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File: Hermit Woods Quest.png (385 KB, 988x877)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
Life in the city was boring and loud. Your former coworkers were annoying, always trying to get to know you better, never once considering that a man's privacy was sacred, and that you didn't want anything to do with them.

Which is the reason why you've quit your dead end job and moved back to your ancestral home. John's Landing, a quaint and often forgotten New England village was where your family hailed from, and is where you spent your childhood years. It rains heavily in the summer, and gets snow as early as fall. The folks who live there hold one rule sacred. Keep to yourself, and stay out of other's business.

Arriving at the Cabin in your old rural truck, you see that it has been a while since anyone has lived there. The Cabin, your ancestral home was built in the old days when your family came from England and settled here in John's Landing. It's off the beaten path, the only road connecting it to the rest of civilization being a road of packed earth that stretches for miles before connecting to asphalt.

When moving from your house, you took what little belongings you had, including your gun, which was...

>The Mosin Nagant, an old and brutal rifle from the Great War. There are splotches of red that stain the stock, remnants of its bloody history.

>An Over-under shotgun, practically a family heirloom at this point. It is chambered in 12 gauge, and has had its stock replaced once.

>The Heirloom Musket, a literal family heirloom that still works. It is well worn and well used, the barrel having been replaced at least once, with the stock replaced twice. At this point, only the flintlock mechanism is original.

Cradling your gun under your arm, you drag a sled full of your personal belongings and supplies towards the Cabin itself. Upon entering it, you see that it has somehow managed to stay remarkably clean in spite of its absentee owners. Tossing in some decade old firewood and kindling, you light the fireplace, its warm light glowing across the wooden floor of the cabin.

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>Right bookcase
Unfortunately I am unable to update the quest today, as I’m currently at an old friend’s party. It’s late and I’m on a tablet.

Needless to say both of those combined do not lead to quality.

I will try to update more tomorrow.
Right Bookcase

The Right Bookcase, a pleasant and quaint little temple in comparison to the dark, Gothic architecture of the other bookcases. This one is simple, its sides planed evenly with sparse decoration. You see a wide variety of ancient tomes that are bound in some oddly textured leather. Moving your hand forwards, you gingerly slide one of the many blocks of literature from its place, opening it and propping it up on the side of the bookcase's edge.

Flipping to the first page, you see what could only be described as an absolutely monolithic wall of text. Judging from the age of this book, you suspect that it was all hand written, which makes it all the more mind boggling when you look at the size of it. This treatise or manuscript must have taken at least a decade off of the Author's life, who would have spent it on creating this gigantic piece of Latin word salad. You can't even read the damn thing, which does not help you with your current situation. Putting the large tome back, you remove another one from the long line of equally thick tomes.

Upon opening it, you are met by a queer depiction of some sort of entity's face, its formless yet circular features seemingly jutting from the page, its long thin fingers like cheese floss. Flipping the page, you are met by a series of words that are readable to say the least. Its literature can best be described as Shakespearean or Early Modern English. From what you can glean from it, the book itself is an esoteric grimoire authored by some anonymous person, likely a friend of your Ancestor's.

Now that you have something that could explain the oddities behind your house, what will you do?

>Read it in a more comfortable area, like your room

>Put it back and leave the Study

>Go downstairs and retire to your room for the rest of the day
>Go downstairs and retire to your room for the rest of the day
Did we lock the door?

File: tokq.jpg (645 KB, 3000x1280)
645 KB
645 KB JPG
The shambling woods have sprouted for miles as far as the eye can see.
You hear a sound calling out to someone, as soon as you were about to space out reaching out towards it moving the branches aside, a beam of sunlight reached your face snapping you out of it.

That's right, you remember that this was a trip to find some firewood and help out the village, it wasn't just some leisurely stroll where detours and distractions could ensnare you. Despite the bright weather it was a time of preparation for the summer storm, the cloud front was moving fast, expected to bring months of rainstorms, so stocking the firewood was not just a safety precaution but a survival necessity, you couldn't afford to waste your time, or you'd bring less than everyone else, if anything at all.

