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File: the_ultimate_roster.png (81 KB, 1220x1220)
81 KB
This is a single-civ quest. All anons will control a single civ
The quest will be updated once a day, every day
The quest will end after 50 days (or when your civ gets anihilated, whichever comes first)
All of the races pictured are viable choices that I am prepared to run, yes even *that* one.
"Will this civ thread be instantaneously abandoned?" I hear you say. No, not unless there's a very small number of players. I will state my intentions if I plan on cancelling.

Anyway, before we can begin:
>pick a race
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File: goblinoids.png (59 KB, 702x847)
59 KB
Aquilan: "I see, we Sun Elves wont attack without a proper Casus Belli, but If we become allies we will certainly defend you if the Goblins attack."
Tell them about the evil, horrible geese and how they need to be careful.
File: proteccted.png (19 KB, 635x552)
19 KB
Aquilan: "Hey don't worry, if the geese come back just call me. I'll protect you."
He puts his arm over your shoulders in reassurance and draws his goose-slaying sword.
Imply that Aquilan is always "welcome" among the femboy elves, but that we must get back to work with so many dangers in the area.
Seconding this, although buying no won't be any different than buying next turn when we work on it as I understand it.

File: good_goblins.jpg (582 KB, 1200x1800)
582 KB
582 KB JPG
You are the latest isekai victim killed by Truck-kun. You don't get to meet a god during the transition, but the basic information below is in your memories as you are about to be born anew as a goblin, you suppose as the one special gift you get to avoid misconceptions that would arise from knowing about goblins in fiction, since they could be different depending on the story. Unlike other isekai protagonists, you don't have any cheat skills beyond the minor cheats you get automatically by virtue of the premise of isekais. Namely, you will retain all your memories of living in a modern society.

You were a typical professional in a single area of expertise. This could include something like being a career martial arts tournament participant or being a doctor. You are able to perform feats within this domain with much less prior justification. To make it more conducive for creative write-ins of a collaboratively-controlled character, You also have access to wikipedia-tier trivia automatically, although whether you can do anything useful with it is another matter.

(Basic Information)
Goblins in this world are born from the women of other races, birthing a new goblin after 24 hours from conception, and they grow to sexual maturity in another 24 hours. About 25% of goblins are female, but they are comparatively infertile. Technically they can birth goblins, but they might get a single child from a 20-year lifetime of being sexually active, if they’re lucky. Females are treated like masturbation tools until one can graduate to real coochie. Oh, and they do domestic chores like raising children and stuff.
Goblins are naturally fast learners, able to absorb information in a few days, for which the same feats would take months for humans. (Because you are now a goblin, this applies to you as well) This does not mean they are more intelligent than humans, only that goblins have the potential to reach parity with humans extremely quickly. In human lands, goblins are seen as smooth-brained children that beginner adventurers can easily beat down and who are only a threat due to their extreme proclivity to breed massive swarms if not continuously culled. This actually ends up being true, but only because goblins have zero access to information, have to fight for everything they learn, and are weak enough that they die before they can learn anything useful. This stereotype is so prevalent that anybody who knows what Goblin Slayer does about goblins would definitely be seen as a complete weirdo.
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I have no regrets about that roll.
Rolled 99 (1d100)

Is this quest dropped?
Yeah seriously this quest was looking good
It was looking nice

File: heat-still-750x410.jpg (39 KB, 750x410)
39 KB
Formerly known as Bank Heist Quest, we're back in action.

Previous thread(s): https://pastebin.com/J8Fpbe7R


The drill goes on for a while, the lobby relatively quiet and calm. It seems they get you're not here to hurt them. Lifting your sleeve up, you check your watch and find only about five minutes until the drill's done.

Frankie idly checks over his shotgun, until he freezes up with a snap, then starts half-shouting, half-commanding.

"Everyone hide yourself, now! Behind the teller's counter, go!"

The crowd looks among themselves for a second, then obey, slow to get up as if it may be a trick.

