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File: Monika Weiss.jpg (50 KB, 760x1052)
50 KB
>Previously in The New Order...


>Monika Weiss, a girl from Liechtenstein, was drawn into military service as in the fashion of the German youth. Unable to find work in the aftermath of the Weltkrieg, Monika followed in others' footsteps of joining the Wehrmacht to avoid homelessness and starvation. Untermensch slaves from the east replaced the workers at home while the expected Germanization of the east never happened. Working on climbing the ranks within the capital of the Reich, Germania, Monika would take part in a conspiracy to hinder an unknown SS plot. Over a few months, the West Russians launched a final war to throw out the German yoke of terror. This West Russian War would be bogged down in failed winter offensives, and the tide turned in spring with German counter-offensives. Amidst the success and chaos of German victories, the SS attempted to coup the government. It was during this period that Monika decided to be committed in the anti-SS conspiracy.


[spolier]Sorry for just vanishing, IRL bullshit made my life real fucking hectic.[/spoiler]
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File: Polizei 222.jpg (65 KB, 900x599)
65 KB
>[Der Ostland Report told favorably about the Germanization efforts.]

With the paper written and the statistics conveniently conveyed in a way which would convince OKH that Germanization efforts were successful. It stated that familial records and medical examinations proved an uptick in Volga German population. That would mean despite many of the easterners failing the racial tests, and they are still genetically the same people as the original population from the German Empire. This would mean Ostland would see an increase in the German numbers with time as they would be registered into the system.

Later in the month, Johanna came up to talk to Weiss privately as they left their office, "A-are you sure we should be sending in the Ostland Report," it was clear she was nervous.

"Don't worry about it, OKH won't figure this out as long as Ostland can provide the numbers to show that it's working,"

"That's the thing though, Monika, we don't if Ostland can give those numbers later on,"

"Just have faith in him,"

"But I don't! I know nothing about him other than being a general,"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>[Help the SA]
>[Help the SA]
>[Help the SA]
we gotta
>>[Refuse to help]
Nah, the best gear should go to the soldiers first, they need it more than any other group.

Sorry about the late start gents- Two weeks in a row, I know, hahaha. Old man hurt his knee or pinched a nerve or something (not sure) so I've gotten a lot of the yardwork and dog walking till he actually calls a doc. At least I come by my stubbornness naturally! haha. The real news is I've got school all sorted- first day is on the 19th of the month. This *shouldn't* impact the runs at all, though we may be looking at stopping a bit earlier due to me needing to get up in the mornings, haha!

http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Strike%20Witches%202016 archive here, for anyone interested in getting involved and wanting to catch up. Only the reboot threads are worth worrying about- the original 2016 run was bad, owing to a few factors, all of them on my end. It has little to no bearing on this run, however.


The first two missiles- launched on partial solutions- get shot out of the air as a group of six ISIS witches, their faces hidden behind black bandannas, drop their camouflage, weapons already up. You're already reacting of course, feeling the curious time dilation effects of Muninn kicking into effect- time moves slower when you can process thoughts in less than a heartbeat.

Whoever they are, they're trained enough to recognize a wyvern as the bigger threat- they split up, four and two, with two of them detaching to handle Spears. It's a risky move regardless- especially with them opening the engagement at point blank range like this. Spear's shotgun is going to do more in close than their rifles, and even though a wyvern is inherently less maneuverable than a striker set, it's not by much, especially not these days, and especially not against old strikers like these witches seem to be using. Muninn identifies a hodgepodge of strikers- Mirage F1s, Mig23s, a Mig25 and a Mig29 set- gear most likely seized from captured Syrian or Iraqi stocks.

Behind you, Kyou has gone silent- there's little need for her to talk, except for in an emergency- and anything she knows, you'll know faster than she can tell you, thanks to the MIU. It's not like VDNI, you know- the link is very carefully managed by Muninn to prevent too much bleed-over- but critical information is the AI's job.