Your village was located at the edge of a kingdom, near the coast lines and xanthous sand shores housing the beautiful blue sky and a village of stone huts populated by fishers and tradesmen working with produce to supply to the kingdom from the caravans that visit once in a while.

It was a humble life, but your soul yearned for more.
The forest you found yourself in was further away from the kingdom and deeper away from the coast, it was normally off limits to everyone, but with the oncoming storm the kingdom's guard delivered the message that allowed your village a pass to stock up on on supplies in time.
Usually the kingdom would supply your village with all the necessities by the road, but they were too busy with their own preparations to extend a helping hand this time, so the least they could was give out some freedom to act independently.

You find yourself once again thinking of something unpleasant regarding this situation.
"Here it is, that sound again."
Your vision returns into focus.
"Where am I? How long have I walked this way and why, did I pass out while still standing?"

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It seems 2 answer is all we're gonna get so I'll slowly start working on a character sheet for us in the meantime.
And then write option 1.
Unless by the time I'm done with it there will be more votes but I doubt it.

So semi-closed for now.
>i have a giant claymore in hand, better not lose the momentum from the slide and go on the offensive to free him
Cant wait to use the gloves to beat the shit out people with a frying pan
Jasion born style
I got caught up with some stuff and wasn't able to finish much of anything.
I'll have to postpone the character sheet until another day - I wanted to make it as a quick reference image to see basic things like appearance, short description, stats, inventory etc.

So as I was typing out the scenario of a fight just now and was about to post the thing just barely not passing character limit the page decided to refresh.
So rip all that, i'll have to rewrite it.
Which I'm too exhausted for at the moment, so i'll go sleep first.

>extra curricular assignment for now - what kind of thing would you want to see on the character sheet
maybe like extra info - hobbies, race, RPG stats, backstory blurb, class distribution, perks and bonuses, item details
also more name suggestions is always something

sorry this was a slow day, hopefully it goes better next time
>what kind of thing would you want to see on the character sheet
You don't really need to spend too much effort on it. Item list, and notes on important items; list of important NPCs and notes; barebones personal character info. Too exhaustive a list of details will be off-putting; you just want enough for someone who's missed a thread or two to know what we no longer have to hand and what's new without too much effort - assuming you even want a character sheet at all. Many quests get by fine without one, and unnecessary mechanics tend to bog down quests more than help them.

>So as I was typing out the scenario of a fight just now and was about to post the thing just barely not passing character limit the page decided to refresh.
>So rip all that, i'll have to rewrite it.
Reminder to type out your posts in a separate text editor and copy-paste it into your browser in future to avoid such occurrences.
Finally got a bit of time after the weekend, gonna try and update in a few.

File: dragon.jpg (440 KB, 1344x1122)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
The skies of Haven are aflame.

The deep shadow of the Grandmaster's Sky Fortress descends from above, the vast cyclopean shape held aloft by ancient and terrible forces. The great Eye of Judgement superweapon - a vast lens like a great cataracted eye - glows with the hideous unlight of annihilation.

Beneath you: the ancient Elven city of Iranthemar, as glorious and delicate as a jewel grown in some delicate crystal garden. A choral city, a bastion of knowledge and wonder like no other-

The Grandmaster means for it to burn.

You mean to deny him.

Beneath you, the Thousand-Forged Dragon beats wings of razor steel. It flies with force but without grace, like a missile on its first and final ascent. The artifact weapons and woe-machines of the Grandmaster have razed all before him, in his mad quest to conquer this world, to make it solely his own-

And all that stands between him and his apotheosis is an unlikely band of heroes.

Ismarck of Stygia, the Dictator.

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The merchant hesitates, then reaches for his belt buckle – there's a faint click, as the hidden compartment opens. He palms something (no larger than a coin) that gleams with a golden luster, so intensely tessellated it reminds you of a bismuth crystal's geometric forms, holding it out to her.

“Gold of the Fair,” he says - “All I have left, but if it might help-”

“It's enough. My thanks, Galliard.” Her slim fingers cradle the glowing shard, as the radiance drains from it – the same light spreading across the other man's wounds. His breathing eases – Some of the pallor leaves his face, his chin slumping to his chest as he sinks into coma or sleep.

