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File: training.jpg (121 KB, 1280x720)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
How fit are you guys, any stats (be it avg. speed over a greater distance, or FTP if you know) ?
I am interested in whether you are just cycling nerds or actually also live for it.
How is your general training progress if you have noticed any until now?

Have started cycling regularly this year in March and just go outsides without much of a training plan.
Is it even worth it to follow a plan, if your basis, like mine, is so low?

According to http://bikecalculator.com, my FTP is not even 200 Watts.
Since my left knee started hurting, which now is almost gone, I have been avoiding long distances and any climbs. Just doing my 30 km loop in the outskirts. I can do it with 29.5 km/h average. I don't know my heart rate, but imo I am quite close to what I can sustain over 1 hour.
FYI I ride a cheapish Cross Bike with DeoreXT groupset and knobbed 38mm tires. I really desire a decent RR bike, but it may not worth the investment.
I will never get strong enough to have enough power endurance to climb some KINO mountain passes.
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>lower FTP but who has focused on their aerobic performance
But you just said yourself that FTP is power at anaerobic threshold. If you've focused on your aerobic performance it makes no sense that your FTP would be lower. I don't understand.

Also, what's 'repeatability'?
{citation needed}

You're just an argumentative asshole who doesn't even give a shit about the actual subject you just want to bait people into arguing with you about anything so, what, you feel like you're alive and relevant or somesuch shit?

Fuck the fuck off.
I dont think we should be taking training advice from a 54 year old boomer, please leave
Great weekend for my team, we took 1st and 3rd in yesterdays road race and 1st in todays circuit race. Feels good, man.
File: sikone.jpg (53 KB, 1381x565)
53 KB
yea sure thing

ignore the 2000w 1 sec, more like 1200 just my pm spikes

Grid is the only way for a utopian
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>1 Yuan has been deposited into your account

t. Cheng
>*creates urbanism concept with zero regard for public transport*
>*moves bus lines to the "main" streets, outside the superblocks*
>*separates each direction of bus lines by up to three blocks*
>*conceives zero tram lines to fit into this scheme even though subway and buses are both at capacity*
200% nothing personnel kid
>Love grids
>Love walking
To my mind this two are incompatible.
Grids make walking extremely boring.
doesn't dc have something like this?
>And most of China's emissions actually come from pouring concrete to build sustainable cities

File: Unracer Bike.jpg (69 KB, 800x533)
69 KB
For typical bikes the crossover between air restance and rolling resistance is at about 15km/h. Since drag increases with the square of the speed (rolling resistance only linearily), drag is quite quickly the relevant type of resistance. For example going 30km/h instead of 20 (so 50% faster), you need almost 3x (+200%) the power.

>Racers use 200% more energy only to go 50% faster

Talk about getting cuc'ked by the wind

racers btfo
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Quadratic growth is polynomial, not exponential.
>leglets coping this hard
How the fuck is any of that getting home unbruised?
Theyre cruisin for a bruisin

File: gassing station.jpg (74 KB, 760x506)
74 KB
9 out of 10 gas stations will close in NW Europe in the next 10 years
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I think non-English speaking countries tend to have a smaller crazy shaved hair dyke feminist population, and especially in Germany racism and migrants are a much bigger deal than trannies.
File: howtowheelie.jpg (79 KB, 728x546)
79 KB
LMAO you mean the greens that fly the most out of all parties? the ones that are the reason for why browncoal is still such a huge thing especially in nrw?
You can blame the SPD going all "muh jerbs" everytime someone proposes to drop coal. CDU/Green is a much better combination as seen in Baden W├╝rtemberg
AfD/Green coalition master race

Do you actually still ride for fun?
yes because you can't safely/legally ride a bicycle inside cities for commuting
what do you mean? I always ride for fun
i deliberately go out to ride fast around the city at rush hour because the traffic makes it fun
Any ride is fun.
Even the miserable rides directly into a headwind to meet up with friends in my hometown is fun because im on a fun bike

File: 1yme5ma7bwk11.png (42 KB, 656x755)
42 KB
>19 never learned how to ride a bike

>bought a decent bike

>been trying to learn for the past week.

