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File: ELine.jpg (93 KB, 1024x360)
93 KB
This is a thread for bus foamers. Post interesting buses or the last bus your rode. My system opened a new BRT line with electric artic buses but they recently had to take the electric buses out of use because of charging issues.
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>shitty cheap Yutong crap
These fuckers. Everything feels really cheap and shitty inside, and they rattle and shake at least twice as much as the old diesels they're meant to replace. The only advantage is "muh USB chargers" which are fucking useless on a 10-20 minute bus journey, which is all these fuckers are used for.
Yikes, I thought our buses were exclusively British and European built?
Apparently not.Thank god for Wrightbus
>When I'm in Memphis,Tennessee them niggas there let me smoke for free.

How do I get jacked legs cycling?
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I kind of agree but even if your town is perfectly flat you probably get headwinds now and then, which would make a singlespeed pretty arduous. Town bikes usually have hub gears for a reason.
>700W output

I'm not really into cycling. What's the normal power output for an average guy?
Never mash. Up your cadence to 90rpm while still keeping low resistance. You may need a triple crankset to achieve that at all times if you live in a hilly area. That will give you skinny legs and preserve your joints but it's not particularly efficient.
maybe something like 200-300W sustained for a reasonably fit guy or 100-200W for an untrained normie

this guy is very fit and he only lasted for 1 min 14 secs at 516W:

hobbyist cyclists do group rides at like 20-22 mph and they save a lot of energy through slipstreaming
this guy is more normal but still above average


File: IMG_20190708_160309.jpg (546 KB, 2310x1299)
546 KB
546 KB JPG
>12 miles of light rail for a city of 350,000 people


Was it a mistake?
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I assumed that's the depot.
Yes, the light rail construction was finished on time and on budget by a consortium led by Kiewit and Keolis, but train set delivery delay pushed back opening of the line by 18 months.
>AFAIK they even shut down some trams because the city in question didn't qualify for it.

Yup. Chisinau, the capital of the Moldova SSR, lost it's trams and had them replaced with trollybuses because it wasn't big enough for a tram network despite it already having one.
You are correct.

Check out the high quality Russia stronk best track.
File: Gmunden_Franz-Josef-Platz.jpg (1.72 MB, 3264x1836)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
Gmunden in Austria is a town of 13000. It has a tiny meter-gauge tram system that was connected to a local railway last year.
The smartest way to do tiny tram systems is to do tiny tram-trains.

Pic realted. Author: Lukas3333 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)]

Grid is the only way for a utopian
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cul de sacs are murder
What are you talking about?
File: Family Holding.jpg (378 KB, 1250x907)
378 KB
378 KB JPG
I would rather see a circular design to help deal with wind.

I would also like to see modernized versions of the ancient Celtic stone dwelling communities.
just because 400 people fit in a plane doesn't mean it's a comfortable ride or that we should put more people in it
You mean something like this?

File: a.jpg (45 KB, 1280x720)
45 KB
Will it fly?
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I think flight manuals actually use the term gravity in stead of gravitational force anon
Obviously. Just look at the photo.
File: 1565720986337.jpg (76 KB, 1280x720)
76 KB
imagine doing such a shit job photoshop that the fucking front landing gear isn't even connected to anything

neck yourself
FUCK why dont we use these anymore??

File deleted.
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File: mvc.png (846 KB, 1166x788)
846 KB
846 KB PNG
You should see the length of our trains compared to yours.
Britbong freight trains need to fit in the same signal blocks as passenger trains so they can't be lol huge like american ones.
File: IMG_3104.jpg (1.74 MB, 3530x2121)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
File: IMG_3113.jpg (1.14 MB, 3255x2398)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG

File: scooters.png (145 KB, 500x630)
145 KB
145 KB PNG
Electric scooter thread? What have you guys got?

I just got my Xiaomi M365 last week, did the fuse thing and got the motor running at 1000w. It fucking rips even with my fatass on it. My office is just ~5km away so range isn't an issue.
Where do you live? E-scooters can lose mileage pretty hard in cold climate though
>did the fuse thing and got the motor running at 1000w
Be careful. I made my Ninebot ES1 release magic smoke at shy 20A (720W into 250W wheel)...

File: cornholio granfondo.jpg (80 KB, 550x455)
80 KB
Celeb bike thread? Celeb bike thread!
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they stole it because when you're a celebrity you can do anything
hossenfeffer incorporated

File: is_landcruisers.jpg (149 KB, 962x815)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Redpill me on the land cruiser.
Is it worth getting it? I only have access to the european cuck version. Seems to be a solid car though?
60, 70, 80 and 105 series are only good series
If it's good enough for ISIS it's good enough for me.
hmm i can only get the 150

File: easyJet seats.jpg (201 KB, 675x1200)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
easyJet flight 2021 Luton to Geneva suffered some seat problems as a passenger appeared to have no back on their seat what do you make of this?
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an army of bootlickers
I'm pretty sure it was more because Euro has gotten really draconian about not posting random people's faces on public platforms without their permission, but yeah they could have phrased it better.
What the fuck is this in reference to?
Fyre Festival. Netflix did a documentary on it

Best way to carry lots of stuff on a bicycle?
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>What's the best way to haul 8ft, 12ft boards? Plywood sheets? Furniture?
It's doable if you have a specialized trailer for it (8x2ft or so with mountable stakes to support plywood etc), but as you've guessed yourself it's gonna be pretty pricey.
Load it into a blimp
Attach a rope to blimp
Maybe carry some of it on the bicycle to stop from being blimped off
Pull rope while you ride your bicycle
And how you go in the traffic safely with that? Not too convinient. There's reason why humans have invented cars.

