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File: Kuoh Academy.jpg (139 KB, 1024x576)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Asia Argento, Exorcist of the Catholic Church. Once excommunicated, she now wields the powerful blade known as Excalibur. With the death of the Cadre Kokabiel, Asia could be called a Saint for her actions.

Journal Entry 6

I have done a great service to the world with the killing of Kokabiel, Excalibur still resting in my possession. Its seemed almost like a dream that I have completed such a task, but the golden weapon resting on my lap makes it only more true.

Kokabiel, a dreadful being told everyone that God is dead. I proved him to be wrong though, as with Excalibur in hand I destroyed the Fallen with the might of the Lord. Through my actions, I am sure I have reassured the hearts of Xenovia and the Devils that God is not dead.

I am his will, his blade. I can only pray that I can make Excalibur whole once again.

Asia has gained 600 xp from this event. What should she invest points into?

Asia has acquired a Dragon Soul, chose a Shout for her to learn. I suggest Dragon Aspect.

Choose two of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

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>Anything you wanna collect from the Dragon corpse?
I just now remembered the dragonplate armor.
>collect bones and scales from the dragon

>Walk like ya own the place, because Asia just might.
This is idea is too funny not to pick. I wanna see how Asia pulls it off.
I quickly walked over to the corpse of the fallen dragon, picking up the pieces of bone and scale from the being. As I did so I turned to see a curious Shirone looking at my work.

“What are you doing with that?” She asked innocently.

I shook my head with a little shame, “Well, I heard from my mentor about how valuable Dragon materials were. He even said you can make armor from it.”

The girl looked at it for a moment before nodding, “Than I help.”

She quickly made her way about the corpse, collecting a variety of bones that were hanging off the beast. Somehow we managed to get ourselves a small bag, to which I carried while Shirone quickly grabbed our prisoner again. As we began to walk I shined the girl a smile, “Thanks Shirone~”

She blushed for a moment before giving back a smile. It was a joyful one that you would see on young children, which looked right at home on the young girl’s face. It warmed up my heart.

With that we all made our way towards the lair of the killed Dragon, the feeling of my gut telling me my rights. I took front, walking into the place with purpose and bravery. It was a simple dome area, with scorch marks all across the surface. What I noticed most however was the massive deposit of blue ore on one of the walls and a small horde of loot near the center.

We followed Castiel to the wall, to which the Angel quickly produced a spear of light within his hand. With a few strikes the Angel removed a great amount of ore, much more than the 5 kilograms we were asked for.

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That will be it for this thread! I'll likely have the next one up by tomorrow night.
Thanks for running QM! This quest is a really fun one.
Next Thread:

There are times in life of a man when one role or another comes to a forefront as circumstances call for it: a lover, a fighter, a poet, a servant, a healer... a parent, a brother, a friend, a judge or a fugitive, an ally or a rival...

Sometimes the difference in the ways one presents themselves can be so stark and the transition abrupt that even their close ones may have troubles accepting the shift.

However, none of that has to mean that the fundamental core beneath it all is a different person. Even though one doesn’t necessarily need to know themselves well enough to recognize it.

Regardless, be it through cold blooded deliberation or subconscious, animal instincts, we would often strive to present the front most appropriate, or best received, in a given situation.

In this case, you’re unsure whether motivation is your personal conviction or hedging of the risks, but you opt for the honesty.

“I’m Henri Ford, special consultant for the Citadel Institute of Xenoarcheology.” You introduce yourself to the elderly Krogan, then go on to do the same for your crew: Tufferson Kris, your colleague, Lea’Fari nar Namek, a Quarian youth and Eve Ferrum, a... cybernetics specialist. As she’s wearing her human guise, you opt not to advertise her true nature as an Infiltrator AI.

“Well, well, Well. Quite an interesting company for a scholar. And quite a circumstance. What exactly makes you think you’d be in position to answer to Kara’s request?”

“Willingness to help.” You answer. “If someone with better qualifications shows up, I will happily yield floor to them. Until and unless that happen though, let’s say I enjoy solving problems.”

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>ask him what he thinks about the situation before volunteering more on your part.
>perhaps the bishop will be more at ease if you tell him right away what you want - access to some real estate. You can justify the request afterwards.

Let's be more upfront

>explain your plan to build a holographic arena to give Krogan an alternate venue to exercise their martial culture, that should help the bishop understand your position
>explain your plan to build a holographic arena to give Krogan an alternate venue to exercise their martial culture, that should help the bishop understand your position
>explain your plan to build a holographic arena to give Krogan an alternate venue to exercise their martial culture, that should help the bishop understand your position.
It can also be used to train the papal guard as well.

Hope of reaching your favorite spacebar before closing time is fading as you hear the ship computer's drole voice. "Large generically engineered super crustacean has entered airlock alpha 2. Inner Airlock door at 97... 86 percent integrity."
You slink into your pleather captain chair with a sigh. How are you going to deal with this one?

