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File: xr2-side1.jpg (409 KB, 1600x1099)
409 KB
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>They are not even that much faster than a normal bicycle.
Prostatelet delusions.
Because the people who ride them are gay and uncool. The only thing worse than a recumbent is a tandem bike. Nothing is more faggotpilled than a fucking tandem bike.
Just when you thought reCOOOMbents couldn't get any more fake and gay.. some faggot creates and e-reCOOOOMbent.

Get off my planet.
Oof sounds like someone needs to have sex
Anyone seen baconrider recently?

>be live in a large us city
>over 2 million+ Americants
>about a thousand of them decide to show up for a protest about climate change
>protest end
>watch as most americants order an Uber/lyft outta there
>city has decent/good transit option based on where they protested and what time of day it was

Why are Americants such memes?
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>about a thousand
>out of over 2 million
>most were probably "bused in" to inflate numbers

It's fucking nothing once again. Climate change is a meme, and even if it wasn't, nothing can be done about it until we get rid of the 95% of the world's dependence on fossil fuels. Even if that problem is solved, 70% of the world would still be utilizing them for decades because of technological straggling. These pathetic faggots just want to join a crowd. If they really cared for the environment they would be cyclists that plant trees as a hobby. Or better yet, chemical engineers.
>nothing can be done about it until we get rid of the 95% of the world's dependence on fossil fuels.
That is not exactly true.
>70% of the world would still be utilizing them for decades because of technological straggling.
Phaseouts last decades, so it is normal. But it is faster than you think.
Hell, Freon thing began in 1987, and finished only in 2010. And it took about 20 years to discover that flammable common gas in fridge actually performs just as good if not better than original R12, while being cheaper and patent free, while operating on lower pressures, and that is not a fire hazard actually.
Pretty obvious thing, btw, because butane lighters existed forever.
>If they really cared for the environment they would be cyclists that plant trees as a hobby. Or better yet, chemical engineers.
Hell, I give zero fucks about environment. But by saving money on electricity (installed heat pump (AC) instead of oil radiator thing) I probably did more for environment, than those fags who fasted fuckton of electricity on their protest thing.
This, we need to get EVERYONE off of it, not just first world countries. Protests do shit if nobody follows examples set. Get India and other countries to drop fossil fuels and get with the times. People don't realize that even if we did everything they said and the US reduced its' emissions to zero and optimized things, worthless if others don't do it too.
File: 1487041526749.jpg (139 KB, 568x426)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>someone went to a protest
>UGGGGH they have a luxury obongo iphone! I don't have that model yet, idealism is bad, we should all roll around in our own excrement while screaming NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER
Maybe some day you'll grow up.
Also LMAO @ 2 million is a large city
p.s. day of the coral reef is coming soon
God I haven't heard that in a long time.

I am getting one of these. How stupid will I look. Is it too bad?

Live in a small city, 80k people
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I bet you hate bikes too
Yes, exactly because of seat.
Unless you have ideal asphalt, it will be just like vibrator showed in the ass.
Standing is so much better, gives you more control, more stability, etc
so you have a specific problem with the shocks
You know you can stand up from the bike and let it wiggle under you when the roads get rough, right?
>Standing is so much better, gives you more control, more stability, etc
Right that's why all high speed vehicles are operated standing up

File: adu.jpg (57 KB, 600x450)
57 KB
Can anyone explain why accessory dwelling units are controversial now?
Some places are trying to allow them to alleviate their housing crises and still, idiots are complaining.

It's in a lot of historic areas and a nice addition to your property. I just don't see why someone would try to tell someone else they can't build an ADU. Or what the "justification" is.
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You didn’t give any justification for infringing someone’s property rights.

Probably a troll
Because, as the least invasive and offensive way to slightly increase the housing capacity of a neighborhood, they became a nationwide meme as the solution to urban housing crises. This made the sort of person who likes to freak out about zoning changes feel like there is some grand conspiracy to force them to live in a shoebox in the backyard, or something.

More generally, American community and civic trust has been completely destroyed over the last ~70 years, so no one wants to allow their neighbors to do anything with their own property.
I believe you can get a variance to build one if you live in a non-retarded suburb. My parents’ neighbors built a little one where their son lived during grad school.

They’re all over the historic parts of my city, and in other cities, so I don’t know why it should be controversial now.
>Justify infringing people's property rights
Not the point. The point is that every precaution is taken to exclude certain groups of people from certain suburbs. This includes zoning fuckery to drive up prices (low density, larger lots, etc), running bad/inconvenient busses, killing walkability, etc. This is simply the tradeoff between property rights keeping poor people out. It's an infringment, but it's one that people take voluntarily.
>idiots are complaining.
People who threw away their life to a family and wife who fucks behind their backs.

Classic fox and the grapes.

