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File: House Boggs.png (81 KB, 607x706)
81 KB
Welcome everyone!

This quest follows House Boggs, a small Knightly House of Crackclaw Point. We're approaching the fifth month of the Year 284. Robert's Rebellion has ended, and a new time of peace is upon the realm. For some at least. You’re playing as Ser Cormaic Boggs, Knight of the Boggwood. You’re a 20-year-old Knight with an emphasis on unconventional and cunning strategies You are the Head of your Household, though your small house holds little power and influence itself. It's time to change that.

Last thread, you fought some pirates, allied with House Velaryon, and returned home.

House resources and character sheets can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1C1EKKAiDasK3Rgq_UEjGL39i3XkFtbdU

Old threads can be found here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=House%20Boggs

I try to make a point of sending a tweet out when resuming here: https://twitter.com/CormaicB
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>>Blue Water
I would like to add on. As lord Confessor when there is a lull of work. We are free to do as we please. We could go on to trade and fight on the seas. Atia's calling. And with the Sparrowhawks. We could destroy any enemy before they try and get on board. I would say we should get another specialized unit of melee fighters on board.
>Blue Water

Who would want a literal shit navy?
I'd settle for Green Water.
>I would say we should get another specialized unit of melee fighters on board.
Elite reavers/raiders I'd say. Lightly armored and heavily armed.

File: pokemon.png (209 KB, 2000x736)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
You're a wild pokemon.

Which pokemon are you?
> Weedle
> Abra
> Mankey
> Write in
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>Beat the snake up (Describe a way for you to do that).
Throw everything in arms reach at it. With telekinesis if possible
>teleport the snake ball
>teleport out
The first is to determine whose option will be chosen. 1-10 = FIGHT || 11-20 = Teleport out.
The second, will be the degree of sucess. Twenty = critical success, 1 = Critical failure.
Rolled 2, 6 = 8 (2d20)

Ok, lets try again...
Rolled 16 (1d20)

Fight is is i guess

File: Ashes of Rhysode XII.jpg (327 KB, 946x786)
327 KB
327 KB JPG

Upon ceasing the rolling of your eyes, you squeeze the thumb and index fingers of both your hands together … and proceed to mimic the sound of energy weapon discharge in the most childish way you could manage.

I shall hold back the tide, my Emperor; re-join the Battlegroup!’ you cry out, adding in the pathetic sounds of mech joints groaning. Sansa and Rosaria stare at you, befuddled … while Morrigan’s cheeks turn pink in embarrassment, unable to take having her own … interests being put out on display in such mockery. You do give her credit, however; she didn’t seem keen on threading a protest of sorts, instead choosing to remain silent and concede the point.

‘Senpai indicated as much, but I didn’t think that he was such a fanatic for Mechs,’ Rosaria comments, glancing at Sansa. ‘Was he always like this?’

‘Oh, he used to be worse,’ Sansa declares solemnly, crossing her arms and raising a finger into the air. ‘There was one time back in second year when he and Ryosuke were arguing about re-releases on models and whether they counted as remasters or variants. I think they chatted about it for about two days. He got so annoyed by Ryosuke that he actually patched a call through to the manufacturer to give him a rundown on the differences.

You blink, surprised that Sansa had remembered all that.

However, there was something that you had to say before so much as commenting on her ability to recollect with such accuracy.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>‘We have a gearhead here. Why don’t we get her to explain how a command pod-slash-cockpit handles inertia in comparison to an actual deck of a ship.’ (Ask Rosaria to fill in the details)
>>‘We have a gearhead here. Why don’t we get her to explain how a command pod-slash-cockpit handles inertia in comparison to an actual deck of a ship.’ (Ask Rosaria to fill in the details)
>Groan in literal Nerd pain
>‘We have a gearhead here. Why don’t we get her to explain how a command pod-slash-cockpit handles inertia in comparison to an actual deck of a ship.’ (Ask Rosaria to fill in the details)
>>‘We have a gearhead here. Why don’t we get her to explain how a command pod-slash-cockpit handles inertia in comparison to an actual deck of a ship.’ (Ask Rosaria to fill in the details)
>[Groan at her cluelessness]
>‘We have a gearhead here. Why don’t we get her to explain how a command pod-slash-cockpit handles inertia in comparison to an actual deck of a ship.’ (Ask Rosaria to fill in the details)

