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File: Lex-Luthor-comic.jpg (251 KB, 1900x950)
251 KB
251 KB JPG

You are a high-class call girl working for an escort service. One of your regular clients is Lex Luthor. Obviously due to the man's respectable reputation your affair with him is secret. Whenever he wants to "relax" he sends his right-hand woman, Mercy Graves, disguised as a common woman and always picks you up in a rental. Before that time you always get the letter from "Jimmy Glick" informing you of the usual time.

You have just recieved that letter again this morning. It is now evening and you are ready in your red cocktail dress he likes, your subtle, yet alluring makeup, your three inch black high heels and your sheer black nylons. As you leave the agency you tell some of your friends who were smoking beside the entrance that you're just meeting up with another regular.

You see the car. A simple black four seater with tinted windows. Nothing that suggests someone like Lex would own it. You enter and you see a disguised Mercy. Grey hooded sweatshirt, sunglasses, and as always the cold and stoic expression. You eye her black leather driving gloves. Those things always creeped you out for some reason. It was as if she could do whatever she wnated to you at any point and there would be no fingerprints left behind.

She's stoic and quiet as usual. She doesn't even look at you as you get into the passenger seat next to her and buckle your seatbelt. As you pass the first few streets on the drive she is nothing but silent. You're getting kind of bored. Do you

>A: Mess with the window.
>B: Try to make small talk.
>C: Try and snatch her sunglasses.
>D: Do nothing. These rides usually don;t take long anyway.
>E: Other
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>A: Say nothing. Do as your told.

You resist the urge to disobey him. As he leaves you to stand by yourself while he enters through a door on the left side beside the bed you hear the record changing track to a more upbeat drum and brass ensemble.

Just as your mind begins to race through many thoughts. Some memory, the rest imagination. All are erotic. Partly to get yourself ready and partly to think of all the ways you can please him to make sure he gets his money's worth.

You feel your nipples becoming erect. Your womanhood getting moist. You resist the urge to shove your fingers inside yourself in case he notices. And Lex being Lex, you're certain he will.

It's not long before he returns. Holding something behind his back. His ideas for the "kinky" nights you have with him have been good for you and bad for you but you're certain all were good for him. That's fine with you. It's all about your client.

Though you notice he's not smiling. That's no surprise to you but usually he would be having a smirk that told you he's going to enjoy messing with you. But not this time. Just a frown.

"Put this on." he says coldly. He quickly reveals his arm and you catch a sight of a blur of blue and red. Just a blur due to how quickly he threw the object at your feet. You observe the garment that lay atop your discarded dress. You couldn't believe what you were seeing.

Superman's suit.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
"oh I see you have a strange fetish indeed"
"It's going to cost you extra if you want me to dress up like that gimp."
>E: Say that it will cost double for you to do whatever he wants you to do while wearing that travesty.

"It's going to cost you extra if you want me to dress up like that gimp."

He looks at you impassionatley and nods.

"Of course. Now if you please?"

Nervously, you kick off your high heels and let your stocking feet rest on the suit before you step off of it and pick it up. While making sure to give your client a nice view of your naked rear. Hoping that the sight of it would change his mind. You knew you were only fooling yourself. But it was worth a try.

You keep the 10 denier black thigh high stockings on because you figured they wouldn't get in the way of the suit being put in place. Also because they were probably the only elegeant elemnt of clothing you were rearing right now. Might as well try and keep some dignity.

At first, you weren't sur eof how to put the suit on as you held it upa nd examiend it closeley. It was a little warm to your touch and rubbery in texture. Thin too. Really thin. No wonder your friends kept gushing over the famed hero. You never saw the big deal yourself. Sure he's a big shot super-hero but you always liked the rich ones. It's part of the reason you're here right now.

Lex glares at you impatientley. You find a zipper at the back. You open it and step inside the garment. Adjusting the arms so that your placed your own into the sleeves as you pulled the suit up over your mostly naked frame. You were too intimidated to ask Lex to help you with the ziper so you do it yourself. It took some reaching but you were able to bring it all the way up to your neck.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>A: Get up quickly and tackle him.