Galliard turns, at your approach – His eyes widen, the back of his hand smearing a streak of mud below his nose. “S, Sir Knight!” he says - the bruises on his face have gone purple-black, and he sways slightly at the effort of speech. “Our savior-”

The redhead – Lady Arisa, was it? - lowers her hand, at last. Her eyes come fully open, and you can see the new weariness that's blossomed in them before the gentle pressure of her gaze turns to you. There's something strange about her, something uncanny – It takes you a moment to notice the pointed tips of her ears beneath her red bangs, the odd grace to her motions. Something about that kindles a memory, something-

...A half-elf?


It could be. She doesn't look any older than you – Any older than you are now – but it's hard to place her age, exactly. A heavy mace hangs at her hip, the flanged head smeared with blood and brains, leaving a darkly viscous smear against the cavalry leggings she wears.

She salutes – fist-to-chest – coming to attention with an effort of will.

“Knight-Captain Arisa Ortensia, of the Vigilant Order,” she says. Her eyes meet yours, and that flicker of admiration you've sensed before is kindled higher. “I – thank you for coming to our aid.”

It's strange to hear her speak. It's like all of them have an odd accent with softer r's and an emphasis on the i's, something that isn't quite English-

...But why would it be English that you're hearing now?

“If not for you...I doubt any of us would have survived. The Twisted meant to sacrifice us, in the name of their dark gods-”

“Madness,” Galliard mutters. He makes a quick gesture – Palm forward, thumb extended, fingers parted between the middle and ring finger - “...Unholy madness, no less.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>What now, adventurer?
>"I am the last of my order that I know of."
>"I have lost bearings of where I am."
>"I was fighting the Grandmaster of the Twisted at the battle of Iranthemar, but now I am here."
"It is a long story. Suffice it to say I was brought here by chance, or perhaps good fortune on your parts. Frankly, I had no idea of the danger you were in until I came across you.

"As for my Order, myself and memories are all that remain, so it's no wonder you don't recognize it. Though, until a short while ago, I had thought it would only be memories; I hadn't expected to survive after charging the G-

"Wait. That Twisted said something earlier: 'The Grandmaster returns'. Forgive me if this seems like a foolish question, but how long ago did the Grandmaster, ah, depart?"
This whole quest is throwing me off, and badly. It's isekai, but the grimdark narration, the midlife crisis and the ultraviolence makes it weird as hell.

File: HJCquest_5.jpg (17 KB, 150x215)
17 KB
For those of you unfamiliar with Heavenly Jewel Change. It is a Chinese Wuxia web-novel.
You can read it here, it is completed: https://www.wuxiaworld.com/novel/heavenly-jewel-change

The Wiki (May lack information with certain characters but has all the mechanical information we need): https://heavenly-jewel-change.fandom.com/wiki/Heavenly_Jewel_Change_Wiki

Lots of things like place names and people will be OC. so I can run with interesting character ideas.

First Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3638342
Last Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3708232
MC Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/eUJQC3YB

You play as Zou-Do-Shai, a personal bodyguard to Princess Jiang Dershwa, a Heavenly Jewel Master. Last time you started work on becoming a Shi Stage Consolidated Equipment Master, which you became, and you are working towards becoming a Zun Stage Consolidated Equipment Master, however, almost immediately, the King of Dershwa City put the City under martial law! The beasts from the Moon are preparing a massive cannon which would be ready in about 10 months time, you are at war! You got a shiny new telescope from the Space Force. You were invited to join on a two week trip to a place where the Moon-Slimes attacked, whilst the people you joined studied your Saint Element, you accepted, going to an island with a Moon-Pod with a Commander at the helm, which you killed personally in due time. In the meanwhile, you were resurrecting the dead Jewel Masters from the initial attack/landing, however, the people you were helping think of normal people like dirt, so there were none to revive! You don't like this, but you can't do anything about it. When you came home, you awakened as a Heavenly Jewel Master, thanks to Jessica, and were utterly smashed by Jiang in a duel! You now stand with only one goal: get stronger, so no-one else has to suffer.

