing the strange creatures eating the small herbs, the Gorgons bring some back to home to try
2.They also try to entice the beast to follow them back home with the herbs and other plants they find

The woman rises and almost a bit akwardly heads to the back. A few cages being wheeled out by some rather leathery looking dead fellows!

This includes.

>What appears to be a rather massive mountain goat the size of a horse. Two large curved purple horn's spiked and glistening with some unidentifiable substance. It's body undulates rhythmically and it's limbs seemingly end in fleshy bone spikes. It's hair is scratchy and ragged and it's teeth formidable and mouth slobbering.

>What appears to be a mostly skinless mountain lion, covered in protrusion's of almost bruised looking bone. It makes rather deep sounding growls that might make ones skin crawl and lesser men piss themselves. It's about the size of a fullgrown man.

>>A hawk, which is hauk sized, seemingly possesses rather fleshy tendrils protruding from their back. With a strange plumeage of purple and pink and gleaming eye's, it looks fairly...safe and maybe holds just a hint more intelligence then the rest of these animals.

Lizzy, the guardswoman kinda awkwardly adjusts herself trying not to be too close to the bars obviously enough before speaking.

"Each have several different mainstay..uh mutations, but these are the most common, were experimenting on deer and moose as well, Hawk's are good for scouting...mountain lions..okay pets, definitely could be trained for war, Mountain goat...easy to feed, could provide milk..not sure if drinkable and can be easily ridden or used as fodder. You could probably request mutations you might want us to look out for and we can try to round em up."
File: Stoneborne.png (1.01 MB, 1672x940)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
>>The Kamadani Cyclopes

>The villages in the hills and mountains begin to quarry for rocks and ores
>Stoneborne-cyclopes developed

While many cyclopes enjoy their new homes, the Council of Singulous has received numerous requests from the crafting villages for more stone to fashion. As such, quarrying and mining operations begin, with cyclopes prospecting and excavating across their newfound mountain ranges.

As the hills are settled, the Council also sends the few cyclopes who claim to have "Opened their true eye" to mediate on these peaks. While most do not grasp their true calling, a subset of them finally manage to break through. These "Stoneborne" cyclopes usually have rockier skin and more earthly tones than their breathern, allowing future identification to be easier among the populous. What truly sets them apart however is their "gaze" ability, which can petrify anything they look at into solid stone.
Still uncommon among the populous, and untrained in their ability, these cyclopes are more of a 'proof of concept' for the Council, and are otherwise able to continue out their lives and hobbies as normal.
"Malignant would have leapt at the opportunity, however Gray is a different breed. I'm afraid the logistics of keeping a monster in Calderia is too much of a liability. Perhaps if you find something that wouldn't attract the wrong sort of attention…" the construct seems legitimately sad that his emperor would turn down such excellent specimen.
"Fair enough man. Though sad. We'll keep on the lookout for smaller animals, less monstrous looking ones, easy ones to train and the like, maybe start a breeding program or two.

The works, but it's been a great talk friend, your welcome to come to the churches land anytime, just uh be careful...stick to roads."

File: 1333.png (377 KB, 600x512)
377 KB
377 KB PNG
[12:01 AM]

This is it.

He’s right in front of you.

The man with the crooked nose.

The man with the bruised face.

The man wearing an atrocious blonde wig!

The man whose plan is to kill Constance: Kazuchika Storgaard!

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>>Tell Henry to watch Kaz’s door in the meantime, as you call Nina!
No reason to not have an eye on him.
>Tell Henry to watch Kaz’s door in the meantime, as you call Nina!
>>Tell Henry to watch Kaz’s door in the meantime, as you call Nina!
But quietly.
>>Tell Henry to watch Kaz’s door in the meantime, as you call Nina!

I am so happy that WILDFLAME is still alive. Love that hammy fucker.
Me too senpai, I wish we could recruit him but I'm sure that's impossible

"My, my. This page will never see the light of day again. Hide it among the rest. Burn it if you must. We must uncover all secrets that may harm our Matriarch and the supremacy of Hummkind!" - The Minister of f Indecorous Discoveries

Welcome, Curious friends!

