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File: Front_1.png (2.17 MB, 1240x1754)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB PNG
This city is besieged by beasts, beset by bands of brigands and harried by distant crowns. Odd things drip from the dead God in the sky. Some find themselves asleep, walking a desert in their dreams, a song in the wind and a shape in the dust. They wake with a new purpose and sharpen their knives. They gather. They sing together.

The beasts take your friends and the choir steal your people. The Governor does nothing but send more soldiers to die in the River Wars. The Watchers are too swayed by bribes to take an interest. The Gangs can barely control their turf.

Someone has to do something.

It might have to be you.

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Spear: 1d10, 10% (Puncture), Feint 2, Reach 2
I think he means the stats of the spear you want.

Spear: 1d10, 10% (Puncture), Feint 2 to Feint 4(7 bits), Reach 2.

If there are any bits left you might want to upgrade puncture chance.

(Ah, I'd like Feint increased to 4 or 5 if possible.
That's the property which I'll predominantly be using, so I'm not interested in improving anything else at the moment.)
Not possible for 5 no. Got confirmation Stalwart weapons are quality 4. If you want to push it to quality 5 you'd need an extra 5 bits for quality and 5 bits for Feint 5 which isn't bad. Since you have quality 5 you can also add another attribute, extra damage dice is nice but you Mark's trait you can get fire% chance for a discount.

Feint 5 spear would be

Quality 4 to 5 (5bits), 1d10 wounds, reach 2, Feint 2 to Feint 3 (3bits) to Feint 4 (4bits) to Feint 5 (5bits) total (12bits) then you'd have an extra slot to put another attribute like bleed dice, bleed chance, fire dice, block etc.

Total on that spear would be 17 bits btw which isn't bad.
Ohh and put Ludwig's boots in you inventory, you'll probably need it more than me.

File: BH.jpg (316 KB, 1199x1200)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
It’s autumn, the ground is muddy and the weather terrible, but the cold hasn’t arrived yet, I was searching the nearby woods for signs of my current mark and was rewarded with tracks, big tracks, heading north.

“It’s 3 or them, I’m sure, not exactly easy but 3 orcs shouldn’t be a problem.”

That’s what I though while crouching down and looking at their tracks, the small village of bumfuckville or whatever is offering good coin to get rid of them so I will. This is far from their usual raiding grounds and the people here probably never had to deal with them, the chance of this being a raiding party is very slim, they are probably outcasts, which means they won’t stand by that weird code of honor those savages have. That makes them more dangerous.

Now I have a lead, all there is left is to decide how to pursue it.

>I steadily followed their tracks hoping to reach them when they make camp, this could mean walking all day or even into night, but it’s safer. (Tracking)

>They are heading north and at that direction there is a cave some bandits used as shelter, that’s the best place to make camp, I can probably arrive there before they can and set up an ambush, that is, IF they are going there. (Survival)

>I know their direction and their probable location, I’ll just rush them and deal with them however I can, shouldn’t be too hard. (Daredevil)
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I dropped the dagger and reached for my long blade, I swung it in an arc aiming for the wounded orc’s head; he knew it was coming and parried it using his primitive weapon, a smile crossed his face and I knew what it meant
His friend had arrived.
I couldn’t see the blow but I knew it was coming, instead of trying to dodge it I advanced on my opponent and pushed both off our weapons aside, I used the pommel to deliver a blow to his nose and I felt the unseen enemy’s weapon pass harmlessly through the air where I previously was.

This is going well, I though, I can do this all day.
Maybe I spoke too soon.

The wounded orc with his nose bleeding let go of his spear and grabbed his face with one hand, but the other, he used to grab me by my shoulder. It was a weak grip and I quickly elbowed his forearm to make him let got, but it was enough time for his friend to hit me on the side with a blade made of jagger teeth.

