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/toronto/ thread
we need to keep this general going guys

post subways,streetcars, buses, roads, trails bikes, airports, planes and anything else once it's related to toronto
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File: MetraRI.jpg (74 KB, 800x531)
74 KB
*Dabs on every other metro commuter rail network*
Oh alright, yeah I worked in Markham for a few months, was similar to Scarborough desu albeit cleaner
File: GO_Transit_MP54AC_647.jpg (2.03 MB, 3200x2128)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB JPG
get outta here merifats
Pretty comfy
yeah, fuck people for wanting to make a living.

File: CSX_train.jpeg.jpg (37 KB, 300x230)
37 KB
Anyone know why I saw a CSX locomotive coupled with a CN locomotive on the west coast of Canada?
Railroads agree to share power. In San Antonio, TX it's wack as fuck.

>Seeing consists/DPU setups with UP, Ferromex, BNSF, and KCS on a single train
Power gets swapped, shared, leased, and borrowed all the time. For example, a coal train from the Powder River Basin UP is going to be interchanged by the UP to the CSX destined to a power plant in Kentucky, and they're not going to swap power. It would be silly.

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>limited to 90mph in regular service because it would outrun the crossing gates otherwise
Such was the Great Depression, fampai. The employees even accepted a pay cut so the railroad could afford to buy them.
Why are trolley poles & wire spans so comfy?
Please post 'em if you got 'em
The mix of electric infrastructure and old-fashioned trolley cars is a powerful mix.

File: edinburgh tram and bus.jpg (476 KB, 1024x768)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
At what point do trams become viable instead of buses?
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trams were a lot more profitable and also the people who were being paid to lay track were probably paid jack shit to do it in shit conditions
File: Rue_Gambetta_Le_Mans.jpg (919 KB, 2272x1704)
919 KB
919 KB JPG
at the point where you build an actual tram system and not just a meme downtown loop
Trams always preferable to busy bus lines that run through big avenues and are fed by small bus lines. That, or to serve big and dense neighborhoods. Of course, you have to not be stupid about it. All of those stupid low floor cukk trams that you see popping up all over North America are failing for a myriad of reasons, such as running completely in grade with cagers, not getting crossing light privileges, being slow, low capacity and just overall being subpar systems made for election purposes. You want to see trams done well, look at Green Line (Run on separate grade on busy sections, not some low floor low capacity joke because it was made more than a century ago) or Setagaya line (All grade separated except for crossings, connects different places of big neighbourhood, thus reducing internal traffic).

Also why the fuck do I only get cage captchas on /n/.
There were no cages, and they sure as hell weren't perceived a symbol of self-realisation within a capitalist society, along with a single family house and a big lawn.
If a line has more demand than can be satisfied by a bus every ten minutes.

About to pick this up, anybody have any idea what it's worth?
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$20 American. Lose the light & generator. You can get a decent battery one at any LBS. Update saddle, handlebars. Do you need fenders? Kick stand? Make sure the tire size is something that’s available to your area. That’s really the whole key to your purchase. Do you have a local bike shop (LBS) that services townie/city bikes. The frame is probably fine and that steel ride will be comfortable, you just need to be able to replace, tires, tubes, chain, etc.
Then why does it have 3 cables?
File: 20170809_220312.jpg (316 KB, 1600x1112)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
>Where’s the shifter
next to the right hand brake lever
it will be a tiny lever with a ratchet and pawl mechanism
Pretty sure it's a shimyshamtwistogripo
File: $_1.jpg (17 KB, 400x267)
17 KB
I would say you sir are correct

File: Tramp Steamer.jpg (512 KB, 1299x923)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
Are there any known late 19th-early/mid 20th Century intact examples of tramp steamers left in existence (not counting shipwrecks/abandoned ones)? Any still in revenue service? I imagine some obscure freighter line in a Third World shithole might still have one or two up and running on duct tape.
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I'm currently working on a 40 year old diesel ship on the lakes, 64 years isn't that ridiculous.

You need both boilers for redundancy and power to make a reasonable speed. To take out a boiler would be immense work, you'd have to cut out a big gigantic hole in the side of the hull to get a new one in.

