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File: 1.png (648 KB, 2984x2980)
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648 KB PNG
When did you start browsing /n/? Not 4chan as a whole, but /n/ specifically.

I think I started browsing /n/ in 2012.
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File: anotherlvl.jpg (362 KB, 540x720)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
around 2013 mabye? Started lurking /rail/, /n/, /wg/ and /lgbt/ in my last highschool year.
2010/2011, as I got into road cycling. Was on the board a lot and even had the team jersey for a while.
>When did you start browsing /n/?
when /n/ was /pol/
>We'll need to vote as a group on which bikes are allowed to get the sticker
back to /reddit/
4chan itself? 2011 I think. /n/, I visit maybe once or twice a month, it's far from my "main board" but I've been coming here for probably 3 years

File: 13-58-28-15475521235310.jpg (108 KB, 1000x564)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
I just want to say that I love all my /n/ frens. No reason, I'm just happy this place exists. I love all the amazing info and pics that get posted. The first-hand accounts of different tansports. The trainfags, boatfags, the planefags, even the bikefags even though I don't much care for bikes. I even like the car trolls and how they get btfo by our collective autism.
I have no one in my life to talk to about this stuff because most people just dgaf. I love sharing my own pics and stories, and seeing them appreciated.
/n/ may be slow as balls, but it's unironically one of the best boards on 4chins,and definitely my favourite.
So here's to all my /n/ frens.
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>tfw it's enjoy your no gains time again this year
File: Pedalo.jpg (29 KB, 450x450)
29 KB
Also forgot the Pedalo.
Apu is not pepe you glue huffing discord tranny.
i love all my /n/iggers!
Love you guys <3

File: showimage.jpg (165 KB, 1024x701)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Press F to pay respects.

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Did RI ever order any diesels with dynamic braking?
HELL YEAH BOIH GETTER DONE *plows into stationary train because intoxicated on the job, killing the other crew* THAS WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT
If so it is incredibly based

The virgin dynamic braking vs. the Chad air brakes
File: homr what the fuck.jpg (5 KB, 169x250)
5 KB
BNSF has 3 different paint schemes they still use, not even counting the leftover BN units and fakebonnets and those weird "executive" SD70MAC's.
you still have a chance to see four different paint schemes from the same railroad in the same consist, you shit.
who cares their modern livery + logo sucks and you get to choose between an SD70 variant or a Dash 9 variant

File: MILW_E72_E34A_s.jpg (272 KB, 1000x653)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
Back by popular demand, ITT we discuss the greatest electrified railroad operation in world history. The proven corporate conspiracy to dismantle and abandon this operation, largely perpetrated from within the company itself by its own top-level officials, is one of the greatest crimes against humanity ever conceived and makes the Great American Streetcar Scandal look like amateurish in comparison.

Gone before its time, but not forgotten, the Milwaukee Road's Pacific Coast Extension lives on in the minds of all who encounter it. This thread is dedicated to the men and women who built and maintained this system, and the photographers who filmed and preserved this unique operation for posterity.
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this >>1282720 isn't me (>>1282662)
>no milwaukee E60s
why go on?
Just imagine if they got E44s too.

File: 1545014697834.jpg (31 KB, 480x436)
31 KB
Something literally no one on /n/ can refute

People use cars because it is usually the most convenient way for them to get around. They use it because it is what is easier for them in the long run. It is only politicians who hinder progress away from not using this, just come up with some bullshit name for them. I take a bus and it's the fuckin worse, I'm getting a car the first chance I get. Like everything now it's another buzzword that helps you get off on the smell of shit on your bike seat. It's funny how most you are American too isn't it? With a single brain cell to spare can you see the reason for your shared autism. Not everyone can be a fixie bike grafting faggot like you. Sperg harder niggers.
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No matter how many times you use the word 'fringies' the only people with fringe beliefs on /n/ are those that believe in devoting their life to the c*ge.
imagine using the term "fringie" unironically

