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Well, this just got released: not one but two hinges ! Interesting new concept. I wonder what you guys think of it ?
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Cagers begone, they are for taking on the train you silly cagie ragie
Can these things be fun to ride recreationally?
Why are you taking the train when you have a bike?
10min bikeride to the station, 50min trainride to the city i need to be, 15min bikeride from station to destination
Too much shit to fold. Will never beat electric scooter.

File: 1550469979212.jpg (42 KB, 500x375)
42 KB
Would /n/ be interested in clipless shoes that have heels made to fuck up car doors and whathaveyou so we can get instant revenge on cars? I saw a car parked in the bikelane the other day and i chopped a side mirror off it
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I usually just spit on their car.
Preferably doorhandle, but windshield works.
Enjoy your assualt and unlawful detainment charge.
I though cagers were supposed to be the violent ones.
>scratching paint is equivalent to murder
t. cager
Call him poor, he shrugs it off. Call him rich and entitled - look how he recoils!

File: rsf.jpg (105 KB, 1080x716)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Where was your last bike adventure? Where will your next one be?

My last was a ride from London to France where I did my first 400 km BRM. My next one will be off road, where I'll do the north downs way east to west, which I hope to do entirely bivvying.
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Nice man. Me and the Brother just did the badger divide from Glasgow to Inverness off road. Well we stopped at Rannoch and took train to see other brother in fort William but will do the full thing this summer. Bikepacking is fun
it's still stealing even if you give it back, tyrone.
This is the single most depressing photo I've seen in the history of /n/ and that includes the guy who posted a picture of a u lock on his ankles as part of some weird exhibitionism fetish
that little house with the fireplace looks comfy
Those are toilets

File: IMG_20190505_164252661~2.jpg (1.71 MB, 2375x2863)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
I know you can't transport other people or stuff on your bicycle, neither are they great forms of transportation in bad weather, but if you live in a relatively flat town or city, I think a bicycle is far superior to a car, & you save a huge amount of money.

Sure you can only go so far on a bike, but you can always load a bicycle on a bus or train more often than not, so that argument is really invalid.

I was riding my bicycle on a trail & contemplating all the money I was saving, how much weight I had lost, & how much stamina I had gained, and this is what inspired me to write this post...

Someone stole my $200 Giant from Taco Bell, so I started locking up my bike every time I go inside anywhere, period, & it only took them a few seconds BTW.

STILL, $100-300 used bike vs $200-400/month transportation cost is HUGE!!!

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I often use the bike in winter and no: The bike has only 2 wheels. It's very slippery with normal tires and you have to be slow if you don't want to endager yourself.

The car has 4 tires and is much more stable.

We on /n/ mostly favour bikes and public transit but stop telling shit.
I use my car to transport my mtn bike to trailheads. I live 1 mile from work yet I only ride my road bike for recreation on weekends when I'm not at a mountain, which are rare.
>It's very slippery with normal tires and you have to be slow if you don't want to endager yourself
nah put slicks on and just into corners, git gud.
>The car has 4 tires and is much more stable
when the car starts skidding in the snow, you can't stop it, and your locked in for the ride. you can drop a bike at anypoint tho
>"normal tires"
Cagers will argue autistically about whether a "hemi" is better than a "four on floor", but apparently we can only have summer race tires on our bikes otherwise we're obviously making things up
Or a moped. I don't understand why millennials act like mopeds aren't real. Some Asian cities are like 99% mopeds on the street and the other 1% is trucks and taxis. If you're too fat to pedal get something that's actually capable of moving you around instead of a shitty fall apart bike with 100 pounds of toxic batteries.

Do you like suspension seatposts?
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File: imfuckingretared.png (14 KB, 300x300)
14 KB
>a hurr durred for this
herpa the fucking derp
>okay seat
>your seat
>nice seat
when I can afford them
why ?
Inconsistent saddle to pedal distance produces inconsistent power output and pedal cadence. It's fine for cruising around but if you're serious about throwing down power, it hurts more than it helps.
Don't flatter yourself. If you're putting down that much power you're putting minimal if any weight on the seatpost.

