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In this quest you play as Wade Wakeman, a 16 year old boy with a heart of gold and the wielder of the Omnitrix! This story is being told in an alternate universe, in which there are no longer any remaining Tennysons. Characters from earlier seasons will appear, but not always in a way that you’d expect.


Last time: Wade defeated Aku once and for all, and he spent the next couple of weeks recovering from his last adventure.

Most dice rolls will be 1d100. Modifiers will be added depending on the situation or on the alien being used(Usually +10 or -10). Crit successes and crit fails apply. Crit fails can be overridden by crit successes, but crit failures cannot override crit successes.

How to Roll:
To roll dice, type “dice+1d100” in the options field without the quotations. To roll dice with positive modifiers, type “dice+1d100+modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number. To roll dice with negative modifiers, type “dice+1d100+-modifier number” in the options field without quotations, and with an actual modifier number.

Aliens Unlocked:

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File: Spoiler Image (223 KB, 510x691)
223 KB
223 KB PNG

You sneak out the back door to see a temporal rift forming in your backyard. And seeing as it’s late and you’re still half asleep, you pull up a chair and wait until the rift is finished forming.

You sure do feel bad for the sorry bastard that’s about to pop out of that portal.

[Trixy]: Lifeform detected emerging from the rift. It is...human?

Just then, the portal tears itself open and you watch carefully as a young, red-headed girl emerges from it. She wears a blue shirt with a cat print, white pants and...an Omnitrix on her wrist?! The color is almost the same as your own.

Although yours is Purple and hers is Magenta, but still! It's uncanny!

She narrows her eyes and scans the area, but it doesn’t take long for her to notice you sitting in front of her. Your strange appearance seems to slightly unsettle her.

[Gwen]: Uh...hi. I’m looking for a guy with a watch that looks just like this one.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>>”Can I at least get an explanation before I jump into another portal? Paradox always gives me these long-winded ones.”
>>”Can I at least get an explanation before I jump into another portal? Paradox always gives me these long-winded ones.”
>”...Okay, I'll bite.” Enter the portal with the strange girl.
>”Are you...from another dimension? If so, how'd you get your watch?”
>>”Is this gonna be a whole thing? Because I just wanna know before I commit to anything.”
"especially something that's gonna keep me away from home and the kids."
Muttering under breath\
"And sleep."
>”First, to answer your question of how, I asked nicely, and the why is because it looks cool!”
>”Can I at least get an explanation before I jump into another portal? Paradox always gives me these long-winded ones.”
> “How’d you get your watch?”

File: Black Clover Title v2.png (1.99 MB, 800x1200)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB PNG
You are Cynthia Gualdo, a single daughter of a Head Tailor and thus, a tailor from birth yourself. Your home as well as workshop is located in the most prestigious, popular and exclusive trade region in Kikka – the High Street – and it was a dream achieved by your now deceased mother and middle-aged father. Your father hopes that, someday, you will succeed him… and you have long agreed to this thread of fate. Yet still, some nights you wish you could just forget and leave all those things behind and escape Kikka, escape the Common Region, and explore the world.

Tonight, you found yourself forced in a position of having to go to the ‘Blue Rose’ labyrinth where, generally, only the strongest of “Blue Rose’s” Magic Knights go into in order to take on the trap-ridden challenge created by Captain Charlotte. Your original task here was to find and rescue the so-called “worst Magic Knight” Alice, but once you have discovered her, the girl outright refused to leave the labyrinth until she found the centre’s rose. Yourself lacking offensive or even defensive spells, you reluctantly agreed to follow Phetocruel if she helped you.

Black Clover: Parallel Story is a CYOA QUEST set in the world of Black Clover manga and anime.

Quest is updated daily.

Last Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3885374/

Achieve: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Black+Clover+Quest
>Please vote if you feel like it.

Discord: https://discord.gg/zNbGsp8
>Leave feedback or ask questions there.

