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File: GohanPeppa.jpg (168 KB, 894x894)
168 KB
168 KB JPG


>You are Son Peppa, Son Gohan, and Izumi Mahogany, children of Earth’s heroes Maple, Goku, Acer, and Chi-chi

>“Canon” has taken a radical shift from the series’ norm, you’re just one part of it, and things could go even further off the rails from here

>Mechanics and character details in the pastebins here:
Peppa: https://pastebin.com/Gf01Le0Z
Gohan: https://pastebin.com/FkbmypcU
Izumi: https://pastebin.com/jaPQ2RJn

>Let’s all try to have some fun, ok?

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>I don't mean to say that I don't want there to be No More Machine Mutants
Fuck, using a double negative has screwed me into a triple negative!

Anyways, Machine Mutants would be fine a saga from now if there are any ornery ones left.
Been catching up with this, I've been intensely enjoying it, Kato. Thanks for running. So, Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta. Hell of a thing. How is this going to play out when we get to Battle of Gods? Also, SS4 vs. SSG, how's that gonna go down?
File: 1916_6_20X6.png (67 KB, 165x199)
67 KB
"19 actively seeked to look at other perspectives from her fellow Androids, and I would definitely say she was trying to help 16 come to terms with his situation. Help him understand how little Gero truly cares for them. She was more proactive in working with the group, too. She even sought out understanding relationships from Peppa, recognizing she would have a perspective closer to her own."
Man, still kinda surprised you've genuinely gotten me invested in a yuri relationship, Kato. Usually not my cup of tea, but this one is rather nice. Bit more surprised by the character development we've gotten for Vegeta, it's been nice to see. Most others seem to have covered the points I wanted to cover, so instead I'll just say that this was fun to catch up with, and I'm looking forward to next time. Thanks for running, Kato.
File: Spoiler Image (186 KB, 499x647)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
Fitting Music:

Has Acer taught Monty yet about the two most important qualities one should strive to have?

File: maverickHunterQuest.jpg (55 KB, 400x300)
55 KB
Oh god, what am I doing


You are quite nervous

Normally, a complete newbie wouldn’t participate in such an important mission, but you were made in Portugal, and you speak the language, and so, here you are, as a support unit translating Portuguese into English. It made absolutely no sense, as learning a new language, for a reploid, was a matter of downloading a data package, but what was done, was done

Or maybe it was because you were created by a team from the University of Lisbon, and the mission was in the Lisbon Casino, and someone higher up expected you to be somewhat familiar with the area. They would be wrong, as, after you got out of the laboratory, you went straight to the Overland Base in Geneva

Anyway, who are you?

>Chassis: Humanoid / Anthropomorphic
>Element: Neutral / Others
>Weaponry: Specify

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You know, while writting this, I remembered: you only have the drone on the ventilation shaft available, the other one sacrificing itself to stop a rocket


Deep breaths

First thing, you need to pin down the lancer, preferably without killing yourself. And for that, you need to catch him

You can do that with the ride armor, but it was clunky before it was damaged, and now it barely walks forward; and your tentative steps have the lancer charging again, aggressively leaping at you

In turn, you leap, or rather, your mirror image leaps straight up; you drop all control of the ride armor, seemingly abandoning it, and the lancer lands right in front of you, the rabbit limply lurching backwards. You then take the shot, as strongly as you can, all four drones still attached to you detaching and firing alongside you, five arrows of light hitting and launching the enemy backwards

Then you jump for real, your first clone fading and a new one appearing under you, and that one fades too, as the stunned maverick quickly recovers and slams on the rabbit, finally toppling it down; your dash does not work in the air, and you feel a shiver down your metal spine, even as you move a pair of drones as protection

They don’t help much, and soon you’re grappling with a living ball of lightning and anger

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
In a twist of irony, your mission still was a failure. At least it wasn’t your fault, and Redcoat, as the senior operative, was the one to do the spoken action report to your commander

You were supposed to cut the escape route of Turret Turtloid… and you were sent to the wrong place. What you did stop was the trade, destroying and capturing the merchandise the arms dealer was going to give to the maverick’s cell, like the ride armor, and… some strange overcharge system that worked by removing safety limiters

