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Post your favorite paint schemes
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I lived in Dawlish from 1981 until 1998 where this photo was taken, these trains were incredibally noisy and were so frequent on the line up towards Exeter. The colours on these units was very striking i remember them well, there were also black and white ones with a red stripe. Takes me back just seeing these images of the Dawlish Seawall.
For real. And mostly in color, too. I wish I were in the time of Otto Perry or Harold Vollrath, though. Steam in the Rockies and East Coast.
They aren't sending their best!

File: vr.jpg (2.4 MB, 2637x1689)
2.4 MB
2.4 MB JPG
>tfw never gonna be able to enjoy those seats again

File: ay blyat.png (396 KB, 775x594)
396 KB
396 KB PNG
What are odds of having dual bird strike?

I suspect that russkies mechanics left a glove or 10 mil spanner in both engines...
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We should arm planes with machine guns to shoot down the birds in front of these planes.
You can literally see them getting sucked in, in the video
Dual bird strikes have an incredibly low probability of happening which is why ETOPS is even a thing.
You can literally see the flock of birds it flies through in the videos.
>believing anything on (((jewtube)))
MOSSAD tried to shoot it down but they were sloppy and only got a crash

File: 1562903282721.jpg (27 KB, 480x409)
27 KB
I have never been on a train. What are they like?
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Tri-Rail is a commuter train I often ride. It has reasonably comfy seats, power outlets for charging things, tables for laptop users, and low prices.
It's often really empty though, except for the rare times it isn't, when it ends up being really crowded, and generally full of people like myself who can't afford a car.
The train itself is comfier than a car though: the ride is smoother and far more quiet. I can choose to look at art (graffiti) and nature outside the window, or read a book or on my phone during the ride.
File: IMG-20190722-WA0002.jpg (151 KB, 1600x1200)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
They're neat. The ones I ride most often have two floors and are 2.8 meters in width, so there's lots of room. I always get a seat. In fact, I almost always get a seating area of 4 to myself.
The trains go up to 160 km/h. They complete a journey of 281 kilometers in 3 hours and 43 minutes. Almost always on time.
Entering and leaving the stations can be a little noisy and shaky, but for nost of the time, the ride quality is absolutely supreme. It cannot be compared to a car ride. I always get sick in the car, even on the bus. I never got sick on a train before.
I rode Amtrak Cascades twice this summer. I enjoyed it, it's fun and relaxing, peaceful. You can kick back and enjoy the ride and scenery or get up and move around the car or train, which is something I liked much more than being restrained when I was flying or in a car. I had an entire coach to myself on the 2nd trip.
Something about it is really relaxing. If you're higher up there's a gentle sway back and forth and every time the tracks switch you get bumped around a bit. In North America it's a slow as fuck way to travel so you have to get into that chill and patient mindset. You can also get up whenever you want to walk around.
File: Snapchat-798595307.jpg (66 KB, 720x1280)
66 KB
Its iight

File: biek3.png (858 KB, 701x464)
858 KB
858 KB PNG
It's a work in progress edition
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Zishan is less of a dick than kona'bro'
>thinks he can just walk up to an industrial 6 axis CNC and learn how to G-code in a few minutes
Wew lad. Enjoy your repair bills.

He thinks a fucking 3 axis makerbot with downloadable files is a proper cnc. He should look up actual metal machining, he wouldn't even know how to do basic shit like calibrate, enter tool parameters, or program tool swaps.
>muh just watch youtube
How to spot an insecure larper. What is it with zoomers being completely incapable of admitting they don't know how to do something? He couldn't even machine his own participation trophy, lol.
File: 20190601_092708_HDR.jpg (1.06 MB, 2340x1755)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB JPG

File: 1564419516571.jpg (105 KB, 612x612)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
> commute along a park trail
> my bike is pos citybike, but converted to drops, and I wear chink lycra and chink visor helmet, so kinda sporty look
> I also ride bretty fast for a casual commuter
> take a note of some mamil guy riding pinarello
> looks just as expensive as the bike, like a startup ceo or tv talking head
> pass him
> it's a paved park trail with some roots and cracks
> approach one place, where roots are really bad, so I bunny-hop them casually
> hear CRACK... BAMMM... BANG! behind, followed by a massive carpet f-bombing
> apparently mamil guy was in a close pursuit behind me
> not familiar with the trail, didn't have time to act on those roots
> has a deep scratch on his leg, marks on his helmet, bleeding quite a lot, pinarello bars are twisted, one shifter is fucked
> are u ok dude
> starts complaining about me not pointing out cracks
> wtf dude I didn't even know you were following

