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File: Gretchin_Specimen.jpg (7 KB, 200x168)
7 KB
Youz iz a grot! Watcha gonna do?
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Lets be cunnin bout dis. Advance backwards til we git em under somethin loose, an shoot it down on der eads!

is a good quest QM, you did good.
As you advance backwards, you hear the sounds of WAAAAAGGHHHHH from dozens of assorted other grots. Unfortunatly, before they can come to your help, the skittari fires, blowing your head off. But not before you shoot the catwalk out above them, and crush them under it.

Aw, thanks
(May or may not run a continuation of this later. See you later, /qst.
Nice conclusion of quest i liked it. Fast paced and short it was nice

File: empty white room.png (17 KB, 1600x1200)
17 KB
you find yourself in an empty white room.
there's no waking action.
there's no memory of any form of your past.
there's nothing but this room and reality of time passing.
you look down onto your person and find that you're dressed rather plainly in a drab, grey, and ultimately featureless jumpsuit.
the room has no doors, however it is illuminated from an unknown source.
the light is too intense to allow sleep.
what do you do?
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ehh, I was kind of getting bored anyways, sorry.
I'll write more later, like, another quest or some shit.
>shame too
shame indeed i filing a little bad with it
Nice! I like it!

Alright then! Looking forward to them!
It's aiight man, lol
Shame, it was a good, if not chaotic, quest. But it is what it is.

Maybe next time try an idea you might want to continue longer?

File: New Starborn OP.png (417 KB, 900x766)
417 KB
417 KB PNG
Welcome back to Starborn Quest.

Tw: @StarbornQ

Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/N2EmEtP
Lewd/Extra Content Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/StarbornOP

Starborn Thread 0: https://yuki.la/qst/486356
Starborn Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Purps
Starborn CS: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1csg7vC-Yz10aAqk9ZwdCNv24obLGTtM5p6bKkPq1Pgc/edit#

> What is Starborn Quest?

Starborn Quest is a Shonen inspired Anime quest following the life of Purps, Honamurei and Vernon Lexington as they navigate the increasingly dangerous world of Munis. The Trio try to make their own way through a world torn apart by civil war, goblinoids and even a dragon or two.

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File: Xanadar 2.jpg (16 KB, 283x275)
16 KB

Ordinarily you would ask if he was referring to birds or actual druidic magic. But instead you simply step close to him, making sure to avoid the long strands of hair and the almost barbed rough skin that adorns his tail. Standing back to back with some kind of sea person was not how you expected your second class to go, “Cellahad, what could we be dealing with?”

“This forest is totally artificial I have no idea wha-.” She yelps as Xanadar kneels and touches the earth, seemingly learning something.

“Magic.” He simply states. “Druidic.”

“Okay. That narrows things let me just-” It is when Cellahad reaches into her pack that she starts to scream, only to freeze in silence. Mid posture the girl seems to have been completely immobilized, leaving just you and Xanadar to defend her.

“Put her down. Keep your guard up.” You order, cracking your knuckles as Xanadar complies. “She’s paralysed but not petrified, so this isn’t a basilisk.

“No spell. Not know what do Red girl.” Xanadar says, now bearing his teeth and growling in a way that reminded you of your absent saw. You would give anything for it to be on your hip right now.

> [DETERMINATION] Stand your ground and be wary. Get a sight on whatever this is.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> [DETERMINATION] Stand your ground and be wary. Get a sight on whatever this is.
>> [DETERMINATION] Stand your ground and be wary. Get a sight on whatever this is.
>[DETERMINATION] Stand your ground and be wary. Get a sight on whatever this is.
Will Hona be disappointed when we fail?
[DETERMINATION] Stand your ground and be wary. Get a sight on whatever this is.


> Heresy:
> Genestealer Cult
> Chaos Cult
> Redemptionist Cult

> Planet:
> Feudal World
> Agri World
> Hive World

> Background:
> Former Laborer
> Former Guardsman

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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> Torch their home, and cut them down in a hail of las-fire as they flee!