File: Archs of metal.jpg (2.01 MB, 1200x900)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
Input detected, rebooting systems...
Warning! Data is heavily corrupted, proceed with startup protocol, Y/N?
Quarantining corruption...
Systems initializing...
New OS add-on detected: SiS_V98_3021
Overwriting SDR_V321_2809...
Configuring settings...
Reboot complete!

Your visual sensors flicker as you slowly slip into consciousness. Every second is a struggle as you wrest control of your long dormant body. The process takes a startlingly long time as various parts respond in a delayed fashion or not at all. How long have you been offline for? And why are your systems malfunctioning, have you not received proper maintenance? The room you are in is a problem as well. This small boxy room filled with rusting and broken scrap is frustratingly unfamiliar...

What is frustration?...

However as you try to think upon your predicament a small spark catches your attention and you spot the source of your awakening. A small spider-like automaton of unrecognizable make is rummaging through your internals with it's manipulators.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Try to find the source
>Look for the source
File: 60370022.jpg (367 KB, 1200x800)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
Apologies for the break

>Find the source

If you're going to get materials you might as well go for the best you can get. Whatever is supplying the transformer has to be around here somewhere and it's bound to be in better condition if it's still powering it. You determine the input wire and follow it around the ruins being careful to watch for movements on your sensors. More constructs are flooding in by the second, a few times you even spot them, lanky and rusted figures that mostly seem to want to avoid you as much as you do them. Finally though, after about a two blocks worth of buildings though you reach it. A power substation, complete with an array of storage batteries along with all the necessary infrastructure.

Quickly you set to work, shutting off the station before dismantling what you can and stuffing it into a box of sheet metal you bolted together with your gun. However, after getting the box half-full a problem has made itself apparent. From the left and ride side of the street two groups are converging on your location. From the right you can hear the chanting from before, coupled with angered proclamations of "Sins against the original code" and repentance. From the left you can only hear encoded chatter as the red blips of their forms skitter from place to place on the street. They might not know you're here, but it's clear the two groups are going to come into conflict.

>Stay and fill the crate to maximum
>Break out and split for an alleyway(Left or right?)
>Cut through the wall with your saw and go out the back
>>Stay and fill the crate to maximum
Be in middle of the crossfire? No thanks
>Use saw to open wall

It's 2 AM. You're the guy with the virgin face.

Since dropping out of college, you haven't really been coming out of the house too much save for buying food and stuff. And even then, you only really come out late at night. Musutafu’s way too bright with way too many attractive people in the morning.

You pick at your ill fitting shirt absentmindedly, awkwardly shuffling past another passerby with your head held low.

You only really came out of your apartment because you were feeling like some convenience store karaage.

>What is your name?
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Hope this isn't the end; I'm actually getting invested in the characters.
Looks like a cliff hanger. Do OPs still use twitter or something?
thanks for running
hope this continues
QM uses a discord: https://discord.gg/BHtuR7c
Looks like another thread popped up for a different series they've been running if you're interested: >>3912240

For House & Dominion: Crucible (13)



You are Sonia Reynard, Viscount of Rioja and a member of House Jerik-Dremine!

Your mission to find and secure the Crucible has been a partial success. You were able to escape the ancient builder shipyard with invaluable information and equipment. Even a ship with a wormhole generator and singularity reactor. It hasn't been without cost but things could have been far worse.

Meddling by the Neeran Empire led to the collapse of the energy field that kept the shipyard out of phase with real space. Efforts by your allies only barely managed to save the rest of Threochts planet's interior and the millions of Rekesh civilians therein.