File: 31298390130.jpg (98 KB, 1280x720)
98 KB
The world of Aelia was awestruck with the new discovery of the wizard Proteus, a way to open portals to another dimension and summon creatures to perform small tasks for you. Scrolls, wands and magical items were created imbued with the newly discovered spell and it was common to see the little colorful humanoid creatures roaming the streets of any major cities performing tasks for their masters.
But an unforeseen effect of the overuse of this new spell was the weakening of the fabric of reality itself. Many wizards have theorized about what exactly has happened and the overall consensus seem to be that a tear in our reality allowed beings from another dimension to breach in. But not the harmless servitors that we learned to summon - things far more vile and destructive started to pour out of portals that began appearing out of nowhere all over the world.
By then the wizard Proteus was already long gone. But one of his apprentices, a wizard called Alexia, created a spell that protected a large area of about four miles radius from incursion from extradimensional entities. This spell was performed as a ritual taking twenty four hours to perform, required a large amount of a rare crystal in order to work and lasted for a whole year.
Every major city in the world began using the new Protection From Outsiders ritual, and villages that couldn't afford such a necessity would one after another end up being erased from the map by the ravenous demons as more and more portals appeared all over the land.

Who are you in these trying times?
> A merchant risking his life connecting the mining towns in the desert and the various cities hauling the precious crystal needed for the ritual to keep the demons at bay
> A wizard skilled in the ritual of protection from outsiders going from town to town offering his much needed services of renewing the annual protection
> A skilled demon hunter, carrying a repeating crossbow of your own manufacture and a couple sharp blades, you've made quite a reputation for yourself in securing whatever activities need to be performed outside the safe zones
> other

Also pick gender and name MC.
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I'm out for the night.
Thanks for running. I'll let the next person decide what to do.
Pursue some of the other jobs that were available for you, not much time has passed they should still be available
>Pursue other jobs

Capturing demons for fire potions
> Rescuing the Mages trapped in their Tower.

> Ask Mages if Rescued, if a Magic could be developed to bind a Demon to your control to use against other Demons.

Demonic Pokemon is a Go!

File: WM.png (58 KB, 275x187)
58 KB
>Wayne Manor

>Bruce Wayne is in his bedroom. A little bit out of his mind due to drinking some whiskey and popping a couple of painkillers. Alfred doesn't need to know, right?

>He cries a little bit over his dead parents, then practices his playboy facial expressions in front of the bathroom mirror followed by his bat scowl.

>He goes back to his bedroom and turns off the light. Then passes out on the bed.

>Some time later (Who knows how long. Who cares?) he is woken up by a cold breeze caressing his cheek. He shoots up to a seated position and notices the window is open. The curtain flowing freely and the only source of light being the full moon.

>"That's odd." he thinks to himself. With a slight increase in nerves, he gingerly approaches the suspisciously open window and steps onto the balcony. He sees nothing other than the woodland view he treats himself with now and again.

>He ventures back inside and attempts to close the window. Attempts because something is jamming it.

>He finds the culprit. A small plastic doorstopper. Black.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Tie her up with her own wip
>G: Tie her up with her own wip

Bruce wastes no time in grabbing the whip from the dazed woman's hand and uses it to secure her to the bed post with a tight knot. He wa sconcerned that she would immediatley attack him once he laid hands on her but she could only keep groaning . He was surprised at the lack of resistance. That jar of sex wax must have been pretty heavy.

The intruder looks to her wrist which had the whip wrapped tightly around it. She eyes the knot on the post. She attempts to pull herself away but underestimate's Wayne's proficiency at tying knots. Through her dark green tinted goggles she eyes the billionair eplayboy.

"Playboy my ass." she mutters. Bruce smirks at the helpless thief.

"Look." she says with an increase in the bedroom tone. Her dark red painted mouth forms into a smile.

"I can do whatever you want. I won't even steal anyhting. Just tell me what you want and I'm sure I can do it for you. As long as I like the sound of it." she purrs as she licks her painted lips.

Bruce raises one eyebrow

>A: Ask her what she means

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>A: Ask her what she means
>F. Other
Scratch ears
Ask her to do your tax returns

File: Titlecard.jpg (250 KB, 850x1130)
250 KB
250 KB JPG
You are Inazuma. You are a spaghetti-spilling, over-thinking, and clumsy ship girl. You don't know what the last part really means, but it's go to do with the ship-borne armaments that appear out of your body at will.
You were once a formless entity inside something that can only be described as an abyss, devoid of anything but your languishing "self".
You raged and wailed against the void, your emotions birthed many things, from dark, emotionless entities that wander the seas, destroying anything living on them, to colorful, bright entities that protect the seas, safeguarding them against the darkness.
After an eternity, you were visited by a strange, eldritch entity that gave you a form and thrust you into the world.