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>stop at a yield sign crossing a busy road
>see gap in traffic approaching, getting ready to move
>some retarded faggot "gentleman of the road" slows down and flashes his lights
>I can see the gap behind him closing
>he stops and looks at me
>I look at him
>turn my head and look in the opposite direction
>nothing coming
>I could have made that gap 15 seconds ago
>look back at him
>finally he gives up and drives off, already a small jam formed behind him which I now have to let pass

If you ever do this shit, fuck you and all that you stand for.
>be me
>15 at the time riding through a intersection doing a wheelie
>dude behinds me blows his horn even though i got the green.
>flip him off and crash into the curb.
>karma is a bitch.
also me

>Be me now yesterday
>45km/hour in a 50 zone flow of traffic is doing maybe 35km/hour and the car in front is closing rapidly. maybe 1/4 km ahead
>cager behind me so close that when I waved him to back the fuck off i literally touched his truck.
>speed up a couple km on a short quick sprint and slam both brakes.
>48-36km a hour in 2 seconds.
>flip him off and filter past the que which i normally wouldn't do expect I wanted to get away from him
>say sorry to the guy in front as the guy who i brake checked flipped me off as I wouldn't normally and sort of cut him off (the guy in front of me)
>Explained he was way to close tailgating me to the dude in front.
>Dude in front gave me a good 100 feet as he did a maximum 10km through town (its a 50km zone, during busy times its maximum 30km a hour)

>Thanks dude in white fiat. Thank you for pissing off the tailgater.
oh I dislike it too, hopefully it rarely happens
File: lost.png (123 KB, 492x554)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
>college campus is outside the city
>have class at 8 am
>go blazing fast downhill on my home street
>go the wrong way on the main road, just to avoid going through a 5-way intersection
>everyone on the bike path next to the highway either has a friend biking along or walking, except me
>wreckless, but careful to not lunge myself into windshields or the asphalt
>just to not disturb others
>mfw i realized what i typed

File: 0183-E08.jpg (390 KB, 940x640)
390 KB
390 KB JPG
Thinking of moving to Philadelphia, what is the most /n/ neighborhood in the city?

>Pic Related

3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I'm visiting Philly in the fall, what are some must see places?
File: OhiMcCH[1].png (55 KB, 541x492)
55 KB
in the time it takes to take train from philadelphia to pittsburgh, you could fly to london.
>That reading comprehension

That's not high-speed rail. You should learn about transportation sometime.
When did he say it was, retard?
Rittenhouse Square
City Hall/Ben Franklin Parkway/all the stuff along there
Cherry Street Pier is probably the best thing about Penn's Landing nowadays
Places to eat in West Philly (Spruce Hill), Passyunk Ave, Fishtown, Northern Liberties
Pretty great Chinatown relatively speaking
Fairmount Park has the Zoo/Please Touch Museum/Belmont Plateau for skyline views

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>You appear to have some sense of inherent human superiority.

Did you even read the post or are you strawmanning for the sake of arguing?


*could in theory
in the real world mass transit and urban planning could eliminate driver and car inefficiency *today* if we wanted to
lol bet your don't even own TSLA calls cuck
Cars are going to suck no matter who's operating them or how they're powered.
The only solution to the problems caused by cars is to implement alternatives to the car.
Nope. Never happen, non-starter. Get real.
>Will self driving cars kill transportation?
No, because the 'technology' is vastly over-hyped, not anywhere near as good as they claim it is, and never will be because we don't understand how a brain 'thinks' therefore we can't make machines that 'think', and you need something that can actually 'think' to operate a vehicle competently and safely. So-called 'deep learning algorithms' are not enough, no matter how much data you throw at them, they will always fall short of the mark. SDCs will be a disaster.