After this crisis you and your allies were forced to deal with a Neeran Wraith class cloaked super heavy and an attempt to capture the system by an Ulgean fleet. With both of your own Supers off chasing the Wraith the attack wings and a few medium cruisers had to deal with 4 Ulgean super carriers and their escorts on their own. Both sides racked up heavy damage but the Ulgean were eventually driven off with the loss of two super carriers.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I have no idea and honestly I am afraid to ask.
Rolled 34, 34, 53 = 121 (3d100)

Transverse jump successful. Welcome to the 41th millennium.
Back later in the afternoon.
>Any last minute preparations?
No idea if it's too late but could we drag along a Krath infiltration squad or some Rovinar recon ships?
We're bestest friends now, after all.

Support. It's always nice to have more stealth recon in operations like this.

For those of you unfamiliar with Heavenly Jewel Change. It is a Chinese Wuxia web-novel.
You can read it here, it is completed: https://www.wuxiaworld.com/novel/heavenly-jewel-change, Wuixiaworld have recently changed their style of letting people read completed books, you are able to buy it, but you can just as easily gain and spend something called Karma to read chapters.

The Wiki (May lack information with certain characters but has all the mechanical information we need): https://heavenly-jewel-change.fandom.com/wiki/Heavenly_Jewel_Change_Wiki

Lots of things like place names and people will be OC. so I can run with interesting character ideas.

First Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3638342
Last Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3880089
MC Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/eUJQC3YB

You are Zou-Do-Shai, and you are stuck in Hell. Why you were taken here is unknown to you, but you are aware of one thing. You can escape. You have travelled through levels you think represent betrayal, lust, gluttony, pride and are now travelling through a world full of the slothful and lazy, you decided the only way to get out of this place was to prove you are not lazy. You asked a nearby demon for a job as a miner, and are currently mining, searching for resources to improve your Skill. You are a little closer to getting out of this place, but an exit is not exactly evident.

>One step closer to mine collapse.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 19, 93, 51 = 163 (3d100)

I spent all day out, so I couldn't get here sooner. Sorry if I wasted your time.
I wasn't doing anything anyway.
>You have 4650 units

You hit a good bit of luck as you find all sorts of things. Gems, even things that look like Jewels, metal. However, you also encounter something really odd.

Player Choice
>You find a key made of white jade
>You find a ticket, coloured red
>You find a green crystal, similar to the one you used to make the Nature Seed grow.
>You find a mirror, something seems special about it
>You find a dual faced watch.
>You find a mirror, something seems special about it
Does it have a bird inside?
>Trips of Satan!
>I'm afraid I can't let you do that.

You try and pick up the mirror, and immediately toss it away, the glass shattering against the cave walls.

"What the fuck was that?!"

You saw an absolutely horrifying creature, something born from an organised chaos with the intent to corrupt and kill. You don't even want to think about something like that again.

W-well, you guess you could mine to pass the time, you are keeping half of this even if you don't st-hide any.

>+1/5 for ???

>Roll 3d100 for mining best of ONE
I need to get some sleep. My day tomorrow is 6am-6pm. I will be able to run from 19:00 GMT and not much earlier as I will be dog tired.

File: 00.png (13 KB, 142x134)
13 KB
Exciting adventure of a man and his beloved, totally real, and will be existing in the story, wife, Ms. Nincompoop.
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>Take a deep breath, sitting cross legged on the floor for meditation purposes I saw Patrick Swayze use in Road House and concentrate on where I am.
>Take a deep breath, sitting cross legged on the floor for meditation purposes I saw Patrick Swayze use in Road House and concentrate on where I am.
File: 21.png (56 KB, 400x400)
56 KB
> Take a deep breath, sitting cross legged on the floor for meditation purposes I saw Patrick Swayze use in Road House and concentrate on where I am.

>Take a deep breath, sitting cross legged on the floor for meditation purposes I saw Patrick Swayze use in Road House and concentrate on where I am.

