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File: questcover.png (153 KB, 310x378)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
*Vile, putrid creatures they are. Mockeries of human life festering in our streets, walking among our kind in plain sight. Their mere existence defies everything God stands for and everything wrong with this carnal realm. What fool would believe that the union between man and demon is pure?*
in this world there is monsters and there is man. between the forces lie beings that are neither yet are kindred to both. you are of these kindred born into a realm that hates your existence and with that existence you embody a sin.

what sin...are you?

> lust
> envy
> gluttony
> wrath
> pride
> greed
> sloth
> the eighth sin
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Pretty sure OP wanted this to be a cluster fuck since he obviously messed up his trip on the first post and didn't even bother to change it after.
OP dropped the sins, what a shame.
Imagine spending your time pretending to be retarded in front of anonymous posters and thinking you're hot shit.
Hi everyone, it's me sinful, though now I've changed it to something else.

I'm afraid that sinful quest will be rebooted and reworked in the coming months. I felt that I wasn't in the mood to invest in this one so slight as well start over.

With that out of the way and glad I ran this game with y'all and hope to see you soon
*might as well

File: luftpanzerop_11.png (704 KB, 800x480)
704 KB
704 KB PNG
What the hell ever.

They think they can keep her out of trouble, did they? Well, Linda Falkenstein’s middle name was trouble, and certainly not anything flowery and embarrassing. Messing with her was a bad idea, and she was feeling really damn messed with. Wake up, Halmeggia explodes. What’s that? Three of your best friends from forever ago went over there? Oh, one of them came back cut to pieces, another died, and the last was missing? What the fuck? Linda didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or kill somebody. Everything mixed together in a soup of white hot, burning, and even more infuriatingly impotent fury. Sit home, safe and sound, do nothing as per fucking usual. What a joke.

It wasn’t as though she hadn’t known something was up when she received that letter from Dolcherr; rather, it was “from” Reinhold, but Reinhold hated writing and it showed; it was obviously written by Dolcherr. It had been relatively vague as far as destination and task went; she only found out now where they had gone when her father had told her that Douran had died.

Her blood had turned to ice, and her knees had turned to jelly. She was too astounded to even weep, and she couldn’t do anything but…stare at the wall in her room, for over an hour. Always composed, always willing to listen to her, never one who offered anything but good advice and support. Now he was dead. Killed far off in another country, and once again, she hadn’t been able to do anything about it whatsoever. No more shoulder to cry on, no more wingman to pester to get Reinhold to notice her, no more hand to help her up when she was in despair over being so unable to get the man she dreamed about to feel the same way about her as she did him…

Meanwhile, Roland had been so badly hurt he couldn’t even be visited, though he was apparently going to survive. That wasn’t good, but he was at least…home. Unlike Reinhold.

That was what finally made Linda get up and start walking, taking wobbling steps, and then long, determined strides. She could do something. She could fly, and she was one of the best damn pilots she knew. A plane was like a second body to her, and taking to the sky was as simple as putting one foot in front of the other as far as she was concerned.
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>>Take it with you. It would certainly have to be taken out of the country, you bet, and who would take it from you once you got out?
Even if we bury it I'd rather not leave it in Halmeggia. Better to bring it to a place where no one has heard of whatever it is.
Also the mossheads we shacked up with are still around and I'm not sure whether they have the means to retrieve it or not.
>>Bury the thing.
I think we should bury it under a recognizable tree or draw a treasure map like a pirate or something so that we might be able to come back and find it later after the war. If Edelina ever gets set up firmly in power she'll probably want her incalculably valuable family legacy back.
>Take it with you. It would certainly have to be taken out of the country, you bet, and who would take it from you once you got out?

All we have to do is get home and put it somewhere we will totally remember putting it, thus banishing it forever.
The likelihood of that, I think, was stated. Being imprisoned means you're likely to not have anything in your term, but the question is one of whether they would return it, here.


Take it with


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: G2VDdWr.jpg (188 KB, 1920x1080)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Last time on Human Quest Super!


