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File: IMG_20190414_160006.jpg (2.37 MB, 3879x2592)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB JPG
Fat bike thread. Anyone else enjoying the spring weather in Chicago?
File: IMG_20190414_201452.jpg (3.15 MB, 4567x2592)
3.15 MB
3.15 MB JPG
Spent the better part of five hours just riding around town. I bought the bike like a week ago, and regretted missing out on winter. Then the snow started falling.

File: 6042619189_42d1b50731.jpg (200 KB, 500x375)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
One of the nicest things about riding a recumbent is the feeling of kinship when you randomly come across another 'bent or velomobile. The same brotherhood experience is felt between motorcyclists who always wave when passing each other.

This communal feeling is not there between regular cyclists and/or roadcyclists, just as it isn't there between car drivers. This is largely due to their popularity which has reduced their status to one mostly for simple transportation.

The lack of kinship between regular cyclists is also because both parties are likely experiencing some form of discomfort, whether it is saddle, wrist, back or neck pain. This discomfort creates a classic but very unfriendly and mean looking ''cycling face''.

This is opposed to the classic ''recumbent grin'' that bent riders experience, as they're not in any discomfort at all. It's impossible not to grin like a retard when two bent cyclists pass each other. This is often followed by a short stop, a good conversation and possibly the making of a friend for life.
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many bike users do look like they dont like it at all. idk why they keep doing it then.. maybe they just have been told on their social medias that its cool now. i do like it so i dont look like you described
i have seen few of those here and the users arent really that old. one was on the same road where cars are and was moving at really high speed
That's nice. I figured the best part was something other than climbing.
is this pasta
No it's just 'cycling fringies' outing themselves. Ignore them, they don't matter.

File: 9401.1536555773.jpg (403 KB, 1143x790)
403 KB
403 KB JPG
Welcome to Philadelphia

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I like how the former Auntie Anne's kiosk is now run by Philly Pretzel Factory. It's like BOOM here's some local flavor.
File: pretzels.jpg (112 KB, 964x723)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Philly-style soft pretzels are the best
I live in philly, nice to see it mentioned here
Same, I remember when Parsons Brinkerhoff had open houses about the future of the station, I sent in an email about the board and how fitting it was and interesting the sound was. Idr the exact response but I just remember being sad that they said it would be replaced. This was a few years ago.
>It's like BOOM here's some local flavor
As it should be in all train stations

File: bikes in lane.png (6 KB, 109x100)
6 KB
aka this will probably end up a dick measuring contest

What's your farthest ride?
How far do you ride per day/week/etc?

About 40 miles from Hartford to New Haven
I try to do at least 28mi/45km per week
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Eat more than usual and go for it again.
Yes, in a good way
20 miles a day then extra if I'm feeling it. I enjoy running so I like to balance the two
Im 280 lbs and started cycling beginnibg of 2018. Rode 2500 miles on 2018 on pace for 3k.

Longest ride I did was a 100k race in mid july. Thought I was gonna bonk but didn't. Decided at last minute to do 100k instead of 35 miles. I had already ridden a bunch that werk it wasnt pretty but I did it.

Im going out for a 50 miler tomorrow (normal big ride for the week). Plan on doing the 100 miler in August this year put on by parks and rec.

Ive lost 40 lbs since I started and my legs are jacked. Im an old college fb player so it felt good to do another activity other than weights and cybex. Even at 280 jogging isnt a viable cardio option.
I lost 51 lbs in year one of road cycling, put 25 of it on in the offseason. Ive lost 15 lbs so far this season. So 10 more to go till end season form. Hoping to weigh in at 250 at seasons end without a water cut.

fuck bicycles
File deleted.
What if I would rather fuck airplanes?
File: sexy_airplane.jpg (189 KB, 1024x1244)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
That's weird, for some reason the picture disappeared. It's not NSFW so it must be a bug in 4chan.
File: Global rule 3&6.png (16 KB, 377x213)
16 KB

File: honklhonk.jpg (47 KB, 800x450)
47 KB
Does cycling target abs/core?
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You bend spacetime with your vegan powers.
I think... I think I see there are some pedals his feet are on to turn the front wheels with.
thats the Chad-est looking dude i've ever seen.
It's a chadvelo so you steer by telling the universe to make the path straight and the universe complies.