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That doesn't make it any less dumb. It's wish fulfillment for sad virgins, and it affects how the characters are written down the line.

Harem casts are NEVER good. They might be good LOOKING, but as far being well WRITTEN is concerned, they are as deep as a puddle in the Rub' al Khali during August. No matter what the individual characterization each person has, it all ultimately becomes secondary to get that dick, and suddenly any conflicts between the characters just get resolved because all that matters is that they get that dick, and it don't matter that they have to share it. All of the effort put into making them seem smart, tough, funny, depressed, "perfect", and flawed just goes out the window, because they just have a quick fuckin' meeting to decide "hey lets just share" "cool" fuck YOU FeelthyFuckshit for even bothering to cater to this trash.

And then the weebs to rush to defend this trash as "polyamory" inevitably pop up, despite their fat asses never having been in a relationship of any sort, much less a polyamorous one. It's bad news all around, and the best part of this quest has been Ghost smartly dancing as far around this shit as is possible for the MC being the product of the fourth wheel of the harem.
>despite their fat asses never having been in a relationship of any sort
Your credibility went out the window when you started spouting this off-topic gibberish. I am neither fat, nor have I never been in a relationship. I am in favor of monogamy, but the points in >>3759183 are still valid. Fucking around yes, having several partners at the same time, no.
File: images.jpg (44 KB, 249x172)
44 KB
>despite their fat asses never having been in a relationship of any sort,
So some news. I think we're good to get back rolling tomorrow, gents, but I may do a sidequest sort of thing as I'm still trying to re-archive all the old threads and get an image library rebuilt. The dropbox link was amazing, and I cannot thank you enough for that, all it looks like is gone gone are some of mangafag's things and some old Psychomoto lewds.

Either way, I think we'll have a run tomorrow, but we may be visiting another character for it.
Any hints? Witch or Pilot or none of those?

File: HgcmHWW.png (803 KB, 2160x1080)
803 KB
803 KB PNG

Twitter so you know when updates are happening: https://twitter.com/MachPunchQM?lang=en

Roanapur, 1996.


You are Mikhail Fedorov, and joining you is your older (but shorter) brother Sergei Fedorov as you start a new life in the oasis of crime known as Roanapur. You were brought here by a group of people known as the Lagoon Company, a small band of pirates who just happened to board the ship you two were being smuggled on. After giving up half of what you earned from the bank heist you were running away from, you were brought to these bloody shores to meet Balalaika, a scarred women in charge of the Russian mob in this city. After a storm of tension and festering fear, you were welcomed by her to join the mysterious Hotel Moscow. Now after a unsettling sit down with the Rip-Off Chruch's owner, you're walking toward an uncertain future within a lone tool shed.

Rules of Engagement:
-You will have 10-15 minutes to commit to an action. Once a decision is made, a 1D100 will be rolled to determine whether or not it's successful, and the highest value of the first three rolls will seal your fate. Which leads into the next rule...
-Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Rolling a Nat 1 could result in a gun jamming, a limb lost, or even a window opening in your skull. However, God may show you some mercy and give you a Nat 100. With the lord's blessing, blood shed will surely follow.
-These rules could change throughout the quest. You may or may not like that, but shit happens.
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Thanks for running.
>That sneak peak
Thanks Sergei for killing that mafioso in New York, now we gotta deal with a fucking Australian who scalps people all the while dealing with a Baki character.
He's gonna "that's not a knife" Mishka, and I'm hoping it's really funny.
Thanks Christanon
Why was anons post deleted?
Probably triggered an atheist.

