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File: worst bike in existence.jpg (232 KB, 1440x955)
232 KB
232 KB JPG

Why does this exist?

This should not exist.
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The detour is a 700c which makes it even better. It's the fast cruiser....
Some people have very long commutes to and from work for some reason.
Most people are in bike distance, I used to commute by bike when round trip was like 140km
nice meme bike, kid
>ride comfort bike
>with electric motor
>easily fly by freds on $5000 meme bikes
>they get triggered and try to catch me but fail

>India things happen in India
It's not exactly HSR

I'm just happy to see India having a crack at long distance EMUs

That's an 18 (or is it 16 can't quite remember) carriage long EMU on fucking Indian Guage
Their attitude to rail travel is wild
Use a better link
>Indian media quoted a railways spokesperson as saying the train may have struck cattle on the line.
HSR cow catchers, anyone?
It's not HSR you dumbfuck.

File: 70oV5wu.jpg (112 KB, 680x370)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Why is this allowed?
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>driving on the right
Never mind, I'm an idiot who can't tell the difference between right and left.
You don't have to have this much humility around here, we're all anonymous.
Nobody needs to be humble but it's nice

How is HSR supposed to solve climate change when it will supplant only traffic between 100 to 300 miles distance for wealthy passengers for whom an hour or two shaved off regular rail traffic is worth paying double? Would that even reduce any green house gas emissions over air traffic?
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Why is there a stop at Brazos Valley?
Stop posting.

Literally 1/4th as polluting as cars.
Paris-Barcelona is 6 hours.
Holy shit, I just looked it up and Barcelona-Berlin via Paris can't be done by just a few minutes. The earliest Barcelona-Paris train arrives at 15.53, the latest Paris-Berlin train leaves at 15.49. Also they leave from different stations, so you'd need about half an hour to go from one station to the other.
So theoretically it can be done, but in practice there aren't any existing connections that allow for it, except taking an overnight train for one leg of the journey.

File: 461152221.jpg (1.61 MB, 2040x1277)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
I've been making a lot of railway journeys this summer and have just done the Mid Cheshire line which was nice and the Penistone line which was beautiful but not very comfy being stuck in a crowded pacer for almost an hour and a half.

Planning to do the Settle > Carlisle line in about two weeks so looking forward to that.

Where have my fellow britbongs been lately - made any nice train journeys? Any hidden gems? What about nice/unique stations visited?
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I never understood the point of making a new thread at bump limit on such a slow general.
it reached the bump limit last friday to be fair to me
Still silly.
File: laser-king2.jpg (258 KB, 1026x684)
258 KB
258 KB JPG

File: 508586.jpg (111 KB, 640x480)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Why did car trains die out?
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I can agree on welders being skilled labor. But not painters.
But you don't need that many. You need to do preventive repair on the wagoons, and thats really it. If you don't let it rust and don't let mechanics get destroyed by corrosion and wear: Replacement can be done per budget and at set intervals.

So the critic isn't particularly founded in reality, unless the cartrain is poorly ran.
If it was this simple and cheap, don't you think it would have been done already?
I remember seeing similar debate in China about the proposed tunnel that link mainland China to the Hainan Island. The link between the island and the mainland is currently served by both car ferries and train ferries, and there are discussions that when they build a tunnel across the strait, should they build a rail-based one and haul cars by using auto trains, or should they build a road-based one and connect passengers across the strait by buses.
File: ptg.jpg (124 KB, 866x900)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>ENGLAND to France
>Not UK

File: amtrak-timeline.gif (200 KB, 500x323)
200 KB
200 KB GIF
Transit maps thread
Post official, pas, present, future, imaginary, anything.
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>Idiot burgers on /n/
Entirely expected.
pretty neat but I wish I could actually read the print
Thanks anon. Been working on it since last September
Well done, but you still don't know the difference between them.

File: pol meetup1.png (1.48 MB, 1057x947)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
Why are there suddenly so many people posting on /n/ opposed to Public Transportation?
And why are they all repeating the same basic talking points in their opposition to it:
>Libertarian free market economics opposed to public investment
>drug addicted mentally ill niggers will literally rob you and piss on you
Where could this be coming from?
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4chan is a far left website (source FOX News)
And questioning or disagreeing with any Democratic party policy in any way automatically means you're a [lefty litany of ists] moron.
>wah I'm the real victim
>t. mgtow #gg incel
>unified site
I cant really think of a time it was
just some boards were closer than others while others were in all out war
at one point auto bans were dolled out just for slightly off board posts
More like there was a time when there was /b/ and there was everything else.

File: Father Conductor.png (469 KB, 1200x1400)
469 KB
469 KB PNG
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I love my bicycle more than my own life
i remember when i felt like this about my bike(s), i miss them being the only thing i cared about, real life gets in the way too much now
File: IMG_2158.jpg (1.12 MB, 2863x1851)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
Hang tight Bacon, spring is just around the corner.
>Sometimes I wish Germany won WW2 just so the Deutsche Reichsbahn could have actually had some of those Cool 2-6-8-0 Malleys

The end is here.
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Dumping fuel in the environment is another reason to ban air travel.
No, fuck you and your environment. Kerosene is good for health.
Airplanes are the only type of cattle transport that is not filled with niggers and AIDS needles.
There'll still be A380s in service. Which is good, because they're very comfortable in J.
GTFO, Greenpeace


How to cycle when it's cold? I need to get to a place 15km away and come back within a day but I don't wanna pay for transportation.
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Be honest, /n/, what's better-

New bike or new pussy?
a new bike won't give me the clap like shannon did.
that's not new pussy dude, that's buy-here-pay-here autolot pussy
>um.. any glasses will protect against wind
nah, even "bike glasses" the wind still goes through, does pic related is good? Black or yellow lenses?