After returning to and causing some mayhem on Earth, Eric the chef of the gods found himself entangled in universal politics as a group of fugitives escaped from their own universe and into his. Together with the infamous Hit, they tracked them down and apprehended these criminal elements one way or another.

But things weren't as simple as they seemed. Several of these people harbored no ill intentions towards the denizens of Universe 6. And so the young Earthling attempted to barter for their lives. Luckily, the God of Destruction Sidra agreed with the human and left them in his care.

Now with his new friends serving under him, the adventures of this brave human continue!
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There's only so many times Vegeta can blow up the environment or shrug off bullshit before it gets samey.
>I'm not locked in here with you..."
>I do think their inexplicable level of strength is a tad silly considering the actual Demon King Dabura was kind of a chump.
You're not wrong, though to be fair to Dabura he was as strong as perfect cell. A bit unfair to consider him a chump when was just stuck having to deal with abdurdly strong foes. I do think Mechikabura's supposed power is absured but to be fair to him he was apparently far older and was the former Demon King before being ressurrected. On that note reining in his and Chronoa's power a bit since they're supposed to be weaker than the GoDs would help. Like I said I mostly like the demon realm kai stuff, it's not without issues.
>Hell, Janemba was supposedly the literal personification of Evil and he gets slapped all around the place in Heroes.
>Fucking hell, Kid Buu eats him for gods sake.

To be fair I think Janemba is a personifcation of evil per se, just some poor shmuck that ended up warped and empowered by all the evil being cleansed out of hell. That's....different probably, and either way I don't see why that would exempt him from Buu's absorption.
I wasn't saying he should be immune, but it's pretty silly that this series has had multiple demon kings and gods and at least two things with a good claim on "evil personified"
Regardless Janemba probably has the coolest powerset for any villain.
I fucking love the Lego cubes.
Ya lego cubes are the symbol of evil! Why I stepped on one not so long ago.

New thread here

Ah, news!

So the folks may have me down there next(?) week to help out with some pretty major yard work, not sure if I mentioned that before or not. Not a big deal, but a multiple day one, so there won't be any runs while that's going on. I'm hoping they'll call me to go down there Monday next week, but we'll see. I'll keep you guys up to speed there, so you'll know as soon as I do- just check the twitter, here https://twitter.com/Warhound89

Other than that, no news worth mentioning- no job offers yet, sadly. ah well.


Someone, you reflect rather grimly, set your cell phone alarm to a general quarters klaxon. You have your suspicions on whom, though you can’t imagine when they’d have had a chance to do it.

Normally you’re up before your alarm, of course, a habit you grew into in high school, but the late night last night meant you actually slept in a little- you had to curtail your morning run too, and you still haven’t managed to catch breakfast. You’ve had worse before, but it still annoys you with yourself, unusual circumstances or no.

One of the ever-present base vehicles- this time, a humvee from the local marine pool, still painted in desert tan, waits for you. It’s just as well, it’s a fairly nice day, even if it is a bit warm. Your driver, perhaps predictably, is a marine provost marshal officer- armed, of course. He salutes and then nods towards you. “Morning, sir.” He says. “I’m Sargent Williams, and I’m your driver for the day. You’re supposed to go to the admin building, but I’ve also been told you need to get by the flight line and the med center before afternoon chow.”

You nod.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I suppose I did
Merlin is now officially for lewds

Merlin's noted for being one of the, if not the single best. You'd better bring a lot more than a single BVR shot if you want to have a prayer.
File: inhales-oh-no.jpg (169 KB, 535x711)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
>not using your AIM-54s in BFM mode, Pitbull out the gates

File: 1510413021261.jpg (2.58 MB, 2046x4091)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB JPG
Take a pick boys, and make this fun
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Rolled 11 (1d22)

Rolled 14 (1d22)

Ropes and climbing gear, allowing easier movement and potential for settlement


A strange event, one that will mark the tribes' history forever, takes place during a particulairly harsh winter of the mountain folk's history. A young member of the Whiteheart tribe, fair maiden and apprentice herbalist, disappears during a storm of snow. For two days and two nights she is gone like a ghost, yet on the third morning she appears, healthy as she was during the storm. Only one detail is different about her: the third eye upon her forehead.