Your total time of existence only amounts to less than a week, but you've experienced a lot of things. The first thing you met when you were given a form and spat out of the void was the same entity who gave you said form. It mirrored yourself, save for a few major adjustments. Two to be exact. You called her Smugzuma, since you are very creative, nanodesu. Your first encounter with the entity outside the void made your entire existence shook, as it spoke directly in your head. You moved away when she stopped speaking. Your travels let you meet many things, from Abyssals to other ship girls, such as Miyuki, who you rammed due to a Karmic impulse, Ryuujyou or RJ, who you rescued from Abyssals, Kitakami and Ooi, who were inside one of the shipping containers you used for a base, your sister Hibiki, who you rescued from Abyssals, and Imuya, who saved you from an Abyssal Battleship who tried to break apart your tearful reunion.

Also, somewhere along the way, you found out that the small, cute beings that man your armaments, which you call fairies, are actually big, muscular beings that communicate in gestures and muscle flexing when they are out of your armaments.
62 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.

Not so bad, not so good either.
Rolls called!
Writing, nanodesu!

It's a roll, nanodesu.

You continue shivering, before falling down and laying, writhing on the cold, hard 'ground' of the Abyss, or whatever constitutes as solid ground in this place. The two Abyssals in front of you seem larger than they are, their towering presences seemingly condemning your whole existence.
They continue staring at your shivering figure in a stony silence. You feel that your very existence is threathened, by the two large eldritch beings in front of you. Your mind comprehends that they are merely observing you, their movements held back by the chains holding them down. But you cannot prevent it from overreacting from the mere presence of such things.
The blind Abyssal then speaks, you of course listen. "Ah. It seems like you are in danger. We must send you back." You feel it giggle. Then you see the mute Abyssal make a grabbing motion towards you. You feel a hundred hands wrap around your shivering body, grabbing tightly on exposed skin and cloth. "She is there. She is trying to avenger her failure. Why didn't you kill her?" You feel the hands gripping your body start to pull you down, the last thing you can see before one wraps around your face, is the red flame in the distance become brighter, turning into a yellow flame with a blue core, swallowing up the two beige colored lights.
You are then swallowed by the darkness, sent back into the outside world.

You are shaken awake by Miyuki, it's still dark outside. You still feel the cold sweat on your body, as well as the last vestiges of your shivering. "WAKE UP!" Your BEST FRIEND continues shaking you awake. You rub your eyes to clear off the blur that comes from sleep. "Yes, nanodesu?" You manage to blurt out in your drowsy state. "ATTACK!" She shouts at you, as you feel an explosion make your vision rock.
Hawawawawawawa! What do you do, nanodesu?!

>Rush out and immediately try to gather your crew, and meet whatever is attacking you head on.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Calm down and think, go with Miyuki and follow her, maybe she has a plan, nanodesu
>Rush out and immediately try to gather your crew, and meet whatever is attacking you head on.
>Calm down and think, go with Miyuki and follow her, maybe she has a plan, nanodesu!
Yes Miyuki, let's talk about mind bending stuff that would turn even the hardest berk into a mewling kitten! JournalisUpdateddesu.

File: The Animal Kingdoms.jpg (1.32 MB, 1134x1752)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
Welcome back to the Kingdom of Animals!
You are a race of animals who have been given sentience, and are now set of on crafting a nation for your people. Will you rule with peace, trade, or an army and iron will? Let the story unfold and see whose nation will be left standing.