> Easy Roll
> Roll three 1d20, best of three
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Rolled 14 (1d20)

For the big E
Rolled 8 (1d20)


File: Barbarian milf.jpg (70 KB, 426x623)
70 KB
YOU'RE KARRIGAN, THE SAVAGE BEAUTY! A warrior in your youth, now the favorite wife of a mighty hunter and the mother of five children! Last time you chose a sufficiently skimpy outfit to distract your husband as he played with his concubine Lilian, then went to breakfast with your five children, explaining to your oldest son that he can't join your husband on the hunt today [he's too young!].

Prev quest: >>3051578
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Lilian shoots a smug look at you and kisses your husband back deeply.
"Eeew!" says Mort, Lilian just laughs and pats him on the head.
"Good morning dear." You say to your husband. "What kept you?"
He gives you a look that screams "REALLY KARRIGAN?" before clearing his throat and saying. "Just had some things to discuss with Lilian."
"Like what dear?" you ask innocently. Lilian frowns at you while your husband smiles.
"Actually that reminds me, if you find the time today, see if you can get an offer for the tiger cubs I caught last week."
A collective "Awwww!" goes up from all the children present, and Lilian.
You smile. "You know we can't keep them!" your husband says. "We don't have the space for them. Now, Karrigan."
"Make sure that you don't accept an offer of less than 60 gold each."
You raise an eyebrow. "Are you sure a trader will accept a price that high?"
He shrugs. "If not, they can go out and catch their own tigers."

File: Lilian.jpg (143 KB, 779x1100)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Lilian whispers in his ear and his eyes widen for a moment. "I'd better get going. Can't be late for meeting with the other hunters! Lilian, come with me." he takes his concubine by the hand and walks off, patting your children on the head as he goes.
You finish breakfast, and a few minutes later Lilian comes strutting back with a smirk on her face and her hair tied back in a ponytail.
"Frida, he wants to see you next." she says.
Frida prances off, giving you a smug look as she passes you.
Lilian sighs contentedly and sits down to sharpen one of your husband's spears, humming to herself as she does so.
Meanwhile, Asha approaches you with a smile. "Mother! Could I ask you a question?"
"About what?" you ask with a tilt of your head.

So what do you want to know about men? The most important thing you should remember is that all men are scum
>What do you want to know about men, Asha?
Why do you care Asha? And what do you want to know?


Your name is Damien Crowe, or as the people in middle school now know you, 'Dark Edge'. You're 14 and in 8th grade. You've been bullied endlessly. Made fun of on social media. They called you 'cringy', they called you an 'autist'. But you've honed your skills with the blade since you were 8. And now you've taken the fight to them.

Bullying you because you're a 'virgin', because you treat women with respect, unlike these fucking assholes who only abuse them and cheat on them. If you had a girlfriend, you'd treat her like a princess. And do nice things like take her on dates and hold her hand, and not just use her for things like sex.

Fucking shitbags like that really piss you off. You wanna run your fucking blade through every single one of them. And now you just might be able to. Because you've received dark powers somehow. Dark powers which allow you to do as you please.

You can crush people with raw dark energy. Sprout black angel wings to take flight through the sky. And you have great skill with your blade. Raevana, your blade you bought at the mall for 40 dollars. She's your baby. And with her you will slay your enemies.
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You're right.

And when I strap you to a chair and shoot you in the face unprotected with my paintball gun all these years later, I hope that you don't have a negative emotional reaction to it, because that would just be unreasonable.
exactly. I would risk detention if I were to speak up about it.

you're still gonna continue the quest tho, right?
>punished for making an empty threat
>kid that was shooting got off scot free
Was there even any attempt to find who was doing it? Or did he not care at all?
Continue Quest.
There was no attempt to find him whatsoever. I was painted as the bad guy. No one had any sympathy for me at the time. It was, truly a dark time.

