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File: cyclist.jpg (62 KB, 600x479)
62 KB
'nuff said
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The operators of the aforementioned '1 tonne machinery' are expecting other vehicles in their vicinity to behave in a predictable manner; when they don't, that's when Bad Things happen. Therefore all vehicles, regardless of whether they have 2 or 4 wheels or are engine powered or leg powered, need to follow the same rules.

That being said if I'm riding through a quiet residential neighborhood and there are precisely zero motor vehicles in sight, I'll ignore a stop sign rather than break pace, and I'll call any other cyclist who claims they don't do that too is a liar.
That would be cool if we first started by holding motorists themselves to those standards in a meaningful way and also educated them as to how cyclists are supposed to be behaving as I've been told both to get on and to get off the fucking sidewalk.

Until then, I will do whatever the fuck I feel will keep me safest, dad
You don't own a car or have a drivers license, do you? I can tell.

Also I ain't you 'dad' so don't hand me that bullshit, it just makes you sound like some teenager that never got over their rebellion against authority phase.
>You don't own a car or have a drivers license, do you? I can tell.
I've been driving since I was 17 and drive for a living now delivering pizza to fat retards who've lived in their suburban town 'my entire loife, boy!' and won't be told how to drive.
I don't know where you live, but I made sure to move far the fuck away from there where people actively target cyclists have turning off their lights and crossing the yellow line at you, throwing things, yelling things, and that's just the shit that they're aware of. Every single bar in this area has a FULL parking lot and many of them have a cute little nickname for them by the locals indicating the amount of drunk driving that happens there.

Maybe you cycle in a place like where I moved to and can't imagine a place where the same family has lived for centuries and is in bed sucking the dick of the police force, great! I'm happy for you!
>this bitch

French cagers on suicide watch because the price of gas increases by 0,04 € a liter.

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Why gas is so expensive in EU shitholes.?
That's not why they are protesting
The only countries in the world better than France are the handful in Europe that lie to its north.

It mostly is though, it's about how the rich get to keep contaminating as always with effectively no impact on their daily lives, whereas the poorer 80 % of French people are being bent over more and more.
It's literally what I originally replied to

File: dog chariot.png (1017 KB, 879x841)
1017 KB
1017 KB PNG
Good boy, its prety small, can be your 1st friend
and nobody will steal it unlike ur bike
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File: IMG_1824.jpg (1.4 MB, 2576x1932)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Dreams,,every night.,,mornings alwaysareset.,
,neighbor,,mulegod!,,often runs 4 inhand!,for Bigshows all 8!,
,,,crazy impresive Power!,,hours of gearingup,,years of training.,need newblood to startnow.,
,,,OP,, had a carwash ticketo local scouthing,,wait inline "Jack is getting pets,,, buthe aura of Confusion thatsoften prevades,,,oddity,spreads.,
,pullinto washzone,,kidsall know Jack, buthisis carwash?,
,,gota usemy Bigboy Voice>Easyon The Soap!!Nowax! and gethe tires thistime!,*snapfingers and pointo Jack.
,anarchy insued,,allwaset right.
the absolute madman
at least this design does not put much strain on the dogs in terms of pitching
sled dogs were traditionally traded and gifted, they are bread with little loyalty.
Second dog from head of peloton is wolf like

The following countries have no railway at all.

>Marshall Islands

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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There was, in the earliest third of the 20th century, in the French Pyrenees, a tramway line from St Girons to some lost town in the mountains. Look up how small and unpopulated the area was and still is. Absolute proof that "rail to every small town" is in fact not an unrealistic demand.
Go back to your thread
This is literally my thread.
This is where you belong
Yeah that's my thread as well.

File: s-l225.jpg (12 KB, 217x225)
12 KB
Helo /n/ baby's first Winter over here.
I have a deviated nasal septum which prevents me from geting enough oxygen breathing from my nose alone.
Is there a Mask out there that will help me breathig warmer air.
Google is trying to sell me chink shit that will give me cancer.
Thank you in advance
I got the chink ebay shit- it keeps your face and ears warm but it stinks and prob gave me cancer.
>I have a deviated nasal septum
You deserve everything bad that happens to you
Fuck you
Grow a beard.