What else is more enticing other than exploring unknown vast seas of a mechanical goddess as a sea captain? Nothing , i wager! Hunt, Trade, Steal, kill. Consume delicious cogs, the world is yours!

The sea and the powers that governs her are mostly uncaring at best. A Scrawny fugitive, A Peerless Prince...all are at the mercy of the sea. Your sea captains will probably die whether from a string of horrible choices or plain old bad luck. You are a fragile little thing (Most of the time). Keep that in mind.

We continue with our second captain, The Languid noble, who seeks a cure for her newly discovered immortal soul. She must act fast or her frail body will surely perish!

Previous Thread : >>3170241
On rules and other tidbits: https://pastebin.com/DNiR0Uq8
On Known goods and treasures: https://pastebin.com/DNiR0Uq8
On Known oddities:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Some Kerkit recognized you as a highborn the moment you stepped in Oty-2. The few Spinebound there averted their sockets away from you. Your Bloodline rarely mingles with commoners like these bar a few adventurous sorts. It felt nice, You still miss those carefree. You have hardship chained to your wrists in this constant endeavor. You must endure this unfair reality.

You recognize the bells ringings on top of the post office. Certain sounds at the perfect frequency can distract Cage , ignoring the barrier of space and time for small objects like documents and small inanimate objects. It allows said packages to 'teleport' to another resonating bell. Of course, the post office has their own ships for normal and cheaper deliveries.

The Kerkit main administrative building was a hollowed out teeth decorated with more of their oh so beloved colours. Both places weren't crowded. Good.

>Post office
Submit reports, recive and send letters

>The Hollowed Tooth
Ask for permissions and more

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Post office

For the pale office

Two Bloodcoats having a casual talk sprang out of their idleness and bowed to you, they shoved those in line aside for you. You spoke with an old clerk who was surprised to see you , a royalty, handling him some reports.

You lost Report: Station Lune
You lost Report: Station Montse

"I see nothing new..." He inserted the reports in a long brass tube on his right where it got sucked away to the bell room. He gave you the following:

x2 fuel
x2 supplies
x50 skins
You have gained a new contact ; The pale office (0->1 nothing special, you are like the rest of any roaming sea captain, less even . submit more reports and precious information to gain more favour.)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
i guess that it for today. Thank you for your participation, friends. You are the best.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Body%20Horror%20Quest

* * * * *

A week ago, you woke to find the earth you knew had been stolen from you, replaced by an alien orb that grows, breathes, and bleeds. In this new world of flesh and sinew you’ve found you’re not alone, a revelation that brought horror and relief in equal measure. Hideous amalgams of man and beast stalk the fleshscape while Daughters, people like you with strange and impossible powers, struggle in a unified goal of locating something only known as the Cord.

Despite overwhelming odds, you’ve managed to make a handful of friends in this pulsing hell, your two closest ones having decided to join you in your journey across plains of skin and storms of acid. The first is a black-haired, emerald-eyed girl by the name of Isabelle, though she prefers to go by her old screen name B’ni. Her boundless enthusiasm and keen sense of combat have served you well, keeping both your sanity and your life intact several times over.

The second is a technical savant with more waves of brown hair than she knows what to do with. Going by Gina, her eyeless sockets serve as a permanent reminder of an old friend’s betrayal, and she wields an external nervous system to mentally link with friend and foe alike. While normally closed off she has slowly begun to open up to you, and you’re currently journeying to grant her closure regarding her friend-turned foe.

However, right now your focus is solely on yourself…or rather, who you used to be.

529 replies and 48 images omitted. Click here to view.
(As I alluded to earlier, the system I developed was tooled as primarily a solo affair, so it's more your reluctance to pursue obvious level up opportunities that threw things off. The team is coming just a little short of where Shu would be in terms of power for a solo playthrough, for reference. However, the group has much greater versatility than Shu would, overall. Going whole ham on the power of friendship has been a welcome alteration to the original trajectory I envisioned as well, and I wouldn't change that for anything, now.)

