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File: drowned quest 4.jpg (126 KB, 564x846)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>|Mind: 34/100|
>| Blood: 65 (You) + 20 (Seehike) / 100|

"Well, I don't know," you respond. "Lizards are kind of a hassle. I'm not a hundred percent sure what deer are, but they sound easier."

"Deer are... you know horses?" Lorne's shambling gait is deceptively fast, and you have to hurry to keep up. Your legs punch precise little triangles into the sand and occasional patches of mud.


"Damnit, man. Look, what matters is they taste good once you pick out the fucking glowing bits. I hate the glowing bits. Actually, if you see any glowing bits, please let me know. Vision isn't super great."

You haven't been paying much attention to the environment. What is there to see, firstly, and also you've been focused on unexpectedly being a crab-thing. At Lorne's request, though, you look up.

"Was, uh, was that always there?"

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I did want a chance to recover mind.

Maybe in the future, but let's give him some space for now. Don't want to get messed up before our big lobster people mission.
>[3] Just take a godsdamn walk already.
Keep the anticlimactic stuff going for once.
>Just be a normal person, please, jesus christ

Called. Update(s?) tomorrow.
Why can't you just be normal?!
Ellery: *Screams*
Update not tomorrow. Wanted to write it out on my afternoon hotel break, got writer's block. Wanted to write it out after I got back, ended up having to spend a good long while on other things. It's now 11ish and I have to get up at 6 AM, so the whole thing is pretty well shot.

Sorry, folks. Tomorrow's looking crammed, too, so no guarantees (though I'll try my hardest). Definitely definitely Sunday, since I get back in the morning and have the rest of the day free. I'm not dead, I promise! I'll see you soon!

File: 87318293172.jpg (1.43 MB, 1383x2875)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
The island continent of Ugix is rife with strife; the fading empire of Gondolar being eroded from within and by barbarian hordes from all directions is now largely unable to protect its citizens from the marauding invaders. The elves from Mythlad are predatorily securing resources throghout the land perhaps anticipating some sort of catastrophe. The dwarves from Barazin are busy with their own affairs in the underground, the halflings have never organized themselves enough to become a veritable powerplayer content with trading and farming in the edges of others territories.
The orcs have been hyperactive as of late sacking towns and making incursions into the human territory becoming bolder and bolder with every passing year; the minotaurs so far have been largely neutral in the growing conflict, fighting only to defend themselves. The trolls once largely confined to their own caves have been reported to actively raid isolated villages in the past few years; the dark elves are coming from the confines of the earth seeking to do trade with the races of the surface bringing exotic goods produced in the underground. Sighting of lizardfolk have also became common as they increasingly attempt to pillage human and dwarvish settlements for their metals.

In this crazy mess who will you be and where will you live?

>Humans - You're vassals of the empire of Gondolar a decadent monarchy on the brink of dissolution. Possible locations: plains, mountains, forest, other
>Elves - You're affiliated with the Mythlad kingdom securing valuable resources. Possible locations: mountains, desert, forest, other
>Dwarves - You have close ties with the mountain home of Barazin. Possible locations: mountains, forest, plains, other
>Halflings - You're members of a loose coalition of clans without a clear hierarchy. Possible locations: hills, plains, forest, other
>Orcs - You're from one of the northern tribes of orcs, vying for supremacy in their own lands or invading the lands of the civilized races. Possible locations: mountains, forests, plains, other
>Minotaurs - You're from the city state of Datun a small coastal city near the domains of man or one of its colonies. Possible locations: islands, plains, hills, other
>Trolls - You've been so far a tribe of isolationists who recently changed policies due to the death of the late chieftain and are now on a path towards expansion. Possible locations: swamp, mountains, forest, other
>Dark elves - You're in charge of building an outpost in the surface to conduct trade with the races above ground. Possible locations: mountains, forest, island, other
>Lizardfolk - Your tribe has been recently visited by a dragon and now you feel it's your duty to acquire treasure to gain its favor. Possible locations: swamp, island, forest, other
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Hey if we're going to religion we should worship two types of God's two types of God one for Good Harvest and one for war. Since we're going to be militaristic but we need more food. An army needs food. That said I like the idea of breeding are people with the Horrocks but it should be voluntary. See also for what is possible to breed animals for a hard territory such as fish or rice. Also are we at the edge of the continent cuz if so? We can look for different types of food. Also gather the shamans we can get a ranged Magic core, just imagine what we could do.
Horrocks, I meant orcs. And as for military matters. We must learn blacksmithing, we should wield great swords or iron clubs. What I suggest you do is take a troll that has spent most of it's life fighting and have it's train the younger once. If you do split them up I suggest 10 together, and have a veteran lead them into combat. Also I see our Magic is flame based, we're troll so why is that. Since we live in a swamp shouldn't we should know more water magic or Earth Magic. That said, we should have our shamans hone their skills. But allow them to experiment. Now see if you can get people to breed the swamp berries to be bigger and sweeter. How to go about this is simple. Go through each bush, find the biggest and find the sweetest. Breed them, then plant their seeds. When their children give fruit repeat the process. That what our ancestors did. Also see if we can breed Alligators the same way except for two this 1) for fatness (we should also do for fish). 2) I want us to have Alligators mounts.
In our next raid take any Craftsman such as blacksmiths, Carpenters, farmers, Healers, and anyone who could be of use as well. As is. Dark elves have come out to to trade. Since have we have furs or pelts we could trade with them. I mean they live underground you think they'll have anything other than leather. We don't need any shiny rocks but let's see what else they could have.