File: tegaki.png (9 KB, 400x400)
9 KB
What happened to his arm? You decide by writing the story!
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Rolled 16 (1d20)

If 20 the blood flowing from his arm turns into a hot blood babe and this thread gets revived
>A red menstrual ghost has stabbed you in the arm with a thick sword.
Wut do?
File: Spoiler Image (159 KB, 449x352)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
>A red menstrual ghost has stabbed you in the arm with a thicc sword. You will need to stop the bleeding, but she won't let go.
Wut do? (lol, forgot pic)
pp succ

summer vacation is ending and you’ve decided to spend the last 2 weeks of it doing what you love. Browsing 4chan in your underwear. Then you hear someone shouting. It sounds a lot like
who the hell could that be? Then, your friend Chad smashes through your fucking window. He doesn’t seem to be moving.
> “Chad what the fuck!?”
> “Chad are you ok!?”
>Keep browsing 4chan
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Using the Vespa as a mount if we still have it
>Fight the emperor
I think I can!
You run towards the emporer with your lightsaber ready to kill. He dodges your attack and knocks you down. Just as he’s about to strike you push your saber into his heart. The ship starts to explode, strangely you don’t question it.
You drag Chad back into the Eiffel Tower and set a course for Earth.
“Now that the Emporer’s dead, can you explain?”
The alarm goes off
“Warning! Temporal Anomaly detected!”
The hell does that mean?
Suddenly a wormhole opens and dinosaurs run out of it. As the charge towards the tower Chad smiles, “No time to explain.”
Slice up "The End" with your lightsaber, then cast Cone of Cold at the dinosaurs

File: Glass to Use.jpg (113 KB, 1280x718)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Hello everyone, names Holy King Jim Borris. I’ve been through a good bit in life, being a Coon farmer from good ol’ earth. After somethin’ I don’t really remember I became the Sword Hero. In my time here, I lead crusades, became King, and met God himself. Task with leading the world towards righteous order, I was sent flying by my Lord to who knows what.

Archives of my last adventurers:

And my Character sheet that QM has trouble keeping maintained:

And a few quick rules, no rolling until asked for and for every person that rolls, the QM adds a +5 mod to the highest roll.

I believe nows time we resume the story.
238 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
/ Denotes I'm not sure what are appropriate.

[Higher Blessing]
A touch with the flat of the blade can dispell moderate/severe debuffs/curses. I'm not sure what power level is appropriate.

[Holy Aura] level 2. In addition to the effects of the level 1 holy Aura from crusader sword and the rest of the holy swords, level 2 also grants friendly units in a given area (immunity to lower level fear effects/a courage and resolve boosting effect.)
sounds good support
Eh, while I'd think that ability would easy counter the Curse, you learned you can pull it off with [Lord's Grace].

I figured the ability now.

[Light of God' Chosen]: Become consumed with holy light, amplifying one's own Holy Aura, buffing any ally who can see the light, and banishing all weak demons.

Think of it as a mini-Astronomicon.
Next thread, though internet's just started getting wonky again so who know what will happen.

File: Beastworld Civ.jpg (557 KB, 1120x1302)
557 KB
557 KB JPG
Strange times are afoot in the great expanse of the wood. Molefolk tell of strangers in the deep ways, while from all sides new, foreign folk encroach, forcing the folk of the forest into conflict in order to survive.

>3 votes for our race, please.
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praise the broodmothers!
Three construction ideas for the near future:
>1.Fire chamber

Having one designated chamber to keep the fire in, with small ventilation tunnels and located at the very bottom of the hive to spread the warmth to all important rooms. Essentially central heating and having all the cooking (invent that if we haven't yet) and in the future hopefully smelting, done in one place, improving efficiency.
>2.Centipede farm

>juvenile giant centipedes, which grow large enough to devour half a brood if not properly culled

To me this sounds like a useful mount, beast of burden or war. We should dig out a designated chamber to keep them in kennels, feed them fungal matter and train them.
>3.Cold storage

Have a room located strategically somewhat removed, deeper in the earth and not connected to any fire, to keep food fresh for longer.
>Fire chamber
Cause I like fire
I pronounce this quest dead.

