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File: 3387.jpg (26 KB, 930x558)
26 KB
British man sets new cycling speed record of more than 174mph

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Unraced, you say?
>If you're over the age of 29 you couldn't possibly be relevant anymore and should just kill yourself!
Boomer, we all know you hate how disappointing your life has been but that doesn't mean you get to take it out on everyone else. Stop posting.
Who the fuck cares? It's a technological arms race. The Hour Record is more interesting.

The solution to every problem. Except a lack of Tanks.
File: oxnard.jpg (31 KB, 704x576)
31 KB
The car kills air resistance but the biker still needs to overcome rolling resistance and internal friction. If you went downhill too there's no reason the bike couldn't match the car's top speed. They have road cars that can get close to 300 now, don't they?

Actually, why not just put the bike and rider inside the car and be done with it.

Does anyone here like Baldwin/Lima-Hamilton diesels? Part 2

Old thread here (not yet 404'd at the time of this threads creation!): >>848145
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What's stopping switchers from pulling long trains? They look about as big as any other diesel.
Not much, really. There are a few things to take into consideration, though.

They generally have a lower HP engine & less tractive effort, so they'd have to MU a bunch more engines which can be uneconomical (fuel, maintenance).

Lack of dynamic brakes.

Irc, air brake reservoirs on switchers are usually smaller. Not good for maintaining trainline brakes.

And if they're being taken on the road, the lack of crew amenities (no toilet, fridges, etc) could be an issue as well. Especially with collective bargaining agreements.
Thanks for the link!
BLH diesel hydraulic for the New York Central’s Xplorer train. Big fail.
Looks like it might be cramped inside.

Bicycle thread?
Bicycle thread!!!
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What the fuck is this?
GT Snow Racer
It looks hard to pedal
File: 3464.jpg (186 KB, 960x720)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Yup, pretty much only usable going down a ski hill. But the motorized ones look pretty fun.

File: miscegenation.jpg (62 KB, 800x600)
62 KB
Slot Cars Edition
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The followup to that news article from a few months ago.
Boys "Sentenced" for trashing UK model railroads.

Parents have to shell out £30,000.

Oops sorry, I didn't refresh my screen.
nah m8
>Three of them were handed 12-month referral orders and their parents were also ordered to pay £500 in compensation.
But they got
>More than £107,000, including a £10,000 donation from model rail enthusiast Sir Rod Stewart, has been raised in a crowdfunding appeal to repair the exhibitions.
Bottom left of your screen should have
>[Return] [Catalog] [Top] [Update] [Auto]
If you tick auto and keep it ticked, you won't have to refresh threads here any more.
(I say that, but on rare occasion it can get stuck. Keep a lazy eye on the 'page' statistic in the bottom right corner. That number is always accurate so if it's on page 1 or 2 or 3 or something but there hasn't been a post recent enough for you to think that possible, give the page a quick refresh.)

File: image.jpg (166 KB, 870x600)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
/trv/-/n/ crosspost : what is your opinion on long distance travel with bus ?
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Why the fuck wouldn't you use railway instead, if you aren't on a group trip?

Did it once, and the only reason was that it was significantly cheaper.
Don't feel like doing it again. Railway's QoS is miles above highway buses.
>muh ecology
Overnight it’s good, 14hrs with only a few stops, they turn off all the lights, fully recline the seats.
Trains on the other hand, tons of stops which they announce all night, barely any seat reclining, leave the lights on, etc...

TLDR yeah it’s ok but where it beats the train is long distance overnight
Haven't done it but it's probably better than car trips. God I hate car trips
>international flight for the same amount of time
Protip: Intercontinental flights are NOT comparable to Ryanair.
Will never forget the weird looks I got, when I tried to "smuggle" drinks aboard on my first Japan trip only knowing budget airlines before that.
Even in economy class it's all-inclusive. Your mugs are bottomless.
You can also go for a walk around the plane without any trouble.
On a bus, I think I could only do a trip that long overnight.

Rail is superior to both, though.

Post vintage street railways. Shown: Yale students crowd a Connecticut Company open car for a home football game
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File: mb12_col.jpg (289 KB, 650x503)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
some of these come out really good
I've heard of Ybor City but I didn't know it had trams and evidently even sidewalks. Is it a large area? I've always assumed Florida is just a giant cager shit hole.
Sioux City, Iowa
honestly a crime they got rid of the harbor bridge tram

File: a50771a23ba8a9ec5599.jpg (885 KB, 1500x1981)
885 KB
885 KB JPG
hahaha tall bote
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File: 4.jpg (98 KB, 974x762)
98 KB
She's a big vessel
Damn, so that's how these were powered?

File: lht1 (1).jpg (174 KB, 1200x800)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
I like the touring bicycle aesthetics, but I probably will only use my bike to ride around the neighborhood and haul grocery from the store every few days. What kind of a bike should I get?

p.s. drop bars look cool, but my body doesn't agree with them.
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drop bars have nothing inherently to do with bar drop or reach.
Many touring bikes have drop bars at or above the level of the saddle.
Very tall headtubes and spacer stacks are normal on a touring bike.
If you don't want to bend over, that doesn't mean you can't run drop bars. Infact drop bars might allow you to run your bars higher than you might normally, as if you want a lower position you can ride in the drops and if you want to sit upright you can use the hoods or tops.

also this but unironically
His cargo bootyshorts
le bicurious liberal arts professor look
What is Merry's Most Holy Vaginabones is going on with that stem?
Le Velo Orange retro chic