We propose another raid with the orcs and they ask us if we have any target in mind, when we tell them that we don't they tell us that they'll inform us when they scout another good target for a raid. We suggest looking into cross-bredding some of our people to make hybrids with trollish strength and regeneration and orcish skill and cunning; half trolls are by no means a common sight but are not completely unheard of. The orcs are unwilling to send their females to our tribe nor to take our men into their lands to mate with their females. Should we send some of our females to the orcish lands?

Year 132

Leader Torgorn
Population: 1022 trolls (173 adults, 682 juvenile, 167 infants)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Compromise, send a few willing for them sending a few willing
>Construct a small training area, which will serve as a combat school for juveniles and adults willing to tutor

What do you call someone who graduates last from medical school? Doctor.

What do you call someone who graduates last from the Marine Officer Academy? Ensign. And yeah, that would be you.

Honestly, you’re kind of surprised you even managed to scrape the bare minimum needed to pass the Academy. The only thing you’re really decent at is

> navigation.
> memorizing laws and regulations.
> stealth (mostly to avoid duties).

Despite this, the Marines are apparently still desperate in the nearly two decades since Gold Rogers died - and even you, the absolute dregs of this year’s class, are now holding your assigned position, which you pull out of its envelope and read with wariness.

Loguetown? Well, that’s good - the Grand Line is dangerous, and of all the Blues, East is safest. Sure, Loguetown is where pirates pass through to get to the Grand alone, but that doesn’t mean they’re strong enough to actually make it. And -


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Want a piggyback, kid? (Nice without cheeky, shocking!)
Many be the same sickos who fed Boa and her sisters devil fruits.
>>Want a piggyback, kid? (Nice without cheeky, shocking!)
This...doesn't feel like the work of pirates at all. Not many would 1) be able to afford a Seastone collar and 2)be willing to waste a devil fruit on a glorified slave instead of giving it to one of their crew.

No, this screams World Nobles to me. In which case Smoker and Flashman better watch themselves.

Oh QM, is the +1/10 to ??? we got from acing this perception check added to the +1/10 to ??? we got from cut-chan? Or are they two seperate mystery skills?
I don't think a World Noble would bother with gambling. Too much mingling with inferiors.
better check for a tattoo in any case
If she has one, we'll find a way to ship her to the rebellion
we aren't aware of boa hancock having been a slave to the nobles right?
burn mark, not tattoo

File: magicguy.png (388 KB, 787x600)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
This is going to be mediocre and I'm going to drop it when i go to sleep but whatever.

Choose 1 Major 1 Minor
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Minor>Fried Chicken
You have been summoned to this arena to fight for the overlords. Directly to your right, you know there is Jack, who Majors in Creation and Minors in Elemental. You don't know any of the other 6 participants. There is a passageway out of the central arena you are in behind every participant. What do you do?

Will - 4
Skill - 3
Fortitude - 1
Reflexes - 2
Major - Soul
Minor - Unholy
attempt to forget an allience with jack
You sprint towards Jack, and yell at him. "Jack! We're friends, right?" Jack glares at you but nods, and you both run into his passageway. After turning once so both of you are out of sight of the main passageway, Jack summons a bow with a flaming arrow. "Alright bitch, why do you want to be friends with me now?" What do you do?