"Guys, cop rolling up!"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Let’s go full cowboy on this: Open fire and see if you can’t get them to hurry up on the drill in the back
You sure? Between you, Davie, and Frankie, you only have a sawed-off Ithaca M37, a Gen IV Glock 17 and 22, and Davie's carrying his Bersa TPR9.
We’re criminals aren’t we? I say go for it. They wouldn’t hesitate to shoot us given the chance
>"Hold on, I got this." (Wait, then door bash him like you did with the guard.)
It seems like he doesn't even know the bank is being robbed. If we could take the fully alerted security guard, we can take the completely unaware cop.

File: 1-o-clock-md.png (19 KB, 299x294)
19 KB
One day you're minding your own buisness until your friend Ernie runs in.
"Anon, Anon! Look at this!"
"What is it?"
"It's a time machine!"
"I'm sorry?"
"I'm serious really! Where do you want to go?"
>1873 (Wild West)
>1350 (Dungeons and Douchbags)
>3052 (Far Future)
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40M 999C Shit im autistic
Far goddamned future please. Also, it's about time we got some chrono-quests here.
>3052 (Far Future
>3052 (Far Future))

Please...... I can’t do another fantasy quest
Fellas, you ain't thinking about this right.
You know how the universe is 13,200,000,000 years old?
Well, what if we turn back the time machine 13,200,000,001 years?

File: swamp village.jpg (1.13 MB, 1680x1050)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
You were drawn to Tarnished Glory Online by its premise: perpetual, unrestricted conflict between players when one side - the subscription players - would be the "good guys," the heroes: the Champions, while the other - the free to play accounts - would fulfill the role traditionally occupied by the "E" of the PvE equation: the monsters. This alone promised an experience on a whole different level from the typical fare of theme part VRMMOs, where PvP was treated as a side distraction, at best.

Getting stuck in the body of a kobold, one of the weakest races on the monster side, made things challenging, to say the least. Every encounter with a Champion so far had been a harrowing affair of desperate fights and close calls as you struggled to keep the three named NPC members of your warband alive - especially as you found out that they are considered a priority target for the Champion players due to the unique loot they drop. This information, incidentally, came to you from a Champion who, surprisingly, wasn't immediately hostile: one Jimmy the Furious, a self-confessed opportunist who expressed interest in establishing a partnership with you: a way for both of you to obtain goods, services, or information that, for one reason or another, one side or the other struggles with due their nature.

You agreed - tentatively.

You then hurried to the instance to continue what you realized was a largely unexplored and unknown storyline. However, along the way, you had the misfortune of running into a Champion mage and made the unfortunate decision to defend yourself by stealing her staff. This drew the ire of her... brother? Boyfriend? Significant other? - Roderick Cinderfrost, who took what you consider a vastly disproportional response to your actions, declaring you the target of an Oathsworn Hunt - a game mechanic allowing him to track you and follow you anywhere -including inside instances.

Which meant that, as you made your way through an atmospheric mission with fairly interesting mechanics, most of your sense of immersion and the ability to appreciate the storyline was negatively impacted by the need to outpace a Champion constantly breathing down your neck.

You'd probably complain less if you actually kept the staff. But, as it was the other player's Bound Item, you couldn't even hold it in your hands without incurring rapid fatigue buildup. So you threw it away.

But it is what it is, and right now you're in sight of your objective: the Corrupted Tribe Heart that has turned the local kobold population into Soulless - unthinking, unresponsive zombies. And the last obstacle between you and it is the Hidden King Soulkeeper - a large naga mage that promises to be a tough, if not outright lethal fight.

Quest Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Solo+Experience+Quest

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Dealing with the Overseer with the horn (and helping Banished) takes priority. Order the spearmen to distract the other Brute in the meantime
We don't need attention from the other Brutes, or Rory.
Non blue boys are meat shields
Rory always knows where we are from that hunt bullshit he put on us.
His just taking his sweet time killing npcs so we need to hurry up and finsh this quest and qtfo
>Dealing with the Overseer with the horn (and helping Banished) takes priority. Order the spearmen to distract the other Brute in the meantime
Banished can handle himself

Take out the guy with the horn first

File: 7129398123.jpg (101 KB, 1000x563)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
You live in the village of Pangor in the kingdom of Linde. There wouldn't be anything special about Pangor if it weren't for the huge labyrinth that exists embedded deep within the nearby mountains. Enchanted with powerful magic to be evershifting, said to have been built by a powerful archmage long dead to store a lifetime worth of loot, it is now infested with all kinds of monsters! Would you be brave or mad enough to enter such ruins?