>cant go 4 feet without tipping over

is this a lost cause or should i keep trying.
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Did I hurt yours?
Sure, and then he'll be able to ride a bike.
>bumping a done an over with thread just to be a dick

>Highspeed rail across the entire US
a man can only dream
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>Trusting civvie capitalists to run a mobile nuclear disaster
>Fuck yes. IMO the Rust Belt would be optimal for high speed rail, just connect Chicago to Ohio and branch out from there.

I agree. But that takes money, and the consent of corrupt politicians. You'd have to have an Elon Musk or someone else backing your project.
Even better, run trains through Buffalo to NY. A Chicago-NY HSR line would be pretty powerful.
What is Elon Musk gonna do? He doesn't have anywhere close to enough money to back a project like that.
>security force at all times
Could you imagine if Somalis hijacked a nuclear reactor?

how come everyone here uses dropbars?
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and this idea you're too isolated to keep a bike in good repair is nonsense. If you're in europe you can get cheap/free shipping and buying online is the cheapest option anyway.
you can't realistically go more than 40-50 km/h in my town even on the bigger roads. you'd be going over the speed limit. independent bike paths are intended to be limited to 30 km/h but it's not written into the law yet afaik. you have to be mindful of pedestrians and oncoming cyclists anyway. smaller streets will be more like 20-30 km/h and having to slow down a lot for intersections.

small, common things can be had with like 5 euros shipping. but with more niche things on ebay for example you run into idiots who don't ship internationally or who only use the overpriced global shipping programme. domestic online shops are overpriced and charge 10+ euros for shipping regardless of how small the order is. i'd get spares from UK/germany probably.
you can't realistically go more than 40-50 km/h

>more niche things on ebay for example
lol what small niche things might you need to keep a new modern road bike in service?

Like sure get that fixie if you want it looks pretty nice and they are fun but road bikes are really 'better', if you want to be 'powerful' and 'fast' and such (your words) and a decent one is absolutely attainable.
File: vomvom.jpg (16 KB, 250x250)
16 KB
>the only options are Di2 and Fernwegs or some dirtbag gaspipe shit that can't shift or brake
You don't need a TT/track bike you mong. Get a decent road bike and put in more watts.

Post vintage street railways. Shown: Yale students crowd a Connecticut Company open car for a home football game
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File: output (3).jpg (833 KB, 800x713)
833 KB
833 KB JPG
I guessed this might be Mt. Lowe and was right! The colorization is boss. Great photo dump.
It does great with green but it assumes everything else is orange.
Marion, Indiana Birney car
Havana 1940s. Note the double trolley wire

So lets talk recumbent tours. I recently missed the chance to get a Sidewinder and i'm now looking at a catrike 700
1. How hard is it to tour on a recumbent?

2. What is best for rear leg development, the full recumbent or the semi recumbent? I want to work on my side kick

3. what is the best trike for carrying weight and loaded touring like for example, what is the surly lht of touring trikes.

4. What is the big difference between tadpole vs trike configuration, and how does each respond to carrying a trailer.

5. What is it like to ride with full fairings? Is it comfy? is there some sort of AC system you have?
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Lets assume that it's round trip touring so travel is not an issue.

Also I counter with California coastlines.
these things looks comfy even for commuting or just riding them on weekends
You won't get your questions answered because /n/ fringies chased all recumbent pioneers away. Because /n/ fringies hate bicycles. They are poseurs and masochists. This is not a board for transport.
no one on /n/ has ever owned a recumbent and i for one welcome the day they do
Maybe some day, when (if) I have som fuck you money.