people weren't meant to live in bugman colonies, horizontal OR vertical
Seeing a dirty s*burbanite using the appeal to nature argument is like seeing the filthy speaking out against the dirty. I'm sorry, I didn't know humans evolved living in single family mcmansions and were meant to drive cars. Why don't you go live with a dozen other families inside of an oversized tent, Mr."People Weren't Meant to" ?
People weren't meant to live in social groupings greater in size than a couple hundred people. Everything past a village you only occasionally leave is flying in the face of human nature.
If we are living unnatural lifestyles, we might as well try to be efficient and effective about it instead of making sprawling monuments to human greed which stretch out 100km from every city of note.

File: CAAAAAARS.gif (1.11 MB, 703x527)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB GIF
Public transportation will never get significantly better in the US. It's fucking hopeless. We're too attached to our fucking cars that we deny any improvement to our lives that we come across. Public transportation has been getting worse and worse except the exception that is NYC.

This bullshit attitude is going to bite us in the back in the future.
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Dude London is a unsafe nigger and shitskin filled shithole, walking there or not being in some kind of safe place has a high chance of you being mugged or acid attacked
I did faggit

WFH is a good recruitment tool. People will take less pay to have a job that allows them to work remote at least part of the time.

I work in tech support. We don't have enough seats in the office to have everyone work in the office every day. WFH allows us to recruit people who live up to 3 hours from the office. Kumar in Bangalore won't replace us because people with tech problems want to talk to Americans.
There is not a single example of effective public transportation anywhere in America besides perhaps Seattle which is literally just an extension of Vancouver Canada’s system. Look at the MBTA in Massachusetts; the government is too incompetent to get the job done and always will be.
It's an excellent recruitment tool. It just doesn't help much if 95% of the jobs don't allow you to work remotely even if there's no reason for you to be physically needed at the office. I've been interviewing for a bunch of jobs lately and their responses to questions about their remote working policy are usually along the lines of "few days a month at maximum if you absolutely have to because you need to be home for something like a plumber". I'd much rather do majority of my working from home as it's much more effective when I don't have to be in a noisy room with shitty air quality and a bunch of other people.

File: lyntonandbarnstaple.jpg (466 KB, 1024x682)
466 KB
466 KB JPG
Narrow gauge thread time /n/! Show me your favorite narrow gauge locomotives and railways.

Pic related is the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway.
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South African Railways for me.
It's pretty much the ultimate miniature railway.
It's probably the best place to visit while in Kent.

Also, this.
>Miniature railway
>Used to fight Nazis
>Route takes it near a nuclear power station

What's not to like?


At least it's near the coast, but desu, most of Kent is a bit shit.

File: Plus15West.gif (62 KB, 1908x1078)
62 KB
Can we talk about pedestrian transportation? I feel like its an often neglected form of transportation. Has anyone used skyways or the +15 system in Calgary? I'm curious their thoughts on how it has impacted streetlife.
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>1350 kg
>20 persons
Or 10 American tourists, amirite?
I think it means the paths through the buildings aren't meant to be taken as literally the paths. Many skyway passages have twists and turns depending on the internal layout.
Japan has some pretty crazy underground pedestrian infrastructure. I recall the stuff under Shinjuku being particularly extensive and I once got lost for like an hour just trying to find my way out of a subterranean labyrinth of a train station/shopping mall/etc. hybrid thing in Osaka.
I'm getting Driver tutorial flashbacks.
what do the different colours represent

Why would anyone do this instead of actually riding a bike?
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Also, please don’t ask me to post my USAC license again.
alright cormy calm down
>so they're "free" at any gym with very expensive membership?

I pay 35 a month and there are spin classes 4 times a week, plus all the other Pilates / yoga / girls punching the air stuff
You don't understand, someone (probably 54 year old boomer (happy birthday by the way)) got very frazzled and asked me to post my racing license after I mentioned in a post that I'm cat 3.
Does ability in the 5 second to 5 minute power range suffer if you don't train at those intensities all winter? Can't they just be improved year round? Or is this for those athletes that have pretty much peaked so it's like why waste the extra effort off season?