You're a brave young person with nothing to lose who has decided to try its luck at entering the labyrinth of Pangor to plunder some of its wealth to better your station in life! Your only possession besides the clothes in your back is a bludgeon, no armor, no food, no nothing, you don't even own a sack to carry loot back with you, you have to hope the dungeon will provide the things you'll need to survive!

Character creation:

Roll 18d6, 3d6 for each attribute.

3 - -4 modifier
4-5 - -3 modifier
6-7 - -2 modifier
8-9 - -1 modifier
10-11 - no modifier

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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There are no bags nor backpacks for sale. I would have listed sacks for sale but you already have one sack.
There are no healing herbs nor bandages for sale.
There are no would be adventurers you can recruit, nobody else in the village is crazy or desperate enough to want to enter the labyrinth.

There's only one shield available in the market, so you can either buy it for yourself or for the skeleton.

You aren't actually allowed to walk around town with a skeleton so you'll have to wait until you are in the labyrinth to use the scroll unless you want the locals to angrily destroy your skeleton.
What a shame. Still buy an extra club for the skeleton. If we had a ranged weapon I would have given it the shield instead.

Is there any craftsmen in the village we can pay to make us stuff?
There are a few craftsmen but the resources available are few. The blacksmith pretty much only forges knives and daggers due to ore scarcity and metal quality, the local weavers make only plain linen clothes, the leatherworker doubles as shoemaker and sees barely enough leather as to not leave the townsfolk barefoot, and so on. You might be able to get some item custom made for you but it will take some time to acquire the resources to craft it, months even, during which you'll have to pay for your living expenses, and when it's done it will likely be very overpriced.
How about hiring the weaver to make us a backpack made of reinforced cloth while we heal up? Do they know how to make gambeson or padded armor?

Well if you want a backpack you can hire the weaver to make one for you for 4 gold. It can hold 30 lb of stuff and it has little strings that you can use to tie your bedroll to it. You could instead get like 10 sacks for 1 gold that hold the same amount of stuff each, or one large sack that holds 200 lb for 1 gold, but if you want a backpack you can have it.

A gambeson/padded armor seems reasonable enough. You can hire the weaver to make you a gambeson/padded armor for 5 gold. It gives +1 to AC. It will probably be finished by the time you're done healing.

File: Douxmine2.jpg (113 KB, 730x518)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Hi, this is the second part of the MAW Quest, where you play as Garen Yvor, the weakest mage you'll ever meet, surrounded by other low Mana individuals attending his class, and other students, tenfold more potent than him!
If you haven't read the last thread then I highly suggest you do so here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3535746/


The party that your friend Esese invited you to has turned into a giant brawl because of weird magical booze a guy named Trevor brought. You were smart enough not to drink too much, but she has overdone it and has passed out, so now you and her sister Seliphe have to get her to a safe place. You decided that the restroom would be the best bet, and began your 90 feet journey through hell. Protecting the unconscious body of Es from the maddened partygoers, you catch quite a few blows, thankfully all of them were blind haymakers. If one of those drunkards would have targeted you, it wouldn't have gone without a fight.
You burst into the restroom and lock the handle with a mop that stood nearby.
"Okay, lay her on the floor and look for something like a blanket" Seliphe said.
"A blanket? But it's like a sauna in here!"
"Well, maybe for you numbskull, but we're part lizard! Does the name Poikilotherms ring a bell?"
Gosh, Es was right, she really is stuck-up
"Uh, not really, speak human maybe?"
It's the first time you looked at her face since you meet her in the fray, and you're quite shocked. It wasn't just you who got battered on their way here, she has a black eye and her lip is gushing blood.
"What did you just... Oh, whatever, forget it, just fetch her a blanket, she can't get cold."
"B-but... Your face..."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Just saying its good to stab and spellbind at the same time.
The magic in this universe is very diverse, and thus there are many ways to make the warrior-spellcaster work. He could, for example, use Second Circles' words of power to nullify the opponents' spells and runes to create antimagic fields, forcing melee combat. Or, he could buff his weapons and armor, allowing him to go toe to toe with a more orthodox magic user. Or he could just use regular magic alongside his weapon. the possibilities are endless, really.
I was gonna write today, but I'm just too tired. Sorry guys, going to sleep
Y not all 3?
Call him the triforce
What a bugger! You're angry though you merely skipped one meal. Back home you wouldn't even think about it, eating one meal a day or none at all was normal, guess the luxury of scholarly life is making you soft.

