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A civilisation quest
Turn 46 out of 50
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We must do this
sleepover on the night before the battle, then join our sun elves conrades.
Buy leather armor for the remaining femboys, spend the rest of the cotton for extra bows.
File: Spoiler Image (46 KB, 1426x312)
46 KB
One final Ultra Lewd sleepover as requested.
The spoiler image containes explicit content and is not to be viewed by anyone.
Next update tomorrow.

File: ASoLaT Quest Title.jpg (139 KB, 590x350)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
Wow, last night was such a blast.

In a twist of fate you never thought possible, you had managed to bed one of the finest ladies in all the lands; the luscious blonde beauty had much experience riding dragons, but you made absolutely sure her trip on your own purple snake was one she'd never forget. Of course, you'll never forget her creamy peach skin almost glistening in the light of the full moon, her perky breasts bouncing as she straddled you much like a cowgirl mounts her trusty stallion.

(Side note 1: updates will be rather slow, maybe one or two a day.)
(Side note 2: this Quest will not have dice; please consider your options carefully!)
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>> Melee strike (choose to punch/kick up to 2 times)

>If we haste can we shoot him six times
Yes indeed.

Just gonna wait for a tie-breaker here for a little while.
>> Revolver attack (choose to shoot up to 3 times)
Get the boss
I'm out of town the next couple of days, so I won't be able to update.
Thanks for for bearing with me.

File: Trenchers In Unity Clad.png (1.25 MB, 1655x785)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB PNG
Within the Tallspire mountain chain a heart of metal beats a steady rhythm. Liquid rock ooze through twisted metal veins. Something alive and yet inanimate. Arrayed around it, the final wards. The Pyre Guard of the Pytherii Theurgical Council. Veterans from six legions. Servitors. Turrets. Lockdown procedures. A company of Faithful Swords, each strong as ten men, each fast as twenty. All motivated, all loyal, all certain of the justice of this particular cause.

They built the heart of a God, here. Why would they doubt now?

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Spanner twitches and says nothing at all, mouth opening and closing, horror etched in their eyes.

“ So as the good Legate says. There is your enemy. Those out there who want it all at any price. The people willing to do the small, large and bold sacrifices. It took me a long time to be sure. There is an secret at the heart of Vanadia. It’s just a farm. It’s not special. It could have been any place in the world.

But Reinst, that mad rat bastard, had to find that one. High Command and Minister Ghelis, the Defence Council, this long, bloody inept war, the endless retreat, the burning fire, the churn of loss and destruction, the sheer ludicrous sacrifice of it all... what was it all for? Who benefits from ten million callous little acts of betrayal?

Trenchers, betraying a friend is easy. Betraying an entire country takes effort.

And riding on the back of this con, the Defence Council, Minister Ghelis and their pet rainbow puppeteer intend to open the Voidstar and Transcend, dragging my old friend Reinst with them.”

Gerean lifts a coffee mug. Sips. Puts it down with a soft, clanking clink in the quiet command chamber.

“ Any further questions or can we go shoot the people trying to use the world as currency? “
Whenever people try to ascend and don't ask me along, it makes me want to shoot them.

One question though, who's the "rainbow puppeteer"? Our friend Volly? Why would they need all this?
> (Say) "At its core, the situation remains unchanged. We cannot know the peace we fought for until this is done."
> (Say) "Direct us to the enemy, colonel."
Vitae snaps a salute.
"Thanks and good luck to you and your motley crew. If I make it I'll be sure to get you a free copy of the book when it comes around."
>Walk away and "retire".

Ha! Here is a man! A pity, that we were on opposing sides.


So the Theurges were but a pawn as well? That is worrying, for our ultimate foes are not bound by state lines. It will mean that allies must be sought within other nations, for there may be multiple fronts to this war.


Your enthusiasm is admirable. But you will need a base of operations to strike from. Lucky for you, I happen to know of a place. Or rather, a thing. I know of the location of a massive support infantry sigilcraft that would suit your needs. It was the pet project of a Senator, and but when it was lost the Legion determined it ultimately would not suit our needs. But for you? I think it is perfect.

I will provide transportation and support for repairs. You, however, will need to evict any squatters who might have taken up residence there.

In 1996, the Rapture happened.

It is now the fall of 1999.