File: 2166146-bigthumbnail.jpg (133 KB, 450x318)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Target:Tayla Slow

Background: You probably already recognize Slow as a famous pop music singer. Normally, entertainers are beneath our interest. However, you may also know that Slow uses some of the millions from her entertainment career to fund a general crime organization she calls "The Slow Agency", or just "The Agency". Slow's Agency is staffed primarily by persons from the lower segments of the socioeconomic spectrum, including drug dealers, prostitutes, disability assistance recipients, autistics, and church choir girls. Crimes they perpetrate, always for the reason that "Tayla Slow payed us to", range from petty theft, harassment, assault, vandalism, slander, libel, cyber crimes, manslaughter, and Murder. Simply put, there's nothing that Slow's "Agents" won't do under her orders and for her money. Her music hasn't been anything of interest lately either, so this is a nuisance that we can put an end to right here.

Opportunities: There are three main opportunities to engage with Slow, and where and when you choose to do so will be up to you. Sooner is better than later, as we feel this situation with Slow and her Agency will be rapidly deteriorating in the near future.

>1. Concert venue
Slow is an entertainer, and thus, is publicly available throughout the year. Her latest tour includes stops all over the country, in venues from medium to extra large sizes, both indoors and outdoors. There won't be a chance for anything small and intimate, but the large crowd may be useful as a distraction.

>2. Touring
Slow will be using both buses and flights to fulfill her busy schedule. It won't be likely that you'll be able to easily disguise as any of her roadies or entourage, but vehicle accidents are so very common and tragic. Take special care to make sure you know which vehicle Slow is in.

>3. Los Angeles Residence

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Hack surveillance
It turns out your agent is actually 2 Slow Agency agents.

The first is Miguel Brown, of Miami, Florida. During the day, Miguel works at a cell phone screen repair shop, where he changes broken glass screens for smart phones. Many of his customers will say that he will say come back in an hour and often gives a free case when he's done. What they don't know is that he makes entire copies of their phones and installs a spyware. He enjoys being able to watch the GPS tracked movements of hundreds of phones that he's repaired and being able to listen to any of them at any time.

At night, Miguel is active in the HIV+ and gay communities of Miami. He hopes to gain status by sharing access to his hacked phones with the different clubs there. The clubs use the information there to target individuals, which they then recruit to enrich their social scenes. Miguel hopes he will be included there more actively soon, but in the mean time, he works online with the Slow agency.

Your second agent is Penny Black of Macon, Georgia. Penny works at a call center in Georgia run by her church. The Slow agency frequently uses her call center for various purposes, including determining whether someone is home, spreading misinformation, identity theft, and telemarketing. Penny is also active in online video game communities and is somewhat famous there. It was there she was noticed by hackers, including Slow agency hackers, and when she is not using headshotting noobs on fortnite, she is watching people through their webcams.

Neither agent will be traveling with the Slow tour, but you can expect them to be watching your phone location, email, message, and call history, and your laptop usage.

>Go to Miami
>Go to Georgia
>Counter hack
Welcome, orange player. There is a Tayla Slow concert happening tomorrow. We don't have her exact arrival times or her current location, but making your way there may give you your best shot.
You accessed the surveillance cameras for the concert venue. You watched the audience, both in their seats, and in the standing area by the stage. You saw many backstage crew members idly checking their phones for hours. You watched the end of the show, where Slow waves bye and says thank you, and was then escorted out of the venue by security to a waiting vehicle. You were able to watch Slow's vehicle, along with several others leave the venue through an automated gate.
>Counter hack
Make sure to get another phone once we're done, leave our old one behind

File: Super Quest.png (107 KB, 540x763)
107 KB
107 KB PNG
The year is 2019 and you're 18 now. Finally eligible for a hero license from the Meta-human Surveillance Force. You've dreamed of this day since you were a young boy. Now on the precipice of manhood the first choices that'll define your life are yours to make. But many things need answered about yourself before then.