>Go see Fei Dershwa
>I have a space limit, so this will be in the next post.
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Sorry man, you missed the 20 min mark.
Rolled 213, 381, 32, 70, 337, 154, 67, 337, 239, 365 = 2195 (10d400)

I think I will end tonight slightly early. Thank you all for playing! The quest will restart at 14:00 pm. Goodnight! Leave rolling to the people visiting the thread overnight please.
Rolled 30, 23, 355, 130, 95, 379, 342, 300, 300, 303 = 2257 (10d400)

Rolled 99, 238, 343, 43, 98, 153, 148, 15, 201, 312 = 1650 (10d400)


Two Years before the Beginning of Artificer Quest

Far away from the bare wastes of the Badlands, far from the beginnings of the Eastern Provinces, and far from the smoldering corpse of Westmire, lies the City of Airgrid. With its massive port and station along the Northern Gambino Railway, it is a flourishing trade city located on the northern edge of the Western Provinces.

If one looked hard enough, one could find anything among the multitude of bustling markets and shops. Fine jewelry from Gorrum, Lucchese equipment, and the occasional tome from Mistelkirck researchers are all for sale, at the right price.

Mornings in Airgrid are early, and the nights run late beyond dusk. Deals are made at any given hour and their conclusions occur just as sporadically.

But what no man, no matter how wealthy or powerful, can escape is the ever present fog and rain that comes off the dark ocean. Thick as pea soup and as gray as wool, it weaves through every dark alley and wraps around the walls, providing ample cover for everyone who walks these sullen streets.

The City of Airgrid. The City of Fog.

But, you know all this already. After all, You are John.



You and Dutch have a job to do, on the behest of an Easternphile going by Hugo. He's had a briefcase containing a magitech tablet stole and wants it back, the tablet in particular. The entire thing has stunk since you started, but it's escalated to a full on wash, both literal and figurative, that ended with you stabbing a man that was threatening Dutch.

With that lead down the drain, you're down to only a few other choices. One of them, ironically enough, involves types that you normally would do your best to get as far away from as possible: the Scale Knights. Armed and armored to the teeth, they do a good job of keeping the peace in Airgrid, though the one you're looking for you're used to seeing while she's off duty.

"I've got an idea, but you can't come with me," You speak up after both of you have caught your breath. It's not the greatest idea to split up, but while you're just barely tolerated by the Scales Dutch is most certainly on their shitlist at this point, "Gonna go see if I can't find Stella."

"Oh? And so early in the day too?" Your best friend just grins in his usual shit-eating way, but you do your best to ignore it.

"Yep, I'll meet up with you at your place when I'm done," Without waiting for any more snide comments to come your way, you walk off into the foggy backstreets of Airgrid.

If you're remembering right, Stella should be out on patrol...

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 23 (1d100)

ooooooooooooh yeah.
Rolled 14 (1d100)

Check em
Rolled 56 (1d100)


File: Cascadia Railroads.jpg (144 KB, 960x640)
144 KB
144 KB JPG

Also, I'm open for suggestions for better thread image


People made it through the Pulse. They made it through the diseases and the riots that followed. They made it even through the three-years winter. Then they made it through the New Deluge. And the sixteen years of drought that followed. People made it through everything that kept falling on them, conspired to rob them of what little that remained.
And they get used to it. They almost gave up to the hopelessness and chaos. Some surely did gave up on their humanity and sanity. But it took more than sanity, humanity, hope and organisation. It took good spot. And it took luck. Nobody likes to think this way, but that's how the Republic of Cascadia came into existence. A blind chance. Just close enough to important ruins, just close enough to the post-Deluge Sound of Columbia, just close enough to few hamlets and just far away from anything dangerous. All allowing it to flourish.
The fragile alliance of various townships and villages quickly turned into a semblance of real government and then actual ruling body. Then aspirations and ambitions came to voice. New Salem and Eugene were apart by only some 70 miles. A distance meaningless in the past, but now it took three days to pass, six when hauling goods. Maintaning the roads of old turned out too expensive and complex without all the resources and machines, but there was something else.
The old rail corridor. Twisted, partially dismantled, partially destroyed, in disrepair, but still easier to fix and easier to run than anything else. Not bound to petroleum, could use the plentiful timber, not requiring separate engines for each vehicle, easy to control and most importantly, allowing to haul huge amounts of goods and people, getting to either end of the Republic within hours.
At least that how it sounded on paper. Turned out to be much harder to implement. But the government of the Republic pushed hard for this project. They got everyone of any importance on board. Old rails were fixed, new ones were laid down and with much pain, trial and error, working steam engines were build.
15th of April, early in the the beautiful spring of 2100, the final spike of the new railroad was put in place. A great celebration was held separately in New Salem and in Eugene, as the first train was only scheluded to go the very next day. Nobody knows yet if this endevour will prove to be successful, but the hopes are high.
And thus, the story of Cascadia Railroads begins.
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Sorry for delay