Nicolae Carpatescu - the Antichrist, according to some religious fanatics - has solidifies his grip on the world, and has tapped you to launch a global cashless system to drag the world economy into the 21st century kicking and screaming.

You are the faceless man who runs the internet, or at least, the physical web of wires and antennas that underlies it.

You have been warned by said religious fanatics that the world may have more or less five years to live - their predictions, so far, have mostly checked out.

Your mission: Keep the Internet alive. Even in the face of Armageddon.

Old thread: >>3696022
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Nah it's fine man, I joined in about thread 4 of the last quest and didn't post until the 5th or 6th.

>Just a quicky, can you explain each of the player characters with a trope.
Aye certainly:

Dr. Robertson - Scientist

Ryan Andrews - Business Magnate

Moira - IRA explosives expert

Aki - Autistic super-scientist / CATS mascot

Also what >>3767162 says, you'll probably want to read through it just to catch some of the little details like the time we were shot in the head almost.

Welcome, and thank you!


Leonardo Fortunato is Carpatescu's vice president. Arguably, he and Harriet Durham are the only people Carpatescu has shown personal affection to. Unlike with Harriet, the affection is mutual (but strictly platonic, as far as anyone can tell).

Unlike Carpatescu, who is all business, Leon is fond of pomp and circumstance, and dresses the part (Carpatescu used to joke that any would-be assassin would go for the guy with the bigger hat first).

Pontifex Peter Mathews is the Pope of the Catholic Church, former Archbishop of Cincinnati, and Chair of the Ecumenical Council. During his tenure he has been doing his best to push religious harmony and, arguably, has mostly succeeded, to the point that Islamic fundamentalism is barely a factor anymore. The exceptions are the Christian Remnant, and the Ultra-Orthodox Jews. Nominally, he is Carpatescu's equal, in that the Ecumenical Council is a sovereign body that is outside the Global Community bureaucracy; in practice, he reports to Carpatescu.

Fortunato sincerely believes that Carpatescu resurrected him after the quake, although there are no witnesses; it is verifiably true that the Potentate personally rescued his second-in-command from the rubble at the risk of his own life.

Carla has a bit of gossip for you, a conversation between the two men on the way to a summit.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
“I'm not authorized to transport uninvited guests.”

“Mr. Fortunato, these are invited guests. I invited them.”

“My title is not mister.”

“Oh, so the Potentate is now His Excellency and you're what, Potentate? No, let me guess. You're Supreme Something-or-Other. Am I right?”

“I need to check this with His Excellency.”

“Well, hurry. And tell 'His Excellency' that Pontifex Maximus thinks it's nervy to switch from a royal title—already an overstatement—to a sacred one.”

Rayford heard only Fortunato's end of the conversation with Nicolae, of course, but Leon had to eat crow.

“Pontiff,” he said finally, “His Excellency has asked me to express his welcome and his assurance that anyone you feel necessary to make your flight comfortable is an honor for him to have on board.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
God fucking damn the pope is a savage lad. I want this man on our side.

>(Confirm plans?)
Aye, aye. Full speed ahead!

That's the problem, I don't have the time to read through all the threads. By the time I finish catching up, we might by at the midpoint.

Oily, rank water splashes across your shoes as you step off the crumbling curb into the cobblestone streets. You curse, flicking the grime away with a kick of your heel as you tuck one hand into your pocket, pulling out a silver and gold chased engraved watch. With a click of your thumb, it falls open to reveal a chaotic interior of ticking hands, shifting needles and rotating wheels of strange symbols. Most people, Hell, anyone that isn’t you would be quite ill just by looking at the mess but you’ve long since learned to read it. It tells you everything you need to know and what it tells you is...

“He’s late AGAIN”
You look up and down the darkened street, only a few vagrants and other night folk out wandering at this hour. With a shake of your head and a mild curse, you pull a tobacco box from an interior pocket of your shirt and roll a cigarette, lighting it with a brightly burning match that pinwheels into the street as you flick it aside. Drawing the flavorful smoke deep, you can exhale slowly, leaning against the wrought iron lamppost, the whale oil inside sputtering as it burns.

Looks like you’ll be waiting for a bit.

>Stay against the lamp. You’re more visible for both good and bad reasons.

>get out of the way and get against one of the apartments. Inconspicuous but not trying to hide.