Class level, the MSF divides super powered individuals into six classifications, which are you? S Class and E Class unavailable.
>A Class - 5 Powers
>B Class - 4 Powers
>C Class - 3 Powers
>D Class - 2 Powers

The next most important, after your powers of course, is the decision of which path you'll take.
>[Hero] - A licensed and recognized hero who operates within the confines of the law and is allowed access to areas the general public may not. There's no need to keep your identity a secret and you are not breaking any laws that'll put you in jail when on duty. But the MSF knows where you are at all times and will hold you accountable for breaking the law, even in the name of good. As a super powered being you are also considered beholden to additional laws of the MSF's making. You receive pay from various governments around the world for your work.

>[Vigilante] - Unlicensed heroes who deny the authority of the MSF and take the law into their own hands. Some are only vigilantes in name and could work as licensed heroes, others are extremist who do as they wish. You receive no official pay from your work and what you do is considered very illegal. Though official heroes are unlikely to arrest you if you ever show up to help.

>[Villain] - You know damn well what this is. You break the law and do damn near everything for your own gain in some way or another.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Rolled 72 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Rolled 36 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

in case further rolls are necessary
Rolled 68 (1d100)

Rolled 19 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

File: 1aaa111.jpg (118 KB, 1068x601)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
>82: Major Success
As you crack open the tiny bump on the outside of the glasses you pull them under the microscope to get a better look at what you're doing. The way they've designed the AI makes your soul cry for being so simple and inefficient, though it was likely only designed to get the job done while being cheap. It wasn't able to learn or do anything really other than tailor its responses to its owner.

Well there has to be some starting point you think to yourself.

Hours pass and the sun begins to rise on the horizon, you wipe the sweat from your forehead and place the cover back over the bump that stores the AI. You did what you could in one night. First and foremost was disconnecting the remote access Prometheus had to their AI. It took some time but you were able to sever it from their servers without sending any alerts... you think. You also sped up the processing of the AI so now it should respond faster and improve its capabilities all around.

With a satisfied nod you place the glasses in the drawer and walk over to your fold out bed where you collapse as the sun rise. A smile on your face and a new destiny laid out before you.

(Gonna end this one off here for now and go back to Space Colony. Starting the cycle over.)

File: pasc.png (236 KB, 500x500)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
The aliens have taken the most promising among you with them to the stars.

The rest were jettisoned like waste, returned to the planet which they had decimated eighty-four years ago with nuclear fire. From among these ashes, from among those rejects, men continue to rebuild. Like grains algae clumping against a summer squall, they gather beneath the feet of failed experiments, hailing these flawed supermen as gods, reverting to neolithic worship to protect themselves against the elements: rain, raiders, and radiation.

These are the last days of man; the golden age of heroes.

You are such a one.

Before they left, the aliens branded you on your forehead with an experimental designator:

>0101 - Neural implants for computer aided psionics
>0021 - Germline genetic modification for universal symbiosis
>1111 - Robotic prosthesis for full body reconstruction

They rejected you on account of your:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Can we spin silk like Kevlar for our men?
This is why we should upgrade web

Change to upgrade web
>Scout the surrounding land for ruins and resources
>Attempt to evolve Blade
>Scout the surrounding land for ruins and resources
>Scout the surrounding land for ruins and resources
>Attempt to evolve Web
And have our men make armor from the Gilas hide
Supporting if we cannot evolve phasing

”A Knight is Sworn to Valour. His Heart Knows Only Virtue. His Blade Defends the Helpless. His Might Upholds the Weak. His Word Speaks Only Truth. His Wrath Undoes the Wicked.”

Every child in Cantôn knows of the Knight’s Code. From peasant-born waifs playing with sticks in the mud to keen-eyed noble sons practicing with cold steel in the training yard, all have at the very least dreamed of one day becoming a knight themselves. To ride out on errantry into the Five Duchies Kingdom and beyond for God and Glory, bringing the Law of Adam to the wicked and the Blade of Cain to the beast.

The Knights of Cantôn are sworn to follow the Code, to obey the King, to refuse no call for aid honestly asked for, to seek out and destroy the Foe wherever it may lurk and rid the world of evil.

