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File: 684653154687.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720)
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The mansion was on fire, and it wasn't your fault. Whatever the hell caused the explosion that had set most of the dry west wing on fire was someone else's fault.

There is no time to be lost, however: you need to make your way to the master before it is too late!

>Somebody roll me 2d6 to determine how fast (Athletics) you are.
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File: maid.jpg (271 KB, 850x1189)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
So here's a recap of Clover's current stats and situation!

MAIN CHARACTER Cool + Sexy (Instant Restraint POWER) NAME: CLOVER, AGE: 20

Athletics 3
Affection 2
Skill 3
Cunning 5
Luck 2
Will 1

Special qualities: Tragic Love (former Prostitute), Criminal Tendencies (Otaku)
Favor: 27, Spirit 10/10
Roots: Debt (Collins saved her from Prostitution)

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Thanks for running!
>stress explosion: Seclusion
I mean Alcohol. ALCOHOL!

That's my cue to get the fuck to sleep. Good night everyone
now that I look at this it would be perfect for a ouran host club theme
Thanks for running OP.

File: second_patriarch.png (898 KB, 1920x1011)
898 KB
898 KB PNG
At 15 years of age your father joined the army and by the age of 20 he was a general. He was steeped in the blood of endless battles and was the brightest star of the younger generation. People said he could equal the country’s strongest cultivators within 40 years.
Your father died when you were 5, leaving your family without a patriarch.
After the wars ended, your father began building up a family clan. He and your mother came from a commoner’s background, but with his fame it didn’t matter. Several elders quickly agreed to join him and were his right-hand men. He gave birth to two sons, you and your older brother, before his untimely death while exploring a forbidden zone. Well, they say he died, but you always hoped he just went missing. Either way, your family held a funeral.
Over the next few years, many elders who he’d convinced to join the clan as guests left and other families began scheming against you. Despite your family’s best efforts, other minor clans applied more and more pressure, threatening to doom you to a life of suffering, or maybe even an early death to nip the possibility of vengeance in the bud.
When all hope was lost, a mysterious elder appeared. He was even more powerful than your father and killed those scheming against your family. He said that your father saved him from the jaws of death, and that he needed to pay him back in order to sever karma. He had other matters he had to attend to no matter what, but he was willing to wait until you turned 20 for your family to raise either you or your brother into a patriarch who was strong enough to strike fear into others. Either that, or he’d help your family flee with some riches intact.
The elder, Zhu Chao, didn’t hesitate to offer all he could to help your clan. You were only eight when he arrived, so you spent two years studying academics and formalities. During this time you also were taught the basics of becoming...
>an apothecary
>a refiner (creates various treasures, think blacksmith, carpenter, etc. combined)
>a painter
Meanwhile your older brother, aged 11, was taught to cultivate. He was surprisingly talented, but was still far inferior to your father. Initially he cultivated diligently, but he was slowly corrupted and eventually cared more about chasing after women than becoming the next patriarch.
At the age of 12, after a particularly egregious incident of your brother’s, you…
>focused on your cultivation and ignored him. You were less talented and couldn’t afford to waste time and intervene. If he wouldn’t become the family’s next patriarch with talent, than you would with sheer determination.
>tried to get him to snap out of it and return to his old ways, like you always did. The family needed him to inherit, and you wouldn’t let him go down the wrong path that easily.
>asked Zhu Chao to punish your brother and make him focus on cultivation. With his power he had helped your family so much already, so couldn’t he get a weak junior like him to focus?
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>>hold them off and ask the old man to help you. He might get injured waiting for Feng Jun to arrive, but it would help your chances.
Our other option would just be this but with out help.. we would still be around our squad and hopefully we could take the two down a peg enough or outright kill em by the time fang gets to help us with the third.
We have to be a leader first.
>>hold them off and ask the old man to help you. He might get injured waiting for Feng Jun to arrive, but it would help your chances.
>>hold them off and ask the old man to help you. He might get injured waiting for Feng Jun to arrive, but it would help your chances.
>hold them off and ask the old man to help you. He might get injured waiting for Feng Jun to arrive, but it would help your chances.
You're not sure if you can handle this alone until Feng Jun arrives. Well, at least not without being injured. It's probably riskier for him, but you're going to call the old man over and have him share the burden with you while Feng Jun rushes over. You yell to the two of them and the old man begins carving his way through the horde while Feng Jun tries to quickly finish off what he's fighting.
The two smaller ones arrive in front of you, delivering two strikes at once. You dodge one and get grazed by the other, leaving a thin scratch along your side. The two attack again and you barely hold them off with your guandao. At this point the old man arrives and you let him try to hold off one while you get the other. He's struggling to constantly dodge attacks from the monkey, but if you can finish this thing off then you'll be able to easily get rid of the other one. If it's one and one then you'd be able to beat these things up for an hour.
As you're trying to quickly disable the one you're fighting you hear a scream come from behind you. You turn around and see that the old man has a wound gushing blood from his right shoulder, disabling his arm. It doesn't look like anything permanent, but it'd be suicide for him to keep fighting alone. Pressured, you unleash 4 Desires against your opponent, sending it flying away covered in wounds. You then jump away and block the other one's next strike, protecting the old man from another wound. You engage in combat for a few rounds before you see both the big monkey and Feng Jun closing in. You're forced to move away to dodge a casual blow from the big one, and as you do Feng Jun charges in, forcing it backwards and giving you room to retreat.
You carry the old man back and send him back to the wall to have his wound bandaged. It doesn't look horrible, but he'll probably need to refrain from fighting for at least a couple weeks. You return to holding the line, and after another 20 minutes you hear an order to have everyone below Early Bone and Marrow Tempering in strength to fall back. You report to Feng Jun, who now has those two other squad commanders he introduced you to following behind him.
Feng Jun turns to the three of you and gives detailed instructions on what positions to take, when to attack, and when to retreat. The four of you head forward, holding the line against a thinner horde of stronger creatures.
Eventually Feng Jun stops moving and stares into the distance. Following his vision you see that someone seems to be fighting with a massive serpent in that direction. "It looks like boss is struggling over there. I'd be able to help, but I'm not sure how you guys would fare without me. Opinions?" You say that...
>it'd be best with the four of you together.
>if he leaves to help you'll be fine. Worst case scenario you take some wounds and they recover by tomorrow.
>you can come along to help, you might not do much but you can try.