>Focus on the bald man, you've already send him away once today

You give Wilson a tiny head-shake and cut off hand gesture. Subtle enough to remain unnoticed, but still communicative with the engineer. Later. You can talk with him any time and if it was really urgent, he would came forward anyway.
So instead, you focus your attention on the bald guy.
- Not in any rush this time around? - He asks, playfully
- Not at all. Aside, of course, just having five minutes of break.
- Should be more than enough for the two of us. May I? - He points an empty chair next to yours
- I think you should rather ask the owner, but who am I to deny such request?
He predictably laughs at your cheap joke and sits down. You don't even know yet who this man is, but already figured long time ago a good way of approaching him.
- Tell me something - He leans closer toward you - How did you even figured out all those routes? Screw the costs, but just making the connections. Took you long or was it spontaneous?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Paint it as an effort of CFC
>Tell the truth about Baker and Weaver helping you out
If there's any organisation that knows and sees everything that goes on in this valley, it's the CFC. We may not be glamorous, but a large majority of the production and industry that goes on in this valley reports to us one way or another - even more so than the MIC - so we are effectively the de facto economists of Republic. I sat down with a friend from the CFC and we went through this huge library of data we have access to item-by-item to search for opportunities for us, and after Weaver over there sanded down the edges of the maths, this plan is the result.
>Change the subject, playfully mentioning trade secret
the points hit here are good

File: images.jpg (13 KB, 194x260)
13 KB
You're working at an Aquarium which has a unique attraction. A real life mermaid. Other aquariums do get them from time to time. But at least around your area this is the only people be able to see for miles.

You're lugging a pail of fish towards the water when you see a group of thuggish looking teenagers throwing their garbage at the mermaid sitting near the shore.

The mermaid seems confused and gets hit by a lot of the garbage. Coating her pink hair in gunk. Hurting her causing the mermaid to cry out in pain.

1) Chastise the boys and lecture them

2) Tell them to stop harassing the animals, and that you're just doing your job.

3) Attack them

4) Write-in
26 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Why not have her basically be a human fish hybrid rather than a sea centaur

Plenty of hentai have the first option with the pussy silly anon.
5)establish a new government in the aquarium and rebel against the government so our new country can fund a laser that turns everyone into mermaids
Did you leave us QM? It's not nice to tease anons with a mermaid waifu and then run.
Another dead quest. Shame.

File: black_clover.jpg (80 KB, 1024x576)
80 KB
It is the month of March. You are finally fifteen years of age. Once a year, all around the country, the teenagers as old as you are gathered inside a massive library tower to hold an awarding ceremony for grimoires – a book to further increase the ability to use the magical powers inside of them. In a world where magic is everything, this ceremony is the only chance for people to improve their lives. While many people return to continue their old, but amended, lives, those granted a powerful grimoire and holding vast amounts of mana inside them go on to become Magic Knights – the protectors of the realm.

The people of Clover Kingdom judge each other’s’ grimoires by size, thickness, decorations and, of course, the pages containing the powerful magical spells inside. Most importantly, however, they judge the grimoires by the clover on its cover. The three-clover leaf represents “Good Faith”, “Hope” and “Love”, and its design is the most common of all. However, the Magic Emperor, and some incredibly rare individuals who are sure to become the next Magic Emperors, are said to posses a grimoire with a four-leaf-clover; it symbolizes luck.

It is an impossible dream for every child.

Your grimoire is still awaiting you in the Grimoire Tower.