If your life as a peasant taught you anything, then you know that when it comes to hunger it's best to occupy your mind, else it will become unbearable You find a nice secluded spot in the gardens around the castle and sit down to meditate.

You close your eyes.You're not sure if it's because of the nature surrounding you, or your empty stomach, but you find yourself in a tranquil, focused state of mind in the blink of an eye. The visualization and filtering are unusually easy, too.

Drip, drip, drip...

The session is just what you need. You can practically feel impurities forced out of your body, leaving behind a much purer pool of Mana. A great bliss and a feeling of safety fill your body, your limbs relax even more, to the point where you can no longer feel them and you don't notice when your eyelids shut and you slip into the land between dream and reality. Strange patterns, colors shifting geometrical figures present themselves before your eyes in a way you've never experienced before. Straight lines become curved and triangles transform into circles in a cascade of colorful light. Gazing upon this breathtaking show without a doubt makes you feel transcendent and blessed to be alive, though you can't shake off this strange feeling that something's not right...

The colors fade and the real world starts creeping in. The hearing comes first - you hear chirping, beautiful, albeit a bit too loud. Next, touch. You feel something weighing down on your shoulder. Sight comes last, giving context to the previous senses. A bird is sitting on your shoulder! You shoo it away, it pecks you on the head and flies away. "Oww" You say as you massage the spot.

A look at the sun's position tells you it's only about 5 PM. A normal person would have to double check it but telling the precise time based on the sun is a skill you mastered when working in the field.

Thinking of a way to test how much you've grown, you come up with a brilliant idea. What if you used the sigil Lynx taught about in the class? If you succeed and show it to him, maybe he will stop asking so many questions?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: Far Front.jpg (688 KB, 900x581)
688 KB
688 KB JPG
The paperwork has finally come for you to fill personal details for the army to confirm. There was the basic name, age, date of birth, and other such none sense. Conscription had finally caught up to you like the war that seemed far from your home dragged you in. There was an officer that paced back and forth, inspecting everybody else in the cramped room. The continental war which engulfed your nation had started almost 5 years ago but 3 years ago Federal troops crossed over the eastern border to free the ISS (Imperial Sovereign States) from their tyrannical emperor. These far eastern Stepps and forests were where you lost contact with your cousin, then your older brother who was also conscripted. Now, it beckons you to go forth and join the millions of other Federal troops stationed in the far eastern lands. Stalling as much as possible, you did end up handing the papers over to the clerk over the counter as she double checks all the information to see if you were lying. What you wouldn't know is another office clerk would receive the paper then throw you into whatever place in the army on a whim.
You were...

>Erika Veber, E, F, 19, Blond, Brown eyes, 172cm
Note: Generic and useless, give her over to the Zekhait Divijon. I'm sure those wannabe coppers still want more people near the front.

>Aiden van der Hoogland, E, M, 18, Ginger, Green eyes, 185cm
Note: I wonder if he is true nobility. Maybe I can get some favors from him and fulfill the request. Send him to the Komms Divijon.

>Tilda Lindberg, H, F, 20, Brunette, Brown eyes, 168cm
Note: The 152. AfL. (Aero flak Landser) Divijon needs more troops again. I wonder if she'll survive. Why do they keep losing people?