You sit idly on the living room's couch with this morning's news broadcast on. "There have been more and more Sumer attacks happening as of late. But by far, the destruction of the Anderson West Bridge has been the most terrifying. Since then, traffic skyrocketed as citizens impeded by this incident resort to routes longer than what they normally drive. All highways that lead to the bridge are currently shut down while preparations for repair are made. There isn't an estimation when it'll be back up but people hope it'll take up only a year's worth of time." Details are spoken into the mic of the newswoman on the screen. In her background, the network puts up pictures taken of the bridge's collapse and are being shuffled through. It surprises you. All that last night? You were sleeping cozily in that you couldn't be concerned about anything! "On the bright side, technological advances have been made. The government announced new defensive tools for heavy law enforcers, renditions of previous models that 'are sure to keep the public safe'. These include improved mobile battle suits EA-14s whereas the EA-13s will retire from all manufacturing and distribution to the stations that utilize them. And I got to say that this is a far cry from the first models from the late 2400s!"

>Turn off the tv and start making breakfast
>Go wake your child up
>Stay in place and continue to relax
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With a considerable amount of leisure time at your discretion you opt to stay around at the spire. The sky-high building itself is mainly dedicated for management tasks that keep the dividing departments in order and smaller projects that can be kept within it. These aforementioned departments live at the foot of the spire where the workers here can easily access them. Just about everything from weaponized development and to analytical review goes on in these parts which makes a hive of constant discoveries. If in the need for extra safety, testing or storage will be taken in a private zone away from the public or another concerning party, the EA-14s being an example where they were invented outside of the city.

You are privileged to wander through like it's nobody's business, allowing you to have a quick gander at the scientists and interns. But your attention span for the sciency is short and you soon find yourself drifting to an inhuman sound. It's a guitar, coming from a lounge ahead in the hall.

The person who is strumming the instrument is Stella Kurr, Qelar's 4th Sword that's a year below Quinn, but you must exclude him due to his nature of not being teenager-like. Inheriting the position from her uncle, the 17 year old girl has a passion for music. How her performance is though is a topic to be treated carefully, even in thought. Her ability to send inanimate objects flying at their maximum force has piqued the curiosity of the spire, causing them to invest in its strength.

The speaker that Stella's hooked up to shakes your body to the last atom. As politely as you can, you signal her to stop with your ears covered, but it seems that she's too lost in the moment.

>Pull the plug on her electronics
>Hug her

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Give a chop to her head
>Give a chop to her head
>Give a chop to her head

“We gather here today to witness your coronation and ascension to the office of King of Vetesil.

Vetesil. A proud kingdom, and you are to be its heart, beloved by all.

The brave efforts of the regency council have set the course, and now graciously bestow the reins to you.

May you bring peace to your people.

May you fulfill your obligations to the Angels Above, and the men you serve.

May you rule justly.”

You scoff. You only have a kingdom to inherit because of your efforts in spite of the regency council and your late father.