For some reasons, you think of the same thing twice which really makes you want to double do it. Unfortunately, meditating over a meditation means becoming calm when you are already, which, doesn't make sense ? Still, you, at least, try to figure out where you are.
You fail miserably, but not because of your meditating meditation thing, simply because you don't have a goddamn clue where you are. Neither the room you where minutes ago, nor this questionably decorated but also empty corridor rings a bell. You can only know what you see, that is, one part of the corridor is covered with posters of your dear uncle Tom, which is making me really nervous but apparently, doesn't bother you the least ; and the other corridor is clean and empty of any sorte of human presence.
And of course, there's still the door leading you to the previous room, why would it suddenly disappear ?
Since we're in a corridor, let's look at the wall opposite the one we've been viewing
Look up for a way out

Sorry about the late start gents! Working on a final project, got a bit caught up in it, haha. 5-6 page essay, nothing major by most standards, but the instructor wants scholarly sources, and those are a pain in the butt to pull from just the internet! Well, probably not that bad, but I'm bad at looking. And also the subject matter is boring. Haha!

Archive here! http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Strike%20Witches%202016 For anyone just getting in, you can ignore all the non-reboot threads- the original run doesn't really have anything to do with the reboot, other than some names.

I think that's it for news, haha!


As you'd internally predicted, dinner is semi-formal... although, strangely enough, Maman's word was good- it is only two other people, a man and a woman, neither of whom you recognize. The man's attire- carefully business casual- sets you a little on edge. He's clearly either a politician or attached to one, and you've never been comfortable around that whole scene. Maman's active in coven and witch politics, of course, but that's different- Matrons aren't appointed by a vote.

The other, who appears a little older- sometime in her late 40s, you guess- is a witch, you have no doubt. Given her look of surprise at Wendy's presence, you're positive she's a matron of one of the American covens or other- which means she's probably about the same age as Wendy, but has let herself become a lot less religious about her cosmetic magics. Some covens frown on matrons that look 'too young', you know, and even the bayou isn't that different in that regard- Maman shows her age more these days than not, though, like most things with her, it's very carefully arranged to present exactly the impression she wants.

You'd been worried about her choice of restaurant- apparently one where the proprietor owed her a favor 'or two'. It's high enough class that flight suits- especially Wyvern witch ones- aren't really proper, and your clothing and personal gear is still aboard the Roosevelt. Thankfully- or perhaps, predictably- Maman had planned ahead, and brought you out a change of clothes- along with one for Kyou and Wendy. How she knew about Wendy is neither here nor there- you're sure she'd been told about it before you'd left California. Of course, because it's maman, both witches look stunning in the clothes she picked out. She did that on purpose.

216 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
Thanks for the run Ghost!
Thanks for the run! Hope your final goes well!

So question for you Ghost: who's your favorite character to write so far in this quest?
See you next time.
Archive up.
oh man, that's kinda tough!

I like writing Cass, she's a fun character. Merlin, too, though I'm still kinda trying to find her again, if that makes sense.

File: img1.png (216 KB, 600x300)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Alright, this should be pretty freeform, and the rules are pretty much nonexistent, but I'll try and keep some measure of reality so the game doesn't get out of hand.

Initializing Cryosleep Procedure
- -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- - -- -
Procedure Success

>Welcome Colonial Council!
> I'm glad to see you all are doing well.
>We have finally reached or objective planet after 35 relative years of travel.
>Most systems are operating nominally, although it seems some of our external survey sensors have been damaged.
>We have completed the preliminary orbital insertion procedures and using our backup systems, we have completed a basic survey of the world.
>This picture has much unfiltered noise which is quite unfortunate.
>It appears a standard Goldilocks planet, with three moons and three main continents.
>The picture right now is unclear and you will need to send a survey team down to establish a base of operations.
>I have highlighted 5 potential landing zones.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Better to find a good place than get a headstart when we're playing a long game.
I'll be away for around 30 mins. Updates will resume then
>1. We can send a slightly larger survey team and begin manually scouting out the surrounding area to look for optimal areas
There will be war over resources and territory, may as well pick one that we won't have to fight over to acquire.
>1. We can send a slightly larger survey team and begin manually scouting out the surrounding area to look for optimal areas.