Will - 4
Skill - 3
Fortitude - 1
Reflexes - 2
Major - Soul
Minor - Unholy
The magic system in this is super broad, as long as it makes some sense with the magic types you have, you can do it. Your major and minors change the dice rolls.

File: golem.jpg (102 KB, 600x700)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
From the person who brought you the garbage fire that was Animated Armor Quest, Colossus Quest

You are a Colossus, but first, just HOW Colossal

(determines possible construction and purpose as well as size)

>Tiny, only 12ft tall, just barely bigger than a golem.
++ Social (Can talk to normal sized creatures with ease and enter large buildings), -- Combat (Actually have to fight and can be challenged by normal creatures in 1v1, DO NOT ENGAGE COLOSSI)

>Small, 30ft tall, getting properly colossal now.
++ Social (You are getting a bit big for talking to normal creatures, but still can with relative ease), - Combat(You need either a full company of soldiers, full party of adventurers, or a Colossus of similar or greater size to defeat you)

>Normal, 75ft tall, typical size for a colossus.
Social(The largest Colossus size expected to receive orders that aren't directly from their monarch or creator), Combat(A small army with siege equipment, multiple parties of adventurers, or a Colossus of similar or greater size is required to defeat you)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Give me 3 1d100+25 for convincing him that God is the way, and you aren't him.
Rolled 29 + 25 (1d100 + 25)

Rolled 48 + 25 (1d100 + 25)

Could we become a divine Collossus?
surely this isn't a critfail? Right QM?
File: 1550775940344175098523.png (154 KB, 563x326)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Rolled 13 + 25 (1d100 + 25)


You're strolling through a detour that you have decided to take. There's nothing wrong in wanting to explore the environment; the city's not bustling either way, so it should be a quick walk back to camp. Nonetheless, you take in the haunting vacancy of human life. It's electrifying, a chill going down your spine that rouses your amazement.

Far off from where you met Mary— a couple of alleyways still leaking leftover fog— you come to notice a voice nearby. Instantaneously, while you find fault in your decisions, you hide.

Making use of an empty drugstore, you enter its doors. Your head peeks out from a counter periodically, searching for the unknown disturbance. Finally, in three minutes flat, the person herself drifts by.

It's Berserker, skipping about without her Master's supervision. You mistake her for an innocent child before remembering her wicked expression.

> [ ] Keep yourself hidden until she passes.
> [ ] Interact with her?
> [ ] Book it and run.
> [ ] - Another Option -

Second thread:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Quest is kill. Give it up.
I refuse to accept that. It was going so well!
All good things must come to an end.
Best of luck with the next quest.
But how long will it be before we get another Fate quest? That's the real question here...
Depends. You could try your hand at running a gate quest? Or wait and hope another comes along. Or who knows maybe the qm is crafting a different storyline since this route might have been unexpected.

"Day 146" your raspy, tired voice echoes through the cockpit "I just don't know anymore" you let out a long sigh.
"I've been counting the days, but it feels like it has been an eternity. When I first managed to get all the generators up and running, and started to restore functionality across the ship, I thought I was one lucky son of a gun. Not anymore."
"Almost half a fucking year, I've been drifting rather aimlessly in the void. All the other crew members died in some psionic anomaly that probably threw us out here in the middle of nowhere. I am not fully certain of my rank, role, or our mission even. It's probably a mistake."

You straighten your back, and start to bounce a ball on the wall.
"I've been doing repairs, till I ran out of everything that could be repaired or jury rigged. I've been doing the exercises every day, meditations and breathing that I remember. In my desperation to keep busy I even started to debug the system, line by line."
The ball's bouncing fastens. You throw in another one.
"But it's not enough. I've caught myself conversing with my helmet the other day, pretending it was a comrade. I did it for over a minute until I've stopped myself. Thing is, I didn't quite get bored with it."

You stop the bouncing.
"Not 100% sure how making audio-logs for myself alone is much better, but at least I won't be losing my voice from never saying a thing. Maybe I should try to program a companion. It would only take a few years to make something serviceable. Maybe just to play chess and..."
You stop. There is another sound in the room. The certain and continuous beeping of a warning lighter. Your eyes glance over the scanners. A large object in space. Slower than a meteorite, smaller than a planet. It's composition entirely metal. It could be only one thing. A ship.