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Create a twitter qm, if you're going for a break. This thread won't last that long.
One update a day is totally fine for me.
>I'd prefer to not have this become a two-update-per-day quest
That would be fine, but if you want to work up a regular schedule where players would when they can read a new update and when they have to get their votes in by, that'd be cool too. It can be difficult to find the time to run, so I hope you find a nice balance.

Hard to find any real areas to improve.
You've done great.
I find myself bothered that I can't figure out what other nations are up to, but that's largely on us for fixing things internally. And it shows that you've successfully portrayed a world where unknown things are happening off screen.
I am enjoying it.
Hope you can work out a good schedule. Even a few irregular updates through the week would do.

Writing wise there's not much to improve. It's crisp and engaging. You managed to portray MC as a heartless, cruel but also vulnerable young Lady. The supporting cast is great, you get the feeling that each and every one of our courtiers are distinct and memorable. The only thing missing is the history of this world. How our kingdom came to be, our ancestors etc. But then we haven't focused much on foreign affairs so that's probably why.
it's a very good quest op and i hope you can work everything out.
Thanks for running!

It's a great quest with great mechanics and writing, not much else to add there.

Get a twitter or discord or something to announce the next threads

File: poi.jpg (291 KB, 800x500)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
Just a week ago your life seemed normal. Or at least as normal as it could be with an abusive redneck father living in a trailer park. But then just in a few minutes your entire world changed.
Having gotten herself arrested for shoplifting your sister, Cam, overstepped a line and was about to have her hand mutilated by your dear father.
He asserted a mind-control power you never knew of before to make you leave, but you managed to break through it, begging the question for how long he was able to get away with it.
The reason for being able to break free must lie in your own power, where you are able to revert your body back to it’s original state. In laymen’s terms, self healing powers.
Merely defending against mind-control didn’t help in saving your sister and you had to resort to a shotgun instead and killed him. Thinking her to be out of the way due to the fact that she can turn freaking invisible, she got caught in the crossfire. But since you can also heal others with your powers you healed every bits that would have been lethal or inhibit the use of limbs.

The following events all happened rather quick.
You called 911, got to the hospital, lawyered up and pleaded to ‘acting in defence of a third party who would have had the right to use lethal force to defend themselves’ (that’s a mouthful), talked to a psychologist and someone from the church to arrange a funeral for your father, since everyone deserves at least that.

Your psychologist also helped you get in touch with the Millers, and after convincing David Miller to take you in as foster children, he, his wife Samantha and their other foster child Angela ‘Angie’ Jacoby come to pick you and Cam up.


previous thread >>3525922

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>"She's definitely making plenty of things hard for me."
File: policebear.gif (88 KB, 121x128)
88 KB
Too obvious dude. That just gives off red flags.
you must be new
but hey, you reminded me of finishing the stuff up I started today
too hot today... above 36°C or 95°F in the shade
>you must be new
Pops, I've been here since thread 1.

It's hot over there as well? Keep cool and sleep in a bath of ice QM.

File: quest1.png (31 KB, 1111x1111)
31 KB
You wake up.

Another day of a painful existence, you're in pieces and all you seem good for these days is becoming more pieces.

Around you is your former gang, they're all in pieces too, Freddy is in the best condition...
Oh thats right, your name is Bonnie, easy to forget things these days.

Anyways... So yeah, chica is over there, one of her breasts are leaking again, and foxy looks like a train wreck, all of this being the usual.

You try to recall any conversations you might remember, but all that comes up is that two new hires came in awhile ago, a repairman and another security guard.

So, just sit here? Or try to bother doing something today?
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File: bonquest8.png (97 KB, 992x1140)
97 KB
you avert your attention from the battered toy-bot in your grasp to see the time, 6 AM!
On that cue, the twink-bun shuts down, probably some actual peace for them at this point.

Everyone in the room breathes a collective sigh of relief (y'know, not really since just about everyone in the room is a robot) and finally relax for a bit, trying to process what just happened.

>"Well gang, that was stressful and all. I think I'm just gonna go in the corner and have a actual peaceful sleep."
Freddy spoke, sounding slightly more jolly, what with the fact he can move his hands and just about everything else again.

The repairman nodded, bonking his guard-friend on the head and teasing him for going primal back there. They both share a laugh and almost leave the room before you can exclaim
>"W-WAIT, uhhh, Mr. Repairman, could I still get my face... "

The repairman looks back, confused for a second before realizing with a chuckle
>"oh yeah, almost forgot about all that. Go on Jeremy, I'll be done in a sec"
He sounds slightly more relieved too, but that's pretty understandable.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Aight, that's it for now

Sorry for ending it so briefly, but I kinda expected this to be a one night thing, I hope the second session didn't feel to rushed or anything. I'm still sorta testing things out for a bigger quest I have plans for.