(Additionally, I was expecting that reception to this quest would be lukewarm, at best. To have such an enthusiastic, analytical, and compassionate player base is where the lion's share of my pleasant surprise comes from.)
File: 1509870187602.jpg (2.68 MB, 2114x4258)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
well, we cant be compassionately analytical if you dont give us anything worth being analytical over, so dont give us all the credit here.

just because i know creators do like some criticism though, as stated before i do have to say i think you yourself accidentally encouraged cooperation over blood thirst more than you seem to have meant, not that i think anyone is upset by that, im just saying it may be something to take into account on future works after this one.
(Duly noted, I appreciate your input. As far as the flow of combat or the general system, would any of you Gentlemen like any clarification or voice any opinions on what you like, dislike, or could be tweaked?)
Pardon the pun, but the combat flow feels more organic when it comes to parsing the information compared to Joker Quest's many guns and modular whistles.
If your vain goal in ripping off Joker Quest's modular mecha system was to recreate the feel of how Joker Quest does combat, then your 3 year endeavor has paid off. The tweaks you've made such as telling us the enemy status and our current action economy in the format as well as your more straightforward diction in describing the combat mentioned has really helped in providing clarity and comprehension of the scenario. JokerOP can write really purple prose (bordering on Gun porn given the weaponry and nature of the setting [i.e. Red Joker firing a Fusion Annihilator]), but there are times where things get lost in that prose. Yours on the other hand, is concise enough to tell us what's going on while still retaining enough shade of violet to be noticeable but not overbearing with metaphors and flowery descriptions.

>"Just thinking back on it, it feels like that may of what set things on the course as it was. you threw us a non violent potential ally a bit too soon maybe, to get us to take a less trusting and violent approach to the game."

This was my thought as well. B'ni was the first actual person we encountered IIRC, so perhaps If we had fought a daughter or two before her and then encountered her we might have been more likely to kill her or just seen her as deadweight since she had apparently been running away and would have been comparatively weak with no real combat abilities at the start. Also, It would have given us a chance to let the abundance of power get to our head, let us enjoy ourselves.

Just a curiosity as far as the level up system is concerned, can Shu start to customize her abilities more? I was wondering If perhaps down the line Shu could pick from multiple benefits to choose once she goes far enough down a level up tree, so that we have more influence on her progression. Kind of like how we get multiple options to choose from on a CONSUME level or upgrading our Ravenous Maw.

In JQOP's defense, his quest Is now at the point where many rounds can get rather complicated due to how both the protagonist and his enemies tend to have various weaponry and special effects pitted against each other, and In his dramatic writing style some details tend to get lost at times.

File: 1529622568328.png (17 KB, 1117x401)
17 KB
==Incoming Transmission==
Welcome Travelers to the Amphiaraus Proxima System!

Please enjoy this System made Info guide.

Downloading Local Data....

Planetary and celestial information gathered.

Albtrix, The Lost


Come join us here in the hollowed planet of Albtrix where, if you have the credits, you can enjoy the high life of the many corporate facilities that offer a wide variety of recreational activities. Or visit the science labs and weapons specialist who are on the cutting edge of technology and able to load your ships and person out with the most up to date hardware and software.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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A low hiss can be heard rumbling from the creature. Shisk"et is one who does not be here." They take your credits and nods you to the exit which you take to see a tightly compact city of stone and steel packed against one another with grated sidewalk with all kinds of creature in protected garb and mask walking them. On the sidewalk In front of you is a post with a video feed advertising local news.

Fald Gatment Get-ups has a sale going on!

Cogbot Beat Out
Come to the most burtal bot battles this side of The Rim and witness the scrap Sparks fly!

Looking for explores to delve the Ash jungle of Jeural will pay credits for findings

Now hiring , work the lava tubes to gain credits.