>Step into the alley and wait in the dark. You’ve got no reason to be seen until you want to be.
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Kneeling down for a moment, you grasp the severed hand, wrapping it in the tatters of Azazels jacket and stowing it in your coat. A Fiends hand could serve useful in the future and it would be good to ensure it didn’t fall into the wrong.... hands. You ignore his groans of agony as you stride out of the alley, wiping a droplet of blood from your split lip and straightening your slightly disheveled coat. The area is completely deserted, Azazels howls of rage and then screams of agony having notified everyone nearby this was the wrong place to be.

“He could’ve just listened the first time”
You mutter to yourself, rolling a quick cigarette and shaking your head as you walk down the road, the early morning sun casting golden rays of light across the rooftops. Fragrant clouds of smoke drift past as your shoes clack against the stone, your mind wandering through hundreds of nights before. You smile ruefully as you fully consider the fact that Azazel got off easy, the Mayor would have taken a lot more than a hand.

>Go meet with the Mayor. It would be best to report this.

>Go by your hour, get some rest. You have a long night ahead of you.

>Go by the Shops, it might be a good idea to grab some equipment

>>Go meet with the Mayor. It would be best to report this.
>Go by the Shops, it might be a good idea to grab some equipment
Better get some more cigarettes, it'd be bad to run out on the job.
>>Go meet with the Mayor. It would be best to report this.

Maybe inquire about a way to leave progress reports without having to stop by in person. (If we dont already have some way of doing this, If we do then tell the mayor using this method if it is secure.)
Grimm you still there?

Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=One%20Piece%20Bounty%20Photographer%20Quest
MC Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/XGUgpV79 (Silvers Harry is linked at the top)

Cover-art kindly provided by our noble artiste, Draw-anon, who generously took time off repainting the Sistine Chapel for us. Look upon our prettyboy protagonist. Look upon his devilish smile and despair.


In last thread’s episode of I Can’t Believe My Waifu Is This Sparkly, you acquired a Hooded Justice Nerd who’s also an assassin. You also just got engaged to Akainu’s daughter, because reasons. Oh, and kidnapped her. It’s okay, she’s into it.
Despite all these wondrous (aka stupid) happenings, the nefarious Whitemoustache pirate Teach has somehow sneaked onto your boat (and probably emptied the galley, judging by that stomach). What now, brown cow?!
Oh, and the mysterious Vice-Admiral Klaus is sailing somewhere nearby...


You point at him, expression stubborn. "I'm not going to Whitebeard! I refuse!"

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Wait here, sweetie, I need to go take his other eye
She really is murdorable.
>Let's go kil- ah, see what's happening!
>>Let's go kil- ah, see what's happening!
>>Let's go kil- ah, see what's happening!
>>Let's go kil- ah, see what's happening

File: joker fulgurite axiom.jpg (879 KB, 1920x1080)
879 KB
879 KB JPG
Previous Thread:




Equipment FAQ (Updated):


Player List:


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Hypocrites how? Those were two totally different scenarios; we brought Daegal back with us to help us fight the White Joker and we did so really fucking stupidly. Bringing back Hecate meant trusting Pazuzu by giving him both Nihil Eyes and had literally nothing to do with Naoya who was our main concern and the Black Joker, the driving antagonistic force in this quest that we've been in conflict with since our third fight in some form or another.
Hecate being alive is important. It's been our long-term goal since long before Naoya was even a distant figment. We had effectively zero leads on how, exactly, to bring her back. Pazazu said that we couldn't, even if we had both eyes. He might have been lying, but while Pazazu is a dickhead, he hasn't done a whole lot of actual deception. We maybe could have used EXEC_REAP to get that knowledge. Maybe.

I saw the deal as a far more sure thing than fighting the fucker. I hate to say it, but at that point for me, bringing Hecate back overrode every other priority. I didn't really think about the potential consequences, and likely would have ignored them as long as the one directive was accomplished. In that, I suppose Kazuya has a point. Though his reminding me of Akira's death at Pazzy's hands hurts. Vengeance would have been nice. Alas.