The animal's aren't anthropomorphic per se, but usually are animals that can be imagined standing on their hind legs, so it isn't derpy (kinda like some of the animals in Narnia)

Brown - Tsardom (Platypus)
On year 3, month 3
Cyan - Aldaketaren (Chameleon)
On year 3, month 5
Red - Xochiluatl (raptors)
On year 3, month 3
Black - Urduk-Glarr (chimpanzees)
On year 3, month 4
White - Pudovskin (bears)
On year 3, month 5

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Brown - Tsardom (Platypus)
On year 3, month 3
Cyan - Aldaketaren (Chameleon)
On year 4, month 1
Red - Xochiluatl (raptors)
On year 3, month 6
Black - Urduk-Glarr (chimpanzees)
On year 4, month 1
White - Pudovskin (bears)
On year 4, month 1
Rolled 9, 4 = 13 (2d20)

Rolling for losses
Year 3
Month 6

Race: Fire Raptors
Color: Red
Location: Fire Mountains of the Southern Isles
Capital: Vanaxalo

Ability 1: Fire Magic
Ability 2: Flight (Wings)

Power: 6
Food: 62 (+6 a Turn)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 53, 10 = 63 (2d100)

Fuck! I forgot to roll!
File: dudefirelmao.jpg (145 KB, 1500x1000)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Rolled 31, 91 = 122 (2d100)

Year 3, month 6

kolore aldaketaren
Race: Chameleon people
Color: Cian
Location: South west

Ability 1: Changing colors, allowing for silent comunication. Added stealth bonus when necessary (+5 on stealth actions).
Ability 2: Tongue launch, projectile tongue useful in various scenarios.(+5 on actions that require this ability)

Items: Poisonous glands; Clubs to hit stuff; Hand axes; Fire; Beetle carapace; Beetle farms; Silk fibers

Production: Beetle carapace; Silk fibers

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: CIty4.jpg (1006 KB, 2560x1600)
1006 KB
1006 KB JPG
In the depths of undeveloped forests, in the shadows of dingy alleyways, in the midst of the glass spires of the rich, forces outside of human ken struggle for dominance over the terrestrial underworld.
This is the world of shadowy wraiths in the backstreets, of eldritch horrors slumbering deep within the sewers. This is a world where sprawling organizations hide behind shell companies, forever conspiring to hide themselves from sight while ancient brotherhoods struggle to uncover their intrigues.
It is a hidden world, a secret world.
It is your world.

You are Tristan, a man with no last name, a pious Knight of the New Covenant Temple sworn to enact God’s will in a not-so-secular world. Shielded by faith, righteousness, and very thorough mental Wards, you live to protect the world of humans from that which would subvert it.

Previously on Modern Fantasy Quest
Tristan helped his Mentor's wife clean the dishes, read some arcane and very heretical books on Eldritch entities, learned pyromancy, and called his operator, Benjamin.

Previous Threads:
Thread One: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3356154/
Other Threads:
“Cleanup?” Benjamin answered, “Well, something seriously weird happened regarding that subject …”

“Weird?” You say. Last night, when you had returned back to your Mentor’s home from your raid on the farmhouse and it’s cultist occupiers, you had radioed in to the Main Temple and reported the transpirings of your mission, as well as outlining everything the cleanup teams should expect.

“Yeah, Weird …” Benjamin continued. “Your report on that Eldritch entity was news to the administration, we were scrambling to find an exorcist powerful enough to tackle it on such a short notice … The overseers were even considering getting outside help.”

“I fail to see how that differs from the standard response to such matters.” The only thing out of the ordinary you could call unusual was the mention of hiring freelance specialists as the Templar preferred to keep matters self-contained within the Order, but there wasn’t much that could be done given the urgent situation.

“Hey, hey, I’m getting to that …” You could almost hear Benjamin shaking his head at your brusqueness over the radio. “The weird thing is that when the cleanup team got to the Farmhouse, nothing was like what you described. The Cultists had been cleared off the land, the Warehouse you said the Eldritch Being was in had been burned down … There was a massive, thawing patch of frost in a five meter radius around the Warehouse.”

You knew enough about magic to recognize the signs of a high-level exorcism. “I wasn’t aware there was an exorcist of that caliber in the area …”

“Well neither did the Overseers, never mind me …” Benjamin continued, “But it turns out that Exorcist Isolde had made a report from out of the blue while we were busy looking for a freelance exorcist … You’ve heard about Exorcist Isolde, right?”

You had, there wasn’t a member of the Order of the Templar who hadn’t heard about the Maverick Exorcist Isolde. She was infamous, known for frequently cutting off communications with the Main Temple and foregoing any operators, Assembling her own teams from freelance specialists or simply operating solo.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Welcome to Modern Fantasy Quest! This is the barely-begun story of Tristan, a Knight of the Templar, as well as a quest by a slow-but-daily updating QM.