File: 12Y10石山寺・出口.jpg (233 KB, 1024x768)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Velomobiles represent the biggest advancement of the cycling industry of the last 20 years. The bicycle is the most efficient vehicle on earth, a velomobile the most efficient bicycle.

It combines the simplicity and effiency of standard bicycle components -thus allowing the average person to do maintenance himself at low cost- with protection against the elements almost like an automobile, and the 45 km/h speeds of mopeds. It's the perfect vehicle that has the capacity to transform the world. Imagine cycling highways filled with fast velomobile commuters, with the latest models allowing easy speeds up to 55 kph while barely sacrificing practicality. Add a tiny battery and electric motor and you have a car replacement for many-. But instead of 1300 kg boxes carrying 1 person, we only carry 30 kg. As more and more velomobiles are produced and innovation and competition continues, and more people understand what they are, demand will increase and drastically reduce prices.

But we need pioneers who aren't afraid of pushing ahead new technology for a better future, enthusiasts who do not shy away from an initial high entry price. Even at current prices, a velomobile is still a much much cheaper alternative to a car.
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maybe, but in law these things are still considered bicycles
File: Scan-120904-0002.jpg (173 KB, 1280x865)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
A cheaper alternative
File: v.png (30 KB, 695x254)
30 KB
I don't know why I'd ever want a velomobile but it's a human powered vehicle so this goes back to the top. No more sky cage threads.

File: orbea-avant-geometria.jpg (41 KB, 586x440)
41 KB
If the differences between "endurance" and "race" geometries amount to mere millimeters at best, and given that most bike brands are doing S-M-L rather than increments like back in the day, why do people make such an issue out of this shit? If matters that much aren't you going to be going crazy with replacing stems and cranks and bars either way?

Are we just getting caught up in the illusion of choice when the real questions are always settled on the Retül brand Guru™ Fit™ PRO™ by Shimano grope-and-cop-a-feel session (KOPS is a myth)?

Is 1.5:1 really optimal? Who decided that anyway?

Furthermore, why is upright posture considered more endurable for long periods if all the weight is going to be on your prostate rather than spread more evenly between your hands and your prostate?

Lastly, between race and endurance, which geometry is obviously, objectively the best and why are people who prefer the other geometry obviously delusional, ignorant, stupid, and a cancer upon cycling?

As a side note, if you are a cager, I invite you not to participate in this thread. This thread is for cyclists.
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>Furthermore, why is upright posture considered more endurable for long periods if all the weight is going to be on your prostate rather than spread more evenly between your hands and your prostate?
It's not "considered", it just is easier to maintain.

>back and shoulders don't need to do anything
>easier to breathe
>less neck strain
>wrists don't turn to glass

Also, try using your sit bones, instead of your prostate. How can you not know how to sit?

Of course wheel sizes are arbitrary, 99% of all dimensions for everything are arbitrary, if you were an engineer you'd know this.
>Furthermore, why is upright posture considered more endurable for long periods if all the weight is going to be on your prostate rather than spread more evenly between your hands and your prostate?
There shouldn't be any appreciable weight sitting on your hands OR your prostate. Your weight should be distributed between your legs and your sitbones.
It's Raleigh isn't it
Your silence only confirms it. Raleigh posts on /n/
Just buy a cage and watch cycling on TV

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 296x170)
7 KB
Why should I buy $2000 Enves when I can get $700 Yoeleos? Is the braking really $1300 better or is it just bragging rights for dentists?
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>China, which includes Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand
5 social credit points have been added to your account.
Are Novatecs really that bad?
If it’s not Chris King it belongs in the trash
They're decent hubs. Some models have absolutely no seals for bearings so you might have to change the bearings a bit more often if you ride in wet often. I've had a pair on my commuter for 4 years now and they're still flawless. I also know guys with Novatec hubs and haven't heard them complaining about them either.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (106 KB, 1280x720)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Yoeleos have issues with brake tracks too

I don't know why manufacturers keep lying about the capabilities of carbon braking surfaces, it just isn't good. Don't use carbon rims unless you don't need to stop

File: Intro-Scott.jpg (264 KB, 1600x600)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
What's the deal with Scott? I'm looking at their road bikes specifically the Addict RC, on paper they seem pretty good, rebranded DT Swiss wheels, decently light for the money. But I can't get over the awful company name and the even more awful model names. "Scott" sounds like the new guy at work who is perfectly nice but has a punchable face. And "Addict"? It sounds like a name you'd come up with to market an energy drink to edgy tweens.

