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Are trams the missing middle in American transportation?
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File: abuja light rail.jpg (41 KB, 500x300)
41 KB
>building part of a line in a different gauge
nice, that always turns out well
>running diesel trains on your rapid transit line because electrification is too expensive / too complicated
you're literally on the same level as nigeria right now, let that sink in
>you're literally on the same level as nigeria right now, let that sink in
Meanwhile, in the UK, it will be illegal to operate diesel only trains.
This means that by 2040, all trains will have to be electric, or at the very least, bi-mode. Though, if I'm honest, I think hydrogen fuel cell locomotives and multiple units for unelectrified branch lines and sidings/shunting is more than possible.
I don’t think the electrification is the hassle. With Austin any serious tram/light rail means tearing up one of the major north south streets which would take years. Maybe a line to the airport could find some private ROW without tearing up the streets. Instead they used a surplus freight line that unfortunately missed the core downtown and university area. It does swing into downtown from the east but misses almost everything else. They just wanted a quick and easy meme train.
Despite its progressive image Austin has repeatedly voted down various rail referendums. Houston and especially Dallas have far more rail which is funny since so much Austin hipper-than-thou ‘tude is about looking down on those cities as less enlightened.
San Francisco is having Caltrain electrified along 51 miles. It's going to cost 1.9 billion. Possibly more.
Americans are doing something wrong that their infrastructure projects are so ridiculously expensive. But in that situation it seems logical that they'd ruther get some DMUs for a branch line (like with eBart) rather than electrify it.
File: austin unfagged.png (947 KB, 929x636)
947 KB
947 KB PNG
It's sad because they could have easily created a killer light rail by re-using the existing rail lines and adding a down town street running section + short branch to the airport, doing something like pic related

File: 1550352014100.jpg (122 KB, 428x583)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
What should we call cycling girls?
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>I prefer riding alone I just think it's hot when girls bike

GIrls don't know this yet. Only bike grrls are 40 year olds that look rough/ruff.
sheldons a fuckin joey
now that he's a skeleton he's finally aero

File: alaska.png (28 KB, 591x246)
28 KB
An Alaska Q400 has reportedly been stolen from Seatac airport. There are additional, sketchier reports that it may have been shot down and/or crashed, but no confirmation on that as of now.
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Have you been living under a rock for the last year or something?
You must be new here.
And this bird you cannot cage!
Any indications that this is actually going to happen?

Was it a success?

Now that trams, integral to the initial vision, are finally being introduced, I'd argue that it's starting to pay off.
I have a soft spot for the DPM because of based LIM technology.
Mostly for Airports so far
I'm talking about the Detroit People Mover specifically. It came about in 1987 at a time when america viewed light rail as archaic and unnecessary. There was a broader vision that city-wide system of trams would make the mover more than just a vehicle for drunk sports fans, but that was never implemented until recently and the mover as mainly been seen as a failure by Detroit residents.
I’ve read that the People Mover circumscribes the distance an urban pedestrian is willing to walk. Maybe if Detroit still had streetcars fanning out of the five main streets leading from downtown. I wonder if the QLine has resulted in any more ridership on the PM.
I thought trams were seen as outdated and light rail and people movers were the cool new thing about to take their place?

I'll start with this lovely little Swiss Steam Railmotor. One of only two vertical boiler railmotors operating in Europe.
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File: _67957058_princess624.jpg (99 KB, 1024x697)
99 KB
Princess too!

No Stepney is based off the P Class locomotive. Thomas is an E2
>No Stepney is based off the P Class locomotive
Stepney is based off an A1X Terrier named Stepney.
Maine 2’ gauge Forneys are peak cute
She T H I C C

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Soaked clothes weigh more than fenders.
>not cycling naked for the weight savings
Never gonna make it
the bike does not really matter anymore. the rider will always be the heaviest thing not the bike.
What sort of weight savings can I expect if I fill my tyres with helium?
Vacuum weighs nothing, so just let all the air out of your tires for maximum speed.