Updates are sporadic and throughout the day. Actual sessions are Saturdays, Mondays, and Tuesdays 10PM-2AM Eastern Time.

Feel free give feedback/ask questions. Pls no bully

File: OP1.png (556 KB, 520x700)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
Last time on Levy Quest:

>You, a cowardly farmer, experienced battle for the first time
>With the help of your squad mate, Richter, you rescued your squad captain, Briton, after he blundered into the enemy ranks
>You and Richter watched each other's backs until you got injured, at which point you lost consciousness and Richter had to carry you out
>After a day in the medical tent you met with the corporal who promoted you to take Briton's place as squad captain
>You took the squad out to loot the battlefield and recovered a few pieces of armor and a mostly intact byrnie
>Richter showed up with a stag he had killed and you traded some of the meat with the other squads for better weapons
>You took on an escort detail to gather reinforcements at a nearby fortress
>The lord of the fortress, Oberlin, managed to convince the corporal to mutiny and give up the lieutenant. He tried to kill you when you refused to help, and was killed in turn.
>Things quickly spiraled out of control, but you managed to take Lord Oberlin hostage, at which point he made you the same offer of gold, which you again refused.
>After a daring escape, you've returned to camp without reinforcements, less one corporal and with the lieutenant injured and mysteriously hostile towards you
86 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Turn and brace for impact, trying to keep the infantry at bay as long as you can

perhaps get the rest of our squad to brace spears to create a makeshift spear wall? besides Richter and his axe and our longsword

>You try and penetrate deep as you can into the enemy center
>>You try and penetrate deep as you can into the enemy center
>Counter-charge, nullifying their momentum but splitting yourself off from your allies
What we need right now is to buy our veterans time to carve into their center while protecting their flanks.

File: images (15).jpg (15 KB, 225x350)
15 KB
>Once upon a time, a man discovered magic and rained chaos in it. To battle this menace, a group of coven witches fought the rouge wizard ending in a singular mass of Mana explosion. The residual Mana scattered in the wind and was then that every person in the planet can now use magic. Today in a modern city where magic is everywhere and so is the technology advanced. The world is going to be thrown again to the flames of a war........thousand years from the past.

Morning comes, the alarm ringing now for how many times. You already lost count on how much this annoying clock nags you to wake up. You only want to sleep comfortably yet the responsibility of being a future member of society calls you. Specifically, this clock.

"School is such a chore. Why I am forced to wake up 7 in the morning." Standing up, you force to drag yourself to the bathroom, stripping yourself and enter the shower. You turn the knob and you shout in the coldness of water touching your skin.

"Damn this water is cold. Wish I have a warm shower for the change."

Leaving the shower, you drag yourself again to wear your uniform and go to the kitchen where your leftover chinese food is still on the table covered with paper plate. You take it out to reheat it and eat. Looking at the time, you have 5 minutes until the first hell. Your school is 15 minutes away when walking, 7 if you run. But the novelty of running yourself late panicking wears off when you already don't have any motivation going to school early. Throwing the paper bowl in the growing pile of trash, you exit your house, bag already on your hand. Slinging it on your shoulder, you resume your slow walk knowing you are already late in the class.

Walking on the deserted street of residential area is one of your favorites. Peaceful and quiet. You don't mind the occasional chirping of bird as they are part of the nature. Yet slowly the houses are replaced with buildings and smoky vehicles running through the day. After a few minutes, the school is on sight and the yard is devoid of any students because of the class already in session. You enter the building donning your school shoes and walk to the second floor where your room is located. Passing several rooms and some occasional stares from the students who only pay little attention to you, the room is in front of you. Looking up, you arrive at the room you take your class.


Opening the door. The whole class quiets as you walk to your seat, put the bags in and rest your head on your hand, using your elbow as a support with a bored and sleepy look in your face. The teacher then resumes her roll call.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Hanabatake Yoshiko
Ironic huh
Eduardo Nekotabo
> Yuri Susorov

File: Mira Quest.png (4 KB, 400x400)
4 KB
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File: Mira Quest III 7.png (9 KB, 701x683)
9 KB
But you exposed something very odd in your head...
Rub your eye like your fapping. Maybe something might happened.
File: Mira Quest III 8.png (12 KB, 701x683)
12 KB
>Rub your eye like your fapping. Maybe something might happened.
Nah, it's just your third eye,you have already gotten used to it months ago...