Roll D4 with each action with a maximum of 3 actions per post.
Rolled 1, 3, 3 = 7 (3d4)

Try to lock it in where it is
On the pa tell the crew that crab is on the menu and get a cook team armed with flamethowers to cook it for dinner
>arge generically engineered super crustacean has entered airlock alpha 2. Inner Airlock door at 97... 86 percent integrity."
We’ve no other choice but to accept it as our new god, it may spare us
Rolled 2 (1d4)

>Ask the Crab for its space licence. It can't just go dpacing around all willy nilly, there are laws about these things!
Rolled 4, 3, 2 = 9 (3d4)

Lock it in, over ride the life support systems and lower the temp in the airlock. Call the chefs and security to take care of it.

File: 326.png (637 KB, 1014x643)
637 KB
637 KB PNG
Currently, you’re locked inside an empty hospital room with Madotsuki, the one that used to host her dead father – the father whom the little girl doesn't realize he’s long gone. You have two ways to escape from this place, one is to tell the truth to Madotsuki and the other is…

…to rely on Maggie to get in here amidst the chaos inside the hospital.

Oh god, help us all.

You’ll have to follow Odetta’s narration to know what’s going on. But that’s about it… It's all on her!


Meanwhile with Maggie…

The first party member is hiding in a random alleyway-like hall inside the hospital. And by hiding, she’s just sitting against the wall peeking every now and then for danger. Two Masked Men and the security are looking for her. Oh bother...

“So I have to get to the place we were like at the beginning, right..?” Maggie asks Odetta.

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>>“Yeah, sure. Why not? Send me the address and take care of yourself please.”
>“Yeah, sure. Why not? Send me the address and take care of yourself please.”
File: 360.png (131 KB, 600x525)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
“Yeah, sure. Why not? Send me the address and take care of yourself please.” You accept this job opportunity.
“I’m tryin’… I’m seriously tryin’… But… *hic*” Laetitia stops talking. “There, that’s the address… Thank you, deaaarrrr…”
“Seriously take care.”
“…Kisses.” She hangs up.

Well, that was both more and less problematic than you originally thought. Now you should exercise with the others and help Odetta with her rehab! Good news is that from now on, you won’t have to worry about Aleister’s friends meddling in your business. You’ll only have to wait for Operation Stygian Counter Attack to begin…

Sadly this is all we have for this thread! Thanks for playing everybody and see you next time!
Thanks for running!
thanks for running

File: Shaded Path.jpg (74 KB, 500x751)
74 KB
Before we begin our story it is important to establish who you are. You will be given the option to choose between three different classes, and be given a brief but informative overview of each.

The three classes are,

As a priest you will be in charge of hearing peoples confessions and leading them to salvation through your Lord. (Presume that it will be mostly equivalent for all intents and purposes to Christianity)
You are well read and versed in scripture. And know holy spells with which to vanquish unholy beings. Your spells will do less damage to people, but will still do damage. Your strength is not terribly impressive however, being below average. In any instance you should be able to find easy work in many of the churches here in the continent of Trycear.
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You fell asleep in her arms again. You wake up with her, resting against her body. You hear her exhales, she's still asleep. A part of you feels as though you fell asleep next to a bear. You try to move, but her tendrils are solid, like steel. You feel the chill from the winds, it's cold outside. But you feel perfectly warm here.

The way she's holding onto you its like.. Its as though she doesn't want to let go. This loneliness must have hurt her. Built by demons to be a weapon. Living life only to destroy. She's never had friends, or family. Nothing in this world to keep her here. Instead of struggling in her grasp. You rest yourself there. Letting her hold you as she rests. You feel suddenly, her grasp on you constrict, tightening itself. It's a little uncomfortable, but you bear it. You rub her tendril and whisper softly,

"I'm here." Her grip softens.
You fell back asleep within her grasp. And woke up perhaps an hour later. Fire is out, and there's grey clouds overhead. The wind blows a bit. It stings, blowing through your clothes. Outside of Mira's grasp, the weather is freezing. You wish you had a proper coat. You shiver a bit, Mira notices as she's packing up camp.

"Yo̼͉u̝ ̫͖̣are̥͎͖ ̝̭͈c̼̻ol͖̝d."͕̘̼ She pulls out the blanket from the bag of supplies and gracefully drapes you in it.

"̯̦̹T̯̞̼h̪i̞̭̟s s̞̪͈h̹̠̼o̮̼u̞l̪̟d͔̫ ̯̭d̖̙o̱̝ for ͚n̩͇̖ow." You can see in her eyes, a sense of tenderness and caring. Your chest feels warm again with delight. She.. Really cares doesn't she?

"Mira, I.. T-thank you, for coming along with me." You barely comprehended the words you spoke as they left you mouth. But as you heard them come out, you understood the truth in them. Mira looks touched by your words, but makes no response. She smiles and continues to pack up the camp. You and her continue your journey through the woods together.
You hold the blanket close as the winds blow against you. Mira who's carrying the bag winces against the winds a bit.