File: 8391028309.jpg (69 KB, 550x850)
69 KB
You are Mark Zwain, the demonologist. You've been studying demons for a decade and you feel ready to summon one now. You gather some silver powder, some candles, some chickens for sacrifice and get the whole thing prepared in a swamp near your home.
Now you just need to decide what kind of demons you wanna summon.
> Let's start small, summon an imp
> Eh, you haven't had sex lately at all, summon a succubus
> Summon a proper demon, a big one with horns
> Summon a pit lord, surely it'll show up to your meager sacrifice of a few chicken
> Write in
125 replies omitted. Click here to view.
X-ray vision?
>Heat vision
I'll do heat vision if there is no Xray.

Its not on all the time right? we can turn it off?
>Heat vision whoo
>gets heat vision
>all day
> stare at big boi sun mcgee
> profit

File: card1.png (636 KB, 800x600)
636 KB
636 KB PNG
Everwood Civ Thread #19

Welcome to Everwood Civ! In this game you shall take control of a fledgling nation as you attempt to navigate the dangerous world of Everwood! In this world dominated by dark woods filled with wonder and terror will you be able to guide your civilization into prosperity or ruin?

>Discord Link

The Everwar has begun to takes it's toll upon the Empire as thousands of men have been sent to an early grave and the defensive lines of man lost. Through use of the Spirits of Tunnels, Bartus, Tarrex has appeared behind your lines seeking an artifact of power lying beneath the Merli Lake and has been silent for several months since he descended into it's depths. In Samir the beastmen hordes once again prepare to smash themselves upon this bastion of humanity! However Galoris herself has emerged from the depths to assist the defenders!
248 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
Support this Ponzi Scheme

File: 1903801923.jpg (147 KB, 1280x720)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
The stars were colonized, but slowly. The best speeds we managed to achieve with our fusion rockets were 17% of the speed of light and interstellar travel took generations, so we built generation ships to house our people in these long voyages.

You're the colonists from one such space travel, having arrived at a system with a planet in just the right conditions to house human life - proper atmosphere, liquid water, comfortable gravity, even a molten core generating an electromagnetic field to protect it from the space radiation. And a plethora of other planets, less hospitable to life but with their own attractives.

But humans are humans; wherever they go they take with themselves their ideologies and those quickly generate strife. Soon enough the new planet was divided in many warring factions, with two major political players holding most power - the Alliance of Democratic States (ADS) and the United Popular Republics (UPR).

In space things weren't much different. One faction claimed for themselves the spaceship used in the trip to reach this system and established themselves in the asteroid belt calling itself the Free Asteroid State (FAS). In its wake, several other smaller orbital stations were constructed and many claimed independence naming themselves the Independent Asteroid Conglomerate (IAC).

Some colonists decided to settle in the scorching planet closest to the sun and began building a dyson swarm. They call themseld the Swarm Initiative (SI).

Some colonists decided to settle in one of the smallest moons of a gas giant which is perfectly habitable, just very cold. Amazingly enough they managed to maintain polical unity in the whole small moon, although some denounce they only managed that through implanting a police state and they do face civil wars often which they curb fiercely. They call themselves the Frozen Moon Brotherhood (FMB).

There's also one last faction which emmerged in recent years. With small bases in the asteroid fields and in each of the relevant planets, the United Space Federation (USF) represents an attempt to unify all the factions under a single banner, seeking diplomatic solutions and compromises where possible; it has had little success as of late though.

All these factions are currently building spaceships and going through an space arms race for supremacy in the system.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>What is our deltaV on the maneuver thrusters?
9 km/s

You attempt to purchase 14 months worth of videogames and TV shows to stave off boredom but the Intelligence Department forbids you from doing that as SI entertainment aboard the ship could blow your cover. You tell them you'll delete it all before you arrive at your destination but they are not willing to take the operational risk, slight as it may be. You ask them for some ADS entertainment then, and after some bureaucracy they give you access to a bunch of videogames and TV shows from the ADS. That's not too bad actually, you don't get to play foreign videogames often, this stuff is rather expensive on SI.