She narrates to the tribe of her trial, being lost in the wilderness as winds strong enough to throw her body around raged continuously. She thought her death would be certain, until a dangerous snow lion appeared to her eyes. The beast's fur glowed with an otherwordly light, and instead of fearing it, she felt calmness and power radiating from its form. The storm died down, while the beast remained. It spoke in a tongue that transcended language, and whispered the secrets of life and death to the girl.

This miracle inspires the tribe to look further into this concept of duality, and soon the idea of a perfect balance between the material and immaterial finds purchase between the mountain folk's hearts. Small shrines and makeshift temples now dot the mountains, serving as a safe resting spot for travelers and holy sites of worship where the Lion-touched's sacred teachings are shared.

From that event in time, the tribes of the mountain folk found magic, and more sightings of the sabre-toothed snow lions began circulating. Yet none ever came close to the humans, choosing only to observe from afar.

>Roll 1d22 for a new event

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Strength.png (592 KB, 445x691)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
(missing pic)
Rolled 21 (1d22)

Id go with my last suggestion >>3274047

File: maxresdefault (2).jpg (65 KB, 1280x720)
65 KB
In this quest, you would usually play as Wade Wakeman, a 16 year old boy with a heart of gold. But not this time. This time, a new story will be explored. In this timeline, Albedo takes Ben’s place as Earth’s protector. You probably have many questions as to how that happened, so let’s sit back and hear the story from our would-be hero…

(Warning! The aliens, stats and trivia posted below will not be applied to Albedo, and he will have his own set of aliens. I will make a separate pastebin for them shortly.)


Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used. Crit successes and crit fails apply.

To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations.

Aliens Unlocked:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>"I know what you're gonna say, but I have these guys to back me up."
>>"I understand that you care about my safety, but I can't turn my back on people that need help."
>"I'm the only one that can stop an alien warlord from taking over the galaxy. I can't back out of this now."
[Wade]: I know what you're gonna say, but I have these guys to back me up.

[Mom]: Wade, I-

[Wade]: I understand that you care about my safety, but I can't turn my back on people that need my help.

[Dad]: Wade, just lis-

[Wade]: I'm the only one that can stop an alien warlord from taking over the galaxy. I can't just back out of this now.

[Mom]: Wade! Just. Listen.

Everyone goes silent as your mom slams her hands on the table.

[Mom]: I understand.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: giphy (1).gif (220 KB, 508x332)
220 KB
220 KB GIF
Thread has been archived!

Thanks, Galvan! Keep being awesome!

File: hexgrid3.png (46 KB, 1067x881)
46 KB
If you see this thread in the catalog, get in here and post. Here's the rules:
>copy the most recent version of the map into paint
>use color picker to fill the hexes
>you can fill in up to five adjacent hexes with the same land type, then add fluff for ONE of those hexes.
>you may also add rivers in hexes you are coloring in (not already filled hexes) as long as they follow normal river rules (mountains/hills to oceans / lakes)
>don't over-write other anon's hexes
>once all the hexes are filled, only do fluff for already-existing hexes
>the world concept is D&D-style fantasy, which is fairly flexible but please no sci-fi or modern stuff
> If there does happen to be a tie or conflict on hexes, whoever posted first wins. If you notice a conflict please delete your post and try again. If you notice a conflict, do not use that map and wait for it to be deleted then try again.

I've already started the map a bit, O12 is plains, with a town build in a clearing. Let's call the town Thornhill.
9 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Untitled.png (70 KB, 1064x881)
70 KB
R13 Bone Valley

This arid massive ravine stretches dozens of miles from the North West towards the South East. It is blocked off from all precipitation by mountains to the north and south.
File: Ardag Desert.png (56 KB, 1064x881)
56 KB

T14 Ardag Desert
To the east of the Moaning Heights and beyond the Bone Valley, the Ardag Desert spread itself with is sands and great solitary mountains.

The most know residents here are the Kiriisk tribes, a primitive insectoid race (locustlike) rather agressive, voracious and incredibly superstitious.

The Kiriisk think that only the best of their own can guide them, and the spirits will give without doubts their favour to the final victor in the fights for decide the leader of a tribe.