"It will be some time before we reach the capital at this rate. We'll have to make a stop in some third rate town soon I imagine."

Mira stops walking. Her expression seems.. Upset. You approach her.

"Mira? Everything ok?"

"I d̗̩͔on̦ͅ'̬t̟ ̱want ͍̗to ͔͔̳le̮̜ave y̰o̻u.̭̳͇"̝͎ͅ There's pain, and vulnerability in the tone of her words. You grimace feeling pain in your chest at her statement.

"It's alright Mira.. I won't just leave you now. I'd like to rest at an inn or something soon. Maybe take the day to just relax or something. I feel like I still haven't quite recovered from my time in that cell. It would be nice to rest on a real bed again." Mira seems concerned.

"I̺ ̖̩c̞̝an̰̬̪n̪͈͓o̫t̯̼̺ e̳̪̟nt͉̤e̟r̯̜ͅ ̠̘w̪ith͈̣o̩̗͇u͚̘t̮͎̥ ̗a ̮̗mas̯k,̜͓̞ o͇̼͕t͉h̘̺e͉r͖̩s wi͇̳l͚̥l̙̘͖ n̮ͅo̠͓ti̹̗c͕e̘ ̭a̦͎̬nd͖̱ͅ be i̖n ̳͎̫f̱ea͎r̞."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
``Attempt to use your status to earn things on credit
Visit a church or something to see if we can have a message sent home.

Ask Mira to help you look for some valuables that have been discarded or dropped by people so we can pawn or sell in town.

Ask her if she has any ability to disguise herself further.

If all else fails we try and tuff it out for her in the woods. She bears the cold and keeps us warm, we can suffer a little for her.

Just gather more firewood before we settle in at night and feed it to keep it going.
New Path

My thanks to everyone who's kept reading.

You are Alberich: knight, serial killer, familiar to two magi, dubiously related to the gods, and kidnapper. Today you know that your most concerted, and perhaps most dangerous, enemy is your double: Yumigawa Rushorou, a young man with your memories of the Akeldama, your personality, and your first Servant, Circe.
On the night of Wednesday, November 13, 2019, you found yourself in a dimly lit stone basement, standing in the middle of a magic circle. You had been summoned as a Servant, a legendary warrior contracted after their death to fight alongside a magus for the Holy Grail, their existence sustained by the mystic energy of their summoner. In your case, however, you were conned by Judas Iscariot into taking his place despite not being a legendary warrior. At least his magic empowered you enough to fill the role.
After spending a few days learning about the Holy Grail War and your surroundings, you and your Master went into battle and met with utter defeat. Though you expected to die with the expiry of the magical energy he supplied you, however, he had prepared for his death. You were contracted in the aftermath to his younger sister, Shijou Ayaka.
The two of you have fared better, in large part due to her ability to transfer a portion of the power held by the foes you've slain to you. In the days since that transfer of contract, you have fought many battles. Rider, Berserker, and Archer have died by your hand. Saber, the Servant who slew your first Master, has been captured and imprisoned in your home, to be tormented at your leisure. You found yourself in a tentative alliance with the last War's survivors, the Emiya family, only to be compelled by circumstance to betray them after discovering that they mean to dismantle the Holy Grail which is your only chance to survive beyond the end of the War. Since, you've made a more serious alliance with, and conceived a deep affection for, Liliesviel von Einzbern; a girl who calls you her brother, having led a love-starved life and desiring it in any form.
Most importantly, you've discovered two truths about your identity: first, that you are an artificial soul. Originally made as a duplicate of Yumigawa Rushorou, you have surpassed humanity through Judas' careful planning of your existence. Second, that your basis, Yumigawa Rushorou, believes your power to be his by right, and will stop at nothing to seize it.
None of your experiences have changed your goal, however. Whether or not your life has been by the design of another, and regardless of who stands in your way, there is only one path before you. You will take the Holy Grail, and with it your survival, with your own hands.
Four Servants remain to fall by your sword.

Previous thread:

Suptg Archive:

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It's not that I feel like the use of magic itself is cheating, personally.
It just clashes with Alberich's prideful nature to effectively have to resort to trickery and traps in a fight and then still come out with his pride intact.

Back to Gilgamesh, imagine if he was forced to resort to trickery or merely even part of his full strength to defeat an opponent he considers beneath him.
He would take it horribly.

Alberich doesn't deserve the pride he has because he has nothing to take pride in.
It's some sort of contrived pride.

His power doesn't really even feel earned, knowing he was predestined to receive it and it's not like it's an overwhelming power either. He lost his first ever battle horribly.
His increased power isn't something to take pride in, considering he's forced to rely on a ritual to steal strength.