Chainmail rings flew, leather under armor parted and I felt the searing pain that comes with a slash wound, I quickly retreated a few steps but the orc didn’t followed, he was waiting for his friend to recover, the clever bastard. I took my hand to the side and quickly inspected the wound, it was not deep but I felt difficulty in moving, a rib maybe? Not broken but definitely injured.

The unarmed and injured orc looked at me with dazed eyes, he was still not fully there as he grabbed a small blade that was strapped to his waist, the other one remained silent and started circling, if I don’t do something now they’ll have me surrounded again.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

forgot to say you should roll a 1d100 with whatever action too
Rolled 67 (1d100)

>I took a defensive position and waited for them to make the first move, now that I can see both of them I can react properly (small bonus to defense)
Wait is Banished Quest finally back?

File: Anime.jpg (272 KB, 1920x1080)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
OH SHIT-! You and 2-5 other faggots across the globe have been caught in a tragic combine harvester accident at the exact same time. The only thing any of you have in common is that you're 4chan posters, happen to browse /qst/, and are in this together. You're in luck because the God of Chaos has burned through his anime backlog and thinks watching you chucklefucks stumble around in fantasyland is the next best thing. To make sure that you don't die immediately, he plans to give you a choice but first he wants to know what he's gotten himself into.

Stat YOURSELF by rating your stats and any skills you have on a sliding scale. Minuscule is barely there, Weak is shit-tier, Low is pathetic, Below Average is meh-tier, Average is average, Above Average is noticeable, High is impressive, and Exceptional is badass. In skills, Average is a normal professional, and everyone is Minuscule in skill unless they practice. The ten stats are Strength (lifting), Toughness (tanking), Willpower (mind over matter), Dexterity (hands), Agility (everywhere else), Reflex (speed), Intelligence (learning), Intuition (gut feeling), Wisdom (common sense), and Charisma (smooth talking). The skills are infinite and depend on whatever you personally know.

Last, determine your Strengths and Weaknesses. These don't have a sliding scale they're there or they're not. Any talents, positive attributes, or negative shortcomings belong here. If you are a 9/10 on a bad day that's a Strength, if you are terrified of bright noises that's a Weakness. Each gives a bonus or penalty to specific actions. List as many as you think you have. That's it for the first stage of the two-part intro.

The more honest you are statting yourself, the more fun this is going to be. As many anons that want to join in can, but the more there are the more dangerous your start will be. I'll leave this here for two days, if you want to play make a statsheet.
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Ahh shit let's shove some souls into the vending machine and see what we get!
You'd have to collect them and avoid nigh-universal condemnation in and out of the party first.
Pffft as if I wouldn't already be going to hell.
Thanks, those skills were the game changers.
Thread #2 is here, >>3919883

File: OP2.png (765 KB, 800x600)
765 KB
765 KB PNG
Welcome back to Innerworld Civ Quest. Last time, you chose to play as the Nichitin, an arachenian nation intent on defending yourselves from the gnolls who had purged you for generations. However, having lost an initial conflict, you have instead bided your time and put effort into developing as a nation.

If you want, you can join us here: discord.gg/pdcRsDP

Here you can find all the old threads; click on the tag HareQM for the old civ: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Innerworld%20Redux

FPs and PPs I did not answer last thread can be found here: https://pastebin.com/sM0YvUEW

I messed up mercenary stuff last time, so not going to respond to them. Just assume you gained some experience, though facing some casualties.

Rok has blessed you! Some scouts checking on the gnolls appear to have found a small clutch of gigantulas! These massive spiders can range between the size of a camel and an elephant, but have long been thought to be dead, wiped out by Ierans in the years before the Third Light. However, with their return, your people may be able to redomesticate them, and even use them as war beasts. That is not the only good news... a minor earthquake has opened up a massive vein of black onyx near the strange, abandoned temple. There are no known mines of this substance, and it has the power to resist dark magic, making it an incredibly useful resource. Lastly, the sale of amaranth and sandalwood from your forests has enabled you to gain even more wealth. The coffers of Nichitin are full to bursting!