Warning , traveles have been attack by wild beast on the rim, reward offers for it's head. Seek the Sharpners for me info
>Come to the most burtal bot battles this side of The Rim and witness the scrap Sparks fly!
A tall gray skinned humanoid with white hair , a very feminine form of her race smiles at you before speaking in a soft voice. "How about we take this to one of the lovely sleeping holds yes?" She motions her hands towards a building with clear signs that it's ment to house people who wish to have a few moments of time with company.

Once inside you see a selection of rooms that offer drinks, special food and even equipment for one to use. She picks one and ask you to follow her as she makes her way to the back. You walk into the room to see a spray of red lights roam the ceiling , and her standing there holding a color glass cup with a dark blue liquid in it. Which she hands you
okay but what the fuck does the faith stat do?
Helps with casting magic from your God and recognize clergy and other things

This quest takes place in the DC Universe with characteristics mainly pulled from the animated TV series and films.
You are a new hero on the scene: Star Striker! Daughter of the infamous Black Rider Battery and his frightening wife Komand'r! As of right now, you're currently establishing yourself as a new protector of Neo Gotham by helping whoever you can!
However, you didn't expect your super hero career to start off with a martial arts tournament between two realms...
-10/15 Minute voting period after each post
-Some actions (typically combat choices against non-generic enemies and certain social situations) will require 3 D100 rolls, using the best of the 3 rolls for said action.
-Critical successes/failures are 100/1
QM Twitter


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B: Hurry back to the tower. They might be worried.
>A: Sleep here.
File: 1547605114179.png (13 KB, 485x362)
13 KB
Alright guys! We'll find out what's in store for Rena at the tower Sunday night! For now, I have to get some rest because I'm going to an early showing of the DBS Broly movie tomorrow!

Thank for reading and voting! I'm really happy to be questing again!
Good to have you back, Mach, glad you're feeling better
rip quest

ded quest

ded mems

File: fleetcom1.png (1.76 MB, 1536x1050)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
Fleetcom is a Sci-Fi Naval skirmish game where players command a ship. Jump into the void, face the might of an Empire, and save the Federation. This thread is a direct continuation of Thread 1, where Task Force Viking is attacking an Imperial command station, hopefully before the arrival of a capital ship.
34 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
"We got what we came for and then some, Imps are just trying to get payback since they know they're beat. Helmsman, full burn for the evac!"

>Move 10E
>Boost 10E
>Boost 10E
>Boost 10E

Ship Name: FNS Northbound Star
Captain Name: Captain Maxwell Richards
Level: 1
Crew Skills:
Armsmen - Can capture stations during Movement phase

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>5NE 9E
>Boost 14E

Ship Name: FNS Hungering Wind
Captain Name: [Data Not Found]
Level: 1.
Crew Skills: Evasion: +1def on boost,
Ship Class: Prowler [(A) Cloak]
Hull Points: 5/5
Armour Points: 1/3
Reactor: 2

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

"Last call, boys! You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here! Get going to the evac point, we'll stay here and blast anyone who tries to come after you. "

>Boost 8NE, 1N
>Overwatch Mass Driver x2 (4 dmg, 2 shred, range 25) (+2 accuracy, +1 crit)

Ship: FNS The Devil You Know
Captain: Adam Daniels & Dawnstar AI
Class: Destroyer
Hull 8/8, Armor 4/5, PD 1, Speed 10, Reactor 3
Crew Skill: Automated Targeting

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
[Move phase]
>Move 8 NE

[Shooting phase]
>Boost 8E
>Boost 8E

Ship Name: FNS Laughing Matter
Captain Name: Captain Guy Mann
Level: 1
Crew Skills: Evasion
Ship Class: Bombard
Hull Points: 5/5
Armor Points: 3/3

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 4, 2 = 6 (2d10)

>Move 2 E, 2 NE
>Fire with Plasma Cannon at Cruiser 11
>Fire with Missile Pod at Cruiser 11
>Board with a Marine Contigent the Cruiser 11 (+1 to boarding ; initial boarding 2 damage)

"Receive Admiral, but we still need to finish the job here."