We can still pull this out. It's not just Hecate being alive that matters, she's an asset - She knows the Red like nobody else we have on our team, even if she can't access it anymore. She can help.
White Joker killed him, though. Naoya says that he cut his throat while he was in suspended animation.
Stole our fucking kill
I was so mad
It honestly feels like the point is sacrifice. The more sacrifices and compromises we make, the harder it is to win the final battle. We already made three:

> Refused to be reforged into a killing machine.
> Brought Kazuya back.
> Made a deal with Pazuzu

ALL of the above options were clearly affecting our combat abilities. Meanwhile, Naoya takes the hideously selfish option EVERY TIME. This isn't even subtext, it's outright stated.

File: 221.png (250 KB, 1014x512)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
Last time, you dealt with a weird guy, managed to finish a DnD campaign, had to take care of a drunk trashy girl and had a heart to heart with Maggie.

Currently, you informed both of your team members about the looming threat that’s Vender Duss, one of Aleister’s friends. He wants something, but you’re not sure how it relates with what’s happening.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=slightly+petty+revenge
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>flip the bird at the women standing up there

Thanks for running!
Thanks for running QM!
Did anyone notice the mysterious mafia boss in top left corner?

File: ValenQuest-OP.png (226 KB, 640x480)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
You'd never considered yourself an athletic individual. You were proud of the time spent studying in your youth, and though your recent trials during the Rite had left you with a certain appreciation for the amount of stamina you had gruelingly built, you still wouldn't claim to be considerably in shape. Right now however, you weren't you exactly; You were a Wisp Adept, a captain to these mercenaries who arrayed themselves with the rebellious splinters of a spiteful little town called Carona, and more relevantly, you were incredibly fit. You'd been moving for hours and didn't even feel winded, only stopping for the moments it took to make sure the rest of your entourage was keeping pace.

Most of them were, yet many seemed only slightly better off than your body would have been. Keeping up through virtue of encouragement, purpose, and the support - Sometimes physical - of their friends. A literal shoulder to lean on and help them keep moving forward as you spearheaded the journey's trail. The sight of it left you with feelings you didn't really have time to sort out, not the least of which were the sparks of envy fading in and out; Casting delusions of your own memories over their faces. Back when you had kept going out of stubbornness and spite - Some misguided, desperate desire to prove yourself. To prove what, you can't even remember right now. You doubted it was as important as you thought it was at the time.

A terse shake of the head brought you back to the present. You were Irue Valen, blood heir to House Valen, though by virtue of Aeonic legacy you were currently assuming the face of someone else. It was a long journey up this riverside to find a good spot to lead your appropriated band of rebels into the hopefully waiting hands of Dryad's Atelier... But with any luck, that would be the last you'd see of them. A longstanding thorn very adequately removed from your side.

Though with what you've learned - What you were still in the process of learning - This thorn was just an offshoot of something more pressing. A symptom of the tumour growing in Carona, threaded both through its people and your own. The sickening confirmation that inside this sea of faces you had resigned yourself to trying to win over, there were still some who wanted nothing more than to see you and yours deposed. Among Carona you had expected as much, and if you were quite honest the feeling was mutual more often than not, but hearing first hand that Kara's pack had been in contact with these people and still receptive to their plight...

It burned. Not the least of which because you had spent this long ignoring the warnings time and time again that this exact thing would happen. You wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, to try and make space for them, and you had taken every effort to work with Kara and try to make that happen. If they were so eager to stab you in the back still, was it worth continuing?
102 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Abandon them in the night. You can't do this. Not like this.
Not after what we did to the bandits.
In any case, if we take out the leaders with haste these guys should not become a problem. But we need to ensure the Wisp Adept has been eliminated.
>Tell them we're going to scout again and if we don't return until the morning, they are to disperse, lay low and most importantly not try to get back to Carona
>Steal the branch
>Finish it. There's no turning back now.
Once you start something, you ought to end it
>Finish it
I guess the skyfire got Riz today.
A leader is tasked with doing terrible things, sometimes, in pursuit of something greater. Become what you must.

Not like this. You weren't a person who would do something like this, much less for these reasons.

Apologies, circumstances have arrayed themselves to keep me under the skyfire these past few days and it's getting harder to push through it. It's going to be yet another one of those days today, but I'll get an update out a bit later today!