So he can't really take pride in his power and that's the only thing he has going for him these days.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>It just clashes with Alberich's prideful nature to effectively have to resort to trickery and traps
This doesn't make sense. He's had pride as his major focus since back in Akeldama, and trickery has been his go-to method in almost every fight. Any pride he takes in victory should revolve around his ability to destroy the enemy in an unexpected way, when they think things are going best for them. That's what's consistent with his characterization so far.
The enemy Masters were all thought of as beneath him then, too, as you pointed out earlier. If anything, he's using the same methods now to overcome greater challenges. A contrived artificial Servant defeating heroes of legend is a hell of a lot more impressive than a superhuman stoving in the heads of fragile humans.
There's a distinct difference between basically unexpectedly obliterating your opponent before the battle can begin (Gilgamesh vs Medea as an example.) Or being forced to resort to trickery in an act of desperation.

If you haven't noticed, the way Alberich fights is now far more standard. He doesn't go for the instant all-out obliteration, instead it's usually

>fight starts
>get bullied for a while
>try using special ability sneakily out of desperation (may or may not work.)
>if ability fails, repeat "get bullied for a while."

On paper, they might both use trickery, but in practice, Alberich looks awful when he seems to use it out of desperation whereas with Rushorou, he immediately used it in order to cut short any battle before it could begin.
Alberich usually tries to present his whole knight thing before he starts to lose and all that goes out the window as he starts acting like a two-bit villain.

Can you see the difference now?
One gives the impression of outplaying the opponent totally.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I totally agree with this. The original sin was the self-preservation alignment, but in particular the "why are you fighting" vote that went in favor of self-preservation rather than wanting to fight was fukken infuriating.

>Sit down and contemplate the purpose of his existence
Well, fuck. Ok. Little weird, but I suppose we'll have to get on it after this jaunt.

I see that, but desu it's unfortunate for your plan that the first goal/personage was just really fucking good. AAlberich just doesn't really fit that overaching narrative, and that's probably where much of the chafing has come from.

Anon is completely on the money with this one. Not that I care much about the fighting anyways.
I think the only time it should make sense for Alberich to decide on a new motivation without it feeling disjointed and weird would be after dealing with Rushorou and Circe.
Otherwise it'll just feel out of the blue and forced for the sake of it.
There's no in-story catalyst for him to suddenly decide on something like that after merely visiting the grail.
It just wouldn't feel right, you know?
He's had plenty of downtime since the reveal, after all.

So as irritating as he is right now, I'd prefer we stuck with him having no goal for now rather than having a park bench meme occur.

File: 50.jpg (580 KB, 1200x913)
580 KB
580 KB JPG
Welcome back one and all into the second part of the Witch Game, it is time to prove yourself to your ''Sun'' in a duel of honor to regain your precious Magitek gauntlet! Victory would surely endear you to Shereen. Afterward... A visit to the capital? Or perhaps you'd rather stay within the safety of the palace? Who can say, at least being stuck with a collar hasn't been overly oppressive. Yet.

Below are our usual lists. Everything related to Gardy is, alas... Unavailable.

Previous Threads

Twitter for schedule updates

Perks and spells for our main character

Characters met by Arawn.
301 replies and 91 images omitted. Click here to view.
Now now, she's much more reasonable than some Khornate failure. Zhu is at least able to count past thirty.

Also for some reason I've been looking back into my old quest and I've gotten some feelings to start something again... All in due time though, Ama game must go on.
>when a QM calls his own character a failure
Just end me already
File: Khornette.jpg (134 KB, 863x1200)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Depends on what ya mean. Maybe you were going for a different reaction from us silly GM, you should no better than to trust players to be anything other than creatures of chaos. Maybe it's because, as she said, she's a static gal (makes sense, her sword's powered by memories so any form of regular use will prevent character development).

Though it really seems like you consider full bore "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" types to be failures and Zhu isn't that fargone and thus isn't a "failure" like they are. She still has her reason intact, won't kill allies if she fails a roll, and can form emotional attachments to people (twisted though they may be). Still, if Zhu gets hit by a wave of corruption or something pic related is my bet on the result.
Insofar as the voting goes, now that I've thought on it, we hash it all out with Zhu. We need to get a private room first to alter our appearances a bit and I don't want to discuss all we want to discuss with her in the open.

The walls have ears, and I fully expect the other Suns to have noticed Shereen's hitherto unprecedented behavior. Should we try to search for her actively right now we'd both be lead on a wild goose chase if for no other reason than it'd amuse both them and Ama (whom they are probably in allegiance with though perhaps unknowingly).

Worst comes to worse it is as I've said, an old, decrepit, soul corrupted nun's word against the emissary of a "god" and his most recent associate. Unlike us I bet Zhu's a great liar. Provided lying leads to outcomes pleasing to herself.

As an aside, we might try to use our collar to issue a distress call if we get cornered. It works on the soul level so perhaps if we channel our unease into it it'll get Shereen to come running as her new moon's in danger most serious!
Alright, I can operate that way. Not too sure when the next thread will start, keep an eye on twitter. It'll either be this weekend or the end of next week.