File: Boeing-737-max-10.jpg (236 KB, 1500x511)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Good morrow to all my fellow forum posters.

Look at this hard-hitting article by NY Magazine, one of the premier media journals is asking if this plane is worth saving.(They say no)


>There’s only so far you can keep updating a venerable design, though. Boeing knows this. In the mid-aughts, it launched a project to consider a clean-sheet replacement for the 737 that would be ready to fly sometime between 2012 and 2015. In the end, though, it scrapped that approach. When Airbus rolled out an update to its own version of the narrow-body aircraft, the A320neo, in 2010, Boeing was forced to respond. Its answer was the Rube Goldberg contraption it has today.
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OK, but Iran is also freer than some other countries.
>Who said anything about conceding?
Reality say so. Isolationist approach mean reduced high value added job that could have served the whole world.
>Secondly by eroding a middle class, you erode the taxpayer base that the economy relies on.
There will be less and less agricultural and manufacturing job that can support a middle class family. This is the global economic reality due to increased automation and increased level of development of countries that were historically poor.
The only possible way for your "blue collar middle class" to continually dominate America is to voluntarily lower the degree of development of the entire country by isolating itself from worldwide competition which is similar to the approach taken by some Latin America countries. Doing so would also revert America from a developed country to a developing country, where the amount of wealth earned by a blue collar worker will still be count as middle class due to lower overall wealth. Is that the version of America you want to see?
Who the hell care how much the government get? The important thing is how much all citizens in the country get
Maybe you should have thought about that before trying to prevent all US manufacturers from modernizing back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Japan's economic success should have been a wake-up call but instead you convinced yourselves that it was a one-off, that all the other poor countries would stay poor and backwards.

The only way to save America is to invite in millions and millions of highly educated foreigners to populate the cities, and opening the floodgates to hordes of poor Latin American laborers to settle the flyover states. To paraphrase a famous military genius, "we have to destroy the white race in order to save it"
File: 200% nice.png (281 KB, 371x532)
281 KB
281 KB PNG

What’s your take on em?
Is it legal to fly them in public
No gas
No traffic
But a lot of noise (motorcycle fags still make more)
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>Everyything that is fun is illegal
Ooops a failure! Drone drives towards group of school children, the blades rip their heads off, the pilots penis gets stuck in the blades. Blood and body parts liter the playground...
Cars kill school children on a daily basis and nobody seems to mind
File: 1547174695934.jpg (42 KB, 500x500)
42 KB
>tfw flying in the air looking down on carcucks
The sky’s the limit!
>FAA: Yes, the sky actually IS the limit. We’re going to have to ask you to fill out a few forms first...

I just watched the ISS travel overhead (Apr 2, 20:43MDT), it appeared to be chasing something. Anyone know what the second object was?
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File: 1548293910334.jpg (38 KB, 539x442)
38 KB
chasing? it doesn't do that. hell it barely stays in orbit (a low orbit) and no, fucktard, nothing you saw was a flying saucer.
India's got you covered senpai.
>I just watched the ISS travel overhead
That seems unlikely considering the ISS isn't real.
Well if the ISS was chasing something, then the ISS would be the second object. Obviously.

Have you ever confronted a bike thief?
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File: based.jpg (85 KB, 863x1059)
85 KB

Some asshole stole my coworkers bike from our shop right out of the back while we were working. I screwed up my fork and I had to ride the bus the next week and I ended up finding it on the front of a bus that I was taking. the bus driver called the sheriff and had to shut down the whole bus everybody was pissed at me but I totally recovered my friend's bike.