How can we make teleportation possible?
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File: maxresdefault.jpg (296 KB, 1280x720)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
You take the space between point A and point B and make it 0. Rather than teleportation, you should travel through wormholes.
You need to turn the mass of several star systems into energy at 100% efficiency to get enough energy for this
So in order to travel to other stars, you first need to travel to other stars.
what about a little tiny wormhole for a person to fit through? I just want instant commute to work and save 15 minutes.
That takes less energy but to open the hole big enough you still need to destroy Uranus.
File: carlos.jpg (9 KB, 262x192)
9 KB
>but to open the hole big enough you still need to destroy Uranus

i already did that by riding road bikes every day

File: IMG_20190410_111120.jpg (3.44 MB, 4640x3480)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB JPG
Cannondale lefty at my thrift st
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Seems like a silly thing to buy for more than the value of the drivetrain components and frame unless you could verify there was nothing wrong with the proprietary front hub and hard to service fork.
Just buy one of these if you want to be a faggot so bad.
that murican flag paint job is disgusting.
Also leftys arent as cool looking as you would think.
wtf am i looking at here? Is this an optical illusion? Did M.C. Escher design this bike?

File: ryanair.jpg (771 KB, 1600x1067)
771 KB
771 KB JPG
people love to shit on them
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Literally nothing wrong. You get exactly what you pay for and ryanair being the cheapest EU airline, you know... if you want bells and whistles, fly with some other airline for 10 times the price if that makes you feel better. Still, they have perfect safety record so pretty based.
Tickets were ridiculously expensive in the 50s, if you spend as much now as you had to spend back then, you can fly 1st class and still feel like a king.
what if you don't have a quarter? do you just shit on the floor?
The only time I've flown Ryanair is to destinations Easyjet doesn't cover.

They constantly bombard you during the flight with things to buy or other ways to give them your money. The interior colours are horrific to make you uncomfortable and likely to spend more money.

People don't hate them for being cheap they hate them for trying to milk as much profit out of you in a way no other carrier does.
Their service is shit, but since it is cheap as fuck people fly with them anyway.
If you just want to fly somewhere, they are great.
If you expect any service at all, they are shit.
i hope a bunch of turd worlders teach them why paid toilet are a rarity in burgerland

File: 1554993322457.png (391 KB, 954x593)
391 KB
391 KB PNG
>most motorists literally see cyclists as non-human
>their brain actually classifies cyclists as a different species of pests
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There's no reason you can't ticket the drivers that break the law as well as the cyclists that break the law. Most people don't break the law but there are still a sizeable amount that do and ruin it for everyone else.

Given the sheer number of people drivers/cars kill yearly, being able to film drivers breaking the law seems like a good response to that.

I don't see cyclists and pedestrians killing anybody.
I'm playing devils advocate here, but one unfortunate woman was killed after getting hit by a fixiefag.
She fell on her head due to the crash and the resulting injuries killed her.
Just lol if you think the main users who don’t want bikes in wilderness areas aren’t just as white and male. I like wilderness areas because they’re the last spots left where you can’t just zip right into the middle of it on some sort of vehicle. This means that only the people willing to take the time to walk or horse pack in get to experience the solitude. Let bikes in and there will be a lot less solitude to go around, all so you have a few more trails to zoom around on like you’re in the damn x games.

Just because you identify as a biker doesn’t mean you can’t come walk like the rest of us.

File: 1554802436729.jpg (947 KB, 1944x1490)
947 KB
947 KB JPG
I get worried really often that I am not doing everything I can to take care of my bike. It's my main method of transportation, I take it to work, school, everything, so I can't afford any problems.