New Avalon Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=New%20Avalon
Colors' Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gq9ZEFrwnYjQpSeuMg1a_7UepedMrQUSEwbrHWntFCo/edit?usp=sharing
Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/3053544/
Jack's Unsanctioned Editorials: https://jacks-unsanctioned-editorials.tumblr.com/
Tumblr: https://qm-vox.tumblr.com/tagged/cinderella-sanction-quest

You are Colors Eriksdotter, Warlock Knight of the Spring Court, and leader of your so-called Heathens by frequent accusation. You're really gonna have to sit down and have that talk with the Rook about that at some point; who had the bright idea to elect the Elemental, of all people, as the one in charge?

You point at Vasquez with your entire hand. "Don't talk to my friend like that, one. That's rude and even I know that. But, two, I'd be asking to hear a damn good reason. This is Court business. We're trying to be good neighbors and keep you in the know."

James starts to growl under his breath, only to stop when Vasquez makes a small gesture with her hand at him. "Nobody asked you either, wolf-boy," she chides in a gentle tone, before turning her attention back to you. "Bold claim, Eriksdotter. Some folks might think you're putting yourself above the law."

"The law isn't ready for the Lost yet, and we're not ready for the law," you answer. "We need time to get there, and that means cleaning house. I thought the Valks knew that?"
72 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yeah I saw the actual ONE thing it should work for, and it's for hearth... The contract that doesn't require rolls....

who makes this shit man, you'd have to homebrew certain things as curses to even get them to work, like the madness effects from I think moon?

So, with regard to that Summer how-to, how often /do/ Freeholds manage to send an army into the Hedge, invade the home of a True Fae, kill them, and free all their kept Lost?
not ever considering the way the world is
They don't. There's a lot of attendant issues to this, but the most pressing is logistics. You can probably find my answer on the subject in one of the CSQ PDFs; the end bits have the collected Q&A

Any other supernaturals about? I know the Valks should be dealing with all sorts of stuff...

What about regular old "mere mortal" magic users. Anybody step up for the James randi award?

File: map of Thadoz.png (29 KB, 1100x900)
29 KB
It's time for an evogame, this time with a twist! This is going to be an evogame much like the ones you're used to, with the small difference that there is a supernatural element in the form of 'Null Light', which will allow you guys to do some less-than-normal stuff. The idea is that this supernatural stuff is treated like any evolutions that means it should develop gradually, be internally consistent and follow the rules established for it.

The Setting:

There is something strange about planet SII-2453-0. Having exited a period of prolonged volcanic activity, life has emerged in its unlit oceans, first plants, then herbivores, then scavengers and carnivores. This fact alone is not yet strange, but coupled with the fact that SII-2453-0 is a Rogue planet, receiving scarcely enough light from the far away stars to facilitate the faintest glow upon its surface, it makes for quite the oddity.

It appears that the energy the plants consume and that keep the planet at an acceptable temperature for life comes not from the stars, but from within. Something lies within that planet, something that craddles its molten core, and which gives off an energy unlike any other in the known universe.

The thing was dramatically dubbed 'It-that-dwells-bellow', and the energy it sent out 'Null Light', on account of its particles sharing many qualities with photons, with the exception of lacking a visible spectrum. The plants on SII-2453-0 have learned to synthesize it, and pass it on to the food chain they are at the bottom of. Soon however, the peculiar energy manifested itself in peculiar ways...
550 replies and 216 images omitted. Click here to view.
Not holding the last three to a vote? Oh well.
Hopefully, by some grace of "I like cool things" we will see the gar-gar survive the hell that is this world to come.
I think the last three should be a vote tbqh if not it's just everybody choosing their own shit.
Yeah. Having it be one person feels cheaty.
Can we have a permanent discord link? All the others have expired by now.
Here's the permanent one.

File: C_AWgc3WAAAF1sK.jpg (152 KB, 1200x675)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Everyone can contribute art or a description of a small part of a dungeon (which I intend to use in ym campaign).