Homeria and Reptia appear on the brink of war, Reptia wanting revenge after the humans exterminated a ghoulish village.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: Alchemy Lab.jpg (575 KB, 767x512)
575 KB
575 KB JPG
Rolled 83, 79 + 5 = 167 (2d100 + 5)

FP: With a goal in mind for the future of Clutter of Spi, La'nitch begins to use the resources in her disposal to build a functional alchemy lab and the knowledge to use it.
[2 wealth and 2 influence]

PP: La'nitch believes there's other way to achieve her goal, so she sets out north east to travel and experience the world. Her main priority is to search for magical ingredients and creatures.
Rolled 47 (1d100)


Faction Project: We had hoped the Hamlet would grow on it's own with an influx of food and projects focused on defending it but it seems we must take matters into our own hands. We will dedicate all our efforts into expending Riverhead City into a full city while keeping our defensive city planing with walls and Interconnected Towers. We will not allow our great home to be overshadowed by this new interloper.
File: s-l225.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
Rolled 95, 45 + 10 = 150 (2d100 + 10)


>Faction Projekt 3: Dark weapons for dark times
As setting up our hidden fortresses seems out of reach for now, the hidden netters have directed their focus elsewhere; Onyx. Currently, it is mostly mined and sold in its raw form, so we will set up a workshop near the mine to craft it into items of use. The workshop won't be in the mining town itself but in one of our shitty hidden jungle huts, that we hope one day will be a hidden knot, a mighty invisible fort. We will craft copper armor and weapons, as well as jewelry and trinkets, inlaid with obsidian. Additionally, we will craft arrows with obsidian tips. As the material resists dark magic, we hope that perhaps it can truly hurt the cursed colossi and whatever dark forces brought them to un-life. Most of the items will be sold for profit, at a reduced rate to our army and government as we want more of these pointed at the gnolls when they return, but some we will personally stockpile.
To buy the tools and attract the expertise and business connections required to set up this operation, we will use all our wealth and influence.
[-2 Wealth, - 2 Influence] +10

>Personal Project Nak'tin 3: A big spider for you
Nak'tin has realized that he is but a small and aging Nichitin and that he will have to gain a physical advantage over gnolls and colossi a different way. He will try to gain custody of a gigantula and train it to let him ride on its back, in this process he has learned about taking care of these creatures and breeding them.
File: fp.png (215 KB, 730x357)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
Rolled 67 (1d100)

Faction Project
The HIll stalkers decide it is best to settle the hills between their two villages and to use it as a camp to begin logging of sandalwood trees! though to protect nature against us we shall plant three for each we cut down.

File: tipstoembrac.jpg (82 KB, 670x475)
82 KB
You shiver in your newly issued uniform as you exit the city from which you were born.

The bulky overcoat and boots help against the chill, but not by much. Behind you, the familiar lights and steam of Amver light up the permanent night of the world.

It is a fraction of the warmth you once knew. The pre-war plasma core of the city has begun to power down, shutting off power to entire city subsectors. Medicine and power are rationed off, and time is running out.

You must travel to Premon, and return with a specialist tech-priest, lest the city be lost to the unyielding winter.

Three others will accompany you, and have already been chosen by the Council. You are the youngest, a new graduate from the...

>Field Ranger Academy
>Reaper Corps
>Ordo Medicae
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>Introduce yourself to the Old Man

The cab rattles in its bolts, a continuous sound that can be heard even as you make your way to the front of the truck.

The old man is still sitting in his seat, muttering and staring ahead. His hair is grey, wrinkles on his face. Otherwise, he is in excellent shape, one of those ancients where seventy looks like fifty, full of life and vigor.


The old man does not respond. You tap him on the shoulder.



His voice is a robust shout, deafening in the interior of a vehicle. You adjust quickly.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Find the 3rd Crew Member

For such a small space, you are having a lot of difficulty finding the 3rd crew member. A question to the Engineer only reveals a flippant answer of "Around."

You almost give up, when you find a tiny ladder off in the common room. You climb it to find a partially concealed loft.