Anyways, I'd love to do this again some time, but perhaps next time with a bit more planning and etc.

Good night yall
It was fun looking forward to questing with you again.
Thanks for running. This was definitely worth staying up for
thanks for running this was fun comming back to

File: Cover.png (640 KB, 595x660)
640 KB
640 KB PNG
Pain came to you, sudden like thousand kicks in your forehead all at once. It wasn't your first rough awakening and surely it wouldn't be the last, but this kind of thing, you couldn't get used to it, it always hurt like hell. You couldn't see where were you; your senses were still numb and slowly coming back together, you couldn't remember much either, whatever you did yesterday it must have been one hell of a night.

Your eyes started to adapt to the sunlight, painful sunlight, hitting against your dry eyes and exponentially augmenting your headache like one giant celestial fuck you. The shapes around you were still blurry and diffused but at least now you knew that your eyes still worked.

With a loud and painful rumble your stomach growled in a mixture of hunger and acidic indigestion, without being able to avoid it you belched and to your grateful surprised noticed that your senses of smell, taste and hearing were back, just in time to allow you to hear, smell and taste the acrid half digested food that rested on your stomach. Nothing like fresh vomit and a brain splitting headache to start the day.

You tried to move away, just a little to puke somewhere else but on yourself. But it was useless, you had been completely hogtied, with a single rope your wrists and ankles had been tied to your back in what looked to be some bondage foreplay. At least, from what you could feel by patting your body you were at least clothed. With a sigh you clasped your lips and awaited for the inevitable, when the puke ascended over your mouth you had no other choice but to hold it and forcefully send it back from where it came.

"H-hello?" You said with your vomit stained lips and barely audible raspy voice. "Is anyone there?"

By the time you ended your question your senses were completely back to you. You were inside of a flying plane, a ramshackle one at that, surely one built before the Great War and barely kept on a working condition thanks to countless of haphazard jury rigs. The plane was a civilian model, one that had been emptied of seats to make it as lightweight as possible. Next to you there were other bound people, around forty unlucky sods in total, most were humans like you but there were a few ghouls, some psykers and even a Super-Mutant. They all had explosive collars around them, and even if you couldn't see it you were sure that you weren't the exception. They all seemed to have been drugged like you as they were all peacefully sleeping for now.
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thanks for running, have fun.
Happy early bday QM
Thanks for running, have fun QM.
Remember to look both ways on crossings!
Thanks! You too have fun whatever you do.

Thanks! I will drink in your honour.

Thanks to you! And don't worry, I'm a knucklehead built like a brick wall. If a car ran over me the car would end more damaged than me.
I have a twitter account now: https://mobile.twitter.com/axsisel

Follow It to learn about updates and run times!

Your name is Shu, and a hangover is the last thing you expected to deal with in the post-apocalypse.

Sprawled out on a bed that could easily sleep four, you squint at the light seeping in from your partially-cracked bedroom door. Sharply inhaling your first breath of morning air, you seize up when you catch the unexpected scent of sizzling butter, cooking eggs, and…bacon? You rise, bleary-eyed as you stumble out of bed and open the living room door. The sight that greets you is a domestic one; Rath busies herself with setting the table,while November carries plates of cooked biomass to her niece’s side, as Dorian and Julia work at fixing multiple plates of delectable breakfast foods. You glance out at the bay windows to see the oppressively purple evening sky is apparently the Crucible's flavor of the month, and you turn at the sound of clattering blades and crackling flames emanating from the Forge room.

You peek inside and the translucent form of Claire waves back, her arm twisting into a crystalline blade to carve off a sliver of meat from the corpse of a dead Amalgam crumbled beside her and appears to be using the newly-lit Forge as an impromptu grill, fitted with several crystal stakes lined with select cuts of the Amalgam's flesh. Her amorphous body jiggles as she turns to you, giving you an airy wave and a full view of the pair of vodka bottles suspended in her stomach, their contents slowly filtering into her system.

“Uh…hey. When did you get in?” You begin, wiping the sleep from your eyes as a thought occurs to you. “Actually, *how* did you get in?”

“Ooh, I slipped in through the usual cracks about two hours ago.” She explains in her odd, warbling tone. “Ssorry I missed the party. Tthought I’d cook up my recent hunt to make up for losing track of time, brought my recent kill and took out a big bird that I saw nearby…hhope that’s okay.”

You're about to speak when a voice calls out from behind you.