File: DGA-Wei.png (930 KB, 1280x720)
930 KB
930 KB PNG
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bookerman32
Discord: https://discord.gg/yz7sDra
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Dark%20Gate%20Academy
Character Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/s9JM8xxW
Quest Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wA0UX2NDDwA

Far off, nestled in an otherwise small Japanese town lies the Dark Gate Academy. An institution of tremendous size, the Academy holds a long kept secret. Unknown to the outside world, this unseemly town is home to a tear in our reality. A gate between our world and a bizarre dimension known as the Darkworld. The inhabitants of this hellish world breach this gate and attempt to flood into our reality and spread throughout the world on a regular basis. However, the Dark Gate Academy is home to students of truly extraordinary abilities. The ability to sense the presence of these evil Darkworld creatures, and defeat them in combat, sending them back through the gate.

They cannot close the rift between our world and the Darkworld, but the students and staff of Dark Gate Academy have dedicated their lives to using their amazing powers to hold back the darkness that plagues our world, even if it costs them their lives. They have risen up to the challenge and in secret have become great heroic defenders of the world as we know it.

For many years, Dark Gate Academy has held back the forces of the Darkworld, kept this unspeakable evil contained within their walls in secret. But now, with their existence revealed, a great cloud of change looms over Dark Gate Academy.

>Previously on Dark Gate Academy...
Aoki's Army was defeated, but at a great personal cost.
500 replies and 92 images omitted. Click here to view.
What would Momota have turned into?
And what kinda boost would Wei have gotten if he did chomp down on it?

Momota would have become something similar to Kenta, while Wei would have mostly resisted the stone, as he wasn't tempted and corrupted by the thing to the level of the others.
As always, Thanks for Running Booker, this thread was a blast, here's to the next 100.
golden boy obv
fav moment is kissu
wei opening up for once
highlights for me

red mask subplot
isamu in the tournament
school dance
seishiro and satomi pretending to not be a couple
>a fucking dove

Seventeen years ago, the warrior race known as the Saiyans were annexed into Emperor Freeza’s army. Since that fateful day the Saiyans have more than earned their title of warrior race. proving their might as Freeza’s most powerful soldiers, annexing hundreds of worlds in the name of Emperor Freeza. After the now-legendary Siege of New Salda broke the might of the Covenant’s empire, none have dared to openly challenge the PTO’s military superiority. Many systems have fallen in line, dozens upon dozens of worlds surrendering without a fight.

Welcome to Saiyan Conqueror Quest, currently Age 748. You the players control Karn, a Saiyan with a last-recorded powerlevel of 8,222,000, a general in Lord Freeza’s army, husband and mate to Meloka, father of many, champion of New Salda, wielder of the Stand Dragon Force, and as “The Dragon of New Salda” you are the unbroken symbol of the PTO’s might across the stars. But for now peace has come to the Saiyan race, unlike any they’ve ever known. But how long will this hard-earned peace last?

Character Sheet, powerlevels, and other pastebins: https://pastebin.com/u/GrandDragonQM
Archive link: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Saiyan+Conqueror+Quest

Quest rules:
>20 minute votes, 3 votes minimum to proceed
>Only first 3 correctly rolled die count, best of 3 wins
>If any two roll posts are within the same second, they will be counted as one roll and I’ll take the higher number(s)
>When votes are given, DO NOT pick every option. Pick -ONE- option, unless stated otherwise
>Crits are nat 100, unless otherwise noted(a 99 may net you an extra bonus)
>Crit fails will count ONLY if a 1 is rolled and no roll passes the DC, OR two 1s are rolled
>Two 1s will OVERRIDE a 100, resulting in a catastrophic crit failure

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
319 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.
But why? I haven’t even gotten to use Karn Black yet. I don’t want the quest to end, but you’re running dangerously low on safety nets.
>You want to impress her, and the last time you got her really excited with an ability you came up with was with your Ki armor.
Hmmmmmm, magical boom girls
Wouldn't the opposite of Karn be some pacifist shithead who says shit like SKoT did nothing wrong, and that Kais are good people
Nah Karn Black is just Zamasu taking our body instead of Goku’s
new arc starts here: >>3755650

File: images.png (10 KB, 233x217)
10 KB
You are Grug, an ordinary caveman in a time before giant metal bird flew through over sky.

You just returned from hunt. You enter your cozy cave. You throw your catch on a nearby rock when you suddenly realise that something is missing your favorite bone-knife is missing. What will you do?