You find a blonde woman, dressed in a purple cloak. It looks expensive. Papers and documents are scattered all around.

"Don't you know to knock?!"

There wasn't a door.

"Nevermind." She looks at you. "Hold there, I have something for you."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
You settle into the common room.

There is a uncomfortable sofa, as well as an elevated sofa. It smells of oil.

There is enough time to talk to someone again before you arrive at city limits. Or you can spend the time doing something else.

>Talk to Captain Thrush
>Talk to Ambassador Jenias.
>Talk to the Engineer.
>Write in.
>Talk to Captain Thrush

>Talk to Captain Thrush

File: Lhasa (Dark Skies).jpg (66 KB, 720x360)
66 KB
As thought heralding the coming battle, the skies above Lhasa darken. Some of the city was already destroyed from incoming artillery, but beyond the skirmishes happening right outside the city's perimeters, the real fight has yet to start.

But now, sounds of war drums and horns could be heard echoing across the valley, heralding the coming of the Che army.

It is within this context that an Iron Army air transport manages to land a deploy the pilots from behind the front lines.

"Good day, pilots. This is CO Ning Hui speaking, replacing Keng Si. Our objective is to hold the line against the Che Army and the Axe Revenants to secure the evacuation of the city. We are given special permission to act on our own discretion to attack targets."
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Rolled 24, 34, 64, 85, 39, 7, 42, 84, 80 = 459 (9d100)

"Bad for business and a waste of potential if we left Outsider bleeding out, Sentinel, I'm going to help you out with that Revenant."

>Apply Enhanced Reaction, Assisted Fire, Pinpoint Targeting, and Optimized Mitigation on Sentinel
>5x Shut Down attempts on Revenant 03
>Forgot to state +22 Hack
Rolled 21, 52 = 73 (2d100)

"Damn it."
Indigo said as she said as she noted Outsider's status through the commlink, and started to move towards his position as fast as she could.
>2 railrifle shots on the artillery, aiming to disable the guns
>moving towards Outsider.
Rolled 15, 8, 100, 44, 9, 85, 5, 60, 63 = 389 (9d100)

Chris' eye twitches as he's beset upon by the enemy. He was usually good at this. Keyword: usually. Caught in the melee, Chris tried his best to weave out of the attacks. He considers jabbing a tentacle into the enemy infront of him: With a direct link to the enemy, he could hopefully shut them down... maybe. Fortunately, it seemed like his ally had that covered, so maybe they could work on something more... ambitious. Coiling his tentacles around the suit in front of him, he begins sawing into it, aiming to pull the pilot inside out alive, and mostly intact.

>3x dodge (+30)
>Activating blackout
>4x Attempts to pry open the suit (+35, 5DAM)
>Activating Agent ability
>If pilot retrieved, take and restrain them.
>Burrow down and reenters stealth (+21)
>Drone falls back east, and reenters stealth
File: Turn 7.png (1.68 MB, 1408x755)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
Har's optimized mitigation process when through for Sentinel... but it seems like it is unneeded, as Revenant 03 was successfully shut down before he could do any followup attacks.

Indigo destroys another artillery piece, relieving for pressure for the last few evacuations. She then charges towards Outsider!

HP: 2/20
BROKEN: Terminal
Most of Sentinel's suit gets torn apart by the flurry of attacks, but he manages to duck the final one as the Revenant falls over, frozen.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Welcome back to Kamen Rider Chronicles! You play as Reiko Yukihara, Genius Pro Gamer and bearer of the Gamer Driver. With your black 「Mighty Action X 」 Gashat and unwavering sense of Justice, you’ve decided to investigate Genm Corp’s newest game 「Kamen Rider Chronicle 」 after witnessing the death of all three of your friends at the hands of a Red and Blue Kamen Rider.

In the last episode, you learned about the Bugsters. Monsters who emerge when a patient infected with the eponymous Bugster virus goes under severe stress. This sickness is known as Game Syndrome. You also learned about the fall of Cyber Rescue, the organization of the original Kamen Riders, and how the Bugsters have infiltrated both Genm Corp and the Ministry of Health.