>Yakob Schnaider, H, M, 19, Blond, Blue eyes, 175cm
Note: Bloody nationalist trouble maker. I should transfer him to Legio Ves with his lot, maybe the higher-ups in the Federation would thank me.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>>[Try to convince Klammsbruck to relinquish authority]
File: wheat field.jpg (361 KB, 1000x667)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
>[Try to convince Klammsbruck to relinquish authority]

>Heer fon Klammsbruck...
>In the field, I must maintain cohesion and discipline with my subordinates.
>Natrulikt, I don't understand what you are getting at?
>Well hypothetically, what if we both give different orders based on various things that we know? It would be better if I-
>Let me stop you right there you welp, I will not be lectured by a lesser race on how to conduct myself at my job. In case anything like that so happens, you will follow my orders to the letter. So help me, Gods, I will string you up along with your entire squad for disobedience if anything happens out there. Do I make myself clear?
>This will not look good in my report when you question my and Zonpol's authority. You best ensure that nothing worst makes it into my statement.

You both saluted each other before both of you prepared to depart. "Schaisse" was the only thing you could mutter quietly to yourself while walking away. Tanner had heard the entire conversation and appeared to expect this result as he shrugged with an 'I told you so' eyes.

It took about an hour by truck to reach the engagement zone. Squad B was the first to leave the car and moved forward with metal detectors as your squad began checking the road for any mines or explosives. There was also Squad D, but they just stood guard protecting the vehicles while everybody else ventured beyond. Not even 15mins into the search when Fischer and Hilden found a trap where a thin line was connected to both sides of the road alongside the ditches. The stupid girl had tripped to fall face first in front of a grenade tied to the line that was strapped on the tip of an artillery shell. All of which were hidden in the wheat field that ran next to the depression. If not for Hilden pointing this out, she should've been blown to bits.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>[Andreasson suppressive fire! Everybody else, advance!]
>>[Andreasson suppressive fire! Everybody else, advance!]
>[Fire at will!]
He didn't give us order to advance so just shoot

File: World1.png (144 KB, 2000x1400)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
Nation RP Hex Edition™

Create a nation/civilization and RP in the fantasy themed world.
Each player starts with 7 tiles and a capital (Exceptions exist). Choose a location to start and your color. You may post immediately.

Rules and Information:
Read the OP before you ask dumb questions.

Standard RP rules apply.

The purpose of this is to create an enjoyable story through gameplay and RP, remember that there is no winning or losing, good RP and loremaking is the goal.

Be reasonable. (Most important rule)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
220 replies and 75 images omitted. Click here to view.

(Senori, Erabumakta, Paraskinia, Shroomen, Symbians, Elthurians....)

>Action 1:

Although the Harpy and Dwarf contacts have both been peaceable and judged to be successes, the Grenoll attitude toward the Skeletons that stride the hills and upper grasslands remains one of fear and Paranoia. As the skeletals are theorized to have no flesh that needs piercing, the Grenoll smiths work bog-iron into crushing weapons; Maces and their kin, and start issuing them to their heroes, warriors and military companies where needed.

>Action 2:

With Soulamere established, travel between the rivers that flow down the mountain flanks becomes a matter of passing through the right caverns. Grenoll begin pushing down these waterways, settling and claiming these Marshland rivers as they had so many before.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
This Is me, couldn't post.

>Create a city by the northern river, and name It Hallow

>Begin making roads between all established cities and forts, to ease travel and trade.
>>The Paraskinia

>Active harassment and skirmishing with Crimson Empire to prevent settlement and disrupt supply lines
>Work on a Common Tongue (Senori and Grenoll)

When the harpy's pestering becomes too much for the Scaled Land-Striders, the send out their guards to pacify the harpies. Too try and avoid a lang-based fight, the harpies quickly ascend into the sky, where most of their operations will take place. The harpies realize that between their enemy's full armor and occasional full-scaled-bodies vs their lack of dedicated weapons, that they won't be able to win in a straight up fight. It'd become especially harder to engage them if they were able to build a proper nest to hide behind.