"Marines, after your job is fulfill on that imperial cruiser, the Stern Resolution will take your pods passing by. Do your job faster."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

I'm a villain. An antagonist. The downright dirty cheater that no one will ever cheer for, support, or admire. The only companions I will ever have are those that are just as deprived as I am, and in the end even they will abandon me, because of course I would and will do the same thing. I am a [[Negative]], and everyone knows the [[Negative]]s never win.

Except, one day I got a suspicious letter telling me that I, a [[Negative]], could control my fate. Maybe, I could win. Maybe I could beat the hero.

Maybe I could the girl.

But of course that didn't happen. Ị̶n͓̜̘͖̭̺͝s̡̼̙̥͍͖̭̼t̨̰͔e̥̬͎̠͙͔̱a̯̩͖͚̬͖͟d͙͈̻͇͍ ͎̜͘I̵̗̻̠͖ ̹͇̹͎̙g͙̩͎̥e͎̰̟̻͈͜t̠̮̥ ̻̼̱͝y̛̯͉͓o̱ṵ̴ ͇̤̟̣̼̦c̫̮͕̩̼͜h͡u͎͓̪̦͈c̫̳̳͔͡k̭̝̝̦̮͚l̷̯̮͔̦͔̥̥e͇̘̩̫̥̺͟f̪͜u̝͈͔͇̯c̫͔̞̖̭̘͡k̖̤͈͈̰̮s.̮̬

Well, insanity isn't the worst thing that could have come from sniffing magic dust from mysterious letters. Might as well tell you guys-oh dear, I don't feel so good all of a sudden...

>Choose an ability, or make up your own. If you do make one up, it has to use Jojo stand naming conventions and must be QM approved.
>[Flash]: I can move at 1% the speed of light for 5 seconds in a straight line, but while I'm doing so I can't see anything.
>[Seven Nation Army]: I can summon minions to do my bidding. At first I start small, with things like Imps and Goblins, but as my power grows I can summon more powerful creatures.
>[Under Pressure]: I can increase my personal gravitational field by 500-fold, but I can't move without risk of plummeting into the earth and every nearby object will come flying straight at me.
>Write in.
117 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Use [Under Pressure]
push down the entire class with immense force

I want to see what the man in the suit will do.
>Tell Xyler something
>Xyler, nobody in the class can see or hear this one student in a suit, but you pissed him off by throwing Armstrong into him.
>He can reset people or objects, and anyone he resets doesn't remember what he did to them. He slit everyone's throats, shot you, and blew up the building; you forced him to reset himself when you threw Armstrong into him.
>And notice that you named only 3 people when you said there are 4.
Supporting >>3191136
The Man in the Suit shoots Xyler and resets him.

The Man in the Suit walks past Xyler and all the way up to your viewpoint. From here you can clearly see he has no face, and its in fact reflective. He simply raises his index finger up to wear his mouth would be, as if he's saying "Be quiet." Then, he disappears.

(This occurred in the time between turns. You can still choose actions.)
>Guard his attack (halve damage in case you lose)

File: Quest12(big).png (563 KB, 1017x2000)
563 KB
563 KB PNG
[Dark-fantasy], [Draw-Quest], [Semi-lewd], [Graphic Violence]
"A Dark Fantasy Quest" is a dark fantasy set in a OC universe and follows your story as you pilot the young rogue Kae. After living most, if not all, your life in the woods you are forced to rejoin society out of desperation. Join Kae as she navigates and learns about the world around her, makes new friends, and over comes (or doesn’t) what ever obstacles the unforgiving world throws at her.
"A Dark Fantasy Quest" offers a sandbox free roam experience, an organic world filled with characters, a dark ominous narrative, original illustrations, a complex and rewarding leveling /combat system, and a guarantee to see the quest to an organic end. As you explore the world remember that time moves with you, it is not at all advisable or possible to involve yourself in every plot line, character, and hook within a chapter. Lastly, remember to watch your back, as death may be closer to you then your shirt.