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Rolled 9 + 10 (1d10 + 10)

Gotcha, just wanted to make sure. I hope Charlotte doesn't yell at us ;_;
Rolled 7 + 10 (1d10 + 10)

> “Before you arrived, a beautiful gown was left at my doorsteps. Do you know who it might be from?
Rolled 5 + 10 (1d10 + 10)

> “Before you arrived, a beautiful gown was left at my doorsteps. Do you know who it might be from?
>> “Before you arrived, a beautiful gown was left at my doorsteps. Do you know who it might be from?
I'm debating asking her about how we are doing compared to olyver. Would be pretty bad situation for her if we actually died.

File: tcqop_55.jpg (177 KB, 900x516)
177 KB
177 KB JPG
“The Plastuny have been antsy about going into this area, Captain,” the Twaryian Captain’s advisor said lowly as both he and his superior looked over the border from atop a black painting scout tank, “There was talk of a mercenary sniper being the reason behind infiltration pairs vanishing. They had their hands full trying to find perhaps the same poking around behind the lines. Talk even went around of a ghost. Though it has been several weeks since the last occurrence, the rumors remain.”

The Captain didn’t think much of that rumor. “So they stopped going over? Entirely?”

“National Liberation Front and Eastern Resistance Army activity has occupied the Plastuny more, as well. Colonel Valdorich thinks it more important to curb resistance than to antagonize the westerners…”

The Captain scoffed heartily at that. “Valdorich does few things, and thinking is not one of them. His line of thought is an excuse to sit idle. There will be plenty of time to toy with petty resistance once the continent is taken.”

“Ellowie is only freshly beaten, yet you feel that way? If only your confidence was as infectious as it is overblown.”

Serzhant, is the might of Caelus now not at our backs, like a mighty wind? Are the disparate heretics of Sosalia any comparison to stalwart Ellowie, who were defeated before the home lands deigned to increase their efforts here? For all the talk of bravery and holy purpose I have seen far too much yellow about the dispositions of our valiant warriors. Our brethren across the sea have turned a curious eye, what would they think if we acted complacent, if not timid?”

“The Church may admire such fervor, but high command clearly does not.” The Sergeant said dully.

“Such is why the day is carried by us, Serzhant, and why High Command does not lead from the front. I have heard that the famed Kommandant has returned from a sojourn elsewhere.” The Captain crossed his arms and let a smile creep across a shadowed, lightly unshaven face. “I would test that vaunted reputation, now that we have plenty a measure of what we face. What do you think, Serzhant? Should we provoke him, or is he red blooded enough to make the first strike himself?”

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>Allow it.
What could possibly go wrong?
>>Tug on Anya’s leash. You’d already won a battle, you didn’t need to get even more out of it.
I'll get to writing as soon as I get back from a couple errands. And stuffing my face.

Give that ribbon around her neck a yank, what's the worst that could happen?

I would like something better than a pile of crap as a mark on a map, please.

In that case, I'll just roll for the result right now. Same set as last time.
Rolled 3 (1d6)


Seventeen years ago, the warrior race known as the Saiyans were annexed into Emperor Freeza’s army. Since that fateful day, the Saiyans have more than earned their title of warrior race. After the now-legendary Siege of New Salda broke the might of the Covenant’s empire, no other empire has dared to openly challenge the PTO’s military superiority, or the mighty Saiyans in battle. Entire systems have surrendered without a fight, thanks in part to the battle being spread far and wide through the Vox media empire. But how long can the might of the Saiyans remain unchallenged?

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, currently Age 748. You the players control Karn, a Saiyan with a last-recorded powerlevel of 15,118,200, a general in Lord Freeza’s army, husband and mate to Meloka, father of many, champion of New Salda, wielder of the Stand Dragon Force, and as “The Dragon of New Salda” you are the unbroken symbol of the PTO’s might across the stars. The Saiyan race has enjoyed an unprecedented time of peace, but it seems that peace may be coming to an end.