>Remember where you last put your knife
>Find something else to cut with
29 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
grug thank grug because magic picture make grug feel good
File: c1564974150376.jpg (58 KB, 750x1000)
58 KB
>Remember where you last put your knife
>Find something else to cut with
>Find someone to cut with
>Find ingreadiens for Greg soup
>Eat Greg soup
>Plow Greg girlfriend
>sleep 1 sun
File: q1554339096542.jpg (98 KB, 1200x1200)
98 KB
>wake up
>invest in berry
>plow Greg's head
>Make smalltalk with Brolag
>what Brolag as knife from, Brolag ad no knife 2 sun ago?
Engage in sexual activity with a rock

File: Art.jpg (160 KB, 1332x850)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
‘Yes, and … do you think it needs fine-tuning? Are you nervous? Do you think that there are some things that you need to address? It wouldn’t kill you to elaborate on it a little more, you know?’

Maldante gives a small harrumph, dusting imaginary flakes off his arms.

‘What I plan to say is mine to know and none of your business,’ he snipes back, prompting an involuntary twitch in response, continuing, ‘but if it would ease your concerns, I am confident that the contents are sufficient for the occasion. I don’t have anything grandiose like the Speech At Dakar planned, but I assure you, that it’s at least relevant enough to hold the attentions of our fellow former cadets for the designated span required of me. Is that enough for you?’

You snort.

‘I’m not the one who’s looking to use The Aegis to jump-start a career into politics,’ you snipe. ‘It’d be pretty embarrassing for a career man such as yourself if you were to fall toes-first with an inability to hold the attention of a bunch of randy, inebriated servicemen ready to get their feet wet, wouldn’t it.’

‘For all the flak you give Reinweld on his lack of tact, you are by the far in possession of the more severe capacity for it,’ Maldante shoots back, closing his eyes and giving his head a slight shake, ‘but I would be naive to assume that you weren’t in possession of it at all, would I?’

‘I don’t claim to be an Innocentius of the Bright Fields,’ you return, shrugging drawing a small chortle … from the back of both your throats, ‘but we both know Reinweld shoots his mouth more ofte—’

Maldante cocks an eyebrow.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
79 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>‘And you’d rather I … not?’ Caress her chest
>‘I can be optimistic when I want to be.’ (Defensive)
>It’s a rough estimate? (Joking)



>You are Son Gohan, the Tuffle-Saiyan hybrid son of two of Earth's Champions, Maple and Goku

>"Canon" has taken a radical shift from the series' norm, you’re just one part of it, and things could go even further off the rails from here

>Mechanics and character details in the pastebins here:
Peppa: https://pastebin.com/RmvGgnUb
Gohan: https://pastebin.com/TuEP1B7g
Izumi: https://pastebin.com/axb938Ri

>Let's all try to have some fun, ok?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
306 replies and 90 images omitted. Click here to view.
Again, less ki intensive methods. Using all our potential ki would suck up the one-day time limit like that, and do you really want to take advantage and have Elder Kai die?
File: Spoiler Image (202 KB, 1331x941)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
>First we gotta get the sword out. If our Gohan can even do it.
And then we gotta find a pretty girl to give Elder Kai a big ol' smooch, and we don't know IT, so I don't know how we're going to oh right clothes beam
Oh wait, Gohan doesn't know Clothes Beam. For some reason?
But the Supreme Kai does. Which route sounds more appealing, Kai Kai'ing up an innocent girl to be kissed, or crossdressing?
Guys I just thought of the funniest thing: Gohan goes and gets the prettiest girl he can think of off the top of his head, Pantea, right out of Pital's Quarantine Ward, and Elder Kai kisses her and she pukes Nanite Goo into his mouth?

File: tiefling_qst.png (125 KB, 650x933)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
"Fuck you we're a diverse species" Edition

Back to school special

Vote on hair and eyes then roll d20. I'll take maybe the first 4-6 results.

1. Eyes have non-human pupils
2. Sharp, pointy teeth
3. Exceptionally hairy
4. A feature on your head (eyes, nose, mouth, ears) has its function exhanged with either your asshole, your sex organ, or your nipples
5. Additional head
6. Tail
7. Extreme proportions - either tiny torso and very long legs or large torso and very short legs

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this one was my fav

The divination teacher was my favorite part though.
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QM are you dead?
See >>3745087
But somebody should archive this
someone should

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