File: Bielefeld.png (596 KB, 545x429)
596 KB
596 KB PNG
I made a map for Bielefeldanon of the Bielefeld Stadtbahn. I'm really interested in tram priority so I made a map of it.

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Stadtbahn is a fine idea if the lines are actually light rail lines. Unfortunately many Stadtbahn systems are just tram tunnels in the center city with few upgrades. It doesn't help that Germany lets the car traffic win at chokepoints. Pictured is a truly pathetic chokepoint from the Koln Stadtbahn.
What Zurich does with the same street space.
This is one of the reasons why I'm gonna go striking on friday
Just did a strike and don't forget to fight against this type of bs too.
12000 people went to the streets in my city. What about yours?

File: 1540114065548.gif (1.91 MB, 480x480)
1.91 MB
1.91 MB GIF
In this thread we discuss indian trains
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How is it that the bongs (oh no, did I just inadvertently use a racial epithet!) ruled over you for so long, and yet you can't banter worth a shit?
stop trying to derail, we're discussing indian trains
File: 1541412492501.png (124 KB, 288x292)
124 KB
124 KB PNG
are all train tracks standardised around the world, or are they different widths in different countries?
Different widths.
Hello newfriend and welcome to /n/.
55% of railways worldwide use the "standard gauge" of 1435 millimeters. This includes most of Europe, GB, the US, and many other countries around the world.
Smaller gauges include 1000mm and 1067mm which is mostly used by tram networks and tertiary railways, but also by some mainline railways.
Then there are the broad gauges of the ex-USSR and adjacent countries (1520mm), Irish gauge (1600mm) Iberian gauge (1668mm) and finally Indian gauge at 1676mm. It's the broadest "width" in wide use and is common in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and San Francisco's BART for some reason.

I’d like to nominate Bicycling as the worst. Every fucking article on the home page is either pic related cringe or fucking ads poorly disguised as journalism.

Muh 11 must have cycling tools
Muh best wet weather gear for cycling
Muh 10 accessories that will enhance your ride

It's all absolute shit desu. Are there any good cycling publications? I sure as fuck haven't found any.
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RMS = Root Mean Square typically referring to surface roughness and more generally to surface quality
GD&T = Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing which is controlled on ASME Y-14.5.This standard attempts to communicate design intent thru drawings specifically to eliminate tolerance stack failures.
ID = Inside Diameter
BB = Bottom Bracket
DS = Drive Side
NDS = Non-Drive Sids
POS = Piece of Shit

Just because you got a "social engineering" certificate at an inner city rehab center does not mean you magically know everything about real engineering.
>Love and kisses from a Mech. Eng.
File: trezelle jenkins.jpg (62 KB, 540x760)
62 KB
I want a cycle race done in the offseason with NFL offensive and defensive lineman. See what 335lb nosetackle has the best VO2 max.

They'd put amazing watts to the crank as anyone on the line for an NFL team squats 600 lbs+
They have that it's called the Tour De BBQ in Kansas City and I rode that 100k.

>They'd put amazing watts to the crank
maybe go for v belt drive / thicc chain and planetary gearbox
as for the crank I'm not sure what the strongest combination is
ashtabula bottom bracket with cartridge bearings and JIS or spline drive might do
>stronger than bb30 and hollow tech 2 ?
I missed that one. Thanks for the recommendation.

Kenda K841 A Komfort Tire - 26 x 1.95 do you think this tires can hold a 122 kg person? If not, what type of tires should i get?
yeah just keep it near max pressure no squishy

File: asdf2ff.jpg (478 KB, 1560x779)
478 KB
478 KB JPG
Hi. I don't know much about bicycles. I have a tire that has gone flat on multiple occasions. I looked in the tire and didn't notice anything weird but this. It's like part of the inside is unthreaded. Is this what's causing my flat tires? And if so is there a way to remedy it, like maybe cut the thread out, without having to replace the entire tire?
Is it a wire? Looks like part of the wire bead got loose. Your tire is fucked, the bead (wire or Kevlar) keeps the tire on the rim and stops the innner tube from stretching the mounting area bigger than the rim. Get a new tire.
Ok thank you I will look into getting a new tire.

This. You can nigrig and cut it/monkey tape it while you wait for delivery or whatever but your tire's done.

File: merida.jpg (329 KB, 1168x898)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
Bike questions general - because no thread. Looking for inspiration. I've gotten myself this pretty NOS 2003 Merida Big Air frame. What whacky idea of a bike does /n/ have for it.

I'll probably make a video about building it.
283 replies and 54 images omitted. Click here to view.
In case anyone still cares, the Vitus Razor is a pretty nice beginner bike. Assembly is pretty simple, it's really just the seat, handlebars and front wheel you need to pop in. Torque key is a good thing to have. The front deraileur is a bit annoying, not sure if that is Claris specific, but I couldn't make it work without any chain rubbing whatsoever - so I can't really use all 8x2 gears, once I'm about halfway through the casette I have to shift from or live with the annoying rubbing. Apart from the ~$450 bike, you'll probably want to replace the tires, the saddle and the pedals - unless you already have those.