After convincing Hiiro Kagami, one of the original members of CR and her sudden crush, to don your Gamer Driver and protect your parents, you come up with a plan to rebuild CR and retrieve the confiscated Gashats!

Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=NovaQM
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File: END.png (555 KB, 1910x760)
555 KB
555 KB PNG
“Parado...if this is gonna work then we have to trust each other.” You say. “I can understand if you can’t stop the bugsters from attacking and me having to fight them but...at least let NCR look at the stuff you gave me. Also...being alone with you makes me uncomfortable.” You admit. Parado looks visibly hurt.

“You don’t trust me?” He asks quietly and runs his fingers through his hair, conflicted. He lets out a sigh. “Alright Reiko, if it makes you feel better I’ll go with you.” He grins and pats your head. “I really can’t say no to you can I?”

“What’s going Reiko?” Hiiro asks cautiously. “What things are you talking about?”

You fidget a bit, embarrassed. “Parado gave me some things when you fought King. I don’t really know what they are but one of them was a BugVisor. I never actually gave them a good look. I just tried to ignore them.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?!”

“Because I didn’t want to think about them! I was too scared! I don’t even really know what they are!” You say rummaging through your bag. You pull out the BugVisor and a white Gashat with the title「Dangerous Zombie 」.


“Kuroto’s gashat? Yeah, but since he’s dead. I figured someone else could use them.” Parado says shrugging.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Thanks again for voting. Man, we're going to thread #4 now. I never thought we'd get this far! I'll have the next thread up after lunch!
>You're a bugster reiko
But we???? Have parents??????

>Parado highkey trying to get Reiko on his route after those nat 20s
Hiiro better watch out
>>You're a bugster reiko
>But we???? Have parents??????

Don't worry. Didn't pull this out of my ass. I had this in mind from the start. I'm surprised I managed to not fuck it up this long. Or maybe you all figured it out.
New thread is up >>3918160

File: QTG 76.png (12 KB, 1263x579)
12 KB
Welcome to /qtg/, where we shitpost, seldom discuss quests, and propogate misinformation for the hell of it.

>What the fuck is a quest anyway?
An interactive story in which the Quest Master writes until a major decision point, then leaves any reader(s) with options on how to proceed. Dice may or may not be included.

Useful links:
Advice and guides that are supposed to be helpful to aspiring QMs. Since this thread represents surprisingly very little of the board population, it's unknown whether or not any new QMs actually bother to read the contents therein.

Discord server:
A Discord server for some the denizens of this board.

Archive of quest reviews:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It would need to be very railroaded desu senpai
File: 20120916 (2).gif (516 KB, 612x5667)
516 KB
516 KB GIF
>Do you include niggers in your quest?
Well, black people, yeah. But I don't usually make a point of describing race, so I'm not sure if anyone would notice.

>Do you have time to check quests at work?
On breaks and lunch.

>Is it possible to QM here at all while Americans are asleep/at work?
Absolutely. But to flourish you need a bigger draw than I was able to manage.

>Have you ever tried phone posting QMing?
Yes. Awful, but manageable. Slightly better with the one-update-a-day pace.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1561001407874.png (27 KB, 422x612)
27 KB
Semen you say?
The madman, the absolute madman actually answered all those inane questions.
File: 1574032324315.jpg (255 KB, 704x1029)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Black Clover: Parallel Story quest updated.

File: The_Suggestion_Box.png (2.59 MB, 1920x1080)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB PNG
Located on Honshu island in Japan is the city of Hakoniwa. A once quiet suburb that in recent decades saw massive development starting in the early 1900s. Currently, it has a population of one million residences with more coming far and wide. Throughout the region, it is considered to be a garden filled with opportunity and prosperity. A place where one can carve their future and rise to the top. Or so that is what one is normally led to believe.