New? Read here...
>Old threads?
>The Series Abridged For Lazy Anons!

I update every 1-3 days, depending on how busy I am with school work/life/etc. On holidays I may update everyday, on exam crunch time I may not at all. This is not a quest that you have to show up on time for, drop in every day or two and you wont miss anything. And you never have to worry about someone backtracking your vote a day later. Lastly, I will use the same thread until page nine / ten so be sure to pin us!
>Thready Update Prognosis:
4 days a week, weekend heavy

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Get changed and walk around the town?
File: 185.png (409 KB, 550x1000)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
You decide to put on the [Peasant clothing: Female] in order to better blend in. The cloths are old and worm and a little too big. On the plus side you can wear them over your normal clothing but on the negative you find yourself having to lift the dress as you walk in order to not trip over it. Heading back towards the cliff you look up at the task before you, should this prove to be your plan. Not only do you have to climb the slippery rock face but climbing UP the fortress wall is not only extremely difficult but very dangerous as well. A slip up here could send you tumbling down to your death. [Bushmen] You judge the difficulty of the climb to be: [Best of three / Crit Fail 0-5 : Fail 5-12 : Minor Fail 13-16 : Minor Success: 17-18 : Success 19 : Crit Success 20]. Before attempting such a dangerous climb you decide to take a look around town, maybe you can find an alternative?

Walking through the rainy streets you find yourself mostly alone, but every now and then you catch a glimpse of one of the refugees sleeping in the wet street. It seems they don't only confine themselves to the migrant camp on the other side of the fortress. As you continue stalking through the streets you also start to notice decorations, little men made mostly out of copper wire hang from doorways and windows. You assume it is some strange custom and somehow tied in to harvest festival. You wonder to yourself what significance it could have, so lost in thought you almost don’t notice the giant man standing before you as you walk into the town centre. But when you DO see it the massive construct gives you quit a fright, you instinctively reach for your sword but find it unattainable and hidden underneath your [Peasant clothing: Female]. The fear only lasts for a moment as your mind quickly explains to your body that this massive statue is not a real enemy.

You look at the giant construct in wonder, standing at about the same height as the buildings around it, the statue is made out of looping iron rings. It is mostly empty not counting for the legs which are filled with large bushels of wheat. Around the iron man are many more bushels of wheat that you suppose are eventually going to fill the insides of the statue. Never in your life had you imagined such a thing, no doubt it also has some part to play in the coming harvest. For a moment you wonder if THIS is the thing Ratko was warning you about? Are the villagers here trying to create some kind of monster??? Is Jeraldo in on it? As you get closer to the wicker man you also notice a pair of guards on duty here. You almost failed to spot them due to the heavy rain, they have not yet noticed you for the same reason.

>What do?
[based on what was suggested]
>attempt to scale the wall
>hide among the refugees
>give yourself up, try to warm everyone that something bad is coming.
God Kae is so cute, are you trying to seduce me by drawing my waifu? I already read your quest fool.
>hide among the refugees
Hide, get some sleep and enter the castle during the morning rush.

Do we know if Mary lives in the town or in the castle?

You are Subaru Kurokawa, son of Vice Admiral Kagetora Kurokawa of the Zipang Combined Fleet, and the battle chief of the super battleship Yamato. With your country under the subjugation of an ascendent Tengar Khaganate, the remnants of Zipang’s military establishment, along with powerful allies from the East Europan Imperial Alliance, came up with a daring plan to restore your country’s independence: Operation Ten-Go.

Despite some rough run-ins with the Khaganate’s Beiyang Fleet, your crew was successful at hijacking the Valkyrur-powered Yamato, seizing not only the battleship, but also several fighter prototypes, and unexpectedly, a princess in tow. Now, after a short skirmish with the Nanyang Fleet in your trek south, Yamato has finally reached her first destination: Formosa.