File: IMG_2237-1024x768.jpg (204 KB, 1024x768)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
I found it. It's not the ISM or noseless shit, it is this thing.
The white part is firm, nothing like the mushy Spongywonder or Spiderflex noseless saddles. The blue part is rock hard and you do not touch it at all except with your thighs when leaning for a turn
It is a road saddle, not for upright riding, but it's okay if your bars are level with saddle height.
It is essentially a noseless saddle with a nose. You sit on the perch, which is 100x more comfortable than all other noseless options, then you have the nose which is dropped about 2cm lower than the white area
ISM seems to be okay vs nosed but you are still putting weight on your nerves, though not your actual sex organs, it is another option to consider but not what I was looking for.
Anyways, this is it. There will be no more discussion of prostate health allowed. All recumbent bicycles are cancelled. Crank forward as well. There answer is the Rido R2.

Here's a guy reviewing it
It is also cheap as fuck at $50 and comes in black
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In all seriousness I don't understand how some de/n/izens can even make it out the door to ride a bike at all with how scared shitless they are of everything and everyone.
>be somewhere between 18 and (???) 25 years old
>worrying about your """prostate""" like you're a 65 year old boomer
please tell me this can't be real, it's too pathetic to be real
>>be somewhere between 18 and (???) 25 years old
What makes you think that?
So what you're saying is you are some old boomer? Why are you even here?
Why wouldn't I be? Why are you?
Oh I'm sorry didn't you get the memo? 4chan is only for kids not for the elderly, you have to leave immediately or be severely censured.

File: 20190818_200956.jpg (1.98 MB, 4032x2268)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
Got new carbon handlebars. Noticed this ripple, should I be worried? Also I think the shop mounted the hoods too low.
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Break enough parts until you stop breaking parts.

That's a more cost effective strategy than investing in a couple of torque wrenches, right?
Not him but i have the same bars on two bikes. I had no reason to doubt them for 1,5 years and i drive through potholes at full speed all the time. They are like 30€ from ebay
b-b-but warranty is just like insurance. right guys???
Worst idea ever.
Get a torque wrench. They're not expensive.
>i did do a little adjustment myself, wasnt too tough with the screws, could light tightening cause this?

Can you not read, Zishan?

>be me 262
has school not started back yet?
File: Me163-AV1-1.jpg (125 KB, 912x507)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
>Nothin' personal, kid.
Go back to >>>/k/
>be me262

When do yachts stop being made of fiberglass and start being made out of metal?

What's the largest fiberglass boat ever made?
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If I ever got filthy rich, I'd buy a pre-WWII Trumpy yacht. They just ooze class and Maritime history. A buddy saw a similar yacht and sent me a pic. My thought on it was "I don't feel jealous when someone is Rich has the typical cookie cutter yacht. When someone has a lot of money AND the same taste as me....that smarts"
A Tuna Seiner would also be a good basis for a Christina O-style conversion
If I had billions I would just buy an old clipper or something, and then cruise around the world with it, brutally mogging all MCsuperyachts in the vicinity wherever I go
>The bar stools in Ari's Bar retain the original upholstery crafted from a very soft, fine leather made from the foreskins of whales.[11][12]
Hey retarded faggot. Do you know what happens when the demand of marine diesel and bunker oil decrease? Refineries make more gasoline, jet fuel, and coke. Reducing the consumption of waste products only results in lowering the cost of gasoline and jet fuel.

I’m amazed that
1. So much of New York is pretty low-density. Outside of Manhattan it’s rowhouses and wide roads, generally. I thought there’d be more midrise.
2. NYC does not have light rail. Yeah you have the G train and don’t need a Brooklyn-Queens connector but damn, I thought NYC would have this first-rate awesome transit system.
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>You're also going to be breathing in a lot of crap.
Better not have sex within city limits, then. Oh, wait, you already aren't.
File: 1549820867320.png (248 KB, 870x964)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
Let's not pretend as if the MetroCard doesn't fuck up constantly. I have lived in NY my whole life, I know how to swipe a MetroCard.
File: 1545273986997.png (64 KB, 293x343)
64 KB
>boomers took from us
I dislike boomers as much as anyone else, but trolleys were pretty much gone before they were even born.
So have I and I get it 99% of the time
You can’t even blame the “greatest generation” as trolleys were getting trashed by the 30s. Guys like Robert Moses and Fiorello LaGuardia were the villains in NYC.

File: IMG_20190720_222342.jpg (802 KB, 3243x2254)
802 KB
802 KB JPG
They're at it again, going around the cutesy old railways of the Isle of Man.

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File: geico_gets_fuckin.jpg (71 KB, 870x960)
71 KB
Who here wants to send Geoff on a one way ticket to Dijibouti just to steal Vicki for yourself?
Vicki isn't 6'3", she's 5'11".
The strategy is obvious. If Vicki could only see I’m not like chad Geoff, she (male) would leave him for me immediately.

The first thing I must do is compliment how passable she (male) is. I guarantee chad never tells her (male) that.

File: IMG_20190819_003544.jpg (37 KB, 460x481)
37 KB
"Anon, please get in now, you're holding up the boarding process."
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Yes. Those are speed dimples, like on a golf ball.
No obv.
This plane was crashed, and my local car mechanics repaired the damage. I didn't know they know how to weld aluminium
don't worry it's fine, that'll just buff right out
>me trying to land a plane in simulator
You better hope I don't pass medical examination
They’ll smooth out once the plane pressurizes.

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