“Shu! Good Morning!” Rath says a little too loudly, enthusiastically waving as she darts to your side with November ducking into the Forge after her. “So, uh…November and I talked last night, and she told me everything...about her, about you knowing, and...”

“Yeah…yeah, I knew.” You say guiltily, glancing between the young woman before you and the metal warrior to her right, and back again. “You have every right to be upset, and I…”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Unnatural Predator is different, the point of it is to turn you into a bestial form. That's the skill working as intended, not the corruption side-effect. Otherwise, skills don't fully corrupt on their own, they contribute to the greater theme.
that IS Unnatural Predators corruption though. its just its corruption is heavily tied into what its meant to do.

also yes i understand that together all the corruption from multiple trees will make the corruption worse, i never said thats not the case, only that each ability has its own corruption that can happen in different ways and to different levels as it grows, and is independent of eachother. BHOP literally said there that different abilities still had specific ability based corruptions, its just together they made her look like a dragon. say, even if she went down a different route that dragon, fire breathing would've still done specific corruption changes to her throat.

but fine, you need sleep so we will just agree to disagree.
>also yes i understand that together all the corruption from multiple trees will make the corruption worse, i never said thats not the case, only that each ability has its own corruption that can happen in different ways and to different levels as it grows, and is independent of eachother.
I'm not sure what we're arguing, then? Because that's what I was saying, that her corruption from Skintalker doesn't have to be some huge thing, because the Crucible can corrupt her further via other skills. Maybe I misunderstood and was talking past you because I'm tired. I'll try to understand again in the morning. Good night, anon. Try to get some rest yourself, soon, as >>3601263 we're going to need it.
i think we got sidetracked from our original discussion using other classes mechanics and as examples, while ignoring they all are unique in their own way or something.

anyways, night Anon.
I get that we are using a Spoke, what I don't understand is why we are doing
>inside Armory > outside Armory > Lair > outside Armory
rather than
inside Armory > Lair > outside Armory
We can do the party swap and finish off Phalanx afterwards.

If Phalanx has high regen I suppose it would be better not to take the extra time, but in that case we're better off not teleporting at all until we've killed it.

West's notes aren't comprehensive enough about the topic to know for certain whether Skintalking leads to mental corruption or not. It makes sense to (a) have strategies to deal with it in case, and (b) teach Amara about death etc. regardless.

Do we think the Sparagmos Engine reverses the effects of corruption? If so, we could use it to temporarily level Lexicon, observe the effects, then revert the change. We want to avoid moving levels around willy-nilly but this seems like a good one-off reason to do it, though only if we are sure that corruption is reversed by removing the levels, which we could easily test by removing one level of Hive and touching Shu's back.
Gentlemen, the 24th Vein is now open.


File: NERVop7.png (883 KB, 900x700)
883 KB
883 KB PNG
Previously on NERV: Second Daughter... The die has been cast, and the battle lines are being drawn. With the departure of the UN's chosen representative, NERV faces an uncertain future. A tough fight with the Lilim Malthus revealed the perils of outside interference, and the indirect damage that human hands can inflict. Yet, the day was won and Juliet Moore, the “defective product” was left in NERV's care – but will this prove to be a blessing, or a curse?

Side by side, never letting their guard slip for a moment, the uniformed soldiers sweep through the bland corridor. A low smoke swirls around their feet which, combined with the grainy camera feed, gives them the impression of actors in an amateurish horror movie. The scene is lit with sporadic flashes of gunfire, but all sounds are muted. Watching the footage again, you study one of the soldiers – dull khaki overalls, blank gas masks, stubby rifles...

Hastings Security Solutions. Some of Fletcher's old friends, apparently. Details remain vague – they always are with Fletcher – but you sense some history there. Sworn allegiances, even blood debts. With things being what they are, Fletcher has been reaching out to anyone willing to answer his calls, trying to draft in as many extra soldiers as possible. In the wake of Adrian's departure, it seems like a sensible precaution.

One way or another, this is all going to end in tears.
369 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
well, one of the rebuild DVDs included an image which shows evas to be about 60m tall. the average human male is 1.8m tall and has an average body surface area of 2 square metres.
this means that the evas estimated body surface area is around 2*(60/1.8)^2=2222m^2, which I'll round up to 2500 for the sake of simplicity and for the additional surface area of the shoulder pylons and other bits and pieces. A liter of automotive paint will cover close to 10 m^2, putting us at 250l of paint, per coat, per eva/adm. Assuming the unit isn't sanded to bare metal, there would probably be two base coats and two clear coats to do a moderately decent job for 4 coats or 1000l total. with an estimated average of 1.2 times the density of water that puts us at 1.2 metric shit tons of paint per unit.
File: thinkinGif.gif (1.88 MB, 480x264)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
>but maybe we can find some new friends?
I wonder what you have in mind.