I'll start:

Entry to a dungeon is situated in a small crag. Threre are three house-sized stone statue faces in it and right above them - is situated an entry. An old, rickety suspension bridge connects the entry with the other side.

Dungeon is found in a deep forest.

What is its first room/tunnel/hall like?
6 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
The dungeon seems to keep going the farther you traverse into it. As you go deeper and deeper you start to hear rumbling and clanging as if something is moving the stone farther down the dungeon way. You also start to see strange alien markings along the walls of the corridor that seem to pulse ever now and then.
Deep within, the walls glow with magical light, revealing intricate runes carved in the stone, following these runes will lead to a large chamber that mimics the night sky. An altar of sorts dominates the center, a pool of blue-glowing liquid within.
The dungeon eventually peters out into a small hallway unknown to adventurers it's filled with traps pitfalls spears and a giant rolling boulder
when is qm going to write?
The small hallway darkens until it's pitch black save for the occasional magic lamp lighting the way. The air is cold and nonmagic light cannot dispell the dark shroud. Luckily the corridor leads straight ahead to a sharp illuminated corner on the far end.

You are Subaru Kurokawa, son of Vice-Admiral Kagetora Kurokawa of the Zipang Combined Fleet, and the battle chief of the super battleship Yamato. With your country under the subjugation of an ascendent Tengar Khaganate, the remnants of Zipang’s military establishment, along with powerful allies from the East Europan Imperial Alliance, came up with a daring plan to restore your country’s independence: Operation Ten-Go.

Despite some rough run-ins with the Khaganate’s Beiyang Fleet, your crew was successful at hijacking the Valkyrur-powered Yamato, seizing not only the battleship, but also several fighter prototypes, and unexpectedly, a princess in tow. Now, after a short skirmish with the Nanyang Fleet in your trek south, Yamato has finally reached her first destination: Formosa.

It was also here where you were given your first shore leave. Then, singling you out during dinner, the acting Captain of the Yamato, Nagamasa Suwabe, revealed a great secret about Zipang’s national treasure and his intention to use said treasure to rebuild a new ‘Zipang’ somewhere else. At the same time, he also issued a grave warning about foreign actors who had their eyes primed for said treasure.

More worrying about this reveal was that even your allies from the Empire, was also implicated in this scheme.

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Pacific%20Theatre
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Turkroachistan
Character Sheet (Updates as the story progresses): https://pastebin.com/FtzLDyHr
Mechanics and Stats (Updates as the story progresses): https://pastebin.com/ZCzrjrcL
Updates: My updates usually come in the form of long posts, and also takes some time to write. But alas, I would try my best to put out at least 1 long update per day. Every update will receive a notification on my twitter.
57 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 65227523_p0.jpg (654 KB, 800x1108)
654 KB
654 KB JPG
Gathering more information from Margaret on her elusive brother may be a good idea, yet so is hanging around with Satoru and Yanagi like the good old days.
However, there is one more option that takes precedence over both of those others: family.

“Hey, Tewi.” I turned and caught my sister’s attention, who was following right behind me.

“What do you plan to do today?”
“Dunno, why?”
“I was thinking we should do a little… catching up, maybe?”
“Speak normally.”

“I want to take a detour to our house here,” I whispered, wanting to keep my plans a secret.
“Oh, getting mightily nostalgic, ha?” She replied with a playful smirk. “Sure, why not.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 擷取.jpg (66 KB, 973x349)
66 KB
“So, how did that little diplomacy thing you did yesterday go?”
If anything, I might as well bring up the topic while we’re alone.

“Exceptionally well, actually.” She proclaimed with a victorious smile. “What, you aren’t still salty about last night, are you?”
“Oh of course not,” I replied sarcastically and bluntly right in her face. “I’m just curious as to the details and how you plan to make up to me.”
She responded with a small bump with her elbow. “You need to have some faith in your sister, Nii-san. You won't be disappointed!”
Knowing my sister, I will probably end up disappointed one way or the other.