Also I bet everything's corroded to shit, the main engine is probably toast as well, turbine or reciprocating steam. At least with recip you could throw new liners in and make it work.
>Master and Commander "took" place just 65 years before she was built


That ship is the stuff of legends, shame I only have a motor engineering license (not steam) and can't help you guys.
>Only sunk 2 times

fucking lol
Oh yeah, I saw the wreck of the Palo Alto several times. My grandmother said that they used to have a dance floor and a snack bar inside before she started breaking up. Really sad to see the state it's in now, it's not even upright anymore.
they say that the lake never gives up her dead when the gales of November turn gloomy.

File: SS Baychimo.jpg (186 KB, 1800x1029)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
What is you /\/iggers' best guess on the whereabouts of this F L O A T Y B O I?


Also general Ghost Ship thread

Post spookybois of the high seas.
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Until it gets to the bottom of page 10

Judging from how close it is they probably just swam/rowed ashore and walked off.
File: Ghost-ship-poster.jpg (340 KB, 1024x768)
340 KB
340 KB JPG
Let your two threads die, chackoff

Switchers for mainline use?
wouldn't this be fine for smaller lines?
who does it
why or why not
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Too late entering market
Not as robust as diesel
Necessitated massive locomotives
Poor fuel economy at idle and slow speeds
New maintenance requirements/training
Necessitated crew familiarization trips
I'm pretty sure maintenance (if they're anything like aircraft turbines: aren't low maintenance) and sound level issues keep that from happening. Turbine replacement parts are probably a lot more expensive than what you find in a standard diesel engine power plant. And as previously mentioned, poor fuel economy at idle & low throttle levels.

It would be cool to see though.
Turbines are too inefficient at 'less then full' throttle, are extremely noisy and, most importantly, they are high-speed rotary equipment and locomotives are not stationary, but sway left to right. That causes extra maintenance.
File: 4es5k.jpg (328 KB, 1024x683)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
Oh. And power is not what freight RRs are after these days. If they wanted power, they would electrify and run like ruskis do. 13MW out of 16 axles. And we can get that to 24MW with current technology.
>wanting to be more like Russia

File: mpv-shot0008.jpg (492 KB, 1920x1080)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
>female cyclists
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>be a fair ways into my ride (50 miles maybe)
>was very tired before I even started my ride from long rides the past few days
>on a mtb-style hybrid
>don't remember the last time I was passed by a girl
>only people that ever pass me are on road bikes, usually in suits, and I pass some of them too
>a girl (along with a guy) passes me
>they're on road bikes, dressed pretty pro
>she's tall, huge legs, perfect body for biking
>I was already very tired, so understandable
>so what, no girl passes me
>catch up to them at intersection
>trail them a while
>they slow down
>I could pass them, but I don't want to pass them then get passed back, so I just trail them a bit longer

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I want two minutes of my life back.
Jesus, my thought exactly.
File: darkalotti.png (844 KB, 1918x1152)
844 KB
844 KB PNG
>female youtube cycling content creators
the woman looks like she's a fit 70 year old

File: rail privitization.jpg (319 KB, 1000x619)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
thoughts on rail privatization and the various privatization models...
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File: ns_amtrack.jpg (101 KB, 640x352)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>implying that having a strong long-distance freight rail network instead of putting it all on trucks like the Euros is a bad thing
>implying that having a strong passenger rail network instead of spamming highways everywhere like the Americans is a bad thing
the one time centrism isn't a meme
File: RLM reaction2.png (301 KB, 465x473)
301 KB
301 KB PNG
>This is how you bleed the middle class dry and this is the reality of public transit and government spending in general.
Totally missing the point of that public transit usually doesn't make a profit, but the substantial benefits felt everywhere else make up for the fact that its subsidized. Sort of like how the U.S. massively subsidizes highways, but no one seems to complain about that. No one ever complains that toll roads don't ever make a profit. And also that most of the country seems to be fine with getting ripped off by auto insurance, maintenance, car loans and gas, but dear god if someone imposed a 0.05% tax on income for public transit everyone collectively looses their shit. I'm a burger, but I can see the
I can see the benefit a a good transit system.***
>>B-b-but I can't take a train 80 miles (129 km)˜ to the next city! Never mind it would cost $20 million a year to operate and would never be financially self sufficient
Let's assume it's 20 000 000 € instead of 20 000 000 US $.
Standard fare for that distance in Spain (where I live) would be around 20 € (40 € round trip), so it need one million yearly passengers, or 500 000 round trips to be profitable without any subsidy. That's 1 370 people taking the train back and forth every day. Ten 150 seats train in each direction every day. That's all it takes.
With that frequency it would cost much more to operate, fool.