Of course! We must enlist to Clay and baseball team to infiltrate the Chinese!
That is a lot of paint.
And even better, after this one mission they'll have to paint it again back to NERV colors. If they don't strip it first, that'll add a lot of weight.

Though surely dry paint is lighter than wet paint?
Much appreciated friend
Considering that mass increases as a cube of the linear size, a 60m tall Eva would weight 11433333 kg if it were the same density as a human. With all the metal bits, it's probably closer to 12 000 000 kg. It's twelve thousand tons.
What I mean is you shouldn't worry about the weight added by a paint coat.

File: Map4Thread3.png (3.25 MB, 3840x1875)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PNG
This will be a simple semi-freeform game with some rules which I hope won't limit player action, but instead, enrich the world and make conflict resolution easier.

As many players as want can join and can join at any time. Keep in mind it will be a long quest a few weeks or so; you can post 2 actions per round around is every day or every time 5 players posted. Fluff-posts and diplomatic actions are not limited by this.

We start in the Early Iron Age and Civs don't know one another so RP first contact and exploration. Also no tech-rushing!

If you want to take secret actions like sending out spies PM me on Discord, ah... AND ALL DRAMA IS TO BE KEPT ON THE DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/cDSByP

To apply to give this information:
Nation&Race Name:
Capital Name:
Starting Location:
Starting Fluff:
Special Mechanic:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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(The spice does not flow to well over there but it is at enough of a quantity to be viable for the superrich)
Experimental doses of the drug are administered to some of the animals of the university. It is found that the drug is deadly addictive to the point of killing those who use it if they don’t get their fix, many who bought the drug are found either dead or in deathly in debt to Shtihnese merchants. Although a select few have now found their realms and wealth vastly expanded, though their coffers are largely devoted to the purchase of the drug.

Caravans expand, now massive lines of necrong constructs travel in droves in order to gain safety in numbers, and on top of the that greatest caravaners are armed with weapons which can kill with a bang and leave holes as though a tiny spear crashed through the bandit in the dead.
The greatest among the merchants is innitially taken aback but soon realizes that was probably an act of miscommunication that actually means marching.
The great trees are recalled and the grand merchant announces that the flow of trade now lies threatened, and that the entire nation should prepare to either die in battle or leave to golder pastures.

Action 1:
The southern mine is collapsed, the cave in is blamed on the drow, they are told that if the drow get here they will subjugate the blue men and force their race into a spice deprived haze of cruel slave labour. They are told that the Shtihnyr will work to revive the mine so that the northern mine will not be strained to much by the increased demand and supply lines. If only the blue men will take up arms en mass in order to repel these vile invaders from the homeland of the blue men and Shtihnyr, onward to their Capitol! Make them pay for their treachery and brutality!

Action 2:
Through exposing indebted Shtihnyr to the blue stuff the outcome of the battle is attempted to be determined if it is to fail the Shtihnyr will retreat to the four corners of the continent and to the mystic Shtihnyr dominated lands of the east across the sea.
Rolled 4, 4 = 8 (2d8)



action 1

Build the house of the ancestors in Ivoy, there we will see the greatest of them in statues of stones.

Action 2

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 3, 1, 6, 5, 8, 4, 5, 8 = 40 (8d8)


(Rolling 8d8 for the QM change, half the rolled number to be expanded on each direction)

The Exarchs rule Lyrians to expand west of Vinadel and east of Yula.

1. With the new boost to the Theocracy's territory, more natality increasing policies are set in place. Lyrians will need to be born so that our cities are populated and our walls safe with plenty of soldiers.

2. Advancements in technology are made because of the Arcane Crystal extraction in the far south of the realm. Lyrians discover a lot of uses for the crystal, outside of its inherent magical capabilities. Embedding the crystals in weapons and armour seem to provide boons to the wielders; and carrying big chunks of the crystal on board of ships makes them balance better and resist storms better. These devices are then named by the populace, "Glimmerstones".
New Thread, New Mod
The Arena is built out of the finest materials, Limestone is excavated from the nearby karst formations, forming high walls and terraced seats. A colossal ammonite fossil serves as both the centerpiece and a podium for the arena, where prizes or goods for the fighters can be placed. On the inside lower floors, the House of Ancestors is built. Stone Ivoyin hold up the arena, reminding the people of their eternal debt to their forefathers. The structure’s sheer size makes it one of the biggest buildings in Ivoy. It can be seen even from the new dockworks constructed at Ivoy, where traders and fishers are already beginning to bustle.
> If you could PM what resources your civ has, that would be appreciated.
>Also, please roll an additional 2d8. Your expansion will be added next turn.