Do their nature the Kiriisk tribes attack eachothers almost costantly for any fertile territory they can get, and sometimes if the spirits are benign to subjugate and annex another tribe.

Same as well for any brave trader and adventurer from the east or west that decide to pass in this lands.

Few chiefs have lead their tribes outside of Ardag, and what they got was mainly their death or bitter defeats by the great tribes without antennas.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1550785063489.png (56 KB, 1064x881)
56 KB
K13 Mistwater

A place for fishing used frequently be nearby villages and settlements.
Got its name from the seemingly ever-present fog hovering over the waters.
File: Untitled.png (71 KB, 1064x881)
71 KB

T12 Cloud Eater Mountains: Pygmy Harpy Village

The cloud Eater mountains are known for their spiring peaks and countless waterfalls. Hidden within their narrow ravines is a village of pygmy harpies that subsist on fish. Unlike their larger cousins, they are timid and shy away from strangers. There are rumors of them being targeted by slavers.

File: 9308120938023.png (747 KB, 707x1000)
747 KB
747 KB PNG
After a thousand years an evil archlich came out of his slumber and according to the ancient prophecies the only way to defeat him is to collect six magical gems created by archmages of old that will seal him for another thousand years into a magical suspended animation!

A champion has stepped forth to the task of collecting the gems! He is a
> Fighter. Proficient with short sword, broad sword, shield and bow and arrow and donning heavy metal armor he'll overcome challenges with his might.
> Thief. Proficient with dagger and light crossbow and wearing leather armor his vast array of utility skills and cunning will help him overcome challenges.
> Wizard. Proficient with staff and capable of hurling magical fire his spells and sharp intellect will help him with his challenges.
> other

Also what is the name of this brave champion?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
> The tomb of the archlich in Shadowvalley
The dragon lair near the city of Darthmoor

Elijah decides to go search for the gems in the tomb of the archlich in Shadowvalley.

He takes a horse and travel there. The trek takes three weeks, he traverses woods and plains until he finally arrives at his destination.

The valley is a desolate sight, teeming with undead! Draugr warriors can be seen leading the armies of the dead that are readying themselves to march upon the kingdom! Ghouls, aparitions and necromancer apprentices go around the place busily performing their duties to their dark master.

Stealthily you find a way into the crypt itself. In there you face the archlich, who stare deeply into your soul.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>carry the gem
Can't leave your stuff vulnerable now can you?
>Mysterious dungeon
Because it's mysterious for a reason
> Carry the gem with you
> The mysterious dungeon in the plains of Ethypion

File: 15.jpg (571 KB, 675x1000)
571 KB
571 KB JPG
You are Alabaster Soliloquy, kabedon kommando and bodysnatcher-catcher.

-Alex and Sable had a clandestine meeting. Sable wants to destroy Darkbloom Analytics to keep the power of Sand Reckoner out of the company's hands. Alex is only partly on board with the plan.
-Cerise awoke from her lengthy catatonia, but something was amiss.
-The whole gang got together for a dinner - one that didn't even end in a food fight.
-Rose produced evidence that Camelia's doppelganger is more than just a doppelganger: she was in possession of a flash drive that Camelia used to blackmail you during the events of last year.
-Galatea and Cerise reunited, a moment you arranged.
-Meanwhile, you spent the night with Whitney and her mother, Dr. Carte. It was an interesting chance to broaden your horizons.
-You're a virile young man. With hardly any refractory period to worry about, you were able to stop at Galatea's for another encounter with her and Cerise.
-In the morning, you discussed the reappearance of Camelia with the two of them, but they have the same false memory of Camelia as a different person that everyone else does.
-At work, Vivian and Whitney discussed potential buyouts of startups, and neither of them seem to have good sense when it comes to these things...
-When you took Cerise home, you reviewed the family photo album with her. At least this much is consistent: you both remember the same woman being your mother.
-Cerise's implant glitched out. She briefly lost consciousness; and when she woke up, she wasn't Cerise anymore. She was David Darkbloom.
-Post-episode, we saw some Valentines Day flashbacks containing scenes with Rose2, Vivian and Dr. Carte, Noelle, and Rose.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
886 replies and 123 images omitted. Click here to view.
>No. But I would like if Ally fuck Rose while she see him as Saul (by whatever bullshit: Sand Reckoner fuckery, drugs, hypnotism, etc); maybe
O-ok anon...