Character Sheet, powerlevels, and other pastebins: https://pastebin.com/u/GrandDragonQM
Archive link: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Saiyan+Conqueror+Quest

Quest rules:
>PICK ONE option when voting, unless otherwise stated
>20 minute votes, 3 votes minimum to proceed
>Only first 3 correctly rolled die count, best of 3 wins
>If any two roll posts are within the same second, they will be counted as one roll and I’ll take the higher number(s)
>Crits are nat 100, unless otherwise noted(a 99 may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails will count ONLY if a 1 is rolled and no roll passes the DC, OR two 1s are rolled
>Two 1s will OVERRIDE a 100, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Just read the epilogue, and damn if I'm not excited. Gonna be he'll in a cell to stop the end from coming though.
Glad you enjoyed it anon, I’ve been really REALLY looking forward to this
In a because-it'll-be-cool way or a MUAHAHAHAHA way?
Episode 108 begins! >>3926360

File: 31231908090.jpg (267 KB, 1080x1920)
267 KB
267 KB JPG
Cyka top sniper in whole zombie apocalypse.

Cyka crawling in building looking scanning the area below.

Cyka see fool, 400 m away, entering supermarket through front door, dodging five zombies, causing ruckus. Has handgun. Bullets, probably not many. Machete. Amateur.

Fool fills up trolley with food. Lots of junk food.

Fool leaving supermarket now.

Cyka only have 6 bullets left on the .50 though. Cyka could get down the building and go shoot fool with MP5, Cyka have ten bullets in the gun and a magazine with 30 bullets, but maybe fool has good reflexes from up close and Cyka could get shot.

Or Cyka could let fool get away with the food. Cyka still have enough canned food to last for a week or so, and Cyka don't even like junk food.

> Kill the fool with .50

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Run to alley with fire stairs

Defend self with pistol and get up those stairs, gotta wait this out.
>> Run to alley with fire stairs

File: Title Card.jpg (112 KB, 564x1067)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
The year is 2306. So much time has passed since the bombs fell, breathing nuclear fire over the world, cleansing it all of all. The falling super weapons were the end result of a decades long spiral into over-consumption, militant responses to all threats, and a swelling national ego. It's not that we didn't see this reality coming. But we had the pride and gall to assume that we'd survive to become the rulers of the next world as well. But here we are. Not masters of the world, but a collection of broken remains. Those that even remember the old world either see it as a failed abortion of a society or seek to usurp it in their own way, self assured that they won't make the same mistakes. But all one has to do is look around to see that isn't true. We still fight and kill each other. Over power, money, and anything else. Because while the battlefield has shifted inexorably, human nature hasn't. Because war, war never changes.

>The Rules
I will be writing up the post-nuclear adventures of our hero who is yet to be made. The voting period will last 20 minutes (or more) after the prompts are given. I will then announce the voting closed and write up the chosen course of action. We'll be using plenty of familiar Fallout mechanics but most of it will be dumbed down to avoid number crunching.

>The Dice
We will be using d20 ninety percent of the time here. Best of three. We might use something else when applicable. Multiple dice for team actions. Your bonuses or lack there of are determined by your stats, which you can find of break down of in the pastebin.

>The Pastebin
Here's where the info on mechanics are, along with your current stats and inventory. I'll try and keep abreast of your inventory but following it in thread is for the best if I'm currently running.

>The Twitter
Follow me here for updates on runtimes and whatnot.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Hey all, just popping in to to confirm we'll be going into the tunnel next thread and salvaging useful parts from the Mr. Handy before we go. Also, I'm pretty sure the next thread will be this weekend, but we'll be getting back to Metahuman Quest. Seeya then.
>Metahuman Quest hasn't been abandoned.
Very nice.
File: 1573255251749.gif (1.81 MB, 500x281)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB GIF
Hahah indeed also author if you're looking at this post grand show my friend I like the quest :)
Thanks for doing this quest it's wicked dude.
Almost forgot, this thread is now archived! It's with everything else I've done. Linked above.