Also get a load of this marketing drivel:
>When climbing roads that make you want to quit, having a lightweight bike with you is a sure fire way to keep the motivation high.

Like, really dude? I need a bike to motivate me to ride a bike? Is this the kind of casual who buys Scott?

Overall it seems like they're working overtime to make me NOT want to buy one, despite objectively seeming decent. Am I just being a shallow marketing victim? How has this company survived for 50+ years with such a horrible branding strategy?
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You aren’t just born 2 million calories overweight. It takes years to get there. These are the health gurus of the pack. 15 min
S of ebike, 3000 Cals of McDonald’s after.
>what do you ride
>a 2019 Scott Addict
yeah they need a new marketing guy.
I assume the name dates from when they had horrible 90s names like the "Endorphin" MTB but they apparently dropped that name for MTB, I don't know why they can't figure out how to rebrand their real bikes.
>not posting an image

File: 747.jpg (133 KB, 1024x576)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Let's say World War 3 happens.
Can the government draft commerical airline pilots into the air force as pilots? Or would they be drafted as regular grunts?
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The era of world war and mass mobilization is long gone. If it ever got to that point the nukes would come out, and nobody would be flying anything anywhere. If there were some very pressing need for more military pilots than were available, the silly restrictions on large robotic aircraft would be lifted and the ‘pilots’ would manage them from a cube farm somewhere. The computers are not infallible, but probably better than an enslaved flying bus driver! Retrofitting the old airframes would not be easy, but easier than the sort of emergency retraining you envision.
Ok so the optional AoA vane wouldn't have affected MCAS anyway because the system only ever used one vane. Thanks for taking the time to explain the details of everything for idiots like me.
>optional AoA vane
No Alpha Vanes are optional on any aircraft. No plane would pass certification without them
What was optional was a thing in the cockpit which would indicate AoA to the pilot (the flight computer and stall system would always know AoA) and a system which would show that the Alpha Vanes are showing different reading, which is known as a Disagree.

On the Airbus, there are 4 Alpha Vanes. The aircraft will maintain normal law until only 2 agree, at which point the aircraft enters alternate law. On the Boeing, the number of Alpha Vanes varies from plane to plane, but on the 737, there are 3, 2 on the Captain's side and one of the First Officer's side. These Alpha Vanes primarily feed data to the Autopilot as well as the stall warning system. In 737s with an AoA Indicator in the cockpit, they will also show AoA to the pilot.
On the MAX, only one Alpha Vane was used to provide AoA information to the MCAS. This will be changing to provide redundancy.
fucking cowards, you want freedom but won't fight for it. you take from the gov and never give back. you're as bad as the immigrants, just no where near as brave. jky faggots
found the pussy

File: 2109.1.png (3.21 MB, 1998x1125)
3.21 MB
3.21 MB PNG
Gotta Go FaST
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File: 20160703-8f7a2805.jpg (200 KB, 1400x776)
200 KB
200 KB JPG

An average /n/-user is faster with an normal bike than those faggots are on their bikes. This is because we on /n/ are really strong and well trained.
I'm surprised the chode thread was revived

ahahaha, no
This one looks extremely comfy and fun too

File: drt.png (70 KB, 410x471)
70 KB
Comfy ride edition

Old thread >>1320833
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When I get home from autocross I'll either take a short ride to have dinner with my mom or a longer ride to fatly crush some hills or a medium ride to get a scoop of ice cream at this cute cart. The future holds many mysteries.
File: R0004323.jpg (1.93 MB, 4612x3690)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB JPG
Went on a ride with a fellow /n/ bro. We stopped by a bike flea market, thrift shop and Rapha.
File: R0004348.jpg (2.75 MB, 5000x4000)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB JPG
Saw some cool bikes.
Currently planning for the brompton race later on today. Wish me luck /n/ bros!