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Talking about it from an infrastructure perspective; i think some pre-WWII air-line railroads would qualify for a "proto-HSR" label. Take for example the Lackawanna Cut-Off, opened in 1911. Full grade separation, very gentle curves and gradients and built with little care for local traffic.
There even were HSR steam locomotives back in the day.
In terms of Japanese HSR the timeline goes something like this.
The JGR C51 Class was the first foray into higher speed rail.
After that would be the Asia Express Pashina Class for the southern Manchurian railroad. Then what followed would be the JNR C62 class that took over the Tsubame services in mainland Japan. What followed would be the private company Odakyu with their 3000 series being the actual direct predecessor to the shinkansen. Afterwards JNR expermiented with their 151 series EMU and eventually the idea that using EMUs for high speed rail was feasible we got the 0 Series we all love and know today.
Pic related the shinkansen could of ended up as a super aesthetic Hudson whyte steam loco.
>waiting for the day when it will be used again...
File: wojakfireman.png (2.11 MB, 1600x900)
2.11 MB
2.11 MB PNG
Aye, and the English railway system is still the envy of the world isn't it?

Isn't it?


File: large_190129_ogi36_02.jpg (89 KB, 600x400)
89 KB
Post special bus stops.
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we'll miss you, old friend
File: H_Leinaustraße2.jpg (326 KB, 1280x853)
326 KB
326 KB JPG
You're in for a treat
File: 39.jpg (213 KB, 1100x749)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
turkmenistan 1/3

from this awesome gallery https://varlamov.ru/1747480.html
File: 41.jpg (291 KB, 1100x732)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
File: 35.jpg (124 KB, 1100x732)
124 KB
124 KB JPG

I'll start
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P comfy Japanese ones I like.

File: renfe_470.jpg (74 KB, 1280x720)
74 KB
ITT: We post old vehicles and rolling stock that's still in regular service.

Pic related are the oldest vehicles in service in Spain I think. Originally entered service in 1974, rebuilt in the early 90s.
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File: lisbon-tram-jam.jpg (613 KB, 1809x1162)
613 KB
613 KB JPG
Toronto trams have a custom gauge, so unless you find a n operator who uses that same gauge, all those clrv are worth more as scrap
Toronto tram gauge is only 60mm wider than standard. Surely it's no big problem to adjust them to standard gauge.
god I want to visit lisbon so bad
They picked up a good number of their PCCs from American systems that were shutting down, and which were almost all standard gauge. So it clearly couldn't have been much of an issue.

File: congress.jpg (124 KB, 923x771)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Congress Parkway gets renamed Ida B Wells St.
How do you fellow Chicagoans feel about this? Now we have TWO Wells streets that intersect.
Congress Plaza, Congress Hotel, Congress Blue Line Branch and Congress Expressway are now meaningless
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Interesting. When I visited Munich it seemed like a number of important "platz's" were named for royal women. Is Berlin actually lacking in things named after women or is this an imaginary problem?
It will always be Congress to me
Why is it a "Drive", not keeping it a "Parkway" then?

>"/pol/ racist"
Like wtf, they wouldn't replace the worse Balbo legacy, and now ruin a perfectly fine historic name. Are they really some fascist sympathizer.
Should have renamed it Jussie Smolett St.

Post pics of operational steam locomotives

UP 844 is the only steam locomotive to never be retired by a class 1 railroad
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this is the main reason, even if it would be legal they would not put this much stress on an old engine
Why is this engine so happy?
File: 4501.jpg (108 KB, 700x500)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Because it hadn't been painted back to its conventional livery yet
SR Merchant Navy Class - 35028 Clan Line
File: Durango-medium.jpg (358 KB, 770x433)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad has been running steam continuously for almost 130 years. It turned directly into a heritage railroad when parent company Rio Grande let it go. The railroad still runs daily scheduled service for part of the year as well, but switches to occasional excursion runs in the snowy season.

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