Were it so easy…


Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlackCompany666
/qst/ Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Sworn%20to%20Valour
Our Knight & Companions Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/iBg32ZQw Updated
Dramatis Personnae: https://pastebin.com/mydcz8pA
Faith & Politics Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/Cu4FPGVM Affiliates and Wars updated

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Holy shit you are a debby downer mate
Demm right i downed that debby.

Cant wait till the dice gods make us brain dead couse picking the greedy option every time is the players go 2
It's honestly hilarious to watch the complaints swing back and forth, you can never keep everyone happy. Only a few threads ago people were bitching that we're being too cautious and that it would be more in character to go charging after monsters and now it is the polar opposite, we're too greedy and reckless
Oh but how boring would this quest be if everyone agreed on everything?
True, if the Quest Thread General has taught me anything it is that if a quest doesn't have screaming, it is not a good quest

File: King Crimson Quest.png (160 KB, 444x419)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
You are engulfed by a throbbing, cold wave of pain. Hands clenched, a fountain of blood erupting from your injured hand. Your legs shakily make their way down the street they are in. Another wave of pain hits as you wince, bringing your good hand up to where the left side of your face had once been.

That damnable upstart with his heavenly potential, beyond that of your power. Fate had betrayed you in that moment of all consuming despair, when Golden Experience had thrust the arrow into its chest at the behest of its master. Your other half, Diavolo did not know it, but you did. Still, even with that momentary lapse of Judgement, you are certain that Fate is still on your side. After all, you had reached the truth, as agonizing and horrible it is. Your other half was not as fortunate as you were.

An ethereal blackness seeps from the gaping hole of what was the left side of your face, now shattered and open, revealing the dark void that lied within you. To add insult to injury, Epitaph was far too damaged for you to use. Of what use was your ability to rewrite fate, if you could not see the fate that would be made for you?

The concrete sidewalk shakes beneath your feet, and somewhere inside of your consciousness, you are aware of what could only be an earthquake occurring at this very moment. You collapse, tumbling onto the floor as your incorporeal form skids across the litter ridden alleyway. As it seemed, you were not completely free from that Requiem Stand's curse, given by how weak you feel. How dare that upstart do this to you! For a brief moment in time, your pain lapses and you clench your still bleeding fist, slamming into the ground as the concrete beneath you buckles, cracks webbing from the point of impact before it shatters.

Your good eye turns unnaturally in its socket, emerald green beholding your surroundings.

What are they?
501 replies and 55 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_1142.png (90 KB, 236x237)
90 KB
I'll be waiting, Stando.
File: 1561118532237.jpg (230 KB, 1920x1080)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
>tfw KC in Worm ends with one thread
>tfw go on /a/
>tfw first two things I see at the top of the catalog are >>>/a/191854436 and >>>/a/191837170
>I'll see you in a day, when I'll make said quest under a different name.
It's been more than a day.
Yeah, and the quest is up.

File: 170.gif (1.13 MB, 540x304)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB GIF

>The Story so far

>Are Anonymous


>A boy
>A Necro-Meme-Wizard

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Spoiler Image (27 KB, 131x79)
27 KB


G: "Self fulfilled birth insurance."
>He finishes the milk in his bowl

G: "Nice time loop."

>Glossaryck and Luna
>Share a glance

G: "What? I told you. I care."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Thanks glossarick for something.

And damn right were gonna treat you like a Queen.
Good Session
By the bindings of hell and the nature of all devil kind. I bind you in this bargain to ensure the birth of Persephone Mephistephany McMoot. Through hardships unknown you WILL suffer the curse of your Mother's revenge to it's fullest. Laying with he of the memetic radiance and without fail carrying the spawn until term
Thanks for the session, Quest!
sorry for not marking all my posts, but it still turned out way better than expected

File: IMG_20190628_163431.jpg (86 KB, 1080x360)
86 KB

We are lost and need to get back to our hometown; a city named Mortal Plane.