File: 3981903312.jpg (195 KB, 640x480)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
You're a young orphan who lived your whole life in an orphanage ran by monks in the forest. One day you were out cutting firewood as per the monks request and fell asleep; you woke up to the smell of smoke. You saw a column of black smoke in the horizon and left the cart with firewood behind, running back to the monastery to see what was going on.

You find the monastery in flames and you don't see the monks anywhere. You begin to frantically look around then you see it!

A goblin holding a torch on top of wolf, putting the corpse of one monk inside of a big sack.

You still have the small axe you were using to chop wood with you.

What do you do?
> Attack the goblin
> Attack the wolf
> Hide and wait for the goblin to go away
> Flee from this place
> Write in
35 replies omitted. Click here to view.
South. There is no other directions. I have a goal! Salute those monk papas and MARCH!

You abandon the promising path of the river and continue walking towards the south.

After a couple days walk you once again get plagued by dehydration. You really should've packed some water with you...

By the third day you're too parched and can't walk anymore, collapsing by a tree.

This time no friendly elf shows up to save your life.

Many years later your skeleton is found by travelers, huddling a basket full of scrolls containing poetry. They use the scrolls to kindle their fire that night.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Okay... sorry I'm not trying yo kamikaze, I just figured the quickest route would be a straight path... least risk of side questing too
Yeah this is why I didn't want to participate. When most people read >>3921085 , they interpret close enough as, you know, close enough to refill water and stay hydrated and not get completely lost in the woods. When OP reads close enough, he apparently interprets it as abandon the river entirely and never make another attempt to find water until you die. Just like he interprets hunting a phoenix as wandering right into its nest and having the whole party immediately eat a fireball. Or scouting a cave as wandering around with your eyes closed until a dozen kobolds surround you and attack all at once. The quest is a railroad because even the slightest deviation from what OP thinks is a good idea is punished, often by death, because he makes characters carry out the course of action he doesn't like in the most suicidal way possible. It sucks because OP clearly wants to run a quest and is willing to put a lot of effort in. He just has no idea on how to do it well and is unable or unwilling to learn.
Just wish I had been given the chance to roll, at least then I'd have felt like my own bad luck caused the death

File: Catalyst Quest.png (230 KB, 408x599)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
"I wish to answer your questions. All of them."

You are Father Richard Anscham, leader of the Church of Mercy. The year is 605, and in your home- the country of Corcaea- the souls of mankind belong to demons.

Having traveled far from your church, far from civilization, you have reached the bottom of the ruins that cover the land. You initially sought a cure for humanity: a cure for the Catalyst. Beset by demons most foul, you were taken from the clutches of death and into the welcome embrace of Mercy. The Goddess asked you to postpone your search, professing that the only cure to the Catalyst is death. Rather than leave you to despair, She has entrusted you with a divine mission: to obtain a Relic that will heal your pain, and the pain of so many others.

Mercy has not been your only ally in your journey. The Gods are with you, Father Anscham, as well as your faithful mastiff, Ray. The two women who have saved your life travel with you as well. The elven sorceress, Celegwen, has lost much in her time with you, yet neither you nor death frightens her. She has confessed to wanting nothing more than to see how far your journey takes her, in her own quest for knowledge and power. Your other companion, the halfling, Ofelia Banks, has proven herself time and time again. She has worked tirelessly as a lethal combatant, an expert navigator, and a devout friend- despite everything you have been through. Though they both have expressed concern over the way your Gods have worked through you, neither one has wavered in following you to the ends of the Aerth.

Anguished and lost beneath a red moon, you appear to have been pulled away from the world you know and into the clutches of an archdemon. Your friends lie still at your feet; a demon that reminds you, horribly, of your Goddess stands before you. Strain wears on your body, mind, and soul. How much are you willing to endure for the ones you love? Will you see your mission through, no matter the cost? You know beyond all doubt what you believe in- but do you know who you can trust?