A concept insane to the point of derangement, which perfectly fitted mavericks

Meanwhile, you’re back to base. You just got out of a call with Granny Maria, the teacher that supervised the project that created you, you have your virtual reader in hands and your collection of books, your bounty and payment have arrived, and your possible upgrades are being prepared for your perusal

All is, for now, back on their proper places, and so, you rest


Last update for a while, now; need to reread further into the original quest so I know what upgrades to make available

Including a VWES, I suppose

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Generally non-boss upgrades are stock things that any reploid can get, dashes, armor, VWES, and then better core systems that are specific to the reploid. The technology is out there and has been proofed. Or you're the one proofing it for your core systems.
Also just general equipment is good, guns, sabers, external weapons, batman belts, etc.
Aww did this die?

You are (now) a small, blind slime who has acquired two companions. A fluttering thing (named Eve) who is tied to the mash you currently keep within your void pocket and Ser Fuzzylad, a competent individual who has the odd habit of staring off into the distance at all times. You can feel that they have more of a grasp on things in general than yourself as well.

[please hold]
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our we make a rune that will luanch us out of the hole.
We can mostly only use them as a [Focus] for another spell. Our spell slots are pretty limited, anon.
File: 163.png (251 KB, 1000x850)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
At first you decide to wait it out, but give up on that as you begin to feel like you're missing something important. Attempts to climb out also fall short, though well within expectations. Even getting an assist doesn't manage to brute force the issue.

However, you then consider the poison beverage as a means for 「Runecraft」. Your own magical prowess would allow you to make good use of this substance as a reliable last-ditch effort for casting so long as there is plenty of time. Estimating how much is left you can see two viable options: three small runes but they're weak, or one medium rune with standard strength. If you had a couple more ounces you could easily make a large rune that could blast the door down with a single cast.

So what's rune are you going to make?
>Small Arrow. Distance and strength similar to a stone throw.
>Medium Arrow. Distance and strength similar to a hunting bow.
>Small Charm. Lasts for about an hour, provides a minor bonus.
>Medium Charm. Lasts for about an hour, provides a moderate bonus.
>Check Sicker Ichor™ Label and information
>>Check Sicker Ichor™ Label and information
>>Check Sicker Ichor™ Label and information

File: 113106.jpg (338 KB, 1920x883)
338 KB
338 KB JPG
In the era follow humanity’s ascension to the stars, Earth’s peacekeeping forces can no longer police the galaxy at large. Spread too thin over too much territory, lawlessness has become the new law in all but the most critical systems. Seeing opportunity in the chaos, mercenaries and para-military groups have sprung up, taking advantage of the need for protection and muscle in unpoliced systems. Galactic Manpower Solutions or G.M.S. is one of those groups. Known for its low prices G.M.S. is one of the cheapest mercenary groups out there that can still get the job done. With old and low quality equipment and loose recruitment policies G.M.S. is able to keep operating costs low and pass those savings on to its customers

You joined G.M.S. because…

>Former Rebel: After the capture and subsequent execution of the resistance leader, the planetary governor began to hunt down the last few stragglers of the revolt. With the governor’s forces closing in, you joined G.M.S. rather than go down with the rest of the resistance.

>Smuggler in hiding: One bad job was all it took. You were hauling something beyond dangerous for one of the galaxy’s nastiest criminal organizations, when you ran into an Earth task force looking into the gang’s activities. You were forced to jettison your cargo into a sun in order to escape your pursuers and now are now wanted by both the gang and Earth for your actions. So, like many wanted individuals, you joined the G.M.S. to disappear.

>Adventure Seeker: Bored with life on your colony world, you left seeking adventure and excitement. One of the best places to find both was with a mercenary company, but with little experience only the G.M.S. would take would take you.

>Debtor on the run: A run of bad luck that’s all it was, just a run of bad luck. Your fortunes would have turned around eventually if they’d have let you keep rolling the dice, as it is though you are deep in debt to some rather unsympathetic individuals. So, you fled your planet and join G.M.S. to escape your persistent creditors.