You are…

>Kai Gowan:
A boy with a small quantity of magic. You lived your entire life in the Forsaken Region of the Clover Kingdom, a place no noble would even think of stepping inside of. You are the only son of your family and a brother to five sisters, and as such the majority of hard work is put on your and your father’s shoulders. Your family lives in relative poverty, just like everyone else in your village. After receiving your grimoire, you will be of bigger help to your family and community. But maybe, just maybe, if you can find another, better way to support your family and earn enough yuls – such as being a Magic Knight – you might be able to bring them to the Common Region.
[Mana 50/50]
[Basic Spell: Nutrients Magic] Your magic flows into berries and fruits and speeds up their ripening.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[Update 2/2]

What a strange reaction. You decide to delay potentially personal question until your father is completely healed, as if not to spook Siegfried away. You put the yuls on the table per the man’s instruction. The elder removes a strand of old, grey hair off his face before he returns to the chair to continue counting each coin one by one. The speed of his gesticulations and mathematics is less than desirable, but with his meticulousness it takes him about ten minutes until he is finished. You keep specific amount of coins in your bags with proper labels so you know how many are inside each.

“Thousand yuls, as I asked,” he monotones when he approaches your father. You watch carefully as he removes his smaller than average Grimoire from the leather pouch over his belt. He lets it float into the air. It opens with a loud sound of flickering pages until it eventually stops on one and brightens in a pink glimmer. Many pages of his grimoire were filled. “Don’t move,” he instructs Francis before a pinkish goo seeps from his hands and then forms into a round bubble. The pure magic energy from his grimoire alone makes you uneasy. “Calamine Magic: Rosea Panacea.” The bubble slowly enters your father’s back before the glowing light grows dimmer and dimmer.

In just a few seconds after, your father’s ability to straighten and turn his back returns. To think it was so simple. You look at Siegfried, who hardly looks either tired or touched; what a difference in experience and mana. You are quick to approach your father and grab him in tight hug. Magic is truly wonderful. He returns the hug. When the two of you turn to thank Siegfried, you notice him already leaving the premise of the room with your… his money.

“Wait,” you say, “I… Thank you.”

“Next time make sure to tell me what exact illness you want me to heal,” he pauses, “And prepare money beforehand. It saves time.” But it was him who wasted all that time counting yuls one by one!

“When I mentioned the Blue Rose, it startled you. Is something wrong?” You ask. He can’t -unheal- your father, right?

“It is none of your business,” he replies sharply with a lesser calmness than usual, “I would prefer if you did not mention their name before me, ever. My dislike of them is justifiable.” He pauses, “I will see myself out.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
> Check on the damage and calculate how must, approximately, the repairs will cost.
> Tell your father more details about your talk with Sol and his opinion on it.
>> Check on the damage and calculate how must, approximately, the repairs will cost.
>> Tell your father more details about your talk with Sol and his opinion on it.
Are we lesbian?

File: black mountain.png (1.17 MB, 1200x652)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
Lets do this!
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>C. Have the merchants meet them on their own and report back to you

You maintain contact with the merchants, but otherwise allow them to conduct business as usual....

After their initial meetings, the Voleans offer several items of value for trade

A. 500 Volean Electro-torches, good for manufacturing and mining(increases mining/manufacturing income by 5%) (10,000 thrones)
B. A set of 50 Volean Poleaxes, long shafted power-axe equivalents, with spearpoints at the end, favored among Volean mercenaries and the troops of the Volean Mercantile fleets(10,000 thrones)
C. Volean long-range communication device, allows contact with their traders and ships, good for improving relations with Voleans(5,000 thrones)
D. (Write-in) Attempt to request an item for a future visit
E. Pass on all items
A. 500 Volean Electro-torches, good for manufacturing and mining(increases mining/manufacturing income by 5%) (10,000 thrones)

Spend money to make money
Support, also the least likely item to bring the mechanics down on us.
500 Volean Electro-torches, good for manufacturing and mining. Spend money and make it back in a few turns.

File: Map.png (334 KB, 1026x919)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
As usual I make the continuation later than I promised, but here we go. Once again, sorry for the delay.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Guns%2C+Magic

As you can probably remember, things didn’t go quite well for Amelia and we’ll leave her for the time being. This first update is going to be huge and it'll deal with the aftermath from several different perspectives.