File: max-bike.jpg (28 KB, 468x350)
28 KB
Kenetic Energy Storage (KES) Is how you store motion into a flywheel or electrical charge system (See below), for later usage.


Obviously it's a bit more difficult to use a flywheel on a bicycle, but a trike on the other hand is very doable.

For those who want to understand KES more in depth.


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Lol but this actually works
Get a longer car
Could they go past the speed of light?
this will change ebikes. even when on a non motorised bicycle it will totally change the experience, and would be good for short distance journeys. it would be totally different to a normal bicycle, thermodynamics aside.
flywheel bicycles wirelessly charged by the roads would be cool.
File: IMG_0130.jpg (719 KB, 3430x1858)
719 KB
719 KB JPG
Or the roadisthe stator,?,

File: 1516226833345.jpg (14 KB, 164x251)
14 KB
Have to chose one of these /n/



Which one should I take? I normally do between 30 to 40 km every day, mostly cycling trough asphalt.
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Sure, but it's still going to function. In most cases a suspension fork comes alongside a bunch of garbage parts and is itself extremely low quality, and if you ride much the bike will just fucking break. That isn't the case here.

Sure it's not going to ride great, but atleast it's reliable.
OP here, thanks for all the recommendations. I was incline to have suspension since, while the tracks are mostly OK, I still have to ride trough some bumpy roads where the pavement is not in the best shape. But I see that most anons agree, no suspension.

Is it worth saying that I ride with a backpack? Normally just with my lunch, but can happen that I have to bring my laptop to work.

Thanks again /n/
Just find literally any used bike in your size with Shimano 105 and drop bars.

Ideally you want a "gravel" or "adventure(tm)" bike that will fit 28-32mm tires. For commuting with extra weight that will be the comfiest.
>Is it worth saying that I ride with a backpack?

that won't make any big difference except make the reason why you want flat bars make a bit more sense now
Ok, I am now down to these two



I'm more incline to the first one, I had a run with it and felt really confy. I only see the 20 gears, instead of 27 of the other one, has the biggest difference.

buses dont have seatbelts its a conspiracy to kill the kids
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Sometimes I've seen a single lap-only belt on the very front right seat. Probably for autistic tards to keep them in place. Only enough for one person though.

When I was in school there would be teachers on the bus during field trips, but only the driver and kids when kids were transported between home and school
Statistically the safest vehicle on the road even without seatbelts. Ask the NHTSA and NTSB
If there's such a conspiracy, what is its endgame?
Who benefits from kids being killed?
File: 1500610754626.png (101 KB, 295x295)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
>Getting rid of safety features completely so that people don't even have the option to take precautions for their own safety is an effective way to limit liability

How does a person even hold an idea like this in their head without bursting out laughing at how stupid it sounds?
I noticed you didn't provide a rebuttal, just a lowly ad hom attack. Looks like I won.

A major issue in the United States is that many cities, their suburbs, and surrounding broader region have little to no public transportation infrastructure.

Everyone has to drive everywhere for everything.

This consumes vast sums of oil, generating vast sums of CO2, also necessitates a constant demand for more roads+urban sprawl to keep pace with roads becoming congested.

Efforts to ameliorate this are very haphazard, in contrast to the roads and other infrastructure public transit planning seems to be left down to the lowest level of planning at the city council/county level.

So one area maybe implements a bit of a BRT, another area maybe has a little lightrail, and a third area has some regional locomotive.

With no coordination or cooperation.

And it may also have to be put to a vote allowing those with vested financial interests in maintaining Oil dependency to fund anti-public transit campaigns via sophisticated libertarian think tanks and fronts.

What these cities, their suburbs, and surrounding regions need is a comprehensive public transportation system compromising:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>wew you couldn't honestly debate something if your life depended on it, could you?
The central argument against doing anything consists of:
Followed by:
>da guvmit will come after your
So tell me more about honest debates please?
>news media focuses entirely on sensationalism
>one crime is indicative
That sure does help but obviously not something for long distances which driving and public transit covers
>I am triggered

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
We're exceptional

>You provide citations to back up your argument. Not demand others prove your uncited claims wrong.

>That you think only the arty farty educated hoi poloi have such antiquated notions about facts and logic and evidence? lel
I accept your resignation, but you could have been more gracious about it
Twitter is awful.
>what their education is, what their health is like, and I don't care,

Pardon my cough. Just a touch of TB. Here, you can have my seat. The one with the puddle of piss in it.

>because all I need to do is to get from A to B.

The (((merchants))) have determined that people living at A don't need to shop at B. So the A to B route has been cut back. A can only reach (((our shops))) conveniently.

Never mind that (((we))) live in the suburbs and our wives would simply die if they couldn't take the Mercedes to Neiman Marcus.
>he thinks more than one heroin junkie murder has to happen in a public transit system for it to be unsafe

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