File: mask.jpg (47 KB, 968x681)
47 KB
I never realized how much cars fucking stink when they accelerate until I started riding a bike. Sports cars with big engines at least have that slightly pleasant unburnt gas smell, but SUVs and trucks are just nasty and make me want to start wearing a mask.
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You want to wear a N95 dust mask, or a P100 half-face respirator? I recommend 3M in the latter case, the masks fit comfortably and they sweat less than North.
>old diesel
Sure, if you remove all filters from exhaust, it will draw black lines on asphalt.
I love air conditioning.
I would take a fridge, and add wheels and windshield to it. Aerodynamics? Fridge has best aerodynamics.
cool. get the fuck off the road then ya retard. Almost ran down some obnoxious lane hog of a cyclist today because the entitled fuckwit boomer swerved closer to me as I was passing. I had to change a whole lane because of his dumb ass. Next time I'll bring along my pepper spray.
They said I could become anything, so I became an alien on a bicycle.

File: altor-safe-bike-lock.jpg (299 KB, 2074x1382)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
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That bike was probably left in a shit area for days on end.

Lock up like pic related, making sure to lock both wheels within your D-lock as well as the frame. And don't leave it in a shit area. And don't leave it overnight.
Not that guy but yeah his videos are good, but I wish he would do lock recommendations. Even if they come with caveats. It would be cool if he explained what he thought the best / most sensible options for bike locks are, for instance.

He did something like this when he showed that he personally uses a Kryptonite Evolution chain on his bike, and he said the security isn't perfect but it's good enough for his not-very-valuable bike. But still, I'd be interested to see what he thinks of the most popular D-locks and why he hasn't gone with one of them.

File: intro.gif (535 KB, 960x686)
535 KB
535 KB GIF
*blocks your path*
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File: GolfUmbrella.jpg (76 KB, 1000x1000)
76 KB
[Shields up]
File: WelshCorgi.jpg (130 KB, 488x607)
130 KB
130 KB JPG

I got stuck at the bottom of a hill for 15 minutes because a Corgi wouldn't let me cycle past.
>tfw killing migratory birds is a federal offense
a dog got in the way of my bike once

end of story

File: 1564419516571.jpg (105 KB, 612x612)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
> commute along a park trail
> my bike is pos citybike, but converted to drops, and I wear chink lycra and chink visor helmet, so kinda sporty look
> I also ride bretty fast for a casual commuter
> take a note of some mamil guy riding pinarello
> looks just as expensive as the bike, like a startup ceo or tv talking head
> pass him
> it's a paved park trail with some roots and cracks
> approach one place, where roots are really bad, so I bunny-hop them casually
> hear CRACK... BAMMM... BANG! behind, followed by a massive carpet f-bombing
> apparently mamil guy was in a close pursuit behind me
> not familiar with the trail, didn't have time to act on those roots
> has a deep scratch on his leg, marks on his helmet, bleeding quite a lot, pinarello bars are twisted, one shifter is fucked
> are u ok dude
> starts complaining about me not pointing out cracks
> wtf dude I didn't even know you were following

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>going downhill on a small road
>pretty fast ngl
>see intersection ahead, no cars in sight
>speed up to make it accross before any cars show up
>old man wearing a reflector vest is crossing perpendicular to me
>is he gonna speed up so we don't collide?
>slow down to almost a stop about a yard away from him
Myspeed.exe has stopped working
>old man just blankly stares at me as he cruises past
>I nod at him

I almost crashed into him, if I had breaked later I probably would've crashed and killed the poor geezer.
based old man
>doesnt have ssn
If you only knew how bad things were
I was scared he was gonna yell at me or something.
he was challenging you to end it for him and he was disappointed in you that you lacked the balls to do it

beach cruisers are superior to all other forms of bikes.

prove me wrong :Protip you cant
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Plus I don't see how you reconcile mega long rear ends being popular consensus and supposedly only existing on rivs
I just chose that specific Riv model as an example, and I'm not suggesting it's mainstream, I just didn't know they were a meme.
i remember reading some google groups boomer riv patrons crying about wheelbases a while ago too lol
File: s-l400.jpg (36 KB, 400x400)
36 KB
>beach cruiser
>can't go on the beach
more like bitch cruiser lmao
>slower than my fixie
>less versatile than my fatbike
>less fun than either of them

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