11 days ater the storming of the second defensive line

- ‘You lost 37 men, including an archmage and didn’t even take the bloody bunker?!’

General René Vasseur of the Royal Uspeshan Army shook his dead in disbelief. His offensive, probably the most successful Uspeshan offensive of the war so far, was spoiled by something so ludicrous?

- ‘Yes, general.’ - an older gentleman, the captain of the unfortunate company was standing tall and proud despite the anger of his superior.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Follow Konrad

And take the deal. From what he said, he already knows the main events of what happened. We'd just be confirming and filling in minor details.
>>Follow Konrad
>>Follow Konrad
Where has the qm gone to?
QM curse probably struck

File: Race Selection.png (15 KB, 953x482)
15 KB


> Stickman:
> + Insane reflexes
> + Mystical abilities
> +/- Most common race
> - Relatively fragile

> Squigglo:
> + Innate Telepathy
> + Limited shapeshifting
> +/- Creepy as shit
> - Can't turn Telepathy off

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Contents of Inventory.png (10 KB, 953x482)
10 KB

It contains a family photo of the day before you embarked to the psychic academy on a mental-gymnastics scholarship, a half-dissolved and tasteless Nutrient-Co bar, and the crystal sphere that helps you focus your powers and according to your old instructor, will open to reveal its true secrets when you're worthy. Besides that are fourteen Pips, the tiny little diamonds everyone uses as a currency in New Atok for whatever reason. You think they're synthetic but if people are willing to take it at face value you don't care.

>Now you need to decide what you want to do...

> Talk to one of the customers about (Write-In)
> Talk to Big Gus about (Write-In)
> Order some of the (Write-In)
> (Write-In)
4)read gus’s mind to find out about his love life,you are a horny squid who just got rejected and wanna flirt with gus
>Order a burger, let's see what this fried food is all about. Also, ask about the "free" fries.
>Order some of the
I'll have two number 9's, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45's, one with cheese, and a large soda.

(An xlburger and shake with fries is fine too)
>Order a big steaming pile of shit

File: card6.png (806 KB, 800x600)
806 KB
806 KB PNG
Everwood Civ Thread #18

Welcome to Everwood Civ! In this game you shall take control of a fledgling nation as you attempt to navigate the dangerous world of Everwood! In this world dominated by dark woods filled with wonder and terror will you be able to guide your civilization into prosperity or ruin?

>Discord Link

In the last thread the East was stabilized, the West descended into chaos and the Goddess Galoris herself graced your people! She has given you twenty seven years to prepare for the purging of the Everwood!
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Rolled 6 (1d100)

Have a relaxing stay in the Kelp forest
Rolled 62, 13, 67 = 142 (3d100)

Faction: The Cibus Family
Leader: Anthony Cibus
Location: Wherever Kroeger is I'm his bitchboy
-A wheat field
-A tomato field
-Cattle Pastures
-Sheep Pastures

Mmm Chrissy been tellin me us newfellas get three projects.

FP1: Gonna experiment a bit with this fabled "Spaghetti" recipe that's been floating around. We'll buy any ingredients we can't grow ourselves and omit any that cannot be acquired at all. There are some tweaks I wanna make myself though. Maybe instead of long thin strips of pasta we make little round circles, sandwich some cooked meat in between them, then press the sides down to seal the meat inside before cooking the pasta. Yeah, gonna calls it a "Ravioli".

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Rolled 83 (1d100)

Faction Project: Send a mission north to Thule in search of a place known as “Fallen Valley” to search for potential knowledge that Lord Attenius is keen to obtain. Even if what is sought after is not found, this mission will be used to establish potentially beneficial contacts in the north.
Rolled 94 (1d100)

Faction Project:

The development of the first small handheld firearm, a primitive musket/hand cannon. We need hard hits on the beastmen. With gunpowder freely available we can experiment all we like.
File: OOGFIREARM.png (12 KB, 800x600)
12 KB

File: ....png (235 KB, 1200x900)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
I am a genetically engineered, artificially incubated human.