File: pic2.jpg (1.45 MB, 1200x1047)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
Anyone ever used one of these?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
this desu
absolute peak normie obnoxiousness
I wish something like these existed but with a fairing, proper gearing, fit and position for the riders, actual cyclists powering it, and no tourist-y clutter.
You must be fun at par...oh right no one invited you.

I've always thought this was a great idea, but it looks like it might need more security. Also it might be good enough when there's few people, but what about when it's almost empty and now you have to push 100 kg of wood and metal by yourself?

based and chadpilled

Rhein-Ruhr-Express entered service yesterday with the RE11(RRX) operating between Düsseldorf and Kassel.
Trainset is the new Desiro HC, operating company Abellio.
Any first hand experience so far?
I'm really looking forward to the whole RRX network being realized. But it'll take another decade before it even reaches my city, and I probably won't even live here anymore at that point.

No first hand experience, sorry. I saw some of the trains sitting around the Pott a few months ago. The important bit is the upgrading and overhaul of the network infrastructure though. They could already run full-on RRX service with the current trains if it weren't for the rundown and under-tracked railroads.
I'm thinking about taking a train to Duisburg just to test it.
Has it fully replace the old rolling stock in the RE-11line?
>I'm thinking about taking a train to Duisburg just to test it.
Absolute madman
The old stock belonged to DB Regio. They shouldn't be used unless things go horribly wrong.

Show me impressive experimental aircraft.
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File: Lun_Ekranoplan.jpg (22 KB, 429x232)
22 KB
this motherfucker was designed to kill aircraft carriers
File: Lilienthal_in_flight.jpg (18 KB, 504x365)
18 KB
The first manned heavier than air flight in 1893 by Otto Lillienthal (pic kind of related from 1895)
Pretty sure it was designed to efficiently move cargo - tons of other planes can place supersonic missiles more efficiently.

https://www.wired.com/2011/06/ekranoplan/ on page 4/12 it mentions it was "capable of carrying up to 900 soldiers". IIRC when I first heard about this the Russians intended to scale the design up even more to use it as an invasion craft. Something it would do extremely well. Most countries would get first warning like 3 minutes before those motherfuckers hit shore. take the number of aircraft X 500-1500 (depending on gear and if they scale up the design) and you have your primary invasion force which would make Operation Overlord blush.

Yes the men would lack the ability to resupply but just like the British commandos in the St Nazaire Raid you could use them to tie up or destroy enemy radar/antiair/antiship systems while a larger invasion force makes landfall.

I'm not saying it would be a good idea that would always work... but it might.
Should've built our own Area 51 for that thing instead of basically announcing to the Soviets to come spy on it.
Two seperate models.
>>1262279 is the transport
>>1262295 is the attack craft

Basically the ekranoplans were experiments to see if novel technologies could undermine the US navy. Those are missiles on top of the hull of second pic. The intent is to quickly get into range of the fleet, fire all the missiles, and quickly get back out of range.

I do agree that the transports are more scary.

File: beltline1.jpg (1.09 MB, 1536x2048)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB JPG
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Very based and extremely redpilled
t. suburb fag
I went to Toronto, I went to Atlanta

I used to drink Pepsi, but now I like Fanta
On one hand it's nice that the defunct lines are being productive in a way but it's sad to see all that history paved over. And it ruins the aesthetic desu
>End stage is when you get police presence on your bike paths for speeding

I encountered bike-cops on my cities rail-trail 2 years ago, I didn't even know we had bike-cops until the trail became more popular.

File: VV18-deltaV_s.jpg (51 KB, 468x300)
51 KB
Are collectible threads still going to be aloud around here? I noticed that the old one got deleted.
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File: fBrgPXB.png (99 KB, 320x246)
99 KB
If Marlboro would make a folding fat tire ,full suspension electric bike, i would take up smoking .
I know a shop that has one for sale. Should I pick it up?
Saw someone post it in a pybt once and he got laughed out if the thread by people making fun of the bike
Hard to say . You cant be sure the price will skyrocked like some other bikes. Worth a shot though if you are a long way off from retirement.
Bad ass

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