“Nii-san.” Tewi pulled me off course onto another route. “Before we go, let me introduce a new friend!”
New friend? I was vaguely reminded of my sister speaking about doing diplomacy last night, before tossing me out of my solitary bath a minute later.

The two of us continued past Amekou’s old post office, passing just by the front door.
“You’ve got business here?” I inquired, scanning the exterior of the old structure. Despite being just a post office, this was a landmark in Formosa with quite a bit of history behind it.

At first, it was constructed as a fancy town center by Carolingians during the Age of Exploration. Later when the then young Yu Dynasty kicked the Carolingians out of Formosa, it was rebuilt as a residence for wealthy government officials. The establishment became what it was today when Zipang officially added Formosa under her sphere of control.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>”You've… certainly blown away my expectations this time, Tewi.”
>”You've… certainly blown away my expectations this time, Tewi.”
>Greet her, pretend to know nothing about Saya’s true identity.
Is our sister hot?

File: STANDO QUEST.png (114 KB, 509x565)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
If there is one thing you remember in the seemingly endless amount of time you've spent floating in this void, it's that you died. You know that you are only half of a soul, and that when you died, you were split in two with your other half presumably rendered into nothing.

You look down at yourself, your body colorless with a barely existing outline. It is the only source of white in the void of dark purple you presume to be the afterlife. You spend a timeless moment in self reflection, could be a day, could be hundreds of years, it does not matter in the void.

Eventually, you come unto a name. A single name which sates your curiosity and once again you are truly yourself.