My creators chose the following genes for me:
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File: thisisntover.png (527 KB, 1200x900)
527 KB
527 KB PNG
My words seem to have caused Doctor Buhi to lose her temper immediately, as expected.

Dr. Buhi: YOU LITTLE...

She attempts to grab me but Doctor Empty promptly and effortlessly constricts her movement.

Dr. Empty: Ha ha, looks like you both need some rest. I'll just take this one here. Goodnight, kiddo.

He turns around, still holding his colleague, who can still be heard making a fuss as they make their way down the hallway.

My actions today seem to have angered Buhi but Empty was strangely complacent during the entire exchange.

I lay in bed and let my thoughts drift.

It seems that whenever Buhi is upset, her eyes get an odd glow. Could this have anything to do with the so called "Inner Dark"? Now that I think about it, Empty never opens his eyes, yet seems to be able to see perfectly. Could my creators be experiments themselves? Or does everyone have access to strange powers?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Soft knocking at my door wakes me up, but before my vision adjusts, whoever knocked is already gone. I did not manage to get even a glimpse of their figure.

It seems a small letter was slipped under the door....
I am deeply intrigued please don't forget to archive this thread once it hits page 9
Ooh, a note!
>Open it

You are Prince Liliwin of Eregron. A young prince attempting to make a name for himself by means of traveling the world seeking adventure. It’s much better than rotting away in a lavish castle day in day out, unable to help out in political or domestic affairs. Your brother, King Vinoyl, is handling those well enough alone. It’s time to take fate into your own hands...

Recently, you escaped the crown city of Eregron, began traveling to the deserts of the Euserus Sultanate, met an eccentric man and his bird, and subsequently had said bird steal all of your silver.

>Character Sheet:


>Discord (Mainly for announcing update times and q/a, cant get a twitter)

>Author’s Note
Updating live from a new dorm room. Moving in took a lot longer than expected, but I’m happy to have some free time to work on running this. I have a really good feeling that I’ll be able to post more consistently, and also have some more interesting side stories happening now that we’re free of prologue bullshit.
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Welcome back.
>Rest, you’re going to need it to brave the rest of the sands.
You doubt simple townsfolk will have a job for you, but these are troubled times... You may get lucky. Besides, you need the rest. You’ll deal with the consequences of it later, the benefits far outweigh the downsides of continuing on in the heat...

You wonder if Millie feels the hot temperature... And quickly ask her, just to be sure.

“Desert? What desert? It’s just some plains out here... The desert isn’t for a few more miles! 〔´∇`〕”

You’re confused, but recall that in the time period Millie would have been alive, the area here wasn’t nearly as arid... Interesting! You tell Siena your findings, that spirits seem to vary on whether they see the past, the present, or both.

“She’s stuck in the past... Maybe there’s a way to let her see? Or maybe, that would harm her... Only time will tell.”

In any case, to the village of Nazaj!

>Roll 1d20, best of 3
Rolled 1 (1d20)

Oh boy.
>Critfail count: 2
What is with me and crit fails today.

File: Kirby’s_Friends_2.png (4.84 MB, 2560x1440)
4.84 MB
4.84 MB PNG
After the defeat of Hyness and Void Termina, peace has returned to the planet of Popstar. However, a new ancient evil is approaching and threatens to take away all they hold dear.

As a group of heroes you will set out on a quest to stop this evil before everyone and everything you know and love is gone.

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Taking a break today guys should hopefully be back tommorow
No worries, everyone needs a break
Not dead will return on monday, just needed some time from running constantly
With the party having successfully taken down the corrupted Whispy Woods, they took some time to relax before going ahead. The Waddle Dee's that followed Punished Dee set up a nice picnic for everyone to enjoy as the sun set slowly over the horizon.

The team had a few things to contemplate as they sat there, where did this master of chance come from? Why did he decide to come to DreamLand? What are his ultimate goals? They don;t know, but that doesn't mean they can't stop and try to plan in case he ever tries to pull something like he did back at the castle again someone who's able to level a castle at the same power of Crash Kirby is someone to be wary of...
"our best course of action as I see it is to find where the guy's hideout is. he has to have one right?"

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