File: train vs plane.jpg (91 KB, 634x380)
91 KB


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Even if SSTs were still a thing, they'd still be a fucking meme. No average person will pay extra to get a little bit faster to their destination. Which results in a select few airlines having tiny fleets of SSTs because there isn't enough use for them. Ergo, they're a meme.
If you really want to go ultra fast, stop being an atmosphere cuck and build a space shuttle. At least then you don't have to build a dumb pointy tube with triangle wings and overheating issues.
>No average person will pay extra to get a little bit faster to their destination.
I'd pay twice as much for economy on SST.
Good for you.
Point A to point B airlines can get to are still generally quite far from where you want to be from NIMBYism.
>misusing nouns, verbs, and adjectives

Please re-read an elementary school English textbook.

File: IMG_3568.jpg (579 KB, 1801x1388)
579 KB
579 KB JPG
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>max capacity same a A319neo and less than 737-7
droop snoot
How many insecure threads is this board going to have by insecure Euro's who are obsessed with their godless nightmare government-owned airspace conglomerate?

real talk the a320 is a nifty aircraft, clearly better than 737's, and the the mask on the a350 looks good, but other than that i dont get the appeal at all. the best aircraft airbus currently makes wasn't even developed by them.
>>A318 could fly transatlantic AND do STOL in the same flight
If you mean BA1, it can't, it has to stop in Shannon to refuel since it's runway limited out of London City.
all about the fuel burn, baby

File: Fred Hyde.jpg (824 KB, 1207x804)
824 KB
824 KB JPG
Appreciation thread for abandoned/defunct lines. Pic related: Milwaukee Road's abandoned Pacific Coast Extension. A transcontinental line abandoned in the 1979 during the railroad panics and bankruptcies of the late 20th century. It was the only electrified transcontinental line. IMO losing that kind of infrastructure was a tragedy.
File: trestle.jpg (41 KB, 500x381)
41 KB
File: sub5_redcoulee_sm.jpg (30 KB, 295x320)
30 KB
Rollins Pass across the Continental Divide in Colorado. Abandoned in 1928 when the 6 mile long Moffit Tunnel opened.
File: trestle-bridge.jpg (44 KB, 550x410)
44 KB
Stony creek, victoria

File: Nexus-Hub-1-1024x685.jpg (88 KB, 1024x685)
88 KB
Gear hube
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That's not that much shit tho.
>having 2 gears
inadequate gearing and inadequate reliability.
Touring on roads you can generally hitch a ride or bus out of trouble but if you're on a dirt track in the middle of nowhere that's not always an option so you need more reliable gear. It also sees more abuse. And yeah the gearing is not nearly wide enough.

I've done some pretty crazy dirt routes where i'd have been completely fucked if my bike broke down. Dying fucked.
>needing more
>needing that many

File deleted.

Post locomotives you'd name after the girl. It can be from any railroad from any era, but it has to be a nice one.
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keep her safe
It's been nearly 6 months since this gem from /his/ was posted.
Too bad it's not the same since the OP pic was deleted.
File: catcakes.jpg (119 KB, 811x739)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
toasting in a based thread
"the cleveland steamer"

hey /n/
what do you think about my scooter
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Why not just wear a t-shirt that says "I AM A HUGE FAGGOT PLEASE RAPE MY FACE" instead? Same effect.
This is how I know you niggers have never been on /pol/
Well he certainly doesn't represent /n/
>fork backwards
Foot jam/10
Also Shapiro is a fag but that griptape is sick

File: UP4141Schmollinger.jpg (289 KB, 3396x2344)
289 KB
289 KB JPG

Anyone going to see it?
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When the snow is bad and trains are stopped. They deadhead crews in passenger cars attached to manifest trains.

Though crew cars are Amtrak cars and nothing fancy.
>Remind me: what was H W Bush's significance to rail transport, if any?
He used a train to campaign in 1992.
File: trap_doc_cam2.jpg (35 KB, 540x720)
35 KB
>travelling to see a statist sham
yeah no

A stream of the funeral right now.
This passed just a few hundred feet from my apartment, but it looked like it was going to rain and I have a ton of shit to do so I didn't bother. Also, it was so cloudy that you could easily hear the jets flying over but couldn't see them at all.

Which city has the absolute most retarded roads ever?