I've been riding it for about a week now daily for short ~5-10km stints just to get a feel for it. Since it's my first road bike I can't really say how it compares, but so far no major complaints. Still feels freaky how fast it goes compared to my rusty commuter.
Thanks for the update. Road bikes are awesome. You might not have really noticed how fast the handling is, another favorite part. When you try the commuter you will see!

The front derailer problem sounds annoying but that can usually be fixed. They are just finicky
is this a good bike?

I know the deepset rims are geye but so am I. Everything on the bike seems to check out, descent brakes, hubs, chromoly etc. Is this a shitter?
It's this or the killo TT, but I don't really want to shell out the extra dough if this bike will hold up.
it's 4130 grade steel which is the same grade used in Surlys.

Windsor's The Hour from the same website has a similar frame design, is made out of the same 4130 steel and it doesn't have those unfortunate wheels.

/DRT/ - Daily Ride Thread. All welcome- Sanics, Unracers or even bromptonbois. Come and tell us about your bike ride, even if it was just over suburban tarmac (not everyone can be BaconRider and that's OK)


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20 mph probably. I thought it was 16-17 but the last speed on strava before ambulance speeds looks to be 20 mph. I didn't stop the ride until I got home so this has the car ride home too.
The helmet is just a cheap $25 Walmart one. They have cheaper but at the time it's the only one that fit my big head.
I always felt like I would be able to react to the situation and catch myself, but a sudden mechanical failure like you had... no way. I'm going to pick up a helmet when I go get some lights for my bike.
Thank you, anon, for potentially saving future me from a severe head injury. I hope you heal quickly and don't have any lasting damage.
Good to hear Anon, and thanks. I'm just bruised and should be ok in a week.
I sent one of my headlights away to get upgraded, so I used my IXON IQ Premium on the handlebars tonight. Despite being 2x as powerful as the non-premium version it still isn't much light. Nice beam pattern though.

I had my bright light on my helmet so I could light things up really nice when needed. Today the cells started rattling around inside the battery pack I rebuilt a year and a half ago. I should probably open it up and re-secure the cells before something bad happens.
If you still had your helmet on in the amberlamps and you were turning the cranks in your head you can still count ambulance segments towards your KOMs

How do we convince NIMBYS that preserving the "character of a neighborhood" is a shitty argument because cities are and will always change
82 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
The nuclear plant thing is a strawman, yes.
God I hate those shady developer deals. They did that in the bronx some years ago. "We're going to revitalize this blighted neighborhood" then installed a bunch of parking garages with big box stores that spam the streets with aggressive violent motor vehicle traffic from Connecticut and Westchester. The stores are barely even accessible on foot.
big box stores seriously do not belong in urban environments like the inner boroughs of nyc
File: 1554341920670.jpg (139 KB, 1024x683)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
You would literally need to rewrite Western culture from the ground up to make these "people" anything but selfish, individualistic savages. They don't want nice things. Why force it on them? If you want to live in a decent country, move to China or Japan or something.
>decent country


Post your favorite paint schemes
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File: kameel.jpg (530 KB, 1024x768)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
Finland. Looks like Huopalahti station in Helsinki. It's a Sm2.
picture for ants
I think I only like it because of the nostalgia of watching these go by my house as a kid
Conrail was based

File: kekle.jpg (391 KB, 2321x1958)
391 KB
391 KB JPG
electric scooters cant go uphill for shit
File: download (18).jpg (11 KB, 241x210)
11 KB
*goes uphill*
Nothing personal kiddo

First thread of Reiwa Edition

Old Thread: >>1310469
37 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: e5.jpg (33 KB, 500x312)
33 KB
I have not noticed this about the E5 previously.

There's a reason why people (most likely Vocaloid fans) tried to vote for "Hatsune" as the service name for the Tohoku Shinkansen when the E5 was introduced only for JR East to use Hayabusa anyway (amid objections since Hayabusa was a famous long distance sleeper service between Tokyo and Kumamoto and Hatsukari would've suit Tohoku region better anyway)
Why did JR introduce the 300 series, 500 series and 700 series in the space of ~8 years? were they all under development concurrently, or did they just want to have the best technology available, or what?

300 Series: Reduce weight (aluminium body instead of steel), increased operation speed (270 km/h) and introduce new technologies for Shinkansen such as VVVF invertor and bolsterless bogies
500 Series: Something JR West made to up the operating speed to 300 km/h on Sanyo Shinkansen (remember only 9 sets were built)
700 Series: To improve max speed (285 km/h) and ride comfort, also to replace the rest of the 0 and 100 Series
File: wew.png (305 KB, 829x314)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
Why is this legal?

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