File: 381093812.jpg (79 KB, 540x743)
79 KB
You've been an adventurer for many years and have finally decided to retire and fulfill an aspiration you have had for a long time - to start a magic school! You are no archmage, but you're a reasonably accomplished wizard and you believe it is well within your powers and budget to start a small magic school at first and expand it later, specially considering that this kingdom Alexia doesn't have a magic school in it at all, the few spellcasters in it being mostly selftaught of having had a mentor for awhile.

What school of magic are you specialized in?

>Abjuration: Spells that protect, block, or banish. An abjuration specialist is called an abjurer.

>Conjuration: Spells that bring creatures or materials to the caster. A conjuration specialist is called a conjurer.

>Divination: Spells that reveal information. A divination specialist is called a diviner. Unlike the other specialists, a diviner must give up only one other school.

>Enchantment: Spells that imbue the recipient with some property or grant the caster power over another being. An enchantment specialist is called an enchanter.

>Evocation: Spells that manipulate energy or create something from nothing. An evocation specialist is called an evoker.

>Illusion: Spells that alter perception or create false images. An illusion specialist is called an illusionist.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Leaves 10k in the bank. 20k in overhead per year. Approximately 30 rooms for students depending on how many soldiers we get with our overhead being covered so long as we're at about 2/3 fill.

You're assuming a bank willing to share the risks of the enterprise exists, but it doesn't.

>Use some enchantment to get birds to carry missives across the settlements in the region announcing and advertising our new school. Simple small scroll attached to the leg.

That's a non-standard spell for wizards. You'd have to spend a few years researching it or hire a bard/druid/ranger to cast it for you for 4000 gold/year. I can handwave it and say you had spent time researching it beforehand if you want but I'll reduce the amount of spells you know for this.
Oh I meant figuratively, i.e. in our bank. Risk of theft but eh. Always some threats to consider.

Hmmm. Nevermind it, what all do we know with our experience as an adventurer of the world?
>Oh I meant figuratively, i.e. in our bank. Risk of theft but eh. Always some threats to consider.
Oh fine. How many soldiers you meant to hire anyway, I don't think you specified?

>what all do we know with our experience as an adventurer of the world?

The kingdom of Alexia is situated in an island spanning roughly 150 thousand square miles. It has a few tribes of beastmen hiding in the wilderness, many stories about hags in the forests and swamps, some fey folk, some ancient cemeteries from abandoned cities and mass graves from old plagues where undeads sometimes spring up, a bunch of ruined towers and castles most of them filled with monsters, lots of caves that lead into vast underground complexes filled with bats, mushrooms and giants spiders some even confirmed to go all the way to the continent in the southeast and to the dwarvish kingdom in the northwest, plus a few suspected dragon lairs. Some 3 million people live in the kingdom. The kingdom is largely rural, albeit fairly populous. The largest city is called Praxia and houses some 24 thousand people, the second largest city is called Fogavya and is home to some 12 thousand people. and there are some 14 towns with less than 10 thousand people in them. All the rest of the population lives in 1000+ smaller villages of less than 5 thousand people which dot the countryside, usually spaced about 10-20 miles apart. Walking through the countryside is a pleasant experience since there's a village about a day's walk away in any given direction. Trade between the villages, towns and cities occur constantly, and production from the villages flows towards the cities and larger towns which are mostly mercantile centers and don't usually produce their own food. The kingdom has a significant presence in the seas, with the navy composed mainly of small vessels namely merchant cogs and fast war corvettes which escort them.

Besides the dwarvish kingdom in an island in the northwest which we are neutral towards, the kingdom also has relations with the elvish kingdom in the continent to the west, which we are neutral, and to six other human kingdoms: the kingdom or Durma, known for its knights, with which we had a brief war a hundred years ago and been neutral ever since; the kingdom of Sakor, closest to our coast, with whom we constantly trade and have friendly relations with; the kingdom of Maravia, known for its archers, with which we had an alliance in the past but now we are neutral; the kingdom of Zopan, the largest in a peninsula, their navy is superior to ours but they're concentrated on a sea further south, we're neutral to them; the kingdom of Rogal, the smallest in the same peninsula as Zopan, they buy our goods, we have friendly relations with them; and Kazur, a kingdom far in the southwest with a single port in the south sea, they trade in rare spices from far away lands and we would love to buy more of their goods but the Zopan acts as middleman and charge abusive prices for them.
Hmm how about 3 for now. I don't want to have housing them take space from profitable students. Now sure how much 3 will help out but at least some light patrols.

Ton of population in those villages proportionally hmm will have to look into some scouting of the countyside eventually to find those potentials.

Thank you for the information! I think I like the current setup to proceed. Hoping we get some more anons speaking in though.

File: 3809183091.png (504 KB, 832x961)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
You're Pilz the mushroomman. You live underground in a tribe of close to a hundred other mushroomman. You farm other nonsentient mushrooms for sustenance and fend off underground threats to your existence and have been doing so for a long time.