What should I be doing every day, every week, when I ride it, etc to make sure it stays in peak condition? I'm fairly neurotic so I just need something to ease my mind.
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get a backup bike incase something breaks and takes a few days to fix (parts arriving etc.)
After a lot of research into idiosyncratic drivetrain cleaning rituals and anxious fretting, I used degreaser to clean the chain, but I made the bicycle worse. I think the degreaser got into the freewheel bearings, washing out the grease inside, and the degreaser washed grit into the moving parts of the jockey wheels.
So much research and so much worrying, and I was still defeated by a simple rookie mistake.
Good thing I got a cheap bike as my first one, so I could absorb mistakes like that. Then again, I'm wondering if the bearings were breached so easily because the bike is cheap.
Very good advice, thank you.
>I used degreaser to clean the chain
A great idea, I do that regularly!

>degreaser got into the freewheel bearings
Oh wait: while the chain was still on the bike?! Lol.

There are various quick-fix products that work in-situ, but a real lube involves taking it off. Give it a good cleaning in solvent, hopeful in a ultrasonic bath. Then put new lube back in. The lube in question is sort of a religious matter here on /n/, but if you've gone to this much trouble you might as well use hot wax: equally beloved by elite racers and poorfags.

>captcha: Select all images with bicycles
My /n/-honed bicycle recognition skills pay off!

WTF is this shit? Why did Giant cancel the good entry level endurance bikes and replace them with hot garbage? Canyon too, it's either a melted down soda can or spend $5000.
37 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>and you will not get thru axles on any bike sold anywhere near the toughroad price point.

Checkpoint 3 has thru axles. $1200 vs $1050 for the SLR GX 3.
because this board is full of zoomers who attach down tube shifters to their rim brakes

Same reason Apple runs either the base 8/16gb model, and then a fuckton more for the next step up.

Most people don’t want something that sucks completely but the company isn’t happy with people having a good working product that the customer paid a ‘good price’ for.
I test drove mechanical, mechano-hydraulic and hydraulic disc brake bikes just 2 days ago as part of the shopping process.
The mechano-hydraulic disc felt 10 times better than pure mechanical which felt like hot garbage honestly. The mixed breaks feel about as good as hydraulic they just have that ugly abortion thing hanging off the bars.
There should always be 2 Giant threads

File: flare.jpg (81 KB, 693x588)
81 KB
is this the best option? i've heard people bitching about how it isn't waterproof, and for 50 bucks i'd expect it to be decently waterproof but idk maybe i'm a dumb american. i am wanting to buy a shitty 30 dollar one but i ask your advice first
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I've got the ION 800 and I hate it for not having a lower non blinking setting. I use it mostly while commuting in places with street lights so I don't need a light to see shit but want one to be seen. Even the lowest continuous beam is bright and eats battery like crazy. I'd like for it to have the battery saving mode it goes to when battery is low enough as a standard.
I dunno if the 800 does this but I also have the Pro: 1 sec fade from low to moderate, or a constant low that double flickers to moderate.
Most of the time I just use the "medium" setting, which is still like 800 lumens. Once or twice I've turned it on high (1300) and I always think there's a car right behind me or something.
File: 20180708_102542.jpg (1.67 MB, 1512x2016)
1.67 MB
1.67 MB JPG
Late reply,

I havnt used any other bikelight so I can't tell if its better or worse than anything else. I like it because it doesnt blind others infront of me.

I have been using this as my only front light on bikepacking trips and had no issues riding around offroad in the woods in the middle of the night.
I don't use 'blink' mode unless it's dawn/dusk and I'm on a public street because I want to be *seen* by drivers.
Otherwise when I was using it the most I was out training on farm roads after sundown and needed a good strong light.
I was merely ennumerating all the functions for anyone who wanted to know. No reason for you to get so angry about it.
>fucking 4chan, every single time
There should always be a lighting thread

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