The Garudakal, Kroxigans, and Mroen Empire fall into a sort of stagnancy. No real changes happen here. It is almost as though they are waiting for something.

The Blue Spice is very...blue. Odd, when Eheubryd thinks about it. Blues are one of the rarest and most prized colors to the Fanw. Natural things were green, or red, or white, or even yellow, sometimes. Almost no blue. And here comes these traders, with so much blue, they would sell it to even a commoner. Why would the Shtinyr give it away for no reason? What could they gain?
>Blue Spice (1/3)
>Accelerate by cooperating with other nations or kidnapping a Shitiyr.
The archery spots become multifaceted places. They serve as recreation places, training spots, public gathering spaces, even as religious practice for the more devout Children.

File: AC7 Attack.jpg (3.74 MB, 2550x1650)
3.74 MB
3.74 MB JPG
The Lighthouse War is over, but conflict still continues.

With Erusea's defeat at the hands of the Osean Federation and the International United Nations, the imperial nation has splintered into a confusing mess of separatists, freedom fighters, warlords, rogue military factions, and those seeking to profit from the chaos. Worse, Erusea's many automated drone factories still remain intact, waiting for new masters to come to claim them.

The Usean continent remains in crisis, and it's up to a new generation of pilots to face this next generation threat...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MercCommand

Other Quests: https://pastebin.com/eTUmEmRb

"Red!" You hear your squadron lead call out, startling you from your little nap.

"Jeez! It's Milly!" You scowl. "You can call me by my actual name!"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Belka will rise again upon our Crimson wings. Our people shall be free.
You think that Voslogians and Shilageans would get along with Belkans since they have similar knightly backgrounds?
I think it's a 50/50 if they bring up Belkan warmongering in contrast to their defense against Erusea.

I just hope Karla and Jager are doing well in their new occupations. Maybe Milly can visit, and learn some tips and tricks from her, or check on her kid?
They’re going to hate each other’s guts. Expect a lot of smack talk as a precursor or initiators to a fight.
Does that make Milly an Aunt, or Big Sister if she ever gets put on babysitter duty?

File: 47239849283.jpg (991 KB, 1920x1410)
991 KB
991 KB JPG
Rolled 5, 11 = 16 (2d20)

You're the leader of a small band of goblins! Rolling to see how many goblins. You're all armed with crude fire hardened spears.

You're on the run looking for a place to settle. Right now you're in a forest with a small stream in it, but as your last deadly encounter last week with a few rangers has proved this forest has elves in it so it might not be the best place to settle.

To the north you can see some mountains.
To the south you can see some plains.
To the west you can see some hills.
The forest stretches to the east.

You have enough food for about three days, or a week if you ration it.

Where do you wanna go to find a home for your band?
> The forest here is good enough

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Yes, this place is good enough
>Stop rationing food
>4 scouts
We keep the foragers doing their work and put everyone else working on defenses for the cave, if there's food here surely someone is staying here and we should be ready for when said someone is back, this is our home now
>Yes, this place is good enough
>Stop rationing food
>Send 4 to explore the surrounding area
>>3579998 what kind of defenses do you have in mind?

We decide this place is good enough to settle.

We decide to stop rationing food.

We decide to send 4 scouts to explore the surrounding area.

They spend a week exploring our surroundings.

Downstream about three days away to the south there's a small human village with about four hundred people. We didn't manage to steal anything from them but at least we managed to remain undetected.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> Send goblins to explore the surrounding area (16)
For defenses: reinforce the entrance with barricades, dig some holes with spikes inside and hide them.
>4 goblins for scouting the human village, try to find out how strong heir defenses are, or if there are trader caravans going in and out, since those could prove easier targets than the town itself and don't arouse too much suspicion.

File: s0.png (24 KB, 422x612)
24 KB
It was your first day on the job, and it was a routine summoning. Never did you expect it to turn out like it did. The neck beard virgin who summoned you got the spell off the internet, and he thought it would be a gag to try it on his 30th birthday. A common occurrence actually, most people think the 30 year old wizard is a meme and never even try casting a single spell! Boy oh boy was he excited, too excited fact. He keeled right over and had a heart attack while feeling you up! Been given the choice between letting this huge fat incel have his way with you, or let him die, you choose the latter.

Thats the situation, now that your summoner is dead and your contract is unfulfilled: you have no way back to your home dimension! You are stuck in the human realm until you can find a way back!


Having a look around the premises, you find that your would be master lived alone in a basement bachelor suite. His dirty clothing, half eaten pizzas, and fresh corpse meld quite easily with the sty in which he lived. The only thing of value in the entire house is his state of the art PC and gamer chair.