Your people do mindmelding rituals in groups of up to around thirty. Which group do you belong to?
> The warrior group, you're a strong mushroomman and you will defend the group with your life if need be
> The elder group, you're a wise mushroomman who lived through many falls and knows many things about life and the world at large
> The farmer group, you're a grower mushroomman who cultivates your nonsentient brothers so that your tribe can eat
> The outcasts group, you don't quite fit in with the rest of the tribe so you meld with the outcasts other odd mushroomman like yourself.
> You're a loner you don't meld with anyone, the rest of the tribe eyes you with suspicion. Why do you do this? [write in]
38 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Kill yourself.
>Approach one of the bearded men and try to communicate to him through gestures that you're lost
>>> Approach one of the bearded men and try to communicate to him through gestures that you're lost
> Write in
Best defense is offense. Throw rocks at 'em!

File: 38091309.jpg (67 KB, 760x369)
67 KB
The island continent of Zabark is in turmoil with several factions vying for supremacy. For thousands of years it has been the homeland of three tribes perpetually at war with each other, the Zamorans a tribe of simple men of the grasslands who are very numerous and have fierce warriors, the Jangolians who live in the tall plateaus of the island and have expert archers, and the Tubantus who live in the forests and fight with big shields.
Then came the Mokrans, barbarians from the west in their longships with berserk warriors and the Tubalitas, a group of civilized men lead by wizards from the east which use strange and powerful fire magic who came in their cogs.

You're a leader from one of these groups are must ensure the future of your people in the island continent of Zabark.

From which group are you?
> Zamorans
> Jangolians
> Tubantus
> Mokrans
> Tubalitas
>> Tubantus
>> Tubantus
The forest provides.
Fuckin magic n sheeit.

File: The New Colossus.gif (1.43 MB, 1000x1000)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB GIF
You are Ushi Walker, hero name Loanstar, the half-japanese/half-american wielder of the mighty quirk “Everything is Bigger in Texas", U.A. High first year student, one of Edgeshot's interns and, right now, an ambush predator.

Tasked with staying out of sight and keeping watch for CO2 escapes and suspicious people near the quarry entrance, you would say you did pretty well.

Weird sound? Checked out, even staying out of sight by climbing to the wall with Trickshot, your fellow intern.

Shark woman with a bag? Sent a 3 feet tall Tin to check it out.

Strange wall? Tin went past the shark woman and her newly arrived lizard man friend to check it out.

The shark woman's hands swiping through Tin's armor after the lizard man told her to get rid of it, like it was nothing but water held together by surface tension? Currently hopping off the wall to deal with that one.

Once a disposable machine, Tin is much more now than the mobile target practice it was built to be, a friend of yours whose nightly vigil has done a lot to help you sleep at peace.

Not that any of that matters, anyway.

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>[Just find a news broadcast on your phone and watch from your lukewarm cupbath. "Ah'm goin' back to soakin', Tin. Maybe pray for 'em or somethin'... Ah dunno."]
>>[You have three different reasons to feel like spaghetti. Sleep does sound great. "A rinse and bed… that sounds nice…"]
Boss man said to sleep, so I'll vote to sleep.
>[You have three different reasons to feel like spaghetti. Sleep does sound great. "A rinse and bed… that sounds nice…"]
>>[You have three different reasons to feel like spaghetti. Sleep does sound great. "A rinse and bed… that sounds nice…"]
>>[You have three different reasons to feel like spaghetti. Sleep does sound great. "A rinse and bed… that sounds nice…"]

File: where the seas lay still.png (1.73 MB, 1406x1028)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
In a way, you died that night. The personality you have right now could be completely different and you couldn’t even know. Or at least, not yet, not while you are in the middle of nowhere, gliding through a nameless sea. Your left arm is gone and your jacket is torn, a jagged mess of biometal left, and your right hand has a cuff on it, its extended probes disabling systems.

Systems vital for combat, each terribly important in the moment considering you, your sister ship, and the three escorts are being surrounded by figures in the distance. Six of them, to be precise. On their mismatching outfits, white emblems featuring an angled green lattice give away their allegiance. They’re Lotus Union valkyries. Or ships or even divine constructs, depending on who you ask. It’s all the same.

The light cruiser whose name you’ve yet to catch shouts orders. “Intercept the fleet on the right! Move, maximum speeds! We run past them and take them out if we can!” Clearly, she’s in charge.

The waters kick up as everyone else obeys, even you and Downes--the only other person just as helpless as you. Try as you might to wordlessly ask for her opinion, her always-empty expression gives you nothing to work with,

Just how did you get into this mess?

Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3005960/

You try your best to remember.

You were fished out of the waters a day ago, and on that island, you found something peculiar. It was stuck to the mountain, a featureless mass melded to a tree in an elevated clearing. When you came close, a part of her broke off and merged with you, attaching herself into your mind. She called herself a valkyrie, much like you, but she stuffed herself into something she called a retrofit unit, allowing her to fix your sensors and navigation. Her name is Atlas. And despite her showing off, she is silent now, the lockdown on your systems forcing her out.