Feel free to suggest a name for your character, but keep it reasonable or I’ll have make it up and it will be very bland.
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You know how to follow the signs that will get you to an escape pod. Over all though you've probably only seen less than 20% of the ship.
>Leave, you’ve got your answer and it looks like any plans will have to come from you.
>Take his advice, sit down, relax, and while you’re at it learn more about these guys.
>Also, "Alright, but at least tell me what kind of munitions you want me to bring along."
>> “But you’ve got to have some kind of backup, I’d be stupid to go in there without more than one idea of how to get out.”
> Take his advice, sit down and relax with the boys

File: 1541622935190.jpg (1.1 MB, 989x3552)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
Pick race and location
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File: 12-1-D3monster.jpg (443 KB, 1500x1440)
443 KB
443 KB JPG
guess I didn't vote for race, I'll support this anon >>3901440 also can we tie in some thing where our younger dudes are more goblin-like and then as they mature they're more orc-like until finally they are full trolls, so there's like a 'phases of life' sorta deal
Third vote for this.
File: 1435545437916.png (2.28 MB, 720x2186)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
Hey, if we choose fast breeding trolls, how is our population gonna look?
I mean how many, young'uns big'uns and Huge mothafacka live in our civ?
And also do we have eldercy? Like the biggest oldest has power?
Or meritocracy?

What is this Quest about, and what is happening?

You were a soldier who was about to die, but you were saved by a kind bunny lady. Wanting to repay her, you set out to recover 5 relics scattered across the world. And you SUCCEEDED.
And not only did she reward you with sex, but the relics powered a machine which saved the world!

Well, sort of. You see those 5 magic relics in the machine did something you didn't expect. They changed peoples brain chemistry to where they can no longer commit acts of violence. Taking away their free will, and changing them to become good-hearted people. Now these effects supposedly effect people on a worldwide scale. But you're not entirely sure.

So now you're off on a journey to the Akraen Empire to see if the world has changed for the better. And if this truly is the end of your journey.
37 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well, it was a fun ride. Thanks OP for sticking until the end.
Good ending. Thanks for running!
What, only 1 porn scene?
I admit I wanted one more for the end, but I’m ok with it

File: neon_quest.png (499 KB, 564x564)
499 KB
499 KB PNG
It's three minutes to midnight when the doorbell rings. You rub your eyes and sit up on the cot, knocking over several Instagrub containers and crushed beer cans. Empty, thank god, though even if they weren't they'd hardly make a dent in the existing mess. You want to say you have a system, but in reality it's just hard to give a shit about a coffin-condo. Double when you're unemployed.

The doorbell again. A grating, buzzing, open-the-prison-cells kind of sound. Hurts like hell when you're hungover (which is 80% of your waking hours). You never bothered changing the default settings, given how few visitors you entertain in this shithole. Who could it even be this late? Delivery guys usually call you and wait downstairs and you haven't had a joygirl in--well since yesterday, but you're pretty sure you didn't order any funtime activities for tonight. On account of you having zippo in your wallet.

There it goes again, thrice in quick succession, like a nest of wasps. "Alright already, Christ. I'm coming." You throw your legs off the cot and amble to the door, bonking your leg on a piece of scuttled machinery. Cursing and massaging your shin, you turn on the Peepcam beside the doorframe and come face to face with--nothing, just air. What the hell? Faintly, at the bottom of the screen you can see the top of a head. Red-orange hair tied down in pigtails.

You mash on the controls, swiveling the camera's eye downward. It's little Petra, the daughter of your next door neighbor. She looks like she's been crying. Nothing new there though, probably another beating from her junkie mom. Little Petra sometimes takes refuge in your coffin--though not lately. At least, not since Natasha, her mom, threatened to break your jaw (through a capable proxy) after you took her kid out for a bite to eat without telling her (actually you did try--but she was zonked out at the time). Even then, the kid's never knocked this late.