You finally get the crew and the stuff together and set a course to take a detour through ADS-UPR space, but trying to stay as far away from any ADS ships or installations as possible.

The first couple months are rather uneventful as you approach ADS-UPR space. When you enter their space though things change.

With your superior sensors you pick up at least twenty ships. Here's what the sensors detected (probability of being that type of craft)

1 - 65% ADS Frigate
2 - 56% ADS Frigate
3 - 67% ADS Cruiser

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Gah! That ship 18 is exactly what I wanted to avoid.

It's so bad being the only player. All the bad ideas are yours.

>Hail ship 18, ask for identification.

You hail the ship that is coming on a fast intercept towards you. On the intercom, you receive back the holographic image of a logo of the USF.

"Hail <<unidentified cruiser pilot #2807>>! This is digital personality ZPX-97, you might call me Zapex for ease of communication! I command the unmanned spacecraft SS Bishop-327. We are on a mission for the United Space Federation to make this system safer for you carbon based lifeforms! There is no need to worry, the intentions of my approach are peaceful. Further details will be provided on final approach. Please do not alter your current trajectory. Please provide identification data for a more personalized experience!"

> Provide your fake credentials to the USF ship
> Don't provide any additional data to the USF ship

> Wait for the intercept from the USF ship
> Hail one of the ships (which one)
> Set intercept trajectory towards one ship (which one)
> Change trajectory to try to gain some time before intercept
> Fire up maneuver propulsor to use up all your fuel accelerating so you get lighter and accelerate faster
> Write in
Damn, they have general AIs. I'm jealous.

>Provide your fake credentials to the USF ship
>Consult with reference information on what authority does USF have over ADS cruisers
Seems like this quest has died.
Pity, I liked it.

>Back to bring you guys some more of my low quality garbage, here is a attempt at getting a short fun times quest rolling. If you guys like it, it may get expanded into a more stable universe. As always, rolls are d100. In combat, I’ll roll for the enemy and you, my wonderful anons, will have to beat my rolls or get your shit slapped. Let’s have fun, feel free to be creative as possible and as always, thanks for playing guys ( ‘-*)7

Dank, oily water splashes underfoot as you stride through a greasy puddle. Your boots clack against rough cobblestones, the sharp sound echoing down the deserted street. The hissing of burning oil in the street lamps is the only sound beyond the barking of mongrel hounds, hissing cats and the endless rustle of vermin in the refuse piles littering the alleyways. Your head snaps around at a sudden noise from one such alleyway, the groaning and clattering of a bottle alerting you to the presence of a vagrant drunkenly sleeping in a pile of garbage.

The off-yellow light of the gas lamps coats you as you stand beneath one of the wrought iron lampposts, pulling a small box from your jacket pocket. The scent of tobacco watts through the air as you deftly roll a cigarette, lighting it with a sulfur headed match. Inhaling the fragrant blue-grey smoke, you hold it for a moment before exhaling slowly through your nose. Your brow furrows in consternation as you look up and down the empty street, digging into a pocket and emerging with a engraved and tarnished pocketwatch. Larger than average, the device clicks open with a weighty thunk, the angular runes reflecting the light as the cover splits down the middle.

The various dials, rotating rings and spinning crystals that populate the interior of the watch would drive most mad in an attempt to understand them. The glyphs and arcane symbols glow with a faint, silver light, the crystal panes separating the interior workings revealing a eyewatering mass of metallic innards that go on far deeper than the watch would be capable of holding.

But like Eastside itself, the Timepiece is much more than it appears.

Closing it with a huff, you stow the arcane pocketwatch in your pocket and bite the end of your cigarette in irritation. You make one simple request, one, and Kurt can’t even keep his end of it.