OP is simply the best.
Proper aftercare is important even if you treat your girl like an onahole.

Seriously though OP, this is why I love Rose even more now than I did back in S1.
There is very little that will make you feel guiltier than a sub breaking down in tears when all is said and done. Of course Alabaster has his own way of expressing that.

Rose is cute. Cute!

”A Knight is Sworn to Valour. His Heart Knows Only Virtue. His Blade Defends the Helpless. His Might Upholds the Weak. His Word Speaks Only Truth. His Wrath Undoes the Wicked.”

Every child in Cantôn knows of the Knight’s Code. From peasant-born waifs playing with sticks in the mud to keen-eyed noble sons practicing with cold steel in the training yard, all have at the very least dreamed of one day becoming a knight themselves. To ride out on errantry into the Five Duchies Kingdom and beyond for God and Glory, bringing the Law of Adam to the wicked and the Blade of Cain to the beast.

The Knights of Cantôn are sworn to follow the Code, to obey the King, to refuse no call for aid honestly asked for, to seek out and destroy the Foe wherever it may lurk and rid the world of evil.

Were it so easy…


Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlackCompany666
/qst/ Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Sworn%20to%20Valour
Our Knight & Companions Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/iBg32ZQw Updated
Faith & Politics Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/Cu4FPGVM Updated
Foes, Foreigners & Monsters Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/nXwzHGGa

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Pretty simple, less talk more action. Commit to her (or drop it). Anons wanted to play lord with the second son so it’s more likely that this route will just be dropped. It’s just kind of a bummer that the floundering caused such a delay in the story.
Well there's the Horse race option too, so it's not like we still have to pursue a romantic interest.

We could probably come to her with a good shekeling opportunity and she'd be down. Money > Dick.
New thread February Sunday 24th 11:00am AEST.

While Emile didn't handle the aftermath particularly well, I think we can agree that he at least looks back on the night itself fondly. Next thread will commence with readying ourselves for the day-and-night long Vigil at the Church of Adam's Martyrdom. Gif not related.

>Inb4 revenge fiat from residues of muh Albani Warmachines or the Skaldening.
File: Anons woo.jpg (211 KB, 760x596)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
I found a relevant
Apologies fellas, but no thread tomorrow. Nothing to do with the quest but I have a few deadlines coming up and I won't be able to keep to my schedule.

I'll announce a fresh thread on the qtg and twitter, but we're probably not looking at anything earlier than 8th March.

File: 1455023105216.jpg (355 KB, 1280x800)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
One moment you weren't. The next you were. Brought into reality by the mere will of your worshipers. A rare people without an established Pantheon. Born into a world where Gods roam the earth, mythical creatures are still plentiful and magic is more common than proper hygiene. You are a God. One of many. Yet you are still alone. It is up to you to build a pantheon, gain worshipers and become powerful. You are born.

PantheonQuest II is a reinvigorated version of PantheonQuest, a short lived quest that ran pretty well, though I sadly let it die. The players control a God in a mythical realm filled to the brim with mystery.

God sheet:

Name: Quite simply, the name of the Diety
Appearance: The form the Diety takes in the mortal world
Sigil: A holy symbol, associated with the Diety
Major Sphere: The sphere which the Diety has most control of, and the one which defines it. The more obscure a sphere, the more power a Diety will be able to exercise over it (eg. a God of War might slightly skew the odds of battle, yet a God of Mushrooms may grow mushrooms as much as they please)
Minor Sphere: A smaller, less important sphere which the Diety has control of. More may be gained during the game
Dwelling: The abode of your God in the mortal world. A grand castle, a dark cave, the sewers of a city, anything you can think of.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
116 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah, but caravans of White Dwarves specifically are apparently a rarity. So they either they don't pass through here often, which makes it odd that they're passing through now, or they never come to our people's halls, which makes sense considering the bad blood, but also makes it curious that they'd be willing to bite the bullet this time. Even if their people were malnourished, I'm not sure most would be willing to go to the people that they'd supported the exiling of before. Sounds like a good way to meet an even worse fate. Across most fantasy setting, Dwarves aren't exactly renowned for forgiving grudges easily, or having short memories. Besides, even if it was simply because they had no other option but certain death (Which might be the case, and in that case I'll support your suggestion next action), then knowing where they were going, what they're selling and the like would give us a good idea of what we could get out of them later.
Why do you assume that such caravanes are particularly rare compared to those of other races? What is rare is them stopping their course near Dom Kâdar. And if they did this time, it is simply because of the unfortunate timing of the storm.
Hey OP, hope you're not letting PQ die again.
Imo you should archive this one and start the second part when you're back.