File: i3p0jk869lu21.jpg (16 KB, 481x406)
16 KB
riding a bike has gotten to the point of where i dont like walking more than 100 meters.

anyone else gotten like this?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
yea I cant stand walking more than 600 meters without someone to talk to
try walking 3000 or 8000 meters >fuck that shit
it pays to change leg every 1000 meters or so
If I ever were to custom design a house I'd make it rideable on a bike especially if it's some 5000 sq.ft monstrosity. Ripping around your house on a bmx would be based.
File: images.jpg (11 KB, 247x204)
11 KB
Animals walk.

yes, good goy, let those surveillance cameras analyze your gait

Any commercial airline pilots here? Would you recommend taking the pilotpill? I'm an electrician's apprentice right now and I think I can safely say I fucking hate the trades. Was thinking I could go to a 4 year school where you major in aviation or something and get your license over the summers so I could qualify for student loans.

File: 1yme5ma7bwk11.png (42 KB, 656x755)
42 KB
>19 never learned how to ride a bike

>bought a decent bike

>been trying to learn for the past week.

>cant go 4 feet without tipping over

is this a lost cause or should i keep trying.
48 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Aww did the anon huwt your feewings?
Did I hurt yours?
Sure, and then he'll be able to ride a bike.

File: dart.png (860 KB, 767x668)
860 KB
860 KB PNG
Why are people so careless around trains even in this age?
>policeman jaywalking
of course lmfao
my train just hit a car so i get to sit around for 2 hours
File: GCITtgh.jpg (108 KB, 507x766)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Cops are dumb, news at 11

File: 71WdHO-HWzL._SX425_.jpg (16 KB, 425x425)
16 KB
Bicycle trailers.

Which one do you use ?
19 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
actually yeah, I went full derp and realized bearings are the only thing required to different wheel speeds on a solid axle because differentials are about balancing power between the difference in turning rates. A differential on an unpowered application would be unnecessary.
I use a burley flatbed that I got on craigslist for $60. For the price, it's fucking amazing. If I had to pay the full MSRP, I would be less happy with it.

An annoying thing is that it lacks bumpers. So if you stand it up on end, cut a corner, or do anything else, you will smash the reflectors and scratch up the trailer frame.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (152 KB, 1280x720)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
IKEA Sladda bike trailer. The traction bar can be moved up for hand carrying, or down to attach to the rear axle of your bike. Very convenient. Was quite cheap. Not sold anymore IFAIK.
File: lumber.jpg (1.67 MB, 3264x1836)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
I built my own trailer. I haven't used it much, but I like to know that I have it when I need it. Things I've used it for so far:
drill press
computer case (shipped to work, rode home)
borrowed tire after my bike's rear sidewall burst.
>10 hours
Throwing. 1 hour.

Im buying a unicycle to travel the country with.
Redpill me on them
71 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes that is indeed cringy of you.
I can't imagine the punishment a man's prostate and balls would go through while on a cross country trip on a unicycle.
STFU already.

ITT: we discuss the shoes we choose for cycling.

Had waterproof version of pic related a couple years ago. They were pretty decent but lasted less than a year cause i wore them everywhere.
More recently I’ve worn a pair of rubber toed timbs but they’re quite heavy and hot and the leather soaks through.
Inb4 >>/fa/
Figured you guys might know better.
Bonus points for both seasons.
37 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
What's so great about them that justifies the price?

What a minute, they don't have any profile at all, is the rubber sticky soft, with the intention that the pins actually creates holes and bury into the rubber sole?
You know I thought my pedals would puncture the rubber but I rode them pretty hard all day and they’re fine.
People online say the stickiest rubber will get chewed up in the long-term, but this bald-spot design just means there’s extra rubber when that happens. Most of the other 510 shoes have slightly harder rubber and the dot tread pattern all over.
Idk I guess 510s are good shoes because of the really stiff soles, the pedal specific rubber/tread, toe protection and decent water/sweat management. They make some clipless compatible shoes too but that’s not what they’re known for.
I just didn’t want to be wearing flip flops you know
I ride in the same shoes I walk in. Nothing beats the breathability of leather, and shining shoes is fun.
i tried the same some days ago, for some reason this shoe gets a better grip on the pedals i use than more sporty shoes like in the op
Yeah it's a "winterized" skate shoe, they run a little bit warmer, breathe less.But are splash-proof.

Legal or illegal?
What city bans skateboarding completely?
Legal but should be in street or bike lane, not sidewalk.
It's not banned here but there's a lot of pedestrians in The Loop. The cops here gives tickets for riding on the sidewalk in downtown.
Legal but cops will still hassle you. Should still stick to the street/bike lanes, nobody likes the jagoff that flys by pedestrians on a pennyboard.

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