>Let her inside and see about warming up some Instagrub; fuck her mother and her threats
>Use the mic to ask her what she wants--you can't let her in but maybe you can give her some food
>Tell her to leave you alone, you have enough shit on your plate as it is without having to deal with her mom
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RIP Neon Quest, you died young
Qm got taken out by thr corpos
I realized as I was writing the next update that the whole quest is just generic trash and not really worth continuing and that the machining stuff especially was a mistake. Something fun on paper but not in practice to actually write. I kept fiddling with the update trying different things but ended up losing all motivation to continue. Sorry for being a garbage QM.
Pls continue OP pls
I like your writing QM. If you don't like the whole machining aspect, then shift the focus to the protag learning different shadowrun skills. Or create a new quest. Yours has been something uniquely fun - a breath of fresh air that this board needs.

File: Alan.png (76 KB, 200x307)
76 KB
You finally found the perfect place to settle down after traveling all over pokemon world. You even got hired to oversee the further development of the settlement there by the goverment! Last 4 guys sent there to do the job aperently ended up dead but you reckon you are tough enought to prevail where others did not.

And if you are not then your names not...

>Write in: Name
10 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm going to guess you wanted us to use any move that Persian can know up to level 30?
Yes only those moves should get to making the character sheets soon.

Also roll me 3 1d20 DC 8/13/18 no crits to see how well our girl avoids ground spikes.
Crap jugling names is hard.
Rolled 18, 19, 3 = 40 (3d20)

Get spellcheck, and stop using the first person for a quest where the players are the character.

File: 983109831.jpg (206 KB, 800x412)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
The world of Athera has been the site of countless battles throughout the ages, with its varied magic, deities and races it is bound to be the stage for many more battles in the years to come. Do you have what it takes to lead your people to supremacy?

The combat system will be a basic best of 3 rolling d100 to reach a DC, with 50 being the usual, with modifiers according to the situation, so I guess you guys have the upper hand in combat with these odds. I might ask for rolls in other situations too, it will likely follow the same format.

First let's choose a few parameters for our gameplay before choosing a race and place.

Magic Level

> Low Magic - magic users are capable of performing rituals to enhance aspects of our civilization, like our crops, our fertility, our health - but no fireballs and such.
> Regular Fantasy - magic users can learn cantrips that they can use regularly at will and memorize fire and forget spells according to their power level.
> High Magic - spellcasters are rare, spells are powerful and can summon entire armies of magical creatures, rain magical fire over an entire city, cause global effects and crazy stuff like that. It consume large amounts of mana which must be supplied through means that will become a game mechanic.

> Just Humans - We'll just choose between different flavors of humans, and all our enemies will also be human. Humanoids and monsters exist but they're not playable and won't be featured as enemy civilizations, at most tribes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
42 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

We switch to performing the fertility ritual instead of the ritual to divine whether the volcano will become active.

We send out exploratory bands around the vicinity of the volcano to check for ruins, ore veins and points of interest until we can confirm we know the area well.

Our explorers find signs of some ruins of an ancient settlement buried in ash a few miles north of our own. Seems like someone lived near where we are living now and was wiped out when the volcano erupted.
> Leave the poor souls in their ashen grave
> Begin digging up the ruins, it will take a long time but maybe there's something valuable buried in there
> Write in

By the volcano itself we don't find any usable deposits of ore.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The elves must know about bows, if my knowledge of stereotypes is correct.
Also pretty sure elves and centaurs get along well anyway, see if we can strike up a trade deal in exchange for obsidian
>> Leave the poor souls in their ashen grave
>Maybe train slingers instead.
>Craft clay pellets with ground obsidian inside.
Oh, also definitely dig up those ruins. May as well see. What could go wrong?
> Begin digging up the ruins, it will take a long time but maybe there's something valuable buried in there
This but carefully, rather it take more time than we uncover some curse by being rough with it.

> Write in for the bows
Let's go with what >>3906100 suggested on the scouting party, if it seems calm we can look into sending plant fiber gatherers.

> Continue training on the wedge formation for the military
> We have a lot of stone and some idle hands, start a crude wall around out settlement with priority on the south.
> With what >>3906159 said let's send an emissary to the elves. For who a capable female with enough of an entourage to forage / hunt while they're on the road and scare of animals.