After washing your face, you decided to pick the brush and the toothpaste
Brush our teeth and finish our morning routine.
File: Mira Quest III 9.png (11 KB, 701x683)
11 KB
>Brush our teeth and finish our morning routine.
You started to brush your teeth and some thoughts came into your head, and inconvenient ones it too...

File: 73.png (14 KB, 510x780)
14 KB
PART 1: >>3392487
START OF PART 2: >>3418036

While he mantains the shield blocking your fire you suddently grab hold of his leg with a shot of thread, you trip him and as he loses hold of his instrument the spell stops.
You aproach him as he hits the ground and start forcing your leg into his face, he tries to defend against you with one hand, he's remarkably strong for a spellcaster, he tries to grab a hold of his weapon but it's futile, you jam your leg into him and the hand clutching you goes limp.

Suddently from behind the house you hear a woman shout "NOOOO" in anger, it's the marksman finaly revealing herself, she was setting up an ambush but she revealed herself after the distress of seeing the bard die.
"YOU MOTHERFUCKER" She shouts as she grabs for an arrow in her quiver.

(Drawing women is hard I have newfound respect for hentai artists)
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 74.png (9 KB, 510x390)
9 KB
>>3445004 (Didn't do this because I didn't wanna have too many actions on this page)

You launch thread as to render the archer's bow useless, it clearly isn't fast enough for her reflexes and she kneels down and quickly takes a shot at you, it hits you with remarkable force and makes a deep wound.

A few meters away the warrior kills the last of the creatures you summoned.
Well, now's as good a time to retreat as any, set the ground behind us on fire to cover our retreat

Keep shooting web everywhere, and draw them in. Once you got the place good and coated with silk. THEN BURN IT
While we webbing everything yell out "fear me mortals as I am vaastar master of the unliving." It's about time we threw him under the bus.

File: 5a833a78eb754.jpg (746 KB, 1920x1200)
746 KB
746 KB JPG
Convicted war criminal Tanya von Degurechaff is hiding in Argentina. Will you bring her to justice?

>>Yes, she must hang for her crimes.
>>No, the jews had it coming.
42 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
No its just some spammer fag that makes a bunch of 1 id threads, there's at least 2 or 3 more on this board like this one.
>>No, the jews had it coming.
yeah, but the effectiveness of this thread is because of the /pol/ relation. if it weren’t for that there wouldnt be so many replies
You act as though this isn't the common consensus in regard to the subject matter.

File: tegaki.png (22 KB, 400x400)
22 KB
In the previous tale, our merry group met with one of Ursd's old friends - Orrin, the Runekeeper, who summoned a Spirit of Life to befriend their new civilization. It gave them a seed of Yggdrasil. Now the heroes prepare to enter a dwarven ruin to find any form of shelter or treasure.


Edgar's finger was barely about to press a switch before Ursd's hand grabbed his wrist, Ursd's other hand waving a "no."

"Aw, please? How will we know what happens unless we're willing to press it?" Edgar asked as Ursd released him.

"It could very well summon sentries, Prince." Orrin said, walking towards them. "Could be an alarm button for the workers. Could call for Dwarves to attend us. Could be anything."

"But how will we know unless we try it?" Edgar asked, his fingers twitching.

"We will DECIDE to press the buttons if WE do so." Ursd frowned.

"...For once, Edgar might be right." Ana said, walking up behind them. "We're all well prepared. Besides..."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Go back outside and talk to the prisoners about what happened.
Ursd allowed the others to look around the first room as he headed back out into the camp. He passed through the trees from earlier, down the small steppes, and immediately noticed the island was... different.

"It got bigger, Champion." Charles said as Ursd approached.


"The island." Charles pointed out into the water. "Never seen a thing like it. What did you guys do?"

"Activated the Dwarven ruin. It's Kurgan."

There were a few hushed whispers and a loud shout from the crowd. Several moved forward.

"...Kurgan? The lost city?"

"The very same." Ursd nodded in affirmation. "At least, according to a voice that speaks to us from within."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
"We won't cause any trouble regardless... right Edgar?" Ursd asked, looking at the shorter man.