It was also here where you were given your first shore leave. Then, singling you out during dinner, the acting Captain of the Yamato, Nagamasa Suwabe, revealed a great secret about Zipang’s national treasure and his intention to use said treasure to rebuild a new ‘Zipang’ somewhere else. At the same time, he also issued a grave warning about foreign actors who had their eyes primed for said treasure.

As the preparations in Formosa continued, it appears that the Khagnate has began making their moves as well, starting off with a direct attack upon Amekou, Formosa’s northernmost port.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Pacific%20Theatre
Twatter: https://twitter.com/Turkroachistan
Character Sheet (Updates as the story progresses): https://pastebin.com/FtzLDyHr
Mechanics and Stats (Updates as the story progresses): https://pastebin.com/ZCzrjrcL
Updates: My updates usually come in the form of long posts, and also takes some time to write. But alas, I would try my best to put out at least 1 long update per day. Every update will receive a notification on my twitter.
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>Stay around the wreck on guard while Satoru tracks down the surviving bomber crew
>Search for intel and other valuable resources from the wreckage
These could be done simultaneously, plus I'm sure our friend's better at seeking out routes and tracking down enemies than we are.
>Hold out for now, send a message to Yanagi asking for reinforcements.
>Search for intel and other valuable resources from the wreckage
>Hunt the survivor(s) down together
>Hunt the survivor(s) down together
>Hunt the survivor(s) down together

File: ThreeWolvesSamurai.png (446 KB, 1024x575)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Three+Wolves
Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/pvNr0Er0

Welcome back to another naruto quest without the nart.
You are Eliko of the Land of Iron, apprentice Samurai and savior to Tokai Village. You have thus far held the basic tenets of Ninshu in regard, using them to level your life in turbulent and trying times. But the dozen over-sized eagle familiars incessantly screaming overhead, burning farms and forest choking the horizon with smoke, and an approaching army make it really damn hard to keep your chill.

"Eliko!" Yuki shouts, appearing to your side on the wall's parapet. "The villagers are assembled on the eastern road and ready to evacuate. We're just waiting for Shion."

"Shion has elected to stay and face the invasion," You answer. You absently white knuckle your katana's handle, a faint tremor vibrating it. But not in fear. "As such, you will lead the villagers to safety-"

"I'm worth a hundred, no, two hundred guards. I'm better suited to stay and fight."

"They have an army, Yuki. I don't know how big it is, I don't know how well equipped or trained it is. Hell it could be a roaming mass of unwashed serfs and the problem still persists. You cannot win a game of numbers with sheer individual power, not now, not at our level. Now help the villagers then get to a hidden village and request aid. Understood?

She watches the ground for a moment with clenched fists. With a sigh and a nod she shoots you an angry glare. Then she disappears, off to lead the defenseless to safety. Skilled as she is, she's only a genin. And even though the world has long since moved to ninja as their main fighting force they are still ill suited to tasks other than covert operations. War, real war with fielded armies, is the Samurai's domain. Hopefully an apprentice and a ronin are enough.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Spoiler Image (81 KB, 499x374)
81 KB
Don’t worry la, with how Eliko has been performing he may well be jap Cú Chulainn or some other pagan figure I can’t be arsed to remember. Not a good thing for him, but a great thing for the health of the quest!
>F I L L E R
I'll write at the pace you guys want. And no problem. Though a bear might be preferable IC to what's coming.

Spoopy indeed, hopefully some hints I dropped over the last couple threads haven't given too much away. Though with how bad the first two were it could go either way.