>what do?
399 replies and 72 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: goof.png (18 KB, 422x612)
18 KB
pic related, no bully

kino, thank you
looking back at the yuri thread this guy is a jerk
File: rigelc.png (10 KB, 68x71)
10 KB
We wanna open our lootbo- sorry, "surprise mechanics"
Hello LLH
Thanks for making this quest it’s hilarious and I love it
Fresh bread if you guys are even awake

File: KitS OP3.png (857 KB, 850x600)
857 KB
857 KB PNG
>Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Kingdoms%20in%20the%20Stars
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/bookerman32
>Combat Rules: https://pastebin.com/efKVVsFb
>Quest Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJgzvAYgb4Q

The day humanity took to the stars was a day of hope. The Earth had become inhospitable, and it was time to find a new planet to reside. We rallied behind a man who had opened up the universe to us, a new Emperor to lead humanity into the vast expanse of space. All possibilities were opened that day. The stars didn't look any bigger, but instead looked so much brighter. With countless fleets at our side, and a desire in our heart, we held hands and took that first step together into the great unknown. All of humanities petty squabbles had come to an end. Now, we were one force with one common goal. Home. The day that will live on in every history book.

Centuries have passed, and that peace lives only in history. The last Emperor is gone, and the search for a fully habitable planet continues. The Unity of humanity is broken, torn apart by anger and differences in philosophy. Three main fleets served as the new banners, the new Kingdoms in the Stars.

Camelot, the regal and militaristic, rallied behind their Queen Julia Porter.

Athens, the diplomatic and innovative, rallied behind their President Apollo.

Shinto, the traditional and battle-hungry, rallied behind their Chieftain Sun Boros.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Gawain04.jpg (1.14 MB, 850x1133)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
>No. Dying is part of our duty.

"That's the answer I expected..." Galahad sighs. "I'll leave you be, buddy. I'll go drink with Daizee."

"You don't drink alcohol," you point out.

Galahad smiles, he's likely pleased that you would point out the details you know about him. "Neither does Daizee, she only drinks water in case she gets called to pilot at any time."

You look across the room to see Daizee whooping and hollering and lifting her shirt to flash cheering soldiers. "That's... sober?"

"She likes to party," Galahad nods. "... Take care, Gawain. I really do mean that."


Galahad walks away from you, and ends up approaching Linda. He asks the Major if she wants to dance, and soon the two are waltzing on the dance floor. An opening you've made with many a woman, but in his case there's a lot more innocence to it. Galahad would likely wish to uphold the standards of Courtly Love with Major Lynch. As you watch him and Linda slowdance as Daizee jokingly cheers them on, Alexa Bates slides into the booth next to you.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: Galahad03.png (821 KB, 634x900)
821 KB
821 KB PNG
>Ending Theme




Thanks for playing! I hit a big speedbump with one of the results this thread (completely my own fault for not being prepared) but I think the end product turned out alright! Follow the Twitter for any updates on the next session, it should be soon!

>Player Questions

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
What are your continued thoughts on the Camelot crew now that we've seen more of them? Can anything possibly take down LB with his power? What will Kingpin Dong do with his newfound power?

I liked it, glad Gawain is still alive, it would have been a shame to lose such an interesting and fun character to play.
I liked this Camelot group and I am looking forward to more sessions with them.
Throw LB to the space that ought to slow him down a little bit.
Probably claim his new rightful wife from Shinto.
Great thread book! Even with the hiccup!

This thread definitly helped show off the group, and I still really like them! I can already tell Gawain is going to have one of those full series length character arcs, and I love it.

I guess for LB it depends on how busted invincible is. Could the blackhole power tear him apart? What about the lack of air in space? So on.

Thanks for running Booker.

Gawain's still based, and it's fun watching the rest of the crew bounce of each other

My guess is poison or the cold vacuum of space. I definitely want to avoid Kilroy ever fighting him due to LB having the ability to reflect damage which, when you throw in a god damn Singularity is a receipe for disaster.


File: Shield Hero Promo Pic.jpg (309 KB, 640x960)
309 KB
309 KB JPG
Huh, where am I? Why am I here?!

I look around to see a three other guys, all with various weapons in their hands. Around us men in white robes cheer on what I could only guess was a grand success.

“Welcome to our world heroes, we are in great pearl…”

Ugh, why does my head hurt so much. What’s my name again? What was I doing a moment ago?

>What’s this thing I’m holding? Its a weapon of some kind, but for the life of me I forgot what its called!?
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It is as the good word says. You make a foolproof plan and the universe makes a better fool.
Where's the next thread! Aaaaaaah!
4chan broke...
But thats it above everyone!

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