I was thinking of getting a cargo bike but I ended up buying a car instead. I drive it maybe few times a month but it's like best thing I've bought for a long time. It was even cheaper to buy than a cargo bike lol.
Effortless troll
File: 1468775591086-650x330.jpg (35 KB, 650x330)
35 KB
>Best way to carry lots of stuff on a bicycle?

be poor

File: r001-003.jpg (444 KB, 1536x1024)
444 KB
444 KB JPG
ITT we talk about transportation in Switzerland.
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motorcycle with training wheels?
If you're willing to shell out 200, you can get the train all the way up the mountain to Jungfraujoch and chill in a glacier field for a while.

t. visited Switzerland in July but was too poor to do that
Fuck I want to go to Jungfraujoch so bad but I'm too poor :(
I did go up the Pilatus the other day because it's cheaper if you have a halbtax half-fare card. Steepest cog railway in the world. 10/10 would autism again.
Man that sounds lewd
Yes, yes it does.

>take the subway to work every day for the past few years and use my autoloading transit pass to scan myself through every time
>watch how almost every day people evade fare by going thru emergency exit, hopping faregates, sneak through behind people, see bums and other unsavory characters on the train who clearly didnt pay while the subway staff do nothing
>always get upset about how i pay every day and these people get in for free and the system doesn't care

>today for the first time ever i see "fare insepctors" go through train to check peoples' proof of payment
>my transit pass shows up as not paid and that my card has $0 on it, sometimes these passes don't scan through if you go too quickly or don't put it in the exact right place
>i try to bring up my account and show it has money but they wont let me
>issue me a $75 citation and tell me to just appeal the fine
>check account when i get into work and the idiots scanners don't account for the autoload high value discount

now i have to do all this appeals process as a perfectly law abiding citizen, why do i bother
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You don't know it, but every one of those fare cheats were offed by the transit hitmen.
At least you have turnstiles. LRT in Minneapolis/St. Paul is on an honor system and they never check. The outcome is pretty much what you would expect.
Get a bike AND a car. Never pay for parking ever again.
Do the appeal and stop whining, bitch
Just evade from now one to get compensation.

File: grand-petersen.jpg (76 KB, 460x409)
76 KB
I'm sad imagining a world without Rivendell. I agree with every single thing Grant says, I just can't afford one. This picture sums up basically everything I think about bicycle. The look on his face, specifically, says everything. I make that face every time a roadie passes me or I see a car. Biking is about more than aerospeed. To race is to have a cage within one's mind
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get fucked cunt
You missed the joke entirely
If it indexes 7 and 8 speed then it also indexes 9 and pre-internal-cable 10 speed.

You fucking goddamn faggot.
I like how touring bikes ride. But sometimes when you can't dodge a fucking rock in time because of your high trail fork and long chain stays leave the trail dragging on every turn,,,, that annoys me. Riding hands free for extended distances is great though
this isn't a problem if you're paying attention

File: maxresdefault (3).jpg (144 KB, 1280x720)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
This will be the end to BYD buses in America.
>Congress Moves Toward Ban on Buying Chinese Buses, Railcars Over Spy Fears

17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Good. Protectionism is based
Fuck off commie
Yeah but that's only going to make India Gauge shit
>The solution is to fix the culture

People say this shit all the time about all kinds of problems to sound smart, but how do you "fix a culture" without measures that would widely be considered authoritarian, repressive, fascist, racist etc?
You do it slowly, by providing better options than forcing everyone to take the car. If you clean buses regularly and improve frequency to every 5 minutes, you might get 5% of people switching to the bus. If a bus lane is provided that makes the bus take the same time as driving, you might get 5% more people taking the bus. If you expand your new, efficient bus network you might get 5% more people taking buses. If you replace your busiest bus routes with light rail, you might get 5% more people taking transit altogether. If you remove a lane from each of your busiest roads and replace it with a bus lane, cycle lane or light rail track, you might get 5% more people out of cars altogether. And after all that, you have 25% less cars on the road and improve traffic considerably, with the advantage of being much better socially, environmentally, economically and for public health.

Note that these numbers are completely pulled out of my arse, but it doesn't undermine the argument I'm trying to make. It won't happen overnight, but you need to take the first steps sooner rather than later. If children now are introduced to the concept of using public transport as normalised within society, in 30 years that's an entire generation who now might be willing to use options other than the car. Their children might be even more willing to do so. If public transport improvements continue at the same rate, you would have quality public transport and people willing to use it.

It's possible to do, just look at the Netherlands. In the 1970s they took their first big steps away from car dependency and fifty years later, is as close to a cyclist's wet dream as you can get. And if you think that changing car culture will never work, think of it the opposite way - when cars were first introduced it was normal to take trams and trains to work, but slowly automobiles became the dominant form of transport. It would take time, but that trend can be reversed.

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