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File: XMyKg4bs_400x400.jpg (25 KB, 360x360)
25 KB
So in two months after i save up 10k im going to become ahomeless tranny clown.
I already know how to juggle 5 balls and im on hrt.
I'm thinking about just being on adderal and juggling for twelve hours downtown somewhere somehow.

Also I need to learn how to ride a unicycle somehow...
What's the best city for this?

My trips going to be Austin, than Tempe Arizona to California.
Anyone have train riding tips?
Or unicycle riding tips?
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I'm unironically not
OK, I'll bite. How are you "not welcome" in a city in 2019?
Made too many enemies in my time
They might recognize me
I saw somebody just like you in a mental hospital, once.
Suck the wrong dick at Embers?

Name a more elegant Passenger ship.

oh wait you cant
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File: 01-sails-PONPON0317.jpg (290 KB, 1600x1000)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
In terms of shape that looks much like any other cruise ship. Clownish proportions, wall of balconies that would make a commieblock jealous, those walls of oversized porthole windows are ugly, too. The only thing that subjectively redeems it to some degree is the paintjob.

There are also hybrid sail ships designed for more fuel efficient cruise under power. Also even fully fledged sail cruise ships have helper motors to help them along, after all they've got itinerary dates to keep.
It might look alright (by modern cruise ship standards) but there's not going to be any actual elegance found inside, particularly not when you're sharing it with the kinds of people who'd go on a Disney cruise.
>when you're sharing it with the kinds of people who'd go on a Disney cruise.
Nothing's worse than Carnival, the Wal-Mart of the Seas.
File: 987987.jpg (37 KB, 768x432)
37 KB
If only there was something else in your history to talk about it.

File: calcutta_tram.jpg (212 KB, 1024x768)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
Post trams and trolleybuses in shithole cities.
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I visited Sarajevo about ten years ago and loved the antique public transport. All the old East German buses, which still had the German ads on them, and also the tram.

I don’t have any pics I took but pic related is representative of the buses in service then. Google suggests that they’ve modernised, which makes me sad.

And pic is what the team looked like. It cost 1 KM to ride, which I did pay which really made me stand out as a foreigner, but you could smoke inside which was dope.
Sad thing is, the tram and trolleybus fleet is basically the same as those 10 years ago. Only tracks and wires got more rusty and wavy over time and Turkey sent more money on new diesel buses.
>All the old East German buses, which still had the German ads on them, and also the tram.
Wow. Whatever this -core is called, this is peak it.
Reminds me of Pyongyang metro, which uses old rolling stock from Berlin. Some cars still have scratched-in German graffiti.
>you could smoke inside which was dope.
So did you smoke dope on the tram?
I was able to find weed there but would not have risked smoking it publicly. Apparently it’s taken quite seriously. The guy I bought it from had smuggled in a shampoo bottle and there was a distinct aroma from that.

Im buying a unicycle to travel the country with.
Redpill me on them
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>Piss jugs
>shirtless and shorts in a desert
This man dies of skin cancer.
I'm trans so..

File: download.jpg (307 KB, 1024x679)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
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Beautiful machines, and fruit of a noble purpose. Very much of another era, though; like they're the absolute last shreds of the idea that air travel is somehow glamorous, instead of a flying city bus packed full of cattle belching garbage into the air (engines and cattle alike).

I'm sure there's an alternate plane of reality where 'what if jet engines, but FASTER' caught on, instead of cheap Ryanair flights.
File: AA 747.jpg (635 KB, 1500x856)
635 KB
635 KB JPG
i know your pain.

for the best livery to ever grace the skies
If that is a 100% real picture, it has to be one of the all time great photographs in any field.

>the floating cage
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>The most expensive cage
File: saturn-V.png (2.02 MB, 863x1125)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
File: download (1).jpg (6 KB, 225x225)
6 KB
>the pedestrian cage
File: kingofcocaine.jpg (687 KB, 800x800)
687 KB
687 KB JPG
>the flesh cage
Me in the cone >w<

File: LV117SayrePA.jpg (417 KB, 1000x680)
417 KB
417 KB JPG
How about a thread for the once great American Locomotive Company? Once the leader in steam locomotive technology, they, just like Baldwin and Lima, failed to make the most of their time on this earth in the diesel-electric locomotive department. Let's get some photos of this once great builder, who happened to have a subsidiary in Montreal at one time as well. I'll start out with one of their more successful product lines: switchers.
File: TP1100_ALCoRS2.jpg (159 KB, 1000x606)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Alco RSD8

Anyone ever had one actually stick its snout into your wheel like a retard and slice the front half of its face off in your spokes?

Is it as satisfying and worth the repair costs as I imagine it being?
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i like you

although i'd like to point out that one day i'm gonna just start dognapping
Remember: cars should share the road with cyclists but cyclists don't have to share paths with anyone else
Pedestrian is a form of transportation
You should think about whether it's worth going into jail for
>Pedestrian is a form of transportation
Correct, and we all have a right to use the path without fear of getting mauled by an impatient idiot.
>being such an asshole that you'd want to fatally injure perfectly innocent doggo just because you're mildly inconvenienced by a dum-dum human owner
Literally kill yourself.