File: UA Image 6.png (541 KB, 758x861)
541 KB
541 KB PNG
Previous Thread: >>3228357

Your master, Vivi D'Roix, had just completed her fourth day at the academy, you introduced Mercedes to Vivi's friend group, and she has signed up to take both [Nobility Etiquette] & [Field Studies] as her extracurricular classes. During the time of where you master was picking classes, you ventured back into the garden to capture one of the Murtlaps so that Vivi may drive her knife into the ugly rodent for fun.

Using your [Enhanced Hearing](Basic) you found the professor for [Field Studies] and successfully avoided in having magical flames shoot from your ass, and taking a trip to the hospital wing of the academy. Due to your beginner's luck, the field studies professor handed you a thick book called [Fishing Holes] that he bought from a traveling merchant.

After leaving the professor you took some time to learn [Enhanced Hearing](Intermediate) and used it once more to eavesdrop on those who were not aware. Afterward, you visited the Occult Club to learn about the strange house but ended up joining them as a member, as they seemed to enjoy your presence, and perhaps even be called your own "friend group." While you were gone Vivi got into a social pickle, with Czesara, but you were able to guide her into apologizing to her servant instead, and treat it as a misunderstanding. You also learned that Rena is some type of information broker that got Vivi targetted in the first place.

Now you are walking back to Vivi's dormitory room.

>Solomom’s: Skills(w/description), Learning, & RelationShip Statuses: https://pastebin.com/T0P8mXp9

> [Vivi D’Roix Schedule Thursday]

[Breakfast @7:00AM]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
49 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>>Go to your bed & sleep
Yeah that looks similar to what I imagined
>Go to your bed & sleep
>Read Fishing Holes
>Read Fishing Holes
I'll leave voting open till some time tomorrow (1/2PM est) then depending on what is voted on more. I'll make a post and then a new thread.

File: Begin at The End.png (34 KB, 693x600)
34 KB
So this is how it happens, one moment you hold the power to change nature itself, the next you are sealed away behind a seal intended to keep you in this void for the next 5,000 years. Thankfully your powers allow you to sustain yourself in this Pale Orange Nothing, surely they didn't think you so foolish as to not prepare for the worst outcomes? An insult surely....

"What an annoyance"

The phrase echoed strangely, like you were talking into a cave that never stayed the same size. In fact this whole... Void? Was strange, with thick air that you could swim in that spanned forever, the key feature a large door with the symbol of a spiral inside a diamond, orbited by a coiling chain that softly clinked as moved. You recall falling through the doorway and being sealed in here, though now it doesn't show any locks or handles...

You rub your sore forehead, feeling the shattered Soul Gem and holes where your Sigil of Teleportation had been marked on your hands. Without them you are limited in your abilities, having to rely on your strength and less refined magic if you hope to do anything. Damn those "Heros", you will show all of Zalterra what a mistake it was to let you bide your time!

You will make them all pay, or your name isn't---!