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Catalyst%20Quest
Discord (Update notifications, art, music, etc.): https://discord.gg/24cmNWp
Journal (Inventory and Observations in Prayer): https://imgur.com/QxMpaOk
Thread Theme: https://youtu.be/ST2H8FWDvEA
372 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
Leaving this one open for awhile, got a lot to take care of today.

All valid complaints. You guys have been pushing yourself well past human limits for most of the quest. It's to be expected for you to be wanting for something healthier. Something to consider: Richard has never once voluntarily discussed how the Gods affect other members of the clergy.

Courting Ofelia has always been an option, but she's a different character than Celegwen. They both have their strengths, and neither has pushed Richard into doing anything. You simply have shown Celegwen far more interest. I thought it would be prudent to highlight why.
File: Blessed_Couple.png (477 KB, 1000x1000)
477 KB
477 KB PNG
An essay on the advantages of an elf companion.

It is easy in the heat of the waifu wars to get lost in ones emotions or romantic feelings, to avoid falling victim to this behavior myself this essay will only contain objective traits and characteristics of Gwen and how they complement those of Richard.
Firstly, the two characters share an affinity for magic or magic-like powers, these being the natural cause of life long devotion to the craft, respectively Richard with his worship and Celegwen with her study. A commonality such as this lends itself useful not only in the bonding of the two but also to allow the pursuit of a shared goal, the pursuit of knowledge.

The venerable age of Celegwen contrasts perfectly with the youth and relative naivety of Richard, the elf no doubt holding many answers to her friend’s burning questions, specifically those that pertain to history.

Secondly, when it comes to combat or expedition their abilities yet again complement each other, while both are very capable by themselves in most areas they noticeably fall into certain roles. Richard is an absolutely terrifying combatant able to dominate most opponents, the way he achieves such a feat is through the invocation of the gods, a process that takes a severe toll on his mind and body. In a similar vein so does Gwen’s magic, putting aside the obvious sympathy the two can and do feel for each other this allows for the two to share the burden of combat and healing. Their first interaction is a perfect example of this, Richard after defeating a demon was slowly succumbing to his wounds, when Gwen healed him (and Ray). This brings into the spotlight her use as a support character, mending body and spirit. Additionally, her conjuration solves the major issue of rations, allowing the pair to penetrate deep into even the most barren and dangerous territories without the burden of finding and carrying sustenance.
The careful reader may find themselves asking “what if something happens to Richard? Is Gwen capable of defending herself? Although useful she seems like a liability.”
This astute observation is admittedly false. Celegwen has shown martial prowess when holding out against the wave of imps while Richard was sleeping, proving that she can not only take care of herself but also her incapacitated allies.

A last but most important point is her demeanor, calm and methodical, even soothing at times. As trivial as this may seem it is one of the most useful aspects of everyone’s favorite elf, enabling her to ground Richard when everything seems too much for him to handle.
In conclusion, Celegwen is the only person that can not only keep up with Richard, but also support him in times of great need. Their shared background with nature is only one of the many arguments that speaks volumes to their compatibility.
>>A) You truly appreciate Celegwen's company, her friendship, and her affection- but you are drunk, and are legitimately risking destroying everything you've worked for your entire life by holding hands with a woman. This can't go any further.
>>1) Maybe- just maybe- you can try to see where this takes you both, regardless. Maybe- if there comes a day when you aren't fighting for your life, and don't need to call upon the Goddess for aid at any given moment- you can reciprocate Celegwen's affection. ...but not right now.
>A) You truly appreciate Celegwen's company, her friendship, and her affection- but you are drunk, and are legitimately risking destroying everything you've worked for your entire life by holding hands with a woman. This can't go any further.
>1) Maybe- just maybe- you can try to see where this takes you both, regardless. Maybe- if there comes a day when you aren't fighting for your life, and don't need to call upon the Goddess for aid at any given moment- you can reciprocate Celegwen's affection. ...but not right now.
Then opt for a little bit of space to pray for forgiveness. I understand if this might be a stretch of what we can vote on at once, but both things are pretty important.