Does anyone here like Baldwin/Lima-Hamilton diesels? Part 2

Old thread here (not yet 404'd at the time of this threads creation!): >>848145
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File: SYREPASNBLD.jpg (784 KB, 1685x1307)
784 KB
784 KB JPG
Hopefully they'll see the light of day in my lifetime. Old codger hiding them in Michigan right now and nobody is allowed to see them.
No, these specific Baldwins (DRS4-4-1000's) spent their lives mostly on Vancouver Island with some in Vancouver, no where else. 13 units of that model were the only ones purchased in Canada.
Damn, that's a real shame. Reminds me of a shortline near me that has two Alcos just rusting away in storage. Has the owner said anything about why he's storing them?
I've never found out why, and most of the people that know about them have never got a clear answer about it, either. If I remember right, they are stored on the Escanaba and Lake Superior RR on the upper peninsula in a (partial)roundhouse on the line.

What type of ALCo's are near you?

Any 121fags here? Got my ATP initial ride in a little less than 2 weeks but the real stressful part is that they are sending me to DTW afterwards
Nice. Who you hiring on with?
What's their dress code like? Beards allowed?
It’s like most airlines that I know of in the states. Supposedly facial hair has an effect on the ability of the O2 mask to make a seal so they prohibit everything except mustaches.

Currently rocking a rad mustache lol
Dang. Well I'll have to rock a Zappa then, shouldn't be too bad!

fat bike = mountain bike abortion
gravel bike = road/cx abortion

It's the same thing, and they're both embarrassing. Stop putting stupid tires on things.
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lmao that fucking saddle angle
>Riding a mtb on a fireroad is really boring
this is one of those first world problems if i ever heard one
next people will say mechanical disc breaks give a more "raw" feeling and earning the stop when compared to good vbreaks/hidraulic disks

it seems several brands rather sell either ht xc bikes up until some thousand of dollars and then jump straight to carbon/aluminium fs frames instead of making good fs frames but with simple shocks for later upgrades
riding a mtb on a fireroad is literally really boring though
>wants an uncomfortable, unstable bike
t. retard
>Stop putting stupid tires on things.

Sir you have clearly not been to middle america. We are the undisputed world champions of putting huge tires on shit that doesn't need it. They are just doing it with bikes now too.

File: 220px-Yosef_navon.jpg (20 KB, 220x303)
20 KB
do you have any family members or ancestors who were in transportation? post them here.

pic related, yosef navon got a railway from Jaffa to Jerusalem build under the ottoman empire.
i like his lil sword

my great grandfather rode a penny farthing 350km though some mountains on a bikepacking trip
I can't imagine he rode on much rough terrain, but roads must've still been rough. more power to him for enduring that.
Yeah your great grandfather sounds badass

Post your British trains (preferably AC powered Locomotives and EMUs), but diesel is acceptable.
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Would be so much nicer if they knocked out the wall near the doors or made it full glass
File: 460victoria.jpg (199 KB, 1024x680)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
Thread dying
Quick Darth vader post
One of the things you forget about your childhood is how utterly filthy and disgusting the trackbed used to be. And everything, in fact. Right up until about the year 2000 the entire country still seemed to be coated in coal dust and grime.

The Hatfield crash and the subsequent meltdown of Railtrack and the vast program to fix decades if deferred maintenance changed a lot of that.
You got me mistaken my man, I'm a zoomer. I just find pics like that to be aesthetic.

*blocks your bike path*
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To be fair, given that they're faster than bikes, I don't mind them being on my bike lane. Mostly >>1346787 this.
On the other hand, I'm seeing more and more fat people using them. That's not good.
I'm so fucking angry at JUMP. I wanted to use their scooter to joy ride but the one I picked had no battery to even move itself so I put it back exactly where I got it less than two minutes after I unlocked it and was charged an out of service area fee of $25. Total fucking bullshit. The charge is still pending but I'm disputing it with JUMP who hasn't replied yet and if they don't reply and I will get scammed out of my $25, I'm going to dispute the charge with my bank. What a fucking waste of my time
I'm not scared of scooter commuters, I'm scared of scooter tourists.
cars are legal, why shouldn't these be?

Kids with rich parents here, I want to get into cycling and my budget is essentially unlimited. Should I buy a $10,000+ road bike right off the bat or is there some merit for getting more of an inexpensive entry or middle level bike and “growing into” a high end bike later on?
27 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>want to get into cycling
What sort of cycling? If you don’t know, it’s hard to spend more than $1500 even if you want to.
>Not being a former government dog and having his DNA sequenced, backed up, and stored on the national database ready for replication
I guess you are just jealous.
Yes if your parents will buy multiple 10k bikes. If not buy a cheaper bike and ride it for a while and do some research til you know exactly what bike you want then buy a 10k bike.
>starts an obvious troll thread
>n ignores this and gives actually good answers

ha ha OP loses

(Buy an argon 18 Krypton)

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