To combat this, they instead target the settlers more than the guards, opting to only take attacks of opportunity against unaware or under-armored guards. Dive bombing and bouncing those trying to build up their structures, either racking with their claws or picking up and dropping them, to slow the progress as much as possible. Stealing tools, food, and other useful things for the Crimson lizards. And assaulting incoming migrants and supply convoys while they are most vulnerable, climbing up the mountain slopes. Combined with some forms of mental warfare, ie, the damn birds never shut up once the sun goes down and try to keep camps up late into the night, the harpies do their best to make the land-strider's lives hell.

The most surprising and infuriating to the harpies is the realization that some of these land-striders are in fact sky-soarers. They don't understand why the sky-soarers are helping the ones clearly at fault here. A one-sided rivalry quickly forms, and it becomes common place for any Wyvern-blooded capable of flight to get actively attacked on multiple fronts by multiple harpy passes every time they get too high off of the ground.

By now, the harpies have had long standing borders with both the Senori and the Grenoll. With a combination of initial ground work being set so long ago, and multiple years for the races to get used to each other, the harpies once again try to teach the other races their tongue, or at least establish a way to communicate.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: World18.png (270 KB, 2000x1400)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
Much study and prayer is performed, but ultimately no results made.
However, they are able to enhance their existing talents.

Aside from the wings and exposed wounds, the beast rejects feathering. It is not the familiar and durable flesh once had, but it will hate to do.
Stretching its ancient bones and flesh, it positions itself on the edge of the ruins and prepares itself for flight.
Unfurling its wings and forcing them against the air, the beast then launches itself from the summit, creating a white cloud of snow and fractured ice.
Now gliding through the air as it did so long ago, a cry of what can be assumed is joy howls through the winds, being heard by all those around once more.
The beast is seen gliding through the air and circling around the mountain with ease despite all circumstances.
But now the beast longs for more. It crashes its mass upon the mountain, approaching a harpy and devouring it. Then turning its gaze unto the tablet holder, it's clear what is desired.

Saplings and seeds are sown into the soil. Within time the earth will be blessed by these mighty giants.

File: devil.jpg (65 KB, 828x551)
65 KB
Tried of same old quests? Want to spice things up a little bit? How about YOUR SOUL on stake for a change?

That's right! your very essence, your inner self. MINE, MINE, MIIIIINNNNE!*

*=Provided that you fail my quest

The rules are simple, even a child can understand, gain control of a insignificant hero who may or may not lead the way to my throne IN HELL where he/she/it can defeat me!

But it isn't that simple, where is the fun in handing you sweet victory so easily. Delve into more choices and you will looose a possible chance to meet me. Skip too much and you will end up to weak to face the threats i'll throw at you. So much choices for you, what will you dooo?

Enough, Enough, Enough, you are eager to begin, aren't you? What are you waiting for? CHOOSE YOUR MORTAL VESSEL, YOUR AVATAR

Gukxar the flex
-A LVL 1 human barbarian from barbarianland, wields a great axe and...that is pretty much it. Oh and a lion cloth not a loin cloth.
-A dumb man with few words, will randomly punch himself to assert dominance.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 92 (1d100)

First up, The normal attack! You drew your shitty weapons commenced the assault! How did you do? Did you tripped on a rock and snapped your neck or did you went all stabby on green little goblins? ROLL TO FIND OUT!
Rolled 68 (1d1000)

As for Orely, he threw a bubbling mixture on the fifth goblin who was enveloped in a non magical mist. His previous normal nature is soon to be CHANGED, He crossed his fingers for a good TF but who know what will truly happen?
Rolled 84 (1d100)

Rolled 56 (1d100)


Rolled 94, 5, 7 = 106 (3d100)

You are the Remnants of Lond, the ragtag remains of the Department of Civil Obeisance and Conformity from a government long lost to the sands of time and the savagery of The Fall. Quite some time ago you awoke to find yourselves in an unfamiliar bunker under siege by horrifying monsters, and technologically advanced maniacs, both of which murdered you with impunity. After a desperate flight through several layers of a megacity-at-war that bore no resemblance to the one you remembered, you managed to find a suitable fortified pavilion to call your home.