File: tegaki.png (4 KB, 400x400)
4 KB
You're a nigger named Harry Tyrone Potter because your mother liked magic and shieet.

You deal drugs and rob liquor stores to make money, which you spend on hoes. Life is good man!

You have $3000, a handgun, some dank herb and a bit of crack.

What do you want to do?
> Smoke some pot
> Smoke some crack
> Deal drugs
> Fuck hoes
> Rob a liquor store
> Write in
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
haha look mom I said nigger hahaha am i 4channing yet ecks dee
This is a racist board.
there can be more to the joke than "ecks dee its an MS paint drawing but his name is Harry Nigger Potter lmao"
Yes I expanded on his initial post. Fuck off miggur.
>Deal Drugs

File: TITLE6.png (182 KB, 681x594)
182 KB
182 KB PNG
While working under Kagyu, you exorcised the Needful Lending building and snagged a mask and cloak from the basement before it collapsed in on itself and sucked the whole area into the MANIFOLD, the spirit realm.
You were attacked by some weird, viscerally horrifying monster person on the way back home.
You brought Rise and Katsu with you to play DnD and after being sucked into some dorky spirit’s bad campaign, you exorcised the leggy nerd DM.
While walking home with Rise, you were attacked by that same visceral muscle monster and managed to rescue her to bring her home for a COOL GIRL SLEEPOVER.
On the walk to school, you talked to Rise about all your previous SPOOKY EXPERIENCES and about fighting all the prior Talisman (Talismen?) spirits.
You came to Kagyu for one last job to get the space as a Spirits and Such Club clubroom to find that the muscle monster you were hunting down was your last target.
After corning the monster with Rise, she betrayed you and knocked you out to drag you into some prison cell.
She revealed that your SUPER POWERFUL esper powers are because some scary evil dark lord spirit from the other world infused itself into your soul and you basically are an EVIL DARK LORD.
She tried to convince you to join a scary esper cult bent on world domination and you said no, like a TOTAL LOSER.
Rise left you in the cell, promising that you’d join eventually.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 387.png (3 KB, 566x457)
3 KB

>Give her a few moments of THINKing, then snap her out of it by yelling "LISTEN!"
>"All I needed to do was to make you think about your relationship with her to bring you to your knees. I don't have to tell you how that looks. JOIN ME. Together we can get out of here, and I won't kill you when you stop being useful. We could be friends." Then hold out a hand to her.

You allow Rise some time to THINK, before snapping her out of her thoughts by yelling “LISTEN!

"All I needed to do was to make you think about your relationship with her to bring you to your knees. I don't have to tell you how that looks. JOIN ME. Together we can get out of here, and I won't kill you when you stop being useful. We could be friends." You hold a hand out to her.
Rise stares at your offered hand for a moment, her own hand twitching, before she suddenly slaps it away. “Get away from me!” She hisses, her voice breaking as she turns away from you. Rise looks like she wants to run before she simply sinks to the ground, curling up into a ball in the tall grass.

You and Kasane currently stand alone in the tall grass, Rise curled up quietly on the ground.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Sit down in the grass
>Ask Kasane how they're holding up
Sounds good
>"... Hey Kasane. How ya holding up?"

Asking her anything else is not a good idea, we need to build up trust with potentially one of our only ways out of here.
>Sit down in the grass
>Ask Kasane how they're holding up

File: img.png (25 KB, 500x381)
25 KB
In the aftermath of The Ralphie Armada's invasion, the vermin world's ecosystems are left as ruined as it's civilization; only a few hardiest creatures surviving the carnage. Yet, it is not yet the end of the world; the survivors shall perservere, and in time, flourish and diversify into an entirely new biome...
125 replies and 98 images omitted. Click here to view.
civ lines should have separate technology trees or something
File: file.png (18 KB, 429x636)
18 KB
File: vermin metal teeth.png (20 KB, 1324x201)
20 KB
the flat smooth eyed Fwock is a single species with many different variations on the teeth all incorporate monze and other metals in the teeth and the teeth are constantly growing

File: AC7 Attack Alt.jpg (1023 KB, 2550x1650)
1023 KB
1023 KB JPG
he Lighthouse War is over, but conflict still continues.