File: Hermit Woods Quest.png (385 KB, 988x877)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
As you drove down the ever familiar dirt path that led to your cabin, you catch glimpses of a rather peculiar sight. There appeared to be something hanging from the treeline every forty meters or so, the speed at which you drove and the Forest's oppressive shadow obscuring it in a haze of green shadow. Your keen eyes, built from years of hunting and accounting could make out a simple shape.

Slowing down your drive to get a better look at the objects approximately ten meters before the next showing, you come to realize that some rapscallion has hung pyramids about the your Ancestral Woods.

They are well hung however, and do not girdle the branches, the pyramids themselves made of some sort of black wood, the ropes that held them aloft made of what could have either been rough string or hair.

How do you feel about this predicament as you drive home?

>Indignant, for those who vandalize your lands shall know a most pointy reckoning

>Ambivalent, as such is the way of these somewhat strange lands now that you come to think of it

51 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I apologize profusely for this, but life has caught up to me. I'm afraid that I am no longer able to get a good schedule, so I'll end this thread for now and probably create a twitter account for questing purposes.

Again, sorry for my inconsistent upload schedule. My absurdly high blood pressure is starting to get the better of me.
Do not fucking die STANDO. You can overcome this as with all things.
Hope to see you back here sooner or later, good luck.
Ay bruh, take all the time you need, you’re gonna be fine

File: 9731090391.jpg (50 KB, 600x508)
50 KB
You were going back home from college one day when you saw one kid running into traffic going after his ball and idiot that you are you ran after him and pushed him out of the way, being ran over by a truck yourself.

You died but instead of going to some afterlife with angels and stuff you found yourself with your face in the blood tainted mud of some battlefield. You see a bunch of dead corpses of elves and orcs all around you, you can see a big battle is raging. You're in some sort of forest and there seems to be about thirty elves fighting some fifty orcs; but the orcs seem to be losing.

There are longbows, spears, halberds, swords, shields and axes on the ground, if you choose to grab a weapon please specify the type.

What do you do?
> Grab a weapon and help the elves
> Grab a weapon and help the orcs
> Hide under a pile of corpses and wait the fight to be over
> Run away from the battlefield towards the elvish side
> Run away from the battlefield towards the orcish side
> Write in
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: tegaki.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB

These, figuring out circumstances is the best course of action.
So, we're going to pick sides in a war because . . . ?

Man, get off the gas man. Do this shit and play it like y'all have brains, for once.
Help the orcs with whatever means we have.
I finaly get to experience my deepest darkest fantasies of slaughtering knife-ears, and no one is taking that away from me.
File: f36.jpg (8 KB, 200x215)
8 KB
MFW op wont make a second post due to being overwhelmed by the clear racial superiority of the orcs.

File: 983018310932.jpg (192 KB, 1280x853)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
You're a small group of primitive hominids, living naked, dwelling in trees eating fruits, living in perpetual fear of the predators that come in the night to devour your kind.
Population: a whole bunch
Food Sources: mainly fruits

What improvement will you make to your group?
31 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Each of the tournament survivors, I mean
Now that we have a basic language, and write our numbers, it should be time to write or spoken rules and make them laws, champions and elders of the tribe shall judge.

We may have guards to protect and pro stabbers in order to assure only largest and unsneaky get stabbed.

Do we learn anything from those other species found by explorers??
Ramp up wine production, so that we may gift and trade with other people and also fuck them
supporting this>>3905709
But I would also like for the tournaments to be a coming of age ceremony after they pass they have to take a test on basic math and be tested in a certain skill of their choosing(woodworking, hunting, etc.)
Encourage women to have as many kids as possible and have them tend to them and their homes and camp. If any babies are born with deformities have they put in the wilderness to die.
Also, can we start eating fruits again It's kind of retarded to limit our calorie consumption to produce wine. Something that gives no benefit other than getting us drunk and trading. We can still make wine while eating fruit just increase our production of fruit.
NOO no fruit
Im trying to grow us fangs.
We are gonna be cool giant vampires

File: 2y3abf.jpg (40 KB, 800x450)
40 KB
Everything is not awesome. In fact, things are probably the worst they've been since that fight with Del Mar. The town led by the Cult of Progress just asplooded, an archangel just got the shit beaten out of her, and the biggest baddest enemy yet just emerged from the charred and lightning encrusted wreckage of the town. Don't worry, you got this.