On its surface, this metropolis appears like your typical, average run of the city. Perfectly ordinary to those who hear about it, but it has one unusual statistic that sets it apart from other cities. Firstly not all men are created equal and no place better demonstrates that universal truth quite like Hakoniwa. Throughout the world, there are several types of individuals that possess extraordinary abilities that can be considered superhuman. While it has been shown countless times the boundless potential and capabilities of humanity, these individuals go beyond the limits of what regular humans are capable of.

These extraordinary people have nestled themselves deep within places like Hakoniwa. The most noteworthy location of where they station themselves in is Hakoniwa Academy. A prosperous academy where only the best of the best are granted entrance. It is said that countless famous and influential people have their humble beginnings take place in Hakoniwa Academy. Regardless, the academy is tailored at fine-tuning potential and bringing out the very best of a person. Or teaching them how to control their special talents and hone it to perfection.

Through over a hundred years of hard work and perseverance, the city of Hakoniwa and its faculties have successfully documented these extraordinary people. Specifically how they operate, what makes them different from regular people, and any other important information that factors into their sense of being. To the public, these special people are labeled under the term Mentalities, but to dive deeper, there are three primary categories. Those three are named Special, Abnormality and Minus.

A special is a person who excels at specific talents or innate skills. Aside from their strong dedication towards their craft, they are more or less akin to regular humans. With the sole exception that these individuals have generally pushed themselves to peak performance or at least hold the necessary means to achieve such heightened reinforcement once properly trained. These people make up the majority of the academy’s students, especially that of the scholarship holders. While it is possible to consider these people superhuman, the majority of the time they are limited in what they can achieve, further cementing the peak they stand at the summit of humanity.
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>Time your next dodge to disappear and appear behind him to intimidate him
Nothing personel Kidd
>Time your next dodge to disappear and appear behind him to intimidate him
>Time your next dodge to disappear and appear behind him to intimidate him
>Time your next dodge to disappear and appear behind him to intimidate him
>Time your next dodge to disappear and appear behind him to intimidate him

File: GunXGlory.png (539 KB, 800x500)
539 KB
539 KB PNG
The year is 2030, and competitive gaming has taken the world by storm.

With the rise of continuously evolving digital technology, it was only natural that gaming would adapt as well. Due to the efforts of a company known as Auxilia Systems, a new type of virtual reality headset was created – one that would fully immerse the user in the game, which was revolutionary! Gone were the days of sitting back on a couch – with their brand of VR, your mind was uploaded directly into the game, allowing for all five senses to be utilized to their fullest. With this leading to high octane first-person shooters that had stadiums erected for their tournaments, grand RPGs that made you feel like the true hero of the story, and star-striking rhythm games that presented performances like real life concerts…yes, in this world, it’s undoubtedly true that games now reign supreme.

And you, ex-pro Warscape player Wolfgang O’ Neal, run a charming little arcade called Cascade in this eclectic world.

After a very long week of dealing with a multitude of circumstances – namely being doxxed by a sore loser, having your arcade vandalized by an even sorer loser, and making your big stage return in a nationally streamed event…things have been surprisingly calm, once the dust settled. You haven’t seen or heard from 0phelia since you walked past her on the street on that chilly night, Rock was hauled off to jail due to his actions, and Cinder has been out of town for the past week at her own tournament. Fletcher lingered around for a few days, but said he had to get back to his own stuff – you two shared a only slightly emotional goodbye, and once you opened your arcade’s doors once more, clientele began flowing back in with a renewed vigor thanks to your little display.

“Mr. Nova, are you listening?” A dainty voice snaps you out of your recollections, and you bring your mind out from the past and into the present. You’re currently sat behind your trusty desk at the arcade, now with a brand-new computer and chair (what could you say, vandalism gave you an excuse to splurge). In front of you stands a girl who, quite frankly, is wearing a jacket that makes her look like a purple marshmallow. It has artificial fur lining the hood and sleeves, little puffballs hang from the hood strings, and an incredibly pallid hand is holding out what appears to be a Warscape branded pocketbook that’s flipped open to an empty page.