"What? Why are you aiming that statement at me?" Edgar asked, leering. "I don't like that tone."

"No reason." Ursd replied, leading the group through the room into the residential section...


They came upon a vast room, the entire infrastructure based on a small settlement. There were high rises. There were small shelters. There were signs in Dwarvish everywhere. Within this fortress was an isolated village, with fresh water being pumped in in the form of waterfalls.

"...There are FISH in the water!" one man commented, leaning down. "Fishing!?"

"There're orchards! Fruit trees!"

"Well of course." the voice beeped almost matter-of-factly. "The residential section was made to handle most problems of living as well as provide easy access to large amounts of food and drinking water. Fish are raised in one pond. Regular water in others. Plants of all types are harvested here."

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>Go to Commercial and Industrial.
Let's see what jobs they have to offer
>>Go to Water Purification.

File: Apocalypse Raider.jpg (225 KB, 640x960)
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225 KB JPG
Urizen's army: 500 Veteran Rattle-Tail heavy cavalry, 400 merc light cavalry, 400 Elite Eye-Eaters, 580 Veteran Crimson Chosen, 1500 veteran elite raiders, 2000 elite waster raiders, 1000 waster raiders, 450 veteran elite crossbowmen, 60 biker semi-automatic gunners, 10 armored car turret gunners, and 300 veteran gunner infantry. (7,120 men)

Ally armies:
Harlotsville's armies: 200 elite militia, 2000 militia (2,200 men)
Y'arak's armies: 100 Elite light cavalry, 500 veteran militia, 400 elite militia, 2000 militia, and 600 bowmen (3,600 men)
Urizen has 13,000 men in total

Enemy forces: 1000 Kurrlon militia, 2000 Kurrlon elite militia, 500 Kurrlon veteran militia, 1000 Kurrlon bowmen, 500 Kurrlon elite bowmen, 500 Kurrlon veteran bowmen, 100 bolt-action gunners, 600 veteran heavy cavalry, 400 heavy cavalry, 200 light cavalry, 5 armored cars, 20 biker gunners (6,825 men)

Lands owned: Saltmarch (Current capital and your town [10,500 freemen, 1800 slaves]), The Kadine Pass (your town [2000 freemen, 1000 slaves]),The Flats (Mazgrund [2000 freemen, 2000 slaves]), Berkeran (Balak's town [3300 freemen, 1600 slaves]), Trident's Rest (Murdas Brukus's town [1400 freemen, 900 slaves]), and Buckport (Rathadu's town, [1600 freemen, 600 slaves])
Current generals: You, Rathadu, Mazgrund (Eye-Eater chieftain), Balak, and Murdas Brukus.
Garrison: 600 town guard in The Flats, 400 town guard in Trident's Rest, 600 heavy elite town guard in Buckport, 800 town guard in Berkeran, 300 town guard in the Kadine Pass, and 1000 veteran heavy town guard in Saltmarch

Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Apocalypse+Raider+Quest
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They have no cause for worry, since we'll kill them before they can kill themselves.
You sent some of the green units under the command of Mazgrund, telling him to bolster the forces at Berkeran, leaving most of the units to take on the threat of Kurrlon. You set up a trap/ambush at a large rocky hill line, and had the men wait behind it, and on one of the flanks with cavalry. You took the men just under your command with you, and had the vassal's wait at the chosen spot. You rode out to meet the enemy army waiting at the entrance to the Kurrlon fertile valley, and had the men engage, mostly with cavalry though. After a certain amount of time fighting the enemy, you had the men retreat, making noise and breaking formation as if they were broken, which made the enemy general order his men to kill the enemy running. Almost too easy. You lead your small army past the hill, so that the now winded enemy army couldn't see your now formed army. Just as the enemy was about to reach the top of the hill, you launched the attack, leading to the men quickly route the enemy army, which was winded and without formation. Then the flanking cavalry came out of their hiding place, and trapped the men, quickly killing them. You had the general shown to you, and saw that it was not Thronus, but one of his sons (the oldest), under strict instructions to hold off the men with the sallied out men of Vitcur and Ulmuran. After a day or two of torture, the young man informed you that Thronus left the second oldest son to guard the city with an elite troop, and that Thronus himself had marched his best army to the Kadine Pass while you attacked as predicted:
>March on the city
>March to Thronus's army
>Split the forces, to try and do both (choose which one you command)
Roll 1d100
Rolled 24 (1d100)

>Split the forces, to try and do both (choose which one you command)
We go after Thronus personally.
Rolled 17 (1d100)

>>March to Thronus's army
If we come up the pass from behind him he will be trapped between us and the Kadine fortifications we set up. We can end this now.
His son will probably come to back him up by attacking us, which would reverse the situation by trapping us between the two armies. I want to put pressure on both of them to prevent the prince from reinforcing Thronus and flanking us.