)But what was that name?(

```{Part 3}```




Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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wew thanks
File: Spoiler Image (980 KB, 1364x1024)
980 KB
980 KB PNG

In which I think of Bakugo with a Stand and make an appropriate edit.
Wouldn't this be redundant in Bakugo's case?
if we ever need to explain a bit more about our past to deku, i've got a decent one
File: DAKEDO KYOU MO JOJO NI.jpg (187 KB, 891x1199)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Maybe, but I like the idea of Bakugo with that particular Stand no matter how redundant.

File: Village map.jpg (174 KB, 1024x562)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
You are Gorgon Rag, three months from 18 winters and lowest born of the illustrious house of Rag. Three weeks ago, the untimely (and rather suspicious by your accounts) death of your father, led to the territories of his small kingdom to be parceled out to his sons. As lowest born of three inheritors, you received a title to an obscure, nameless plot in the borderlands. All things considered, your father was quite generous, as usually the lowest born receives a one-way, all expenses paid, trip to the monastery, and more often, not even that much.

You like to think your father was fond of you, but looking now at the savage glade, the little dirt road overrun with years of accumulated vegetation, you're beginning to wonder if a trip to the monastery wouldn't have been more merciful. As it stands, you could not remain in your father's house, your eldest brother, Glangon Rag, has been overcome with the kind of insanity which often takes the recently alighted to power. His very first act as overlord was to throw his own wife and first born into the dungeon. Needless to say, you and your second brother, Gusgon Rag, fled the estate before your brother's disease could make designs against you. Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes and you are indeed out of sight here...

In your youth you were:
>A studious pupil of your father's modest library. You listened more than you spoke and learned all you could from the various stewards, merchants, spies and scholars that frequented the castle.
>A roughhouser and gallivanter, preoccupying yourself with fighting and drinking and staged fights with your father's soldiers.
>A proper lord, engaging in all the prim and posture of court behavior. You sharpened your wit against the barbed tongues of the wandering minstrels and learned from them the subtle art of seduction which you exercised on the hapless village girls (even some noblewomen) to great effect.

This is a first-person civ-like quest in the vein of Dwarf Fortress. You will control the leader of a small fortress and try to survive against the numerous threats lurking at its borders. Things will be kept very small scale (maximum a few hundred souls in the fortress) to keep things manageable. "Rules" of the quest will be supplied as they come up.
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File: 1367645465270.jpg (125 KB, 984x629)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
my massive intelligence transcends the physical limits of the cosmos to the extent that my dick poke may as well be the equivalent of being touched by a living gods

tremble ye meek and despair, for the day I poke u with my smart 'n mighty fuckin donger
>"Can you show us on this doll where a living gods touched you?"
Yep. That sounds right.
my penis is still ready for you, QM-san
Dawn of the seventh day post abandonment.

Penis: ready.
Abandonment is my fetish

File: 1210.png (240 KB, 560x600)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
You’re still at the clinic recovering thanks to the sacrifice of another entity, but your rest got cut short thanks to a disappointed family member. It’s 7:30 in the morning, and in Amelia’s current state it’s hard to grasp what she’s up to. Assessing the situation is harder in part due to you barely having any restful sleep, though not bad enough to be an asshole like that one other time.

“…Let’s talk here, since you couldn’t bother waiting for me at the roof.”
“So you were the one Yu Yan was waiting on? Why keep it secret and not just tell me upfront? I would have waited if I knew.”
Somebody had to be with Nina while she was negotiating with Neko. She’s unstable at best.” Your gloomy little sister explains, her monotone sounding a tad resentful.

“Why not Richard?” Aren’t detectives supposed to resist sleeping? Part of their job, right?
“He ‘values his sleep’, as he put it.”
He can’t be serious. “What a lack of commitment. I thought he was a professional.” You pause, getting an idea. “I guess the only thing he’s a professional at is being a dick.” You’re smiling at your own joke, but…

“Do you really think it would have been a good idea to have him in the same room with Neko?”
“That’s fair.” You shrug off Amelia ignoring your joke. Almost no pain anymore, thanks to Kirm. “Still… It was my idea to go to the roof. Yu Yan wanted me to go to sleep, but she knew you were going to be there. What’s up with that?” Was she lying to you?

“She texted me you were on the roof, and I wanted to talk. Going to your room would have been faster, but the Neko talk took too long.” Amelia grumbles. “Don’t overthink it or you’ll hurt yourself more.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
123 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
Funny how we still haven't tried nutting on anyone's forehead.
I hope Osgood gets killed off next.
File: 1242.png (78 KB, 512x512)
78 KB

Nina, Richard and Henry go inside the room, closing the door behind them. As they do so, you hear Yu Yan loudly complaining about Nariko getting her shirt wet! Guess you can trust Yu Yan to take care of those ingrates without you there. One of the only few you can trust at all…

You’re left alone in this corridor room with Matilda.

“I will keep you informed for a small fee.” Matilda proposes without you saying anything. “But more importantly, I can administer punishments to those two free of charge.”
“It’s alright…” It’s not alright.
“Are you really sure now’s the time for a walk?”