Some guy tried getting through a heavy duty on guard chain as I watched him from the window of a del taco. It was more amusing than anything.
I whipped a guy with a snowball when he was fucking with my chain and he ran off like a little bitch. My dad has a better story though
>Dad is cross country mountain biker
>Is at an expo talking with other racers
>Shit head wanders in from town (expo was at a ski town)
>Clearly on meth, looks like he’s up to no good from the start
>Tries to jump on a racers bike to take off
>Dad blasts him with his helmet, jumps on him, and starts going to pound town
>Meth head manages to wiggle away, takes off into down town
>Dad picks up bike, apologizes about scuffs but it’s no biggie
>Racer beats dad in down hill comp with said bike, Dad bants and says he won’t stop the next guy
No, but our cops are notorious for not having anything better to do than cruise around and menace minorities, so all the bike thieves go for easier pickings

Any experienced train drivers here? What are some things you wish you knew before starting out?
In training myself and I feel like I'm in for making some major fuckups

File: bnsf_crude_train.jpg (489 KB, 2400x1600)
489 KB
489 KB JPG
Maybe this is a dumb idea, but why don't freight trains just haul a passenger car with the rest of their cars and sell cheap tickets?
24 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: Cigarette pepe.jpg (87 KB, 780x688)
87 KB
It makes sense, but hobos will hobo and cause a train fire.
That was the logic behind mail cars being put on Amtrak trains until about a decade ago
Oh c'mon, just a cloudy day at Sierpc, central Poland in 1990. These double-deckers will have received a brighter orange-and-yellow scheme by 1993, right after steam the end of steam in our country.

Sierpc station nowadays is even more grim looking by the way, with abandoned station building, demolished locomotive depot and most of the tracks overgrown with tall grass.
*right after the end of steam, dammit
what the hell why do the passenger cars look like moving gas chambers?

What’s the real reason Boeing’s new jets crashed?
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It doesn't have separate MCAS switch you dumb fucks. It is not airbus, where you have fuse for FAC and shit
Would you care to join me in the sim? I will be happy to demonstrate to you how to do it. It is part of initial training.
Boeing made this as a slap in the face to their design doctrine. Now they're paying the price.
>Fly third world carriers with third world pilots, win third world prizes.

Boeing shills really are getting desperate, anyone with the remotest knowledge of aviation knows Ethiopian is up there with the best.
File: ADIRU.gif (20 KB, 297x357)
20 KB
Sure, you pay for proper sim, and pilot license training, since I don't have one.
In mean time, I can find Airbus manuals and shit, where it clearly says, that pilot should disable 2/3 ADRs, which will make FBW switch to ALTN LAW, which will disable AoA protection.
That is not a breaker/fuse though.

132 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
what the fuck, is that poland? are you kidding? i live in a top 20 burger city and that looks 10x better than here. no trash, everything is well maintained, trees are alive, buildings are clean, people can walk around without being accosted by packs of hobos and youfs, that light rail is awesome, the traffic isn't a god damned fume spewing constant jam... just kill me. just fucking kill me this government steals 20% of my fuckign money and can't even give me as good a city as fucking POLAND has. 9/10ths of this city looks like a detroit tier SLUM and fucking POLAND has a city that clean and beautiful are you kidding me
You need socialism
Unfortunately the US is still severely shitter shattered over the cold war and anything remotely socially progressive is shot down as communism or destroyed by centrist "compromise."
The magnificent traction systems like Pacific Electric were built by cigar chomping robber barons in top hats. Public ownership i.e. socialism only came about when systems fell apart and went to buses. There were some early exceptions like Detroit where crusading politicians fought the traction monopolies and built competing public lines. In the early 1920s all of Detroit transit went public.

File: 3x pcc boston.jpg (171 KB, 1024x684)
171 KB
171 KB JPG
I haven't seen some good new PCC pics in too long, post 'm lads! PCC relatives welcome too.
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File: mtc62Montreal.jpg (37 KB, 573x399)
37 KB
The Crazy Montreal cars again.
File: mtc60Montreal.jpg (30 KB, 434x312)
30 KB

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