Quest rules:
1. All dice rolled are assumed to be D100 unless otherwise stated
2. The first two rolls will be given far greater importance, but additional rolls, good or bad, will affect the outcome. This choice ultimately falls to the Lorekeeper, odd circumstances may cause him to change how the story progresses (a ton of crits for instance)
3. All dice rolls are final
4. Critical fails are considered to be between 1-5, Critical hits are between 95-100. Crits overpower any other roll except another crit. In the rare chance that a crit fail and crit success happen. The Lorekeeper will do something interesting from a story angle. Similarly, rolling 2 of the same number will be considered a MEGA crit, just pray its two high numbers.
5. Near misses may occur, where a rolled number is close to the required threshold, whether over or under. This can have an impact on how the story proceeds. However these are up to the decision of the Lorekeeper.
6. Sometimes there are optional choices one may participate in, these will generally NOT be taken unless there are multiple posters who wish it, assuming there are multiple posters in the thread
7. There are often times choices with multiple parts, each part is counted separately, unless otherwise stated, sometimes rolls will be required before counting the second, third, etc, part
8. There will be “Time Limited” decisions, in which characters may only do a set number of actions, these will be clearly marked. Generally you will only be able to choose one decision per ‘round’.
9. Rules may be subject to change between threads, but will not change during the same thread. These rules are what we will follow for the remainder of this thread.

Archived Threads + Sidequests: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Necromancer+Detective+Quest

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
183 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
high roll of 82, Henry is a-okay
Xavier advanced, pulling his long sword up with intent to bring it down on the girl’s head. The vampire hesitated. That was all Henry needed to see, he had to do this himself.

Henry grabbed Xavier’s wrist and shook his head once the man had spun around. He wasn’t going to let anyone else do this, he had to do this. He needed to do this right, had to do this right. He looked to Rosa who meekly nodded. The woman was uncomfortable, probably for the best. Henry wondered how calm he looked. Nobody should’ve looked ready to do this. He grasped at his short sword. The thing was still sharp, he’d made sure before leaving today, and he doubted a few slimes could’ve dulled the blade. He slid it out of its handle and grabbed a twig off the ground. He checked to make sure the blade was still sharp, he couldn’t let the girl suffer, not this time, not again.

“Henry!?” Larry asked. He was desperately trying to keep himself balanced on top of the girl. The girl was displaying levels of strength that should’ve been impossible and the man was actively fighting with her. Henry had no more time, he had to act. Xavier began to advance and then hesitated.

Ophelia began blocking rogue spurts of red mana even prevented a couple of spells from being formed by whatever was inside… controlling the girl. Henry palmed the handle of his sword a couple times and breathed. The same breathing exercises he did to calm himself, to block out everyone but the torturing he had to perform. He looked down at his brother, the poor thing, barely clinging to life. Henry snapped back to reality a moment later, and brought his sword down on the girls neck with all of his might. There was an ear piercing shriek, a barely contained explosion of red mana, and then quiet.

Henry fell back, his sword sticking out of the ground and coated with fresh blood, gushing from the neck of the once living girl. Henry gasped for air. The corpse didn’t even phase him, nor did the blood or the act itself. But for a moment he’d gone back to the man he had been. He’d had to, there was no other way to commit such an act for him.

Henry bit his lip took a couple deep breaths, and then turned away, leaving the group to wonder what had happened. Henry headed back for the cemetery, not really thinking what he was doing. Larry and Xavier tried to follow him but a cold glare stopped them both in their tracks. He couldn’t have them see him break down.

He found a nice outcropping with stone mausoleums to cry near. He punched a piece of stonework until it shattered. Yet he couldn’t even feel a damned thing. He glanced down at his shaking bloodied hands, leaned up against a wall, and then slid to the ground, quietly sobbing. Only the dead were here to keep him company.