File: aerotrain.jpg (149 KB, 1200x1200)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Unique, weird or unconventional train concepts, whether implemented commercially, or simply imagined in the works of some science fiction author.

I'll start with a classic, the French Aérotrain.
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I think some amusement park train manufacturer made an Aerotrain and there were more around the country.
File: 4-4-0.jpg (218 KB, 1200x905)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Wouldn't be surprised, don't think all of them are running anymore though. Even then there is only a 6minute loop available. The line used to run through the park to another station by the rose garden but a combination of fallen trees and mudslides have closed the line. The city (or metro more specifically) wants to tear it out and put in an asphalt path instead.

Portland, there is also a 4-4-0 that runs like 1 weekend a month these days. It was made by the live steam club back in the 60's
I thought that thing was made by Crown? I could be wrong, though. It's a shame that they want to make it ANOTHER FAGGOT BIKE TRAIL.
File: zoo-engine-3.jpg (1.21 MB, 1800x1200)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
Honestly cant remember. I know the live steam club was the original owner though. Kids did a fundraiser to get a train line built in Washington park way back. Bike trail is not finalized but it's obvious that is the direction all the bureaucrats want to go. Once it is gone you can't put it back, there are a fair amount of people that want it back I just don't think there are enough autists out there that want to maintain it with free labor and for once the city see something it does want out of its way.
>I cannot fraulein, it's too high up!
>Conductor obliges
>It flutters sideways in the breeze and is drawn into the running gear of the passing Einheitslokomotive

File: roche-620x452.png (571 KB, 620x452)
571 KB
571 KB PNG
If I train for six hours everyday for the summer would that do more for me as a rider than doing polarized training all summer? Would I wear myself out?
You'll burn yourself out with little gain. You gain more in shorter time from doing high intensity intervals
Won't six hours help increase base level endurance? that's what I need the biggest improvement in, that and just riding distance.
If you aren’t already doing 30+ hours per week then no, jumping straight into 40 hour weeks is a bad idea.
That's not how you train, Anon. Aerobic endurance has to build up over time, you can't just slam yourself with 600-700 miles a week and expect to get in the Tour de France.

If you read about how cycling training works, you'll see that everything you do is built on a foundation of Aerobic Endurance. That's what Base Training is for, and that's what you spend 3 months in the off-season doing: building up your Aerobic Endurance. Once you've done that, then you add higher-intensity work, at and above your Anaerobic Threshold.
Interval work at your Functional (Anaerobic) Threshold power, and a medium-low cadence, builds Muscular Endurance, which is what allows you to ride fast for longer periods of time (such as: long climbs like mountains, or time trials).
Anaerobic Endurance interval training (i.e., above your Anaerobic threshold) raises your VO2max, which raises your Threshold power as well (read as: you go FASTER).
Power Intervals train your Type 2 muscle fibers to be stronger and have better endurance (and your Type 1 muscle fibers, to a certain extent) so your sprint and explosive power improves.

One of the most important aspects of training is identifying areas you're deficient in, and planning your training weeks to address those 'limiters'.
Some guys """just ride""", go on lots of fast group rides, and while they may improve, they miss out on the benefits and advantages of targeted training. Some guys don't 'train' at all, relying solely on natural ability; those guys rob themselves of winning races that otherwise might have been easy, because they refuse to have a plan or anything like discipline.

Get yourself a copy of The Cyclists Training Bible and read through it, it explains all the above in detail, including how to work out a training plan for yourself.
thx man

File: Landings.jpg (84 KB, 1280x720)
84 KB
Holly cow!
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This is why we have MCAS.
Sry Boeing computer plz resume CFIT

Why would you fire a man for crashing his plane?
File: Bill Wilson.jpg (105 KB, 500x362)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
It was part of his plan

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