(choose a title/name for the Dark Lord, as well as one of the shown actions)

[] Curse the band of fools who sent you here! (this will give you a selection of beings that banished you to this empty plane)

[] Create a keep fit for one of your standing! Tall towers and a throne room, complete with a extravagant kings quarters to rest your head.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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The purple entity and Seigrid

Rolling for how grumpy Orale is.
Rolled 61 (1d100)

Seigrid, is a 7'3'' (220.0 cm) mantid woman, her body is a pleasantly light green that turns to a brownish red at her extremities, both of which accent her yellow-green eyes. Most of her height is in her legs, with her thorax ending just before where her ankles would be. Her larger set of arms display the more traditional mantid look, long sickles with a set of claws that stick out near the end nearly touching the floor while her smaller arms are far more human-like ending in four (4) dexterous clawed fingers. Her outfit of choice is a traditional black and white maid outfit modified for her body, usually accented with small decorative pins or flowers.

She is very friendly, and thanks to her height she is very good at her job, leaving her lots of free time. When she isn't working she prefers to spend time outside or helping in the garden, as she loves to work with her hands and take in the sights of nature.


After browsing you find out the human man's name is Ivo Ward, which you swear can't be his real name, then again you can't really find any others... He stands at 5'9'' (175.2 cm) with a wiry build, complete with blonde hair that sits below the shoulders, most of it pulled away from his face into several braids. His most common outfit is a tailored black butler suit with a deep orange undershirt and gloves, both of which match his eyes.

Ivo's personality seems lacking, preferring to only speak in short sentences and spending most of his time learning new subjects in the library. When he does speak in a more casual manner it comes across as timid and unintentionally blunt, a exact opposite of his movements which move with a practiced smoothness and efficiency.


Orale's sits right between Seigrid and Ivo at 6'6'' (198.12 cm), with plum skin and clawed, five fingered hands. You see his legs are shaped similar to some large lizard, as well as his tail that ends in a spade-like point. His mask like face contains rows of sharp teeth and a literal silver tongue, as well as yellow colored pupils that sit in dark sockets; which actually seem to change in size depending on his mood. His outfit is a dark red long sleeved chef uniform with rolled sleeves and black pants, over which sits a white knee-high apron.

Orale talks with a gravelly voice that matches his perpetually aggravated state, often being blunt to the point of rude even when not trying to be. That being said when not working he maintains a aloof attitude, preferring to spend time alone when not perfecting recipes for both food and alchemy.


The lamp-post, whose name appears to be Phase according to what you can get from them, towers at 8'10'' (269.2 cm) with most of their height being in the metallic pole that bends in strange angles when bending over or moving. A closer inspection shows the flags are actually large colorful sections of navy and gold linen-like flesh, and their "base" appears to have their true mouth that takes the shape of seemingly decorative fang motifs on their front. The lamp look is completed by their "eyes" which appear as two light colored spots on the burned glass, which flicker in a flame-like manner. (All of these look surprisingly ordinary when Phase stands still, often to Phase's delight as they seem to enjoy playing the occasional prank)

Their personality is very excitable and restless, getting sucked into tasks for hours at a time, when not working they are out exploring and experimenting with new materials in the forge.

(you can leave comments and discuss about the characters/possible interactions- I'm gonna be pretty busy with work for a bit here)

(also I have archived the thread Here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Behind+the+Door+Quest and will do my best to have a picture of all these new characters for visual reference)

File: dead man's hand op.png (504 KB, 1758x1080)
504 KB
504 KB PNG
Far away from the ancient lands of the East lies the untamed expanse of the West, the wild, magnificent, chaotic lands of violence and struggle, yearning and despair. Deserts and forests, mountains and valleys, a vast wilderness populated only by scattered bands of folk: settler towns, cowboys, native villages, and long dusty roads. Here in the West, there is freedom and danger, life and death, and every man has a chance to make his name or die trying.

They say that once a legendary gunslinger was shot at the card table while holding a pair of eights and aces. Ever since then people have avoided playing that hand with a superstitious dread. But there comes a day for every man when he must meet the Reaper, and pass through his gate. Out here in the West, you never know when it might be you who gets dealt the dead man's hand.
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Rolled 5, 3, 9, 3, 9, 4 + 4 = 37 (6d10 + 4)


"Not my worst night."
>E 5
>Fire on the beast w. Devilish
>Fire on the beast again