“Y-Yeah, sorry, I had a long night.” A lie, but it would service. “Please repeat what you said again?”
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Here you go, anon: https://discord.gg/bfBa2uX
Hey if you see bpqm let us know please, she hasn't posted the next thread in almost a week now
Sorry, I went to update thread and it had just dropped off board (managed to archive it). Meant to post new thread the next day, but then one of my colleagues got fired and I'm pulling 12-hour shifts now. Yay. Not sure how my schedule is for next week but I'm hoping to post new thread on Monday if I haven't collapsed and died by then. Apologies again.
So, do we have anime OP and ED songs chosen for this quest yet?
It's okay BP, hope everything at your work goes okay! Stay strong for us.

None have been chosen so far, but I'm open to suggestions!

File: D5lX8v6W0AAkRWE.jpg (261 KB, 745x1024)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
You pick up the paper, grimacing at the main headline. "FOOD SURPLUS RATES SLASHED - FEDS PAYS LESS FOR SPARE CROPS!" The Federation tightens its leash on the colonies every the day. One would think that after existing for sixty years, your people would get some say in how things are handled, but hey, what can you do?

The bus comes to a stop, and you replace the paper at the front as you step out. Stretching, you take a moment to appreciate the faux-sunrise reflected through through the window section above you. Foulder Colony is nearly seven kilometers wide and forty kilometers long, with approximately four million people inside of it. A modern miracle of engineering. But shouldn't so many people have more of a say in how their home is run? The thought exits your head as your watch beeps. Work time.


It is the year Federation Century 0076. The world has been united under a single government: the Federation. To support its bursting population, Earth has sent billions of humans to live in orbiting space colonies. Humanity prospers, but at the cost of its people.

After a devastating rebellion forty years ago, the colonies are tightly regulated by the Federation. In the colony of Foulder, center of Lagrange Point Two, the people simmer. And in the distance, change rapidly approaches.

Where will you stand when the hearts of the brave beat as one?
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I said you were a fag.
OP’s coming back, right guys? R-right?
Anon, I...
Shh.... don't tell him, it would be too cruel...
Yes >>3911879 , give him a few...days... he WILL surely come back!!!
What's that you fagbitch?

File: 1569936420931.png (235 KB, 1350x592)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
Finding yourself a comfortable seat, you sit down and just take a nap while ignoring everyone around you trying to initiate a conversation.
Once people accept the fact that there is no way in hell they'll be able to get you to talk, they let you have your powernap while waiting for something interesting to happen.
Alas, the entire brackets fights just simply happen around you with nothing managing to rile you up from your loud snoring.

But eventually something worthy of your attention springs up when the announcer guy utters those familiar words you've been looking forward to.
A man who finished both his matches with a single punch facing off against the Slavic dynamite of destruction!
PLEASE! Give a big round of applause to Samuel Donohue and Dominika Becherovka!
I don't know about you folks! But I'm getting antsy just thinking about these two rising stars duke it out in the ring!

Well things are about to get interesting.
Two of your oldest, and for quite a long time your only, friends are about to duke it out in the ring.
And one of them is a powerhungry wizard while the other is a "newbie".

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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It appears that I've made a mistake.
I don't have my notes right here so I can't tell you exactly what's gonna happen but next session definitely won't have Kamin v Oren.
That'll only happen in the semi finals, not the quarter ones

Aside that I've checked my schedule and it looks like I'll be able to run on Wednesday
I haven't been on 4chan in a good, long while and I have to say I'm really glad this seems to still be going strong. I have a lot catching up to do though, still glad to see you alive and trucking not-som
Good to have you back and don't sweat it.
Hope you'll enjoy the archives
I still occasionally go back and check out the tournament of destroyers arc every once in a while. Shit was hype as fuck!
Rolling like 10+ crits in a row to completely dunk on Krillin and Piccolo while keeping our gimmicks hidden was pretty absurd.