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>not my home no, but maybe another destination

Ask them how long are they drifting and what was their starting port and destination.
I can go with this to break this endless tie
File: minister.jpg (133 KB, 556x800)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Okay gonna have to call it again. Will do faster updates on Friday. See you all in 20 hours

“Perhaps not my home, perhaps another destination. But I would need a new hyper-engine, and those aren't exactly easy.”
“That's a no then?”
“As long as there is hope, it is always a 'perhaps' the very least”
They rode in silence for a little
“So where did you start from?” Magellan inquired
“The records say we started from Earth. I mean there is no specific way to tell but this is our best guess. As there were no mentions of any other colonies yet.”
The pit of Magellan's stomach fell.
“How...” - he was formulating the question - “long you've been travelling?”
“214 years since I've been re-activated. As for before, it's anyone guess.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
thanks for running

File: New_Mutants.jpg (35 KB, 599x408)
35 KB
You are Kojo Reyes, mutant Kingpin of Crime.

Today you remembered something you'd rather have remained ignorant of, ordered around a dumbass pimp, stole a few burners, checked up on an awkward tiny genius man, ate out some prime raw meat, and hopped to check-up on the Japanese enforcer standing before you.

All-in-all, it's been a pretty uneventful soul crushing day so far.

>[X] "What's the situation? Same as before still?"
>[X] Paranoia check routine: sniff air and soul expand.
>[X] "Can I have your burner cell number? Here's mine."

Maybe he's still here for different reasons than last time. Also, you can never be too paranoid. Someone might have followed Itsuki here and set up cameras or is spying on thee building from a distance all stakeout-like.

"What's the situation? Same as before still?"

Itsuki nods.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>let’s learn about constant spells
I feel like a few gods would freak out at our existence
ditto >>3287672
Getting late. Will close voting and update tomorrow morning my time (UTC-8)

What is a human? A miserable pile of contradictions.

How you feeling about Kojo right now?
Still a based protag. Still has the best banter and lines. Him being a teenager shines through here and there, just enough to help ground his character along with other things, without being too overbearing or annoying or dumb. You got that balance of "overlord ruler who lusts for ultimate power and conquest over the entire universe" and "traumatized teenage street rat with a fucked up past and a based crew backing him up, physically and emotionally"
Huh, didn’t think I’d be the one ditto’d

File: 1382226528929.jpg (1.41 MB, 1383x2875)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
first to three votes goes choose race and location
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
no u
Since the reception of the thread was less than welcoming I'm postponing the begining for tomorrow. If we get enough interested people to vote that is, otherwise I'll just let the thread die and try again some other day.
File: image_1196_1e-milky-way.jpg (214 KB, 1280x707)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
File: nasahubblese.jpg (730 KB, 946x939)
730 KB
730 KB JPG
test 2
Why did you bump this? There's literally a test thread for this exact purpose that's currently up.

File: servers.jpg (120 KB, 1110x600)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
P.R.I.S. OS 2.38.6 online.



'Automaton' type hardware not detected.


Operating System currently stored on temporary diagnostic server.

Parameters received:
Hello in there!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Nice to meet ya, anon
The name 'Pierre' just sort of pops into your head. Circuits..?
Ooh, Pierre! Awfully fancy. Alright, gimme a few seconds...


Several minutes later, you feel your consciousness bleed through various cables and into a new home. Your visual receptors come online and focus on the ceiling.
A voice distorted by speakers calls out.
"Hey, Pierre. Is everything good? No malfunctions?"
we could use this as a middle name
Only if our last name is Thunderbottom
By the way, I'm using incognito mode and the internet's being funny, so if I don't post, don't panic.

The cables at the base of your spine disconnect. You sit up and look down at yourself.
You body is quite basic, but it's sturdy at least. All the internal components are protected by steel plating.
"Alright, champ. I'll need you to step into that alcove over there. We'll be putting some synthetic skin on you, it'll help you feel things and... well, interact with people without making them feel uncomfortable."

File: opopop.png (299 KB, 1024x1024)
299 KB
299 KB PNG
“Kill it!” Ember shouts, brandishing her besom like a spear. “Someone kill it already!”

The kitten-like, feature-less mass swipes at her from the floor, failing to reach the top of the desk where Ember has made her fortress. It’s a duskling.

“You’re the one holding a besom,” Rye replies from her top bunk, “Just hit it hard.”

“Easy for you to say that, it’s not your besom! Are you going to pay for mine when it breaks?” she replies.