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File: akatsuki 2.jpg (57 KB, 563x924)
57 KB
By the time it’s morning, you have already cleared your mind and accustomed yourself to your armaments, testing them outside at a distance. You made sure to let someone know, of course, so no one came rushing in expecting a battle. And when the sun has fully appeared over the horizon, you and Downes find two familiar faces.

“Hey, hey!” Akatsuki says as she glides free from the dock and toward the two of you.

“Good morning,” Hibiki says, following. She’s fixed up, now in mint condition. She did walk away from the tent last night. “We’re working together now, hm,” she points out.

Downes speaks up. “Sorry for shooting at everyone back then.”

You didn’t expect that, but you quickly add, “Me too! Sorry about that.”

Akatsuki waves a hand to dismiss the thoughts. “Nah, it’s all okay! I didn’t even remember it.”

The other destroyer says, “I did.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
In a voice that only she can hear, you say, “Atlas? You’ve been quiet for a while.”

I picked something up. Are my words hexed? Cursed? That I’m intertwined by something that transcends physics? That thoughts alone can be laden with power?”

“Um... sorry?”

I originally wanted to try to remake my own blueprints for you, but something more pressing had me distracted. You see, I picked up a transmission from Peacekeeper.

“Your sister? That’s right, I never realized. Atlas, how many of your sisters are still around? And didn’t you say she was a battleship? Why does she share the same class as you?”

Firstly, the Prometheus-class Valkyrie is just that. We coincidentally chose to make ourselves into shapes that align with your classifications. There’s more to it than hull rating or how large your guns are. And secondly, I don’t know where they are. It’s clear they’re still around. And while I’ve been trying to establish communication with little success with your systems--

“I thought you said you wouldn’t do that?”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Downes is the first to say, “Let’s get moving. She isn’t here.”

“Right,” Akatsuki says, “She must’ve came here for this, so she should know what’s going on.”

They mentioned a radio dead zone, but those are natural. There are no towers here, nothing to reinforce Sanctuary signals except bases that can receive them. So what is this?

You stand there, entranced. Atlas is the same, and you don’t know how much of it is her and how much of it is you.

You whisper to yourself, “That’s...”

It’s a bell tower.

A shining sphere dangles in the air far above, shrouded by the looming steel.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: brcr.gif (122 KB, 500x500)
122 KB
122 KB GIF
>Many thanks for playing and for keeping the quest going. I'll end the thread here, and I'll be back when I find more free time again. I hope it's been enjoyable.
See ya later OP

File: ame_opening.jpg (123 KB, 1280x720)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
You are Raishō Naori, a genin from Amegakure. This morning you woke extra early, ate your breakfast, and spent an hour or two stretching and checking your sealed supplies to ensure that you’re totally prepared for the day ahead, because today is the beginning of the second phase of the Chūnin exams.

A week’s worth of meals? Check. Kunai? A few dozen should suffice. Shuriken? You’ve got a few normal ones and several dozen of your ‘Anken’ in each flavor, poisoned and explosive. Medical supplies? Enough for a full team of three, sealed together back when you were still working and training with Team Ibuki. You even took the liberty of packing extra blank paper tags, three spools of fine tool-grade wire, and reading material. Not like it takes up much room at all.

Between that and your treasured heirloom sword, the Umekiri Ichimonji, you should be set for whatever this screwball of a proctor has in store for you.

“Assemble at the Forty-Fourth training ground at noon tomorrow,” she told you. “And be sure to get a good night’s sleep… you’re gonna need it.”

Only slightly ominous that it’s ‘44’, twice as bad as if it were just the ‘fourth’ training ground. You have to wonder what sort of test this one is going to be, given the elaborate nature of the first exam. Almost on impulse, you set to work folding a few extra dozens of black paper shuriken and seal them into the markings on your left palm and wrist. Never hurts to be too prepared, right?

By noon you’ve arrived at the designated spot alongside a crowd of the remaining genin teams, twenty-six other than yourself. There’s a little check-in stand manned by two chūnin, and Mitarashi Anko stands at the ready. Sure enough, the forested training ground behind her has an ominous presence.

“This whole place creeps me out,” you hear Sakura, one of the Leaf genin you met earlier, admits.

“It should,” Anko grins maliciously. “They call it ‘the Forest of Death’, and soon enough you’re gonna find out why...”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Neji Vs. Rock Lee

Business is about to pick up folks.
I couldn't resist.
Worse news, for those who've yet to see it: the next thread won't be this coming weekend, but the weekend after due to a sudden and unavoidable commitment this weekend.

Sorry about that.
I would rather it be one of distaste. This idiot surely can't be related to us, he must be a fraud besides we're supposed to be a ninja right? What does bragging get us except attention and wariness. If they thought this mook was strong then I doubt we will get any useful information from them.
I honestly want Lee to kick his ass. I don't think he can, but wouldn't it be brilliant?