Since then you've trounced a monster infestation that was taking root in your base, using your signature psychosurgery skills, hero, and equipment to mindra- persuade the monsters' hero unit into your service. You've made a chance discovery of a Megacity Intranet hub, which possessed a treasure trove of robotic blueprints as well as absolutely priceless routines for the development of AI. You've allowed the area around your base to become infested by the pervasive monsters of the city, created a rampant AI which you sold to a bunch of high-tek bandits for crazy brownie points, sold your psychosurgery to the bandits those Teks introduced you to for some sick gear, made ANOTHER AI (this one not crazy, and heroic tier) and gave it away, and some other things as well...which leads us to your latest escapade.

Training to familiarize yourselves with your new sick gear while the monstrous denizens of the megacity rampage in a frenzied mayhem. Some things happened and you lost half of your population, vastly increased your military forces, and...sunk your manufacturing facilities down a city level or two into the midst of a bunch of angry monsters. 3 of which are the size of buildings, and all of which are headed towards you now.

Welcome to the Post Apocalypse, please enjoy your stay.
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Rolled 22 (1d100)

Soo is our entire base now located on this underground level? Or is it JUST that one section of our tower?
Rolled 90 (1d100)

It's JUST the Rampant Manufacturing Hub, which was fortunately already fortified from your incredibly ruthless training action before Rak'Ghol pulled his shit to drop you into monster central.
Rolled 34 (1d100)


However you have VERY FEW people upstairs, mainly just the psycho surgeons and a handful of other support personnel. The rest of your population was pulled into the training exercise just to survive Rak'Ghol's assaults.
Rolled 18 (1d100)

If there's enough people for making a war AI. That would be great at the moment. They would be getting a lot of data to study.

Act 2
Would have to be maintenance of the battle. Squads rotating out rearming and rest.

Our monster forces would have to either Scout for A New Path or dig if possible. Unless they can take the hit to meat wave out. Which would probably not be good.

File: Sydonia City.jpg (339 KB, 1920x1080)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
You sit on one of the food stalls serving hot noodles. Every sip of these soup and it's broth is mouth watering. There are several similar stalls parallel to each other, offering various foods and alcoholic drinks. The smog of the area is thicker along with the smokes of cigarette making it more worse. There are various beggars lined up on the other side of the street begging for whatever coin someone could spare. Yet in this part of the town lies on the other side where clean streets, extravagant cars, rich folks and power is the king. And you are just one of the pawns they use vying for their supremacy. Gulping the last of the noodle soup, you move out to where your target is currently moving. Walking down the street where eyes are boring you front and back yet not dumb enough to attack you. You see a mirror on the side viewing your body as.....

>A young male with jeans, shirt and a red leather jacket
>A young female with a scar in left eye wearing a school uniform.
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You will have options what you will do when you put an intrusion bug inside. Either you can destroy, download, encrypt or delete everything.
Lets stick with that, unless someone wants to kill the guy first.
You put the intrusion bug inside the computer worming its way and making it undetectable by any means. Unless they do a server wide virus mapping. Your bug isn't perfect but it gets the job done. The sleeping guy still snoring loudly and you get out of the door quickly. Shivering a little from that near freezing room, you.......

>Break in, kill the person, get the chip, get out.
>Search the other rooms (please specify what room)
>>Break in, kill the person, get the chip, get out.
Carefully see if the sleeping guy has anything useful on him, like keys or a I'd badge/door card we could quietly pocket for later.