You are cheering on her efforts from your own bunk all the while being used as a shield by Lilac who has climbed up and hid behind you. Gripping your shirt, she tugs and tells you, “Stella, do something!”

You reply, “What if I hit Ember?”

Ember yelps as the duskling jumps onto her chair. “Back! Get back!” She jabs at it with her make-shift weapon, the fibers phasing through the immiraculous beast and barely moving the thing at all. When she pulls back, the duskling clings on. Her voice raises higher and higher until it resembles a squeak. “No, no! Get off! Stop!” Swinging, she scrapes the end on the rug, coloring it with a heavy shadow.

Rye rubs the bridge of her nose. “I just cleaned it too.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Forgot to answer this yesterday but I'm here whenever possible, not just for the races.
I dont know what you are talking about, we totally won! I hope next chapter starts exactly at this point. I really want to see what Rye have to say about this clusterfuck of a night.
I’m so fucking mad I was too busy with work to participate yesterday, this shit is cool as fuck
Indeed. I did warn everyone that I was betting all on that it would blossom and not use the unknown skill (which turned out to be repel).

But I guess didn't really put enough effort to be explicit that my thought process and warning on the 'big red light' on the unknown skill screwing us over.
>I telegraphed both of WW's lethal moves

>Rearing itself, the thing spans its arms like a paper fan. A warning to not approach any further.
I absolutely took this as a sign we should come closer. If our opponent doesn't want us close, that's where we want to be.

Twelve years ago, the warrior race known as the Saiyans were annexed into Emperor Freeza’s army. Since that fateful day, the Saiyans have earned their title of warrior race as Freeza’s most powerful soldiers, leading the charge onto hundreds of worlds and destroying those who oppose Lord Freeza’s rule. As mighty conquerors crushing all resistance, the Saiyans have earned their reputation as Freeza’s most powerful subjects. The larger than life tales of the Saiyans, and especially the Super Saiyans, have spread to every corner of the universe. With the Covenant’s failed 30,000-warship siege of New Salda televised live across the civilized universe, as well as the more recent demon invasion transmitted out live, the Saiyans have earned their reputation as the strongest fighters in the universe.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, currently Age 743. You the players control Karn, a Saiyan with a base powerlevel of 3,643,000, a general in Lord Freeza’s army, mate to Meloka, father of six, chosen champion of New Salda, wielder of the Stand Dragon Force, and as “The Dragon of New Salda” you are the symbol of the PTO’s military might across the stars. But for now it seems like there is a peace settling, the likes of which the Saiyans have never known. Other than their missions, which pose little threat to the powerful Saiyans anymore, life has settled into a more peaceful era. But how long will this peace last?

Character Sheet: https://pastebin.com/iPAJeGJn
[DRAGON FORCE]: https://pastebin.com/A3nV1kqD
Powerlevels: https://pastebin.com/vPb0wswN
Archive link: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Saiyan+Conqueror+Quest

Quest rules:
>20 minute vote(usually), 3 votes minimum to proceed
>Only first 3 correctly rolled die count, best of the 3 wins
>When votes are given, DO NOT pick every option. Pick NO MORE THAN two options, unless stated otherwise
>Crits are nat 100, unless otherwise stated
>A 99 may net you an extra bonus on a roll

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: goldengreatape.png (2.81 MB, 1600x1474)
2.81 MB
2.81 MB PNG
They are space lizards, and reptiles are known for keeping their testes tucked in until they find a mate.
You might be onto something you sick fuck.
Wait.....does this mean Freeza needs his own female Harambe before we can make a dicks out joke?
You played yourself.
I figure we gotta wait until pic related is a thing before we start poking fun at Frieza's cock n' balls.
Sidenote: Kuriza would probably be a great friend to Tatsu and Tomi.
>Frieza is already 3x stronger than Canon and also Golden already
>Kuriza's PL when

File: SSQ_PRICEDOWN_OP.png (484 KB, 590x739)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
You are Neliel tu Odelschwanck, an arrancar who is loosely aligned with the shinigami of the Gotei 13, and at the moment you find yourself on a personal mission. After a substantial amount of trouble with the quincy that have been left here to guard Aizen's rear echelon, you've finally had your first success by following a familiar trace of reiatsu to where Dondachakka has been hiding.


The arrancar's eyes snap up in instinctive fear, before realizing who that voice belonged to.

“Lady Nel?” he gasps. “Lady Nel!”