File: 1536275204090.jpg (304 KB, 1002x1503)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
Everything happened so fast. Before all of this, you were Freya Godsblood, princess of Ordamark, and you were the most beautiful women in the land. But everything changed for you, as you've caught the eye of the Dark Lord Lazarus Drack who, seeing you, decided to claim you as his wife.

Now, you're his Empress, the Dark Queen Freya Drack, and your reign has just begun.
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Luna i will take your blessing in form of the Blood if the Eldars but how significant is it for the rest of the Elfs that someone has said Blood?
File: Redhead Again.jpg (40 KB, 400x508)
40 KB
You have made your decision.

>"I have chosen, Luna, I will take your blessing in the form of the Blood if the Eldars." you declare.

>"So be it. When you get up tomorrow morning, tell Titania what's going to happen, come to my temple and I'll give you the blood of the first Eldar." she replies with a smile.

>"If I must speak to Tiania about it, how significant is it for the rest of the elves that someone has said Blood ?" you inquire.

>"Those that have the blood of the eldars in their body are descendants of the first elves that ever lived. Titania is one of those, her lineage can be traced back to the first of my children. It is significant enough to be considered almost godly, hence how her subjects treat her. Filarion was the same although you could say he was from a far off branch. I think it's best for you and her to keep this a secret, it is my gift to you but it could shake the foundations of the high elves power structure." she explains.

>"Understood. Now to talk about the future, who do you think would be the best option to visit next ? Forsenti, Thyrn or Bragin ?" you ask the three gods.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Freya - body mark.jpg (170 KB, 424x717)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
The next day. After waking up, you explain to Titania what you have to do today. She congratulated you for getting such a gift from Luna herself and she made the same comment on keeping it a secret. It will be simple to explain that you just want to pay your respect to the goddess for "supporting you", as no one else could enter the temple.

During breakfast, you tell Irene and Gweyr that you are going into the temple, of course you don't tell them the real reason, Irene would be against it and you don't want to argue right now. Once you are finished, you exit the palace and go to Luna's temple, and after climbing the stairs and passing the guards the great doors open and you get inside, while Titania, Irene and Gweyr wait for you outside. After some minutes you reach the inner hall, in front of you the great Well of Luna bathing the whole room in the blue light. You don't say anything and within moments, the great blue light explodes from the well and invades the room, the figure of the giant owl appears and Luna steps out of the ray of light.

>"You are here. That's good. Are you ready to receive the gift of the blood of the Eldars ?" she asks you.

She extends her hand, and a ball of blue and red liquid appears, the blood itself.

>"Yes, I am ready." you reply confidently.

Luna smiles and nods, she tells you to get undressed and get on your knee, you do it and she starts approaching you. Slowly she reaches out and the liquid slides down to her finger, she touches your forehead and you feel a piercing pain, which disappears as quickly as it appeared. You're suddenly feeling hot, very hot, as if you're were boiling. Luna puts the palm of her hand on your forehead, and it's as if the heat concentrated in your head, then you feel it moving inside, reaching every nook and cranny of your body. After a moment, she removes her hand, and all the previous feeling disappeared, you feel refreshed, lighter, you feel your face, and indeed your ears became pointed, you look down and see that around the crystal on your navel some marks appeared.

So it is done, you now have a life span of around two millennia, and the agility of an eldars.
>Unlocked : Life Force = 2000
(is basically a way to see how much year you are supposed to live, but will be used differently as you find new ways of using it)
-Luna one quick question can I say that I got your blessing and explain so in a easy way the pointy ears? Of course i will not mention the Eldar blood (maybe a new title Blessed by Luna)
Thank Luna for the kind gift and promise not to misuse it. Leave and thank Tina for allowing us to do receive our gift,

File: Primeval_OP.png (320 KB, 842x383)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
The creek is quiet in the early morning, when you go to bathe in its waters. Rods of sunshine fall through the trees and cut misshapen holes in the dark forest floor. Where the slow waves breach the earth, there is soft mud, cool to the touch. Cooler still the water when you wade in ankles, waist, chest, and neck deep.

A whooping bird cries from an unseen perch and the forest answers. Curious fish nip at your heels. Nocturnal monsters slumber in a deep world still suffuse with the supernatural.

This is primeval life, and you are a lone primitive against its elements. Ordinarily a man come-to-age like yourself would be part of a tribe, perhaps even one of the bigger settlements--the city-states of stone which begin now to resemble the structures of lost and still more ancient civilizations, long ago come to ruin. The power of numbers has long been established but even so, it is not unheard of in this age, to see a man walk alone through the world.

How was it you came to this lonely state?

>Your tribe was attacked by a pack of saber-toothed tigers, led by a spirit of their kind. You alone escaped.
>You were born in one of the aforementioned city-states but chose to leave in order to explore the world and forge your own path
>You were part of a small tribe but were cast out after you lost a challenge for leadership and refused to bend your knee to the winner
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>>Construct an axe to ease the collection of firewood (4 hours)
>>Construct an axe to ease the collection of firewood (4 hours)

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