Then rolling bad/mediocre on Gohan, then rolling great again to clutch the win was also pretty hype.

Pick race and location
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>>process the chrystals
>>mate flying lizard
>Process the Chrystals
>Mate flying lizards

Acquire power, and ensure dynasty
These are the obvious and good choices

File: Deprave.jpg (46 KB, 686x465)
46 KB
You awaken to the sound of humming, and turn to the source of the noise and as soon as you do you are met with a skull-splitting headache. You recoil in pain and begin to settle down in... bed? It suddenly occurs to you that you are not on the familiar old crusty futon you’ve grown accustomed to sleeping on. In fact, this isn’t even your house! Many thoughts rush through your head as you try to understand the situation you are in, “Where am I, how did I get here, where’s mom!?” You try to recall what had happened, and it slowly dawns on you...

Since very early age, you were a quite sharp and intelligent boy. Despite this, you were beaten and abused by both your father and the damned debt collector, filling your body with marks, scars, and bruises. The only person who you truly loved and trusted was your mother, always taking the blame for something you did and shielding you whenever your dad went on one of his drunken fits. But on this particular night, it seemed even she had abandoned you...
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Comfrey and lilac and a bit of wormgrass for energy
Next session Sunday boyos, should I make a new thread?
Yeah that sounds good
Yup to both.

File: Kuoh Academy.jpg (139 KB, 1024x576)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Asia Argento, Exorcist of the Catholic Church. Once excommunicated, she now wields the powerful blade known as Excalibur. With the death of the Cadre Kokabiel, Asia could be called a Saint for her actions.

Journal Entry 6

I have done a great service to the world with the killing of Kokabiel, Excalibur still resting in my possession. Its seemed almost like a dream that I have completed such a task, but the golden weapon resting on my lap makes it only more true.

Kokabiel, a dreadful being told everyone that God is dead. I proved him to be wrong though, as with Excalibur in hand I destroyed the Fallen with the might of the Lord. Through my actions, I am sure I have reassured the hearts of Xenovia and the Devils that God is not dead.

I am his will, his blade. I can only pray that I can make Excalibur whole once again.

Asia has gained 600 xp from this event. What should she invest points into?

Asia has acquired a Dragon Soul, chose a Shout for her to learn. I suggest Dragon Aspect.

Choose two of the Ability Scores and they will be raised by +5

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Anything you wanna collect from the Dragon corpse?
I just now remembered the dragonplate armor.
>collect bones and scales from the dragon

>Walk like ya own the place, because Asia just might.
This is idea is too funny not to pick. I wanna see how Asia pulls it off.
I quickly walked over to the corpse of the fallen dragon, picking up the pieces of bone and scale from the being. As I did so I turned to see a curious Shirone looking at my work.

“What are you doing with that?” She asked innocently.

I shook my head with a little shame, “Well, I heard from my mentor about how valuable Dragon materials were. He even said you can make armor from it.”

The girl looked at it for a moment before nodding, “Than I help.”

She quickly made her way about the corpse, collecting a variety of bones that were hanging off the beast. Somehow we managed to get ourselves a small bag, to which I carried while Shirone quickly grabbed our prisoner again. As we began to walk I shined the girl a smile, “Thanks Shirone~”

She blushed for a moment before giving back a smile. It was a joyful one that you would see on young children, which looked right at home on the young girl’s face. It warmed up my heart.

With that we all made our way towards the lair of the killed Dragon, the feeling of my gut telling me my rights. I took front, walking into the place with purpose and bravery. It was a simple dome area, with scorch marks all across the surface. What I noticed most however was the massive deposit of blue ore on one of the walls and a small horde of loot near the center.

We followed Castiel to the wall, to which the Angel quickly produced a spear of light within his hand. With a few strikes the Angel removed a great amount of ore, much more than the 5 kilograms we were asked for.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
That will be it for this thread! I'll likely have the next one up by tomorrow night.
Thanks for running QM! This quest is a really fun one.
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