My vote goes for the suburbs of SLC.
>Turning lane that goes into oncoming traffic to make a left turn on to a highway
>Highways that have fucking stoplights instead of exits
>Has people that don't even know how to merge onto a fucking highway on the interstate anyway
>Coordinate style addresses that are overly confusing
>Roads that are actually nice are the ones through the valleys
>The same valleys that see snow 9 months a year
>That aren't well maintained during snow storms
>Speed limit is 65 but 1 inch of snow and half an inch of ice driving more than 30 mph through a curve = driving right off a fucking cliff
>Every time road work is done, the other 5 adjacent roads must also have road work done to assure that you have no detour route and are forced to be stuck in traffic while you drive through that area

How much worse do you think your shithole is?
File: atlanta-i-75.jpg (632 KB, 1200x670)
632 KB
632 KB JPG
That sounds fucking terrible. I live in Atlanta where it's not as bad as your shithole but here's some:
>every single inch of road in the west side is complete garbage
>asphalt from the 80s, potholes and metal plates everywhere
>turning into a parking lot means driving over a five inch hump
>Everest tier speed bumps scattered throughout residential areas
>one way roads snaking through apartment tower neighborhoods, turning them into a maze
>every other street is named Peachtree
>turn lanes so tiny you're lucky to fit three cars in them
>intersections regularly blocked by buses and trucks making a left turn and nobody feels like backing up to make space
>east side is autistic mess of connectors and extremely narrow residential streets where everyone does 55
>brand new meme streetcar making roads downtown even more confusing than before
>middle turn lanes always closed for road work even though there's not a single construction worker in sight
>there is literally never a time when there isn't work being done on any of the city's aging interstates
>bullshit share the road laws

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Used to live in clemson and Greenville and went to Lenox on the weekends, can confirm Atlanta is the worst driving I've ever experienced. The roads are in comical disrepair
Don't get me wrong. SLC is a nice place aside from the tweakers and homeless people. The roads and the drivers are some of the absolute worst shit in the country though. I'd rather go back to DC and be stuck on 270 again then deal with some of the traffic here.
Grew up driving through ATL.

It weeds out the weak and makes the rest stronger.
>If it snows one inch, the IQ of every driver in the city drops by 60 points
What about if it rains anon?

File: briek schotte2.jpg (7 KB, 234x216)
7 KB
Old thread (no longer updating): http://i.4cdn.org/n/1533662166633s.jpg

I've riden 36 km today including my commute and my 2 hours of deliveroo riding, it was a good day. Trying to make my best of the early autumn conditions before shit gets Flandrigan.
305 replies and 141 images omitted. Click here to view.
Love me some /diy/ man, cheers
File: 20181204_202526_HDR-min.jpg (1.56 MB, 3120x4160)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG
It's pizza time
What's with the bubble wrapped fork?
So the bike racks don't scratch my fork anymore.
got a super snippy comment from a ped I passed coming home on the mup last night

it's not like I blew by, and I do often ring the bell, but it was a slow corner and i FIGURED my clicky hubs would be enough to alert, but no sure spread across the path with your dumbass little dog that probably wasn't on a leash

so is this woman deaf or is my freehub maybe not as loud as you think it might be?

File: 1539804232746.png (88 KB, 228x221)
88 KB
>be a hardcore n-lord
>dont even have a car
>hate cagers with a passion
>borrow my dads car yesterday
>rush to make a right on red before cars come
>a jogger enters the crosswalk on my right while i look left
>almost run him over

I realized cagers arent bad people and that it is impossible to have 100% awareness. People arent computers.
40 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I'm both a cyclist and an auto enthusiast. As with anything, absolute beginners are going to make mistakes. There's no reason whatsoever that an experienced driver should make those types mistakes with any significant frequency. If you've been driving regularly for more than a few months, if you take the responsibility seriously, and if you're not a complete idiot, those types of mistakes will become very rare. Most drivers don't take the responsibility of driving a car as seriously as they should, and their failure to do so puts people's lives at risk. There is not a good excuse for that.
>Crashes happen in under one second.
Yes, at this point you already fucked up.
>And you can't "keep distance" in traffic you homosexual.
Traffic accidents aren't dangerous, since speed is like 20 km/h. Worst thing that can happen is damage of front bumper bar.
Please explain to me why you can't keep a one car distance from the car in front of you.
File: IMG_1833.jpg (1.01 MB, 2949x2098)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
File: 1473206075801.jpg (91 KB, 634x434)
91 KB
I drove a car quite a bit in my youth even though I'm opposed to the entire concept of personal everyday use cars now. Never came even sorta close to hitting anything.

See, you were a retard and almost maimed someone and had the exact wrong response. Part of the reason cars are bad is because most people are too stupid and unaware to safely operate them, and thousands and thousands die needlessly every year as a result. Instead of making this realization you said "I'm stupid and irresponsible, therefore everyone should be allowed to be stupid and irresponsible".

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