With Erusea's defeat at the hands of the Osean Federation and the International United Nations, the imperial nation has splintered into a confusing mess of separatists, freedom fighters, warlords, rogue military factions, and those seeking to profit from the chaos. Worse, Erusea's many automated drone factories still remain intact, waiting for new masters to come to claim them.

The Usean continent remains in crisis, and it's up to a new generation of pilots to face this next generation threat...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MercCommand

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Unknown%20Sky%20Ace%20Combat%20Quest

Other Quests: https://pastebin.com/KYvGiNas

Rules and Stats: https://pastebin.com/9XGwuWZx

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Thanks for running, Merc. See you in two weeks.
See you next time, boss.
It'll be funny if all the Belkan pilots in this quest were Char Clones in one form or another.

See you in two weeks!
Milly is Char but sane.
File: Li'l Devil Milly.png (215 KB, 631x799)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
Messed up with that pic.

Have some Nose art.

File: 1831.png (177 KB, 600x515)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
Last time, you went to school and made friends with some of the new kids, made amends with your friend Scarlet, and together formed a team (name pending) with the objective to save the world. The first step to accomplishing this was suggesting to the Judges a new set of rules. Hopefully they pick them up! What a day - and it’s still not over!

After all your activities today, you return to your apartment. As you go up the stairs you notice a guest waiting at your door. It’s Ruby! She’s going to live with you for the foreseeable future. She has her backpack, a cup of coffee, her clothes, and nothing else! Despite the snow being mostly gone, the weather is still cold. Oh and she hasn’t noticed you yet.

What do you do?

>Say hi and apologize for making her wait! You’re already not doing great as a host.
>With great power comes great responsibility. Make yourself invisible and surprise her!
>Make yourself invisible and try to sneak inside your apartment with her not noticing for some reason.
>Write In.
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Rolled 80 (1d100)

no panicking needed
Ignoring how the entire facility is beginning to panic right this second, you start walking away from it all, easily dodging through the followers entering the room to help your incapacitated victim. Nobody notices your cloaked form flickering or blurring, thankfully. To your surprise, it seems most of the cultists being gathered outside the door you’re currently leaving are just here to see what’s going on. While everybody is busy with the commotion, you spot a handful of robed people quietly turn and walk away from the others. They must be people who weren’t fully convinced to join the cult and weren’t brainwashed yet. Now that they’re taking their chance to leave it for good, you follow their lead to the nearest exit! Going up some stairs, going through some random corridors, and straight to liberty! No need to follow the signs after all!

Nearly a dozen lost prospects depart the premises, not knowing you are among them unseen! A cursory look around you reveals you’re at main entrance, and the fleeing ex-cultists start to scatter away from the building. Half of them are making a beeline towards where you know the nearest subway station is, while the other half split off in three pairs going different directions. Left alone, you can’t help sighing loudly and letting the tension ebb away from you. Your head starts to ache, your stomach begins to churn, and your vision blurs for a brief moment… That’s your own cue to go home.

You gain +1 Athletics points for enduring the pain and nausea of your ability’s backlash! And +2 Courage points for accomplishing a solo mission!
File: 1853.png (97 KB, 600x515)
97 KB

Once a couple of blocks away from the facility, safe in an alley where nobody will find you, you turn your optic camouflage off and put your back to the wall – slowly letting yourself slide down to the ground, clutching your pulsing head with your free hand and taking deep breaths. Your legs were giving up, you were shaking this whole time, and every step made you feel like you were going to throw up on the street any second. In your mind you were confident, but this is still something new to you.