The fool is late.

>Stay in sight, you’ve got no reason to worry.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Look for a bum, they’re usually privy to all the rumors
He'll know even if he doesn't and regardless he'll likely ask us to bring him to the bar.
>Look for a bum, they’re usually privy to all the rumors
>>Look for a bum, they’re usually privy to all the rumors
>>Look for a bum, they’re usually privy to all the rumors

From the great city-states, through tribal lands and even to the far reaches of the nomads, the new invention has shaken the foundations of life itself. Sharpen than any bone, harder than any stone, easier to shape than any wood.
It is the dawn of the new age and you're put in charge of leading your people into it. Prosper through trade, create lasting monuments, influence others, explore the unknown or take by force what you need - but first of all, survive.


Welcome to Bronze Age Builder. This is a builder game - each player is controlling a single nation and performs actins using it. The main theme is Bronze Age and the game will stay in it, so don't expect much of flashy toys or vast advances.
To join in, first fill the following:

Nation Name:
Nation Color:
Nation Type: Pick one from https://pastebin.com/kWzpyz4q
Nation Fluff:
Leader fluff:
And mark your position on the map

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Either next turn or one after it will happen in new thread, with cleaned up map and summary. Meaning: in the morning.

Heirolisk >>3928293
With so much rush, everyone was just chasing their shadow, rather than setting up farmland.

Urokos >>3928340
The [Clay Pit] is operational (+5 Industry).
[Fine Clay]
The [Warriors] from Karana are seen already trying to get to Urokos home isle!

Melossia >>3928567
Trying to simplify the mural might help around (9/?). Nothing was achieved with the farm (7/?), especially since manpower was delegated to mine site, but didn't do anything there yet.

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Rolled 88, 19 = 107 (2d100)

Name: Heirolisk
Colour: Yellow
Type: City State
Biome: Desert
Fluff: https://pastebin.com/JF51Ms4N
Leader: https://pastebin.com/bbiGeJGg

>Nation Traits
Holy disk of Sun (Create a religion, misc)
Peaceful Existence (+2 industry and economy per 10 pops during peace)

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Rolled 66, 2 = 68 (2d100)

Both actions to train more archers
>VERY Helpful Advice
Since in Urokos we are Terrible Negotiators but we have a lot of food, we could use it in a different approach to distract Karana?
A bait that make them find food, "steal" and transport it to Karana instead of attack the city, kinda like a reverse troya horse
It would be so complicated to develop something like a [Military/Strategist tech], it sounds complicated but maybe posible

Name: Urokos
Color: Orange
Type: City State
Biome: Plains

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Rolled 82, 44, 47, 53, 79, 79 = 384 (6d100)

1. Writing 9/?
Assistance is given by the learned stargazers on how to set up the proper symbology that would form the foundation of the alphabet.

2. Farm II 7/?
Let the locals work their own land. It's their farms they're enlarging.

3. Construct mine 2/?

4. Smelting 3/?
People working with copper start to discuss among themselves the best ways to heat and treat the metal at routine conferences held by the King in an area of the marketplace.

5. King's Vision Quest

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File: Halt!.jpg (114 KB, 768x1024)
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114 KB JPG
New thread will be launched in few hours, reply there! This turn count is just for an easier clean-up after I'm done accounting everyone, including flakes. Yes, you read that right, flaked nations are still technically in-game. No, don't expect easy conquest or abusing their resources.
This also means the quest for Melossia will start in the new thread, too.

Heirolisk >>3929335
The looming disaster of starvation is slightly pushed away, with new [Farm I (+1 Food/turn)] being ready. Not much more was achieved

Urokos >>3930003
The rush caused by alarm affected the pace and effectivness of training (2/?) new archers
The [Warriors] are already on the home island!
Whatever you do to set up for combat, it will profit you. But to make that happen, you have to make a conscious action for it, meaning a 1d100 roll from your dice pool. The outcome is instant, the dice is just to see how effective your action - whatever it was - turned out to be.

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