File: Totemist Quest.jpg (222 KB, 619x950)
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222 KB JPG
Your arc thins into a descent. For a heart-stopping moment you think you’ve miscalculated, the ledge of the far balcony dipping further and further above your head. At the last moment you cancel the air cushion beneath your feet, digging the heels of your boots into the corner of the wall at an angle that would shatter your pelvis without the Cobra’s boon, and -kick-. It’s no Cloudwalker Stride, but it mercifully proves enough as you wrap your gauntlets around the gilded rail and haul yourself out of sight behind the balcony railing in a (mostly) smooth motion.

The sounds of shuffling steps below continue unabated. You can’t help but let out a long, slow sigh as the tension bleeds from your shoulders by inches. You can still feel your balance offset by whatever strange concoction swirled within the cloud of off-colored mist you flew through as you clamber to your feet, keeping low to the ground to remain out of the eidolon’s line of sight. The circular door here is similarly elevated to its match on the fire side of the room, but the ramp has extended down to the balcony. You draw the Collider from your hip again. A quick check confirms that the iron-dust projectile is still safely socketed in the bolt groove. A good thing, that, as you can’t imagine how dangerous a dry fire of this kind of weapon would prove to your personal safety.

You press a palm to the plates folded over the aperture and are (to your great relief) immediately rewarded with a series of muted clicks as the metal plates unfurl to allow you entry. The chamber on the far side is lit better than the eidolon’s prison, but only marginally. Compared to the previous series of rooms the interior of this space is positively -cluttered-. Strange cabinets and chests are pushed against the circular walls of the room at uneven intervals. You can see a recliner or padded bench of some sort arranged near to the center of the room, lit from above by another pulsing crystalline chandelier. A deep red cloak has been thrown haphazardly over what appears to be a long, thin polearm jammed at an angle into the structure of the floor. A leather bag rests at the foot of the recliner. The material is scorched slightly around the edges, and the loose straps reveal a few blocky trail rations compacted inside.
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We could experiment with him before enshrining him, but that would just make it sadder when we do enshrine him.
I think you need to reread what that anon said
I wasn't talking about the hope avatar
I feel like a short nap first really couldn't hurt, but that depends on Marisol.
Oh. whoops.

File: 498230492.jpg (34 KB, 650x358)
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In the shadow realm everybody is shadowy, everything is shadowy, the trees, the animals, the fucking water. And pretty much everything is poisonous. You better be immune to poison to live in here.

When you decided to come here you bought a ring of poison immunity from a wizard and it has saved your life more times than what you can count. You can eat a bowl of poisonous fruits and get away with just a mild diarrhea.

This place is fairly isolated - a short planar travel away from anywhere inhabited by another human, you keep a scroll of planar travel in the hut you built yourself in the middle of one of the countless places called the same, shadow forest, the people in this place could be more creative. Although in their defense in their native language they have a hundred and fifty six words for 'shadow', the shadow men. They have a village a few miles away from your hut, you've met then a few times, they're simple people who live off the land. An old man in their village, a sage who calls himself Shady, who speaks broken common, acted as your translator for a few coins a day when you need to do business in the village. He says further to the north there is the castle of a certain Shadow King who rules over all these lands.

But why did you decide to come here in the first place?
> You were an incredibly successful thief who was wanted in pretty much every kingdom, so the only place you could think of to hide where nobody would look for you was the shadow realm
> You are a wizard yourself and you are studying the properties of the various shadow realm creatures to create new magical potions out of them
> Write in
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>you where a master inovator and inventor and creator of wonders of sience and magic but not everyone is happy with what they asked for and recived

> Write in
You were summoner seeking to learn how to summon and control shadow creatures.

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