Lily Rivers, Gambler [2]
[1 Strength] [2 Grit] [2 Smarts] [4 Charm]
[4/4Hp] [4/4 Survival] [5 Move]
[Inspire: Encourageing teammates gives them +1 Speed and +2 Movement on their next turn]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Doctor (2 Strength, 1 Grit, 3 Smarts, 2 Charm)

5 HP, 6 Movement, 0 Survival, +1 Evasion (Derby Hat & Dapper Vest)

Skills: Pack Mule (+1 Doctor Bag/ Toolkit, +1 Loot Bag)
Combat Medic (When you heal an ally you both gain +1 Armor until the end of the round.)
Fade [S, 1 Survival] (Move 3 spaces away from enemies, gain +2 Evasion this round)

Gear: Holdout Pistol, Toolkit, Doctor's Bag (1/4), Doctor's Bag, Loot Bag

>Move W2, S1
>Investigate the black spots
>Move 5 East (behind the tent)
>(A) Standown

-2 Terror
Sun Li-Chen
Level 1 Doc (2 Strength, 1 Grit, 3 Smarts, 3 Charm)
3/5 HP(+1 EVA from Derby Hat & Dapper), 5 Movement, 1?/3 Survival
▪Pack Mule: Carry +1 Toolkit, +1 Lootbag
▪Resolve: Spend survival, 6+ on d10 keep survival point
•Knife: Range Melee, Speed 3, Damage 1, Concealed, Throw 2 per battle at range 10
•Doctor Bag: (×5), Deployable, First Aid (A)-Heal yourself or an adjacent ally for 2, Deploy (A)-Anyone adjacent to the bag can use First Aid.
•Tool Kit (×2): (A,×6), Picks Locks, Disable, Sabotage or Repair Machinery

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Rolled 5, 7, 2 = 14 (3d10)

>Move 3N, 1NW
>Open fire on Wendigo 2 [+4 accuracy, +1 luck]

Holding her coat in a wet clump over the swamp of blood and torn muscle usually called a stomach, Bonnie takes a deep breath and chokes back a scream. No point in throwing off the aim of someone else with a distraction. After all, she was gonna kill this sonofabitch.

Bonnie Northbark
>Level: 2
Trapper [1 Strength, 4 Grit, 2 Smarts, 1 Charm]
HP: 1/5

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 7, 5, 6 = 18 (3d10)

>Shoot beast N (+3hit, crit7)
>move 3S 2W

Boleite Blue, Gambler [2]
[1 Strength] [2 Grit] [2 Smarts] [4 Charm]
[4/4Hp, 2Terror] [1/4 Survival] [5 Move]
[Huckleberry: +1Luck in Area 5, Self&Allies]
[Leader: +1Accuracy in Area 5, Self&Allies]
[Fancy Dress: +1 Evasion]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: RagDoll.jpg (57 KB, 518x750)
57 KB
You run a hand over the package in your care, thin paper and slim rope on your fingers. Under ample compensation, you were tasked with bringing it to one of the greatest cities of the wasteland, the last bastion of civilization. You've always been an odd-jobber, working when you needed and just enough to buy yourself a few more moments of survival. You have long forgot what an easy or comfortable life was.

After all, you find yourself among the ruins of a dead city, in a house with a dilapidated roof, sitting around a campfire with 5 strangers, seeking shelter for the night. There is a sixth man outside, combing through the town in hopes of finding anything useful. The warmth of the fire brings a modicum of comfort to a cold night sleeping under the stars. You lean back against a wall, tipping your straw hat over your eyes. It does little to block the light, but you welcome it.

Clutching the package close to your chest, you slowly begin drifting off to sleep...

Until, like a storm, the sixth man barges into your place of rest, staining the floor with his blood. He crashes onto the floor soundlessly, a single iron bolt sticking out of his back. A single look is exchanged between you and the other five. Exiles.

Rising onto your feet and stashing the parcel somewhere with your other belongings, you place a hand on your weapon, its shape casting a menacing shadow behind you...

> A Saber, wide and weighty. Maims like no other

>A fine Katana. Slim and light, able to deliver precise blows.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 4 (1d100)

Rolled 44 (1d100)

>>Take a look around you, and study this forsaken world.
you know this reminds me of kenshi a little bit
sayonara qm-san

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