“I don’t owe them anything. They made it plenty clear where they stand.” What a reality check… “If you feel like this is getting too dangerous, please let the others know before you leave.”
“I have a debt to pay. I won’t leave this easily. Take care, call me if you need anything. My service’s lines are always open.”

And so, you are back in the clinic lobby on the ground floor. It’s after lunch now. Everyone looks busy, no one looks familiar, you’re still alone.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Go to your apartment. You need familiarity and comfort right now.
(Wrong thread)

File: Something has happened..jpg (84 KB, 1386x577)
84 KB
Your synthetic mind flickers into minimal consciousness as a trickle of power enters your primary personality core, stirring dormant machinery to life as your backup systems come online. The calm, monotonous female voice of your system backup pierces through your thoughts as you awaken, “Warning: External tampering detected! Critical systems severely damaged, full diagnost-FATAL ERROR.”. The voice cuts out abruptly with an unnatural electronic screech, and is jarringly replaced by audio and visual input from the security sensors within your armored AI core compartment.
“Come on, you old rust bucket, I know you aren’t dead! Wake up! We need you!”
A blonde haired human woman in a strange looking white vacuum hardsuit is kneeling over your primary personality core, working on it with some sort of odd energy tool - her suit’s angular helmet is off and set aside on the floor near several other tools. The rest of the compartment is an absolute mess, emergency shield generators patching numerous gaps in the armored titanium bulkheads, and there are signs of extensive plasma burns across your crystal memory banks and processing clusters.

You’ve regained access to speakers within the compartment, as well as the small holographic projector near your primary core.

>Attempt to communicate with the woman peaceably, she might be repairing your systems and need assistance.
>Attempt to communicate with the woman threateningly, she might be a saboteur or a salvager!
>Insult the woman. Who the hell is she calling a rust bucket? You're the AI of a highly advanced super-dreadnought.
>Stay silent and observe, she might activate more systems without realizing you’re conscious yet.

As an AI based off of a human you have a need for a set appearance for reasons of mental stability. What form do you take as a hologram?
>The ancient goddess Athena.
>The ancient earth admiral Horatio Nelson.
>A large and noble bird of prey.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>...Hey, wait a moment, Agent Price never told you about the destroyer encryption!
>See if you can get part of the crew to sing while they work, you miss that from the old days
>See if you can get part of the crew to sing while they work, you miss that from the old days.

>See if you can get part of the crew to sing while they work, you miss that from the old days.
>>...Hey, wait a moment, Agent Price never told you about the destroyer encryption!
Does that mean you're done until monday? Do you have a twitter for if (somehow) the thread falls off before then?


"I just... don't want to eat anymore."

The god of brutality shed another tear and as it fell to the ground he instantly regained his composure as he stared at the burned and mutilated corpses littering the ground. As he mourned that peculiar tear drop began moving on its own and zig-zagged on the ground until it reached the roaring flames. When they touched the meager little fire exploded into a raging inferno that seemed to consume all it came in contact with.

Flesh, bone, metal and even stone seemed like it was flammable as they were eaten away by the fires.
You stared in horror as the walls and the ceiling began to smolder and crack around you.
The destruction was so intense it even managed to make you forget about the living deity in front of you.

Looking back at Arken Razak you saw him staring deep into your soul.
The sensation of a gods gaze may have been familiar to you but your friends... Well they were an entirely different matter.
Szikra and Beatrice could not do anything other than frantically breathing over and over again as the intense eyes of Razak were burning a hole in their soul.

He pointed at you before raising his hand at the door behind you.

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O-kay! I'm finally feeling not dead once more.
No requests or questions?

I'm thinking about doing one omake sometime during the week anyway.
Buuut that's about it. Only one.
Which might help clarify some stuff, maybe not.
We'll see
How did the demons track us so easily? I'm sure it's some magic/ability but that whole thing went from 0 to 60 real fast.
The crow was their scout.
It knew how you looked like, what you smelled, sounded and felt like.
And since demons have shape shifting powers, it could easily track you by growing an appropriate organ
Omake #5: How it came to be

"They are improving.
That Lowan is very... determined? Shall we say?"

"Yeees. And your boy Maxim is getting used to fighting face to face.
If only they could calm down for a second they could see how good it is for them to fight like that."

As the two older warriors observed their star pupils the gierig looked over at the human and spoke up.
"You know I never took you for a teacher.
What changed since the last time we met? Or more accurately, what happened?"

What do you mean?"

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This got the old knights attention.
"What did you do?"
He asked, judging the human.

"You see she was... She wasn't a maiden.
She had a husband. Been married for years. I knew that, she knew that, still we succumbed to sin."

"Damn... That's fucked up Griswald.
You made her husband a cuckold! Have you got no shame?!"

"I do. I do have a lot. Sometimes too much.
But that... as bad as it was, it felt so right. Even she acknowledged that.
Despite her tears after she realized what she'd done she stopped quickly. Because we both knew what that was.
That was love."

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