“Good job, partner.” Philonune congratulates you for a mission well accomplished.
You take another deep breath, the side effects of your power already fading away. “Yeah…” You fumble for a moment, taking out your phone to inform Scarlet of your victory. “It was a lot easier than I thought. We just climbed in and walked out. Barely any guards.”
“A master makes the weapon’s use look easy to the untrained eye.”
“But that would make me the master, and… Ugh, forget it…” Shaking your head, you look up and give your floating flame ally a smile behind your mask. “Good job too, partner.”
Philonune returns your smile with his own characteristic smirk. “Always here to help. Now that machine, what do you think it could get us…?” He floats down to look closer at it.
“Hopefully not shitty self-help books…”

As you two stare at the laptop you recovered, the sun begins to set…

That’s all we have for this thread! Thanks for playing!
Thanks for running!^^
Good thread

File: 398173981.jpg (46 KB, 636x900)
46 KB
You're a rogue skill monkey in a medieval fantasy world.

You can pick many of these skills as you want. You have 100 points to distribute. 1 is novice, 5 is proficient, 8 is expert, 12 is master, 15 or more is legendary.

> Acrobatics
> Alchemy
> Anatomy
> Ancient History
> Ancient Language
> Animal Call
> Animal Handling
> Animal Training
> Animal Lore
> Anthropology

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Master of Torture
15 in
> Interrogation
> Intimidation
> Psychology
> Torture
> Tracking
> Seduction
10 in
> Detect Lie
I like this one
> 100 in cooking
>> Unarmed Combat 5
>Boxing 15
>Cooking 8
>Sewing 2
>Spelunking 8
>Survival 8
>Swimming 5
>Hunting 9
>Climbing 10
>Armorer 5
>Woodworking 5
>Healing 5
>Herbalism 5
And that’s a wrap

File: Darkness Quest.png (1.43 MB, 736x1119)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
The man was ushered through the expansive hall. Gold ornaments hung heavily and frequently, oozing wealth. A vase there could feed a village for a year. That rug there could supply a monastery with enough coin to buy medicine from far away lands. The signet on the butlers finger could send a poor boy to university for the rest of his life. There was enough gold here to lift the entire kingdom out of poverty.

“When you meet the king, you will bow immediately.” The butler explained for the fourth time “You will then sit exactly one hundred yards away, on your knees and hands plainly shown. You will speak when spoken to and with a clear voice. He sniffed “Have you bathed? No? Well, no matter. Hopefully the incense in the room masks it.”

They arrived at a huge oaken door, inlaid with golden depictions of heroes locked in eternal combat with daemons and monsters. It was as tall as three men standing on top of each other, and a dark, deep brown. Two sentries stood guard at the door, each monsters in their own right who towered over the butler and the man. The Eternity Custodians. Clad in golden armour, they stood motionless, their eyes covered by their visors but undoubtedly watching those who walked past with fiery suspicion. They clasped their huge double handed swords, rumoured to be able to cut ogres in half with one swing, each brimming with runic power. There were twelve Eternity Custodians in the palace, all charged with protecting the king from assassinations and were unquestionably loyal to him. It was said they were taken as babes by the royal spymaster and raised to only have one goal in life, to protect the king.
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>2 hits on the Cloven One. 8 damage dealt
Apologies. Im reworking the battle system next round
>2 hits on the Zealot. 6 damage dealt

The beast and the chosen by God come together, their battle cries both carrying on the wind. The Zealot swings his stave, right into the Clovens ribs and hearing a definite crack followed by laboured breathing.
However, as the Zealot was swinging, the Clovens bone club was already making contact. The Cloven had charged, winding up his club as he did so, bringing it with force into the zealots head, drawing blood.
They grappled, punching, kicking and biting before pushing apart breathing heavily.

==The Zealot==
14/20 Health
0 Damage reduction
++Pick a Stance++
Normal Attack
-Deals 4 damage per successful DC Pass

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Choose a Stance
>-Stuns Enemy - Hits for 4 damage per successful DC pass - Four turn cool down
Can you roll me 3 1D100s.
DC: 40
Rolled 37 (1d100)


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