“Why are you crying Henry? We did it!” A voice called out. The concerned face of Charles greeted him. The boy looked uncertain, his hero was a bawling mess.

1. “I thought I told you to stay the fuck away, I needed… I needed a damned moment.”
2. “Don’t fucking look at me.”
3. “Hey Charles.”
4. *Say nothing*
5. “I’m a mess ain’t I? I don’t do well when it comes to killing kids, Charles.”
6. (Write in)
>6. (Write in)
"Charles, tell Rosa to take everyone back to our workshop, I'll finish up here."
Cry some more.
Maybe even take out frustrations out on the necromancer here.
Then head to where those asshat cult members are at.
this >>3929802

File: 2.0 3.jpg (200 KB, 445x678)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
Your name is Charlotte Fawkins, and you are an excellent modeler, an amateur detective, and the one true regent-in-waiting. You are also trapped in Nowhere, Underwater, where you're forced to listen to the dubious whims of the snake that lives in your head. You've currently been booted out of someone else's head, and are- are- where are you?


A richly appointed room. A man clad all in white. A man clad all in red. They're lurid against the overriding shadow.

The man in white flicks open a brass lighter and holds its flame to the cigarette clenched between his teeth.

The man in red coughs. "For God's sake," he complains. "Why do you always smoke Shearwaters? They smell like burning asphalt, I'm sure they taste no better…"

"What?" The man in white takes a contemplative drag. "You don't like to flirt with death, Henry?"

"I'd like to offer death a better pack of coffin nails, is what I'd like to do. Why are we at your house on a weeknight? Aren't you worried about waking-"

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>Sword kept.

File: gold mask (2).jpg (25 KB, 300x446)
25 KB
>Call out.

You make a couple of test swings. The sword is surprisingly wieldy— you'd kind of always expected it to be much heavier. And you really, really like the swooshing sound it makes. You're giggling again.

«Please, Charlie.»

Reluctantly, you drop the sword to your side and shield your eyes against the setting sun. The person is close enough for you to make out his or her body: they're shrouded in ash-grey gauze from head to toe. Freak.

"Hey!" you call out, a little slurred. "I've got a… sword. A sword." You show the person your sword. "Sho you should… you should not, uh, mess with me."

The person doesn't respond. They keep walking towards you.

"Who're you, anyways? How'd you get in my… in here, you know. You should really not, uh— you should go away? Yes."

«You're terrible at this.»

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>[4] Retreat backwards, staying out of the shadow. Try to reach some kind of defensible position.
Try and observe their attempts to attack before we run in swinging.

I've seen enough hentai to know how running from shadow tentacles turns out.
>He is in your head. His mask is in your head. His gleaming mask holds your gleam. Since it's yours, you can take it and put it in your sword.
>The blinding gleam on your sword tears apart all shadows!

File: AC7 Attack.jpg (3.74 MB, 2550x1650)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB JPG
he Lighthouse War is over, but conflict still continues.

With Erusea's defeat at the hands of the Osean Federation and the International United Nations, the imperial nation has splintered into a confusing mess of separatists, freedom fighters, warlords, rogue military factions, and those seeking to profit from the chaos. Worse, Erusea's many automated drone factories still remain intact, waiting for new masters to come to claim them.

The Usean continent remains in crisis, and it's up to a new generation of pilots to face this next generation threat...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MercCommand

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Unknown%20Sky%20Ace%20Combat%20Quest

Other Quests: https://pastebin.com/KYvGiNas

Rules and Stats: https://pastebin.com/9XGwuWZx

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Thanks for running, Merc!
See you next week, boss.

Reminder to get Ellisa some real friends rather than a robot.
Come on, she totally has friends her age. It's not like she's traveling from place to place a lot, or having interests that most kids her age wouldn't share.
File: belka.jpg (162 KB, 1896x1122)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
i'm very proud of us. We managed to complete our iffy mission without racking up a graveyard of Erusean body counts.
Am a little sad that we didnt get to duel that one pilot via sky joust tho.

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