The thing I like about Celtic magic is that it just works. Sometimes you get horrific inside out monsters that destroy armies, and sometimes you get a crazy yandere elf GF or shadow goddess who won't let you leave their realms.
you sure he's a nip?
But for reals, i figured it's probably pretty boring to see the same chakra stuff over and over in these kinds of quests. There's so much more to the setting that's never really expanded upon.
It’s definitely pretty exciting stuff. I do wonder how off into the weeds we can get though. Eliko isn’t necessarily a miso-grubbing manlet? How rare!
Glad you think so.
>I do wonder how off into the weeds we can get though.
As far as you guys want. I have some paths prepared, one of which will change up the in-universe events pretty bigly. But if you guys majority decide to head off and dick around in some way I haven't thought of then I'd be happy to try and make a story of it. Dumb shit that doesn't really make any IC sense is still going to get torpedoed pretty hard though.

File: Claymore_OP_2.jpg (170 KB, 1222x820)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, and your fellow warrior Valentina has asked you a question: why are you being so nice to her?

You consider your reply.

As a princess it's certainly true that you know the powers of flattery and gift-giving. It's the best way to make 'friends', by either ensuring that people owe you or else eliciting similarly charitable responses in the future. With those further down the social ladder than yourself, which is pretty much everyone in Hazaran, it also leads people to expect reward for behavior of which you approve.

But you're not a princess, at least not right now you aren't. You're a half-yōma warrior... scratch that, you in particular are three-quarters warrior... and that changes the dynamics.

Warriors like you and Valentina are accustomed to many things, kindness not being one of them. You are prepared to be treated poorly by common folk and to be used callously by those in charge of the world, brought in to deal with their problems and cast aside just as quickly. In some places, especially now that the Inquisition is on the rise in the south, being kind to you actually constitutes as religious crime.

“Most of us are used to just wandering from battle to battle until we die,” you explain to Valentina. “That's no way to live. We focus so hard on being what we have become, what we have been made, that we forget who we were, and who we still can be.”

Valentina stares at you, her mouth hanging slightly open in a state of mild shock.

“I like doing things for people I trust and care about,” you continue, “of whom there are precious few examples. You're one of them, so I suppose I just wanted to do some nice things and this was a good excuse for it.”

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>>Head straight for Serana and speak with her.
>>Take out the yōma then find Serana. Business first.
>Head straight for Serana and speak with her.
>Head straight for Serana and speak with her.
Hostage situation?

File: IMG_20190119_072043.jpg (116 KB, 512x636)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
*Before we start I have to be very clear: This Quest takes place in an alternate Marvel Universe. The identity of the Punisher is changed and some characters may be different from the comics as well.*
You're asleep. That's how it always starts. The only time 'they' can sneak up on you. Every night you expect them, but it's still somehow an ambush you never expect, a frontal assault on all your senses. You taste it. The copper of your own blood and the salty sweat pouring from your brow. You feel it. The kick of your rifle as you fire at an enemy that never seems to dwindle. You hear it. The ringing in your ears from minute upon endless minute of automatic fire. Hell, you even smell it. The bitter acrid gun powder and the stink of your own filthy body. The real gut punch is always the end, when you finally see clearly. The battlefield tunnel vision fades and you can see exactly who you failed to save.

Who do you see?
>Your wife and two young children
>Your best friend since childhood
>Your entire unit
>Other (write in)
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>Fuck off, kid
>>That's definitely my box, you must be mistaken
>That's definitely my box, you must be mistaken
>That's definitely my box, you must be mistaken
or just an idiot

File: Vjoe_bothjoes (1).gif (24 KB, 284x304)
24 KB



Fucking OK!

You swat your alarm clock off its stand. You can tell by the sun's position that it's 7am. Which means it's time for your first day...

You were excited when you were told you were starting this fall, but you're already regretting it if 7am is your new wake-up hour. That's gotta be a human rights violation or something.

With a head that feels too heavy to walk with you groggily make your way to the bathroom. One flick of a light switch later, and you're greeted by sleep crust and general sight of an unkempt teenager. You glance up and see two seemingly-sleep-deprived eyes peering back at you.


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Conrad Conrad
Ken Lee
This, but as Conrad C. Conrad.
The middle C stands for Conrad.

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