You see, after a couple of sinkholes collapsed downtown, a new cult arose from its ashes.

We fled to Vietnam, but got lost. The holes seem to have been repaired recently, so we'd like to return.

Can you help us get back to Mortal Plane?

Thank you,


Yes = I will help you, send me your coordinates

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Yes. Is this a two-way line?

File: Redhead 3.jpg (41 KB, 406x604)
41 KB
Everything happened so fast. Before all of this, you were Freya Godsblood, princess of Ordamark, and you were the most beautiful women in the land. But everything changed for you, as you've caught the eye of the Dark Lord Lazarus Drack who, seeing you, decided to claim you as his wife.

Now, you're his Empress, the Dark Queen Freya Drack, and your reign has just begun.
65 replies and 22 images omitted. Click here to view.

I've done some research on how a ship is built in the middle age, and wanted to reflect how difficult and costly it is, but you are right, this may be too much.
I'll take your suggestion and maybe tweak it a bit.
i mean Hagëndorff has a few hundreds at least and the Tharque have a few hundreds if not around a thousand ships and we want to be able to defend ourselves against them so i think my numbers make sense since they are still expensive but affordable.
let`s see if we will get a update today
File: Boat.jpg (411 KB, 1566x654)
411 KB
411 KB JPG
>"King Phillip Turean, how many ships would we need to patrol our water and keep them pirate free ? And what kind of numbers are we talking about if we want to defend our Empire from the fleets of Hagëndorff or Tharque ?" you ask.

>"if we want to secure all trade routes and still have enough ships to patrol as we want . . . At least 30 to 40 ships, your highness. About our southern neighbours, I only remember from what some traders said but the imperial war fleet is composed of at least 200 warships." he answers.

>"Hm, that's mean we have to field at least that much ships, or at least enough to make it costly for him to consider an attack by sea. What about the Tharque fleet ?" Lazarus inquires.

>". . . My lord, what I'm going to say is what stories, rumors and incomplete reports tell us, but . . . If I have to put a number I would say that the Tharque fleet has more than 700 warships, maybe more." Turean replies.

The members of the council start muttering and whispering among themselves, such a number is unbelievable, and you have trouble imagining so much ship at sea at the same time.

>"And There is also the rumored Tharque Capital Ship, as big as a castle, with thousands of men as crew, with so much sails it must be magic. I don't want to sound defeatist but it's impossible to catch up with the Tharques." he continues.

>"We'll see about that, for now securing our seas is the top priority. We won't start Ordamark whaling industry until we have a fleet to defend us from pirates at least." you declare.

>"We understand, this is the best course of action your majesty." your mother replies.

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File: Roman Vosko.jpg (40 KB, 600x678)
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Everyone leave the room one by one, some discussing together as they walk the corridor, you ask for a moment with Roman Vosko and make sure you are alone.

>"King Roman Vosko, I haven't forgotten about the east, but tell me where most of "my" subjects live ? In the West or East ?" you ask him.

>"In the west of course, it's undeniable. But isn't that' that unfair for all your loyal subject of the east ?" he inquires.

>"Like I said, I haven't forgotten the east, and I have plans for it. But like everything in life it will take time, after all you got your city did you not ? So I will tell you what I have planned for your kingdom. I want to build farms there for meat, so even the peasantry can have it more then once a month. Both Westteron and your kingdom will be the main producer for livestock and meat of our empire." you explain.

>"An interesting plan, it's true that with the vast plains is well suited for raising cow and other livestock. And the wealth it'll bring is also worth mentioning. You have a very enterprising spirit, you make me believe that you could be a merchant instead of a queen." he smiles.

>"Investing for the betterment of his empire is what a ruler should do instead of letting his wealth catch dust in a vault. I'm merely applying this principle." you declare

>"Hahaha, that's be true your highness, that's be true." the old king laughs.

He then bows to you and excuse himself. The Royal Council took place without a hitch and permitted everyone to hear and discuss about what's going to happen with the improvement of their kingdoms

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