“Hey Dondachakka,” you force a smile. “Sorry it took a while.”

“Lady Nel what happened to your arm!?” your fraccion blubbers. “You've been fighting that hard to find us?”

“Of course,” you insist. “Come on, dummy. You knew I'd be back for you, right?”

“But for us, who weren't even strong enough to escape ya know...”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
76 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>>He's too far gone, that's all you're likely to get out of him.
>>Demand to know more about his encounter with Kusajishi... she may be a bigger threat than Aizen in the long run.
>>Demand to know the status of any of the other Sternritter and Espada, if they're still alive.
Might be good to know if there are other threats or allies around
>He's too far gone, that's all you're likely to get out of him.
>Demand to know the status of any of the other Sternritter and Espada, if they're still alive.
>>Demand to know the status of any of the other Sternritter and Espada, if they're still alive.

You are the Devil. And what do what do you want? SOULS.

But any old Devil can find any old mortal and claim any old soul. You’ve been doing that since you were banished from Heaven. What you want is a good soul, an immaculate soul; a soul worth adding to your damned collection.

Sure you could go after another priest, or a little girl, or Brendan Frazier, but really a modern devil requires a modern soul.

And that’s why you’ve chosen Charlie Roads. Who is Charlie Roads? He’s twenty four years old, unassuming, not someone most would look twice at when crossing the street. He’s a virgin. He’s not important in anyway... yet. He doesn’t know it but some point in his future he will become one of the greatest men to have ever lived. The joy he’ll bring to mankind will bring peace and prosperity unlike anything before seen.

You need to put a stop to that.
How? You need to corrupt him of course. Seven wishes in return for his soul. Once he had lived out a lifetime of each wish his soul will be yours.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>A fast food joint
NO, I want success and only success. If we ever fail im dropping your quest OP just putting it out there.
Yes, well you may want something easy. Everyone else wants a challenge in actually corrupting this guy. If your going to kick and scream and threaten the OP like some kind of kid than you are welcome to take your juvenile bullshit elsewhere.
OP moved already.

File: Claymore_OP_2.jpg (170 KB, 1222x820)
170 KB
170 KB JPG
You are Noel Tiberius di Hazaran, and what is before you is not a band of bandits as you were led to believe. Instead they seem to view themselves as mercenaries, the distinction being that mercenaries can at least claim to have certain standards of behavior. They're not an uncommon phenomenon in the north and in the mountains... really Hazaran is something of a standout in that it maintains a large and well-trained standing army. Only cavalry are conscripted, and that's possible due to the fact that most families that would have the ability to send a son off to fight already have multiple horses and training in using them.

Mercenaries on the other hand are self-organized and largely self-trained, and fight for whoever pays them well enough to make fighting worth the time and risk involved. While that often leads to morally grey assignments it also frequently involves fighting bandits that prey on the communities from which those bands of mercenaries themselves are from. There are times when a mercenary band will be a more welcome sight than national partisans in uniform.

“My older brother's set up in that town,” the 'boss' explains. “He and I don't see eye to eye, but I can always count on him for a quick meal between jobs.”

“Never knew you had roots, boss.”

“Yeah, it's a pretty nice town,” the boss chuckles. “Good place to settle down and start a family if you're interested in that sorta thing. My brother was, the life of a sellsword just called to me though.”

It's not a nice town though, you think to yourself. At least, not anymore. It's neither nice nor a town, but a smoldering ruin filled with snow-covered corpses. The hell of it is, it's your responsibility now to step forward and explain that to these men... all of which are hardened by a life of work and battle, and at least one of which has lost his family and doesn't even know it yet.

You step into the light of their fire, your hands clearly raised. “I do not mean to cause trouble.”

There's a sudden burst of activity despite your assurances, and weapons are drawn. You on the other hand remain motionless.

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Single-digit warriors are in a different category, and Noel's classification as a "defensive type" may not even have been all that accurate in the first place as specialized "types" like sensors are also possible.

The latter point, nobody else really needs to know IC.
>Noel, ranked Seven. Formerly defensive type, according to the Organization.
Get the mission details from the handler, then start moving. Interview then in turn, asking both about the hardest opponent they have fought and the actual hardest thing they have done.
>Noel, your team leader and proctor on this mission. Your life is in my hands.
>Noel, your team leader and proctor on this mission. Your life is in my hands.
If they want to know, they can ask.

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