File: 1560338989105.jpg (91 KB, 960x644)
91 KB
Star Trek is Gay Edition
Calling any and all ambassadors of xenos civilization! You are wanted to join the galactic federation of worlds! We've been dead awhile, but we (hope) to come back! Come join us on discord: https://discord.gg/6JXQuA
Thread Prompt:Why do the Federation's halls seem so empty and how can we troll the Ploraxians today?
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"Yes, just keep training. We have to be at our highest skill level."
Narg:I see, who makes the ice cream then? Oooh, and room decor
>The Void-Mormons under increased traning with the Ploraxian military are able to meet the competence of the Regular Ploraxian Army. With this training they have forty divisions of Regulars and forty division equivalents of militia ranked units with several being armored after difficult modifications by the Fleet's engineers made them suitable for use by the Mormonists
>The Rumarians are seemingly oblivious to the machinations of the Ploraxian government, instead their borders grow weaker as internal tensions grow more dangerous. Leaked information, scarce as it be, hints at some form of rebellion within the most innermost worlds of the Rumar, leaving vassal states and outposts unaffected
>The 100thExecutor is summoned to his homeworld of Kah and his ship passes the ancient,planet sized form of The Great Machine as it hovers in space.
>He receives a hail
Dar Granath we hear your campaign goes well. Your forces have been quite damaged however and we wish you to conduct another operation before your force receives reinforcements.
>He is then told of the mission

Let’s play Pokémon. For this one we’re headed back to Kanto, with the loose framework of the original game. We’ll stick with the original 150 monsters as well, for now. I’m going to try to keep combat light, with 1-2 rolls per big fight, with difficulty based on cleverness or efficacy of our tactics.

You’re a kid from Pallet, and today is the first day of your Pokémon adventure. What new friends will you meet? What kind of adventures will you find? But most importantly...

Are you a boy? Or a girl?

>Random (roll 1d2)

This is my first attempt at a quest, go easy on me.
Feel free to suggest any course of action! I’ll try to adhere to democracy but if something funny catches my eye, I might go with that.
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>Bike Shop
Ok, that all makes sense to me. Thanks!
I'll do that once the next thread starts.
Switching to >>3597344.
New Thread this way
this was a good thread

File: RulesCard.png (1.58 MB, 2608x4052)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
A time for a new season of Civilization Risk has arrived!

Old and new players alike are welcome. Invites have been sent to veterans. Lets hope for a good turn out. For new players, experience with chan risk helps a ton, but like any board game it will make sense after a few rounds. If you feel like joining, ASK QUESTIONS. The more you know the better you play.

Sit tight for the map.
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Rolled 62528 (1d100000)

Siege copper
>Boat Axe
>Gold [2 Income][0 Maintenance][16Total]
>Research [3 Income] [9 Total]
>Population [3 Gross] [0 Cost] [3 Net]
>Bonuses +2 Sea (Boat Axe)
Rolled 35738 (1d100000)

Did the Pali do a single damn thing? Lol

Fill Region and also buy Agriculture. Build two farms on the southern shore of Lake Balkhash, so I get more.

>Heusōs-tero Meĝhrḗǵsdheĝhom
>Gold [2 Income][0 Maintenance] [16 Total]
>Research [3 Income] [1 Total]
>Population [3 Gross] [0 Cost] [3 Net]

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 49324 (1d100000)

>Wakanda Empire
>Nile Tribe
>Dark Purple
>Gold [4 Income][0 Maintenance] [24 Total]
>Research [3 Income] [9 Total]
>Population [7 Gross] [0 Cost] [7 Net]
Rolled 35506 (1d100000)

The Commonwealth researches sailing, and using this new knowledge seek to grab the last bit of land in the region.

>Bariasetes Commonwealth
>Gold [2 Income][0 Maintenence] [19 Total]
>Research [3 Income] [2 Total]
>Population [3 Gross] [0 Cost] [3 Net]
>Technologies: Hunting, Sailing
File: MR.jpg (47 KB, 639x394)
47 KB
Rolled 43799 (1d100000)

The republic continues to expand along the shores, up and around the dye source, to get into position to capture it.

>The Roman Republic
>Gold [2 Income][0 Maintenance] [16 Total]
>Research [3 Income] [9 Total]
>Population [3 Gross] [0 Cost] [3 Net]
>Bonus: +1G trade, +1Ship

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